i need the extended version now

I really dislike this ‘extended edition’ trend that’s with cinema at the moment. It worked fine when it was more low-key, or they existed for obvious reasons (Lord Of The Rings’ being far too long for cinemas). But now we are told that freaking plot holes are resolved in ~only~ a DVD edition, that to get logical explanations or much needed character development, we have to watch the goddamn film again, but another version.

Yes, I am talking about the DCEU and no, I value my time and aren’t going to waste another 3 hours. Some are longer than that. It’s lousy, its cheap marketing and obvious there was a fall out in production. Extended Editions, Director’s Cuts should be released for the enthusiastic fans, not because the original version is so poor.

If someone brings up a plothole or a problem with a movie, and the response is that its ~fixed~ in another version of the movie, then there is a problem.

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Nickname: Jay :)

Star sign: Aquaris

Height: 170cm

Current time: 8:27 pm 

Last thing I googled: Wrist pain taping (lmao my wrist hurts rn, it’s nothing serious but still needs some rest i guess)

Fave musical artist: OMFG CAN’T PICK ONE!!!!!

Song stuck in head right now: Cake By The Ocean - DNCE

Last movie I watched: Lord of the Rings trilogy! They screened again in South Korea last month so I got to watch them all, in extended version at the theatre. I’m still happy abt it

Last TV show I watched: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, duh! XD

What I’m wearing right now: A navy hoodie and sweatpants. If you follow me on instagram you’ll see I’m wearing hoodies in like 90 percent of selfies bc I’m into it. I can wear different kinds of hoodies for the entire week. (lol)

When I created this blog: I don’t remember very well. I think it was in April? May? Last year.

The kind of stuff I post: Fanarts! I’m trying to keep this blog for my art so I barely do reblogs - but I sometimes do. (Which means I really really like that post) So.. mostly fanarts. Sometimes other fan stuffs.

Do I do asks regularly: Yes for sure! Feel free to ask anything! I love to communicate with you guys. Any feedback for my arts are also welcomed.

Why did I choose my URL: It’s “Jaywani” and I chose it because it’s my nickname?? Sorta?? One of my friends from USA made it for me. There’s a word ‘jawani’ in hindi which means something like ‘youth’, so she changed the spell a little bit to ‘jaywani’ with my name in it. I think it’s pronounced like ‘ja-v-ani’, ‘W’ pronounced like ‘V’. (But tbh I can’t speak Hindi at all so please let me know if I’m wrong! xD)

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Both Pottermore and shindanmaker put me into Slytherin so I’ll say I’m Slytherin.

Pokemon team: Valor. (I like red!)

Favorite color: Red, navy blue and black.

Average amount of sleep: 4-5 hours. I always have trouble with sleep. I think I have a slight insomnia? It’s not THAT serious but still bothering me like hell. Normally I can’t sleep more than 7 hours a day and wakes up much more earlier than I’m supposed to. Plus always feel tired.

Lucky number: 77! Double lucky seven!

Favorite characters: Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings), Wirt (Over the Garden Walls), Montgomery Scott (Star Trek), Todd Brotzman (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency), Dipper Pines(Gravity Falls), Castiel (Supernatural), Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed), Mitchell Pritchett (Modern Family), Bruce Banner (The Avengers - movie) and much more XD

Dream job: Comic penciler?

Number of blankets I sleep with: Just one. But a very thick one.

Follower count: 565 (OMG I’M SO BLESSED! I think I’ve already said it before but I have much more followers than I’ve ever had and it always feels like a dream. To be honest I check my follower count like 20 times a day hahaha thank you so much!!!! You all make me happy!!!)

I’ve seen this tag for a while and I guess most of you guys have already done it? So.. @ anyone who wants! :)

If you ever want to keep a music collector/completist busy for a while, introduce them to Duran Duran’s back catalog.

Most of their singles have numerous, unique remixes, extended mixes, versions, etc.

For example, “Rio”…

Good luck tracking all of those down, trust me, you’ll need a mix of commercially available CDs, extremely rare promo-only CDs, 7″ vinyl singles, 12″ vinyl singles, Japanese-only compilations, and a whole lotta patience. 

Then you can start on the next single…

Different markets get different single versions, so now you have to find single releases from the UK, US, Brazil, Australia, and Japan, then track down the “Special Edited” and “Video” versions.

Almost makes me relieved when I *only* have to find four versions of something…

It’d be easy to say “well, do you really need 13 versions of one song?” and of course the answer is HELL YES. :p I mean, if you do your research, some of those versions just fade out at different times, and no, I don’t need all of those, but most of them are completely unique mixes or recordings. See, before music was remixed on computers, a lot of bands would just go back into the studio and re-record a different version of the song for the 7″ and 12″ singles, rather than sit around splicing tape. These different versions would contain different arrangements, lead parts, sometimes even alternate lyrics! So now you have three completely different recordings (album version, 7″, and 12″) and yeah, those I want. It’s like collectors who want every live recording of a song for those unique differences. Only I prefer studio work.

I’ve never posted a fanfic on tumblr before… Not really sure how the format’s supposed to work and I’m too tired to go copy off of somebody else. It’s 4am and I accidentally wrote 6 pages when I was hoping for 2 at maximum.

Unfortunately, I got more ideas while I was writing this, so I might write an extended version of the akuma attack at a later time if I find the motivation.

But yeah, here’s my first attempt to contribute to the Miraculous Ladybug / Ladynoir fandom.

Triggers?: Slight blood, I guess. I’ve actually done this before while half-asleep, so I hope my shitty wording didn’t make it scarier/cringe-worthy.

Rating?: I say K+

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug / Ladybug x Chat Noir

Summary?: Marinette accidentally gets a heart-shaped cut on her forehead and tries to hide it with a bandaid. Not wanting anybody to see it, of COURSE Chat is the only one who notices, right?

Anything else?: I’m so sorry.

A Tiny Heart

by cheerilyeerie

That week had been a rather hectic one. Although there had been consecutive akumas daily, the fights they had to conduct against them were more annoying than difficult. There were group assignments due the following Monday on top of general homework, so trying to get together with their classmates had proven to be impossible until the weekend.

In her mind, Marinette, slightly sleep-deprived, was hoping with all of her heart that Hawk Moth wouldn’t be THAT much of a douchebag and send a 7th akuma that Saturday. There was no sleeping-in, because she had to help out in the bakery that morning before going back to school in the afternoon in an attempt to meet up with Alya.

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Der Untergang drinking game

Last night Smrzj and I watched the extended 5784694673-years-long version of the whole world’s favorite nazi movie Der Untergang and created a cute little extremely handy drinking game for it. I’m gonna share its rules now because secretly we all know nothing enhances the experience of watching a high-quality WW2 movie like a good not too complicated drinking game.

The only equipment you’ll need for this genius game are Der Untergang movie (shorter cut is okay but if your aim is to get shitfaced as fuck and a terrible hangover is everything you want for the next day I’d warmly recommend the extended version) and a SHIT TON OF BOOZE.

Take a sip of your beverage every time when
- someone makes a furious hitler salute
- a swastika cloud symbol appears
- someone gets shot/commits a suicide
- Goebbels children sing their asses off
- the name Fegelein is mentioned
- someone smokes

AND THAT’S IT. Might sound too simple but believe me, it’s anything but. At certain point the movie basically turns into a huge killing/dying/shooting/smoking/FEGELEIN party and you’ll find yourself busy drinking yourself to death. Try at your own risk etc. etc.