i need the break anyway

@bisansastarks i cannot stop laughing

#potterweekprompts2017, day 7: yer a wizard, harry

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puts off drawing a Hamilton animatic by drawing more Hamilton rip

protect him


was talking to a friend who I may have got into the Gladstone/Magica ship about if post Sorceress’s Apprentice they had to walk past each other in the office and Miss Quackfaster totally sees what is up

daichi just wants to watch the movie in peace


Raise your hopeful voice, you had the choice - you’ve made it now.

“one of these days you’ll finally get used to making breakfast for one.”

ok I saw this and i just couldn’t stop myself lmao pls my probably pining boi needs some love

also !!! I went for a new format on this one instead of the old pattern and i like it !!!!

art by @velocesmells !!!!


I need a fresh start. What kind of fresh start? Romantically.

  • Jimin: *breathes*
  • BTS: are ya'll seeing this?????? he literally just converted oxygen into carbon dioxide???? he's so fuckin talented

Michael: Did you really think I made it into the High Five just by luck alone? I’ve been fighting in professional tournaments for a long time, even before I met Jeremy!

((A big shoutout to @quirkofart for doing the art for this ask! Thanks a ton, it looks phenomenal!!))