i need swimming lesson!

Swimming Lessons

Here’s my first entry for Sterek Summer Bingo!


“Derek, I need you to drive Cora and her friend to swim lessons today,” Talia called from the kitchen.

Derek’s eyes rolled. “Ugh, Mom, seriously? Why can’t Laura do it?” He had a very important video game plan today that did not include little sisters.

“Laura’s busy. It’ll only take a few minutes- check them in with Stiles, and tell him I’ll pick the girls up after class.”

“Stiles? Stiles is teaching Cora’s swim class?”

His mom poked her head out of the kitchen to look at him. “Why, do you know him?”

“Uh, yeah. Sort of.” Sort of in the way that means I’d like to get to know him biblically, Derek thought. “We had a couple classes together last year.”

“Well, good, then you know who to look for when you get there.”

Twenty minutes and a little-girl-giggle-filled car ride later, Derek walked Cora and Jenny into the YMCA and reminded himself that looking was done with the eyes, not with his hands.

But god, how he wished it was. Were those swim trunks even appropriate for Stiles to wear around kids? They were… black, and wet, and all… clingy.

“Stiles? Mom said I was supposed to drop these runts off with you.” Cora’s face wrinkled up in an adorably miniature version of their mom’s glare as Derek laughed.

“Oh, hey Derek, thanks.” Stiles checked their names off on a clipboard and shooed the girls off to get changed. “Taxicab duty, huh?”

“Yeah, my mom was busy.” Derek very studiously didn’t watch the way Stiles fidgeted with his pen.

“Is she coming to get them after class?”

Between his brain and his mouth, the word yes turned into, “uh, no, actually, I am. I could… Do you need a ride home, maybe? I didn’t see your Jeep out there.”

Stiles grinned. “Actually, yeah, that’d be great. My jeep’s kind of out of commission.”

It took two dates for Derek to admit that his mom had been planning on picking up Cora from class; it wasn’t until the fourth one that Stiles admitted his car had been parked behind the YMCA building the whole time.