i need swimming lesson!

April court count down

Who still has to go? How is everyone feeling? Are we surviving?

Are our plans for a fumblr commune in Canada now incorporating a bar, because f I need one.

For some reason on the way home from burt’s swim lessons at the Y today I was just struck by how much I miss our female placement and how awful her life has been to her, even though I see her weekly and she’s doing great now. I’ve also been bitter this week because NOW people are taking what I said into account and taking all my suggestions re: her case and what’s best for her. New foster family is more experienced, gives people an earful when they need it, and doesn’t have to worry about professional ties in the community being at stake when fighting for her which has been good. And we’re on the same page with all that, so yay.


Summary: In the summer of 1999 Katniss prepares to finally make some changes in her life but is completely blindsided when her high school boyfriend unexpectedly returns to work at the country club where they first met. Toting an art degree and limited job prospects, Peeta takes up his brother’s offer to make some extra cash and banks on reconnecting with his first love. Both of them are about to learn, everything is not what it seems.

AN: I’ve never submitted to PiP before but this idea has been floating in the back of my mind for ages. After many drafts I was only able to polish up the first bit before the deadline so there is definitely more to come and I promise it is an Everlark story. And many thanks to my beta @booksrockmyface for kindly workshopping this monster with me :)

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Holiday, Chapter 6

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rating: M

A/N: After an unintentional hiatus, due to a vacation followed by feverish delirium, Holiday is back on track. Thanks to everyone who checked in, you’re wonderful people! And speaking of wonderful people, endless gratitude to beta-extraordinaire @xerxia31.

It’s darned near impossible to write Everlark without it being inherently hopeful. Hope is one of the very pillars of their foundation. But it’s hard to look around our world right now and not wish for a little more love, compassion and hope for all. Thank you to our lovely moderators for bringing that sentiment front and center this week.

Earlier Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I spent the morning hanging around the bungalow hoping Katniss would come back. But the longer she stayed away, the more certain I became that this was irreparably bad. The worst part was that I wasn’t even sure of what she was upset about. I felt anxious and squirmy, but instead of distracting myself with the kids or an activity, I really thought about how I had treated Leevy. I thought about the other women I had half-heartedly dated over the years.

After all of the years of unrequited longing for Katniss, of compromising with other people so I wouldn’t be alone, of being so close to her, but never making a move, I needed to not blow this. I couldn’t let her cast me off like this didn’t mean anything. Because it did. My feelings for her meant something. They had to, because they were the very best part of me.

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Swimming Lessons

Here’s my first entry for Sterek Summer Bingo!


“Derek, I need you to drive Cora and her friend to swim lessons today,” Talia called from the kitchen.

Derek’s eyes rolled. “Ugh, Mom, seriously? Why can’t Laura do it?” He had a very important video game plan today that did not include little sisters.

“Laura’s busy. It’ll only take a few minutes- check them in with Stiles, and tell him I’ll pick the girls up after class.”

“Stiles? Stiles is teaching Cora’s swim class?”

His mom poked her head out of the kitchen to look at him. “Why, do you know him?”

“Uh, yeah. Sort of.” Sort of in the way that means I’d like to get to know him biblically, Derek thought. “We had a couple classes together last year.”

“Well, good, then you know who to look for when you get there.”

Twenty minutes and a little-girl-giggle-filled car ride later, Derek walked Cora and Jenny into the YMCA and reminded himself that looking was done with the eyes, not with his hands.

But god, how he wished it was. Were those swim trunks even appropriate for Stiles to wear around kids? They were… black, and wet, and all… clingy.

“Stiles? Mom said I was supposed to drop these runts off with you.” Cora’s face wrinkled up in an adorably miniature version of their mom’s glare as Derek laughed.

“Oh, hey Derek, thanks.” Stiles checked their names off on a clipboard and shooed the girls off to get changed. “Taxicab duty, huh?”

“Yeah, my mom was busy.” Derek very studiously didn’t watch the way Stiles fidgeted with his pen.

“Is she coming to get them after class?”

Between his brain and his mouth, the word yes turned into, “uh, no, actually, I am. I could… Do you need a ride home, maybe? I didn’t see your Jeep out there.”

Stiles grinned. “Actually, yeah, that’d be great. My jeep’s kind of out of commission.”

It took two dates for Derek to admit that his mom had been planning on picking up Cora from class; it wasn’t until the fourth one that Stiles admitted his car had been parked behind the YMCA building the whole time.

anonymous asked:

For my job (I teach swim lessons at a day camp), I need to make phone calls home to the parents of my youngest kids, but it's causing me so much stress. I need to have them done by tomorrow night, and I have no idea what I'm going to do because if I don't do them, I'm going to get in trouble but I'm terrified of doing them/sounding incomprehensible. My mom was telling me to just go do them and that it isn't a big deal but she just made it worse. How do I get over this and just get them done?

I totally feel your pain! Phone calls are scary for a lot of people. Sadly, you just have to make yourself do it. What helps me is writing/typing out exactly what I want to say, word for word - and then I just read it off the screen/page! It eases the stress :)