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When he hears you talking with your bff about how much you like him  -  Teen Wolf GIF Preference

Request! I need ideas!

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Stiles Stilinski

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Alright, but do you know what I need? I need a scene where Kira sits down with Stiles and talks about accidentally killing someone. Because Kira killed William Barrow, the murderer who kidnapped her in season 3, didn’t she? We see his body mangled by grotesque electrical burns, at least.

Stiles would argue, of course, that their situations aren’t the same – he pulled down the poles, while Barrow attempted to electrocute Kira to death and it just backfired. But then Kira would turn it on him, ask if he meant to kill Donovan with those poles. She’d talk about how maybe if she had more control over her powers, the electricity would never have backfired so explosively.

And sure, Barrow was already a mass murderer, but it seemed clear enough that, in Stiles’ fight against Donovan, the only way one of them was going to leave would be in a body bag. It was accidental, and self-defense.

One conversation won’t fix everything, of course, but it’s a start. And maybe sometimes in the first couple of months Stiles calls at three in the morning, shaken by night-terrors of Donovan’s blood on his hands, but Kira’s no stranger to those kinds of dreams.

(For weeks after killing Barrow, she didn’t touch her parents, terrified that any second she could lose control and kill them, too.)

So yeah, it’s slow, but it helps, having each other.

Karma’s a Bitch (Stiles/Derek)

So, this is a sequel to Masks that ate my brain today. For those of you who read Masks and wanted more, I hope you enjoy this! And, yes, there might be another part if y'all want more of this verse. This is pretty long so you can also find it on AO3.

Karma’s a Bitch. Stiles/Derek. Teen. Part 2 of Werewolf Married series.

Soulmates. Seriously? Stiles can’t believe they think he’s that gullible. He knows there’s no such thing as mates. The Hales are obviously scheming against his pack by attempting to trick him with this nonsense. It doesn’t matter how good-looking Derek Hale is, either, because Stiles isn’t buying what they’re trying to sell him.

Werewolf married.

Satomi is obviously wrong. While there are differences between born wolves and bitten wolves, none of his research has said anything about a bite during sex somehow being an official mating ritual. Hell, he and Jackson even had sex once during one of the off again periods with Lydia during high school, and there had definitely been some biting involved then, and hello! He isn’t married to Jackson now, thank God. Besides, Satomi is a little too pleased about this, which is very suspicious. It makes him wonder if this whole thing isn’t really a set-up of some sort to force him to accept the Hales in his territory without causing any problems. He’s heard that the Hales are sneaky and deceptive, and they could easily force Satomi into agreeing to this without her protesting. She’s so in awe of them that she’d probably think she was doing him a favor.

“It isn’t funny,” he grumbles, making sure she knows he isn’t happy about this deception. She might be their ally, but he can certainly make himself less available next time her pack needs him. He’s an excellent strategist, so he’ll make sure she knows she made a mistake in the most subtle ways possible. Honestly, making up some mate story like he’s stupid enough to believe mates really exist is such an amateurish effort. He’s almost insulted they thought this would work.

Obviously, the Hales don’t know any better, but Satomi knows he isn’t gullible and foolish. Scott does still have to maintain a relationship with the Hale pack because of the hierarchy and wolfy politics involved, so Stiles can’t let the anger currently building inside him out for risk of putting his pack in danger, but he isn’t going to be a pawn in their schemes. He’s the chess master, not the fucking Hales, and it’ll do them good to realize they aren’t dealing with someone weak and powerless who is going to simper happily about some ‘mated into the family’ lie. Regardless of how gorgeous Derek is and the odd connection Stiles feels to him, he isn’t playing their game.

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Okay Teen Wolf imagine writers this is a challenge to all of you. Write an imagine where the reader (Y/N) and Mason are practically BFFs because she is also human, is bisexual (so knows what it’s like to be seen weirdly by so many people), is only a year ahead of him and Liam (so she’s a junior), and they both do a ton of research on the supernatural (but she does the research because she likes to draw things like supernatural creatures) and actually knows a lot more than most of the pack, but they don’t really buy her excuse of ‘I don’t sleep much anyway.’ Only to one day find out when the pack is being attacked by some creature and only her and Mason are left to try and beat it that she has some fantastic combat skills and once she’s basically beaten the threat to a pulp she asks How the hell she managed to do that. The pack has her examined by Deaton as to what she is and he informs them that she’s human she’s just been under a spell that prevented her from remembering her life as a hunter when the pack asks who she hunted with Chris comes in (for some reason that you can make up), takes one look at the reader, and basically goes 'who the fuck was so brilliant to bring a fucking Singer here.“ And just like that the reader remembers she is Bobby Singer’s adopted daughter. Btw she’s got a big crush on Liam.