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Neverland Pt.2 - Harry Hook x Reader

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A/N I’ve been pushing off doing Pt.2 to Neverland because of the lack of ideas that I have for Harry and the reader but my inbox is flooded with “Do a part 2 to Neverland” Or “Part 2 to Maybe We Can Be Friends” which is super amazing since I was never planning to make a part 2. But I’ll do for all of you (: However I’m using a different song for a different kind of setting. I don’t know if I’ll make a part 2 of ‘Maybe We Can Be Friends’ but drop a message if you think I should write it. Also if you haven’t read Neverland then I suggest you got check that out. Enjoy xoxo. 

Song (x)  - Love Me Again by Katelyn Tarver

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little space apps!!

I really need more apps to use in little space!!

These are apps I use to feel little already~

✨Love Nikki- it’s a cute anime style dress up game that is fun and adorable and got me hooked!! the first day I got I played till 2 am on it! it’s so cute and the art is amazing!
✨Neko Atsume- I used to be obsessed with this when it was super popular. You have a little outside area where you attract a ton of cute cats by putting out food and cute toys. very simple but oh so cute!
✨Line Play- You create an avatar that you can dress up and a room you can decorate with all sorts of cute decor. You can go out and make friends and have house parties. It’s kinda hard to explain but it’s cute and I love it!!
✨PakkaPets- Its a lot like Tomagatchi, but more fun! You hatch an egg and get a cute pet and the way you take care of it (like how much you feed it, for example) will affect what it evolves into next! There are different eggs, but you do have to buy the other eggs after the starter one. It’s really worth it tho and the pets are cute!

feel free to add any apps you use because I really need more!! and I hope you enjoy the ones I listed!!!

Changing up the MBTI Discourse: Part 1

DISCLAIMER: Mbti stereotypes are fun and all, but I wanna change it up a bit and give a huge shout-out to how 3-dimensional y'all actually are. Please comment and reblog! I’m always looking for feedback so I can improve my posts.  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

You defy your stereotype because even tho you sometimes don’t say it or don’t mention it, especially if it’ll inconvenience the other person, you have opinions too (but maybe you’ll just share them at a different time, like in front of the mirror by yourself)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you’re all about spiritual and sensory experiences, ya’ll can be deep AF on a much more analytical and comprehensive level than others expect (but this next-level-thinking usually just gets exploded onto your art making us mere mortals unable to comprehend the majesty of your thoughtful brilliance)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you have quiet strength, you will speak out if you feel it is absolutely necessary (but you’d prefer to compare your opinions with others first to confirm to which this usually ends with the other extroverts convincing you to be on board with a different opinion)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you prefer emotions over logic and feelings over analysis, y'all get a lot of stuff done when you’re actually focused and organized (but that only happens on a blue moon but STILL, you clean up good when you do, hot damn)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you’re welllll aware of your superiority over us underlings, you’re quite open to our ideas and what we have to say (but you usually conclude that our ideas were actually quite flawed and question why you even bothered listening to our peasant concerns)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you are one of the more productive mbti types, y'all also know how to let loose on casual Fridays ;) (but then on Monday, it’s back to work, oh and can you send this fax? …. but PARTY ON FRIDAYYY YEAAA!)

You defy your stereotype because even tho adrenaline is pumped in your veins 24/9 doing extreme sports, y'all actually know how stuff works and are pretty good teachers/explainers (but majority of the time, it’s only because I’m dragging you down and if you don’t help me, nobody will, pls help)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you’re introverted AF and would rather spend your day looking at obscure wiki articles, y'all will talk my ears off if I hit you up with something interesting (but the convo will also continue long after I’ve fallen asleep and may continue past my death to which our ghosts will forever discuss topics like does time actually pass or do we as objects move through time?!?!?)

You defy your stereotype because altho you’re yelling at me from across the room, it just means that you care enough about me to point out that I’m not using the most efficient method of doing whatever I’m doing (but seriously, I really appreciate it because what used to take me hours now takes me a few minutes and I actually need to find more things to do at work now)

You defy your stereotype because altho you’re the boss who’s always in charge, you also take care of us mere mortals who cower in your presence and you make our enemies cower in your presence too (but tbh, you’ve kicked more butts on our behalf than we’d like to admit so thanks for that)

You defy your stereotype because altho you know how much we melt everytime you blink and how we come crawling back to you even tho we know you’re a fkboi, once you decide on something and someone, you don’t turn your back on them (BUT if they wrong you, you’re definitely burning down their house and giving them a foot to the face)

You defy your stereotype because altho you like to debate everything under the moon in order to assert your dominance and authority on THE TRUTH, y'all can be quite understanding and pretty good problem solvers when we come to you for actual help (but it’s always super hard to reach you so can you pick up your phone please? oh, you left it in the forest? okay just call me back when you can because I need help with something)

You defy your stereotype because altho y'all can dish out insults and comebacks like a  contestant at a Yo Mama Contest and have a solid group of friends (and a toned AF yoga butt) that just won’t quit, y'all are actually very very inclusive and this gets misinterpreted as cliquey when in fact, y'all are just very supportive and want the best for everyone (but dayum, how do I get a butt like that)

You defy your stereotype because altho you like to party at my house, in my room, on my porch, in my driveway, and on my neighborhood street, y'all can be observant AF about people and these insights show how deep and intelligent y'all actually are (but it’s usually something about how someone’s outfit is actuallly a cry for help or how someone is going to treat the hook-up way more seriously than they should because they’re still getting over the break-up of their 1.37 year relationship, but still)

You defy your stereotype because altho I unloaded all my emotional baggage and childhood wounds onto you the first day I met you, y'all actually know what boundaries are and give me space when I need (but sometimes y'all get confused and think that when i say “I need space”, what I actually meant was “I’m pretending I need space, please txt me every 5 minutes asking me if I’m okay because I’m actually not”)

You defy your stereotype because altho you’re easily the friendliest and outgoing-est person at any and every party, y'all are actually really introverted on the inside and go sometimes go through a period of pseudo-introversion which sometimes spirals into a cathartic episode of ugly crying/gross sobbing (but it only happens once in awhile so other than that, y'all are on some next level drugs or smtg)

28. when I am dead.

35. As a goodbye

A/N: Merging these two together :) And with this, my inbox is CLEARED WOOHOO I can finally focus fully on Believe Again now. 

Hey Saeran… 

Um… I don’t really know where to start. There’s so much I want to say, but…

Well, I guess I should start with an apology.

I’m sorry. 


He doesn’t move a muscle at the sound of his brother’s voice, nor when a hand finds its way onto his shoulder. A weary sigh fills the air, and then the hand slips from his shoulder, while red hair enters his peripheral vision.

“You haven’t eaten the entire day. I… I brought you a sandwich.” Saeyoung holds it out to him, but the man doesn’t move. His lips remain pressed in a thin line, his steely eyes staring resolutely ahead of him. The older twin holds it out a little longer before giving up, knowing that he won’t be getting a reaction. So he settles for placing the lunchbox on the ground, before shoving his hands into his pockets. 

“Eat it later when you can, alright? Please… don’t starve yourself.” There’s still no response from the stony redhead. He’s just as quiet and still as the graves spread out all over the area. 

“MC and I will be waiting in the car,” Saeyoung states after another hesitant pause, before turning to leave, knowing that what Saeran needs more than anything right now is space and time alone. As he leaves, he casts one final worried glance over his shoulder at his brother, his form frozen and unmoving like a statue. Only his red hair and the letter gripped in his left hand flutter feebly in the breeze.

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I was rewatching season 3 of Sherlock this weekend.  My husband, who has watched only part of a few episodes and probably could care less about the show in general except for the fact that I like it, ended up watching “His Last Vow” with me.  When the part with Molly talking about Sherlock using her bedroom because he needed the space came on, my husband said, “Oh, I didn’t know they hooked up.”

I said, “Do you think so?”

He said, “Didn’t they?”

I am thinking they did.

The Fight Worth Remembering

Summary: After confronting Sam about your feelings towards him and getting basically shot down, you plan to leave the bunker. Sam doesn’t like you walking away from him and things take a dirty turn ;)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2230

Warnings: Language and sexual content that may not be suitable for all viewers, read at your own risk.

“You’re so fucking confusing, Sam! One minute you act like you might actually be interested in me in more than friendly manner, and then the next minute you are hooking up with some fucking waitress that you’ve known for a whole 10 minutes?! I’m sick of it, 100% over your bullshit. I am tired of waiting around for you to make up your fucking mind!” You shouted, continuing to angrily throw your things into a duffle bag. You just needed a couple days away from him and the bunker, some space to clear your head and push aside whatever feelings you had for the tall man that currently stood in your door frame.

“Interested in you?! You’re 9 years younger than me!! I don’t know what signals you’re picking up, but you are clearly confused, because honey, you’re too young for me. Where do you think you are going!? Don’t even try to walk away from me when I am talking to you!” He slammed his fist against the wall, making you squeak out in surprise.

“I am going to the bathroom to get my toiletries. I cannot stand here for another minute and listen to your bullshit lies. Even Dean is a better liar than you. But feel free to continue and try to convince yourself that you haven’t been subtly trying to make a move on me, EVEN YOUR BROTHER HAS POINTED IT OUT! And age has never been a problem for you before, so don’t try to pull that bullshit on me. Do me a favour, and stay out of my way. I am tired of your bullshit. I am leaving for a few days, maybe longer, I can’t handle this any longer, it’s complete bullshit, I just need to get away and clear my mind before I do something reckless.” You spat, squeezing yourself and your toiletries out of the bathroom towards your half-packed bag that currently sat on a chair in the centre of the room.

“What do you mean you’re leaving? Where will you even go!? You cut off any friends you used to have in your life before hunting, with no intention of reconnecting with them. I don’t know what kind of ideas Dean has planted in your head, but I can assure you that I have no romantic or sexual feelings towards you, Y/N, so you can just get that ridiculous idea out of your head.”

Your hands were balled into fists and your whole body was shaking with rage. You could feel tears brewing in the corners of your eyes, and you mentally scolded yourself for allowing his words to hurt you. A loud *SMACK* echoed throughout your tiny room and it took a couple seconds for you to realize that you had actually slapped Sam, a red hand print stained his cheek. His eyes were wide with shock as he stared at you, now completely silent.

“Fuck you, Sam Winchester. I fucking hate you right now.” You whispered as you hoisted your bag onto your shoulder and pushed your way out of the room that now felt 20 times smaller. You practically sprinted down the hall, mentally cursing yourself for the tears that poured down your cheeks. You wished that Dean had been there to give you a ride, but he was stuck on a hunt with Mary and wouldn’t be home for a few days. You knew that you couldn’t just stand there and wait for someone to come get you, it was only a matter of time before Sam came after you with some rich excuse for his poor behaviour, and you honestly didn’t want to wait around for him to scrape one together.

Your boots pounded noisily on the stairs as you rushed to get to the bunker door, wanting nothing more than to leave and never look back. You knew that wouldn’t be the case though, because Dean would never let you just disappear without reason, and would more than likely drag you back kicking and screaming to make up with his baby brother. You never pictured yourself in this situation when you came into the boys’ lives. Now, at the age of 21, you had fallen for some guy 9 years your senior and managed to get your heart smashed by that same guy in a matter of minutes from admitting your feelings for him.

“Wait! Y/N, please wait. I can’t just have you storming out of here without so much as an answer, or a million answers based on the questions spinning around my head at the moment. Please, just come back to the bunker and let’s talk this out, like real adults. Please?” Sam grabbed your wrist gently to stop you in your tracks, and you sighed, knowing that he was right. You two needed to talk, no matter how much you really did not want to.

You reluctantly agreed, setting your bag at your feet and crossing your arms over your chest as you waited for him to say something that would inevitably smash your already broken heart. Sam didn’t say anything, he just kind of gaped at you, as if he hadn’t expected you to give in that easily.

“Out with it, Sam. I’m not going to wait around all day.”

“I just, I am still trying to wrap my head around this whole ordeal. What has Dean said to you that has got you so wound up?” He ran his hand through his hair and down the back of his neck.

“Honestly, Sam? He hasn’t said a whole lot, but the little he has said has confirmed what I assumed I was seeing. Your kisses on my cheek when you get home from a hunt I wasn’t allowed on, or the ones you give before you leave, last a few seconds longer than they probably should. You’re always finding an excuse to touch me, even though it is all completely innocent. If I have a nightmare, you lay with me until I have calmed down, or fallen back asleep. I find you staring at me when you think I am not paying attention. Dean says that you check me out as I leave the room. It’s the little things that I have picked up on, but now you tell me that I am basically delusional, and that you have no feelings for me outside of our fleeting friendship. I don’t know what you want me to say, that I am sorry for reading too far into things? That I have feelings for you that I don’t have for any other man that is currently or has ever been in my life? I think I might be in love with you, Sam, and that scares the absolute shit out of me, because I know what that means for a person in our line of work and it’s not sunshine and rainbows.” You were completely out of breath from your short rambling session, but you felt a bit better to have gotten it off of your chest.

“I…  wow, okay, I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t even know what to say to that.” Sam shook his head, looking down at the floor.

You were shaking and decided to take a bold step. If you wanted an honest answer you had a good idea on how to get one from him. You grabbed is face between your hands and pulled it down to your level, not even hesitating to assess his reaction and pressed your lips to his. You could feel his whole body tense up at your action so you began to pull away, feeling even more rejected than you had already felt. Sam was faster, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing his lips harder to yours. You squealed in surprise, that surprise quickly turned into glee and lust as both of you smiled into the kiss.

“Y/N, it’s hard to pretend not to have feelings for you when you do that. Fuck, I was trying to be careful so I wouldn’t break your heart, I know I’m not the greatest for you, and you can probably do way better than me… but now I don’t think I can let you go, fuck, I don’t want to let you go.” He panted, resting his forehead against yours. Your head was spinning and your heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to explode.

“Don’t let me go then, don’t let me leave. Show me that you want me to stay here, Sammy. Prove your words.” This bolder side of you was new, but you wanted nothing more than for him to fuck you against the door of the bunker, and then in every single room in the fucking place.

He nodded, picking you up and kissing you feverishly again, your legs wrapped around his waist and your dripping core pressed firmly against his throbbing cock. You tugged at his hair, grinding into him when he slammed your back against the door.

“God damn, baby, keep doing that. Fuck, even with all of our clothes I can feel how soaked you are, you really want this don’t you? I can’t believe I kept this from happening, this should’ve happened a long ass time ago.”

Your mouth was biting and sucking at his neck as his hands roamed your ass, breasts, and hair. Sam set you down on the floor and you immediately dropped to your knees, hands grabbing greedily at his jeans as you shoved them down his legs. You gulped as you realized the only thing keeping you from having his cock in your mouth was the thin layer of his boxer briefs. You looked up at him while slowly sliding them down and off his legs, continuing to look him in the eyes as you teasingly licked up his length, your hands clasped behind your back, waiting for his command.

“Fuck, you look so sexy down there waiting for me like a good girl. I’ve fantasized about your lips stretched over my cock for so long, so give me what I want.” He hissed as you greedily took him as far into your mouth as you could. He wasn’t massive or anything, just a few inches above average.

He tangled his hands in your hair while he fucked your mouth. You couldn’t help yourself as you slid one of your hands into the front of your pants, dying to get some sort of friction against your throbbing core. Sam groaned even louder at the sight of you playing with yourself as he fucked your mouth. Pulling out, he lifted you back onto your feet and hastily removed the remaining articles of clothing from both of you, taking a brief moment to examine your body. He was in awe of how beautiful you were, you weren’t super skinny or tan, but none of that mattered to him, he still thought you were the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

He stroked himself as he admired your body and you whimpered, pressing your legs together. He chuckled at your desperation and after what felt like an eternity he lifted you back up and slid you down onto his cock, having no trouble sliding into you with how wet you had gotten. Arching your back into him, you dug your fingers into his shoulders as he rammed you into the door.

“You feel so good stretched out around my cock, baby. You are so wet for me, you’re a naughty little girl.” His fingers were digging into your ass and his teeth grazed over the skin he could reach.

“Only for you, sir. Fuck, right there, oh fuck.” You could feel him hitting your g-spot and your legs were quivering.

“Not yet, princess. You don’t get to come that easily, you got to hold it babe. If you come before I tell you that you can, you’re going to be in for a punishment. Good girl, just keep holding it. Almost there baby girl, just a little bit more… Now.” He growled, his words sending you spiraling into a whole new level of pleasure. He didn’t stop there though, his hips continued to snap against yours, animalistic grunts and other noises leaving his throat.

A minute or so later, you had managed to have another orgasm and he finally came, pinning you against the door as he panted, sweat dripping off his forehead onto your shoulder. He peppered kisses along your shoulder and neck, until he had calmed down enough to lift you off of him and slide down the door onto the floor. He pulled you onto his lap and cradled you against his chest.

“Well that definitely took a drastic turn.” You laughed, nuzzling your head in the crook of his neck.

“I mean, it was bound to happen eventually. You know we still have to talk about this though. Just because we just had sex doesn’t mean the air is cleared, but for now let’s just assume things are good.” Sam kissed your forehead and you nodded, already having known that you would have to talk about the outburst that happened just an hour prior to the sexfest.

“I know, but first there are a few tables, beds, and showers that need to be broken in.” You winked, standing up and leading him down the stairs for another couple rounds of mind-blowing sex.

Black [M]

A/N: sorry it took so long for this one :( i’m sorry if it’s kind of shitty i rushed to finish this bc i had ppl asking for it :/ also fuck you chi

characters: dean x oc, zico x oc, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, stoners(lol), violence, (mentions of) abuse, sexual content(not in this ch)

CH1 CH2 

chapter 3: 

my mouth dropped slightly and I acted surprised but I knew she was going to say that. everyone had their mouths open in a small smile. I looked up at dean, his expression mirrored mine. sochi smiled proudly, pushing the black cup back to me.  

“drink up” she said. I didn’t know what to do. I was well aware that I was pretty drunk now and drinking from that cup would end me but I couldn’t kiss dean. he was perfectly sober. I knew I might not remember it later but he would. kissing him would make things awkward between us and that was the last thing we needed right now. if this had happened a week ago, I would’ve probably done it because he’s my best friend and the kiss would mean nothing more than a save from the cup but now, he knew something about me. he knew something that made us closer than before and I knew something about him. i couldn’t do it.

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anonymous asked:

#19 Ever since their sparring match Genji and Tracer like having mini-competitions with each other. Especially when their girlfriends are watching

“Tracer, I do backflips every single day of my life.”

–Genji Shimada, probably

19. “Show-Off”


Tracer threw a punch and Genji blocked it.

“Still–” Tracer threw another punch and Genji blocked it, “-don’t see the point of all this.”

“What if your enemy knocks your pulse pistols out of your hand and kicks them across the floor?” said Genji, blocking a kick from her.

“Then I’ll just blink over to them!” said Tracer, demonstratively blinking behind Genji and moving to kick, “You just want a training session where I’m not kicking your arse!” Genji easily caught her foot and she recalled out of his grip. Genji’s eyes flicked at the flash of blue that trailed behind her in recall and managed to get a kick in right as she flashed back into existence which sent her tumbling back.

 “My going easy on you is not you ‘kicking my arse,’” said Genji.

“Oh ‘going easy on me?’ Is that what you call it?” She quickly sprang back to her feet and blinked right back at him and began throwing multiple punches.

“It’s important to know how to fight in different scenarios,” said Genji, dipping out of the way and blocking her strikes, “You haven’t blocked once. That’s concerning.”

“Ugh, you sound like Morrison sometimes,” said Tracer. 

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 3)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 1284

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, sex

[Part 1] [Part 2]


You hold your breath, waiting for Auston to move, to say something else. The air around you feels like it will burst at any moment.

His hand moves from you ear to cup your jaw. His thumb rubs gently across your cheekbone, and you close your eyes, savouring his touch.

Before he can do anything else, before he can lean across and close the distance between the two of you, you whisper: “Auston.”

“Yeah?” His voice is low, raspy.

“Not now. Not like this.” You open your eyes to look at him.

For a second, a flicker of disappointment crosses his face, but then he nods. You’re both drunk. “Okay.”

“We should probably head back anyways.” You hit the home button on your phone. “It’s already 1am and we have a morning skate again tomorrow.”

He groans, rubbing his face with his hands. “Don’t remind me.”

You stand up, shoving your wet feet into your flip flops. You hold out your hand and help Auston up. He wobbles slightly.

“How much did you have to drink?” you tease him.

“Oh, shut-up. I’m a big guy, I can handle my liquor.”

“Yes, you big strong men and your beer.”

“Somehow I don’t think you mean that as a compliment.”

You laugh, and after he slides his shoes back on, you two begin your way back to camp.

When you reach the end of the dock, Auston stops.


Auston doesn’t say anything, and you look up at him, confused. In the dark, you can barely make out the flush that has spread across his cheeks.

“I’mscaredofthedark,” he says so low and quickly you don’t understand at first.

“You’re scared?”

He nods quickly, avoiding your eyes. Your heart squeezes.

“Okay - okay, that’s fine. I’m here.” You reach over and grab his hand and lace your fingers through his. “I’ll lead the way.”

He grips your hand tighter and nods. Then, the two of you walk, hand in hand, all the way back to the campgrounds.

When you reach the middle part of the path that separates the male cabins from the female cabins, you give his hand a squeeze before letting go.

“I guess I’ll see you in the morning.” You shove your hands in the pockets of your jean shorts and rock back on your heels awkwardly.

He coughs. “Um, yeah. I guess you will.”

“Goodnight, Auston.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” He smiles softly, and you turn around, creeping quietly up the stairs to the cabin.

The room is dark, and you blink several times as your eyes adjust. You can just make out the sleeping form of Steph curled underneath her blanket.

You quickly pop over to the bathroom, brushing your teeth and your hair before sneaking back to the bedroom and climbing into bed. But apparently you weren’t as quiet as you thought you were, as Steph turns over on her side to face you.

“What time is it?” she asks sleepily.

“I don’t know, like 1:30 or something? Sorry for waking you.”

You hear her comforter shift as she moves. “Nah, I was in one of those half-dream, half-awake kinda states. Couldn’t really sleep until I knew you were back safe.”

Guilt overwhelms you. “Listen, Steph…”

“I’m sorry.” She beats you to it. “I know how important hockey is to you, and I know making the CWHL has been your goal since you were a toddler. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Steph, no. No, I’m the one who should be apologizing. I shouldn’t have lashed out at you like that and accused you of being lazy and not working hard, because you train harder than anyone I’ve ever met. You inspire me every day to be a better person. I just…I need to find a balance between life and hockey. I get it now. I really do. And I’m -”

“Y/N, I forgive you.”

You blink back tears you didn’t realize had welled up in your eyes. “You do?”

“Yeah, you big idiot. You’re my best friend, I’m not gonna let some stupid fight come between us.”

“Thank goodness. I’d thought you’d hate me forever.”

You can’t see her face, but you know Steph is rolling her eyes. “Never. Hockey buddies forever, remember?”

You reach across the dark stretch of space between your beds and hook your pinky finger with hers.

“Hockey buddies forever.”

You roll back over onto your back, tired and ready for sleep. You close your eyes and feel yourself begin to drift off.

Steph has other plans, though. “So where did you go anyways? I didn’t see Auston at the bonfire.”

“Hmm, strange,” you mumble, feigning nonchalance.

“Yeah, it certainly is strange, considering you weren’t there either.”

“Very strange.”

“You’re gonna tell me, right?”


“Y/N,” she says sternly.

“Okay, fine. I’ll tell you, but in the morning. Just let me sleep.”

Steph makes a satisfied noise and you snuggle deeper into your comforter, pretending that the soft cotton is instead a set of strong arms wrapped around you.

Morning comes much too early, yet again. You wake to the sound of your alarm blaring across the room, feeling groggy and disoriented after barely four hours’ sleep. You and Steph get up, take one look at each other, and say: “Coffee.”

After rushing through getting ready, you and Steph quickly grab two cups of takeaway coffee from the mess hall before racing onto the bus last minute. The driver glares at the both of you.

“You’re late. Next time, I’ll leave without you.”

“Sorry, it won’t happen again,” you apologize.

“Better not.” The bus driver humphs and turns away.

You and Steph roll your eyes at each other and make your way to the back to sit down.

You’ve not taken more than two sips of coffee before Steph demands you tell her everything that happened last night.

“There’s really not much to tell,” you say, hoping she’ll give up and ask you later when you’re more awake.

“Liar. You’re blushing again.”

“No I’m not!” you deny, even though you feel the heat rising to your cheeks. “I’m just getting all red because you’re confronting me about nothing!”

“Uh-huh. So kissing lover boy counts as nothing?”

“We didn’t kiss!”

“Oh, so you were with Auston last night. Now you’ll admit it.”

“Keep your voice down,” you whisper, looking nervously around at the other girls on the bus.

Steph grins, having way too much fun embarrassing you. “So what did you do then?”

“We went for a walk.” You stare straight ahead, trying to avoid eye contact and accidentally prolonging the uncomfortable conversation.


“To the dock.”

“And what did you do by the dock?”


“About what?”


“Seriously, that’s it? C’mon, there’s gotta be more to it.”

“Nope. It was strictly platonic, just two people chatting by the lake.”

Steph narrows her eyes. “I don’t believe you.”

You turn to look at her, putting on your best straight face. “We talked about hockey, and how he broke his femur last year, and how he also struggled with balancing life and hockey. He gave me some really good advice actually.”

“Oh,” Steph says, her face surprised. “Oh. None of my drunk conversations with a boy have ended up like that.”

“That’s because every boy you talk to when you’re drunk is a fuck boy.”

Steph frowns, considering this. “Yeah, why do I do that?”

You laugh, shaking your head. “I don’t know Steph, I don’t know.”

“I’ve got to get better at finding nicer guys, who don’t just want to get in my pants and actually want to talk to me.”

Alexis, hearing the tail end of your conversation, leans across the bus aisle. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

[Part 4]

When your genius friend comes up with an answer

So I got my friend LUNA hooked on Voltron (slightly a bad idea) and the chick texts me at 3am with cannon ideas and what not. (Babe I’m trying to sleep here!)

LUNA: Ok I just thought of something. So Keith doesn’t look Galra because certain chemicals that were needed for him to make proteins to express the Galra phenotype while he was developing was not present on earth.
ME: Makes sense… then the poor child went into space… can I go back to sleep now?
LUNA: I was thinking because Galra Keith seems like a rather cute and hot idea. When Pidge gets back (and this is because there will be Klance) she gets so fed up with the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” act that she injects him with something that makes him starts to rapidly develop Galra qualities.
Oh and no you may not go back to sleep.
ME: ughhhhh. But that sounds reasonable, I’ll have to send all my Galra!Keith comics on my other phone.

Apparently she’s writing a fic where Pidge is the main character and decide to bother me because FanFiction it the reason for my existance. Annndddd the fact I’m writing a Voltron fic where Keith has an older sister who got take by space pirates (channeling Star Lord here) and along the way meets Cmdr. Thace she thinks I have a good idea on how to roll (which I do but it’s not appreciated when I have class at 5am that day)

Blue Eyes - Part two ( Harry Hook & Evie )

A/N; hi guys, I want to thank you so much for 400 followers. I never thought I’d make it so far on tumblr ! Also, I hope you enjoy this chapter ! Comment your thoughts.

the request I’ve blended with this chapter; “ Do it. Tell me you hate me !” + “ I dare you to kill me ! Do it ! ” requested by anon, I hope you liked it !

Also, I want to thank my best friend, Becca, for giving me ideas for this chapter ! You’re a blessing !

words; 1566

this part is not edited !

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- -

“ She’ll come, Uma, he’s her boyfriend after all, ” Harry smirked.

The duo were hanging around Ursula’s chip shop, Uma doing another shift and Harry casually keeping her company.

“ Mhm, I know that Harry, but Mal always had her tricks,” the teal haired girl sighed , “ This time we’ll win, we have to. ”

Harry nodded, always approving his captain, just when he was about to say something else, the daughter of Maleficent herself, came into the chip shop.

Mal smirked and with a singing voice said, “ I’m baaack,” just the way her mom used to.

Harry watched as Uma went to greet her, “ Loser, party for one, right this way,” she said with a bored tone.

The two girls sat down at an empty table and started negotiating for Ben’s life. Harry, however, didn’t want to stay and listen their argument, so he went to the docks.

As usually the weather was gloomy, no star on the night sky, only a part of the moon was visible, the rest of it being covered with gray clouds.

Harry was used with the isle, after all he spent all his life there. Seven months ago life was way easier for him, back then he was able to see his blueberry princess everyday.

Even if Evie and Harry were in rival groups of friends, mainly because of the grunge between Mal and Uma, the two of them somehow managed to get along.

Harry chuckled , remembering how it all started, after their first official talk, a conversation without Uma or Mal, the pirate noticed his missing clock.

Harry was walking along the shore, whistling some old song he used to hear a lot when he was just a little boy.

The weather was colder than usual, so by instinct he put his hands into his jacket’s pockets. Easily noticing something was in his place.

Harry always had with him an antique clock, the only thing from his mother, but now the boy noticed it was gone.

He tried to recall all the events of the day, maybe he forgot it somewhere or left it at home.

But no matter how much he tried, he could not remember. That was until a imagine of a blue-haired girl showed up in his memories.

Harry remembered her contagious smile, her lovely brown eyes and her beautiful long blue curls. The pirate knew he was amazed by her appearance and also by the way she talked.

Along with remembering Evie, he also remembered the way she got a little too close to him , just before she left.

And that’s when all the dots connected. The clock was at Evie. She stole it , along with his heart. Harry being unaware of the last one.

Now, still at the docks, Harry chuckled for himself. He never got the clock back, he let the girl keep it. Even so, one thing Evie did return: his heart, but it wasn’t the same. Harry still couldn’t feel it. He was sure his heart belonged to her.

“What did I do to get this kind of punishment ?” Harry murmured, “ Wanting something I can’t have. ”

“ Weren’t you always a catch? Wanting everything that couldn’t be yours?” a voice spoke from behind him.

Harry’s lips curled into a smirk, he knew exactly who was talking because there was only one person who dared to sneak up behind him. His princess.

“ I thought the message was clear, Mal had to come alone,” the pirate grinned , not bothering to reply the previous question asked by Evie.

The girl puffed, “ What makes you think I’ve come to back up Mal ?”

“ Then why did ye come, princess? I doubt ye wanted to see me. ”

Evie smiled as sweet as she could, just like how her mother tought her to, lifting two fingers up and moving one step forward, “ Two things Hook, firstly I’ve come because, believe it or not, I do wanted to see you, ” she sighed.

“ Secondly, I need you to tell me one thing, ” she said moving another step closer to him, “ Why do you hate me so much? You didn’t seem so upset with Mal and the others leaving, but with me - it’s like you put all your anger on my shoulders. ”

Harry was surprised by her invasion of his personal space, not really thinking that Evie would do such a thing , but quickly shook his head, “ Ye really don’t know ?”

“ I do not. ”

Harry gritted his teath, anger being very visible now on his face, “ Ye of all people, left me behind, without a second thought you climbed up in that fancy limo and went to live yer perfect little life, ” he spat, pointing his hook at her neck.

Evie breathed heavily, but she couldn’t let him see she was scared, “ So did the others, Harry. ”

Now, Harry only got angrier. She couldn’t see it ? How could she not know ? The others might’ve done the same, but he did not love the others. Meanwhile, what Harry felt for her was unimaginable.

Harry pressed the hook stronger against her skin, making Evie take a few steps back, “ Ye were the first person to ever care for me, even before Uma, ” Harry spat, “ Ye were the first one to make me feel something else besides anger and pain, ”

Now the hook was almost cutting her skin, “ Ye, Evie, stole ma clock and ma heart along with it, and ye still left, never bothering to give them back, ” Harry yelled, making a small cut on her neck, after noticing the trace of blood pouring from it, he loosened up, muttering “ and even if ye’d have given ‘em back , I’m afraid ma heart would’ve been forever yers.”

The princess narrowed her eyes, putting all of her effort into grabbing his hook with her left hand. When she got hold of it, she pulled it out of his hand with all the force she got, letting him shocked. No one ever dared to touch his hook.

“ I didnt have a choice, ” she spat, “ Mother made me go, if I would’ve stayed she would’ve made my life a living hell! ”

“ Evie, calm-”

“ You do not get to tell me to calm down, Harry Hook, ” Evie yelled at him, “ You think I didn’t want to take you with me? I wanted to! Guess what? I couldn’t. ”

Evie glanced at the silver hook she was holding, with a flicker of her wrist she pointed it at his neck, “ You do not get to threaten me , Hook. ”

Harry smirked, never seeing this side of her. It was true after all, everyone got a wicked side. Her was just showing and Harry was ready to test her limits, “ Go on. Tell me you hate me.”

Evie panted heavily, not knowing what to do, she didn’t think it would get this far.

The pirate put his hand over hers, now both holding the hook, Harry’s hold tightened , making the hook touch his neck, “ I dare you to kill me!” Harry yelled, a look pure of madness showing on his face, “ Do it ! ” he said again, starting to cut his own neck.

Evie gasped, “Stop!”

Her reaction only made Harry grin, quickly she pulled the hook away, throwing it on the ground a few meters away from them, “ H-how could you do that?”

Harry laughed , “ What’s the matter ? ”

“ What’s the matter?” Evie mocked him, “ You could’ve -”

Harry shook his head, still laughing, “ So, that means ye still feel something for me, don’t ye?”

Evie punched him in the chest, “ This is not funny, idiot ! Are you out of your mind?”

“ As a matter of fact,” Harry smiled, putting one of his hand on her cheek, “ I am, but ye knew that, love. ”

Evie’s anger suddenly melted, as she felt his thumb tracing along her lips, her eyes staring into his blue one. She stared at him in amazement, how could he still have this effect on her ?

“ What are you doing Harry?”

“ Something I should’ve done a long time ago, ” he smiled , moving closer to her, slowly placing his slaty lips on top of her warm ones.

Evie closed her eyes, melting into the kiss, she wouldn’t admit it, but she wanted to kiss him for a long time too.

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a period ask for the paladins??? :-) how would they take care of a s/o with their period and how they'd comfort her when she experiences cramps? thanks!! 💙


  • “Oh man that sucks, um, maybe stretch out on the couch?”
  • He has no idea what to do are you kidding me
  • Will curl up and watch a movie if you want and stays out of your way if you’re not feeling up to that


  • Dotes on you and makes sure you’re comfy and feeling okay 
  • “Are you hungry? Sick? Thirsty? Can I get you anything?”
  • He’s a nervous boy and wants to make sure you’re okay


  • He’s had a girlfriend before and *kind of* knows how to help
  • “Pills? Heating pad?”
  • Will go to the space mall and get you candy and anything you need


  • “If you need anything, I got you covered. Just ask.”
  • Knows ALL the tips and tricks, and helps to hook you up with a heating pad and some meds to alleviate the pain
  • Makes excuses to the others for why you aren’t feeling up to train, cause she knows what’s up


  • Super awkward about the whole thing but sucks it up so you can be comfortable
  • “You need me to get you.. what?!” and his face goes bright red
  • But he’ll always relax with you and tries his best to get you whatever you need

- Mod Georgia - 

here are my thoughts on the bullshit

i mean….i kinda sorta get people’s anger at kaitlyn for shutting mc out…. but think about it…. yes, it’s not mc’s fault she got outed….but look at it from kaitlyn’s perspective.

she’s had a huge crush on mc (and possibly hooked up with her or is in the process of starting a relationship with her - i could be wrong, i don’t remember how exactly the whole timeline went) and i guess being around her reminded her of how horrifying it felt to be outed even if it was all by accident, so she needed some space to digest everything. and being the Straight Ally™ that my (and your) mc is, she couldn’t understand boundaries and instead bombarded her with her presence when kaitlyn’s made it all too clear that she didn’t want it. this upset me as a pansexual person because even though i haven’t come out to my parents yet, it puts the fucking fear of god in me to think about doing so, so i understood why she had to do what she had to do and i would’ve given her the space she needed if i was given the choice to.

hopefully, this helps y'all understand why, too. and if not, that’s okay. just please don’t speak over us. thanks

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listen….this is the best AU can you call it that? I’ve ever come up with

- she was a gift from Patty
- her mom’s coworker (and best friend)’s dog had a litter of puppies
- as soon as the babies were old enough to leave their mother, Patty brought over Dallas to pick his poison medicine

- he loved all the little puppies and practically melted
- despite being hard and tough, dogs always had the key to his heart
- this one puppy looked at him and he lost it
- he picked her up and just walked out
- Patty tried to pay for her but her not-technically-aunt refused

- Patty ran after Dallas and helped him get things he’d need for the baby
- he wanted to show the gang first
- “actually, no. she’s mine. they can fuck off”
- not gonna lie….he stole half the things Patty told him to get
- she bought the rest, like a good girl

- Dallas ended up showing his friends about two hours later
- the poor puppy still didn’t have a name cause Dallas wanted it to be perfect
- Steve suggested the name Daisy and Dallas shot it down immediately
- and then ten minutes later was like “what about Daisy” and claimed it was his idea first
- Steve never gets a break poor kid

- Daisy loves sleeping in Dally’s arms
- to a point where she won’t sleep anywhere else
- Daisy loves this except for when she has to pee at two am and wakes him up
- she also wakes him up at like seven in the morning by licking his face
- that’s all she does. just lick Dally and sleep

- he hates it when she has accidents in the house
- but if anyone else gets mad at her, Dallas defends her with things like “she’s a baby” and “you shit your pants when you were a kid too so shut up”
- thanks to her, he learns this thing called patience
- but he complains about being a dog parent all the time
- Patty’s mom has to keep herself from laughing because raising dogs is nothing compared to raising children

- Daisy doesn’t have an official middle name since Dal makes a new one up every day
- the most used one is Jane
- but there’s also Marie, May, etc.
- mainly calls her ‘Baby’ if I’m being honest
- or Babe, Daise, or any affectionate name really

- even though he has a collar and leash for her, Dally prefers to carry Daisy everywhere
- and he takes her everywhere
- people always stop to say hi and it annoys Dallas but he also loves showing her off??? he’s confusing

- the gang protects her like no one’s business
- and if anything ever comes up, they always take Daisy to Patty’s
- Daisy is their bundle of sunshine and nothing bad can happen to her ever

- BJ loves Daisy and Daisy loves BJ
- Steve loves her more than anything and likes to pretend she’s his own
- RJ has a short temper with her at first but learns to love her as much as BJ and Steve do
- I mean, how can you not??
- Smokey doesn’t like her at all cause he’s heartless
- and Daisy doesn’t trust him
- she’s always as far as she can be from him
- or she’s like clinging onto Dallas for dear life

- so Daisy is terrified of stairs
- so every time she has to go up a staircase, she clings to Dallas
- her paws are hooked onto his shoulders and there is literally no space between the two
- she needs to be as close to her human as she possibly can
- and Dallas holds her so tight it’s so cute
- as she gets older, the fear goes away but as a baby puppy, it’s insane

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Why is Ridley so awesome?

You literally only need to hear the words “space dragon” to know the answer

Serious talk, one of the things that got me hooked on Metroid when I was a kid was the fact that I googled it and found out “THERE’S A SPACE DRAGON”

He’s also the best boss fight in Metroid Prime, AND an intense boss to fight during the generator scene in Prime 3, and on both occasions has one of the best boss music tracks in the entire damn series.

Even his role in Super Metroid is incredibly good, he set’s up the entire game’s conflict and makes you very angry so that destroying him is incredibly satisfying. And he carves his own head into the rocks in Norfair to make it creepier so that’s kind cool.


Imagine being on your Honeymoon with jungkook. The boy has been playing with you the entire day and he’s been enjoying everything to its fullest .Once it was night and you both got back to the hotel room, the boy would try to avoid you . He was very awkward about the idea of spending your first night together as a newly married couple. He was nervous but excited about the fact that he’d get to sleep with you in the same bed. He’d pace back in forth while bittingnon his nails as he waits for you to come out of the shower. Being the nervous fluff he is, he’d grabs his pillow and hug it before making his way to the couch and sit there. You’d come out of the shower with your robe and find him sitting there like a lost puppy.

You knew right away that he needed some reassurance for this first night. He was afraid to invade your personal space and he wanted to isolate himself from you. You sit beside him as you hook your arm around his bare one and you lace your fingers together. Jungkook tense up as you lay your head on his shoulder. You stayed that way till he finally spat out his deepest feelings .

“ T-To tell t-the truth , I’m just so so so nervous. I can’t even look at you right now!!! What if you hate me and you want a divorce after this ??!!”

You chuckle at his hilarious response , because even if he was a meme lord , he still lacked some confidence when it came to express himself and you found that side of him adorable.

“ W-WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING ?! THIS IS NOT FUNNY !!!” he’d ruffle his hair before pouting “ You’re my wife now… what am I supposed to do?!! ” he freaks out

“ Nothing has changed jungkook-ah” you’d touch his cheek “ We may be wife and Husband , but you’re still my boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook”

“ You sure about that ? ” he’d blink “ Won’t it change something if I kiss you? We will be kissing as husband and wife. Y/n , I can’t believe we’re doing this ” he blinks while staring at your robe

“ Relax. I won’t bite you on the first night ” you nudge him

“ Can you hold me , please ? ” Jungkook would give you the puppy eyes

That’s how you jungkook spent the night in your embrace talking about how surreal it felt for him to have married the amazing person you are. He was innocent and still pure. This was why you loved him in the first place .

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Omg, do you think Echo will be with Bell or Raven?? 👀

Unpopular opinion? but I don’t think we’re going to see new couples. What’s the point?

Main characters don’t get LI off screen, and if they do, it’s because the relationship isn’t going to last (look at Bina). Relationships need to be developed on screen (at least, a bit) so I don’t see why they would want to pair up characters.  

and Bellamy + [….] it would set up romantic drama. The 100 writers love shaking things up but not romantically. They don’t like romantic drama.

Idk… even the cast is joking about space orgies. To me that says how important the hooking ups are.

and if there are flashbacks, they’re not going to show them eating algae and having sex lmao

Maybe it will be stated through dialogues??

I think the fandom is obsessed with the possible new ships but the sexual relationships that they had/hadn’t aren’t relevant to the story. I could be wrong tho.

Over the moon

A/N: Adding a name is more of a preference thing than an imagine, and I write imagines. I hope you don’t mind! (And, btw, if Arielle is your real name, it is beautiful and I love it!)

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Anon said: “Scott x (can u call her Arielle please) she denies her feeling for him, but Stiles figures it out somehow. At school he confronts her, but she denies it, and Stiles keeps poking her until she finally admits that she’s in love with Scott. Scott was behind them when they were talking and hears everything. She’s terrified and Scott gently let’s her down that he doesn’t feel the same. (You can change it however u think it will be better. I love your blog, your such a great writer)”


You didn’t. You didn’t have feelings for Scott McCall. You balled your fists against the desk, counting down the seconds until the class was over. You sat behind him, having to stare at his perfect hair, the way his shirt tugged tightly against his shoulders, showing off the muscles, and the way he tapped his pencil on the desk was a rhythm that made you want to get up and dance.

You didn’t like him. No. Nope. You had absolutely no freaking feelings for Scott McCa-

Shit. He was answering a question. His voice was making sounds.

Dammit. You had feelings for Scott McCall.


Stiles of course noticed you bolting from the class the minute the bell rang and followed after you, calling your name.

Spinning on your heels, you held a finger up near his face, wanting to laugh at the little yelp of surprise he let out.

“Not now, Stiles! Okay? You were right! You’ve always been right! I have feelings for Scott. And you know what? Every time you poked me, prodded me, annoyed the hell out of me, I tried to tell myself it wasn’t true, but damn you, you kept bringing it up and now, more than ever, I realize I am over the moon for Scott McCall. And yes, I realize the irony of using the word ‘moon’ in the same sentence as his name, but hell if I care.” Your hiss turned into a quiet whisper as you slumped against your locker, leaning on your shoulder. “I really like him, Stiles. What do I do?”

“Well, I have a feeling that dilemma won’t be an issue for too much longer,” Stiles said with a nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck roughly, his cheeks turning pink.

You looked at him curiously, going stiff when you heard an awkward throat clearing behind you. You knew that voice anywhere.

Turning, you saw Scott fiddling with the straps of his backpack, straining his thumbs against the fabric, and studying the floor before looking up to you. “Y/N, I’m…. I’m really blown away that you… But, I…. We’ve been friends forever and I don’t….”

You closed your eyes, smiling as best you could, a tight, nearly flat line. “It’s alright, Scott. I understand. I’ll…. I’m just going to…. I will see you guys later, okay?” And with that you walked off, swiping at your tears.

“Y/N! Wait!” Scott called behind you, and you heard his footsteps running toward you.

You turned and studied the floor. “Scott, I’m really sorry, but I need my space right now. I…. I don’t know how to do this….”

“You’re one of my best friends. In the last few years I have found that those are extremely hard to come by, much less keep. And I want to keep you for as long as I can.”

A small smile crawling up your face betrayed you as you felt one of his fingers hook under your chin, lifting your face up to look at his own. You kept your eyes downcast, studying the weave of his shirt.

“Y/N, look at me,” he said quietly, and you let your eyes flit up to his face, smiling at the sight of his own lopsided grin. “I’m not saying never, I’m just saying not right now. I always want you a part of my life, Y/N. Always.”

Okay but can I break this down for a sec?

Regina didn’t ask this in front of anyone. She didn’t even bother. She knew Emma would put up a front and lie (a lie that Killian wouldn’t have even noticed but anyways,,,) and said something like “I’m okay. It’s tough but we always get through hard times. We always find a way.” Instead, Regina quickly raced to action to privately find a way to get to Aladdin. When Emma arrived, Regina immediately checked on her and got the truth. Emma was anxious, not okay.

But let’s get to the gag. Emma’s first words when she got to the vault were “You took off kinda quickly” with a puppy dog look that she tried to pass off as casual and nonchalant. Almost to say “I can only be totally open and honest with you. I need our talks. It comforts me. Why’d you leave :/” It was also a look of “Please don’t be mad about the visions. I didn’t wanna think it was you.”

AND MY FAVORITE PART “I’m sorry, but I’m trying to save your life.” Regina didn’t care about the visions or that Emma may have thought it was her, all she cared about was saving Emma’s life and making sure she was okay. DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING?!?!?!

All the while Hook is off somewhere taking up space and doing nothing but looking pretty. Okay… your supposed true love is in danger of dying and you’re doing what??? Fuck outta here, man. Leave the life saving and romance to Regina. The asshole didn’t even stay or come back when Emma said she wanted to be alone. Henry knew she didn’t really want to be alone. Regina probably knew too but felt Henry should have some time with her.

If this isn’t endgame idk what is.