i need space hook me up

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hey! thanks for answering my question, i didn't realize that the tshirt was eskild's haha now that i have rewatched everything, i'm in need of some evak fics. could you hook me up? :)

You can never rewatch Skam enough times!! ✌

As for evak fics… I’ve mostly read norwegian ones, but I know there are many great english ones!! Here are some great and active fanfic writers:

I feel like I’m leaving out so many great ones…

Maybe my followers can help out??

Yo, who tryna hook me up with a Deoxys tho?

I can getchu like-

* A Xerneas
* A Ho-Oh
* A Phione
*A level 100 Gengar (WHAAAAAT?)
*A Pidgey with Pokerus (POKE-WHAAAT)
* A fuckin- one of the lake spirits
* Or a Latios (DAYUNMMM-)

So hmu if y'all want to discuss that shit because I need my space boi.

Or a Giratina

That would be juicy too.

((Along with drawing the AUs I’ve gotten (really been having too much fun with them so far :D) and will be putting in for fun, I’m also gonna put them up here in writing too if anyone would like to do an RP based on the AUs I have. 

Definitely will write them all down in a text post and transfer them over to a page/tab on the blog. 

Thus far, I have gotten these AUs down in notes: 

-Gang AU (based on the 80s) 

-Western AU (You know who you are and now you got me hooked xD)

-Modern AU (I actually have 2 different verses for this one)

Mermaid/Merman AU (cause yes I need it :’D)

-Space AU (This one I’m basing in terms of Star Wars cause I’m a dumb nerd and Star Wars is a huge part of my life)

-Golden Hooker AU (And YOU *points finger* You know who you are, you got me into this AU xD)

I’ll definitely add more when I get the full text post in so yeah! :D ))

im upset because im tired of it. im tired of everything; all the false promises, the fake hope, the “i love you’s” that were only ever a cover up for the fact that you were bored and needed someone who stuck around and i stuck around you like a tourist in New York City, i was hooked. im tired of the fact that my own parents treat me like shit and expect me to come home every night and that they get mad when i don’t. mom, have you ever thought that the reason i don’t come home is because every night i cry alone in my room and im sick of only these outer space poster covered walls wiping away my tears, while you are on the other side yelling, or saying how i just never come out of my room. i am tired of staying up until 3am, crying, listening to my best friends begging me to hold on. i am trying but nothing seems to be quite working. and i am sorry. im trying as hard as i fucking can. i have been playing music so loud that my thoughts seem to silence but i can’t shake this feeling of loneliness and how it haunts me. i can’t shake the fact that in a room full of people, i still feel so utterly alone, like everyone isn’t really seeing me, but seeing my bones underneath. they see a walking corpse but no one ever bothers to give me any flowers or consolation. i think some
people are barely holding on, i think sometimes all we need is to know someone would mourn us when we’re gone. and call me selfish, but i can’t stop imagining my own funeral. i think i would want sunflowers, i don’t think i would be able to handle the tears. and i get it. people care about me, probably more than i could ever even grasp. but i am so tired of not believing it, i wish i could silence the fucking doubt that is raging in my head like a storm that never really comes to an end, just pauses. im scared one day that im gonna end my storm, that im gonna lose all my fight and all the color will be drained out of my body. you see, the problem is that i don’t want to give up, i just want some peace and quiet for longer than just a phone call or the nights when im with the people that actually keep me here. i need this, so i can have room to be happy and love unconditionally again. because i am so tired of falling and bringing the ones that love me down with me. // i don’t know how i ended up here, but im trying to fight my way out.


Since I’ve boosted more than enough for a tattoo; I figured that I’d do another giveaway. 😊
This one is open for any country, so feel free to enter.

Winner will receive a sensormatic hook!

-You need to be following me
-Need to be a lifting blog.
-Must be comfortable giving me your address. I need to have it to be able to order you a sensormatic hook. I know, it sucks. I’m sorry.
-Each reblog/like counts as an entry. It’d be a good idea to space out the like and reblog because I’m using a randomizer to pick a winner. I would let you enter more than twice, but I will be looking at notes and all of your multiple reblogs won’t show up in them.
-Past winners can enter into the giveaway.
-AGAIN, those of you in different countries CAN enter into this one.

💋💋💋Thanks for following me, babes. I really love being apart of liftblr. I can’t believe that I’m close to 600 followers in the 2 and a half months that I’ve been on here.💋💋💋

can someone please hook me up with a link to that post that has a gif of the sun and all the planets orbiting it going through space like they really are (where it looks like a comet kinda) where all the ellipse orbits make sense because everything in the universe is constantly moving outwards??? is this making any sense???

a rough example that’s not exactly similar but basically it looks like that??

PLEASE i need that in my life

I got so many projects done yesterday, and one of them was finally putting my antler crown back together! This picture is a terrible example, but it also gives me a chance to show off my new fancy cabinet c: It’s a small corner cabinet with mirrored sides, glass shelves, and a little display light at the top which I’ve yet to hook up. It’s the perfect place to put my skulls and big displays in, and god knows I needed the space!

Back to my crown, though! After it’s test run at last fall’s ren faire, some flowers broke and others weren’t secured well enough to last long. I got out a bunch of my dried flowers and decided to make it bigger and grander than before! I may add some feathers to it eventually, but that’ll definitely be for another day. For now, my new doe loves her pretty headdress C: