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Changing up the MBTI Discourse: Part 1

DISCLAIMER: Mbti stereotypes are fun and all, but I wanna change it up a bit and give a huge shout-out to how 3-dimensional y'all actually are. Please comment and reblog! I’m always looking for feedback so I can improve my posts.  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

You defy your stereotype because even tho you sometimes don’t say it or don’t mention it, especially if it’ll inconvenience the other person, you have opinions too (but maybe you’ll just share them at a different time, like in front of the mirror by yourself)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you’re all about spiritual and sensory experiences, ya’ll can be deep AF on a much more analytical and comprehensive level than others expect (but this next-level-thinking usually just gets exploded onto your art making us mere mortals unable to comprehend the majesty of your thoughtful brilliance)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you have quiet strength, you will speak out if you feel it is absolutely necessary (but you’d prefer to compare your opinions with others first to confirm to which this usually ends with the other extroverts convincing you to be on board with a different opinion)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you prefer emotions over logic and feelings over analysis, y'all get a lot of stuff done when you’re actually focused and organized (but that only happens on a blue moon but STILL, you clean up good when you do, hot damn)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you’re welllll aware of your superiority over us underlings, you’re quite open to our ideas and what we have to say (but you usually conclude that our ideas were actually quite flawed and question why you even bothered listening to our peasant concerns)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you are one of the more productive mbti types, y'all also know how to let loose on casual Fridays ;) (but then on Monday, it’s back to work, oh and can you send this fax? …. but PARTY ON FRIDAYYY YEAAA!)

You defy your stereotype because even tho adrenaline is pumped in your veins 24/9 doing extreme sports, y'all actually know how stuff works and are pretty good teachers/explainers (but majority of the time, it’s only because I’m dragging you down and if you don’t help me, nobody will, pls help)

You defy your stereotype because even tho you’re introverted AF and would rather spend your day looking at obscure wiki articles, y'all will talk my ears off if I hit you up with something interesting (but the convo will also continue long after I’ve fallen asleep and may continue past my death to which our ghosts will forever discuss topics like does time actually pass or do we as objects move through time?!?!?)

You defy your stereotype because altho you’re yelling at me from across the room, it just means that you care enough about me to point out that I’m not using the most efficient method of doing whatever I’m doing (but seriously, I really appreciate it because what used to take me hours now takes me a few minutes and I actually need to find more things to do at work now)

You defy your stereotype because altho you’re the boss who’s always in charge, you also take care of us mere mortals who cower in your presence and you make our enemies cower in your presence too (but tbh, you’ve kicked more butts on our behalf than we’d like to admit so thanks for that)

You defy your stereotype because altho you know how much we melt everytime you blink and how we come crawling back to you even tho we know you’re a fkboi, once you decide on something and someone, you don’t turn your back on them (BUT if they wrong you, you’re definitely burning down their house and giving them a foot to the face)

You defy your stereotype because altho you like to debate everything under the moon in order to assert your dominance and authority on THE TRUTH, y'all can be quite understanding and pretty good problem solvers when we come to you for actual help (but it’s always super hard to reach you so can you pick up your phone please? oh, you left it in the forest? okay just call me back when you can because I need help with something)

You defy your stereotype because altho y'all can dish out insults and comebacks like a  contestant at a Yo Mama Contest and have a solid group of friends (and a toned AF yoga butt) that just won’t quit, y'all are actually very very inclusive and this gets misinterpreted as cliquey when in fact, y'all are just very supportive and want the best for everyone (but dayum, how do I get a butt like that)

You defy your stereotype because altho you like to party at my house, in my room, on my porch, in my driveway, and on my neighborhood street, y'all can be observant AF about people and these insights show how deep and intelligent y'all actually are (but it’s usually something about how someone’s outfit is actuallly a cry for help or how someone is going to treat the hook-up way more seriously than they should because they’re still getting over the break-up of their 1.37 year relationship, but still)

You defy your stereotype because altho I unloaded all my emotional baggage and childhood wounds onto you the first day I met you, y'all actually know what boundaries are and give me space when I need (but sometimes y'all get confused and think that when i say “I need space”, what I actually meant was “I’m pretending I need space, please txt me every 5 minutes asking me if I’m okay because I’m actually not”)

You defy your stereotype because altho you’re easily the friendliest and outgoing-est person at any and every party, y'all are actually really introverted on the inside and go sometimes go through a period of pseudo-introversion which sometimes spirals into a cathartic episode of ugly crying/gross sobbing (but it only happens once in awhile so other than that, y'all are on some next level drugs or smtg)

I was rewatching season 3 of Sherlock this weekend.  My husband, who has watched only part of a few episodes and probably could care less about the show in general except for the fact that I like it, ended up watching “His Last Vow” with me.  When the part with Molly talking about Sherlock using her bedroom because he needed the space came on, my husband said, “Oh, I didn’t know they hooked up.”

I said, “Do you think so?”

He said, “Didn’t they?”

I am thinking they did.


Hello! I am now offering token commissions for online tabletop games! 

Are you just starting a campaign and find yourself wanting a custom representation of your character? Maybe you’re looking to update your current one. Need a unique monster done up for the next session? Whatever the reason, I’d be happy to hook you up. 

These character tokens are compatible and ready to use with websites such as Roll20. Details of each piece include:

  • Full body
  • Flat color (some simple shading)
  • Stylized to fit and fill the square space nicely, preventing warping in-game
  • 500 x 500 pixels 
  • PNG format (72 dpi)
  • Transparent background

Each token starts at $25 USD. Paypal only, please!

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at: meowmeers@gmail.com

Please include details of what you’d like done and any references that may be helpful. 

Payment is due upon confirmation of your piece. Please provide an email that I may send your invoice to. 

Thank you! 

Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 3)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 1284

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, sex

[Part 1] [Part 2]


You hold your breath, waiting for Auston to move, to say something else. The air around you feels like it will burst at any moment.

His hand moves from you ear to cup your jaw. His thumb rubs gently across your cheekbone, and you close your eyes, savouring his touch.

Before he can do anything else, before he can lean across and close the distance between the two of you, you whisper: “Auston.”

“Yeah?” His voice is low, raspy.

“Not now. Not like this.” You open your eyes to look at him.

For a second, a flicker of disappointment crosses his face, but then he nods. You’re both drunk. “Okay.”

“We should probably head back anyways.” You hit the home button on your phone. “It’s already 1am and we have a morning skate again tomorrow.”

He groans, rubbing his face with his hands. “Don’t remind me.”

You stand up, shoving your wet feet into your flip flops. You hold out your hand and help Auston up. He wobbles slightly.

“How much did you have to drink?” you tease him.

“Oh, shut-up. I’m a big guy, I can handle my liquor.”

“Yes, you big strong men and your beer.”

“Somehow I don’t think you mean that as a compliment.”

You laugh, and after he slides his shoes back on, you two begin your way back to camp.

When you reach the end of the dock, Auston stops.


Auston doesn’t say anything, and you look up at him, confused. In the dark, you can barely make out the flush that has spread across his cheeks.

“I’mscaredofthedark,” he says so low and quickly you don’t understand at first.

“You’re scared?”

He nods quickly, avoiding your eyes. Your heart squeezes.

“Okay - okay, that’s fine. I’m here.” You reach over and grab his hand and lace your fingers through his. “I’ll lead the way.”

He grips your hand tighter and nods. Then, the two of you walk, hand in hand, all the way back to the campgrounds.

When you reach the middle part of the path that separates the male cabins from the female cabins, you give his hand a squeeze before letting go.

“I guess I’ll see you in the morning.” You shove your hands in the pockets of your jean shorts and rock back on your heels awkwardly.

He coughs. “Um, yeah. I guess you will.”

“Goodnight, Auston.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” He smiles softly, and you turn around, creeping quietly up the stairs to the cabin.

The room is dark, and you blink several times as your eyes adjust. You can just make out the sleeping form of Steph curled underneath her blanket.

You quickly pop over to the bathroom, brushing your teeth and your hair before sneaking back to the bedroom and climbing into bed. But apparently you weren’t as quiet as you thought you were, as Steph turns over on her side to face you.

“What time is it?” she asks sleepily.

“I don’t know, like 1:30 or something? Sorry for waking you.”

You hear her comforter shift as she moves. “Nah, I was in one of those half-dream, half-awake kinda states. Couldn’t really sleep until I knew you were back safe.”

Guilt overwhelms you. “Listen, Steph…”

“I’m sorry.” She beats you to it. “I know how important hockey is to you, and I know making the CWHL has been your goal since you were a toddler. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Steph, no. No, I’m the one who should be apologizing. I shouldn’t have lashed out at you like that and accused you of being lazy and not working hard, because you train harder than anyone I’ve ever met. You inspire me every day to be a better person. I just…I need to find a balance between life and hockey. I get it now. I really do. And I’m -”

“Y/N, I forgive you.”

You blink back tears you didn’t realize had welled up in your eyes. “You do?”

“Yeah, you big idiot. You’re my best friend, I’m not gonna let some stupid fight come between us.”

“Thank goodness. I’d thought you’d hate me forever.”

You can’t see her face, but you know Steph is rolling her eyes. “Never. Hockey buddies forever, remember?”

You reach across the dark stretch of space between your beds and hook your pinky finger with hers.

“Hockey buddies forever.”

You roll back over onto your back, tired and ready for sleep. You close your eyes and feel yourself begin to drift off.

Steph has other plans, though. “So where did you go anyways? I didn’t see Auston at the bonfire.”

“Hmm, strange,” you mumble, feigning nonchalance.

“Yeah, it certainly is strange, considering you weren’t there either.”

“Very strange.”

“You’re gonna tell me, right?”


“Y/N,” she says sternly.

“Okay, fine. I’ll tell you, but in the morning. Just let me sleep.”

Steph makes a satisfied noise and you snuggle deeper into your comforter, pretending that the soft cotton is instead a set of strong arms wrapped around you.

Morning comes much too early, yet again. You wake to the sound of your alarm blaring across the room, feeling groggy and disoriented after barely four hours’ sleep. You and Steph get up, take one look at each other, and say: “Coffee.”

After rushing through getting ready, you and Steph quickly grab two cups of takeaway coffee from the mess hall before racing onto the bus last minute. The driver glares at the both of you.

“You’re late. Next time, I’ll leave without you.”

“Sorry, it won’t happen again,” you apologize.

“Better not.” The bus driver humphs and turns away.

You and Steph roll your eyes at each other and make your way to the back to sit down.

You’ve not taken more than two sips of coffee before Steph demands you tell her everything that happened last night.

“There’s really not much to tell,” you say, hoping she’ll give up and ask you later when you’re more awake.

“Liar. You’re blushing again.”

“No I’m not!” you deny, even though you feel the heat rising to your cheeks. “I’m just getting all red because you’re confronting me about nothing!”

“Uh-huh. So kissing lover boy counts as nothing?”

“We didn’t kiss!”

“Oh, so you were with Auston last night. Now you’ll admit it.”

“Keep your voice down,” you whisper, looking nervously around at the other girls on the bus.

Steph grins, having way too much fun embarrassing you. “So what did you do then?”

“We went for a walk.” You stare straight ahead, trying to avoid eye contact and accidentally prolonging the uncomfortable conversation.


“To the dock.”

“And what did you do by the dock?”


“About what?”


“Seriously, that’s it? C’mon, there’s gotta be more to it.”

“Nope. It was strictly platonic, just two people chatting by the lake.”

Steph narrows her eyes. “I don’t believe you.”

You turn to look at her, putting on your best straight face. “We talked about hockey, and how he broke his femur last year, and how he also struggled with balancing life and hockey. He gave me some really good advice actually.”

“Oh,” Steph says, her face surprised. “Oh. None of my drunk conversations with a boy have ended up like that.”

“That’s because every boy you talk to when you’re drunk is a fuck boy.”

Steph frowns, considering this. “Yeah, why do I do that?”

You laugh, shaking your head. “I don’t know Steph, I don’t know.”

“I’ve got to get better at finding nicer guys, who don’t just want to get in my pants and actually want to talk to me.”

Alexis, hearing the tail end of your conversation, leans across the bus aisle. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

[Part 4]

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#19 Ever since their sparring match Genji and Tracer like having mini-competitions with each other. Especially when their girlfriends are watching

“Tracer, I do backflips every single day of my life.”

–Genji Shimada, probably

19. “Show-Off”


Tracer threw a punch and Genji blocked it.

“Still–” Tracer threw another punch and Genji blocked it, “-don’t see the point of all this.”

“What if your enemy knocks your pulse pistols out of your hand and kicks them across the floor?” said Genji, blocking a kick from her.

“Then I’ll just blink over to them!” said Tracer, demonstratively blinking behind Genji and moving to kick, “You just want a training session where I’m not kicking your arse!” Genji easily caught her foot and she recalled out of his grip. Genji’s eyes flicked at the flash of blue that trailed behind her in recall and managed to get a kick in right as she flashed back into existence which sent her tumbling back.

 “My going easy on you is not you ‘kicking my arse,’” said Genji.

“Oh ‘going easy on me?’ Is that what you call it?” She quickly sprang back to her feet and blinked right back at him and began throwing multiple punches.

“It’s important to know how to fight in different scenarios,” said Genji, dipping out of the way and blocking her strikes, “You haven’t blocked once. That’s concerning.”

“Ugh, you sound like Morrison sometimes,” said Tracer. 

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Black [M]

A/N: sorry it took so long for this one :( i’m sorry if it’s kind of shitty i rushed to finish this bc i had ppl asking for it :/ also fuck you chi

characters: dean x oc, zico x oc, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, stoners(lol), violence, (mentions of) abuse, sexual content(not in this ch)

CH1 CH2 

chapter 3: 

my mouth dropped slightly and I acted surprised but I knew she was going to say that. everyone had their mouths open in a small smile. I looked up at dean, his expression mirrored mine. sochi smiled proudly, pushing the black cup back to me.  

“drink up” she said. I didn’t know what to do. I was well aware that I was pretty drunk now and drinking from that cup would end me but I couldn’t kiss dean. he was perfectly sober. I knew I might not remember it later but he would. kissing him would make things awkward between us and that was the last thing we needed right now. if this had happened a week ago, I would’ve probably done it because he’s my best friend and the kiss would mean nothing more than a save from the cup but now, he knew something about me. he knew something that made us closer than before and I knew something about him. i couldn’t do it.

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When your genius friend comes up with an answer

So I got my friend LUNA hooked on Voltron (slightly a bad idea) and the chick texts me at 3am with cannon ideas and what not. (Babe I’m trying to sleep here!)

LUNA: Ok I just thought of something. So Keith doesn’t look Galra because certain chemicals that were needed for him to make proteins to express the Galra phenotype while he was developing was not present on earth.
ME: Makes sense… then the poor child went into space… can I go back to sleep now?
LUNA: I was thinking because Galra Keith seems like a rather cute and hot idea. When Pidge gets back (and this is because there will be Klance) she gets so fed up with the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” act that she injects him with something that makes him starts to rapidly develop Galra qualities.
Oh and no you may not go back to sleep.
ME: ughhhhh. But that sounds reasonable, I’ll have to send all my Galra!Keith comics on my other phone.

Apparently she’s writing a fic where Pidge is the main character and decide to bother me because FanFiction it the reason for my existance. Annndddd the fact I’m writing a Voltron fic where Keith has an older sister who got take by space pirates (channeling Star Lord here) and along the way meets Cmdr. Thace she thinks I have a good idea on how to roll (which I do but it’s not appreciated when I have class at 5am that day)

if you’re idea of a good time includes consistently embarking on suicide missions to save an ungrateful galaxy and hooking up with hot aliens, amélie shepard is the type of company you need to keep !   enjoy all the wonders and perils of outer space and discover just how oblivious everyone is to a race of sentient machines intent on destroying all life all from the comfort and safety of your tumblr dashboard.  if that sounds like something you’d be interested, give this a like / reblog to interact with a custom  commander shepard from the original mass effect series.  heavily headcanon based, multi-everything and written by vera.  

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Why is Ridley so awesome?

You literally only need to hear the words “space dragon” to know the answer

Serious talk, one of the things that got me hooked on Metroid when I was a kid was the fact that I googled it and found out “THERE’S A SPACE DRAGON”

He’s also the best boss fight in Metroid Prime, AND an intense boss to fight during the generator scene in Prime 3, and on both occasions has one of the best boss music tracks in the entire damn series.

Even his role in Super Metroid is incredibly good, he set’s up the entire game’s conflict and makes you very angry so that destroying him is incredibly satisfying. And he carves his own head into the rocks in Norfair to make it creepier so that’s kind cool.

anonymous asked:

Hey. Recently I started seeing this girl, first girlfriend, so I came out to my parents etc etc. There has been so rumours that she had hooked up with someone else on a night out and I addressed them which led to a massive fight, and her telling me she needs space and need to sort out her mental state (she has a history of depression) telling me she just wanted to be good friends. I'm getting so many mixed signals and I don't know what to do.

You asking her that in a concerned way shouldn’t cause her to run like that - that’s a red flag. She should’ve talked to you about it and backed herself up/validated you, if it weren’t true. It sounds like she has a lot going on and isn’t ready for a relationship or to deal with someone else’s emotions.


Imagine being on your Honeymoon with jungkook. The boy has been playing with you the entire day and he’s been enjoying everything to its fullest .Once it was night and you both got back to the hotel room, the boy would try to avoid you . He was very awkward about the idea of spending your first night together as a newly married couple. He was nervous but excited about the fact that he’d get to sleep with you in the same bed. He’d pace back in forth while bittingnon his nails as he waits for you to come out of the shower. Being the nervous fluff he is, he’d grabs his pillow and hug it before making his way to the couch and sit there. You’d come out of the shower with your robe and find him sitting there like a lost puppy.

You knew right away that he needed some reassurance for this first night. He was afraid to invade your personal space and he wanted to isolate himself from you. You sit beside him as you hook your arm around his bare one and you lace your fingers together. Jungkook tense up as you lay your head on his shoulder. You stayed that way till he finally spat out his deepest feelings .

“ T-To tell t-the truth , I’m just so so so nervous. I can’t even look at you right now!!! What if you hate me and you want a divorce after this ??!!”

You chuckle at his hilarious response , because even if he was a meme lord , he still lacked some confidence when it came to express himself and you found that side of him adorable.

“ W-WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING ?! THIS IS NOT FUNNY !!!” he’d ruffle his hair before pouting “ You’re my wife now… what am I supposed to do?!! ” he freaks out

“ Nothing has changed jungkook-ah” you’d touch his cheek “ We may be wife and Husband , but you’re still my boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook”

“ You sure about that ? ” he’d blink “ Won’t it change something if I kiss you? We will be kissing as husband and wife. Y/n , I can’t believe we’re doing this ” he blinks while staring at your robe

“ Relax. I won’t bite you on the first night ” you nudge him

“ Can you hold me , please ? ” Jungkook would give you the puppy eyes

That’s how you jungkook spent the night in your embrace talking about how surreal it felt for him to have married the amazing person you are. He was innocent and still pure. This was why you loved him in the first place .

Over the moon

A/N: Adding a name is more of a preference thing than an imagine, and I write imagines. I hope you don’t mind! (And, btw, if Arielle is your real name, it is beautiful and I love it!)

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Anon said: “Scott x (can u call her Arielle please) she denies her feeling for him, but Stiles figures it out somehow. At school he confronts her, but she denies it, and Stiles keeps poking her until she finally admits that she’s in love with Scott. Scott was behind them when they were talking and hears everything. She’s terrified and Scott gently let’s her down that he doesn’t feel the same. (You can change it however u think it will be better. I love your blog, your such a great writer)”


You didn’t. You didn’t have feelings for Scott McCall. You balled your fists against the desk, counting down the seconds until the class was over. You sat behind him, having to stare at his perfect hair, the way his shirt tugged tightly against his shoulders, showing off the muscles, and the way he tapped his pencil on the desk was a rhythm that made you want to get up and dance.

You didn’t like him. No. Nope. You had absolutely no freaking feelings for Scott McCa-

Shit. He was answering a question. His voice was making sounds.

Dammit. You had feelings for Scott McCall.


Stiles of course noticed you bolting from the class the minute the bell rang and followed after you, calling your name.

Spinning on your heels, you held a finger up near his face, wanting to laugh at the little yelp of surprise he let out.

“Not now, Stiles! Okay? You were right! You’ve always been right! I have feelings for Scott. And you know what? Every time you poked me, prodded me, annoyed the hell out of me, I tried to tell myself it wasn’t true, but damn you, you kept bringing it up and now, more than ever, I realize I am over the moon for Scott McCall. And yes, I realize the irony of using the word ‘moon’ in the same sentence as his name, but hell if I care.” Your hiss turned into a quiet whisper as you slumped against your locker, leaning on your shoulder. “I really like him, Stiles. What do I do?”

“Well, I have a feeling that dilemma won’t be an issue for too much longer,” Stiles said with a nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck roughly, his cheeks turning pink.

You looked at him curiously, going stiff when you heard an awkward throat clearing behind you. You knew that voice anywhere.

Turning, you saw Scott fiddling with the straps of his backpack, straining his thumbs against the fabric, and studying the floor before looking up to you. “Y/N, I’m…. I’m really blown away that you… But, I…. We’ve been friends forever and I don’t….”

You closed your eyes, smiling as best you could, a tight, nearly flat line. “It’s alright, Scott. I understand. I’ll…. I’m just going to…. I will see you guys later, okay?” And with that you walked off, swiping at your tears.

“Y/N! Wait!” Scott called behind you, and you heard his footsteps running toward you.

You turned and studied the floor. “Scott, I’m really sorry, but I need my space right now. I…. I don’t know how to do this….”

“You’re one of my best friends. In the last few years I have found that those are extremely hard to come by, much less keep. And I want to keep you for as long as I can.”

A small smile crawling up your face betrayed you as you felt one of his fingers hook under your chin, lifting your face up to look at his own. You kept your eyes downcast, studying the weave of his shirt.

“Y/N, look at me,” he said quietly, and you let your eyes flit up to his face, smiling at the sight of his own lopsided grin. “I’m not saying never, I’m just saying not right now. I always want you a part of my life, Y/N. Always.”

Okay but can I break this down for a sec?

Regina didn’t ask this in front of anyone. She didn’t even bother. She knew Emma would put up a front and lie (a lie that Killian wouldn’t have even noticed but anyways,,,) and said something like “I’m okay. It’s tough but we always get through hard times. We always find a way.” Instead, Regina quickly raced to action to privately find a way to get to Aladdin. When Emma arrived, Regina immediately checked on her and got the truth. Emma was anxious, not okay.

But let’s get to the gag. Emma’s first words when she got to the vault were “You took off kinda quickly” with a puppy dog look that she tried to pass off as casual and nonchalant. Almost to say “I can only be totally open and honest with you. I need our talks. It comforts me. Why’d you leave :/” It was also a look of “Please don’t be mad about the visions. I didn’t wanna think it was you.”

AND MY FAVORITE PART “I’m sorry, but I’m trying to save your life.” Regina didn’t care about the visions or that Emma may have thought it was her, all she cared about was saving Emma’s life and making sure she was okay. DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING?!?!?!

All the while Hook is off somewhere taking up space and doing nothing but looking pretty. Okay… your supposed true love is in danger of dying and you’re doing what??? Fuck outta here, man. Leave the life saving and romance to Regina. The asshole didn’t even stay or come back when Emma said she wanted to be alone. Henry knew she didn’t really want to be alone. Regina probably knew too but felt Henry should have some time with her.

If this isn’t endgame idk what is.

Title: Holiday on the Beach pt.1
[pt.2] [pt.3]

Group: Ikon
Member: Bobby x you
Type: Fluff
Warnings: Foul language
Recommended songs: Champagne Champion by Wes Period,The Mulatto by Dorsh, Round Two by Imad Royal, Your Love by Mick Jenkins, Pony by Pretty Sister [spotify link] [youtube link]

- - -

“Hello, anyone here?”

I step from the back room of the surf shop to meet a dark haired man waiting at the counter.

“Ah, there you are. You guys rent surfboards right?”

“Hello, sir. Yes, surfboards and scuba gear as well.” I say and lean to the counter. This customer is cute.

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23 tips for the ladies just starting their early twenties

Hey everybody, your resident feminist reader nerd fangirl is starting her last year of early twenties today!

Since I somehow have almost 4,000 followers, I thought I’d write you a list of things for every lass in her early twenties to remember (because most of my followers are in that age category or will be eventually). This is based on my own experiences and those of my closest friends.

1) Life is too short to not drink your coffee/tea just the way you like. Pour as much or as little of that sugar/milk/cinnamon/nutmeg/vanilla/cream/whatever as you like and ignore whoever is judging you. Delicious beverages easily make a crappy day better.

2) When you wake up in the morning, no matter how late you’re running, take some time to squeeze in a quick exercise. A stretch or two, a quickie, an “arm scissoring” exercise, or even five sit-ups would take less than five minutes and you’ll get enough endorphins to last you almost a day. Seriously.

3) If you are unhappy, don’t sweep it under the rug - chances are you’ll feel much worse afterward if the problem isn’t dealt with. Figure out what makes you unhappy and unless it’s detrimental to your future and financial stability, get rid of that person/thing/meal item/job for good. If that’s not an option, at least you won’t be feeling guilty and beating yourself up over being unhappy.

4) If you take the train to and from work/school and it’s impossibly crowded and you can’t hold onto anything to prevent you from falling down and hurting others, bend your knees slightly when the train is arriving/departing. It will help you stay in the upright position.

5) Invest in items of clothing/make up/jewellery that can instantly make you feel fabulous and wear it every day. If that’s not possible, wash your hair before you leave the house or jump into a bathroom to dry shampoo it. It would make you feel great and productive.

6) If your romantic partner doesn’t treat you like a queen, tell him/her/them to get lost and work on your financial stability and intellectual pursuits instead of wasting your time on them. There are other ways to fill your sexual needs (if applicable). 

7) If someone (your partner or your parents/relatives) is deliberately making you feel guilty about spending their money, after having given it to you, you have nothing to feel guilty about. But unless you need it, try not to take money from them again because you will feel like crap afterwards and it’s not worth it.

8) It’s better to have two bras that fit perfectly than a bunch of bras that are either too big or too small that you bought because they were cheaper/cuter.

9) If a romantic partner breaks up with you because you’re “too much to handle” or something like that, DON’T PROMISE THEM TO CHANGE. They don’t love the real you - they are the Nick Dunnes of this world. You’re awesome as you are and deserve to be treated like a queen that you are.

10) If you feel that someone is being emotionally abusive towards you and your way to deal with it is to share your feelings with someone (which is healthy), you need to be 100% sure that this someone would not share what you told them with your abusers. Better safe than sorry. Plus, that way you can avoid stressing out about it.

11) Some TV shows or books attempt to glamourise stress and being extra anxious and extra stressed about a job (looking at you, Parks and Rec). Stress and anxiety are unfortunately a big part of everyday life nowadays, but they are NOT COOL or glamorous. Don’t stress out about not being stressed out enough.

12) Make sure to have a glass of water before you go to sleep if you’ve been drinking that night. Hangovers are another thing that are way less cool in real life than on TV.

13) Keep organised - everyone has their own methods. But don’t stress out about things like highlighting a sentence in the colour that doesn’t match your “system” or having placed a post-it on the side of a page rather than on top. I was guilty of being that person in law school and failed an open-book exam because I was too anxious about dog-earing enough pages and having my notes match those in the textbook to a T. Staying organised is healthy. Being Monica Geller isn’t.

14) That being said, do make sure that you don’t throw away your bills, bank statements, insurance and other significant correspondence. And keep them in files, or even a single file if that works for you. You will almost certainly need them in the future so it’s best to keep them in one place.

15) Having a crush on a fictional character is great. Wishing that a potential S.O had the attributes of that character is great. What’s not great is when you place your S.O on a pedestal and expect them to be exactly like Augustus Waters or Killian Jones or Angela Montenegro and get mad at them when they don’t act like your fictional crush. Your S.O is their own person and projecting a fictional character onto them is not healthy for either person in the relationship.

16) If you work better at your desk at home, make sure to make yourself a space for working only. If you work better in a library or a cafe, don’t spend your time there facebooking or reading fanfiction (unless that is your job in which case I need you to hook me up). The guilt you feel about not having done the work is not worth five minutes of scrolling through your News feed and you can read fanfics when you get home.

17) Learn another language (at least one). And if you don’t have the brain for languages, learn html or sign.

18) Eat your greens. If you hate steamed vegetables (and you probably do), Google recipes for roasted cauliflower, roasted Parmesan broccoli, spinach portobello burgers, and asparagus Parmesan fries. All these things take 20 minutes to make and are absolutely delicious.

19) If you carry your money in your bra (which I personally don’t recommend), make sure to shower at the end of that day.

20) Update your music library on occasion - some songs that remind you of shitty people have to go because Shuffle is your worst enemy in these instances. 

21) Very few people actually care if you’re sorry you haven’t completed a project on time or screwed up a presentation somehow. Don’t waste your time on composing a perfect apology - just invest your emotional and intellectual resources in fixing the mistake. 

22) However, it is very bad form not to apologise for rudeness. Especially to people in the service industry. Or better yet, just don’t be rude to them. 

23) Your life is unlikely to go according to a plan you may have composed and perfected and laminated the day you turned 18 (no? Just me then) and it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Life is unpredictable, so there is no use wasting your time thinking about what if’s - it will just make you stress out. 

Thanks for reading!

Creepypasta #371: The Day I Lost

I moved out of my mom’s place about 2 years ago. At 26, perhaps well overdue by some people’s standards, I was finally starting a real life with my girlfriend of 3 years. My mom lives in a rural area in Ontario, Canada with my younger brother; hick-ville, middle of nowhere, cow-town, you get it. The house is well over 100 years old, how old exactly, I’m not entirely sure. Being that my mom got the house with her job as a dairy farmer and is technically renting, it’s hard for us to be able to make updates to the house. So most of it is very outdated, late eighties, early nineties at best. We did manage to convince her landlords/bosses to get us some new hardwood floors in the kitchen, redo the lone bathroom and laundry room, but that’s essentially it. The basement was unfinished by even the most ridiculous of standards, sporting dirt floors and more spider webs then I have ever wanted to see, but it was home at one point in my life for over ten years.

In late July I got a phone call from one of my mom’s coworkers who explained to me she hadn’t shown up for work that afternoon. This may not be overly alarming to some, but I can count on one hand how many times in twenty-something years my mom has called in sick to work, and she certainly would never no-show. Instantly, I knew something was wrong. I left work and drove the 25ish minutes out to her place and let myself into the house. My dog greeted me at the door as she always would when I came for a visit; I call her my dog because she was, but she’s old and has bad legs and can’t do the stairs at my apartment, and my mom loves her so it was only fair she stayed behind when I moved out. I quickly did a sweep of the house, even venturing into the unfavourable basement. No sign of my mom, and no sign of my brother either for that matter. Both of their vehicles were still in the driveway and their many sets of shoes all seemed to be accounted for, that I knew of anyway. I really didn’t know what to make of the situation. I sat down on the couch for a moment and noticed my mom’s keys on the kitchen table. I didn’t see my brother’s keys anywhere so I went back up to his room and sure enough, there they were, sitting on his end table. The door was locked when I let myself in, as was the only other entrance to the house.

I avoided calling the police because, of course, they are legal adults which means they aren’t technically missing until 48 hours have passed. I then decided I’d stay the night, and called work to tell them I wouldn’t be in the next day. I made a handful of phone calls to see if anyone had heard from either of them, but no one had. I didn’t really know what else to do at this point and figured I’d have more to work with tomorrow so I watched some TV and hung out with my dog, who I don’t get to see that much, and hoped they’d show up in the meantime. I called my girlfriend and talked to her for a while, explaining the situation. Soon after, I was still pretty worked up, so I popped one of my mom’s sleeping pills and the last time I remember looking at the clock it was 11:37pm.

The next morning I wake up to my mom’s voice. I look up at her face and I’m instantly awake at that point. She looks at me and says “When did you get here?” Shocked, the only thing I could muster up was the words “Are you okay?” Confused and concerned she replied with the same question. I continued, “Of course I am. I came by yesterday afternoon after Denise told me you didn’t show up for work. What the hell happened?”

The reply to that question still gives me the chills over a year later.

“I had the day off yesterday. I didn’t even leave the house. We have been calling you off the hook, where have you been?” My mom doesn’t screw around. I know she wasn’t lying to me, or at least she thought she wasn’t. I brushed it off, told her I had a bad dream and still wasn’t really awake. I then fed her some bullshit about just needing some space. It was the first thing that came to my head and gave a logical explanation of my presence. She told me to grow up and call my girlfriend who was worried sick and I told her I would on the way home. After listening to her beak off for a while, everything around me seemed okay, despite the fact that I wasn’t at all. My brother came down the stairs just as I was leaving and went into the bathroom after saying hello to me. I left while he was still in there, confused and worried. But I didn’t know who to be worried for. While I was on the road I decided to call my girlfriend but my phone had died overnight. Once I arrived home, I was greeted by my very angry girlfriend, asking me where the hell I’d been the last 24 hours. I had never seen her freak out like this before. After what had happened at my moms, I felt it best not to say what was on my mind, that I had explained everything to her last night. I remember doing so very vividly, but if I had, she wouldn’t be reacting this way.

I finally managed to calm her down, and she left the apartment for work. I sat down in the living room and plugged my phone in. Once it finally came to life, I started going through it and quickly realized I had made zero outgoing calls and sent no texts. My call history was completely blank for the last 24 some-odd hours. Then, the missed texts and missed voicemails started to flood in. A few people asking me where I was, if everything was okay, etc. One text from my boss that is particularly haunting read “If you’re going to bail on work the least you could do is give me a fucking call and let me know. Is everything okay?”

I still don’t know the answer to that question.

Credits to: Arca9iner

anonymous asked:

Reading about detransitioned women makes me want to transition even more. I don't want to be a man, but I wish I had a deeper voice, rougher skin, a less feminine frame, and yet still remain a woman. I read about how much it hurts women and yet... I envy detransitioned women. Fuck this probably comes across as fetishy but all my life I've wanted to be a masculine woman, to be hard, strong, unfeminine, powerful... I don't know. What does this make me?

It makes you dysphoric. What you’re describing is atypical dysphoria but it’s still dysphoria. It’s not fetishy. It’s a psychological condition and what you’re saying about listening to detransitioned womyn making it worse is really not unusual for dysphoria at all. Before I transitioned I’d go on FTM YouTube for hours and sit and feel envious and focus on and grow my dysphoria. It made everything 1000x worse. So if you need to unfollow some of us or blacklist our URLs please do. Your mental health > The Discourse.

Besides that, are there other ways you can access the feeling of strength you want? Have you tried body building or self defense? Can you think of things that make you feel powerful in a healthy way?

Stay strong, sister. If you find talking would help, feel free to come off anon and you can vent to me or I can hook you up with some better spaces than tumblr.hell to speak in.

Bruised Kisses

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Hoseok

Word Count: 2,731

Summary: You’ve never been kissed and maybe Hoseok can be there to fix that.

A/N: To be honest, I have no idea what this is. I’m not great at writing these types of things, but I hope this will make you forgive me for being so absent recently.

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I got so many projects done yesterday, and one of them was finally putting my antler crown back together! This picture is a terrible example, but it also gives me a chance to show off my new fancy cabinet c: It’s a small corner cabinet with mirrored sides, glass shelves, and a little display light at the top which I’ve yet to hook up. It’s the perfect place to put my skulls and big displays in, and god knows I needed the space!

Back to my crown, though! After it’s test run at last fall’s ren faire, some flowers broke and others weren’t secured well enough to last long. I got out a bunch of my dried flowers and decided to make it bigger and grander than before! I may add some feathers to it eventually, but that’ll definitely be for another day. For now, my new doe loves her pretty headdress C: