i need something to hit

theres a reason sonny makes vanessa’s coffee

(this is right before usnavi definetly calls nina for help with complex cinnamon mathematics, to which shes like “…you know i study english right? but its like a sprinkle?”)

Spell Loopholes

Wording a spell correctly is extremely important! We’ve all heard the stories of someone who cast a spell and technically had it come true, but in a way that wasn’t what they actually wanted at all! Here’s a list of common “loopholes” spells will take to get the job done, and how to make sure you get what you want!

🕯Taking its time- “I want money,” you tell the Universe, hoping to get some help with rent. Well, rent comes and there’s no extra cash in sight! Then, two weeks later, a surprise wad of cash all but lands in your lap. The spell came true, but not in time for when it mattered. This is easily fixed by adding “…by the end of the month,” or specifying what the money is for, which in this case was this month’s rent.

🕯No help needed- “I want money,” you say again. Magic will often take the path of least resistance, so if you’ve already got a paycheck on the way, the spell might not do much besides make sure it doesn’t get lost. There. Money. It can be good to specify that you want your spell to work in addition to everything you’re already doing!

🕯 Bare minimum- This time from your money spell, it arrives on time from an unexpected source! But it’s a quarter you found on the ground. Maybe three quarters. Not much help! If your intent would require the money to be close to a certain amount or any other specific like that, let it be known! The universe isn’t there to make assumptions.

🕯 For the worst- Let’s say you have two friends that have been flirting, so you cast a nice little spell to let any mutual interest between them blossom into a relationship and save them some trouble. It happens, but it turns out they do NOT work well with each other. They are interested in each other, but argue constantly and bring out the worst in each other. The relationship is hurting them both. You had the absolute best of intentions, but there was no way of knowing that would happen! This is why a lot of witches include the phrase, “for the highest good” in their spells, as a failsafe for any unexpected pitfalls like this that may be lurking. The universe will see them but doesn’t know to care unless you specify.

🕯Another layer- Once I made a dream bear to bring me more dreams. Well, I had lots more dreams, but couldn’t remember any of them! I didn’t think that was something I needed to specify. Make sure you hit every point you need to be satisfied with a result.

As a general rule, if my spell includes a prayer or petition of any sort, I take a few minutes and comb through it for stuff like this beforehand. What am I specifying? What am I leaving up to interpretation? Could any of that manifest in a way I would be unhappy with? Take a little time before you start casting to smooth out all those wrinkles! Best of wishes!

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Klance, prompt: confessing their feelings


  • they are mutually pining
  • it’s almost tangible
  • it gives shiro anxiety so he’s like “guys. confess. please” but like individually 
  • it takes lance a little longer to realize he likes keith cuz he’s so deluded by this “rival” thing
  • keith realizes it when lance saves his life. again. and he’s like “oh shit”
  • so they both take steps to confess because for frick’s sake they can’t risk the other finding out by accident! and they need to form voltron!!!
  • lance tries with flirting. this is the only way the poor child knows how to express romantic interest
  • “baby are you a star? cuz you light up my world”
  • “…what?”
  • it’s super frustrating to everyone because keith is BLINDED with infatuation so he doesn’t understand lance is flirting but everyoNE ELSE DOES
  • keith tries to confess to lance in the middle of a battle because he’s extra™ and needs to do stupid stuff like that
  • “lance! I need to tell you something!”
  • “keith look out!” 
  • lance takes a huge hit for keith because the emo child was distracted with trying to confess and lance goes unconscious
  • everyone is in this state of panic and keith loses his mind. he attacks and attacks and attacks with his bayard until the battle is over
  • they return to their lions and keith carries lance in his lion, highkey panicking
  • lance goes into a pod and keith literally doesn’t sleep. he spends the entire time by lance praying he’ll be okay
  • lance comes out of the healing pod still unconscious
  • allura explains to the panicking paladins that he’ll wake up after sleeping for a while, because healing actually took a lot out of him
  • keith takes lance to his room and lets him sleep while keith sits next to him
  • he starts crying “this is all my fault. and now you’re unconscious and I know allura says you’ll be okay but I can’t help but worry I’ll never get to tell you-”
  • “tell me what?” from a groggy lance
  • and keith yelps and jumps away from him, face burning
  • lance stares at him like “what” and he just waits
  • keith confesses
  • lance stares for a while and keith starts to worry he screwed up until lance grabs his hand and pulls him towards him, and keith falls on top of him
  • lance confesses back
  • they kiss and laugh and the rest of the team is outside their door simultaneously sighing in relief
  • the nightmare is over!!!
  • and keith and lance become the literal grossest, most adorable couple in the galaxy

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I hate it when people pretend to hit me or throw something at me and then laugh and say “made you flinch” and I’m like, do you want me to just let things hit me in the face, is that your ultimate goal

Best Nap Ever

Harrison Osterfield ~ Tom Holland Fan Club

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You find a nap buddy that doesn’t want to nap anymore as much as you beg him to.

Requested by: @tanovic54321 wanted a fluffy Harrison imagine so

Written By: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Fluff, long af

A/N: Inspired by the episode in FRIENDS when Joey and Ross take a nap together. Also, I called that ‘fancy’ chair that actors get (the wooden foldable chair with the black ‘padding’ a director’s chair. Idk, I googled what it was but it was just that.


“Gotta head to set.” Tom stretches as he stands up from your couch.

“Aw.” You frown, pausing the scary movie Tom thought it would be smart to watch. “You guys are going to leave me in such a vulnerable state?” You pout out your bottom lip as they make their way towards the door.

“Harrison can stay.” Tom offers, you smile while Haz’s eyes widen.

“Really?” You gape, holding a pillow to your chest.

“Yeah, yeah.” The brunette nods, sending a smirk to his friend. “I’ll shoot you a text if I need a coffee or something.” He hits his arm and walks out of the trailer, closing the door behind him.

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Hi again! Sorry for the delay with the whole hunterxhunter egg giveaway thing. I keep getting caught up in the other things I need or want to do elsewhere/irl andfranklythegiveawaywassomethingIdidwithwithhardlyanyplanningwhatsoever lmao orz so the giveaway keeps going at the further end of my to-do list

Anyway under the cut is a list of the people who have reblogged the post so far:

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Rucas AU | The Bet [9]

[ Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven  Part Eight]

Prompt: After damaging $1000 worth of private property on a dare Lucas needs a quick way to make the money to pay the guy back. When Charlie Gardner suggests a bet Lucas takes him up on his offer. And what is the bet? Get into the pants of Riley Matthews, the schools very own goody two-shoes princess.
AN: This is a short chapter. It’s meant to move the story along, and it picks off right where the last one ends. It only covers that day. 
Word Count: 1,833
Chapter: 9

♡ ♡ ♡

Lucas ran.

He ran with a speed he didn’t know he was capable of. One stream of consciousness running through his head as he raced through the halls and up the stairs toward the library. Riley. He had to know if she was okay.

His feet slapped at the vinyl tile of the school floor as he thundered around the corner. The closer he got to the entrance the faster he sped up, since his adrenaline was still high it causes him to slam against the wooden library doors harder than he anticipated, his elbows hit the hard surface and a bolt of pain lanced through his arms, not that he could feel it.

The librarian practically jumps out of her skin, shooting the clearly shaken up boy a stern disapproving look before returning to her computer. He saunters off, not wanting to cause any more of a scene, his eyes rapidly scanning the rows between the bookshelves until he spots her.

The second he walks into her line of view, she looks up at him, a pair of dazzling, vivid brown eyes piercing his insides as he stared back at her. She was hunched over, arms wrapped around her knees as Isadora stood by, patting her back lightly as to comfort her.

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I need to hit something. Now.

Or so Dean says.  Doesn’t seem to matter what - I got the impression that the bullshit ‘case’ he was trying to feed Sam was an excuse to get out of Kansas so he could find some bikers to pick a bar fight with.  Sam calls him on it, so he picks a fight with Sam.  Sam ditches him to chase his own troubles.

A biker conveniently delivers himself to Dean’s doorstep, complete with booze and a tattoo that interests Dean inordinately.

Dean gets out the crystal glassware.  They drink at opposite ends of the map table, a whole world apart from each other, very expensive booze bottles & boxes lined up like a wall on the prime meridian.  Ketch tries to bond by joining Dean in denigrating the same woman, then by claiming he and Dean are both ‘killers.’  

And… sorta?  I mean, Dean is a killer.  He kills a lot.  Ketch is saying that he finds that being a tool of the BMoL is a helpful way to give form and purpose to his murderous compulsions, and Dean might also benefit from allowing that sort of external structure to be imposed on his life.  But Dean isn’t compulsively violent, and he hasn’t ‘just followed orders’ since before his father died.  Dean decides for himself what/who he will and won’t kill, and he accepts the moral weight of his own actions.  Or maybe causation is the other way around - he knows he’ll be feeling the burden of whatever he does, so he makes damn sure that what he does is the result of his own judgment and not someone else’s.  

The bonding moment falls a bit flat.

Dean Winchester, a stone’s throw from a serial killer.

Ketch offers Dean a target.  It’s in Wichita - not out of Kansas, but at least it’s away from Smith County.  Dean tags after him.  And arms him.  And rolls his eyes at his gung-ho crap.  

And here’s where it gets interesting:
Ketch finds a straggler.  Ketch asks her where the rest are.  She says she doesn’t know.  
Ketch looks at Dean, like, OK?  And Dean looks back, like, OK.  
Ketch sets his machete down; Dean looks at that like WTF?
Ketch starts punching the straggler in the face, asking again.  
Dean rolls his eyes again, like OFFS, and pulls Ketch off the vampire.
Dean asks again, and gets an answer without laying a hand on her.

That was Dean getting confirmation that the slick accent and all the expensive toys in the world won’t make this guy anything but a dangerously unprofessional jackass who lets his personal bullshit get in the way of the job.  

and so much for Dean’s “I just need to hit something.”  Dean needed an opponent worth fighting.  A pathetic excuse for a vampire wasn’t it.  Ketch, on the other hand…

Lion Queen

You sat on the couch, your legs dangling from the edge with Robbie inbetween your legs on the floor. You two sat in perfect silence letting Orange Is The New Black play while you absentmindedly played with Robbie’s dirty blond hair. You messed it up so it stuck up in different places, sometimes combing your fingers through or ruffling it up.

After a while, Robbie spoke up “Why are you playing with my hair?”

“It’s fun” You answered with a smile “makes you look wild

“Wild? like a lion?” He teased, climbing up on the bed slyly over you as you backed up on the couch letting him hover over you. “Let’s play then”

“Robbie, I know that look…” you backed up farther but to no avail, he trapped you between his hands.

“You dare defy the king?”

“Please, don’t-” But it was too late, the brit had started tickling your stomach, knowing your weak spot and taking advantage, showing no mercy.

You gasped for breath unable to hold back your laughs “Please!” You managed between laughing “S-stop!”

Eventually, Robbie pulled back with a smirk, he was still on top of you and you wanted to slap him. But his expression quickly changed as he glanced at your lips then back to your eyes.


“Yes?” You answered

“Be my lion queen” and with that, he leaned down, connecting your lips.


Embarrassment - Part 3

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary:  A drunken game of truth or dare reveals what Y/N didn’t want anyone to know. She’d been perfectly and contentedly miserable before her slip up, but the confrontation over her little secret, which she avoids at all costs, quickly catches up.

Words: 1,103

Pairing/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, the other Avengers too

Warning: Flufffffffff. One curse.

Author’s Note: I saw this curtain thing somewhere in a gif. I just needed to write it into something because sometimes inspiration just hits. This is the end. I hope you guys like it… 

Part 1 and Part 2

Where was she? Steve couldn’t find her anywhere and it was driving him up a wall.

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i don’t want to think about this anymore.

“Mate, this is going to be the best Halloween ever…you’ll see”

This year, The Doctor and Castiel decide to dress as each other while they Trick or Treat

Cas is glad to have a long coat again and the Doctor assures him that stripes really suit the Angel