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Jack and bitty playing against each other for the first time since coming out?? (If you're still taking prompts!) everyone rolling their eyes at the people (newscasters and whatnot) saying they shouldn't play against each other because they're "compromised" (thank you for everything!!!)

(This took a turn so…hooray?)

Every passing second means less practice time, and the last thing Eric wants is to be at a disadvantage. It’s the Schooners first home game against the Falconers; Eric’s first game playing against his husband’s team as a defending champion.

The newly added ‘A’ on his jersey burns like a scarlet letter and he need to be out there. He needs to feel the ice and calm his nerves. Instead, he’s wrapped up in his full kit, sweating, bouncing his leg anxiously. 

They were supposed to be past this. Weeks of awkward meetings and legal documents signed in triplicate. We accept you, but some terms and conditions may apply.

“I don’t understand, you couldn’t have figured this out earlier? The schedule has been out for months, y’all wrote the damn thing!”

“We just have concerns about possible collusion.”

Aiden, their newest team intern, while eager to please is not the best at picking up social cues when he bursts into the room and nudges past the team’s small huddle of upper management to find Eric still in his stall. “The Falconers are already on the ice. Zimmermann is warming up, and there’s like a thousand people looking for you.”

Eric looks up at their GM, and the League representative keeping him from leaving the locker room.

“You hear that, Michael? Seems your counterpart didn’t feel the need to keep my husband off the ice, so either you boys just like me something fierce, or I need to call my buddy over at the ACLU.”

The rep frowns and plays with the cufflink on his left sleeve. “There’s no need for any of that, there have just been a few posts on social media that have raised suspicions among fans and several advertisers. I’m sure you understand the Schooners organization wants this to be handled with the utmost concern. The last thing we need is for there to be any question about the legitimacy of our officials.”

“Bull-fucking-shit,” Eric seethes. “Is this about Pedacter alleging the Falconers threw the cup final?” 

“The interview has stirred some doubt –” 

Eddie, their assistant GM, interrupts the man to pull him into a side room for a private conversation. Eric laces his fingers in his hair and squeezes tightly until his scalp aches.

“Aiden,” Eric breathes, relaxing his grip, “I need you to do something for me. Something important. Find a reporter, go up to the media box if you have to, tell them the NHL is trying to bench me because some homophobic owner co-authored a smear piece and now I’m bad press.”

He looks up and finds Aiden shuffling from foot to foot, hesitant. 

“Okay, maybe not like that, but just tell them I’m benched and Jack isn’t and it’s probably descrimination.” 

“I don’t want to get fired for breaking my NDA,” Aiden protests, apologetic.

Eric frowns and steeples his fingers beneath his chin, cautiously aware of the storm brewing just outside the locker room.

“If you get fired, and you won’t, I’ll hire you as my personal assistant. Deal?”

Aiden nods and scrambles for the door, exiting just as the rep returns with a lawyer in tow.

Eric has a husband, a cup, and an entire city on his side. He doesn’t need to play these games any more.


“I feel like I need to confess something to you guys,” Jensen said as he gripped the podium tight. The crowd encouraged him to go on with their cheers. “I’m really…” Jensen looked down before continuing. “I’m really nervous right now,” he admitted. 

The crowd aww’d and Jensen looked out at them with a thankful smile. 

“But really. Y/N said that we really need to talk when I was done with this panel, and I’m nervous as hell about,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “What am I doing? You guys aren’t here for a therapy session,” he said, shaking his head. “You’re here to talk Supernatural!” he said, clapping his hands together excitedly, rubbing them together as if he could shake the nerves in that one small movement. “Let’s get this party started!” he laughed. 

The panel went on without a hitch. The crowd was screaming and clapping right at the end as Jensen’s phone rang in his pocket. 

He pulled it out and saw your face on the screen. He couldn’t miss this call. He didn’t know what you needed to talk about, but it had his stomach all tied up in knots. 

Next week he had plans of proposing to you. You had sounded all serious when you insisted you needed to talk. He hated that you were off in Texas while he was in California, but you insisted that this conversation had to happen today. He palmed the ring box that sat in his pocket. He had gotten into the habit of carrying it with him. It comforted him. 

“Hey sweetheart,” he answered, waving to the crowd as he walked offstage. He practically ran right into one of the stage crew and looked up to apologize. 

“Hey daddy,” you answered, looking into his deep green eyes. 

He did a double take as your voice echoed in his ear and right in front of him. A smile spread across your face as he shoved the phone into his pocket and picked you up, spinning in a circle. 

“What are you doing here, Y/N?” he asked, setting you on your feet and kissing you before you had the chance to respond. 

You laughed, placing your hand on his chest, looking up into his eyes. “Hello to you too,” you smirked, straightening his jacket. 

“Wait, what did you call me?” he asked, suddenly registering the way you had responded to him on the phone. 

Your smile spread across your face as your eyes locked with his. “So many questions. I’ll start with the first because it will answer the second,” you laughed, running your hands along his sides underneath his jacket. You could feel his muscles rippling at your touch, and you smiled to yourself, pleased that you had this effect on him. 

“I’m here because I wanted to see the look on your face when I told you that you’re going to be the most amazing dad in the entire world,” you smiled. 

His eyes went wide, and his hands landed on your hips, one hand slowly moving to your stomach. “Wait, what?” he choked on his words, emotion getting the best of him. “You’re not,” he said, blinking rapidly trying desperately to rid the tears from his face. 

You placed your hands on both sides of his face and smiled. “I am.” 

His lips found yours in a bruising kiss, pressing your body firmly against his. Your head was swimming. This was the reaction you were hoping for. You didn’t think it could have gone any better. 

Until it did. 

Jensen pulled away from you, reaching into his pocket. He had a small box in his hands, and he lowered down onto one knee. “I was going to do this next week, but this seems like the most perfect time. We are starting a family. Like legit starting a family which is nuts. Do me the honor of taking my name and being mine forever?” he asked, his eyes searching yours as your hand flew to your mouth when he open the box. 

The ring was beautiful. You started crying. 

“Y/N, will you marry me?” he asked, grabbing your hand from your face and holding the ring. 

“Yes,” you smiled from behind your hand, a laugh popping out. “A million times, yes.” 

Jensen slid the ring on your finger and stood, wrapping his arms around your waist and spinning you again. You threw your arms around his neck and laughed as he kissed your neck over and over again.

“God, I love you so much,” he mumbled against your neck. 

He set you down and kissed you with a fiery passion that you would not soon forget. “I love you, Jensen Ackles,” you said, pulling away breathless. 

“And I love you, future Mrs. Ackles,” he said with a smile. 

Man, you could get used to that. 

Three days later

[Summary: Reid and reader are at a crossroads in their relationship, and have a huge fight. After some angst, fluff ensues.

AN: This is my first proper piece of fan fic. Do leave feedback. @reiding-and-writing, I hope you read this. <3 

“I don’t know why the hell I even try with you anymore.”

“You don’t mean that, Spencer. Where did that even come from?”

“Well, news flash, Y/N. That’s all I’ve been thinking of, since the last time I asked you to marry me. I’m not surprised you haven’t noticed. Just like how you fail to notice my heart breaking a little each time I bring up marriage and you shoot it down!”, Spencer wheezes a little as he finishes his rant. 

His words feel like they’re being carved into your skin. What began as a small disagreement had now blown into an argument you had no come back to. 

He has a point, you admit to yourself. Why did he have to hang around? Every time he brought up the topic of marriage, you refused. You told him you did not believe in the institution. You had seen your parents’ marriage crumble, had been the collateral damage to the battles they waged inside your broken family. You were certain marriages were destined to doom. 

“Well, do you have nothing to say?!”, Spencer’s voice shakes you out of your stupor. 

You open your mouth to respond, and realize telling him how much you loved him would not cut it. He had been through a lot last year, and with Diana’s situation worsening every day, he was constantly on edge. 

The phone rang suddenly, scaring you for a second, and distracting Spencer from his anger and resentment. He takes a deep breath and answers the phone, and you gather that there is a case somewhere. He finishes his call, and looks at you. 

“Just in time, eh, Y/N? Saved by the bell, quite literally. Well, you know what, you don’t have to respond right now. I doubt you even have a response. I will be gone for at least three days, so how about you think long and hard about this? When I come back, do let me know what you want to do with ‘us’. Whether you even really want an ‘us’, anymore.” 

He turns and walks into your bedroom, to gather his things, leaving you to your gloom. 

As he walks out of the apartment, you call out to him. “Spence. I love you.” 

He must have heard the urgency in your voice, as he turns and faces you. “I love you too, Y/N. I do. But I am tired, and I don’t want to go on like this. I’ll see you soon.”

He shuts the door gently, and the kindness in that gesture makes your heart ache. You walk into your room, feeling certain that it was now or never. The truth is, you had noticed Spencer’s pain. You had noticed the loneliness he was carrying with himself. You would go to any end, pay any price, to change it. And you knew what you had to do.

You had to put your plan into motion. You grab a change of clothes, your phone charger, car keys, and wallet, and walk out of the home you shared with Spencer.

Three days later. 

As he walks into the apartment he shared with Y/N, Spencer senses something is awry. It was too quiet, too dark. “Y/N, are you home?,” he calls out. 

Even as he asks, he knows no one is home. Spencer feels a sense of worry trickle through his body, as the events that took place three days ago flash into his mind. . 

Fear sits heavy at the bottom of his stomach as he dials Y/N’s number. Where was she? Normally she would have been home by this hour. He notices her overnight bag is gone. She wouldn’t skip a work day without good reason. 

“Hello, this is Y/N L/N, and I cannot come to the phone right now. Please leave a message, and I will call you back when I can. Thank you!” 

Y/N’s chirpy voicemail greeting sends a fresh jolt of guilt through him. 

“Y/N, I just got back from the case. Please call me as soon as you get this? I’m sorry we left things that way on Friday. Please, just call me? I love you.” 

Spencer ends the call, wondering whether he should call Y/N’s work place or Garcia. Garcia was one of her closest friends, and she would have spoken to Y/N over the weekend. Even if she hadn’t, she probably would help him track Y/N’s phone. 

Garcia picked up on the second ring, like she had known he would call. 

“Garcia! Have you spoken to Y/N?” 

“Oh hello to you too, pretty boy. Why are you asking me about Y/N?”

“Well…”, Spence stuttered a little, “.. we might have had a fight on Friday evening, just before we were called on to the case.”

“Uh huh. And?”

“And, erm.. I might have said some things I didn’t exactly mean. Well things I wanted to talk to her about anyway, but I shouldn’t have done so in an angry outburst.The point is, she isn’t home, she isn’t picking up her phone, and I haven’t spoken to her in the last three days. Her bag is missing, and it doesn’t look like anybody’s been home for the last few days..” He was beginning to ramble.

“"Ooookaay boy wonder. I hear you. Listen, I might have an idea of where she might be. But I cannot tell you. It is something you need to hear from her.”

Spencer grips the phone tight as he processes what Penelope just said. “You know where she is? Is she okay? Pen, ask her to come home. Or pick up the phone.”

“Spencer, you need to trust me, and you need to trust Y/N. She should be back home today. Talk to her yourself, alright?” 

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where hearts collide: part iii

thank you all for the sweet comments on the first two parts! i didn’t know if i was going to write more of this or not, but i got super inspired and couldn’t help myself. unfortunately, this is not the reason why claire leaves, but it is the first time they meet each other. (it’s rather long, also, so i’m going to cut it right after the title. #yourewelcome) i hope you guys like it; let me know what you think!

as always, huge thank-you’s to @internallydeceased​ and @marlosbooknook​ for listening to me complain about anything and everything.

title inspiration here (x)

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***** !! disclaimer: I am not trying to make light of a horrific situation or use other people’s suffering for entertainment purposes. I know that many people were affected by the tragedy used in this work and that a lot of the wounds are still fresh. Please know that I am sorry if I hurt you in any way, for that is not my goal. If you wish to talk to me more about this or voice your concerns, please feel free to message me! I’d be happy to explain to you the reason why I chose this event. !! *****



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Wrong Number Pt. 10 // Fanfic

Modern Au // Nessian (+Inner Circle) 

“You said her name was Nesta Archeron?” the secretary repeats looking at Feyre, who nods in response. “There’s no one in our database with that name. Are you sure this is the right police station?” 

“Lucien, what seems to be the problem here?” another man asks walking behind the desk. Feyre glanced him up and down, he was blonde and fit his suit quite nicely but he didn’t look like a police officer.

“She says her sister called her from here but there’s no record of her sister being held here,” Lucien, the secretary, responds not sounding thrilled to have this new comer here. 

“I am Chief Tamlin, why don’t you come into my office and we can try and figure out where you sister is together,” he says, giving her a charming smile. 

She turns towards the secretary who has already returned to his work and follows Tamlin across the room towards his office. “Feyre, finally, what took you so long?” Nesta calls across the room where she was leaning up against Cassians desk. 

“There she is,” Feyre says to Tamlin who seemed disappointed at the fact she had found her sister. “Thanks for your help.” 

“I would stay away from that one,” Cassian says when she walks over to them. Feyre turns to see him looking at her through his office window but he turns away quickly. 

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Feyre responds, she only had eyes for Rhysands if he ever got back. He had only contacted her once since he’d been gone and she was thinking about it ever since. She shook her head pulling herself out of her Rhysand daze. “Why did I need to come here so quickly?” 

Nesta hands her a piece of paper and her eyes scan the page. “Who’s Amarantha?” she asks. 

“She’s a gang leader,” Cassian supplies causing Feyre’s mouth to drop in surprise. “We also think she might be your neighbor.” 

“Who, Amara?” Feyre asks, “how could she be a gang leader?” 

“She’s probably trying to get close to you because of your father,” Cassian says. 

“And she’s a creep. She broke into my house this morning,” Nesta exclaims. “I am staying over at your place tonight. I am not having her do anything to you.” 

“That’s a good idea, I get off in a half an hour so you should go pick up some clothes and we’ll meet at Feyre’s place. That way I can keep an eye out on Amara as well,” he says. 

“Who said anything about you being invited?” Nesta retorts. 

“I am a cop. Your not. I think that covers it,” he says, standing up and grabbing a stack of files. “I’ll drop these off to Tamlin and see you guys soon.” 

“Do you want me to drive you to your place?” Feyre asks, as the two of them walk out into the parking lot. 

“No, then my car would be stuck here. I’ll just grab some clothes and all the cheesiest chick flicks I can and meet you at your place,” Nesta responds. 

“But you don’t even like chick flicks,” Feyre says slightly confused. 

“I don’t, but Cassian probably doesn’t either.” 

“Who was that?” Tamlin asks, when Cassian walks into his office. 

“Who?” Cassian asks playing dumb. Tamlin raises an eyebrow seeing through his lie. “Oh those two girls? They were strippers. Yeah, apparently they came in to complain about not being paid enough. I took care of it though so don’t worry about it. Have you heard anything from Rhysand?” 

“No, except for the daily confirmations that he’s still alive that Mor requested. He said yesterday that he was close to getting Amarantha’s plan but he hasn’t been in contact today,” Tamlin responds. 

Cassian frowned not liking the fact that his friend hadn’t been in contact. “Well, I am going to head out. I’ll see you tomorrow, boss.” 

On his way to his car his phone started buzzing, he glanced at the number not recognizing it. “Officer Cassian speaking,” he says after answering it. 

“It’s Rhysand,” the familiar voice says. “Amarantha just sent out two men to grab Nesta Archeron. She’s setting her plan into action. I need you to get to her house-,”

“Already on it,” Cassian says, turning on his car and speeding out of the parking lot. 

“Great, I am going to call Tamlin,” Rhys says before hanging up. Cassian scrolls through his phone until he gets to Wrong Number in his contacts he quickly dials the number. He mutters a curse when he gets her voice mail. “Nesta? It’s Cassian, I know your going to have a lot questions about this but I need you to call me back as soon as you can. I need to know your safe, Nes.” 

He drops his phone on the passenger seat and continues towards Nesta’s house. 

Nesta hummed to herself as she gathered enough clothes for at least a couple days as well as four chick flicks and some snacks. After shoving everything into a bag she walks over to her kitchen table to grab her wallet and phone. Missed Call: Wrong Number

He probably butt dialed me, she thinks to herself as she lifts the phone up to her ear to hear the message. “Nesta-,” her mouth drops when she hears Cassians voice. “It’s Cassian, I know your going to have a lot of questions about this but I need-,” 

Something covers her mouth and she begins kicking and screaming but the grip around her mouth and waist tighten, her phone forgotten on the floor is still playing the message and the last thing she hears before she goes unconcious is “-I need to know your safe, Nes.” 

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Good Girl Ch 35: I Love You Nightmare

“I’m sorry, I’ll be good,” I cry helplessly. My arms struggle uselessly against the ropes holding me to the metal chair.

“We’ve heard that shit before. You are just like the rest of them aren’t you?” He sneers at me. “Just another slut who used her body to keep herself alive. You never cared did you?”

I try to respond threw my cries but I can’t get the words out.

“Did you?” He yells in my face.

“I love you!” I scream out only earning myself a hard slap across the face. I’m in shock for a minute, he’s never hit me before.

“I’m tired of your fucking lying,” Another one growls.

Kai glares down at me, “I can’t even stand looking at her. Fucking disgusting.”

Sehun appears next to him, “Not so brave now are you? What happened to not being afraid of us? I thought you loved us.”

“I did,” I mumble softly, “I do.”

Suddenly Kris is there, his loud laugh fills the cement room and it’s not as comforting as it usually is, “You do? Why? Sure we babied you for a while but you have to know it didn’t mean anything right? You were just our little fuck toy.”

Chanyeol is laughing along with him as I cry harder, “I don’t think she knew. What a dumb girl. Did you really think that we cared? We could have any girl we wanted, why the hell would we pick someone like you? A mutt?”

“You guys are being too mean,” Lay is there with a teasing pout. “You are making the little baby cry,” He mocks me.

“Daddy why?”

“We’re bored,” Suho answers with a shrug. “You knew this would happen the moment you got in our van. This could only end one way Jooyoung… your little body torn to pieces like that boy we killed for you. It only seems fair that you die the same way our dear friend did.”

“I can’t believe we killed Joon for this bitch,” Baekhyun tsks.

“Should have just let him fuck her, that could have snapped us out of her little fucking spell quicker. So much time and money wasted on her.”

Tao looks scarier then I’ve ever seen him, “At least we can get back at her a little now.”

“Who would like to go first?” Luhan claps his hands together happily.

“Me first,” My loving Xiumin appears in front of me with cold eyes and some kind of metal scooper in his hand. I remember what someone said at the meeting, ‘I heard his teeth were ripped out, along with his eyes’.

I scream bloody murder as I struggle to get away from what I know will be coming, “Daddy please! What are you doing? Don’t come any closer!”

“Maybe we should take her tongue out first, I’m getting annoyed with her fucking whining,” Kyungsoo’s harsh words make me stop and seal my mouth closed.

“I like when she whines,” Baekhyun chuckles as he grabs a fist full of my hair and pulls so hard it knocks me back on to the floor.

“Please stop,” I cry as I stare up into their cold lifeless eyes.

“Why? What could you do for us?” Chen is leaning over me.

“I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll be whatever you want. I’ll be such a good girl! I promise not to talk back or talk to any boys, I’ll do anything, just please don’t do this!” I beg.

“I don’t know boys, do we believe her?” Chen looks to the others who are beginning to crowd over me. The group shakes their heads.

“She doesn’t sound too convincing. I don’t think her heart is in it,” Kai hums.

“I’m with Kai on this one, I think she needs a little motivation,” Kris smirks before glancing at Chanyeol who is already holding some tool in his hand.

The normally happy giant crouches down, “I’m happy to give her some. Maybe a taste of pain will give you just enough to beg better. You need to sound weaker, make us care. Cause all I feel right now is irritated by your fucking fake promises. You couldn’t be a good girl if you tried. All you had to do was need us, to listen to us, to be a good girl. You couldn’t even do that. You’re just a piece of trash.” He grabs my jaw and squeezes until I open my mouth.

“Make sure it hurts Yeol,” Chen eggs him on, “I want to hear her scream.”

“Come on beg like the bitch you are.”

“Daddy please,” My heart feels like it’s been shredded to pieces. I’ve heard people say horrible things to me before but I never really cared. It’s different now though, their words cut me deeper than I thought possible. “I’ll be a good girl!” I yell as he brings the tool closer to my teeth. “I’ll be a good girl! I promise I’ll be a good girl!” I scream and thrash as if my life depends on it. Laughs echo around me.  “I’ll be a good girl, I’ll be a good girl!”

“You better be.”

“My love wake up!” Jiyong is shaking me awake. Tears are streaming down my face as I continue to scream. I pause for a minute when I realize I’m not in the cold dark room anymore. Jiyong wraps his arms around me a pulls me close.  “It’s okay Beautiful, I’ve got you, I got you.” He rocks me back and forth on the bed. Next to me Jihyo is passed out cold, not even my screams were loud enough to wake her.

I can’t stop shaking in his arms, the tears continue to roll down my cheeks and my breathing is ragged. I bury my face in his chest and breath in his familiar scent, I need something to ground me back in reality right now. My hands grip his shirt as I get as close as humanly possible to him, thankfully he doesn’t seem t mind.

“Nightmare?” He asks when my breathing finally calms down and I stop crying.

I can’t get myself to respond just yet so I nod.

“Do you want to come sleep with me?” He offers sweetly.

But I shake my head.

“You don’t have to be brave, they told me it’s okay if you’re scared. Do you just want me to leave you here?”

Again, I shake my head.

“What do you want to do than?”

“I want Daddy Xiumin.”

Now it’s his turn not to respond.

“Thank you so much for an amazing weekend but I want to go home. I want my daddies. I don’t care if they throw me away later, I need them right now.” I’m crying into his chest again and I feel horrible for saying it to him but he isn’t what I need right now.

“I’ll call them,” He mumbles as he picks me up. “Until they get here you can come with me.” He quietly carries me back to his room and sits down on his bed where he still doesn’t let me go, instead he holds me on his lap with my face pressed into the crook on his neck. He grabs his phone off the night stand and calls them. The phone is loud enough that I can hear it but not very clearly. Whoever he calls answers on the third ring even though it’s four o’clock in the morning. The person gives quick, and almost bitter, greeting. “She wants you.” Is all he says before he hangs up.

“That’s all?” I whisper into his neck.

“That’s all it takes to make them come running for you.” We sit there in silence for a minute before he gets the nerve to ask, “What was your nightmare about?”

“They were trying to kill me.”

He chuckles humorlessly, “And that makes you want to go back to them?”

“I’m afraid they hate me, I need their reassurance that they don’t. That they still want me.”

“Would it be bad if they didn’t want you?”

I push away from him so that I’m fully straddling his lap but I’m too busy glaring at him to think about it, “What do you mean by that?”

He isn’t one bit bothered by my hostility. He places both on his hands on my face and strokes my cheeks softly. My glare softens at his actions, “I mean that would being with me be that bad?”

“Oppa,” I try to take his hands away but they won’t more.

“No, you need to hear this. You need to know how much you mean to me. You are my everything. Beautiful, you are the sunshine in my life, Tuesday is now my favorite day of the week and this will be one of the most memorable weekends of my life. It’s the first time I was able to hold you close while you slept. The first time I was able to wake up next to you and the first time I’m not worried about the time. I had you all to myself. You can try and tell me that you have your daddies and you don’t need anyone else but we both know it’s a lie.”

“Oppa please,” I beg him, I’m feeling too much right now to have him throw his heart at me. I’m not even able to hold my own without fucking it up, I can’t be in charge of someone else’s.

“I love you.”

“Oppa stop!”

“I love you Jooyoung.”

I try to fight away from his grip, his eyes are burning straight into my soul and I can’t handle it right now. I don’t know how I feel about anything other than wanting to go home and curl into a ball so I don’t have to deal with any problems for at least a few days. But he won’t let me go, he flips us over so he’s on top with that intense stare of his. My hands are pinned on either side of my head and I know it’s pointless for me to struggle at this point so I start to cry.

“I love you Jooyoung.”

“What do you want me to say to that?” I yell at him.

“I want you to admit you love me too. Say it out loud, just once.”

“I don’t,” It’s a lie.

“Say it!” His tone is harder, his hands tighten around mine when I seal my lips tight. “Why can’t you just admit it to me? Just to me! I won’t tell those fucking bastards I just need to hear it from your sweet mouth. I need to hear you say it, please my love, my sunshine, my moon, my stars, my everything. I just need to hear that you love me too.”

We just stare at each other for a minute. I can’t get myself to stop crying or to look away from him but he can’t either. His eyes blood shot from holding back tears, my heart breaks at the realization because I didn’t realize I was crushing his. I stop struggling in his grip.

He tries again, “I love you Jooyoung.”

“I love you Jiyong,” The words come out of my mouth barely above a whisper but he heard it. He closes his eyes for a moment but a handsome smile spreads across his face before he buries his face in the crook of my neck.

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” I’ve never heard him so happy. A small smile plays on my lips that try to hide but I can’t help it. I’m happy he’s so happy but I feel bad at the same time. I’m betraying my daddies, even though I’m forced into this situation, I could have gotten out of it. Jiyong would never hurt me, yet I decided to admit, to confess that I do love him. Not as much as my daddies of course, but I do love him. Our moment in broken by the sound of his phone ringing, “They must have been in town, fuck.”

He climbs off me as he grumbles something under his breath that I can’t quiet catch. Irritation is obvious in his voice as he answers the phone, “We’ll be down in a minute.” Without another word he hangs up and throws his phone on the bed.

“What about Jihyo?”

“I’ll take care of her, don’t worry. You just go home and go back to sleep. I’ll see you on Tuesday,” He sighs. He heads to the door but stops when he doesn’t hear me following. “Don’t want to go anymore?”

“I didn’t really have time to think of what I’m going to say to them.”

“What do you mean?”

I sigh, “I don’t know how to tell them that I had a nightmare where they tried to kill me.”

“Be a big girl and tell them just like that.”

I shake my head, “They don’t want me to be a big girl, I don’t want to be a big girl anymore.”


I cut him off, “In my dream I told them I would be a good girl.”

He scoffs at me, “That was a dream.”

“No! You don’t understand,” I snap at him. “I can tell in real life that they are getting tired of my attitude. All they need me to do is need them, to listen to them, to be a good girl. If that’s all it takes to get them to keep loving me, I’ll do it.”

He doesn’t say anything for a minute. His phone goes off again but instead of reaching for it, he reaches for me. My legs are around his waist as he picks me up like a child.

“Oppa,” I question.

“If you want to be little, I’ll treat you like you are. You had a nightmare, act like it, they’ll worry over you like they want to.” He carries me to the elevator and holds me the whole way down. My face is buried in the crook of his neck when we reach the first floor. As soon as we step out of the elevator I feel them crowd around us but I can’t get myself to look right away.

“Is she okay?” Baekhyun worries. Kyungsoo and Lay’s voice echoes the same worry as they ask a dozen questions about what could be wrong with me. The empty lobby is soon filled with their familiar warm voices.

“Where is Xiumin?” Jiyong asks.

“He had to stay behind, why?” Kris’s voice is suddenly cold. I can feel him right behind me.

“She asked for him.”

“I’ll take her,” Kris eagerly places his hands on me.

“Is that okay?” Jiyong asks me.

I nod meekly, both nervous and excited to be back with them. Without much of a fight Jiyong hands me over to Kris. I latch on to him, not even giving him a chance to look at my face before I hide it in the crook of his neck. He smells like firewood and his clone that I love. God how I missed him, I missed all of them.

“She’ll be really tired. We didn’t get back till about two hours ago and her and Jihyo were messing around for about an hour of that before they passed out,” Jiyong tells them.

“Did she tell you what her nightmare was about?” Luhan wonders.


One Wish

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2301

Request: Hi! I love your writing and I was wondering if I could request a fic where you’re dating Yoongi but Jungkook is in love with you as well?

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Originally posted by yoonkooks

“It was the most beautiful to love you from afar..”

Dear diary,
what we call pain is temporary. Sometimes it takes a minute. Sometimes an hour, sometimes a year. So why am I feeling like mine will last forever?
Why am I feeling like I’m drowning in my own guiltiness? Why is it so hard to forget him?

One year ago

Opening the bedroom door slowly, you rolled your eyes the minute you saw your best friend lying in his bed, sleeping peacefully. You removed your jacket and walked toward his bed, carefully sitting next to him. Leaning down a little bit, you left a little kiss on his temple, hoping that your sweet gesture would wake him up from his deep slumber. But sadly, there was no reaction from your best friend which was the reason why you laid your body right right next to his, resting your chin on his chest and looking up at his beautiful features. “Jungkook-ah~”

Shaking his body a little bit, you tried again. “Jungkookie, wake up, I need to tell you something important~”

When you saw him stir a little bit, you tried to stand up but were stopped when Jungkook wrapped his strong arms around your body and nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck, whispering with his raspy voice. “Lets sleep a little bit more.”

You tried to push him away.“Yah, let me go! I need to tell you something important!”

Tightening his grip around your body, he nuzzled his head deeper into the crook of your neck, making sure that his lips touched your skin softly. “You can tell it later. I want to sleep like this for at least two more hours.”

Punching his shoulder, you scoffed. “Two more hours?! Are you kidding me?! I have to say it now, otherwise I’ll burst because of the excitement.”

Jungkook leaned his head a little bit back and opened one eye. “Okay, tell me, what is so important that you need to wake me up at 7am?”

You rolled your eyes again and flicked his forehead. “It’s already 1pm you dumbhead.  Whatever, today, Yoongi called me and told me to come over to his apartment.”

The moment Jungkook heard Yoongi’s name, he rolled his eyes and closed them, ready to fall asleep again.

“He asked me something really- Yah! Are you even listening?!”

Without opening his eyes, Jungkook shook his head slowly, an uninterested ‘Mhm’ leaving his mouth.  

You placed your hand on his head and started playing with his hair. “Okay, good. Where was I? Oh yes! Yoongi asked me something really special, Kook-ah.”

Again, without opening his eyes, Jungkook raised one eyebrow. “Mhm~?”

“He asked me to be his girlfriend, Jungkook.”

The minute Jungkook heard the the words, his breath hitched and he opened his eyes widely, looking at your smiling face.

This was what he feared the most. He knew that you had feelings for Yoongi. Damn it, he knew it since he was a little kid! You always adored his Hyung more than himself! You always preferred him over your best friend. You always loved and cherished him more than you did Jungkook. Whereas Jungkook promised himself that you were the only one for him. That he would be by your side forever. That he would protect you forever. And the most important, that he would love you forever.

Jungkook tried to gulp down the big lump that was forming in his throat and whispered with his shaky voice “W-What did you s-say to him?”

Your smile grew wider before you wrapped your arms around his neck and whispered in between your giggles. “I said yes!”

Little did you know that those three words would be enough to break Jungkook’s heart into little pieces.

After that day, Jungkook’s whole world turned into hell and it felt like he was burning little by little whenever he saw you with Yoongi. The way you held his Hyung’s hand, the way you kissed him, hugged him and the worst, loved him broke Jungkook day by day. He started to talk less, to laugh less and to eat less. The only way he could breath without feeling like suffocating was when he was alone. So, he started seeing his friends less and after what felt like forever but were only three months, he decided to leave this country and most importantly his best friend, you.

After a long day, Jungkook walked into his apartment, threw his keys on the table and walked toward his living room, ready to throw his body on his cozy sofa and to relax. The moment he stepped in his living room, he froze. You were sitting on the sofa, one hand holding an envelope and the other holding the spare key to his apartment.

Shit! The flight ticket!


Your head shot up the moment you heard his voice, standing up when you saw him walking toward you.

“What are you doing here-”

“You’re leaving?” You interrupted him without even feeling guilty.

Jungkook averted his eyes and mumbled slowly. “Yes..”

A sarcastic laugh escaped your mouth. “'Yes?’ Why?”

“I-I have found a better college abroad..”

“S-So you wanted to leave me without saying goodbye?”

When Jungkook heard your voice waver, he looked up and was met with your teary eyes. “N-No! That’s not what I wanted to do-”

“Why are you distancing yourself from me, Jungkook?”

Jungkook’s eyes opened widely and his breath hitched. You have noticed.

“I-I’m not distancing myself from you, Y/N-ah..” Jungkook answered while he tried to reach out for you but you backed away.

“You’ve been ignoring me for these past three months, Jungkook! And I don’t know what I did wrong!” You closed your eyes and let the tears roll down your face.

“I’ve needed you.. I’ve needed you so much in those three months but you weren’t there for me, Jungkook! I felt so lonely! Yoongi never was there for me! I thought he loved me! I thought that it was real! But he lied to me, Jungkook! He used me!”

Jungkook felt like he has been shot in his head. Throughout those three months, he never thought about how you would feel about him ignoring you. The only thing he  thought about was his own feelings and desires. And in that moment he realized one thing; he was selfish.

“Y-Y/N, I’m s-sorry-”

You held your hand up and stopped him. Shaking your head, you started talking while you felt new tears forming in your eyes. “I won’t say don’t go, go. My life will not be easy when you go, I know. But please, don’t forget how much I love you, ok? Whatever happens, whatever you do, I will always love you, Jungkook.”

Grabbing you by your hands, Jungkook pulled your crying form to his own and hugged you tightly while leaving soft kisses on your temple and forehead. “Hey, I love you too.”

The moment you felt his familiar warmth on your body, you smiled a little bit and nuzzled your head in his chest. “Thank you for being my best friend, Jungkook-ah..”

Yoongi woke up from his slumber because of the loud knocks on his apartment door.

He opened the door while he was cursing and was met with and boiling Jungkook. “Yah, kid, why are you making so much noise-”

Before Yoongi could end his sentence, Jungkook pushed him once and punched him in the face. 

Originally posted by jeongguk

“You bastard! How dare you? How dare you to play with her feelings like that?!”

Yoongi shoved Jungkook away from himself and smirked a little bit. “Why? I never told her that I loved her. I just asked her to be my girlfriend.”

Jungkook reached out and punched Yoongi again. “You bastard! I don’t want see you around her! Did you understand?! If I see you near her I will kill you!”

Punching him for the last time, Jungkook walked toward the door but froze when he heard Yoongi’s voice. “You love her. You’re in love with her since we were little kids, right?”

Turning around, Jungkook looked into Yoongi’s eyes and hissed. “That’s none of your business.”

“Hello? Jungkook?”

“Hey, did I wake you up?”

Turning around in your bed, you placed your phone on your ear and closed your eyes again. “Mhm.. Is something wrong?”

“No, no. I just wanted to hear your voice..”

“You sure everything is okay, Jungkook?”

A little giggle left his mouth. “Yes, don’t worry, beautiful.”



“You will not go, right?”


“You will not leave me, right Jungkook?”

Jungkook took a deep breath. “I will not go.”



New Year’s Eve 

“Is Yoongi coming?”

Shifting in your seat, you averted your eyes. “No, he’s gone.”

Hani, one of your close friends whom you introduced to Jungkook, looked at your face, shocked. “What do you mean ‘he’s gone’?”

You took a deep breath and looked up. “We broke up.”

Hani looked sadly at you and wrapped her arms around your body. “Maybe this break up is better for you, hm?”

Copying her movements, you smiled softly at your best friend. “Maybe..”

Suddenly, you felt Hani’s body straighten up. Her eyes were locked at something in the distance and when you turned your head around, you saw Jungkook standing with an other girl at the bar, standing too close to each other for Hani’s liking. “Who is that girl beside my boyfriend?” she asked.

You rolled your eyes and turned to her. “Must be a girl from college that wants to ask him something. Never mind.”

Not listening to you, Hani stood up and started walking toward Jungkook. Suddenly, right before she reached the bar, the girls and Jungkook’s voice echoed through the speaker. “Is the girl that is walking toward us your girlfriend?”

“Ehh, hah, no. She’s not my girlfriend. She’s just a friend. We’re just hanging out. Give me your number so we can meet up.”

All of a sudden, Hani started running away while she was crying hysterically. Following her out, you found her crying form at the front of the karaoke bar and hugged her tightly. “Why? Why is he doing something like that, Y/N? What have I done to him?”

Stroking her head slowly, you hugged her tighter. “You’ve done nothing wrong, Hani..”

The moment you saw Jungkook leaving the karaoke bar, you entrusted Hani to an other friend of yours and run after him.
Grappling his wrist tightly, you turned him around. “What the hell are you doing?! You embarrassed her in front of all the people!”

Rolling his eyes, Jungkook tried to walk again but you stopped him. “Y/N, let go of my wrist.” he said through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know what your problem is but go to Hani and apologize!”

“Y/N, I’m not going to say it again, let go of my wrist!”

Loosing your temper, you pushed him harshly. “You never thought about it right? ‘What would happen if Hani sees me talking to someone else?’ ‘What would happen if she hears my conversation?’ You don’t even care, right?”

“Stop forcing, Y/N.”

“How can you do this to her, Jungkook?! Did you ever love her?!”

Suddenly, Jungkook started shouting. “I don’t love her! I don’t love Hani! I never loved her! Do you know why?”, reaching out for his pocket, Jungkook took out a stack of post it’s and threw them up. “Because of this! Because of these!”

Shocked, you looked up at the sky and at the hundreds of flying post it’s. Each of them were swaying from side to side, landing on the ground, near your feet.

When you tilted your head down and looked and the post it’s on the ground, your eyes opened widely and your breath hitched. On each of the post it was a drawing of… you.

Shocked, you looked up at Jungkook. “J-Jungkook, w-what are these?”

Jungkook closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “The papers that turned my world upside down.”

Opening his eyes again, he looked into your wide ones. “Y/N, look, you’re everywhere. Everywhere I go, you are there. You’re always in my mind.
I love you, Y/N.

Closing your eyes, you started shaking your head. ‘He’s your best friend, Y/N.’ 'You can’t do that to Hani, you can’t.’

The moment you opened your eyes, you started running away. From the reality, from your lies and from your love.

Originally posted by shishikookie

It has been 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes since I have last seen you. 525601, 525602, 535603… the time is passing, I keep on sitting alone. I can’t take you out of my mind nor do anything else. The only thing I can do is sitting here and thinking about you. I wish you could come in from the door with a smile plastered on your face and whisper to my ear 'Hello beautiful, I missed you..’. But your gone, and I’m waiting for you here, alone.

You know, I used to make a list; My wishes for the new year. The things I want to do or achieve in the new year. I would put them in order with a lot of afford. I would like to be happy, I would like to have a lot of friends, I would like to laugh, I would like to have someone by my side, I would like my family to be happy. But this year I just had one wish. I dreamed of only one thing; it was you, Jungkook..

Guardian Angel - Lee Daehwi Requested Scenario

who is this for? @aghoese

Word Count: Are You Serious

Genre: FLUFF

Message?: I love Daehwi sm i stg



My alarm. 6:30am. Monday. Another start of a week of hell.

I used to enjoy school, every moment of it. My friends, the teachers, okay some of the classes were a bit boring, but I did okay in them. And then, for some unknown reason, all my friends were gone; turned against me. I started failing class and anxiety flared up.

I guess it’s not that bad, it could be physical bullying, which it’s not. Just verbal but to me that hurts just as much. I don’t have much mental strength anymore, I don’t know what to do.

I forced myself up and got ready for school, leaving the house at 7:45 just like I always do for bell to go at 8:25.

I felt scared every corner I turned, like someone was going to be there, ready to taunt me.

I turned the final corner; through the school gates.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I heard them approaching behind me. It’s okay. Keep cool. They’re fine. They’re not going to hurt you.

But today they had other plans in mind as Mina, my ex-best friend, shoved me down, scraping my knee.

It’s just a little scrape Y/N, you can do this. I looked around, seeing if Mina had gone when I made eyecontact with Lee Daehwi. Mina’s crush. Fuck. Shit. I adverted my eyes as quick as I could, trying to ignore the sympathetic look in his eyes.

A few hours later, three periods had gone by. Lunch, two more periods and then we were out of there, it was over for Monday. But that’s not what Mina and her gang had planned. See I was stood at my locker, but my locker was placed in the most convenient place for Mina. Hidden under the stairs. So as I was putting away my books, someone tapped on my shoulder, making me turn round when Wonho, Mina’s friend slapped me hard round the face.

I gasped at the impact of his hand, gripping my cheek. It had never been like this before. I looked around, there was no where that I could escape. As I looked around I felt a panicky sensation rising in my chest, my breathing getting faster and my hands getting shakier. Oh no, god no. Not a panic attack. Not now.

“That was new wasn’t it?” Wonho taunted.

I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

Wonho imitated me by opening and closing his mouth several times.

“Can’t do anything now, can you Y/N?”

I felt my breath getting faster and faster as I saw him raise his fist and heard the bell go for end of lunch.

I winced away, expecting the impact of the hit to affect me but instead heard someone else groaning in front of me and Wonho gasping

I opened my eyes and saw Lee Daehwi in front of me.

“Hold my hand,” he said, giving me his hand.

I looked at him for a second before taking his hand as he shoved Wonho out the way and took me into the ‘recovery room’, usually occupied by people with learning difficulties but empty because of 4th period. As soon as we walked in, my shaking legs made me fall straight to the floor, Daehwi came and sat down in front of me.

“Are you okay? Y/N. Are you okay? Look at me, breath, it’s okay,” Daehwi said, trying to calm my panic attack.

I tightened my grip on his hand, needing something to squeeze.

“Sorry,” I breathed.

Daehwi shook his head, “it’s fine.”

“Your eye,” I said, trying to breath deeply.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, touching his eye, checking for blood. “Just breath, please. I want you to calm down.”

I took deep breaths and Daehwi did it with me.

“I’m sorry, I don’t actually know how to deal with panic attacks,” he said, scratching his neck with his free hand.

I smiled and waved my hand, couldn’t talk before I was breathing. But when I felt calmed again I turned to him and said, “just you being there is cool.”

He grinned widely.

“But now I can worry about you,” I said. “Shouldn’t you be in lesson, what will your teacher say?! You’ll get in trouble! And your eye! It’s bleeding just underneath! I’ll get a paper towel!”

Daehwi smiled at me from where he was sat as I went and got a paper towel, running it under the tap.

When I walked back over I whispered ‘sorry’ before holding it against the grazed bruise on his eye.

“You know your cheek doesn’t look that nice either,” he commented.

I thought back to the time I was slapped by Wonho, that seemed like a lifetime ago, given what had happened since then.

I held my hand up to my cheek, “It’s never been like that before,” I told Daehwi.

He nodded, looking at me with that same look from this morning.

“It really scared me,” I whispered. “I thought I was gonna get seriously hurt.”

“You wouldn’t have with me there, okay?”

I smiled, “but.. why?”

“Why did I do it? Why you? Why me?”

“All of the above.”

He chuckled, “because you caught my eye around school. Then when I saw them push you over this morning, I had no idea. I thought I was so stupid for not realising that you were hurting. And I vowed that I would protect you.”

I smiled, my eyes filling with tears, “my guardian angel.”

He smiled and nodded, letting me fall into his arms, “Exactly that. Your guardian angel.”

Thief (Part 6)

Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Light Smut (PG13)

AN: We’re getting to the end of my plotted out map for this story, so I hope you all enjoy this part. Also, my editing seems to have gone to shit so if anyone knows anyone who would be willing to do some Beta work with me please let me know? I’m happy to work with people as well on a back and forth basis. 

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Fuck it all to hell, you had told Finn, told him so many times that you’d felt like a parrot. It was only to be him and Clarke at this meeting with Anya. Just like Anya would only bring you and her second. Of course you’d been naïve to think either of them would keep their word. Clarke had definitely brought more than just Finn and Anya had brought a whole horde of warriors.

It had been inevitable at that point that someone was going to get an itchy finger and fire without meaning to. Unfortunately, that person had been on Clarke and Finn’s side. Bullets had rained down on your people and you had all retreated back with untrusting eyes falling on you. Why had you let Finn talk you into this? You were going to pay for how badly this had all turned out.

Tris had been hit with one of those bullets and from the sickly pale colour of Anya’s second you doubted she would be recovering anytime soon. No one within your own tribe had the medical skills to heal bullet wounds. Poison and arrow’s yes, but bullets? There was a reason why you had been sent to steal the vast majority of their ammunition.


You jerked at Anya’s voice coming from behind you, turning to look into your leaders face. She looked tired and more than a little bit concerned for Tris.

“I need you to do something for me”

“What is it?”

“Scouts brought in Clarke and Finn earlier on this morning, I need you to go to the sky people’s camp. Keep that boy in the walls”

“That boy?” you asked curiously then continuing “you haven’t hurt them Anya?”

“I haven’t and I won’t as long as the girl succeeds in healing Tris” folding her arms across her chest she levelled her gaze on you, tiredness banished “You are to keep Bellamy Blake within the walls of that camp Y/N. I don’t care how you do it, but he needs to stay away”

“You don’t care how I do it?” Anya had a tone to her voice that you didn’t like, it implied something about your relationship with Bellamy that you hadn’t even admitted to yourself yet. “You sound like you have some idea about what needs doing Anya”

“Don’t try and cover up your feelings for them Y/N” her face pinched into a look of distaste. “It’s impossible to miss how you talk about them all of a sudden, your becoming more like Lincoln day after day”

“I am nothing like him”

Anya simply shrugged her shoulders “at this moment in time I don’t care what you believe, in fact your fondness for them is helping my immediate goals. Go, keep Bellamy occupied enough to leave Finn and Clarke here”

You wanted to keep pressing, to try and get some sort of guarantee out of Anya that she wouldn’t hurt Finn or Clarke. However, you knew Anya to well to think that you were going to succeed in that respect instead you would take what she had given already. “When do you want me to go?”

“Now” Anya held out your coat, the dark green one that allowed you to blend so well into the back drop of the forest. “As long as you can Y/N”

“As long as I can” you slipped into the coat flicking the hood up over your hair and doing up the buttons.

You knew that when Anya said now she meant now you didn’t bother looking back to try and get any sort of glimpse at Finn or Clarke instead simply taking off for the borders of the forest. Stealing wasn’t your only skill nor was slipping ropes. You could also move almost inhumanely fast through the forest; it was a talent you hadn’t been able to teach to anyone else. The way you jumped over the undergrowth and missed hazards around you. All of it added up to the fact that reaching the sky peoples camp would have taken others hours but took you only one.

Movement was frantic around the camp and you could see hordes of kids running around seemingly unsure of what they should do. Who you couldn’t see was Bellamy though, the one person who you were supposed to be distracting.

Distracting, that was the interesting word. What exactly was distracting Bellamy going to take and just how far were you willing to go to uphold Anya’s orders.

You stayed in the trees for a moment scouting out time in the guard’s rotation to slip through the tunnel and into the camp. From the edge of the tunnel it was easy enough to skirt around the edges of the camp and tents to towards the one you knew was Bellamy’s. You were taking a guess that that was where he might be, planning what to do next. From the outside you couldn’t hear any voices so taking the risk that he was going to be on his own you slipped inside.

Your luck apparently was holding because sure enough Bellamy was sat on the edge of his bed, head in his hands staring down at the floor. “I’m not in the mood for another lecture Clarke”

He didn’t know that Clarke had gone yet, that was good. “Then it’s a good job I’m not Clarke”

He jerked, jumping up from his bed to spin around staring over at you. “Y/N”

“In the flesh” you pushed your hood down revealing your face to him, smiling softly at his visible surprise. “Sorry for skipping out on you again, but I did promise to be back”

“What are you doing here?”

Slowly you undid the buttons of your coat dropping it to the floor as you came over to a still tense Bellamy. “You tried to kill Anya, you nearly did kill Tris”


“Anya’s second. She isn’t happy”

“Do you really think that bothers me?” he snapped out anger filtering over his features as he stared down at you.

“I think it should” you took the final step towards him so your bodies were only inches apart. “I think if it honestly doesn’t than your more stupid than I thought and that’s just…disappointing”

Bellamy reached up grabbing your arms and squeezed to such an extent that it was almost painful. “I’m only going to ask you once more Y/N, what are you doing here?”

“Can I not want to see you?” his nostrils flared at that, he wanted it to be true you could see it on his face. He wanted to believe that you wanted to see him. It was interesting, it seemed that Bellamy was fighting just as hard as you were to deny that there was anything but hostility between the two of you. That the chemical pull you felt towards him didn’t actually exist. You slowly raised your hand up to rest your hand against his chest, you could feel his heart beat accelerating under your touch. “I did want to see you again Blake”


“But that’s not the whole reason”

You’d reached a crossroads, right now in this moment your life could go one of two directions. You could do as you had been raised to protect Anya and not tell him that is was likely that Clarke and Finn were both going to die at the hands of your people. Or you could tell him the truth, you could betray your people and you could take the final step towards living a life like Lincoln lived.

“I need to know something from you before I tell you”

“Need to know what?” Bellamy’s grip loosened on your arms but he didn’t completely let go of you, almost like he was scared that you were going to vanish once more.

“Would you have killed Lincoln? If I hadn’t gotten him out of this camp. Would you have killed my friend?”

He went silent, eyes flicking down from your face to instead stare down at the floor. “No” he whispered out. “Is that what you want to hear? That your enemies are weak. That I wouldn’t have been able to kill him when it came down to the end”

“I don’t think your weak” you moved your hand up from his chest, tracing his collar bone and up his neck to lift his chin so you could stare into his eyes once more. “I don’t think mercy is weakness Bellamy. On the contrary I think it takes more courage to show forgiveness” lifting yourself up onto your toes you pressed your lips against Bellamy’s.

Unlike the first time you had kissed him Bellamy didn’t stay motionless for long. His hands went to your hips pulling your body up to his own, then wrapped around your waist. One large hand splayed out on the base of your back and the other moved up to tunnel into your hair.

Your body lit up like it was one fire, Bellamy’s touch sending shivers over your skin and made your brain vacate the premises. You barely managed to wrench yourself back under control breaking away from his lips.

“Wait Bellamy, I’m a distraction” you gasped out gripping onto his shirt. “I’m a distraction”

“A distraction?” his own eyes were still unfocused with lust as he kept you wrapped in his arms.

“Anya, she has Clarke and Finn. If Clarke can’t save her second, she’ll kill them. I’m the distraction”

Bellamy tensed but surprising you he still didn’t let go of you or try and restrain you. “Why are you telling me this?”

You bit your lip staring up at him. “Because sometimes mercy is most courageous thing you can do”

Mercy pt 2 || D. Salvatore; Kol M.; Reader

Song: Pacify Her - Melanie Martinez

A Year Later


I stepped across the boarder to Mystic Falls for the first time in a year. And the only reason why I came back was because Kol was killed, and surprise, surprise, by bitchy Gilbert’s little brother.

Oh, how I hated that family so much, the only one that I liked was Katherine, and that was still a teetering likeness. Elena would’ve already been dead by now if Katherine didn’t want to kill her, herself.

As I walk to town square, I start imagining way to kill little Gilbert, and if Katherine doesn’t get Elena before me, then her too. As I enter the town square, a smirk has already appeared on my face, oh how the supposed Brainy Bunch would be in for a surprise.

I yank the Mystic Grill’s door open, careful not to actually rip it off, and walk in, secretly hoping that Damon was in here, but I knew that if he wasn’t in here, at least Matt will be able to worn them. As I walk in, everything seemed to slow, everybody was still in their own little world, unaware of what took place last night. I walk up to the bar, where Donavan was whipping down the bar like usual. God, nothing really has changed in this boring, old town. I slide into the empty seat right in front of Matt, he looks up, and a look of shock spreads over his face.

“Hello Donavan, how’s everything going?” I asked, wanting to see if he mentions Kol, knowing he had some sort of involvement in his death.

He clears his throat, “G- good, what can I get you?”

“A gin and coke.” I pause, then remembering that this was no longer New York, and he probably didn’t even know how to properly make one. “Actually leave the coke, I’ll make it easier on you.” As the words left my mouth, he’s face turned red in anger, he turned away to make my drink.

In all honesty, I felt bad for the poor guy, and because of that pitty, I was usually a lot nicer to him, but I have a plan that I have to keep up with.

He places the gin filled glass on a coaster in front of me. “Enjoy your drink.” He hisses. He goes back to wipping down the bar and serving the consumers, I raise the glass, and sniff the liquid. Vervain.

It didn’t surprise me though, he was probably under strict orders that if I was to come back, and my humanity still off, to put vervain in my drink.

I take a sip, taking enjoyment in the burning pain from the vervain, it was going to take a lot more vervain than this to put me down. I quickly finish the glass, having places to be. I leave a 10 dollar bill under the empty glass, and leave, wishing to see the look of astonishment on Matt’s face from the empty glass.

I stand on the front steps of the Mikaelson Mansion. Sadness over comes me, the last time I’d seen Kol was here. I was crying on his shoulder from the pain seeing Damon with Elena. It wasn’t the last time I talked to him. Yesterday was actually the last time I’d talk to him, a year ago was when I last seen him. He was the only one I kept in touch with. I fall down on my knees, tears falling down my face.

Kol was so alone, didn’t have no one here to trust. He was frightened. I should’ve come, I shouldn’t have listen to him when he told me to stay up there. He was just doing what he thought was right, I dig my fingers into the ground, needing something to grip onto.

I then here the front door to the Mikaelson’s Mansion, I look up, not bothering to wip away the tears.

“Y/N,” Klaus says in astonishment.

“He’s gone.” I choke out, the anger over came me. “And he died thinking he was all alone. He even thought you, his own brother was against him!” I spend up to him and landed a punch to his jaw, a satisfying crack breaking through the air.

Klaus slowly turned his head back to me, pain and sorrow in his eyes, he set his jaw back in place. “He died alone, and I told him wouldn’t let that happen to him.” My voice cracked at that, tears streaming down my face once again, Klaus pulls me into a hug.

And I show humanity for the first time in a year.

A/N: There’s going to be a lot of time lapses to get the story flowing, but I’m going to try my very best for it not to be choppy. I’m also going to try to post a new part every Saturday, but I’m not gonna make promises because I don’t want to hate writing again.

I also created this series own tag called, mercy mini series, so you can find it easier.

- Sara

Mercy Masterlist


“Years ago you were standing in the same place I am standing now.” The sun had long set and the weather had turned chilly, perfectly matching how Sherlock felt inside. Cold, numb, dark.

“I remember it like it was yesterday. Of course I had been there without you knowing, but I never expected for you to cry next to my grave John.” He somehow expected a snarky remark back from his blogger but the light breeze that gently shook the trees around him was the only response he received after a while.

“At that moment I didn’t understand why humans like to speak to gravestones, why they like to be near them despite knowing that their loved ones are gone.”

He gave a long, hard stare at the words incripted in the stone, almost as if listening to the person’s reply, almost as if they were there to listen to him try.

He was trying to be human again.

“John… Say something.” He almost pleaded, taking a step forward before he fell on his knees, not caring that his clothes would get dirty. Nothing mattered anymore. Not anymore.

He placed his hands flat on the smooth surface, tracing his fingers along the words, trying to get a grasp to reality. But no matter how much he tried, he just couldn’t accept the present, wishing to be once again in the past, when everything was much simpler.

“I need you to say something.” He mumbled almost angrily, gripping at the curved edges as he yet moved closer, almost how he wished he would’ve done more when he was still there. But he still wasn’t used to so much affection. He still wasn’t used to so much love.

And John understood that.

“Call me a pompous bastard, an idiot- an arrogant, a heartless person. Just please say something I can’t bare with this silence anymore!” He felt it. He felt the familiar sensation in his eyes that told him he was trying too hard to hold in the tears. 

John would’ve gone silent before approaching him, lifting his head up and holding it in his hands before embracing him tightly with his arms, letting him know it was okay to cry. That it was okay to not be used to the wave of emotions he was being hit with. That it was okay to be human.

“I should be the one dead instead of you. I should be the one buried under that gravestone. I can’t accept that you are gone, my mind is crumbling down!” He gasped for breath, feeling as though not enough oxygen was reaching his lungs. He had to remember: In and out. Breathe in and out. In and out.

“The pillars are tumbling down!” Molly rushed through the hallways, everyone in the palace looking around in panic at the red alarms blaring.


“Where is John?! Where is he!” Greg got to move away right before a marble pillar came down, crushing everything that was in his path.

“I can’t…”

“He is not here anymore!” Mycroft called out over the loud alarms, coughing at the dust that spread around them. The once neatly ordered shelves witn information and memories had collapsed and were now blocking their way.

“You were my heart John…” Sherlock sat, his back against the gravestone as he supported his head on it.

“You were the one that made me human.” He watched a cab park in the entrance of the graveyard, a familiar landlady stepping out and looking for him.

“I don’t know how to be human anymore. I don’t think I can be human anymore.”

“Not without you.”

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The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 23)

A/N: *throws some filler fluff your way* 

The small smut in this chapter, 100% of the credit goes to @dont-hate-relate-pls

“I can feel you watching me sleep, Chuck Shurley.” I said, groggily. I could feel the light shining on my face through the window and hear the laughter of the man lying next to me, confirming my suspicions.

I opened eyes, the face of my bearded boyfriend appeared in front of.

“Good morning, Blue.” Chuck leaned down and kissed my forehead.

“Good morning, Red.”

It had been a few weeks since I had arrived at Chuck’s house, and my mental health was slowly recovering. My nightmares had slowed down considerably, and I wasn’t exactly scared to close my eyes anymore.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Chuck, lying on his left side. I mirrored him as I was lying on my right.

“You.” I said, smiling a bit.

“Me?” I could tell he was genuinely surprised with my answer.

“Just thinking about how I showed up on your front doorstep in about a billion broken pieces. Just thinking about how I don’t feel like that anymore. Thank you.”

Chuck pushed his arms up, leaning up so he could sit against the headboard. I again mirrored him.

“You don’t have to keep thanking me, you know.” said Chuck.

“Yeah, Blue. I do. I just, I just sometimes don’t feel like I deserve you.” I pulled my knees up against my chest, running my hand through my hair.

“Do you remember that time when we were 14, and we just stayed up all night talking. God, we must have been on topics as far off as Mars by the time the sun rose that morning.”

I nodded, laughing at the memory.

“My dad got so mad at me when he found me still awake that morning,” I said. Chuck took this moment to wrap his arms around me and pull me into his lap. “That was the first time you told me that you liked to write stories.”

“I had never told anybody about that before.” said Chuck, kissing my shoulder and threading his hand through mine.

“I remember feeling honored you’d tell me something like that.” I said.

“I remember something else about that night though, Red.”

I looked up from where I was sitting in his lap, waiting for him to continue. I raised my arm up, stroking the side of his face through his beard as he looked down at me.

“I remember that being the night I fell in love with you.”

I gasped, not expecting that answer out of him.

“You never told me that before.”

“I was a teenage boy, Range. There’s a lot of stuff you don’t know from then for a reason.” said Chuck, his cheeks blushing with embarrassment. God, he was beautiful.

God, I was in love with him.

“Nothing weird, I hope.” I said, laughing a little. Chuck leaned down, kissing my neck. I laughed at him as he was obviously just trying to hide his flustered expression. Chuck cut my laughter off with a kiss, pressing his lips to mine as he laid me down against the sheets.

Chuck’s hands started roaming, and honestly, I let him. His hands slid down my arms, keeping a slight grip on my waist as his lips moved down my neck. Chuck’s hand slipped down my waist as he rubbed up and down my thigh. There wasn’t a part of me he didn’t touch. I ran my hands up my back, gripping his shoulders, needing something to hold on to.

I could feel Chuck getting hard against my leg as he pressed his length against my middle, my body immediately reacting as my back arched to meet him half way.

Chuck broke the kiss from my neck to kiss me back against my lips, the two of us continued rubbing against each other, the moans growing louder as our tongues meshed together.

“G-god Chuck.” I moaned out as the kiss broke apart for just a moment.

“I got you baby.” said Chuck, whispering against my neck as he started to form a hickie.

We continued like that for a while, his mouth on mine, his hands on me. For once, I felt like we were in a bubble that couldn’t be popped.

I was his. I was his forever.

Suddenly I felt Chuck slide his hand up, fiddling with the bottom of my t-shirt. His fingers slid up under my shirt, testing a barrier.

Suddenly, my brain shut down, a new-found panic setting in at the unfamiliar action.

“Wait, stop. Stop. I’m sorry. Stop.” I said quickly, pushing Chuck off of me. Chuck immediately jumped off of me, following what I had said.

“Hey, hey. It’s alright.” said Chuck slightly, trying to be as careful as he could. I pushed myself up against the head of the bed, my knees pulled up to me as my breathing was uneven. Chuck sat across from me.

“You alright?” asked Chuck, quietly. My breathing slowed down as I ran my hand through my hair.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened.”

“Hey, hey. C’mere.” said Chuck. He pulled my body towards him, wrapped his arms around me into a hug. I buried my face into his chest, pretty embarrassed that I had freaked out.

“You know I’d never make you-.”

“Yeah, I know.” I said.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, Red. I know you.” I smiled into his chest, pulling him closer. I liked being close to Chuck.

“I guess this is just something we haven’t talked about, you know. Boundaries and stuff.” I said. Chuck and I sat across from each other, crisscross apple sauce. I grabbed a hold of his hand, taking it in mine.

“Is that something we need to talk about? Boundaries? Or would you rather just want to see where we go?”

“I-I’d like to talk about it, actually.” I said, looking down at my lap. Chuck raised his free hand, lifting my head so my eyes met his.

“Wanna tell me why you just freaked out so badly?” asked Chuck calmly. I sighed, keeping my grip on his hand.

“We’ve known that you can’t, that you can’t exactly see the stuff that’s happened to me over the years. My childhood wasn’t exactly normal. My bodies covered in scars that not many people have seen, Chuck. And trust me, any guy that has seen them wasn’t so pleased by the sight.” I said, allowing myself to lift that weight off my shoulders.

Chuck squeezed my hand, the frustration evident as he didn’t expect that last sentence.

“I don’t know, it’s just new to me. I want to, it’s just new. My brain hasn’t exactly caught up to my heart yet, you know?”

Chuck leaned forward, kissing my forehead. All of a sudden, he just started laughing.

“What exactly is so funny, Mr. Shurley?” I asked.

“Do you realize that out of the entire time we have been in a relationship, this is probably the first normal conversation we’ve ever had.”

I laughed, he was totally right.

“Yeah, I’ll admit. It’s nice not having to think about everything supernatural for a while. It’s nice being here with you.” I said.

“Look, Red. You know I’d never push you into anything you were uncomfortable with.” said Chuck.

“And you know I’d never push you either, Blue.” I said.

“Baby steps, we go through this together. When we get to that point where we are both ready for that, then it’ll be okay. Cause we’re okay.” said Chuck.

“I love you.” I said, pressing my lips to his.

“I love you too.” whispered Chuck against my lips.

It was a few moments before either of us spoke up again.

“As much as I do love you, however, please excuse me as I release myself from the tightness that is my pants.” said Chuck, winking at me as he jumped off the bed and headed straight for the bathroom. I threw a pillow at him with laughter, content that our little bubble was still ours together.

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Regret: Josh Washington x Reader

Request: Hey sorry to bother ik request are close but i was wondering could do one where emily has a crush on josh but josh like the reader and the reader likes josh and emily and josh do some things and the reader is heart broken but josh makes it up

Word count: 1,413

You sighed in relieve as you entered the lodge. You kicked the front door shut with your foot, and made your way into the living room. You smiled as you noticed all your friends, already gathered around.
“Hey guys!” You exclaimed happily, and everybody turned to you. There were squeals and cheers as you plopped down onto the couch, and you chuckled at their reaction. Sam was sitting on your right, and you smiled at her. She returned the gesture, then grabbed your hand.
“Y/n, I’m so glad you could make it! We totally need to catch up…” You nodded, agreeing with her statement.
“I know right, we haven’t talked in forever…” You were interrupted by someone entering the living room. He spoke up, and you blushed at the familiar sound. His voice was raspy and deep, making shivers crawl up your spine. You looked up and met Josh’ eyes, which were already staring down at you.
“Look who finally arrived… I’m glad you’re here…” He smirked and sat down on your left. You chuckled shyly, and nodded while tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

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Gabriel’s Plea

Title: Gabriel’s Plea

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 626

Warnings: Angst and a little bit of fluff

A/N:  I hope you all enjoy this! I’ll be working on a few fics this weekend. c: Request anything you’d like to see! You can use the Christmas drabble list too! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You put salt, gasoline, and a lighter in your bag.  You still brought your shotgun and your pistol with silver bullets just in case.  Like the Winchesters always said, better safe than dead.  You zipped the bag shut, throwing it over your shoulder.  You turned around, only to bump into Gabriel.  You furrowed your eyebrows, “Gabriel what are you doing here?”

“[Y/N], I’m here to stop you from going on that salt and burn.  It’s too dangerous,” Gabriel spoke flatly.  Gabriel knew he had caught you just before you were about to leave.

You tilted your head at the archangel.  Gabriel started coming around after hunts, which was new.  You didn’t complain; you liked having Gabriel around.  “Gabriel, it’s just a salt and burn, I have everything I need, just in case something happens,” you rolled your eyes.

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Can you make an imagine about Ruby Rose an (Y/N) being together,and one night a girl flirt with (Y/N) and Ruby is so mad she is fighting with that girl and the police comes and she needs to go with them then Ruby and (Y/N) are fighting and you can imagine the rest.

So idk if this is good but yolo!

“But Y/N, you know I don’t drink,” Ruby whined, flopping back on our shared bed, still trying to get out of going tonight.
“And you know I hate my coworkers and need someone there to entertain me,” I fired back, pining a few of my curls back so they wouldn’t get in my face. “Come on, it’s not like I’m going to force you to have a drink. Someone needs to drive home anyway.”
“Why can you ask Y/BF/N to go with you?” she pouted, rolling onto her side so she was looking straight at me, clearly not happy about being asked to go.
“She’s out of the country Rubs,” I rolled my eyes, pulling my pyjama shirt off and throwing it at her. “I thought you’d like to see me in a short dress.”
“Doesn’t mean I want everyone else to see you in one,” she huffed, lifting herself up to lean on her elbows, watching me walk around the room in only my bra and undies.
“I’ll even wear the navy lace dress you bought me,” I teased, taking said dress out of the closet and holding it up against my body, giving her a hopeful look. She let out a groan, trying to cover her smile with her hands and failing miserably.
“Fine, I’ll go with you,” she sighed, making me squeal and jump on top of her, peppering kisses all over her face. “But you’re limited to like 3 drinks.”
“That’s fine by me,” I grinned, giving her lips one last kiss before rolling off, throwing various clothes at her, instructing her to quickly get dressed. “Tonight is going to be a great night.”

You had been at the club for just over an hour and things were going fine. Ruby had indeed limited you to 3 drinks only, so you were making the most of the one you had in your hands right now.
“Y/N, come dance with me!” my drunken colleague Amy giggled, tugging on my arm, trying to persuade me to dance.
“You are so drunk,” I laughed, pulling my arm free and cuddling further into Ruby’s side, shaking my head at the drunken girl standing in front of me.
“I’m drunk on your sexiness,” she swooned, making me chuckle.
“Sure you are Amy,” I rolled my eyes, used to her flirting ways. A lot of the people I worked with weren’t straight, and whilst a majority of them were respectful of my relationship with Ruby, Amy just never seemed to get that I was off the market. “Go be with that girl that’s been eyeing you off all night. I’m sure she would love to dance with you.”
“But I wanna dance with you,” she whined, pouting her lip mockingly. I raised my brow challengingly, giving her a dead look before she finally sulked away to the bar.
“Jesus christ, does she not know the meaning off ‘in a relationship’,” Ruby huffed, watching the retreating girl with a stern glare.
“She’s always been like that,” I shrugged, leaning my head on her shoulder. “I’m used to it.”
“Someone needs to say something before I do,” she pulled a face, tightening her grip on my waist when she saw Amy turn back around and stare at us.
“Come on, don’t start a fight Rubs,” I chuckled, resting my hand on her upper thigh teasingly. “You know I’d never leave you, especially not for her. You’re too pretty.”
“I knew you only wanted me for my looks,” she playfully scoffed, poking my sides, making me squeal.
“Well, you do make pretty good pancakes as well,” I teased, letting out a loud shriek when she pounced on me, running her hands up and down my sides. “No n-no please stop! I’m sorry!” I giggled, trying to push her hands away from my body.
“Say ‘Ruby is the best girlfriend in the world and I love everything about her’,” she quoted, a devilish smile on her face.
“But it’s not true,” I teased, squealing louder when she continued to tickle me. “Ok ok! Ruby is the best girlfriend in the world!”
“And…” she raised a perfect brow, removing her hands from my waist.
“And I love everything about her,” I grinned, wrapping my arms around her neck and yanking her down to me, biting my lip and giving her, what I hoped was, a sultry look.
“God, you drive me crazy,” she sighed, pressing her lips against my own, making me giggle into the kiss. “Stop laughing.”
“Sorry, I can’t help it,” I mumbled. “I just love you so much.”

“Ok just wait here, I’ll go get the car,” Ruby wrapped her blazer around my shoulders, pecking my cheek quickly before running off to wherever we parked the car. I had been complaining for the past 30 minutes or so about my feet hurting, Ruby just commenting that I shouldn’t have worn 5 inch heels to a club. I shivered as a sudden cold wind ripped through the empty street, making me pull her jacket tighter around my body, mentally cursing myself for wearing a dress instead of pants.
“You alright there Y/N?” Amy appeared beside me, slipping her arms through her own coat. “You look a little lonely.”
“Ruby went to get the car, I’m just waiting for her,” I gave her a small smile, eyeing the clearly drunk girl swaying next to me. “Do you need a lift home Amy?”
“Imma get a cab,” she grinned, stumbling slightly in her tall heels, making no effort to actually call a cab.
“Are you sure? I don’t think I feel comfortable letting you go alone when you’re like this,” I reached my arm out, preparing to catch her incase she fell.
“Awww,” she cooed, staring up at me through her messy hair. “You do care about me.”
“Of course I care,” I rolled my eyes, letting out a sigh of relief when I saw Ruby’s car stop in front of me. “Ruby, we’re taking Amy home.” Ruby screwed her nose up but gestured to the back of the car. I opened the back door, all but throwing Amy into the back, struggling to put on her seatbelt whilst she was trying to give me a hug. “Amy stop. Sit still.”
“But I want a cuddle,” she pouted, whining when I closed the door. I stumbled around to the passenger seat, toeing my shoes off and blasting the heater, sighing when Ruby began to drive.
“I can’t believe I’m driving the girl that flirts with my girlfriend home,” Ruby sighed, shaking her head slightly.
“Think of it as driving your girlfriends work friend home,” I placed a hand on her thigh, patting it comfortingly. “Plus, I think she’s asleep anyway.” One glance to the backseat confirmed my suspicions, seeing Amy passed out on the backseat, head occasionally smacking lightly against the window whenever we would turn or go over a bump.
“I should make a sharp turn… Might knock the stupid out of her,” Ruby huffed, making me scoff, trying to hide a smile. “Even you have to admit she’s an idiot.”
“She’s good at what she does, that’s all I care about,” I shrugged. We sat in silence for the next few minutes, the only talking being me directing Ruby where to go, much to her annoyance. When we stopped outside of Amy’s apartment building, we both got out to help the drunk out of the car.
“How do you even know where she lives?” Ruby asked, grunting at the dead weight she was holding up.
“We had to work together on something once,” I shrugged, ignoring her annoyed look. “I came over a few times so we could get it done.”
“You’ve been with her alone!” her eyes widened to the size of saucers, almost dropping the girl we were balancing between us.
“And she loved it,” Amy suddenly spoke, her words slurring. “We had the time of our lives with no girlfriend to stop us.”
“Shut it! If I let you go right now, you’ll probably break your ankle,” Ruby growled, making the drunk girl laugh.
“Y/N will hold me up,” she grinned, squeezing my shoulder. “She’s done it before.”
“I swear to fucking god I’m literally going to kill you,” Ruby let go of the girl, making me squeal and stumble slightly, trying to support the dead weight in my arms.
“Try me you fucking queer,” Amy sneered, pushing herself out of my arms, staggering slightly.
“Are you serious?” Ruby laughed. “You like girls too you dumb fuck!”
“I’m straight, Y/N is just an exception,” Amy grinned, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye.
“Alright, you’re both acting like idiots,” I stepped in-between the two, placing a hand on Ruby’s chest to try calm her down. “Amy, get inside your apartment, now.”
“Why don’t you come with me?” she bit her lip, reaching out a hand to try and pull me with her.
What happened next was something neither of us expected.
I was pushed back gently by Ruby, my fuming girlfriend literally jumping on Amy, fist connecting with her nose.
“LEAVE MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND ALONE!” Ruby yelled, one hand gripping Amy’s hair tightly, pulling her head back painfully. “She’s in a relationship! She would never go for an easy slut like you!”
“Ruby stop!” I squealed, tugging on the arm that still had Amy’s hair in its grasp, trying to stop the fight before it escalated any further.
“You obviously don’t know the shit your ‘girlfriend’ has done when you’re not there,” Amy sneered, making me roll my eyes at her comment.
“Don’t listen to her Ruby, she’s just drunk,” I pleaded with her, wincing when I heard sirens. “Ruby stop! The cops are here!”
“Hey! What’s going on over there!” a loud voice yelled, making Ruby let go of Amy’s hair, standing up and pulling me against her chest, continuously muttering sorry’s into my hair. “Ladies, what’s happened here?”
“This fucking freak just attacked me,” Amy slurred, clutching her head in pain.
“You were sexually harassing my girlfriend!” Ruby yelled back.
“Everyone just needs to calm down and stop yelling,” the office held his hands up, obviously tired from a long night of work. “Now you.” He pointed to me, making me tense up. “Tell me what happened.”
“We were just out at a club and Amy drank a lot so I told her we would drive her home. She’s always been a flirt but since she’s had a lot to drink, she just said a lot of crap that she wouldn’t usually say and Ruby got angry,” I simply said, avoiding his gaze. “This is just a misunderstanding sir.”
“Well be as it may, I still need to take you guys in,” he gave me a soft look, gesturing for Ruby to get in the car. “You can drive behind if you’d like.”

I had been sat in an uncomfortable chair at the station for a little over an hour, resorting to playing candy crush on my phone, pulling the blanket that an office gave me tighter around my shivering body.
“Ms Y/L/N?” a deep voice spoke, making me look up, seeing Ruby standing her with her knuckles wrapped, grinning sheepishly. “You guys can leave now.”
“Thank you officer,” I smiled, handing back the blanket and taking Ruby’s hand, tugging her out to the car. I zoomed out of the parking lot, hands gripping the wheel tightly.
“Y/N,” she started, giving me a soft look.
“No,” I interrupted, glaring at the road ahead. “Ruby are you seriously that fucking stupid! Amy was drunk as hell and you could have been put in jail for hitting her! You can’t just go around punching anyone that looks at me!”
“I’m sorry,” she frowned, picking at her nails nervously. “But she was just saying so much shit and I couldn’t handle the though of you actually leaving me.”
“Ruby, I’m not going to fucking leave you!” I pulled over to the side of the road, turning in my seat and giving her a stern look. “This is going to be all over the news tomorrow! Think of what this is doing to your career!”
“I know ok!” she sighed, dropping her head into her hands. “I know I was being an idiot and I know I can’t go around hitting people, but you mean everything to me, and I don’t particularly like when people are saying disgusting things like that about you!”
“Rubs, I can handle the shit that everyone says about me,” I sighed, placing a comforting hand on her knee. “Your fans aren’t exactly the most comforting group of people. You just need to know that I am not going to leave you. Ever.”
“I-I know,” she placed her hand on top of mine, her thumb rubbing soothingly against my own. “I still don’t like the comments.”
“I know you don’t,” I gave her a small smile. “How about next time you get angry with someone because of what they’ve said, you tell me and we can have crazy rough sex all over the house?” She started to laugh, turning so she was looking at me.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea. In fact, I think we should go and do that right now.”

stephaniestyx replied to your post “Someone geeky about weapons talk to be about Keith’s bayard. Can we…”

But srsly it looks so painful I mean when u swing something u need the momentum and that grip is just annoying

Exactly. It would be one thing if he stabbed with it, but he wields it like a sword. I just think it was an interesting decision to design it that way. Keith must be some tough.