i need someone to shut of my brain

good night~

what if people kind of forget that derek is an actual human being with feelings and not some animal who doesn’t need reassurance or love. 

what if none of the pack members realize that some of the things they say to and about derek actually hurts his feelings. 

what if stiles notices how much he flinches when someone says something negative about him, and how he still leans into the pack when they stand next to him. and how he always looks so much calmer when they’re near.

what if once stiles notices it, he just,, hangs out with derek more often. goes to wherever derek is living just so he doesn’t have to be alone. walks by him and lightly brushes his arms or hands over derek’s. sits next to him on the couch even though there are plenty of seats. tells him random things that don’t really matter but eventually getting to more serious topics like stories about his mom and how much he misses her.

what if after awhile derek probably does it right back to stiles. first he just listens to stiles talk for hours but eventually he opens up. tells stiles about his day, about his family growing up, about the things he did with laura after the fire. he puts his hand on stiles shoulder or the back of his neck. rests one hand on stiles back when they’re standing next to each other or lays his head on stiles shoulder when they’re watching tv. 

what if when they have a bad night, either from nightmares or just bad thoughts, they both call each other. the other always answers and sometimes they don’t even talk because just the sound of the other breathing or pitter pattering around on the other side of the phone is enough to calm them down.

what if after a few months of them hanging out it becomes less subtle touching and more blatant domestic fluff. going out of their way to touch each other constantly. stiles taking a nap on derek’s bed and derek climbing in next to him, putting his arm around him and taking a nap too. stiles coming into pack meetings late with a cup of coffee for himself and another cup filled with derek’s favorite tea from the café down the street. falling asleep together on the couch. going to the theatre together and derek not glaring at stiles when he makes commentary the whole way through (ok maybe he glares a little. stiles finds it endearing)

the first time they kiss it’s probably not even a big deal. stiles wakes up in the morning and goes to find derek. when he finds him, derek gives him a chaste kiss and says ‘morning’ while handing him a cup of coffee. stiles blinks sleepily at him, leans in for another (slightly longer) kiss, then sits down at the table and drinks his coffee.

it’s probably a bigger deal the first time they kiss around the pack though. they know that stiles and derek been hanging out together and they know that they’ve grown closer but it’s still so weird to see them kiss bc hello!! derek is derek and stiles is stiles. it’s just weird. and when one of them makes a comment about it, stiles just goes off on them because he is so tired of them treating derek so terribly when all derek has done is risk his life to save them and try to give them a better life. and after he’s done yelling the whole pack just stares at him and they look a little scared lol. 

after that they don’t really make any bad comments about derek unless it’s jokingly and out of love. 

what if seeing stiles be more affectionate with derek and seeing how much he actually likes it, motivates the pack into touching him more often too.

what if they eventually start to touch derek and each other so much that derek can barely tell who is who just by scent and that makes his heart overflow with joy because that’s how a pack should be. 

what if shortly after that, derek realizes he is actually happy and he just runs to the forest and sits there for a while because he didn’t think he could ever get to a place of contentment ever again after losing his family.

what if stiles finds him a few hours later and they sit together and look over beacon hills and thats the first time they say i love you and it’s not even a big deal. stiles turns his head and looks at derek and when he looks back, stiles says ‘i love you’ and derek smiles and says ‘i know’ just too see stiles face when he recognizes the star wars reference.

  • Me: *about to fall asleep*
  • Brain: I need someone like you to lighten the load, so?
  • Me: No.
  • Brain: *whispering* I am not throwing away my shot, I am not throwing away my shot--
  • Me: NO.
  • Brain: Ayo I'm just liKe My CoUnTrY I'M yOUNG SCRAPPY AND HUNGRY--
  • Me: Shut up
  • Brain: *says in lowest voice possible* I am not throwing away my shot--
  • Me: *throws blankets across the room* *springs out of bed* *opens the window* *shouts at the top of my lungs* SON, WE ARE OUT GUNNED, OUT MANNED--
  • Brain: *still whispering, under my screams* don't call me son...

that feel when someone tells you to do something that should be simple but you have no idea what to do or how to do it so your brain just kinda shuts down and you need step by step detailed instructions to do the thing

and then people say that you’re “not applying yourself mentally” and need to “actually think for yourself”

“–look, I don’t have time to explain this! I can only hold out for so long, but…good God no, just…! All you need to know is this: do not let him in the office! Don’t even let him NEAR it!”

“Hold on I don’t get it! Isn’t this just a dream? Why’re you acting so nervous–?!”

It’s about to become a nightmare if you don’t get out of here, you ingrate! You’ll be no help to us at all if that monster gets his grubby rotten hands on you!”

“–who the hell are you talking about?!”


- Mangle & the Night Guard, “BB’s Air Adventure pt. 2″ -

…out of everything I could’ve drawn while I was sick, it haaad to be him. T__T I MEANT to draw Toy Freddy next, but…my brain had other ideas. Ah well, it was worth all the trouble in the end, I think.

I gotta give Scott credit where it’s due; there’s so many crazy details in this character’s design alone that I keep finding, it’s insane! Go big or go home, man! C:

i love maya so much but sometimes i just wanna shut her mouth and her brain so she doesn’t stuff to help rucas. ALL I WANTED TO HEAR WAS LUCAS SAY “yeah, i choose, you.” BUT NOOO BECAUSE MAYA HART GOTTA BE OVER HERE PUTTING HER BEST FRIEND INFRONT OF HER HAPPINESS AND ACTUALLY ADMIT TO NOT KNOWING IF SHE ACTUALLY LIKES LUCAS. can someone actually like describe to her what love actually is and then it will be all ok because at this point