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Tyler Seguin - Projects (Requested)

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A/N: This was brought to you by my very own blended gin which I named Felix Felicis. I apologize in advance for typos but it shouldn’t be too bad. I know it’s not exactly what was asked in the request but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t similar to the Strome one I wrote that had a similar request. 

Warnings: none

Word Count: 900

Request: can you do a tsegs imagine where you’re upset and stressed about university and he comforts you and just really kissy and cuddly and talks about how much he loves you

“I’m never going to get a degree” you mumbled to yourself as you looked at the books spread across your kitchen table. End of semester plus period pains made you a moody mess who didn’t really feel like studying anymore. You decided to reward yourself with a break and joined Tyler on the couch where he was watching some TV.

“How’s the essay going?” he said as he moved so you could tuck yourself into his side. 

“I hate school” you mumbled “and my insides are trying to kill me”

“Do you need anything? Tylenol? Hot water bottle?” Tyler asked.

“I took some already I’m just waiting for it to kick in and also trying to avoid my responsibilities. As for the water bottle, you’re just as a hot,” you said and snuggled in closer.

“Use me all you want baby,” Tyler said with a grin and turned back to the TV. “Do you want to watch this or something else?” he asked as he reached out to get the remote off the coffee table. 

“This is fine” you yawned “if I fall asleep wake me up in half an hour please, I really need to get back to writing,” you said as you closed your eyes and rested your head on his chest. You were out a couple minutes later and Tyler wasn’t far behind you. When you finally did wake up it was dark outside.

“Oh my god,” you said and scrambled out of Tyler’s arms which rustled him awake. 

“What? What? Where’s the fire?” Tyler said in a small panic as his eyes searched the room for the threat. 

“We both fell asleep,” you said as you looked at the time on your phone and groaned. You had less than 5 hours before you had to hand in the paper you had barely started. 

“Shit sorry babe” he muttered as he rubbed his eyes and sat up. 

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault. I should have set an alarm,” you answered as you started your coffee machine, it was going to be a long night. Once your coffee was ready you put your earphones on and dove into your work. You saw out of the corner of your eye that Tyler was getting ready for bed. He let Cash and Marshall out one last time and headed upstairs. You figured he would wait up in bed but you didn’t expect him to come back with an extra one of his hoodies in his hands, which he handed to you.

“What are you doing?” you asked as he took a seat at the table and opened one of your books.

“I know you have a lot of work to do and I might not be able to help much but I’ll sit here and support you if you need it” he smiled and went back to looking through your book.  You just smiled and went back to your computer, slipping Tyler’s sweater on. It was moments like this that made the hectic hockey life with Tyler worth it, he was worth it.  

Two hours in and you were starting to get tired, you just wanted this assignment to be over. You had already bargained with yourself and calculated the grade you needed in order to pass the class. Tyler also started pacing in the kitchen and bringing you snacks and water to keep you going. 

“Can I do anything to help you?” Tyler asked when he noticed the frustration was getting to you. 

“Can you work on my bibliography please?” you asked.

“Yeah just tell me what to do,” he said and grabbed the IPad from the kitchen counter. You explained to him what you needed and he went right to work.
Another hour later and you only had your conclusion left but the words were starting to blur in front of you. 

“This stopped making sense half an hour ago” you sighed in frustration and ran your hands through your hair. 

“Do you want me to read through it?” Tyler offered. He had finished the bibliography earlier and was now flipping through articles online. 

“Yes please,” you said and turned your screen to him.  It took him about twenty minutes to run through the paper and you saw him nod or occasionally changed a word or two, sometimes a small smile would spread on his lips. 

“Okay so after reading this I can say you’re the brains in this relationship. I don’t know much about the subject but the sentences make sense. Had a couple typos here and there but you’re so smart baby this is really good” Tyler said and passed the laptop back to you.  

“Thank you,” you said and blushed a little. Tyler always said he was proud of you but this was the first time he got really involved in your school work.
After another half an hour the paper was finally done, you looked at it one more time before submitting it. 

“Alright let’s go to bed,” Ty said with a yawn and grabbed your hand, pulling you away from the table.

“Yeah, bedtime” you agreed and followed Ty up to your bedroom. 

“My little smarty pants, I love you so much,” Tyler said once you were both lying in bed. 

“I love you too, thanks for all your help tonight,” you said. 

“Anytime,” he answered and pulled you to his chest.

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"I give you credit for lasting as long as you did you're cooking in your own skin" marichat please

“I give you credit for lasting as long as you did. You’re cooking in your own skin.” Chat Noir smoothed Marinette’s sweaty bangs away from her forehead. “You think you can drink this for me?”

Marinette eyed the water bottle and shook her head. “I just want to sleep,” she said warily.

“I’m going to let you sleep but I really need to make sure you stay hydrated.”

“Chat, I don’t want it.”

“You need to take some Tylenol too.”

“Just leave me alone.” She weakly pulled at the covers. “Why are you here? You’re always here.”

“Somebody has to take care of you.”

“My parents are taking care of me,” she muttered.

“Your parents have been out of town for three days.”

Marinette frowned. “No, no, they’re downstairs. It’s my birthday. We had cake.”

Chat Noir sighed, running a clawed hand through his hair. “Princess, your birthday isn’t for another two months. You haven’t been at school all week and I was worried about you. You’re hallucinating.”

“What a boring hallucination,” she grumbled, shivering under the blankets. “I would rather have Adrien in a sexy nurse costume.” She started to giggle uncontrollably, pressing her face into the pillow.

Chat Noir pursed his lips. “Claws in.” 

Plagg landed on the bed. “On the list of dumb things you’ve done, this is–”

“Shhh, we’ll go home soon. I just want to make sure she’s okay.”

“Adrien?” Marinette blinked. “Where’s your nurse costume?”

I know I said I wasn’t going to do any extra Marichat prompts until after May but…oops?

Send me a prompt from here, here, or here. Make sure to send the quote with a pairing and not just a number so I know which one you want. :)

Will you take care of me?

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“Y/n/nnnnnnnnnn! Y/n/nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Dean yelled through the bunker.

   I ran through the bunker trying to find Dean. He never yells for me unless he’s in trouble. I got to his room and accidentally slammed into the door, hitting my head so hard I felt like I had a concussion. I almost fell over and I tried to balance myself

“Dean? Dean? Are you ok?” I asked him, holding my head in my hands. Not caring about my own pain, but just making sure that he was ok.

“I’m sicccck, Y/nnn. Please take care of me.” He said in deep, raspy voice. I squinted my eyes for a moment and then rolled them. Quickly snapping out of it, since Dean needed my help. He never asks for help with anything, so I looked at this as a chance to really help. I put the back of my hand on his forehead to check if he had a fever. Burning up. Poor thing.

“What’s bothering you, big brother?” I asked him, running my fingers through his short hair.

“I think I have the fluuu.” Dean groaned out, lying his head in my lap.

“Do you feel like you’re going to throw up? I asked him.

“I accidently threw up in Sam’s shoes.” Dean says weakly, I gave him a weird look for a minute and made a face.

“Here, how about you lay down on the bed and I’ll go get you some medicine.” I said, as I tucked him.

“Ok, y/n/n.” Dean said sleepily.

I walked into the bathroom and searched through the cabinet to find what I needed. I grabbed some Tylenol to help with his fever and pepto-bismol to help with the throwing up. I picked up a clean washcloth and soaked it cold water to put it on his forehead. I came back In his room and laid everything on his nightstand. I looked at him lying on the bed and he still had his hunting jacket and boots on. He was planning to go hunting today, but I think Sam went ahead without him.

“Hey bubby, let’s get your boots and jacket off. Ok?” He looked like he didn’t even want to move but he followed orders.

“There you go. Now, Let’s get this medicine down you, and then go can go back to sleep hun.” He nodded and took it all. Laying his head back down on the pillow.

I put the cold washcloth on his forehead and he shuddered at the feeling. Almostly instantly becoming accustomed to it.

“Better?” I asked.

“Yes, thank you mom.” He said, not even realizing he called me mom.

“Will you lay with me and sing to me until I fall asleep?” Dean asked like a little kid.

“Yes, I can bubby. What song?” I smiled down at him, as I got in bed.

“Stairway to Heaven?” He questioned.

“Anything for you, De” I smiled as I sang him asleep

When I woke up the next morning, my stomach hurt so bad, my eyes were watery, and I felt like I was burning up. I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t.

“Hey sissy, you’re awake! I made you breakfast as a thank you for yesterday. Woah, you look terrible. Are you sick now?” He asked me as he laid the tray down on the table to come check on me.

“I’m fine, De. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be ok.” I said, waving him off.

“No, no, no. You look awful. Bed. All day. You got it?” He said sternly.

“Got it.” I sighed and decided to just make myself comfortable since their was no point in fighting with Dean.

“Good, now I’m going to go get you some medicine and you stay put ok, babygirl?”

“Ok.” He leaned down and gave me a kiss on the forehead, before getting the medicine.

“Dean!” I called out to him

“Yes, sweetheart?” He came back in the room almost immediately

“I love you, bubby.” I whispered to him

“I love you too, babygirl.” He smiled wide before leaving to get what he needed. He brought me back the medicine and washcloth. He also grabbed me some sprite and saltine crackers.

“Here eat and drink this. You need to get something down your system. If you want I cuddle with you and watch Netflix today. Sam is supposed to be back later, and I need to do something with his shoes before any of that.” I giggled as Dean picked up the shoes and through them in a bag.

“Poor Sammy, always losing his shoes or someone throws up in them.” Dean laughed as I continued to giggle.

“Can we watch Friends on Netflix?” I asked with my best puppy dog eyes. He didn’t even think twice before grabbing the remote and climbing in his bed with me. After awhile, I started to drift off into a deep sleep. Listening to the soft murmurs of Dean signing me to sleep.

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
And she’s buying the stairway to Heaven…    

Before he knew it he drifted off to sleep with me. Not even hearing Sam come in the door.

“Who in the Hell threw up in my Shoes!!! Dean! It smells like whiskey and pie!”

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Sucker Punched

A/N:I slapped this together over the past couple weeks, and I really hope you guys like it!

pairing: Reader X Bucky

oneshot/chapter: oneshot

word count: 4233

warnings: abuse, guilt tripping, language.


I cough out a breath as I stand after having been thrown down onto the mat. I look up to see a concerned Bucky, stooped down to make eye contact.

“I’m fine, Buck.” I say, waving him off.

“Are you sure? You seemed to land pretty hard.”

“I’ve taken harder hits and falls before. Don’t worry, I can handle myself.” I retreat to my duffel in search of my water bottle.

“Okay.” He concedes.

It’s true. I have taken harder hits. Some of of them are the perks of the job, and most others are from home. I’ve got a few bruises around my rib cage to prove it. No one knows. I cover up what I can with clothing and the rest I mask with make-up. It’s not that I don’t trust the team enough to tell them, it’s that I don’t trust how they’ll react when they find out. It is my fight afterall.

“Hey, do you think you’ll stick around for movie night?” Bucky asks. “The entire thing usually sucks, but I think it would be better with you there. I mean, most things are.”

“I’m sorry, Buck, but I can’t. Josh has some sort of night in planned and he wants me home at…” I check the time quickly and my stomach drops. “Oh shit. I have to be there in fifteen minutes. Oh man. He’s gonna be so pissed.”

I shove my belongings into my duffel and practically run for the door.

“Wait!” Bucky calls after me. “Are you going to be at Stark’s party tomorrow?”

“Of course.” I say with a sarcastic eye roll. “Tony said he would cut me from the team if I don’t. Empty threats, but I’ll be there none the less.”

“Okay. See you then?”

“Yeah.” I nod in affirmation. “See you tomorrow.”

With that I sprint out of the room, out of the building and into the busy streets of New York City.

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Hunters Don’t Cry: Part 2

Pairings: Dean x Reader x BestFriend Sam

Summary: If you have not read the first part, Click Here

Things are really starting to come to a head but can the reader keep her temper under control or is going to ruin the bond she has with Dean forever..

Word Count: 1,700ish

Author’s note: Thank you guys for actually liking this story. It means so much to me. I promise to try and correct my grammar before posting. Run on sentences are my thing. I do want to clear up the time line a little bit though. So the reader left after John died, for two years. They came back and it is now three years after her return. I hope that you guys enjoy the next few parts. xx

P.S: Anything in italics is a flash back

“We are pregnant.” I look in the mirror, holding the five positive tests. “I’m pregnant. Dean you’re going to be a dad. We are having a mini hunter. Dean, I’m pregnant.” Everything I practiced did not feel right. I can’t tell him. We have too much going on to have a child.

“(Y/N), are you okay in there?” Sam knocked on the bathroom door. “Dean is heading out to the bar, you ready?”

“I’m fine. Tell him to go without me, I’m not feeling good.” I startled trying to hide the tests and hold the morning sickness back. Okay, I couldn’t hold it back.

“(Y/N), open the door. I can hear you throwing up.” Sam tried to open the locked door handle but it wasn’t going to budge.

“Go away, Sam. Leave me alone.” I groaned as I was now sitting on the dirty motel floor, throwing up everything in my system.

“I’m coming in.” Sam busted through the door and looked at me. He looked at the pregnancy tests. He looked back at me in shock. “Holy shit.”

“I know. Fuck me right.” With that being said my head was back in the toilet and Sam was holding my hair.

“You have to tell him.”

“No shit.” I snapped. I don’t know if it was because I’m hormonal, scared, or pissed.

“Hey, we got this.” He was trying to be soothing but it was not helping.

“No we don’t, Sammy. We don’t have this. We are fighting off demons left and right. We almost lost Dean, John is gone, we are teaming up with freaking demons and I’m pregnant. We don’t have this, we can’t. I need a beer and some Tylenol but I can’t because I’m pregnant.

Sam chuckled a little but stayed there with me until I was ready to get up. He held my hair back while I regretted every extra French fry I ate for lunch.

I walked into the kitchen the next morning, sore and my eyes almost swollen shut from crying all night. I sat down at the table, on the opposite end from Dean and her. The moment I sat down, he got up. He took the paper and his coffee and left the room. She looked at me, scoffed and followed him like a lost puppy. I looked back at my coffee, already crying.

"Here, you have to eat something.” Sam said as he sat the plate of eggs and bacon from the local diner in front of me.

“I can’t. I can barely drink this coffee, I can’t eat that.” I pushed it back to him. I knew he was trying his hardest but I wish he would stop.

“He’s just hurt. If you told him the truth, all this would go away. It would be okay.”

“Sammy, no it wouldn’t. How can I tell Dean I’ve kept a secret for five years? It would destroy him, more than it is now. It’s better this way.”

“God dammit, (Y/N). Tell him the truth or I will.”

“No you won’t. You know the repercussions if Dean knew the truth.”

“The truth?” I heard her voice walk into the run down kitchen with their coffee cups. “You mean our big bad little hunter is keeping a secret.” She taunted and looked at me with her bitch-ass smirk.

“Shut the fuck up and go screw something.” I couldn’t stand her. I couldn’t stand her five years ago and I couldn’t stand her now.

“Too late, I already am. All day and all night.”

“Please explain something to me, Sam. Of all the stray dogs you brought home, Dean never let us keep one. But he brings home some waste of space, bar whore, named Tiffany and we have to keep her.” I cocked my head to the side. I watched her grip tighten on the mug. Before I knew it I was dodging the coffee mug that is shattered into a thousand pieces behind me.

“I might be some bar whore but at least I didn’t murder my unborn child.”

Her hair was wrapped around my hands as I drug her to the floor. I felt the adrenaline pulsing though my veins. My heart was racing as I punched her over and over. She was screaming for Dean. Sam was trying to pull me off of her, but even though he was a skyscraper and built like a brick ship house, I was just as strong. She ripped at a hole in my shirt, exposing the fresh stitches. Her manicured claws ripped at my side, ripping them out, but I didn’t care.
She was still screaming and I was still throwing punches. Sam had left the room to get Dean, like that was going to help.

I heard them both saying our names, telling us to stop. His arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me off of her. She was crying and was going to need a nose job by the time it healed. She was shouting and calling me crazy but she sounded far away in the distance as Dean carried me out of the room. Sam followed, leaving her alone. I didn’t fight him, I was finished. He dropped me on the mothball filled couch and looked at me.
“What the actual fuck, (Y/N)?!” He was screaming, he was upset and it was because of me.

“Just leave me alone, Dean.”  I tried to get up but with one hand, he pushed me back down. Hard enough to make me sit but gentle enough to not hurt me.

“No. You’re not going to treat me the way you do and then beat the shit out of my girlfriend. Who now needs to go to a fucking hospital because you can’t control your crazy.”

“My crazy? I’m crazy? That’s fucking great.”

“You left out of the blue for two years. You sent us a text every once in a while. You come back and you won’t even look at me. God damn you were the love of my life and for some reason you didn’t love me back.”

“I didn’t love you back?! Everything I did was for you Dean. Every choice was for you.”

“No it wasn’t. It was because you were selfish and inconsiderate.” He was sitting across from me in another mothball filled chair. We were arguing but luckily it wasn’t screaming.

“(Y/N), please. Just tell him the truth.” Sam was in the corner. He wanted this to be over, hell I did too. “It’s been four years.”

“No..” I chose because he made me. I did everything for him but saying I didn’t love him was the last straw.

“What truth?” He looked at both of us worried.

“Don’t worry about it. We have shit to do today, let’s forget about this and move on.” I stated.

“No, we are not moving on. This is not normal. What ever the fucking truth is, someone for fucks sake, someone tell me.”

“I can’t.”

“You can’t or you won’t? See here’s the thing, I can’t deal with this one sided female bullshit. I’m over it. So tell me the "truth” or leave. For good. I don’t want to see you, ever again.“

"I’ll pack my bags then.” I got up from the couch and started to walk out of the room.

“(Y/N) never had the abortion.” Sam chimed in. Dean looked at both of us with his eyes wide open.

“Sammy, please don’t.” I cried for him not to. He looked at me, he knew I trusted him. He promised not to tell.

“You mean… I’m a dad?” Dean never cried but I could see him tearing up. “(Y/N), is this true? We have a kid?”

“Dean, we have twins.” My secret was out and it did not feel any better.

“Holy shit.” Tiffany stated, standing by the door listening.

Holy shit was right. If I thought shit was complicated now, add two four year olds.

“Dean I’m pregnant.” I said, as I sat beside him on our shared bed. He was researching for a case, Sam had gone out for the night and it was just us. This was the right time. It was private, just us, like we always liked it.

“(Y/N), baby, you have to work on your jokes.” He glanced at me and back at his computer.

“I’m not joking. I’ve taken five different tests and I can’t even smell a cheeseburger without needing to throw up.” I had his attention, he didn’t look happy either.

“Are you serious?”

“I am, Dean. We’re pregnant.” I tried to involve him. I wanted this to work. Our own little family

“How could you be so careless?” He was in shock but that was not my expected reaction.

“What?” I was confused. I was expecting him to be shocked but I was also expecting him to be somewhat excited.

“We clearly can’t have a child (Y/N). We have no family to watch it. We can’t quit our jobs. You need to get rid of it.” He was mad and I was fucked.

“Dean, this is not one of Sam’s pets he tries to keep. This is an actual human.”

“It’s a fetus and you need to get rid of it. I’m not discussing this anymore. You’re on the pill, you should not be pregnant.”

I was completely broken by his reaction. I thought he would at least be somewhat happy. Was it an accident, yes. But he.. he was amazing with kids. He is meant to be a father.

“The pill is not 100% effective, Dean. You don’t like condoms. We are both at fault here.”

“Don’t you dare blame this on me.” He closed his laptop and got up from the bed. “I’m going to the bar. Keep it but know if you do, you will not be staying with us. So get rid of it or find a new family.” He put his jacket on and started to to walk out the door.

“I thought you loved me, Dean?” I was crying hysterically. If it wasn’t for the hormones, I would be able to actually keep my composure.

“I’m not discussing this anymore.” He slammed the door behind and and Baby’s engine roared shortly after. The only noise in that room was the leaking faucet and my sobs.

Hunters do cry… they cry a lot.

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would u mind talking a little about the timeline for ur top surgery recovery? I might have mine soon and am nervous

so i went home after i woke up from surgery and had drains and bandages and binder on  for the whole week. had to empty the drains every night (so gross) and I also was given like opiods for painkillers enough for the week but i switched to extra strength tylenol after a few days (bc being on the opiods too long will give u like consitpation and stuff).  The first week i was pretty immobile and stayed in bed like most of the time, the painkillers help a lot but still had some pain and just generally uncomfy. but i felt better each day and the first week is the worst so here are my tips for the first week:

  • for the first few days you should be taking the prescribed painkillers whenever you can and dont forget (mine were every 6 hrs so i set timers) bc even if u are feeling ok and think u dont need it, you will regret it later when you start to be in pain again
  • dont try to move too much (you probably will not feel like moving anyways)
  • make sure you have someone at least nearby that can help you with stuff for the first week bc u probably wont be able to cook your own food, or really do much at all for the first week
  • i had really bad chaffing for the first 2 weeks bc of the post op binder, especially like the armpit area, and you can kind of ease that a little by putting like a barrier there like a piece of fabric tucked into the binder under the armpit
  • wet wipes and dry shampoo bc u cant shower for 2 weeks after usually
  • make sure you are eating and drinking lots of water/getting lots of sleep

after a week i went and had my drains removed but i still had to wear the post op binder for another week but i could adjust it and i had to take it off each night and put it back on again so that i could change the padding on my nipples. i felt so much more comfy after the drains were out, like i still took some tylenol for a little bit as i needed it but like by the second week i was off painkillers and like right after they took the drains out i like was going out, walking around, so like really you feel so much better after week one and then gradually even better. after week 2 i didnt have to wear binder or bandages and i could shower, i still had tape on the incisions and i was supposed to wait until it came off on its own (usually like week 3 or 4) after week 2 i still had like some soreness in incision and nipple area and i couldnt sleep on my side til like week 3 but it has been going away, and nothing too serious that i needed painkillers for. good luck with your surgery!! recovery is tough but honestly you start to feel noticeably better each day and it goes by fast

The Commander’s Babysitter

Part 4! I hope you all enjoy it. 

Warnings: None

“Sombra, come pick up your dolls!” you called from the base of the stairs. It’s been only a few days since she got sick and she’s doing much better now. Her fever broke and now she was recovering from the sickness. She was back to her usual self and she was eating again but you tried to keep it light for her stomach. Jesse hasn’t gotten sick, but Gabe got sick.

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Sick Aiden -- Fever

So, I decided to write this compation fic to the artwork @wemermaid4this created based off my OCs. Thanks again for the art!

Despite the Tylenol, cool rag, and water, Aiden’s temperature was still spiking. Emmett looked down at the thermometer and felt his stomach sink when he saw that his boyfriend’s temperature had reached 103.1 degrees. He ran his hand through his brown hair, feeling as though he was running out of options. Aiden was panting miserably in his sleep, his eyes squeezed shut and his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. Emmett wished he could make everything better. Seeing Aiden like this was absolutely heartbreaking, but he knew they weren’t at the point of needing a hospital just yet. Aiden was terrified of doctors, so Emmett was going to try and avoid that for as long as possible. He gently wiped away some of the sweat on Aiden’s forehead with a cold rag, hoping to make Aiden a bit more comfortable while he slept. The door creaked open and Emmett turned around to see Roger stepping in the doorway, his arms crossing over his chest casually but he had a look of deep concern on his face. Aiden was a friend to the whole band and loved by them all, and Emmett knew Roger was just as worried even if he was a bit better at hiding it.

“Is it dropping?” Roger whispered.

Emmett looked back down at the thermometer and shook his head, showing Roger the numbers.

Roger took a few steps forward into the room, squinting at the thermometer as if that would change the concerning numbers that were written on the small screen. “Shit. That’s…” Roger trailed off, catching himself. “I mean, he’ll be okay, man. He’s gotta sweat it out is all.”

Emmett nodded and set the thermometer aside before going back to trying to cool his boyfriend down. “Yeah, I know,” he responded, trying to sound casual as well, but he wasn’t as good at doing that as Roger was. Emmett was quiet for a moment before adding, “Aiden puked after I gave him the Tylenol. Do you think maybe he threw them up too fast for it to work? Do you think that’s why it’s not going down?”

Roger didn’t look sure, but he nodded slowly. “I don’t think trying Tylenol again would hurt. How long was it until he puked after taking the first one?”

Emmett thought about it. “Wasn’t long. Maybe like… ten minutes?”

Roger nodded. “Give him another one.”

Emmett looked down at Aiden and then back at Roger as he began to open the pill bottle. “Should I wake him now? Or do you think I should let him sleep?”

Roger was quiet for a moment, clearly wanting to think about it first. “Honestly, I think we should try to get the fever down as soon as possible. Besides, he will sleep better once he isn’t so hot.”

“So wake him?”


Emmett set the pill down on the nightstand beside the water and gently brushed back some of Aiden’s hair. “Aiden?” he called out softly. “Sweetheart, can you open your eyes for me?”

Slowly, glassy blue eyes came out from hiding, making Emmett smile despite the situation. A soft whine escaped Aiden as his eyes focused on Emmett. “What?” he whispered, clearly wanting to know why he was woken up.

Emmett continued wiping Aiden’s forehead with the rag. “Hey, we’re gonna have you take some Tylenol, okay? And I need you to drink more water.”

Aiden sighed and closed his eyes, curling up in the bed underneath the thin, green blanket. “I just took medicine,” he complained softly and his lip stuck out in a pout. “I wanna go back to sleep. I don’t feel good.”

Emmett pulled down the blanket, ignoring the way his boyfriend protested as he did so. “Aiden, your fever isn’t getting better and I think it’s because you threw up the pill I gave you last time. Please, we have to try again. I don’t want to have to take you the hospital.”

“Hospital?” Aiden’s eyes opened and he sat up in the bed quickly. “No, Em. Please don’t take me to the hospital. I’ll keep the pill down this time, I promise.”

Emmett softened and he stroked Aiden’s cheek softly with his thumb. “I won’t take you unless I really have to, okay? I promise you that.”

Aiden didn’t look happy about this, but he didn’t argue either. He instead sat back against the headboard and allowed Emmett to hand him the pill and glass of water. He stared down at both of them for a while, an unhappy look on his face, before he slowly put the pill in his mouth and chased it down with a small sip of water. An ominous gurgle sounded from Aiden’s stomach and he put his hand up to his mouth just in time to stifle a belch. “Excuse me,” he said softly.

If Aiden’s manners were still intact, Emmett knew it couldn’t be that bad yet. He smiled softly and took the water glass, setting it back down on the nightstand. “It’s alright, sweetheart,” he assured him. “Do you wanna lay back down?”

Aiden looked up at him with big, blue eyes that absolutely melted his heart. “Only if you lay with me,” he whispered.

Emmett couldn’t say no to that. He looked over at Roger and nodded, silently dismissing him from the room before he climbed onto the bed beside his boyfriend. “Alright, think you can go back to sleep?” he asked softly once he was settled beside Aiden. “If you sleep for a while, you’ll probably be able to keep the pill down this time.”

Aiden wrapped his arm around his gurgling middle and squeezed his eyes shut. “It hurts,” he admitted softly. “I really don’t feel good, Em.”

Emmett hesitated before he gently pried Aiden’s arm away from his belly, replacing it with his own. “Come here.” Emmett gently moved Aiden so that his head was resting on his chest, that way Aiden’s stomach was more accessible. Gently, Emmett began to rub circles on his boyfriend’s noisy belly in hopes to help settle it enough that Aiden could get some rest. The motion prompted another soft burp, this one coming up too fast for Aiden to cover up. Though Emmett couldn’t see him, he knew Aiden was blushing. “It’s okay,” he whispered before Aiden could apologize or excuse himself. “It happens. Especially since you’re sick to your stomach. It might be best if you just let them out.”

“I know,” Aiden murmured. He sounded tired, Emmett realized, and hopefully, he would be able to fall asleep soon. “I don’t think I have to anymore, though.”

Emmett wasn’t sure if that was truthful, but he knew it would be best not to argue. “Okay, just get some sleep, sweetheart. I’ll be right here. You’ll feel better if you get some rest, I’m sure.” Emmett continued to rub Aiden’s upset belly, hoping to settle it enough for the boy to fall asleep. It seemed like it was working as Aiden relaxed against his chest, his blue eyes slipping closed, and his breathing becoming deeper. Just when Emmett though they were victorious, Aiden’s stomach emitted a loud, ominous noise.

Aiden’s eyes opened again and he quickly sat up on the bed, pulling away from Emmett. He moaned as he wrapped an arm around his noisy stomach. “Em,” he began, his breath hitching. “I feel really s-sick.”

Emmett sat up and quickly grabbed the garbage can that was by the side of the bed and placed it in front of Aiden on the bed. Aiden grabbed it with the hand that wasn’t rubbing his stomach as a soft gag shook his whole body, sending him lurching forward over the bin. Emmett rubbed Aiden’s back and helped keep the garbage can upright on the bed. He wished he could do more than that, but he knew there was no stopping Aiden’s body at this point.

A deep, sick burp sounded from the back of Aiden’s throat and instantly a trickle of water and bile splashed into the garbage can. Aiden squeezed his eyes shut as tears ran down his cheeks while he continued to heave. The action looked painful and Emmett could only hope that it wouldn’t last long. With another forceful heave, Aiden brought up a larger mouthful of watery vomit, shuddering as it dangled from his lips. “I couldn’t keep it down,” Aiden whispered, sounding so upset and destroyed over the fact. “I’m so sorry, Em. I couldn’t… I tried, I really tried.”

Emmett could tell Aiden was getting worked up, so he immediately began to rub his boyfriend’s back in an assurance that he wasn’t at all mad. “I’m not angry,” Emmett promised as grabbed some tissues off of the nightstand and began to wipe Aiden’s lips and nose. “I’m worried, that’s all. I don’t know how else we’re going to get your fever down.” Emmett placed his hand on Aiden’s forehead, not surprised when he felt how warm it was. “Aiden, we have to cool you down.”

Aiden, still upset over vomiting, wiped away the tears that were spilling from his eyes. “What are you going to do?” he asked Emmett quietly.

Emmett knew what he had to do, and he knew how much Aiden was going to hate it. However, he knew that at this point, desperate times called for desperate measures. Emmett sent a text to Roger, asking his friend if he could start to fill the bathtub with cold water. When that was done, Emmett slid off the bed and held out his hand for Aident to take. “Come here, we’re gonna go to the bathroom.”

Aiden complied, but he looked confused. With Emmett’s help, he climbed out of the bed and stood up on shaky legs. “But I don’t think I need to throw up again,” he said softly.

“I know.” Emmett squeezed Aiden’s hand gently and led him out of the room towards the bathroom. Roger was already waiting outside the door and he gave the two of them a friendly smile before walking away to give them privacy. The second the two of them stepped into the bathroom, Aiden’s blue eyes widened when he saw the tub and they filled with fresh tears.

“No, Em, please! “ Aiden cried, turning to face him. “I-I really don’t want to get in there. Please, I’m cold already.”

Emmett hated himself for doing this, but he knew getting Aiden’s fever down was the number one priority. “Aiden, I’m sorry,” he said sincerely. “I really am, but if we don’t cool you down, I’ll have to take you to the hospital. This is getting out of hand.”

This only upset Aiden more as he began to sob, pressing his face against Emmett’s chest. “P-please,” he stuttered in between sobs. “I don’t w-want to. I really don’t. I want to go back to bed. Please, Emmett. J-just want to sleep.”

Emmett had no choice but to begin to move Aiden closer to the tub. At this point, Aiden seemed to accept the fact that he was getting in, regardless how he felt about it. He was still sobbing which absolutely ripped Emmett’s heart out, but it was a necessary evil. “It’s gonna be okay,” Emmett promised as he helped Aiden slowly raised his leg over the side of the tub. Having Aiden take a cold bath was bad enough, he knew he couldn’t ask that his boyfriend also take off his clothes. So, he decided the best way to handle the situation was to keep the clothes on him and just have him change into fresh ones as quickly as possible once he was done.

After what felt like forever, Aiden was finally lowering himself down into the freezing water. Instantly, he began to shiver and he squeezed his eyes shut, tears still streaming down his face. “I don’t like this,” he pouted. “H-how long do I have to be in here?”

Emmett cupped some of the cold water in his hands and began to pour it over Aiden’s head and down his sweaty back. “Until you start to cool down, sweetheart, you know that. You know I gotta do this.” Aiden didn’t answer and he looked genuinely upset enough for Emmett to start to worry. He didn’t want this to cause problems between the two of them, but even if he did, he knew that this was something that had to be done.

About five minutes later, Aiden was shivering uncontrollably and his skin wasn’t feeling near as hot. Emmett sent a text to Roger, asking his friend if he could bring in some clothes for Aiden to change into. Once Roger responded with ‘no problem’, Emmett grabbed a towel and helped Aiden stand up in the now drained bathtub, watching as water poured from Aiden’s clothing t-shirt and pajama pants. When Roger came in, Emmett turned around, knowing Aiden still very much needed his privacy while changing. Though Emmett had told him a million times that he thought his body was beautiful, Aiden still always said he was worried he would be dumped if Emmett saw his body. Emmett loved Aiden’s curves and wouldn’t change them for the world, and it saddened him how self-conscious his boyfriend was.

A few minutes later, Aiden’s small voice spoke up. “Okay, I’m ready.” Emmett turned around and smiled as he saw Aiden now dressed in dry clothes and standing by the sink, still shivering from underneath the towel that was wrapped around him. The wet clothes were left on the side of the bathtub to dry and Emmett made a mental note to throw them in the dryer later. For now, Aiden was his priority.

Emmett took a few steps closer until he was standing right in front of Aiden. He placed a hand on his boyfriend’s forehead, relieved to see that it felt significantly cooler. “Thank god,” Emmett mumbled softly. “You really were starting to scare me.”

“It’s better?” Aiden asked.

“Not quite, but you’re getting there.” Emmett pulled the towel off of Aiden’s body, ignoring the protests that his boyfriend made, before leading them back to the bedroom. He helped Aiden back into bed and smiled when his boyfriend scooted over to the side to make room for him. Emmett didn’t hesitate to join Aiden in bed and he happily wrapped his arms around the other male.

“Thank you for doing so much for me,” Aiden said after a while. “I know I can be a pain sometimes, but you never give up on me.”

Emmett smiled at the comment and he brushed some of Aiden’s wet hair back and kissed the tip of his nose. “You’re a pain, sweetheart, but you’re my pain. You always will be. You don’t need to thank me for taking care of you when you’re sick. It’s my job because I love you and I’ll always be there for you. I know you would-” Emmett stopped as soft, gentle lips brushed against his cheek and he smiled warmly. “Thank you.”

Aiden’s smile was tired, yet it was still the most beautiful smile in the whole world. “I love you, Em. Now let me go to sleep. I’m tired.”

Emmett was happy to obey and even happier to fall asleep as well.

The Other Woman..

Summary: So I saw another story about Barry having a crush on a girl. And the reader is really jealous. But she doesn’t know it’s actually her. 

Ship: Barry Allen x Reader 

Warnings: Insecure, fluff, sadness, swearing, a wee bit smutty?

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(I couldn’t really find a good angry/jealous gif so I used a cat.. LOL Sorry.)

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Your P.O.V

I was absolutely furious. I’d never been this mad before in my whole life. No matter how much I didn’t want to admit it, I was jealous. Barry has recently told me, Caitlin, and Cisco about this girl he was ‘head over heels in love with.’ Every time he would start to describe how amazing, and wonderful this girl was, I would just roll my eyes, and stare at my computer. It broke my heart to listen. He seemed to be in absolute love with this girl, and there was no way for me to even try to grab his attention. I was just so done. I didn’t know what to do anyone. Sometimes, when I entered the lab, I wouldn’t even acknowledge my team. 

After a while Cisco started becoming curious. “Hey (Y/n), why haven’t you been greeting us when you walk in?” I just shook my head nonchalantly. “Oh sorry, I haven’t noticed. I’ve been so stressed with work and figure I didn’t need to say it any more.” He nodded, but I knew he wasn’t finished. Caitlin had entered not too long after, immediately getting to work. A few minutes later, Barry waltzed in, a huge grin plastered on his face. Oh god.. Here we go.. I rolled my eyes and put in one ear bud. He greeted everyone normally and turned to Cisco. “Dude she is so fantastic! Every morning when I see her, my world just brightens up. Ya know? I get the worse butterfly’s. I feel like I can’t even speak sometimes. She’s just so-” Before he could finish, I packed up my stuff and left. Cisco and Caitlin asking me questions on the way out. I lean against the wall of the elevator and sniffle. I rest my head on back and breath sharply. Crossing my arms into my chest I rush out to my car and drive home. Tears falling down my face, I couldn’t control it anymore. I needed to get out there.

Later that night..

I came home and jammed Enter Sandman by Metallica. I pulled the booze out of my refrigerator and drank. I don’t usually do this, but I had to forget. For once in my life, I wanted to forget about Barry. I just wanted to get drunk and have fun. The next song that came on was Crazy=Genius by Panic!at the Disco. I turned it up louder and pulled the chocolate ice cream from the freezer. 

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As I shoved a spoon into the chocolate, Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake came on. I danced in a sexual motion, my hips swaying to the beat. I didn’t give a shit anymore. I needed to get laid tonight, and I knew it wasn’t gonna happen with Barry. I put the chocolate ice cream back in the freezer and went to my room. I put on my make up heavy. Black eye shadow and bad ass lingerie. I shave everything, lotion-ed up and left, ready for a crazy night. 

Later that night..

I decided not to drink to much. I wanted to remember who exactly I was sleeping with. I almost lost hope, but my thoughts came to a halt, when a tall man came up to me. He was down right hot. Perfect. Time to get my flirt on. 

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The next day…

When I woke up, my head was throbbing. I definitely needed some Tylenol or Advil. I turned my head to see Jacob, the person I slept with last night, looking at me. I whispered, surprised. “I thought you’d be gone?” He smiled. I have to admit, he was a lot prettier than I remembered. “I wanted to make sure you were okay. And I wanted to know if I was good?” I laughed, nodding. He grinned a little. I turned back around, looking at the time. Oh shit! I’m gonna be late! I bolted out from the best and got dressed. He smirked and got changed too, but not as fast as me. I spoke in a fast tone. “So if you want to eat anything, you can. I have to go shopping anyway? I have..umm.. cereal. I know not the ideal food choice, but what can you do. Umm..-” Before I could continue, he kissed me on the head. “Don’t worry about me. I was about to go anyway. I had a really fun time. And good luck with your crush.” I look at him wide eyed. He continued “It takes one to know one. Here’s my number. I would actually love to hang out with you sometime. As friends of course.” I gave him a kind smile and opened the door for him. 

We parted ways. I then bolted to Jitters, where I was meeting Caitlin. As I walked in I scanned the area, my eyes falling upon Cisco. I walk up to him, out of breath. He looks up, smirks and giggles. I look at him confused. “Why are you giggling?” He replies with a smirk once more. “Oh nothing. By the way, what bear trap did you fight with last night? Because you have all these bites on your neck?” My eyes grow wide. Oh shit.. He laughs again at my reaction. I roll my eyes and walk up to the cafe. I order my usual, as I turn around I run into someone I thought I wouldn’t see for a long time. Jacob.. He giggles. “I didn’t know you came here?” I shrugged, laughing along with him. “I didn’t know you came here either?” He looked at my neck and laughed. “You didn’t cover all of my marks up that well.” I glance up at his neck and shoulders, giggling I replied. “You didn’t do to well of a job either.” He blushed crimson red. I continue. “If that girl you like doesn’t notice you now? I don’t know what will. To be honest, I’m surprised she didn’t snatch you up before? You seem like a sweet heart.” He smiled again. “Thanks. I hope she notices too. She means everything to me. I would do anything for her.” 

I give him a hug, and saunter back to my table. Caitlin sat next to Cisco. At first I hadn’t recognized the person sitting across from them. As I got closer, I noticed it was.. Barry. I sit next to him, and look at Caitlin. “So anything on the meta-human?” As I turn to look at Barry, I noticed there was something different. His eyes were dark, his breaths were sharp, he was gripping his drink rather harshly. Never in my life had I seen Barry in this manner. I look back at Cisco with a questioning facial expression. He ignored it and answered my original question. “Well, the meta-human has the ability to control metal. So far, we know he can’t make metal out of air, he can only use it from what’s around him.” I nod my head. “Okay, let’s get to work.” I grab my coffee and stand by Caitlin. Cisco walks beside Barry. His muscles are tense, breaths sharp. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. 

I whisper to Caitlin. “Hey, what’s wrong with Barry?-” Before she could speak, I continued in a sarcastic tone. “I thought he would be thrilled to see his soul mate?” She looked at me wide eyed and then shrugged. I rolled my eyes. She then asked me a question, that I truly feared. “Do you like Barry?” My face turned crimson red, I couldn’t even speak. My voice only came out as a stutter. “Ahh.. I umm.. ahh.. umm.” I could see her about to move. Immediately I grabbed her hand and pulled her back. “Please don’t tell him. I’ll get teased. Please. I don’t want to ruin my relationship with him.” She nodded and rolled her eyes. 

I say in a sad tone. “Look he’s in love with someone else and I got jealous. So last night, I decided to go have.. fun. I needed to get my mind off Barry.. But it didn’t work.” She looked at me, a conflicted expression plastered on her face. I continue. “I’m just so sick of him going on about this perfect girl. Look I’ll catch up with you later okay?” I leave her, and let my thoughts flourish. I head home, conflicted. What the hell am I suppose to do?

Barry’s P.O.V

I was mad. No. Not mad. I was fucking furious. She the light of my world and she doesn’t even notice. Not only that, she fucked another guy? I thought I was being obvious? I saw the slightly vivid hickey’s on her neck. Honestly, if I had sex with her, I would have left many other marks. I wanted other to know that she was mine. Cisco walked next to me. My blood boiled like no other. He tries to reassure me. “Maybe it was just a one night thing?” I exhale; frustrated. “Cisco, that doesn’t help. The guy had his hands all over her. It makes me sick to even think about it.” Cisco continues quietly. “I’m sure it was nothing. Ya know how girls faces are all lit up after sex, frankly she looked disappointed.” To be honest, that idea made me feel a little better. I watch her walk away. Caitlyn rushed towards us, concern washing over her face. “She told me not to tell you but she likes you. Not just like, love! She honestly thought that you were head over heels in love with someone else..” I ask angry and confused. “Than why did she fuck that guy?” She looked a me sadden. “She thought you would never notice her. She wanted to stop hurting. she thought she wasn’t enough.” 

My heart broke at her words. The girl of my dreams was oblivious and broken because I didn’t tell her. I need to fix this. “Look, I’ll go talk to her later. See you guys.” I waved them goodbye. I wasn’t going to chicken out this time. 

Your P.O.V

I exhale, wiping the tears from my face. I’m so sick of crying over Barry Allen. I grabbed a bottle of wine and drank from the glass. I sat down at my counter, shuffling through my paper work. After my second glass of wine, I heard a loud knock at the door. My eyebrows rise. Who could be here? I waltz up to the door, unlocking it. I look up to see Barry. Crimson red and flustered. I question. “Barry, what are you doing here? Are you oka-” Before I could finish, our lips collided. He stepped in and closed the door; our lips still crashing together. He turned me and shoved me hard against the door. He devoured my neck. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse, low and sexy. “You’re the mystery girl. I love you and I’m not letting you go. You’re mine.” 

I shivered at his sudden dominance. I questioned as he continued with my neck. “I thought I was just a friend to you?” His eyes were dark and full of lust. “Never. You were always so much more.” I couldn’t help but smile. He put on a wicked grin. “Now, I wanna show you some real fun. I wanna put some real marks on you.” He continued, dorky. “If you’re okay with that?” I laughed, kissing him. This was gonna be one hell of a night. 

I hope you enjoyed it! 


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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader/ Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name

REQUEST:  Excuse me miss. Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan and have a request of a story for you. I was wondering if you could have a girl be with Steve or Bucky and break up to fall for the other one. Thanks so much. Love you!

For @nicolemt23 and @mullinhore

A/N: Bucky is kind of a dick in this, so I apologise now. Also this is a long one. 

Y/N sat in her apartment, staring out the window. It was raining out, which wasn’t surprising for this time of the year. She had packed up all of her belongings and her driver was scheduled to be there in an hour. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to go home yet but the mission was over and it was time. It had been a year since she had been home to the facility and when she left she hadn’t said goodbye to anyone. In fact the only people who she has had contact with for the past year were Nick Fury and Steve. She had asked Nick not to tell the others where she was and he promised to keep it between the two of them. She ended up sending Steve an email a few months after she left saying that this was her choice and that she knew it was for the best. After that she cut contact with him, not allowing him to reply. Sitting at that window she thought back to where it all went wrong.

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Wanting More | Luke Smut  (Part 9)

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Luke’s POV

After she had passed out cold in my arms, I couldn’t think of anything else to do but to bring her back to my place where I could make sure nothing bad happened to her. I put her in my bed, making sure she was laying on her side so she didn’t choke on her own vomit if she did start throwing up again.

Even though I knew it would be hours before she would be awake again I couldn’t tear myself from her side. I sat against the wall across from where she was asleep, and studied her as she slept. Just looking at her brought back the crushing pain I had felt when she showed up at the club as Calum’s date.

At first I ignored the pain, telling myself she was just using Calum to get me off her back, but as the night went on I realized that maybe Calum was who she really wanted to be with. They clearly got along, and even I couldn’t deny that they worked well together - hell, I think I even remember him talking about her a few months ago after one of the parties at my house.

But as hard as I tried to convince myself that it was over between me and her, I couldn’t get the memory of her whimpering my name last night, or how right it looked to have her asleep in my bed again - and I clung to those thoughts like a lifeline.

I was completely oblivious to the fact that Y/N had started moving around in my bed, too lost in my thoughts to even take notice to the fact that the sun had started to break through the shades on my window. I jumped out of my skin when her voice cut through the silence, “Luke? Oh fuck.” She was running her hands over her face, the words coming out scratchy and weak from all the alcohol and screaming of last night, but just hearing my name pass through her lilps was enough to make my heart skip a beat.

“Mornin’,” I said, chuckling to myself as I watched her flip over and bury her face even deeper into the pillows, clearly avoiding the light that was now filling the room, “How’s the head?”

All I got in reply was a muffled groan from between the pillows, “I’ll take that as pretty bad.” I stood up, my muscles tight and unmoving after being stuck in the same position all night, “Let me go get you some tylenol and water.” After finding what I needed in the kitchen, I turned around to head back to the bedroom but was surprised to find Y/N walking down the hall towards me.

Her hair was thrown up in the messy ponytail I had managed to wrangle it into while she was busy vomiting last night, her clothes were askew from tossing and turning in my bed all night, her eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep, but none of that changed the fact that she was the most beautiful thing to me.

I hadn’t realized how long I had been staring, until her voice shook me from my trance and I noticed that she was standing in front of me looking incredibly uncomfortable, “Luke - I should, uh, I should head out.” The crushing pain came back full force - completely shattering that tiny bit of hope I had been holding on to all night. I nodded my head almost imperceptibly, trying not to show how hurt I was.

“Thanks for -,” She paused, a confused expression coming across her face, “I’m not entirely sure what I’m thanking you for, but since all of my clothes are still on and I’m still alive you clearly did something.” She let out an awkward laugh that made my chest tighten up, because it was the same laugh she let out whenever she thought she went to far with something in the bedroom - a laugh that slipped away over the weeks as we got more comfortable with each other.

I tried to keep my face as impassive as possible as she walked by me towards the front door, “Calum’s a really good guy.”

“What?” Y/N said, stopping in her tracks.

I couldn’t turn around and face her, knowing if I saw her face I wouldn’t be able to get through what I had to say, “Calum, he’s - he’s - while he’s one of my best friends, and you two clearly have something between you, so I just wanted to say that he’s a great guy and you’re lucky to have found each other.” I couldn’t stop fiddling with the sleeve of the shirt I had been wearing last night, trying desperately to ignore the almost unbearable tightening in my chest.

“Oh,” Y/N said, her voice flat, “Yeah, he’s, uh, pretty great.” I heard her start to walk towards the door again, squeezing my eyes shut to stop the wetness that had started to build up. The footsteps stopped again, “But Luke, if Calum’s such a great guy, why is it that I’ve woken up at your place today?” 

The footsteps started again, but this time they were getting closer rather than farther away, “And why, if we so clearly have something between us, can’t I stop thinking about you.” At those words I spun around, both of us freezing in our places.

I was so lost for words I could hardly form a sentence, “What - I don’t - are you - “ I stuttered out as she moved from her spot, walking closer until our chests were ever so slightly touching, and her beautiful eyes were looking up into mine.

Y/N stood up on her the tips of her toes, and lightly pressed on the back of my neck - pulling me down to her. Her lips ghosted against mine, before she ran her hand down my chest while backing away, her eyes never leaving mine until she was out the door.

I touched my fingers to my lips, struggling to wrap my mind around what had just happened - was I getting the girl of my dreams, or was she just playing me once again?


When you had initially woken up at Luke’s you couldn’t remember anything, only able to focus on the pounding in your head and the putrid taste of puke that filled your mouth. But once you had gotten past the initial misery things started to come back. The initial drinks, the ridiculous dance-off with Calum, the look on Luke’s face, but after that things were much more difficult to pinpoint only coming back in snippets.

But as you laid with your face buried deeply in Luke’s pillows, immersing yourself in his scent, a particular snippet jumped out from the rest and had you up and collecting your things before you could even think about your hangover.

It was the reason you had turned around while Luke gave you his blessing to be with Calum, it was the reason you opened your mouth and said what you really felt, and it was the reason you were currently headed back to your apartment filled with a mix of sadness and anger - the snippet replaying over and over in your head.

“Oh my god! Y/N, what happened to you?” Casey’s voice cut through the haze of memories, clear as day. There was muttering next to you, presumably from Calum whose arm was currently wrapped around your waist, but the memory showcased the person who was with Casey. His tanned arm was slung over her shoulder as he held her close to his body, his usual button-up, chino, and boat shoe combination clinging tightly to his muscular body.

You remembered the slew of thoughts that bounced around in your mind at the sight of your best friend and ex-boyfriend clinging to one another like even an inch of space would be too far, and then you remember the churning in your stomach and the gurgling in the back of your throat, that had you sprinting for the exit before you could reply.

Nick had been your high school sweetheart. He was your date, your first kiss, your first official relationship, the first person you said ‘I love you’ too outside of your family, and the person you lost your virginity to. The two of you had dated for years, and you were completely head over heels in love with him, and you were convinced he was the boy you were going to marry.

Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary to you, but apparently for Nick the whole relationship was going downhill. However, he never expressed any of his feelings and maintained his usual composure on the outside, so when he said he had something important he needed to talk to you about, you were expecting a proposal. Instead you got your first break-up talk.

You were completely torn apart for the first couple of weeks after Nick dumped you, but your friends helped you see that he wasn’t the only thing in life and forced you to get out of bed and move on with your life.

Before you knew it you were standing in front of the apartment building without a clue what you were going to say, and a nervousness that you hadn’t been expecting. But you knew if you didn’t do it now you would never work up the courage to confront them again, so you forced yourself to head up the stairs and let yourself in to the apartment.

You weren’t entirely sure what you had expected to find, but it definitely wasn’t to find the two of them cuddled up in a chair together doing a crossword Monica and Chandler style. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t even notice you had entered. 

You had to admit they looked happy together, and when you let out a resigned sigh as all the anger left your body, the two of them were alerted to your presence, instantly jumping away from each other. “No, don’t start with the apologies.” You said before they could even get a syllable out. But when Casey opened her mouth again, a guilty look in her eyes you held up a hand, “Really guys, it’s fine.” And you meant it.

This was the first time, other than last night, that you had seen Nick since he broke up with you, and if you were being honest you thought you were going to completely crumble at the sight of him. Yet, you were hardly affected at the sight of him. You were more affected by the sight of them being intimate together, a sadness washing over you as the thought of Luke crossed your mind.

You brushed the thought away and focused at the situation at hand, realizing they were both waiting for you to say something, “I, uh, while I came by to throw every insult in the book at the two of you,” Casey ducked her head guiltily, “But now that I’m here I don’t even think I’m mad.”

You walked over to the couch and flopped back on it, completely exhausted from your lack of sleep as the hangover finally caught up with you, “Why didn’t you tell me Cas?” You said, your voice dripping with the hurt that you were just realizing you felt.

“I think I’ll just head out.” Nick said quietly, going to kiss Casey on the forehead but hesitating when he remembered you were there.

“Nick it’s fine, it’s been almost a year I’ve moved on.”

He nodded, whispering something in Casey’s ear that made a smile appear on her face. While, at least she’s happy, you thought to yourself. When Nick was out the door Casey turned back to you, “I’m so sorry Y/N, I should’ve told you.” Her voice was shaky as she spoke.

“How long has it been going on for?” You asked, nervous to hear the answer.

“Um, well we actually ran into each other at the bar the night that you and our friends took me out to celebrate being done with Luke.” She was staring at her thumbs, avoiding any eye contact with you, “And while, we always spent time together while the two of you were dating and so we started to catch up, and one thing led to another and pretty soon he asked me out on a date.”

You wracked your brain searching for some memory of Casey being with Nick that night, but you could only remember what had happened between you and Luke that night.

Casey took your silence as anger and was desperate for your forgiveness, “But I swear Y/N, if this relationship didn’t mean something real to me I would never even consider seeing him again. But - but I really see us going places, and he makes me feel like I deserve to be loved and - and -”

You could hear her voice catching, knowing the waterworks weren’t far behind, “Cas, really it’s okay I forgive you.” She looked up at you eyes wide, and sparkling from the tears, “I just have one more question, why were you so upset about the picture of me walking out of Luke’s apartment. If what you’re saying is true then you would’ve been dating Nick for quite a while by the time those pictures were released.”

A blush rose to her cheeks, “While - um - oh god this is so petty Y/N.” Casey hid her face in her hands before she replied, “After the pictures were released I texted one of Luke’s friends who I actually became quite close with during our, well I guess I can’t really call it a relationship, but that’s beside the point. I texted his friend to find out if the picture was real because I didn’t want to falsely accuse you of anything.”

She stopped talking, and you could see her hands shaking. “It’s okay Casey, whatever it is, just tell me.” You were starting to get worried.

“Okay, well, his friend replied telling me that it was real and that Luke had actually been talking non-stop about the girl that was in the picture. He even had set a picture of you and him as the background on his phone.” 

You smiled, knowing exactly the picture she was talking about. He had woken up before you one morning and used a filter on snapchat, effectively turning you into a trucker with a mustache, before planting a kiss on your cheek and snapping the picture.

You had begged him not to send it to anybody, and after a few minutes he agreed to your pleas, but not before saving it to his photos and setting it as just his wallpaper - so that only people who could unlock his phone could see it. 

Forgetting that Casey was explaining herself to you, you were startled by the sound of her voice, “And I was so jealous, jealous of the fact that you could get Luke to care about more than just sex, jealous of the fact that he was willing to even acknowledge the fact that the two of you had had sex publically rather than kick you out right after and completely ignore you.”

“Casey - “ You tried to console her, but she talked right over you.

“I know that’s completely irrational since I was in a loving relationship at that point, but the things Luke had done to me were still a little bit painful, and it was so unfair of me to make you feel guilty for being with him, when here I was dating the boy who you had thought you were going to marry. I mean, I didn’t even have a relationship with Luke!” Casey was distraught, constantly going back and forth between wildly waving her arms about and running them through her hair which was now a complete mess.

“Casey don’t be so hard on yourself. Luke was a complete dickhead to you and you deserve to be treated with so much more respect than that. And trust me, if he ever wants me back in his life he WILL be apologizing for the way he treated you - “ You started on your own rant.

Casey’s voice came out startled, “Wait Luke didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“I ran in to him in the stairwell when he came to the apartment to talk to you the other week. He explained to me exactly what had been going on, and apologized for everything that had went down between the two of us in the past.” Casey’s expression mirrored my own confused one, “I thought he would’ve told you that, considering he asked me if I would be okay with him asking you out and I told him he had my complete blessing.”

You were in shock, how had Luke not told you that Casey was okay with the two of you, and how had he not mentioned that he apologized to her while you were reaming him out for being a man-whore just moments after it happened.

Oh god, you were reaming him out for being a man-whore moments after he had begged your best friend forgiveness, and even asked her permission to be with you. “I’m the worst person ever.” You cried out, “I called him a man-whore, and essentially told him that I didn’t trust him, not to mention I went to a club with his best friend where I knew he would be and then ended up at his place once again, where I left once again without an explanation.”

Casey grabbed on to your hands and lifted you into a standing position, “While then I think you’ve got some apologizing and explaining to do.” She pushed you towards the door, giving you an encouraging thumbs up when you turned around to glance back at her before heading out the door, “Go get your man back!” She called after you, making you smile knowing that everything was going to be alright between the two of you.

A/N: I FINALLY WROTE IT. I’m so sorry it took me forever, but I came back to school after spring break and immediately had tests on tests and a ridiculous amount of work to go along with it. But i hope you all like it and let me know here if you want me to write the final part!

Part 10

Popcorn takes forever (Scott McCall)

OMG SO AN anon requested A Scott McCall imagine where the reader gets sick so here it is. My first Scott imagine too. Yay!

Word count: 928

Triggers: fluff

You groaned and hit your alarm clock.
“Shut up!” After the thrid attempt at hitting it, it finally turned off. You sat up and started sneezing. That killer headache from last night hadn’t gone away yet.
“Oh great.” you mumbled. You could sense what was going to come next: the clamminess, and the sore throat. You are about to get sick.
“MOM!” you shouted, which made your throat sorer than it already was.
“Yes (y/n)?” SHe asks as she comes up the stairs.
“I’m getting sick… can I stay home today?” She comes up and feels your forehead.

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anonymous asked:

The gay coding thing is so bizarre. I'm a lesbian and what's known as a "high-femme". I've become used to guys trying to flirt with me saying "You don't LOOK like one!". Apparently I look straighter than the straight girls. XD So some of the gay-coding arguments I see make me feel kinda... invalidated? (For lack of a better word) Like, I'm not doing it right? I dunno. It's such a weird, weird concept. I need some Tylenol.

That’s a good point actually. I touch upon it in another post, but basically if you guess which characters are autistic based on “coding” you will not only misdiagnose characters who aren’t autistic, but also those who are.

it’s just falling back to stereotypes which is what they SHOULD be trying to get rid of… since they don’t want to invalidate anyone’s identity. And yet here we are.