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College!AU Jungkook
  • major: computer science 
  • minor: digital art 
  • sports: on-campus dance crew, track & field 
  • clubs: e-sports club LOL 
  • is basically considered the “computed genius” of his year and all the professors in the computer science major just adore him 
  • halfway through his freshman year he was offered an internship at TWELVE different companies that had all heard about him because of the software projects he had perfected and also the fact that he apparently holds the record on campus for writing a code up in approximately 3.5 minutes
  • he thinks algorithms are fun and didn’t have to take the core for Calc 1 because when he was in High School he was past Calc 3
  • can take apart and rebuild a computer faster than most of the professors themselves
  • the cute thing is that as much as he knows about the inner workings of computers and all that, he’s also crazy about computer games and is super competitive. plays everything from World of Warcraft & League of Legends to Minecraft and Garry’s Mod.
  • is part of the universities e-sports club and plays in local tournaments for like cash and he has been scouted to join pro LOL or Starcraft teams but he’s like meh not interested but thanks
  • digital art is his minor and it kind of confuses the computer science department heads because they’re like!!! jungkook!!! you could do so much better how about?? mathematics oR economics as a minor and he’s like sketching his favorite playable character from mortal kombat like “nope. drawing is fun. drawing on the computer is even better.”
  • he kinda has this secret dream of being able to be a game software designer but he keeps it quiet from most people because everyones always on his case about the gREat things he can do with his mind like write software for the government or huge corporations and he’s like yeah yeah but in his head he’s got all these cool designs and plots for characters and adventures 
  • and the fact that he’s so good at like ?? everything kind of makes him the target for mean jealous peoples hatred and so his only real friends are like this small group of people that he meet through jimin, a friend of his on the dance team
  • other than them jungkook doesn’t really warm up to people the way jimin and taehyung do,,,,he kinda tends to be shy and closed up
  • oh and he does track & field because the coach like begged him to join after he saw jungkook doing a dash across the campus to get away from jimin who just wanted to give his best buddy a kiss on the cheek
  • and actually you meet jungkook because see you’re sitting in study hall with your laptop and you’re finishing up this essay. it took you like 10 hours to write and you’ve got like one billion sources and you’re on your last sentence when BAM your computer just freezes and dies on the spot
  • and you’re sitting there looking at your screen like what. the. fuck.
  • and jungkook is like two seats away with his headphones in watching some walk-through on his phone and laughing at all the mistakes of the streamer when he hears you let out the tiniest little yell and like almost slip onto the floor of your chair
  • and usually jungkook isn’t the type to put his nose into other peoples business but seeing as though you look like you’re about to start sobbing and the fact that your laptop is threatening to fall of your lap and break he’s like
  • “excuse me- your laptop-”
  • and you’re like” itS DEAD B ro  IT JUSt D I E D it RIPPED On me I wanNA sCream THAT PAPER is DUE BY 3 o’clock tHIS is the bittersweet end”
  • and jungkook is like 
  • well firstly he bursts into laughter because ‘the bittersweet end’ thats funny but also he’s like “hand me your laptop”
  • and you’re like what no how do i know you’re not gonna take it and run and jungkook’s like “because i have a macbook at home i don’t need your little pc notebook laptop” and you’re like Excuse me don’t trash talk my laptop and jungkooks like “fine fine but i can fix it hand it over”
  • and you’re a little suspicious because jungkook doesn’t look like he can fix it not when he’s wearing ripped up denim jeans, a white t-shirt three sizes too big and timberlands that look like they’ve seen hell and back but you’re like well…….it’s worth a shot
  • so you hand it over to him and jungkook like flips it over, checks the bottom of your laptop touches some stuff presses some buttons listen im not a computer science major jungkook is here
  • and when he presses the power button WALLA the screen turns on and there’s your saved word document with your essay and you’re like
  • staring at it and then looking back at jungkook with your mouth open and he’s like “told you” and you’re like 
  • “dude. dude you are GOD” and jungkook’s like “maybe not god but like yes im really really good.” and you’re like “i owe you one!!” and jungkook’s like nah forget about it bUT THEN
  • he hears it
  • the voice
  • that voice
  • and jungkook’s like oh nO and you’re like??? what oh look it’s jimin i know him he’s nice-
  • and jungkook is like hide me. please don’t tell him im here let me get behind yo-
  • and he like tries to get over you to the seat that’s like beside you but jimin is like jUNGKOOK!!! ive been looking for you - oh well hello there
  • jimin like smiles and waves to you and you like awkwardly wave back and jimin’s like “i didn’t know you knew jungkook, am i……….interrupting something (——:” 
  • and you’re about to be like “what?? no!” but jungkook sits up and is like “yes. jimin this is my significant other. we were just talking about where we were going to go on our DATE so if you could give us some time…..”
  • and jimin (being a sucker for all things romantic) gets a little red in the ears and is like OH OH I SEE WELL I WILL BE ON MY WAY 
  • and like winks and does a little finger gun @ jungkook
  • and you’re sitting there in stunned silence and jungkook is like umm uhhh umm 
  • and his face is getting redder by the minute and his eyes are wide like a lost bunny and he’s like “REmember how you said you owed me, yeah that was the favor I’m sorry-”
  • and you put your hands up like it’s fine it’s fine but why are you avoiding jimin?
  • and jungkook kind of sighs and he’s like dont get me wrong i love my hyung but he’s always saying i should go out and do things like date or whatever and im just like,,,,,,,id rather stay home and stream overwatch or something
  • and you’re like i know that Feel but you’re also like jimin is kinda right like isn’t that what college is about having fun and doing stuff but you shrug because it’s not your business and jungkook did fix your laptop and he is pretty cute you wouldn’t mind actually going on a date w/ him but since he’s obviously not interested you two like part ways and you thank him again for fixing your laptop and you’re like that’s that
  • ok im being dramatic but yeah you notice jimin at smoothie place near campus and you’re like oh no i better hide so he doesn’t ask me about jungkook
  • but jimin sees and he’s like HEY and you’re like fRICK but you smile and wave and he like jogs over to you and he’s like “listen this is going to sound so imposing and what not but im so happy you’re dating jungkook because he needs to get out of his shell and i never thought he’d find someone that he’d willing let do that and im just so thankful for taking care of him” 
  • jimin like grabs both your hands and does a little bow and you’re like oh my god what did i get myself into
  • and you have to search the whole campus until you find jungkook in one of the empty computer labs of the lab buildings and you’re like hEY WE HAVE A PROBLEM 
  • and jungkook takes his headphones off and he’s like ???? what problem wait one sec let me finish this -
  • and you’re like jungkook stop playing your online game and listen to me-
  • and he’s like one SEC i promise it’s for a good cause and you’re like what good cause it’s some online battle but then you see the screen flash the word ‘victory’ and you’re like jungkook this is serious-
  • and he’s like yeah yeah i know i just needed to beat that game it’s like a charity thing im doing that if i beat like twenty straight rounds this company will donate 20,000,000 won to a childrens hospital so
  • and you’re like hold up back it up you’re playing games for,,,,,,charity
  • and he kinda scratches his neck like well yeah i mean im good at it so i might as well put my skills toward helping people
  • and you’re @ you’re own heart don’t you dare skip a beat
  • but then jungkook also adds in the info that he fixes up old computers at poor schools so kids will be able to use the internet even if schools can’t afford newer models of computers and you’re like
  • well damn there my heart goes skipping TEN beats
  • and jungkook’s like so what’s up is it your laptop- but you’re like no no it’s park jimin he basically thanked me for being your significant other and was very genuine and passionate about this “relationship” of ours jungkook how are you ever going to tell him you lied
  • and jungkook’s like oh no,,,,,and you two are like standing there looking at each other like we done messed up until jungkook like clears his throat and he’s like
  • “wELL there is a way we could get away with it”
  • and you perk up like how??? tell me!!! and jungkooks like “well-ah-um-ah d-d–da-date–w-w- we could g-go on a date and see- see if mayb-maybe….”
  • and you’re like date? see? and you’re like oh he means see where it goes and you like instantly feel your own cheeks heat up and you’re like 
  • “actually,,,,id love to but,,,but,,,wait jungkook-”
  • and he’s like swallowing like yes??? 
  • and you’re like “did you think i was cute when you saw me in study hall with my laptop?” and he looks like he’s been caught red handed and he’s like wHAT No and you’re like oh my god you did 
  • and jungkook admits it (after you two bicker cutely about it for like half an hour) that yes he actually did think you were cute and honestly he would never have asked you out if it weren’t for this Twist of Events
  • and you two like laugh a little at each other because honestly you two were too scared to see if the other person would actually go on a date that when you pretended to date in front of jimin you both were like but this could never be real!!!?!!?!?!?
  • until you two are finally at a movie together, probably a movie based of a comic or something or like a kids animated movie lol, and you’re laughing sharing popcorn and then jungkook is like there’s a ferris wheel near here!! and you’re like fRICK yES take me and you two literally are like five year olds laughing and joking with each other on that date
  • and jungkook finally sees why the hell jimin is so into romance and love and all that jazz
  • because as much as he’s having fun and doing things he likes he’s doing them with someone as stunning and breathtaking as you
  • and sure when jimin comes around you guys have to amp up skinship or whatever but the second he leaves jungkook is like 10 feet away apologizing and you’re like jungkook it’s ok,,,because tbh his arms around your shoulder is so nice and warm
  • and you guys go on a couple more dates on the DL and it’s so cute and finally jungkook walks you to your dorm and is like hey,,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,and you’re like hmmm and he’s looking at your lips but he can’t bring himself to do it so you like roll your eyes and lean up to kiss him and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • and you’re like also !!!! but you like cover your mouth and look down and this would be so innocent and soft if it weren’t like the next second jungkooks like 
  • “you wanted to kiss me for a long time right? you were holding back RIGHT?” 
  • and you’re like JUNGKOOK SHUT IT 
  • and you’re chasing him down the street and his laughter is loud
  • and jungkook would totally call you up just so you two can sit in the park near the campus at night and push each other on the swings and it’s like
  • childish but you kids are so pure and so excited about everything
  • jungkook like rants a lot about all the games he’s played and his favorite characters and he like tries to help you get better at the games you’re interested in
  • and also he’s always there to fix anything that goes wrong with your laptop or phone
  • and like jimin thinks you two have been together for a super long time and you and jungkook are like actually jimin,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and when you finally tell him how you actually got together you expect jimin to like be super mad but no it’s the opposite jimin is like 
  • and you’re like well kinda and jungkook is burying his face in his hands like oh my god jimin …..is the reason i was able to fall in love….and jimin is like YES IM CUPID I KnEW IT
  • you going to jungkook’s dance competitions and like jimin is always pointing you out and jungkook waves shyly and you’re like he’s so adorable how and jimin’s like JunGKOOK lOVES YOU and the entire bleacher of girls is like casting glances at you and you’re like ,,,,,,oh god and jungkook’s like covering jimin’s mouth his hand like hYUng CHill
  • jungkook showing off his math skills by calculating tip and total prices when you go out to eat or shopping and you’re like “im dating a human calculator”
  • jungkook purposely ignoring you to play on his nintendo 3ds and you’re like jungkook kiss me and he’s like wait im playing fire emblem - and you’re like jungkook i will turn off your 3ds right now and he’s like ok ok ok 
  • (but in reality he was playing on purpose to see if you’d get pouty w him)
  • you meet the rest of his friends and they’re all equally as surprised to see jungkook dating and being so happy especially taehyung and yoongi who’re like “is this really jungkook? the jungkook who only knows romance through side plots in games?” 
  • it’s jungkooks birthday when you’re all over at his dorm together because jin baked a cake and jungkook was forced into a silly party hat by hoseok and jimin and like
  • everyone’s slowly leaving and jungkook is like “hey, can you stay?” and you’re like sure and idk it’s romantic the only light in the whole dorm is the candles still on the cake and jungkook asks you to close your eyes as he kisses down your neck
  • and like,,,,,you know he leads you toward his bed and like ,,,,, you mumble his name against his neck,,,,,and then-
  • and you and jungkook are like two flustered messes coming out of the bedroom and jin is like 
  • oh…….OH YOU TWO CHILDREn- and basically you get lectured by him and it’s hilarious jungkook is like jin please and you’re like so embarrassed you can barely speak up
  • jungkook creates a code so that every time you open up your laptop a little bubble with his face in it appears and there’s a message like “you’re lucky you have such a cute boyfriend” and you always like do a little ‘pfft’ but it’s adorable and you keep it 
  • you love watching jungkook sketch instead of just do digital art like sometimes you’ll see him sitting on the windowsill in one of the campus building looking out of the window and just drawing and he looks so serene with the light hugging him
  • and also jungkook in his big oversized clothes waiting for you after class so you two can literally just go to his dorm and cuddle 
  • jin: “take them out on a nice date jungkook, hear ill give you some money-” you and jungkook: “is buying 5 bags of cheetos with this money you’re gonna give us count as ‘doing something nice’?” jin: “………you are both children. Children.” 

find namjoon’s ver (here)  // jimin’s ver (here) // taehyung’s ver (here
college!au vixx (here)

please look forward to the rest of college!bts coming soon~

Free Channelings for practice

I have been thinking this little idea lately since I‘m the beginner of being (better) oracle who still needs practice of becoming better. What I had in my mind is that because I can channel Spirit Guides, Masters etc. from Spirit World I would like to offer free channelings to anyone who’s interested and have something to ask.

Only rules are that at first I will go with 3 questions per person and answers to not anons I will be giving either via email after receiving email address from you or here via chat, which suits you best. IF you want anon ask that’s fine too but then I will publish your answer here!

How I do channeling?
I do protections and grounding and go in meditation state with open and clear mind and ask higher Spirits to come forth from Unconditional Love / Source. I make the Spirit, Angel, Master etc. swear in the name of God 3 times that s/he truly is who s/he claims to be (if I don’t do this, some random spirit can come to fool with me and pretend to be someone who it isn’t). After all that I can start the conversation and ask the questions while writing everything down via laptop.

But you also must understand this; Whoever I will talk with, they always might won’t give straight answers since road can’t be too easy for us. They give us hints of what we can do and what might be coming to help us grow etc. but they still will reply. And IF they don’t reply then it’s a sign you don’t need to know the answer yet (happens extremely rare tho!)

Keep your mind open and if there’s ANYTHING what doesn’t feel good / right to you now, ignore it! It might open up to you later or then it won’t. It’s very personal thing :) I have had some practice by doing channelings to my sis and her best friend so I really could use more help so that my skills gets better :) Send me PM if you got interested and spread the word!


Don't Underestimate the Skinny One

@benaya-trash | AO3 - I really hope you like this as much as I like your art and stuff :)

by @vyxynheartssterek

Mature - Character Death

When Jackson opens his big mouth, it pushes Stiles away. Where has he gone, and why? And how is Derek coping?

The crack echoes through the preserve, the wood of the bat splintering against the Omega’s skull. The wolfsbane coated wood that’s now under the werewolf’s skin is seeping poison into his bloodstream, slowly and painfully killing him.

An Alpha’s roar shakes the trees, and the remaining wolves bare their necks in submission. Derek strides through the reverent wolves towards the Spark, grabbing Stiles by his hoodie and drawing him close.

“What do you think you are doing Stiles?”

“What does it look like I’m doing Derek? Saving your ass again!”

Derek shakes Stiles, and draws him in even closer, noses almost touching. Stiles watches as Derek’s fang elongate and pierce his lip, eyes flashing Alpha red.

“You came to a fight with a baseball bat. What did you hope to achieve?”

“Seriously Derek? I knocked the bastard out with said baseball bat, and you have a problem with it?”

An angry growl bubbles up from the depths of Derek’s soul, sending goose bumps pebbling across Stiles’ pale skin.

“You could have been killed Stiles.”

“So? You could have been killed too Derek.”

“He was an Omega, I’m an Alpha, he had no chance against me.”

Stiles snorts. “Really Derek? You lot have been fighting him for the last 10 minutes. I come in and knock him out with a baseball bat. ME. Not YOU, oh mighty Alpha.”

Derek roars in anger, the full force of frustration being thrown in Stiles’ face. Stiles’ face falls. Pushing the wolf away, Stiles stumbles back a few feet. Taking a shaky breath, he points a shaking hand at the Alpha.

“Fuck you Derek.”

Stiles turns, and stumbles his way through the trees back towards the Jeep.

Derek turns and looks at his betas. With a snarl, he stalks in the opposite direction to Stiles, leaving his very confused betas behind.

Isaac speaks up first. “What the fuck just happened?”


Stiles avoids pack meetings for a few weeks. He explains to the pack while they’re all sitting around the table in the cafeteria at school, that he couldn’t bare to face Derek.

“I just want to punch that perfectly structured face of his. Who does he think he is? He can’t tell me what to do.”

Scott sighs. “He’s just worried about you dude. You’re just a human. You’re all squidgy and shit.”

Stiles’ nostrils flare in anger. “Just a human? JUST A HUMAN? Are you fucking kidding me Scott? Whose side are you on?”

“Yours! Always yours Stiles! But come on. You jump into things without thinking sometimes. It has all of us worried.”

“Not me,” Jackson murmurs. Lydia elbows him in the side.

“Not thinking? That baseball bat I used was covered in wolfsbane! And who was the one that held Derek up in the pool for hours? Me. Two months ago, who was the one that dragged Derek’s limp body out of the collapsing warehouse? Also me. Give me some credit you jerks.”

Allison clears her throat. “They’re right though Stiles. Scott and Derek. You don’t have the skills the rest of us have. I’m human, but I’ve got my hunter skills. I don’t need to be in the middle of a fight to be helpful.”

Stiles looks incredulously at Allison. “Are you serious right now? Just because you’ve got ranged attack Allison, doesn’t mean you haven’t been hurt in the past. Also, screw you!”

“Stiles! Don’t talk like that to Allison!”

“Screw all of you then! What about Lydia huh? What about her? Why is no one telling her to be careful.”

Lydia flips a curl over her shoulder. “Because I don’t get myself hurt when I go out there Stiles, IF I go out there.”

“So all of you feel the same as Derek then? That I’m a weak, squishy, human. You’re all forgetting the times I’ve saved your lives too. Yes I’ve been hurt, but all of you have too. Plus I help with strategy and stuff, so I’m not useless.”

Allison looks at Scott before turning back to Stiles. “We aren’t saying you’re useless Stiles, just that you are more likely to get hurt. Or worse. We’re just looking out for you!”

“So what, I’m just supposed to not help anymore? Is that it?”

Scott shrugs. “Maybe? Maybe you should just chill with the heroics. Just stick to research, it’s what you’re best at! No one is better than you at research!”

Stiles’ heart sinks. “That’s all I’m good for? Research?”

Jackson smirks at Stiles. “Well it’s not like you’re pack or anything, so why should it matter?”

Stiles rears back like he’s been slapped. “I’m not pack? Is that what you all think?”

The pack finds something to quickly distract them, while Scott looks at Stiles with his patented puppy dog face.

Stiles feels a rush of heat to his face, and a flood of tears to his eyes. “Wow. Good to know where I stand. Well, I’m just going to take my incredibly fragile ass elsewhere then.”

Stiles gets up from the bench and grabs his tray. Looking back at the pack he shakes his head in disgust, and stomps over to the bin, emptying the contents of the tray into the trash, and throwing the tray in the dirty tray slot. As he stomps back past the table, he swoops down grabs his backpack, and storms out of the cafeteria, grumbling under his breath.

“I’ll show you have valuable Stiles Stilinski can be.”


Derek is pacing the loft, clawed hands balled in a fist. “What do you mean he’s just left.”

Scott looks at the others before answering. “He’s left Derek. The Sheriff said that he’s gone to Poland to stay with his babcia for a while.”

Derek stops pacing and glares at Scott. “And why would Stiles have randomly gone to Poland, Scott?”

Scott shrugs.

Derek’s eyes flash red. “What did you say to him?”

Allison steps forward, and in front of Scott. “We told him he needs to be careful. That he shouldn’t rush into things because he’s human.”

Derek growls. “You’re human.”

“Yes, but I’m a hunter. I can look after myself.”

Isaac pipes up. “Yeah Stiles is useless. He’s only really good for research.” He looks to the others for backup, but everyone is shaking their head at him, with eyes wide.

Derek takes a step back, letting his hands unfurl. Blood drips down his fingertips from the claws that are still extended. “You told him he was useless?”

Jackson snorts. “He should consider himself lucky we didn’t call him anything else.”

A split second later Derek is holding up Jackson by his shirt, feet dangling in the air. Derek’s in beta shift, eyes red, fangs large, venom dripping from his words.

“The only useless one here is you lizard boy.”

Derek drops Jackson, who falls to the ground whimpering. Derek turns to look at everyone.

“How could you send him away like that? It was bad enough he wasn’t coming to pack meetings anymore, but to have him flee the country?”

Isaac looks confused. “I don’t understand Derek. We only said what you said.”

“I never called him useless, Isaac. I called him human. Breakable. And I shouldn’t have. He’s done more for this pack than all of us put together. He’s the heart and soul of us all.”

Lydia looks accusingly down at her fingernail with the chipped polish. “Well, he was also told he wasn’t pack, so that wouldn’t have helped.”

The pack watches as their Alpha’s face drops. The betas hear his heart almost stop. “Who told him he wasn’t pack?”

“That would be my half witted boyfriend. I really need to trade up.”

Derek looks at Jackson like his heart is breaking. “You told him he wasn’t pack? Jackson, he’s … Stiles is ….”

Lydia leans forward and quirks a perfectly arched brow. “Is this where you finally admit you’re in love with Stiles?”

Derek turns to Lydia in shock. “Oh my god, I am! I am in love with him. And he’s in Poland because you’re boyfriend told him he wasn’t pack.” Derek turns to Scott. “Is he going to come back?”

Scott shrugs. “I don’t know man. I’m sorry.”

Derek clutches at his Henley, and backs away until his legs hit the back of a side table. He sits down gingerly and lets out a gut-wrenching sob.

The pack look at each other at a loss for words. Their Alpha is sitting before them in tears, shoulders hunched, body shaking in sadness.


Two years pass. Beacon Hills had been relatively quiet since Stiles had left, nothing the pack couldn’t handle.

Until now.

Kate Argent stands before Derek who has been drugged with wolfsbane and strapped to wires that have been wound around trees in the preserve. Electricity pulses through the wire, leeching into Derek’s skin, convulsing his body. Blood drips from his nose and his ears.

“How much longer do you think you can last Derek? An hour? Maybe two? Shall we place bets?”

Derek’s eyes flicker between green and red as the electric pulses contract his muscles. “Fuck. You.”

Kate laughs. “That all you got? Fuck you? Oh come now Derek, surely you must have something better than fuck you.”

“He may not, but I sure as hell do.”

Kate lets go of the lever in shock, and swivels around. Standing before her is Stiles, eyes blazing gold, electricity dancing from his fingertips.

“You are a blight on society Kate Argent. You need to be punished.”

Kate sneers at Stiles. “And what is a little skinny runt like you going to do huh? How exactly are you going to punish me? Take off a sneaker and throw it?”

Stiles sneers back at her. “Nope. Like this.”

Stiles raises his arms up at his sides as he begins to levitate, power radiating from his very pores. Trees on either side of Kate reach out their branches towards her, and begin to wind around her body, twisting and turning until only her head is left visible.

Kate begins to panic, and fights against the branches, but finds she can’t move. “What have you done? What is this? Let me go!!”

Stiles voice booms with authority. “You have desecrated Hale land. You have have shed the blood of the innocent. The earth cries out for justice.”

“No! No please …”

“Your cries for help go unheard. The earth cries for justice.”

“What are you going to do? Derek? Derek! Please help me!”

Derek stumbles where Isaac and Scott have undone the tethers, and let Derek down. Allison removes the battery from the wires.

“You should be ashamed of yourself Aunt Kate. You’ve besmirched the Argent name.” Allison cocks her bow, raising an arrow towards her aunt.

“Me? You should be ashamed. You should all be ashamed! It’s unnatural! You aren’t a true hunter Allison! You’re all freaks!!”

A wave of energy pulses through the preserve as Stiles booms, “ENOUGH. The earth is calling for justice.”

The branches begin to pull apart, bringing the screaming hunter with them. Wind whips around the pack as Stiles helps bring punishment against Kate. Allison drops the bow and turns away, burying her face in Scott’s shoulder. The rest of the pack watch as Kate is torn in two, then four pieces, each piece being drawn into holes of the trees.

Her dying screams echo through the preserve.

Slowly Stiles sinks back to the ground, his eyes becoming their whiskey-hued brown once more. He rushes forward towards Derek who is looking at him with wide eyes.

“Derek! Are you ok? Are you healing? I can help!” Touching his hands against Derek’s bloody chest, a thrum of blue light glows from his hands, pushing healing power into Derek’s battered body.

Derek hasn’t taken his eyes off Stiles face. “You’re back,” he croaks.

“I am. Just in time too.”

Derek smiles. “You’re powerful.”

Stiles blushes. “I’m more than just a spark apparently.”

Derek chuckles only to stop as his healing ribs shoot pain through his body. “That was amazing and terrifying.”

Stiles smiles, and cups Derek’s face in his palms. “I’ve missed you Sourwolf.”

A lone tear rolls down Derek’s cheek, only to be diverted by Stiles’ thumb. “I love you Stiles.”

Stiles’ heart soars. “Oh thank god. I love you too Derek. So much. I have missed you so much.”

Derek turns his head into Stiles’ hand, and rubs his cheek along the man’s fingers. “Why did you leave?”

“Because I thought I wasn’t welcome. I thought I wasn’t pack.”

“Oh Stiles, I’ve always thought of you as pack. I’m sorry I never said the words.”

Stiles smiles bashfully. “You’ve said them now.”

Derek smiles widely, and pulls Stiles into a searing kiss. While the wolf and the mage embrace, tendrils of vines and budding flowers grow from the the earth beneath their feet. The pack watches in amazement as the new flora sprouts and expands, taking over the trees that saw the death of the hunter.

Derek and Stiles pull away from the kiss, smiles adorning both their faces.

Jackson sputters out an apology and stumbles over his words  “Holy shit Stiles that was amazing, what the fuck!”

“Jesteś głupia mała jaszczurka wilków Jackson.”

Derek smirks at Stiles. “You speak Polish now?”

“Yep! Fluently even.”

“That was kinda hot.”

Stiles laughs. “Jesteś moim ulubionym wilkiem alfa”.

Derek tilts his head like a pup. “What did you say?”

“I said you’re my favourite Alpha wolf. And you are. You’re also MY Alpha.”

Tips for Studying Effectively

The most common barrier to success encountered by college students is a lack of effective techniques for study and exam preparation. If you are one of the vast majority of students whose answer to the question, “How do you study for your tests?” is, “I go over my notes,” then you need to take a serious look at your study skills. Here are some suggestions to increase your effectiveness as a student.

Day to Day
Take good notes. Very few students leave high school with this skill. College of DuPage’s Learning Lab can help you here. Some suggestions and observations.
Always take the notes for a particular class in the same notebook. Spiral bound notebooks were invented because they solved the problem of keeping related information consolidated in one place. Take advantage of this.
Date each entry into your notebook.
It is usually best to keep the notes for different classes separate from each other. Spiral notebooks with built in dividers are excellent for this purpose.
Your notes should contain as complete a record of what the instructor said as possible. Of course, you should not try to write every word spoken, but don’t leave out ideas. When you study, your notes should call back to your mind the entire sequence of ideas presented. Take care to spell all new words carefully. It you don’t know how to spell a word, ask your instructor to write it on the board. Most will automatically do so for new or difficult terms.
Anything the instructor writes on the board should appear in your notes. If the instructor took the time to write it out, he or she considers it important. You should do the same.
If possible, try to take your notes in some kind of outline form. The organization of ideas is as important as the content of those ideas, especially when it comes to learning the material for an exam.
You might find it useful to have a second color of pen or pencil available for highlighting important ideas or indicating vocabulary.
Be involved in your classes. Don’t simply pretend you are a sponge, ready to soak up whatever the instructor says. You are there to learn, not to be taught.
If the instructor is moving too rapidly for you, or if you don’t understand what is being said, say something!
Ask questions if you are confused. Confusion is definitely your worst enemy.
If your class includes group activities, participate as fully as you can. Such exercises are done for your benefit, not to provide a break for the instructor.
Review your notes every day. This suggestion is one which we have all heard a thousand times. Unfortunately, most of us never really believe it until we actually try it. Spend 30 minutes or so each evening going over the notes from each class. There are at least two tremendous benefits to be gained from this discipline.
Research has shown that reviewing new material within 24 hours of hearing it increases your retention of that material by about 60%. This means that you will be 60% ahead of the game the next time you walk into class. If you want to significantly reduce the time necessary to prepare for exams, this is the way to do it.
Reviewing material before the next class period enables you to identify points of confusion or omission in your notes, which prepares you to ask the questions you need to ask before the next lecture. Again, confusion is your worst enemy.
It is excellent policy to give high priority to new vocabulary. Language is the most fundamental tool of any subject, and it can seriously handicap you to fall behind in this.
Keep up on your reading. Unlike most high school teachers, many college instructors don’t give specific reading assignments. You are expected to go to your text for the reading related to the materials covered in class. Be independent enough to do this without being told.

Using Your Textbook
Don’t expect your instructor to give you detailed, page by page textbook assignments. While some may do so, many do not. College teachers are much more likely to expect you to use your own initiative in making use of the text.
In most cases, it will be most useful for you to at least skim the relevant chapters before each lecture. You should receive a course outline/syllabus at the beginning of the quarter, which will tell you the subject for each day. You may receive chapter references (or even page references), or you instructor may expect you to be perceptive enough to refer to the Table of Contents.
When you first approach a chapter, page through it fairly quickly, noting boldface headings and subheadings, examining figures, illustrations, charts, etc., and thinking about any highlighted vocabulary terms and concepts. Also take note of the pedagogical aids at the end of the chapter–study questions, summary, etc.
When you have finished surveying the chapter, return to the beginning and read in more detail. Remember to concentrate upon understanding. Don’t simply read through the words. Any words which you don’t understand you should look up. If you own the book and intend to keep it, you may want to write definitions of such words in the margins. You may also find it helpful to make observations and other useful notes in the margins. If you don’t intend to keep the book yourself, you should carry out similar activities on a page in your class notebook.
On this first trip through the chapter, you should concentrate upon catching the major subjects and points of the material. Also take note of those things which you don’t understand. If the lecture on the material doesn’t clarify those points, you should ask your instructor to explain.
Following coverage of the chapter’s material in class, you should go back to the book and read it again. It will probably be helpful to skim through it first, as you did when you first looked at it. The tables and figures should be more readily read in detail. If you are a truly conscientious student, you will outline the chapter and prepare a vocabulary list of the terms which are pertinent.
At this time you should think seriously about the review and study questions at the end of the chapter. Do your best to answer all fo them as if they were a take-home exam.
You may also want to develop a system of cross referencing symbols to use when comparing your class notes to your notes from the text.
Remember that your instructor will probably not use the same words which you find in the text book. nothing is more frustrating than to discover that what you hear in class is no more than a rehash of what you read in the book. However, if your instructor knows his/her subject, and the author of your text knows his/her subject, the meat of what they say should be the same. NOTE: Nobody is infallible. Your instructor may make mistakes. Don’t expect him or her to be more than human.

Preparing Assignments
Here’s another thing we have all been told thousands of times: Don’t leave assignments until the day before they are due! If you have a paper to write or a lab report to prepare, begin it as soon as possible. In most cases, instructors will be delighted to receive work early. Remember that many papers or projects require quite a bit of research before you can even begin writing. In most cases, it is impossible to accomplish the necessary preparation in one day or even one week. In some cases, instructors won’t accept late work at all. They are perfectly justified.
Another sore point: Be aware of the appearance of the work you submit. You should want to be proud of every assignment you submit, and that includes being proud of its appearance. If possible, assignments should always be typed. Never turn in an assignment written in pencil. Pages torn out of notebooks are sloppy and unsightly. Think about this point every time you hand an instructor an assignment. That paper represents the quality of your work, and your instructor is perfectly justified in taking its appearance into consideration when assigning a grade.
An increasing number of instructors are requiring that all outside work be typed. If you don’t type, you should consider learning how. If you don’t want to do this, you should begin investigating ways and means of getting someone else to type your papers. This will often mean paying a professional typist. Costs vary, but be prepared to pay a considerable amount. A really good typist may be able to turn out 6-10 pages an hour. Think about what you consider an appropriate hourly wage when you consider how much you should expect to pay a typist. Another point you must consider is that it will add to the time necessary to prepare a paper it you have to go to someone else to type it. In planning the time necessary for typing, consider the following points:
Your typist may have other customers who are just as anxious as you are.
A paper takes time to type.
Even the best typist makes mistakes. your paper must be carefully proofread by you.
After proofreading, the typist must have time to make the necessary corrections.

Preparing for Exams
Keep in mind that you want to be an active learner, not a passive one. The more you use and manipulate the information, the better you will understand it. Using and manipulating information in as many ways as possible also maximizes your ability to access your memory.
Do not wait until the night before an exam to study! Of course, you should be regularly reviewing your notes, but the preparation still takes time.
If your instructor hasn’t explained to you how he or she designs exams, ask. this is a perfectly legitimate concern. However, keep in mind that an instructor has the right to design exams in whatever fashion he or she sees fit, and in most cases you have no business asking for changes in that design. You need to learn to handle all testing styles–including the dreaded essay exam!
A good first step in preparation is to read through your notes a couple of times. While you are doing this, you might also
Highlight major topics and subtopics, with the goal of generating an outline of your notes. Even if you take your notes in outline form, this is a good practice. Major topics often extend through more than one day’s lecture, and it is easy to lose track of the overall picture from day to day.
With a second color, highlight all vocabulary terms.
Outline the entire set of notes. When you study a large body of information, you should study from concept to detail, not the other way around. It will, in fact, be much easier to learn the details if you take the time to learn the concept and theory first. The least efficient approach to studying is to attempt to memorize your notes from beginning to end. It’s not the words which are important–it’s the ideas.
Consider ways of dealing with the information other than those used in class. the more ways you can manipulate and experience the material you are trying to learn, the more secure your understanding and memory will be. Some suggestions:
Make charts, diagrams and graphs.
Make lists.
If the subject matter includes structures, practice drawing those structures. Remember that a drawing is useless unless the important structures are labeled.
There are almost always types of information which you will have to memorize (eg. vocabulary). No one has ever invented a better device for memorizing than flash cards.
One of the most universally effective ways to polish off your study activities is to prepare a self test.
Challenge yourself as severely as you can.
As you are studying, keep a running collection of “exam questions.” If you seriously attempt to write difficult and meaningful questions, by the time you finish you will have created a formidable exam. When you begin to feel you’re ready for your instructor’s exam, take out your questions and see if you can answer them. If you can’t, you may need to go back and reinforce some of the things your are trying to learn.
Never, ever pull an “All-Nighter” on the night before an exam. This is a “freshman trick,” meaning that good students learn very quickly that it is futile. What you may gain from extra study time won’t compensate for the loss of alertness and ability to concentrate due to lack of sleep.
On exam day:
Try not to “cram” during every spare moment before an exam. this only increases the feeling of desperation which leads to panic, and then to test anxiety. You may find it useful, on the night before an exam, to jot down a few ideas or facts which you wish to have fresh in your mind when you begin the exam. Read through your list a couple of times when you get up in the morning and/or just before you take the exam, then put it away. This kind of memory reinforcement not only improves your performance on the test, it also improves your long-term memory of the material.
Be physically prepared.
Get a good night’s sleep.
Bring necessary writing materials to the test–at least 2 writing tools, erasers, blue books if necessary, calculators if appropriate and allowed. Be aware of what the instructor has specified as permitted for use. Some instructors object to exams written pencil; some prohibit use of tools like calculators. It is your responsibility to know these requirements; you should be prepared to take the consequences if you don’t.
This may seem silly, but go to the bathroom just before the exam. Don’t expect your teacher to let you leave to do this during the test! The tension which generally goes along with taking an exam may increase the need to perform this physical activity, so you may need to go, even though you don’t particularly feel like it.

Some Final Suggestions
You should receive a syllabus for each class. This is the Rule Book for that class (in my classes, we call it the Survival Manual). Know everything on that syllabus! Your teacher has the right to expect you to know and abide by any rules and stipulations on that document, and it is perfectly within his/her rights to penalize you for failing to do so. Respect dates and deadlines, and expect to lose points if you turn things in late.
Never miss an exam if you can help it. You will rarely be more ready for the exam in two or three days than you are on the scheduled date, and the annoyance the teacher will feel about having to arrange a special exam time for you can actually hurt your grade in the end. Miss exams only if you absolutely have to.
Save everything. Never throw away a handout or a returned assignment or exam. With this in mind, equip yourself with a pouched folder for each class.
Develop systematic behavior patterns associated with your schoolwork.
Keep your class materials together and neat.
Never allow yourself to be caught at school without the necessary notebooks and materials. If you develop systematic habits with respect to attending classes, etc., this will be no problem.
It is excellent practice to set aside a study area at home, and to designate a particular span of time each day as study time. However, don’t fall into the trap of feeling that study should never exceed the preordained time limits. You put in as much study time as is necessary to master the material for your classes.

anonymous asked:

Why are you such a dick to people who ask you genuine questions? Like a lot of young people have been asking you questions about LGBTQ+ relevant issues and you shut them down. Sometimes people want info from someone they know is gay rather than google... just be less of a dick to them? Not difficult?

Yup you’re right, I continually “shut down” young LGBT people like the old hag I am. That’s why I keep fucking getting questions over and over again. Because I’m clearly an unhelpful and unreliable source. 

You have excellent cognitive processing skills, my friend! 

On a more serious note: this is my fucking inbox you ridiculously entitled cunt. My blog. I always answer genuine questions with time, care, and effort, sometimes far more effort beyond what people deserve. I recognize that those younger than me need help, which is why I usually answer questions with detail and precision. But some questions are genuinely idiotic, disrespectful, invasive, or all three, and others are extremely lazy or repetitive questions that one could search on google or even literally type into the search bar on my goddamn fucking blog since I, you know, also meticulously fucking tag everything for this precise reason. So that people can use those tags to browse and look for resources. 

No one - not a single fucking one of you - is entitled to my time. It’s one thing to help people become aware and more educated. I believe in doing that because change is not possible without accessibility of information, mentoring, guidance, and patience. But no one is paying me to sit here and answer people’s (often repetitive and irritating) questions. This is my personal blog. I also run a literally separate blog for lbpq and trans women of color FOR THIS EXACT REASON (to help younger people!). But this specific blog exists as a space for me, myself, and I. 

If that makes me a “dick” so be fucking it, but at least I’m not a fucking pathetic friendless pussy like you. Go fuck off and rot. 

anonymous asked:

Can u please talk about how you became such a wonderful writer?

Oh god. So I basically wrote an essay-length response to your ask and then tumblr ate it, but I will do my best to answer your question as thoroughly as the first time. Here we go.

I should preface this by saying I think all writers can always improve their writing, and that you should never stop trying to do so. This will also end up being more of a “general tips for writing” thing, because I improved my own writing through a number of different factors:


I really can’t emphasize enough how important this one is, and that “work 10,000 hours to get good at something” statistic you always hear about is true. When you’re a young writer, or a new writer, your ideas are stellar, but your ability to execute them, not so much. Writing creatively is extremely difficult, and at that point in the game you don’t have enough built up experience needed to create an engaging narrative. That’s what the practice is for.

You need it to get used to the process of writing. You need to write every day so you get fast at putting your ideas down on paper, and it becomes easier to translate what’s in your head into something that can be viewed by others. It helps you get over the learning curve.

Basically I’ve been writing almost every day for 2-3 hours per day (and sometimes more) since I was in high school. Its greatly improved my skill level.


If you’re serious about your writing, there are some core tenants that are absolutely necessary, and if you don’t have them, you’re fucked:

  • Characters/Characterization: Literally your characters are what drive the story. Not the plot, not the setting, nor the theme. Those are all super important factors, to be sure, but if your characters do not come off as believable, fully-realized individuals – if they’re boring to read about – readers can and will drop your story. And you need to treat all your characters with equal love and importance – even the secondary ones.

  • Setting/World-building: This is the second most important element of your story, imo, and along with characterization and dialogue, one of the hardest to pull off. The world your characters exist in – and how you describe it – is what gives your story weight, and makes it seem believable to the readers. It’s also what allows them to put themselves into the scene, to imagine the events as you describe them. This is especially important in genre fiction (i.e. SF and fantasy). The way you describe setting/world-building is through the senses: touch, taste, sight (both small and large details), smell, hearing and time. Never forget time. It’s very important for grounding your scenes. Some helpful links for world-building (that I can remember right off the top of my head):
  • Dialogue: One of the dreaded top three in terms of difficulty, but also very important. Good dialogue – natural dialogue – is a crucial part of making your story believable. Avoid stock lines, and study how people talk to each other irl.

  • Goal: Your characters need a goal to work towards, and you need a goal, as the author. What is it you’re trying to get across with this story? What are you trying to say to your audience? You need to think about these things.

  • Theme: A bit more abstract, but pretty important, imo. Examples of themes are self vs. collective identity, cosmic nihilism, etc. They’re not explicitly stated in your story – not usually – but a philosophical underpinning is what gives weight to the subtext of your narrative.


This one is also really important, and one of the big reasons why I won’t edit the work of beginner authors. When you first start off writing, unfortunately your ego is pretty fragile. Writing is an intensive, time-consuming process, and despite what we like to tell others, often deeply personal. When someone tells us this labor of love is shit, it hurts. Really hurts, and when you’re a beginner you don’t have the thick skin needed to deal with that sort of criticism.

Some new authors, if they’re exposed to this too soon, they just quit – they stop writing altogether, and this is very dangerous, because there are literally whole libraries of stories out there that have been lost because people like making other people feel like shit. When I was a beginner, I was never exposed to this. I was told how to improve my stories, to be sure, but I was never told that I suck. My parents encouraged me, and my extended family encouraged me; my friends and my teachers and everyone I knew encouraged me, so by the time I got to a place where the criticism can be absolutely soul-crushing (i.e. university), I had developed a thick enough skin to deal with it. I was more concerned with getting better than with being accepted, and I was eager to get critique from others.


I know a lot of writers will disagree with me on this one, but basically I’m of the mind that there are (almost) no bad ideas when it comes to writing. It’s not the idea itself that is bad – it’s how you execute it that matters. This is why I have no problem with most tropes. The ideas are good – there’s something valuable to them, otherwise we wouldn’t keep reading – but the reason why people say they’re overdone is because generations of successive authors have repeated the same trope ad nauseum with zero deviations. When they do this, they lose the element of surprise, which is crucial for keeping your audience engaged.

There are a couple reasons why people do this: one is lack of experience (which is where practice comes in), and the other is fear: you know this particular idea works, and you don’t want to be rejected, so you do that, sticking to the formula. But you need to be bold with your writing. Writing is all about building upon the ideas that have come before you, and then improving them – it’s about combining ideas together to create something new.


I know it is always recommended to read books to help with the writing process, and I agree, but I would go further than that. I would say look at all sorts of media. On a personal level, I study history and space (and everything to do with it), and I watch movies. Lots and lots of movies. I like thinking about how to make a novel work in a visual format. This might be why I’m very comfortable with writing action.


Have a system for writing. Every writer I know has a different one, and there is no wrong way to go about it, but having a system makes the process of creating a novel much less daunting, and it allows you to execute complex plot-lines that would otherwise be impossible to keep straight in your head. My own process generally goes something like this:

  • Get an idea: Mine usually come instantaneously, and are triggered by something I’ve seen.
  • Let that idea ferment: All my ideas seem brilliant in the moment (to me), but sometimes I’ll get bored with an idea, and if you’re bored with something, you don’t want to spend months or even years writing about it. I’ll think about an idea for a month to a year(s), and if I still like it, I’ll write about it.
  • Research/Planning: Before I start writing, I map out my plot, plot arcs, major events, setting/world, overall themes, characters, create the structure for new languages (if need be), and do any research that may be required. This will be continuously revised and added to over the course of writing, but you need to have the bulk of it done beforehand.
  • Create 2 Documents: One for brainstorming, the other for the first chapter. Sometimes I write in chronological order, which is what the chapter documents are for. Sometimes I get an idea for a scene much further down the road, and don’t want to forget it - I write those in the brainstorming document, and when I need to, I stitch those scenes together to create a chapter.
  • Write a Raw/Rough Draft: I’m not too concerned about spelling or coherency here. I just need to get my ideas out on paper.
  • Revise Raw Drafts: As many times as need be. This is the editing process. It’s long and arduous but I actually don’t mind it too much. For my original fiction, I have editors to look over my stories. For fanfiction, I usually don’t - that’s just something I do for fun.
  • Publish: Unfortunately I’m still working on this one. Putting up fanfics is easy enough to do, but I’m still in the process of trying to get a publisher to pick up one of my original stories. Once I figure it out, I’ll let you guys know.


Not everyone does this, but I do. Sometimes I get overwhelmed or bored with a particular story, so to keep myself from hating it I switch projects. It keeps my mind fresh, and allows me to recharge.


I don’t really like this one, but everyone says it plays a factor, so I would be remiss not to talk about it. My own personal opinion on it is this: you have to like writing and reading in order to be a good author. If you don’t like it, that lack of interest will show up in your work. People who naturally love writing will always have an advantage over you.

The opinion other people have of me (in person): I’ve literally been writing since I was 4. My first story was a picture book I drew in nursery school about a family of grizzly bears getting shot by a hunter on Christmas. My first novel was about sentient dinosaurs trying to escape flash flooding, and I wrote that when I was 10. I have been writing all my life, almost every day of my life, without prompting, and I’ve been told repeatedly that this is not a thing that normal people do. So I guess this is where natural talent comes in. But again, I really hate that term. Imo, writing is predominantly a learned thing.


Title: What He Doesn’t Know

Pairing: BuckyxReader

Words: 1,516


It was the middle of the night when you got the call. Your phone buzzed and you felt around for it in the dark until you found the little rectangle with Steve Rogers’ face flashing on the front. At first, you didn’t think much of it since he rarely slept and for good reason so he often called you in the middle of the night.

“What’s up, Cap?” You answered in a bleary voice.

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said: Imagine being another hunter kid at college with Sam. When Dean shows up for Sam you can’t help recognising him, and he recognises you, too.

A/N: I really, really loved to write this one! I hope that Sam and Dean are in character, I haven’t watched Supernatural for so long, ah! I’m so sorry that this one took ages to write, I hope you enjoy it, and all. Thanks so much for requesting, sweetheart! - Admin Kat 💟

 It’d been a late night of studying in the library, and you had been sitting there miserably, thinking that it would come to no avail: You knew you weren’t going to pass that exam and you dismally accepted your fate whilst you chucked your hefty books into your vacant bag.

 Your slumped gloomily down the dark campus, hands clutching your bag as the bitter breeze seemed to slither against your skin. You shuddered from the cold, wishing for nothing else but your warm bed and your loving room mate; at least then you’d get lot’s and lot’s of TLC.

 Your head lifted up, quite naturally in fact, to get the hair out of your eyes. Your brooding orbs fell upon Sam Winchester, the brainiac of your class: An idea sparked into your brain as you hustled forward, as not to miss him. “Sam! Sam!” you called, trotting over towards him, just as he turned his head in your direction.
 "Hey, (Y/N)!“ he called, smiling nervously. You weren’t sure why he was so anxious, so abashed.
 "Listen, you know how we have an exam coming up soon? I’m in serious need of your tutoring skills! I need to get that job or I think I’m going to-”
 "Listen (Y/N), I’d love to help you out but my brother came to pick me up. We’ve got some pressing family matters to get to.“ Sam stated sheepishly, a rub to the rear of his head as he looked over to his brother. Your eyes followed like they’d been beckoned by a supernatural creature.

 Your eyes fell upon him. "Dean?” you stated, shocked, like he was that you were best friends who were greeting each other in a disgusted fashion, after a hell of a long time of not seeing one another.
 "(Y/N)? That you?“ Dean’s familiar cheeky grin spread upon his countenance as memories flooded through his very own mind.

 "Wait, you two know each other?” Sam states, now the one to be astonished.
 "Yeah! ‘Course we do, Sammy!“ Dean leans over the hood of his car to thump his brother on the arm. "C'mon! Get on track already. You’re meant to be the brainiac one, anyway.” Dean teased him, only causing you to laugh, growing side tracked.
 The cold didn’t seem to matter any more.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

Down in Flames

Fandom: Fire Emblem

Summary: After Takumi finds a strange tome, Leo wants to see him try it out.

Genre: General (with romantic undertones)

Rating: G

Featured Characters: Leo, Takumi

Pairing(s): Leo/Takumi

Chapters: 1

Word Count: 1509

Publication Date: 7 April, 2016

Warnings: none

Extra Notes: Sort of based off of this post. Assume Takumi’s been practicing with magic.

Alt. Links: AO3, ff.net

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I really dislike this new trend of being exceptionally obnoxious to school teachers and everyone thinking they’re such a rebel for it. 

News Flash, you’re not a rebel, you’re an asshole. 

Some teachers are pieces of shit (I had a teacher call me a Faggot my freshman year of high school–I get it, sometimes they suck) and you should call those teachers out on their shit by reporting them or getting the district involved.

But just because you’re angry you have to get up at 7am to go to school until 2:30-3 does not give you licence to be a douchebag to your instructor. Teachers routinely get up at 5am, and stay until about 4 or 5pm, then they go home and review lesson plans, while trying to fit dinner and a shower between grading 150-200 papers or quizzes. If they are a First Year teacher, they’re just trying to hold on to their jobs and create a lesson plan out of thin air while trying to figure out where everyone is by the time Finals come out. 

Every year a classroom with have a new dynamic and will require a faster paced or slower paced in some sections of the course, more check ins, more hands on activities, or more homework help, ect. They bend their lessons so that they can help students of varying learning styles, trying not to let some of you fall through the cracks. They have to get you ready for those Standardized Tests, which are a reflection on their performance too. 

But it’s a two-way street, and nothing kills a teacher on the inside more than watching a student give up when they know if they just tried….They could do amazing things.

If a teacher is pushing you it’s because they want you to be able to compete in the real world and at the college level. 

  • “But it’s stressful!” You’re right, and the teacher often doesn’t have any power to change what you’re learning or how fast, thanks to most Common Core standards.  
  • “But I don’t have a choice! I’m only here because I have to be!” Then sit down and shut up or do something quietly, so the students who actually value their free education can learn. I’m sorry you don’t want to be here, but you don’t have to hinder the learning process. Also, you do have a choice, you can get your GED or you can apply to a charter school or other free alternative.
  • “But the teacher won’t even let us eat in here!” In some, if not most, schools it is an issue of sanitation and something that most teachers have no control over. If the janitor finds food they have to sanitize the ENTIRE room, which is a pain for them and their whole staff. 
  • “I can’t chew gum/wear my hat and it’s irritating” These are older rules and sometimes they’re rules the school had that the teacher can’t change. 
  • “I can’t use my cell/iPod” Really? It’s like a 45-60 minute class period. You’ll be fine without your cellphone. 
  • “I’ll never use any of this in the real world!” News flash, High schools in the US are set up for college prep. You’re suppose to be learning life skills at home. Which is unfortunate, but that’s the current design.If you’re not learning life skills at home then you need to be actively seeking out programs to help you, or you know, talk to your parents (or guardians) . 

Some of the more serious problems akin to things like learning disabilities or stress/anxiety related problems, you need to advocate for. Teachers can’t help if they don’t know. 

Teachers didn’t get into the profession for the ‘Long (unpaid) break’, most teachers genuinely love their subject and love students. 

TL; DR: If you want public education to change, you’re not going to change it by being a dick to your teacher, you need to advocate as a student for change at the District and State levels, because Teachers are just doing what they’ve been told they have to. 

5SOS + TWD request

requested by techsoe: write a cute walking dead au with us in it okay and link me when its done bless love ya kisses xox
i hope this is good enough for you babe, i felt weird writing about myself
edit: my friend made an amazing edit for this prompt, which you can find here 

I woke up to silence. Though I had grown accustomed to not waking up the sounds of birds chirping in the morning anymore, there were usually the sounds of pubescent teenage boys arguing. The echoing sounds typically found their way to my ears and woke me up almost instantly, and that was a good morning. I instantly snaked my hand underneath my pillow and felt around until my fingers finally found my spare pocketknife. Something did not feel right.

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