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Can I get some Nidoking headcanons?

Nidoking need less fat and protein in their diet than Nidoqueen.

Older Nidoking are called stags, while newly evolved ones are called bucks (all Nidoqueen are called does).

A Nidoking with a broken horn was a villain in a popular animated movie.

A Nidoking with large fangs will often attract more mates than a Nidoking with a long horn.

Contrary to popular belief, horn length will not indicate a Nidoking’s age.

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For tangled up in blue, I would like a deleted scene for sexy times with killian and Emma, like now that Emma lives with killian maybe unexpected situation hahaha just saying

Tangled Up In Blue ‘Deleted Scenes’

Interrupted Sexy Time

Summary: This is where I will be posting a collection of missing scenes that are based on prompts or deemed unnecessary for my actual story Tangled Up In Blue.

A/N: I have so many ideas for this universe but I often get carried away when I write them out, so I decided to keep them separate. And as I mentioned on Tumblr awhile ago, I will be taking suggestions or prompts, so please feel free to leave a comment or pm me to request anything you would like to be added. It can be smutty or angsty or just plain cute, I will be more than happy to include it. I’ve rated this Mature due to the content of first scene, but ratings and tags may vary with each chapter. Also, note that these scenes will be added in no particular order so if there’s something you wanted to see that would’ve taken place towards the beginning of the story please ask away! Thanks so much for following along with my story!

I’m not sure if this is exactly what the Anon wanted, but I had originally planned on writing this for the actual story, and alas, I got carried away with the sexy times and it would have taken up more than half of chapter 20. So I decided to post this as a deleted scene while I write the next chapter. I have more time this coming week so I will be able to update soon.

For this chapter I decided to incorporate some of the dialogue from the pancake scene, so this is my contribution to that scene, even though it’s an alternate universe. I apologize ahead of time, I just could not resist doing so (not actually sorry) ; )

Rated: M

Also Available on: AO3 FF.N

Emma was having really bad hunger pangs when she woke up. Which really was a shame seeing as she was snuggled comfortably in her lover’s arms and didn’t ever want to leave. He was still sleeping, an adorably content look settled in his handsome features as she peered up at him.

In the end, her intense craving for something sweet overruled her other desires. She very slowly and carefully removed Killian’s arm from around her belly and placed it beside his face. The next challenge was his legs that were entangled with hers. She gently pushed his body from hers and somehow managed to slip her legs free and force herself to sit up, dangling her feet over the bed. As she craned her neck and glanced over at her peacefully sleeping boyfriend, Emma immediately regretted her decision, but if she didn’t satisfy her craving, she wasn’t going to be able to relax.

She stood up and walked over to the closet, grabbing her robe. As she slipped it on, tying the belt above her belly, she felt like she was on a cloud, her body still buzzing and feeling alight from the lovemaking she and Killian had engaged in the night before. She couldn’t contain the smile that spread across her lips as she went downstairs and headed to the kitchen. She couldn’t believe how happy and content she was after all the years she felt imprisoned when she was with Neal. Even knowing that he was still a threat to Emma and her baby, she was still optimistic. She felt safe and secure with Killian, and no abusive husband of hers was going to change that.

Emma opened the refrigerator, finding the leftover apple pie she had made. She licked her lips thinking about having a slice of it. She grabbed the pie container it was in and shut the door behind her before making her way to the counter. She took out a slice and transferred it to a plate, putting it in the microwave.

When the pie was warmed up to her liking, she took out a carton of vanilla ice cream, scooping some up and plopping it on top of the slice before replacing the container in the freezer. She decided that she would feel selfish eating apple pie by herself without sharing some with Killian so she grabbed two forks from the silverware drawer.

Just as she was about to pick up the plate, she felt a pair of strong hands curl around her hips and a warm pair of lips brushing across her ear. Her heart fluttered as he swiped her disheveled hair to one side of her shoulder, murmuring against her skin.

“Mmm, something smells delicious.”

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can you do the gang at Disneyland. that'd be cool. :)

Hey there! Thank you so much for asking. I’m sorry if this got back late to you. I’m just so stressed out since our freshman formal is coming up soon, but I will gladly right it for you!

🌟 Two-Bit screams like a girl when he sees Mickey and Minnie.

🌟 Steve and Soda goes on a hunt for the scariest rides.

🌟 Pony wouldn’t go on them.

🌟 At one point Darry would have to give Pony a piggyback ride because his feet got tired.

🌟 Dally steals candy from a little kid with Mickey Mouse ears on.

🌟 “Damn I wish Y/N was here,” Johnny says.

🌟 Darry would try a HUGE ass turkey leg.

🌟 “What are you staring at, Ponyboy?”

🌟 “What Pony? I need some protein in.”

🌟Dally goes on Tower of Terror fifty million times.

🌟 The gang loves Epcot.

i took the liberty of writing up the stupidly-fast part during the Pepsi ad in Mini’s newest video (link here).

if you or your family or any of your loved ones have ever been affected by pepsi please do not call us. we are not responsible for anything you do. if you actually try and help world hunger it’s not……it’s really not going to do much ya know, it’s worth a go. if you want to go to africa and figure something out it’s really down to you. just don’t come crawling back to us, it’s really not our problem. if you go there and die or something please do not post a comment about it because we will find you, track you down and ahhhh probably do nothing to be honest, we’re not going to find you, i am not a hacker, nor have i ever said to be a hacker - why am i drinking bushmills right now. bushmills is not - this is a pepsi commercial. i don’t know why i’m doing that but uh yeah like, subscribe and everything and i’m literally going to ramble. so how’s your day going? hope your day is going good - aeroplane food. aeroplane food, it’s honestly got a lot better over the years uhm, ahh fucking look around my room, you got like a uhm razer mouse, there’s a pair of headphones over there, not sponsored. uh there’s toilet roll over there, i don’t really know why there’s toilet roll uhm. i really need to move house very very soon. there’s some whey protein under there uhhhh okay i think we’re gonna, we’re gonna go uhhhhh that’s that’s really it. if you’re actually listening to this, if you actually slowed it down and listened to what the fuck i’m actually saying ya know. post a comment oh god let’s have some fun. this is going to be the most difficult easter egg to do. post a comment saying ya know uhm light bulbs at night make the sky bright. i don’t know that was really gay but people are gonna, people are gonna comment “what the fuck do you mean? it’s an inside joke ya know, we got - we’re at that level at our relationship where we now have an inside joke okay. lightbulbs at night make the sky bright, it sounds gay as fuck but people in the comment section are going to be like what the fuck are you talking about? we know, we know, we all know. i’m going to go, this is getting really weird bye bye.

there you go several minutes of my life wasted but no regrets

Week 5, Day 1: Shoulders, Chest, & Triceps + Ab Ripper.
Week 5?! Yep. A redo. Because last week was piss poor. So I went out, treated myself to new work out clothes, weight lifting gloves, and gathered myself.
And holy shit what a work out. I did 15 clapping push ups. 10 one armed push-ups and upped my weight to 8 lbs on my triceps. I’m super duper proud of myself. Plus I feel cute in my pink. I also did my ab work out so I’m proud of myself for that.

Now I’m shaky and in need of protein plus some dinner.

Hope everyone had a beautiful day! 💜

Time for an update!

I’ve been eating almost 95% vegan and 100% vegetarian now for about two months. I go to the gym about 2-4 times a week. But for the last few weeks I’ve been gaining weight and I noticed some more fat around my belly-area. I can’t really explain myself why that happens.. I stopped smoking about 3 weeks ago but I don’t think I’ve been eating more since then.. So I’m going to track my macros again for some time. And I need to eat a lot more protein, but I find that really hard… I really hope my body will go back to it’s previous shape!

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Hey I sent a message like a week or so ago asking abt your hair routine and you said that you only shampoo once a month, I was wondering if you co-wash in between with conditioner or do you just rinse your or hair with water? Bc I've always had reallly curly hair but I cut it recently to probably about your length and my curls like... disappeared and I have no idea how to style them now :-(

i usually cowash!! for me when my hair starts getting less curly it usually means i need a deep conditioning treatment but for other ppl it can mean u need a protein treatment, i would just try some stuff!!

Nutrition: Alright, so I know Monday looks weird. That’s just ‘cause I got food poisoning from some f*cky blueberries. But other than that, I had a few super close days on protein, but I ended up with a way lower average than I expected. I’m happy with my fat average, but I think I need to do some meal planning in the future because my protein intake is not what I’d like it to be and I could cut waaaay down on carbs.

Water: I got at least 17 ounces everyday!! I think I should maybe shoot for 25?? Still kinda dehydrated.

Exercise: My whole routine was just out the window all week so I’m not even gonna worry about it. I’m gonna get started again tomorrow though!!

Yesterday I broke the rules…And I’m glad I did!

Want to know why? The “rules” of my intermittent fasting are that I eat between 12pm-8pm and then I fast for 16 hours to encourage my body to use my fat for fuel instead of the sugar/carbs in my blood. It also helps me stay within my calorie goals because essentially I’m skipping breakfast.

But yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to the movies so we didn’t get to the gym until 10:00pm. I did an awesome arms/abs workout from @fitnessblender and I knew my body would need some help recovering. So I ate a small high protein, low calorie snack - and I didn’t feel guilty about breaking the rules of my fast.. I felt PROUD. 

I listened to my body and I gave it what it needed despite my dietary guidelines. That is key! This whole fitness journey is about balance and listening to yourself.

Feeling good today on Day 4 even though I also didn’t eat the best yesterday. I still stayed within my calories, got in a great workout and that’s what most important to me right now.

Happy Friday everyone! Go out there and crush your goals!

Quick and tasty egg options

This is actually three recipes (recipes in the loosest sense of the word). They all use eggs because protein is what I look for in a meal (especially breakfast) and I don’t have a nice enough blender to make smoothies. They all try to get as much protein with as little effort and cost as possible. 

The first is a quick version of something I’ve always called eggy-weggy

You’ll need:

  • At least one egg (more if you want)
  • Some bread (anything will do including stale)
  • Some cheese (optional)
  • Anything else you want to add like veggies or meat, leftovers work great here (optional)

The process of making it is pretty easy. You either cut or tear the bread into pieces and put it in a pan. You can add fat here but you don’t have to if the pan is non-stick/cast iron. You toast the bread and then you add the veggies or meat if you’re using them. Then you break the eggs, stir once or twice, drop in the cheese and let it cook until the eggs are done. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes if your veggies/meat is already cooked

You can also make it in the microwave. Just throw all the ingredients into a microwave safe dish and stir a couple times before cooking. I like to toast the bread if I’m going to microwave it (and I have time) but you definitely don’t have to.

If you’re trying to stretch the amount of eggs you have, you can also add some cottage cheese or greek yogurt or sour cream with the eggs and use more bread.

The next is a version of grilled cheese

You’ll need

  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Cheese that will melt 
  • Optional additions include caramelized onions and mustard

Beat the eggs (you can thin them out with a little water or milk to make them last longer) and put the bread in like you’re making french toast. Cook your savory french toast and when it’s done add the cheese and any toppings. Proceed like a normal grilled cheese.

The last is barely a recipe but when I need to get some protein fast, I’ll throw an egg into a bowl of oatmeal, mix it in and microwave it. 

Utapri 5th Live Twitter Round Up

Yeah, sorry guys, I wasn’t specific about where I got all this info last time, but this is all from twitter and I had so much to read, I don’t think I got everything but this is what I got.

Yesterday’s Post

I didn’t get all of the performance info but there’s a lot of talk info so enjoy laughing your ass off!

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I know in your FAQ it says about convincing your parents to let you go vegan, but my parents are adamant that I'll become really ill if I become vegan. I've explained there's so many ways to get protein and different vitamins and minerals. But they're still adamant. I'm currently vegetarian and it took such a long time for them to come round to that. Is there anything at all that I can do to convince them or allow me to become vegan?? Anything to utterly convince them to let me become vegan??

I get why some people think you need meat, we grow up hearing protein protein protein, and clearly we all know there’s other ways to get it, easily, and know that eating the western diet gives us too much protein, which causes health issues…but dairy and eggs..like completely unneeded. It always confuses me when people think we need these things. There’s no health issue that demands we eat it. Do they like watching movies? Get them to see Forks Over Knives, it’s focused just on the health side of veganism, It’s on netflix but here it is if you don’t have that, It’s mostly doctors and surgeons speaking for veganism, even reversing things like heart disease and type 2 diabetes eating vegan. You won’t become ill, unless you’re not eating correctly, but that’s with anyway you eat. Ask them for a trial period. You can’t really blame them too much, older generations really have been brainwashed a lot longer than we have, really think we need these things. Print out this and this to show them. Cook some of their favorite meals vegan? I dunno, I don’t think i’m much help with this, I didn’t have this problem. Show them it’s really important to you. Good luck love.

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Hello again. I need some advice. How late can I take ISO protein before bed while trying to lose body fat but also staying under my calorie count. Plz advise. Thx iron brother 💪🏽

It doesn’t matter how late you take it as long as you are in caloric deficit

However, if you’re taking it before bed, you will probably get bloated.

Understand why:


For the love of god.

I’ll eat dinner out, because I swear to god we have pancakes every three fucking days, and I can’t do it again. Can Dad even make anything that isn’t breakfast? I need meat. Protein. Give me some raw eggs in a glass or something, jesus. 

And in other news, some jackass keyed my car so I might have keyed his ribs… he’s not pressing charges, but someone’s gonna have to pay his medical bills. I left them on the counter, pops, so… just take it out of my allowance. It was six fucking stitches, some people are just too pathetic to function.