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I genuinely hope that henrik knows how extremely talented he is, how much we love him, and how much we appreciate what he brought to the role of Even, and to skam in general. I love how much of a team the skam cast and crew are, and how they work together to create something so wonderful and relatable. this season wouldn’t have been the same without henrik and I’m really glad he went out for the audition that day.

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Waiiiit! You've only ever had one pick up line used on you?! Dramatic gasp. Do your legs hurt? Because you've been running through my head all day! What time do you gotta beback in heaven? Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I was touched by an angel. What are you doing for the rest of your life? Because I want to spend it with you! Was that an earth quake or did you just rock my world? There's something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn't have your number on it.

STOP OH MY GOSH WHO ARE YOU????????????????????

your fave is problematic: lauren jauregui
  • such nice thighs
  • adorable little kid laugh )):))
  • sweet and caring
  • 5'4"
  • so smART
  • gets kinda shy sometimes
  • touches hair SO.MUCH
  • such a strong stand in her beliefs (!!! !!!!)
  • emerald green eyes that sometimes change tone
  • beautiful beautiful HANDS
  • has the power to look like an asshole
  • feminist 

VeggieBants TM. He loves the kid really…  (probably…?)

Goten is always there though? This is even funnier when you remember Mount Paozu and Capsule Corp are on opposite sides of the planet. The kid has transcended his circadian rhythm. He’s gonna be a beast come finals week in college. There’ll be legends echoing through the ages of the all-nighter kid who didn’t need caffeine and could sleep on command like a study god.  

(Thanks to @nichopkinsart for your help!)

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

can i just say people watching is so nice like i know that sounds creepy but when writers tell you to people watch - take their advice. you’ll find inspiration in the places you least expect to

i’ve witnessed the beginnings of so many stranger friendships & potential romances

i’ve witnessed couples fight, make up, make-out. i’ve seen friends fall out, parents and children arguing, parents and children being affection, i’ve seen people hug & and one person would look over the other’s shoulder with a sour expression, i’ve seen online friends hug for ages the first time they meet at the airport, i’ve seen people smiling & giggling at something on their phones, & old people reminiscing past experiences with friends at the corner table of a cafe

i’ve seen tears, fidgeting fingers, nervous shuffling feet, heard boisterous laughter, muffled giggles, watched a person grin from ear to ear and watched another smile timidly and blush - it’s just really fucking great

sometimes you forget all the stuff that’s out there, so really just. sit back, relax, (try not to look creepy and stare), and just. watch the world and the people in it, it’s really fucking beautiful when you take the time to look around


this blog….is dead?…well….probably now yes……na xD is a joke .. well yeah is dead but….ok just look down if you want to know what is going to happen now(?)

im sorry of dissapear more of a month (again pfff)….jeez….but….
the things is i really don’t know what to draw in this moment… of
the swapfell babus….or fontcest in general :c (i lost motivation??i think is something like that)….so…i’m thinking to put this page in HIATUS…..for a while….(that doesn’t mean i’m not going to come back…so don’t worry (?))

i’m really sorry for the people who was waiting something because of one of my updates…..but if i try to draw fontcest or sancest right now…i think….it not going to look good and i think i’m going to forcing myself….and i don’t want that… because i love it so much….and i don’t want to hate it….for doing that…

so that it…i need time….for this blog….A LOT OF TIME
REALLY THANKS….it was fun <3
but for now….i’m just going to say bye…or see you soon?
i….I DON’T KNOW??? jsoajsoja ok….
bye bye…..and see you all more in the future
(that to cliche….never mind jeez xD)

(sorry for just comeback to say just this…i hope to return with new ideas and with more motivation of this babus….i hope people understand this)

the real struggle = how much i love reading, and how much it totally screws me up lately when i finish a good, thoughtful book

I think what bothers me about Blue Pilot Allura theories are that they all seem to rely on Blue being the accepting back-up lion with no specializations which anyone can pilot. 

When I see it as being… basically the total opposite? 

Lots of people can pilot Blue, but I think few people would be able to pilot Blue effectively, and that’s why she can afford to welcome guest pilots.  Her stats are kind of underwhelming.  She doesn’t have a physical specialization. But, she has a powerful and versatile functions. 

I mean, so far we’ve seen: 

  • She can freeze things, which is great for DPS, crowd control, taking advantage of the environment, creating ice shields… you name it. 
  • She has a sonic canon which can nonlethally disable things.
  • The same sonic canon can be used to create radar maps.
  • She can maneuver well in any environment including an underwater one. 

In the big book of Lion RPG Classes, Black is the all-round hero class, Red is the glass cannon DPS, Yellow is the tank, Green is the thief, and Blue is that weird class like Mathematician or Dragoon that can be really effective but only if you’re an experienced player who knows how to make their skill tree work. 

What Blue calls for is a pilot who can use her toolset by coming up with creative strategic plans on the fly – AKA Lance, who has demonstrated this multiple times throughout the series.  I don’t see any of the other Paladins being able to fill his seat in that regard. 

Poor Lance just needs to realize for himself that his strength is more mental than physical piloting instinct.  And that Blue’s skills are arguably a lot more interesting than Keith’s more athletic role of hitting stuff good. 

Perks of Dating a Necromancer

(because I had this conversation with my friend and I feel like I should post this here)

1. Skeleton War will be an actual thing.

2. Your pet is dead? Not for long!

3. Receiving creepily adorable Valentine’s Day presents (eg. “Human blood is red, but some of their veins are blue. Last year I gave you my heart, so this year I’ll give you two.”)

4. Death puns.

5. You’ll be totally safe during a zombie apocalypse thanks to “Control Undead”

6. You’re dating someone who is totally capable of creating an invincible army of undead. I mean, come on.


8. They’re great if you need to hide a body.

9. Skeleton puns.

10. They’re massive help if you’re struggling with biology..

11. They can fix that poor little dead bird you found yesterday at the park.

12. “‘Till death do us part” no longer applies.

13. Neither does ‘YOLO’

14. They usually dress in black, so if you like that too, you can steal their clothes if you want. (oversized hoodies that smell a little like death, but only a little ftw)

15. They can make a few skeletons/zombies do a wide variety of silly dances to cheer you up.

16. Halloween.

17. They may tell you what happens after death.

18. Hearing them do an impression of Frankenstein when raising the dead. (”IT’S ALIIIIIIIIIIIVE”)

19. You know the skeleton rave from the music video of “Hey Girls, Hey Boys” by Chemical Brothers? Yeah.

20. Watching horror movies together and hearing them complain about how such-and-such is a wrong way to raise the dead, and anyway that’s not how the human skeleton works etc. etc.

21. “Are you a graveyard? Because I’m dead inside and want to bury myself in you.”

22. The whole ‘skulls, bones and old books’ aesthetic

23. Want to meet J.R.R Tolkien? Terry Pratchett? Christopher Lee? No problem!

24. The same as above, but with family members.

25. Hearing random facts about the human body/bones/life/death etc. everyday.

26. They can probably bring back extinct animals as long as they have the skeletons (I think)

27. “Jurassic Park: Skeleton Edition”. Only the dinosaurs aren’t trying to kill you.

28. Quiet walks through the graveyards.

29. Throwing a mini zombie apocalypse on Halloween and/or April Fools.

30. Since they stay among the dead for so long, they usually appreciate any living creature staying close to them. (ie. extremely adorable cuddling sessions. Necromancers make the best cuddlers, shut up.)

Random Thought

After being an active member of this fandom for a few months now, I can’t believe how many kind and amazing people I’ve met. I couldn’t help wonder today, as I was chatting to the lovely @thank-your-lucky-stars, why we have so many great and amazing people gathered together in this fandom. People who are kind and thoughtful, even to people they don’t know. 

I found the fandom in a time where I needed a distraction - I was hurting, I was grieving and I needed something to take me away. I started watching Robron videos and following people on here, and it was a respite from my sadness, a way for me to be happy or find joy in times where I wasn’t necessarily happy. 

Maybe that’s all of us - flawed, sad, grieving, dealing with shit and mental health issues or whatever else the world has thrown at us, and we have collectively found a way to process the madness of the world by fangirling over two flawed characters who have found love. 

That may explain why I’ve felt so comfortable with all of you, because on some level, many of us can understand going through tough times, and helping people through it, and finding each other online has given us a way of not only freaking out over Robron, but also finding solace and consoling each other when we are feeling bad. 

If you don’t think this applies to you, then I’m sorry, I don’t mean to put anyone in a box or try and make anyone’s pain feel less valid. But maybe, some of you will read this and once again be grateful for this crazy site, and the crazy couple that has brought us all together, to laugh, to cry, and to help each other feel better. 

In short, this is a thank you to everyone who has sent me messages when I’ve had a bad day, or reached out to me if they needed to. You mean so much to me and make my day so much better, I can’t help but want to give you all a big hug and thank you from the bottom of my heart.