i need sleep now tho

i love how to the other members mingyu’s a total savage like look at this

and this

but to wonwoo he’s like

and like

but i think we can all agree that lee jihoon wins in the end

to all the people who have been feeling like shit today (especialy @potterhead2468 and @studiokillersareamazing101) have a quick jeffmads sketch to brighten you day.

I know I’m behind 2 weeks or so, I’m sorry~ Uni won’t let me breathe ‘till now that I’m finishing my semester, I promise to work hard on this thing and probably yall will get 3 pages this week if everything goes fine and if I don’t lose my motivation :3c so, wait for news and updates! probably you can see some wips on my twitter or snapchat~

This isn’t really a 100 days of productivity post but I just wanted to share cos I’m proud of myself?

Today during team training we did strongman stuff for funsies (I do powerlifting and crossfit but yeah) and I was able to do a 270 pound yoke walk! The last time I tried I couldn’t even lift the yoke (which is 170 pounds) so I’m really happy :)

Then later on I was watching videos in French, and when my mum came to my room and asked me a question I just started talking in French? I was really tired so there were probably loads of mistakes, but it just flowed so naturally and I was like say what?! It was really exciting. Unfortunately my mum doesn’t speak French so I had to repeat everything, but hey ho it was cool.

Anddd I applied to more jobs today. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I start hearing back from places soon. As nice as this break was after graduation, I’m really itching to do engineering stuff again 🤓

Sometimes you just have to sit down and draw some Teddy Lupin

I wanna go back to bed but also i wanna eat breakfast and shower and record today!!!

thanks to those who preoccupied me  &  brought a smile on my face tonight, it was  greatly  needed.  &  i’m feeling those good good vibes. <3 <3 it’s very much appreciated  (  even to the anon that i didn’t answer, i’m keeping your message as just a little reminder to myself for now, thank you <3  )

[*You wonder, is this what its like to be free?]

So an anon HAD to suggest and Outertale (belongs to @2mi127) and Blind!frisk crossover. And while it would probably even MORE difficult for frisk to navigate (lots of jet-pack flying and dying) the sensation of floating would be something they would treasure forever.

Spock using his finger to trace phrases like “I love you” in Vulcan on McCoy’s back when they’re lying in bed. Bones being amused, thinking he’s just drawing little meaningless squiggles, completely oblivious to the tender words Spock is softly outlining on his body.


BREAKING NEWS: resident smol tries on tol’s head, gets stuck; local flotsam regrets everything