i need sleep but she just wants to play

i want to see alex and maggie in bed together. i want to see alex in reading glasses with her book, and maggie with her messy bun working on paperwork. i want maggie finally snuggling down to go to sleep and alex absentmindedly rubbing her back while she reads some more. i want to see alex already awake some morning, watching maggie sleep because she looks so cute even though she snores a little bit. i want to see maggie coming in extra late when alex is already asleep, crawling into bed and immediately big spooning alex so she can kiss her neck because she’s happy to be home. i just really want those sweet, domestic moments that happen naturally when you’re comfy with someone.


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my stationery order from todtots finally came in! (it’s been 2 months i almost lost hope) and I’ll make a separate post of the rest of them sometime but right now I’m done my studies and just want to lay back and play stardew valley (still pretty addicted)

I talked to my precal teacher about my “tendencies” to have anxiety attacks over even the smallest conflicts (the exchange with the rude guy in my class being one) and she said she’d make sure to keep us apart and that I’m always free to let her know when I need to take a breather to calm down.

I hope you have been well, smiling, laughing, eating, drinking, sleeping and all those good things ♡

let there be headcanons - ii.


  • The day Sherlock finally accepts a possible knighthood he asks Molly to be his date - not so secretly making one of her dreams of being in a room with the Royal family real.
  • Molly finding a jumper that suits Sherlock so much that he occasionally wears it out in public when they go on walks and once on a case much to the amusement of John & Lestrade.
  • Sherlock composing three different lullabies when their baby is having trouble sleeping.
  • Sherlock playing Molly’s composition that he finished the day they got married (started subconsciously during their first weeks of knowing each other) whenever she needs a little cheering up or he wants to feel her presence when they’re apart. 
  • Sherlock encouraging Lestrade to ask Molly on  date after Tom because the look on his face was more pitiful than the idea of him deciding to go for it himself. ‘Give it go’ ‘Are you okay with this?’ ‘Why wouldn’t I be?’ Lestrade just giving him a look but Sherlock’s insistence give him enough incentive to try.
  • Anthea giving Molly advice when Sherlock goes silent when something not good happens with his dad. The last time it happened she had her hands full with Mycroft talking a bit too much (rare occurence), the opposite happening with Sherlock. His silence always being a constant worry to her.
  • Mary & Molly taking a few cases for the boys who need a break much to their repetitive claims that they need the work. The girls rope in Sally who enjoys being around the ladies more than she can say. Anthea texts information on the sly to aid when she has the time. They plan to do it every couple of months because it was so fun.
  • Molly learning to fight from Mary to the point that she gets so good that a weekly sparring match happens in 221C - finally giving Mrs. Hudson a reason to lease it out to someone. She does wonder why the noise is so deafening every Saturday at 3pm.
  • Sherlock making a single cupcake for Molly’s birthday and sending Mycroft the rest to mess with him.
  • Sherlock having to come up with better gifts every Christmas to make up for the one he mucked up.
  • Molly leaving notes for Sherlock to find all over their home as a way for him to have mini puzzles to solve. In turn he does it at Barts ever so often much to the annoyance of her colleagues.
  • Molly & Sherlock’s mums meeting for the first time and Molly’s mum marveling at her parenting at raising Sherlock then later thanking her for making her a grandmother indirectly by putting Sherlock in Molly’s life.
  • Sherlock and Molly sitting through an afternoon of baby stories and photo albums with their parents. Molly being less embarrassed than her husband.


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: calum hasn't tweeted in 17 days. my crops are dying. my hair is falling out. this is the most stressed i have ever been in my entire life. i am so so worried. is he ok? how is he feeling? is he getting enough sleep? is he staying hydrated? i just want him to be happy. is he playing with enough dogs? is he talking to his family? he needs to spend more time with them. how is his break going? is he relaxed enough? i love him i love calum my son.

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oh my god i wanted to write to you yesterday but then i had to go to sleep aboUT AMANDA SHE HAS HAUNTED ME FOR YEARS like who the hell was she why was she persONALLY GREETED by madam hooch were they related or something why was she playing favorites i need answers someone unlock her backstory

I DIDN’T KNOW ABT HER till @grangr and now i’m???? omg i know???? like wHY AND WHYYYYY??? @ directors…. just : w h y. 

Her Knitted Sweater ( N.M)

( warning: I cried while writing this. I’m just a beginner at writing so no hate 😅. Let me know what you think after!)

Song: Gem Club: Twins.

Nates POV.

I drove fast. I didn’t care if I crashed or got pulled over I just needed to get the fuck out of that church. Away from everyone. They couldn’t see me cry. But I wasn’t even crying anymore I was broken.


I lay in silence. Just shaking. It’s four in the morning and I still can’t sleep. All I want is to be able to hold her. Feel her warm body reach out for me when she had a bad dream or just when she wanted me to hold her. My tears soaked out once shared chalk white bed.

I remember it all. It wouldn’t stop playing in my mind.

I remember seeing her for the first time. She was stunning. Sitting alone in that café, Her hair was up in a messy bun and wore her large knitted sweater.

I remember how her smile sent sparks through my body when she noticed I was standing in front of her table in the corner speechless.

I remember our first date and how I we got soaked in the rain on the way back to her place because my car had been towed. How I was so embarrassed and all she did was laugh on the walk home.

I remember our first kiss and that is was exactly one week after I met her. We were high in her apartment and she was laying on her couch in only that sweater and her black panties that I loved so much. The sun was setting and made her eyes light up as it came through her windows. How she made me feel when she grabbed my hand and cuddle in closer to me. How her cheek felt when I grabbed her face and placed my lips to hers.

I remember our first fight. It was was exactly one day after we moved in together. It was about candles. She didn’t like it when I put candles in the bathroom cause it always se of the smoke alarm and it mad her head hurt. I would give anything to have just one more fight with her, just so I could say “ok baby, you’re right” and kiss her beautiful lips.

I remember our first time and how good it felt. That it wasn’t like anything I’ve ever felt before just pure lust.

I remember every three of our anniversaries. How we would start the morning off with breakfast and love making. Then we would get high and talk about life. Then she was get dressed up and we would go for dinner then go to the beach and jump into the ocean ruining the nice clothing we both had on. We didn’t care.

I remember when she first found out. All she did was cry. Lots of times I cried too.

I remember her first treatment appointment. She was so brave. I remember how I still thought she looked so beautiful in a hospital gown.

I remember her screaming at herself in the mirror when I got home one day. How upset she was loosing her hair. How she made me keep mine when she shaved her hair because “ if you fucking take away you’re beautiful curly hair I will disown you cause I won’t be able to grab it when we make out ”. I remember her taking my beanies and me loving it.

I remember her that night in the hospital. She had been in there for three nights and I remember living off 4 hours of sleep and 67 coffees. She held my hand I certain way, like she knew she wasn’t going to make it through the night.

I remember our last kiss. How I knew it was going to be our last.

I remember us saying “ I love you ” for the last time.

I remember holding her cold lifeless body screaming at the doctor to bring her back.

I remember security kicking me out of the hospital.

I remember getting home and destroying all the things in our home.

I remember holding that knitted sweater so tight and trying to inhale her scent to give me hope it was all a dream she was gone.

All these memories playing in my head didn’t help. But I couldn’t get them out.

My angel left me too soon.

I just wanted her back.

I wanted her back in my arms with her knitted sweater.

#poihere SNAFU

s5 ep02 SNAFU is airing here tonight. 

I just checked what “SNAFU” means and I was quite delighted. 

Situation Normal: All Fucked Up. 

Fits wonderful for this ep, considering how everyone is sleep deprived and shows parts of their personality that usually stay under the surface. 

The actors playing each other, Harold showing how proud he is of himself and cracking jokes, John flirting and fist bumping Harold, Root wanting bunny slippers and slapping Harold’s butt. Tbh when Root asked Harold to get a few things for her, I thought she’d need tampons and/or pads, turns out she needed slippers and a rug. 

It’s a quite merry episode, quite fucked up, compared to how everyone usually behaves, spiked with a lot of violence and pain: TM in constant pain, John vs. a killer for hire, TM screaming into Root’s cochlear implant, Harold and Root being locked up by TM, Root sedating herself - aka TM playing with humans, no sign from Shaw, a look at what TM would be had Nathan not shown Harold that there are no irrelevant people. The introduction of Jeff Blackwell, as a huge complication for Team Machine, and a nice look at how SAM works.

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"Alec, I- I need to sleep next to your in your bed like we were kids. It's been a long day." (Breakfastkills)

Alec was laying against his bed should be sleeping but needed to get his head to shut up first. So was reading some book when Izzy stood in his doorway asking to share his bed. Looking at his little sister he nodded,”Alright come here.” Usually he’d tease her or something but she looked miserable enough just asking. He moved to one side of his bed lowering the volume of his music playing. “Think it must’ve been pretty bad if you want my company.” 

imagine father!calum desperately trying to put his little girl to sleep but she’s just so persistent on spending time with him. every time he tucked her into bed, she would come into your shared bedroom saying how she just wanted to play with her dad. calum walked her back to her bedroom and let her climb into bed before sitting at the edge and rubbing her knee ever so slightly. “bub, you really need to go to bed.” he sighed, clearly seeing the tiredness in his child eyes with a hint of stubbornness. “but i don’t want to,” she frowned, fumbling with her fingers as she stared at the blanket rested on her lap. a sympathetic smile formed on calum’s face as he leaned down to look at his daughter’s face, showing nothing hurt and betrayal. “and why’s that?” tears prickled in her eyes at the thought of her father leaving for nearly a year again, not having the chance to visit him every few months like her and her mother used to a few years ago. “i just want to spend more time with you, i don’t want you to leave.” she cried, hiding her face with her small hands to muffle the sounds escaping from her. calum felt his heartbreak at the sight of his one and only daughter crying in front of him. he didn’t hesitate to grab her hands from her face and bring her in for a comforting hug while swaying back and forth. “you know i hate leaving you bub, but i promise we’ll be able to spend more time together before i leave, okay? and i’ll make sure to bring you guys along for a few shows, you and mom.” seeing her face light up even at the slightest was enough to put a small smile back on calum’s face. her arms hugged him tighter, never wanting to let go of her father, but eventually doing so so she can wipe away the remainder of the tears she shed. “now how about you go to sleep so we can hang out tomorrow okay? just the two of us.” calum suggested, his daughter immediately showcasing a big smile while nodding her head yes. he placed a kiss on the top of her forehead before whispering goodnight and heading out her bedroom door. but he was stopped when he heard his daughter’s voice calling out for him. “wait, i just-, can you sing me a song to sleep? mom always played your songs for me when you were away.” calum didn’t know how to describe how happy that made him, and didn’t hesitate to sit back down on the edge of her bed and sing his daughter san francisco (her favorite) while stroking her hair until she fell asleep.


                          Your small words all piled up and gave me so much strength … ! Your messages held power … I love you

zen | hyun ryu   |   {random mysme edit}

I just wanted to finish a Zen one today for @hybridshadowz birthday since she is on zen’s route.

ACOMAF Excerpt Mini-Analysis on Relationships :)

Sarah doesn’t pull the punches in this excerpt, but there were two parts in particular that just made me want to give Feyre the biggest hug:

1)  “He never woke when the nightmares dragged me from sleep; never woke when I vomited my guts up night after night. If he knew or heard, he said nothing about it.”

Feyre’s nightmares are so terrible and traumatic for her that she can barely sleep and throws up all the time. And Tamlin does nothing.  He hears her and knows she’s suffering, but he plays opossum. Just like with the curse, he can’t confront the problem; he chooses silence, inaction, a pretend sleep.  

So Feyre suffers alone.  After fighting for those she loves–including Tamlin and his court–she is left to suffer by herself, and this is just heartbreaking. It’s like she never escaped her cell Under the Mountain.  It makes me want to give her a hug, honestly. :( It also leads me to the second quote, which, although more subtle, is perhaps even sadder to me.

2)  “I continued to the bed, each step heavier, harder. The sheets were now cool and dry, and I slipped in, curling my back to him, wrapping my arms around myself.”

Feyre’s heart is so heavy and burdened, and she is so isolated, that she can’t even find comfort with Tamlin.  Her heavy steps signal her inner turmoil and the emotional distance that is developing between her and Tam. She almost doesn’t want to return to bed, because there is no comfort there. On top of this, she curls up facing AWAY from him–another signal of the emotional distance. And while Feyre isn’t necessarily the type that likes to talk about her problems (as we saw at the end of ACOTAR when she avoids talking about the trial by having sex with Tam), she did try to talk to Tam (at least about his nightmares), but he refuses to let her.

So, once again Feyre is alone.  She can’t heal with Tamlin or draw simple comfort from him, and that leaves her to try and comfort herself (rather unsuccessfully).  He doesn’t wrap her up in his arms; she wraps her arms around herself, which is a moment that, to me at least, symbolizes her isolation and her hurt. She’s trying to physically hold herself together, to hold in her pain and sadness. It’s a one-person hug in the silence of the night, and there is just so much pain wrapped up in that image.

In this scene, we get to see a snapshot of the broken relationship between Feyre and Tamlin, courtesy of the traumas Under the Mountain.  It may have been love that helped them through their ordeal, but they did not come out unscathed. Their relationship is paralyzed, filled with unspoken pain and traumas. 

This is so important because, just as she did with Heir of Fire, Sarah is showing us that love does not only help us through the fire; it is also supposed to help heal the burns.  With Rowan and Aelin, Sarah showed how two broken people were able to forge a connection that helped them climb out of the pit of depression and pain.  Now, with Feyre and Tamlin, they face a similar pit, but their lack of communication is destroying them.  (This lack of communication isn’t new, either; it had its precedence established in ACOTAR.) I don’t think this communication is really going to improve, either. At this point, their relationship isn’t strong enough to help them climb out of that pit–at least, not together.  Maybe Tamlin can, but he’ll leave Feyre in that terrible darkness that is eating her from the inside out.  He wants to pretend everything is okay when it’s not–just like with the curse–and in doing so, he will doom the woman who sacrificed everything for him, his court, and Prythian.

Thus, I don’t think it will be Tamlin who helps Feyre climb out of that pit.  Rather, I think it will be Rhys.  Rhys, who understands her; Rhys, who has himself done terrible, terrible things.  Rhys can help her climb out, accept her past, and adjust to her new body and powers (much like Rowan did for Aelin; this book is going to be ACOTAR’s version of HoF).  He’ll help her learn how to fly (probably in both senses of the word), and not be stuck under the metaphorical mountain forever.  Communication has never been an issue with these two, as Sarah displayed time and again in ACOTAR. Feyre can’t keep her mouth shut around Rhys, and he is willing to show his more vulnerable sides to her. At times, Rhys seems to know how Feyre will react better than she does. He helped to stop her from shattering Under the Mountain, and I think he will help her put the pieces back together now.  He’ll probably call her out and comfort her in turn (in his own unique way, of course haha).

Already, Sarah is hinting at this progression.  First, with Feyre’s relief at Rhys’s appearance to snatch her away on the book jacket (when she was going to say no [most likely] to Tamlin at the altar), and then again in this excerpt when she is looking at the tattoo.  She notes that at the end, Rhys wasn’t her enemy. He may be to Tamlin, or to the other courts, but not to her.  She feels a bond with him, a deep connection that enabled her to confess her trauma to him when she couldn’t say it to anyone else (mate bond anyone? ;) ).  That in itself is a powerful thing.  Rhys helps her speak; he empowers her and believes in her. And, beyond that, she calls him Rhys - an important distinction since only his enemies call him Rhysand. (I wrote an entire post about this.)

All in all, I think these two are going to do so much for each other in ACOMAF - and it seems like Sarah is already laying the groundwork for these developments in the brief excerpts we’ve been given. I honestly can’t wait!

What did I do
That was so bad
For you to choose her
And forget about me

I wonder whether you love her
Or just played me
But the pain you caused
Hurts more than anything

I canโ€™t stop wondering
If she makes you truly happy
The question will always linger
Of why didnโ€™t I

If sheโ€™s what you want
Then I canโ€™t stop fate
But tell me
Where did I go wrong

๐•†๐•ก๐•–๐•Ÿ ๐•Š๐•ฅ๐•’๐•ฃ๐•ฅ๐•–๐•ฃ

Tonks had woke up in a great mood that morning, in such a good mood that she had been up before her husband, stealing one of his shirts away she put it on, stopping by the doorway she looked at his sleeping form, grinning as she closed the door behind her and headed to the kitchen. Mind you, Tonks wasn’t exactly the perfect cooker but she wanted to make something special for Remus, turning the muggle radio on while grabbing everything that she needed Tonks set herself to work.

As a particular music started to play Tonks had started to hum around, swinging her hips side to side while making the batter for the pancakes, and getting lost in the music and in this time making an editable breakfast the young Auror had softly started to sing along.

We got this king size to ourselves

Don’t have to share with no one else

Don’t keep your secrets to yourself

It’s kama sutra show and tell (yeah)


There’s loving in your eyes

That pulls me closer

Prince Charming's Kiss: A Librarians Fanfiction

My first story in over a year!! All I needed was some homework to procrastinate and some new characters to play with. This originated from a prompt by ahookedheroespureheart.ย She wanted a story with Cassandra (in the Sleeping Beauty role) in the hospital and Jake kissing her, with discussion of the โ€œbrain grape,โ€ and the story came to me almost as soon as I read the prompt.

Find the story here (reviews are always appreciated!) or just keep reading.


From the very first day he met her, he knew this would happen someday.

Jacob Stone walked down the stark white hallway that was rapidly becoming his own personal labyrinth. Room 3416 was the object of his quest; thatโ€™s where she was. Thatโ€™s where he would find herโ€ฆifย he could find her, that is.

When he finally stumbled upon the room with the 3416 plaque outside, the sight inside stopped him dead in his tracks. She laid peacefully in the bed, her red hair splayed across the white pillow, a pop of color in the bleak setting. An oxygen tube wrapped around her delicate face, and two tiny sensors were taped on either side of her forehead. A disruptive but steady beeping punctuated the silence and monitored her heart, but despite all of this, the first thing he noticed was the rise and fall of her chest as she continued to breathe, toย live.

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Ok, here’s what I need from the next few episodes: I need Abbie to subtly not want to be alone. Like she was isolated for 10 months so it only makes sense that she would want and NEED to be around people, but I also don’t think Abbie would ever come out and say that, so I need her to like find excuses not to be alone. I need her to need Ichabod and him need her. I hope they like find ways to touch just a little to remind each other that they’re there and they’re real. I want use to find out that Ichabod has been sleeping in Abbie’s bed or that he has been playing a game of chess with her too. I need them to make excuses to stay up all night simply because they don’t want to leave the other one. And I need Abbie to go ham on some food because she hasn’t eaten for 10 months and if that was me, you better believe I would eat all the things.