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dgraymanweek  || Day 3: Blood Crusade

↳ Option B: Favorite Happy/Sad Moment

“I will still continue to pray
Please bestow upon this child your love”

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The world needs more happy Monica, so maybe Monica relaxing somewhere? Or! I have an AU in which she doesn't die so if you'd like to play with fashion design, maybe Monica in modern clothes?


And modern-AU where everyone is alive and happy?? yes ples

I have SO many headcanons about them…

Like, Monica is absolutely that girl who wouldn’t drink any soda ‘cause it’s unhealthy but will drink all your lemon-flavored beer

Huey is that guy who has a lot of money while not actually working anywhere and barely leaving his house… everybody just guesses it has something to do with computers and it’s probably not entirely legal. Only the squad knows… that it’s entirely illegal.

Niki likes children and loves to work with them. She also tells everybody it’s the only reason she hangs out with this sad losers

Elmer just knows memes of 30 different countries and nobody understands them, but he keeps using them and laughs at his own jokes

Aaaah my kids would have had so much fun


i love mttm era a lot,, ♡


Takada Kenta’s ‘Pick Me’ on TongTongTV ♡

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About last bnha´s chapter, I liked Twice being mad at overhaul for calling Magne him instead of her, but at the same time it feels wrong because one of the two transgender characters of the series is dead, she was actually the first character to die in the present. Overhaul could have killed Spinner instead and the impact would have been the same. The author should bring her back or actually show the rest of her backstory. I enjoyed the chapter, but it´s complicated. What do you think?

Bnha is like… almost progressive about stuff. I agree, it was cool to see Twice defending Magne’s gender but like I never even realized that Magne was trans. Either the author didn’t make it super clear, the translators weren’t able to get it across well enough, or I just plain missed it. But more importantly, Magne was killed and also was a villain in the first place. I like villains but that doesn’t change the longstanding trend of queer-coding villains. That’s two negative trends packaged together. 

It’s the same as with Tiger, from the Pussycats team. Tiger is a trans man, which is cool, but he was also the butt of jokes about his gender not being right (something I talked about here). 

So yeah. BNHA seems to be like that. It includes specific examples of handling certain subjects well, but then it does even more that treats those same subjects poorly. A character will defend another (dead) character’s gender but the readers are still invited to laugh at trans characters for being trans. Bakugou and Uraraka’s fight advocated “respect your female peers as equals” but the girls are still ogled and harassed and placed in an overall secondary position in the story (x). The story’s thoroughly condemned Endeavor as an abusive parent but Todoroki, the victim of his father’s abuse, was told that he is the same as his abusive father by Insa and the narrative never really fully parsed out how horrible of a thing that was to claim (x). 

The story does include things that provide some nuanced and respectful representation on these matters… while also including stuff that is actively disrespectful and goes exactly against those positive points. It’s good at clear, direct takes on these subjects, but the issues permeate the story nonetheless because on some level stuff like sexism and transphobia are just… so engraved into so many people that they can’t imagine it not existing and write it into their stories without taking the time to think “is this actually the ways things have to be and do I want to be a part of perpetuating these ideas?” And then there’s stuff like Mineta’s gross shit which is there because the author likes it and identifies with Mineta. Like he actively knows it’s shitty and that a lot of people really dislike it, which he’s directly acknowledged, but he’s doing it anyway because he wants to. 


That’s a lot of words right there, but yeah it’s okay and great to appreciate positive representation where it can be found, but it’s no surprise that it comes with mixed feelings because there really hasn’t been any positive representation in the story that hasn’t also come with negative representation right along side it. 

it’s 3am and you wake up to hear a rhythmic shuffling noise coming from somewhere in your house. you open your bedroom door and see this coming down the hallway in the dark…

Holtz bites her lip, eyes downcast

Her hand is hovering by Erin’s bedroom door. She honestly can’t believe she’s going to do this, but she’s at her wits end, her mind has been racing a mile a minute and it’s nearing 3am, the world is spinning on the axis all wrong so she can’t focus and she feels like a failure, she’s nervous, she’s edgy, she just wants sleep.

She needs to sleep.

And she doesn’t think she can manage this time alone. Erin, for some reason, even with Holtz’s embarrassingly blinding crush, is the first person she thinks to trust with her usually well-hidden anxiety, her spiraling insomnia. In all her years of knowing Abby, she’s only asked to share her bed once, and it was the night after she almost blew up the entire school because she’d been overthinking, panicking, daydreaming too much. Hasn’t slept in 3 days straight that time. Abby was fine with the company, but not so much with being touched. She needs to be grounded this time. She needs to be wrapped up in warm, world-silencing arms.

So she knocks. Bites her lip harder and tastes blood and scuffs her boots against the floor, knees shaking. Anticipating.

A minute passes by and she hears faint shuffling and then distinct foot steps. Erin cracks open the door bleary eyed and confused. Her expression softens at the sight of the engineer but Holtzmann doesn’t see it. Hasn’t looked up yet, her ears red from shame and the inside of her skull buzzing.

“Jill, you ok?”
Erin’s never called her Jill before, but she does it like its second nature, too, somehow. It ignites a part of Holtz, enough that she looks up. They lock eyes for a second but then Holtz again has to look down. Scuffs at the floor some more. Forces herself to stop and at least say the next few words looking over her friend’s pajama-clad shoulder, eyes fixed on the dark wall behind her,

“I - hm. Um. Hah. I really need to sleep and I c-can’t get my brain to calm down. I just - I please -
A beat. She makes easier eye contact with Erin now that she’s begun to talk and she sees the openness of Erin’s expression and the reassuring smile tinged with concern,

“Can I come in and uh, sleep with you?” No innuendo, all innocence, so unlike the usual playful, filthy facade; and Erin melts.

Erin leads the way in the dark and helps Holtz out of her overalls until she’s just in her boxers and bra and she holds her close through her tremors and her uneasy thoughts and whispers into Holtz’s ear all she knows about the constellations and the life spans of all the brightest stars until Holtz is fast asleep in Erin’s arms, her expression shifted at last to one of peace. Of trust.

She wakes up turned towards Erin, face to face, and Erin’s been watching her sleep without shame and she kisses Holtz on the nose and it amazingly makes her blush. Holtz blinks until her eyes adjust in the filtering sun coming through the skylight and she finds herself tilting up and capturing Erin’s mouth. Without a thought. Without a doubt.

It’s the first time her brain is truly quiet in months.