i need sleep


According to this preview, SBS The Show will air

Tuesday, May 5th @ 7 pm KST

when the signs go to bed

Aries - 2am
Taurus - right after their midnight snack
Gemini - 1am
Cancer - 9pm
Leo - frequently pulls all nighters
Virgo - 10pm
Libra - midnight
Scorpio - 4:20 am
Sagittarius - midnight
Capricorn - 11:30pm
Aquarius - 1:32 am
Pisces - 11:59pm, feels like they are going to bed early as long as the clock hasn’t struck 12

If you stood in a room filled with all the people that hurt you and then in another room with all the people that loved you, you would find that both rooms contain the same people.