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#updateboycott time zone master post

 Quick recap for those of you seeing this for the first time:

Don’t like the update? We’re boycotting tumblr for 24 hours beginning at midnight EST (UTC -4 for reference) on Wednesday, September 9th (one week after the update was rolled out). In the mean time, please take a few minutes to lodge a complaint with tumblr to let them know how you feel about the update.

Don’t really care about the update/actually like it? Go on about your business and feel free to ignore this and related posts or blacklist #updateboycott for the next week or so

Think this is stupid/pointless/never going to work? I agree that there’s very little chance that this will cause any real change, but it doesn’t hurt to try (and it makes me feel better to be able to say I did something)

Now: When I first started listing time zones, I (naively) assumed that my post would only be read by people in english-speaking countries, so I listed the most common time zones for Canada/the US, England, Australia and New Zealand. Anyways, here’s all the time zones in the world, listing the start time for the boycott (under a cut because it’s long af):

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