i need shawn

1) Listen to this with headphones.

2. Listen to this and think of Shawn.

3) Listen to this and think of how you feel when you hear his voice.

4) Listen to this and think of how much love you have for him in this very moment.

 5) Now listen to this from Shawn’s perspective.

That’s exactly how much he loves you

Shawngela is Dead. 1997-2015

(I know there’s probably grammatical and punctuation errors in this. But it’s 3 in the morning, this is Tumblr, and I’m not an English major.)

Michael Jacobs and the rest of the creative team on GMW are gonna lay it to rest this summer the moment Girl meets Hurricane airs. In Season 7, Angela and Shawn had reunited as a couple and were as close and happy as ever, until her father shows up with the announcement that he’s moving to Europe for a year and asks Angela to go with him. Ultimately she agrees, though she told Shawn that he meant the world to her and she would stay if he just asked her to. Shawn was on the verge of doing more than that, he was gonna propose to her but at the last minute decided he couldn’t come between their father/daughter relationship. He’d lost his own father either earlier that year or the year before.

It’s important to note that Angela and Shawn DID NOT break up. GMW has been very unclear as to what the circumstances were around Angela’s departure to Europe and whether she even came back. As a matter of fact, since the show runners are obviously setting Shawn up to be with Maya’s mom, it’s likely that the young GMW fans who have never BMW think that Angela is a cold-hearted bitch who dropped everything to run off to Europe and never came back. The mentions of her and her reasons for leaving were very one-sided on the Disney show.

They agreed to have a long-distance relationship.With lots of phone calls and letters and probably emails. (In my head canon Angela sent Shawn tons of pictures of her and her experiences in Europe, knowing what a photography buff he was at the time.) 

If we’re being honest…Topanga, Angela, Cory and Shawn were all like 19, 20 or 21 around this time. Long-distance relationships are hard, and it’s rare for long distance relationships with people that young to work out. Angela wasn’t just moving a few towns over or to another state or even across the country. She was moving to another continent.

But I believe in Shawn & Angela, like everyone else believed in Cory and Topanga. I believe in them more than Corpanga. (If we’re continuing in this trend of being honest, when were Cory and Topanga ever realistic? Their story switched from Shawn and Cory barely knowing and not even LIKING Topanga in Middle School, to Cory and Topanga having been each others twu luv since they were two. That’s just one of many things…so why this sudden desire for Shawngela to be realistic? This is TV. We watch TV to escape reality.)

But the thing I liked about the series finale was it was very-open ended. Angela and Shawn could have continued their relationship like they said they would. Or they could have mutually decided to put it on hold until she returned to the trio in New York. Or maybe they broke up. Maybe they met a little later in life when they had both had time to grow up and work through their demons, a time when they were no longer afraid to give in to loving each other. The possibilities were endless. 

But GMW wants to tell me that none of this happened. They want to tell me that there was no communication, that Angela just simply never came back? Or never re-connected with her friends, best friend Topanga and her boyfriend?!  I can’t accept that. 

Then they try to justify it with this excuse that “Nothing good happens to Shawn.”  Well I would think that when he inevitably starts dating Katy and they fall in love or what have you, and he gets the family that he always wanted but never got a chance to have…I think that would be considered a good thing.

And this is why I don’t watch GMW, or acknowledge that it’s even canon. It might seem petty to do all that because of a ship, but hey. I know that watching Girl Meets Hurricane would give me hypertension, so I’m gonna leave it alone and continue living in a world where Shawngela is happening. They don’t have to be married, it doesn’t have to be a perfect relationship, I don’t need the white picket fence, dog, and the 2.5 children. As long as they’re together.

I don’t need them to be Cory & Topanga because they’re not. They’re Shawn & Angela, I think that’s more than enough.


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Shawn,I need help…I love you all ! so guys come back to me or I will kick your butt,bye baby , LOL he a mess

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SHAWN … I NEED HELP … I LOVE YOU ALL … So guys come back to me or I will kick u butt … 😂@lestwinsoff
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New to LA - Chapter 2

Lunch seemed to drag on forever. They all told me a play-by-play of the party last night. The funny thing was that by the end of lunch it felt like I had gone to the party with them.

“Seriously (Y/N), you missed such a sweet party!” Shawn goes off on another tangent

“Yeah honestly it was pretty hype!” Matt chimes in to make me jealous that I didn’t go

I try to change the topic,

“I’m sure it was fun, but I actually value my sleep.” 

“By the looks of it you don’t need any beauty sleep.” Matt says while smiling directly at me

I feel my cheeks turn a shade of red.

“It’s not beauty sleep, it’s bitch sleep.” Shawn blurts out and we all laugh

Thank God for Shawn. I needed someone to change the topic quick!

When Shawn and I first met, he used to bug me to come out with him constantly. I always told him I needed my sleep or else I would be a complete bitch the next day. Now he just jokes around with me whenever it comes up.

“He’s not lying.” I admit finally starting to feel more comfortable around Matt and Cameron

After lunch, Cameron and I exchanged phone numbers with each other to talk about when he can move in and everything involving that. When he handed me back my phone, his name read;

“Cam  ♥ “ 

I laughed when I saw it and tried to maintain my cool.

As I was about to open the door to my matte black Range Rover, Matt yells out from across the parking lot,

“It was nice meeting you (Y/N)!” He says this while smiling and waving at me

I yell back,

“You too!”

Eventually I turn on the engine of my SUV and plug the aux cord into my phone. I turn on Spotify and hit the play button on my TRNT playlist. Jeremih comes on first - so of course the volume goes up.

It took me about an hour to get home from lunch because the traffic was extremely bad on the freeway.

I walk up to my front door to unlock it and make my way to the kitchen. I put my purse on the counter and dig in trying to find my cell phone. I pull it out with a text from Shawn,

“Hey, thanks for being such a good sport today.” 

I text him back jokingly, “You’re lucky I don’t get upset easily.” 

“I know I know! Cam’s a good guy tho I think you’ll like him as a roommate.”

I leave our conversation at that.

I make my way upstairs to my bedroom and change out of my jeans and blouse into a pair of grey joggers and a simple white tee. I throw my hair in a bun and go back downstairs to the library.

Once I get downstairs, I find myself a fuzzy blanket from Kohl’s and cozy myself on the window bench. I pick up my Nicholas Spark’s novel and begin to lose myself in the book.

Hours later, I hear my ringtone going off. I get up to check who’s calling me, it’s Cameron.

late night cuddles | shassie

First Psych fic I’ve written in a long time, but been having the itch for awhile so wrote some plotless fluff.

Also on AO3

Shawn bit back a yawn as he pushed open the door and stumbled inside. He hadn’t realized the job would take him so long, and his last energy drink had worn off hours ago. Now he was just ready to sleep for the next 20 hours.

But first …

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The only reason I watch girl meets world is because I'm waiting for Angela and Eric to show up.

I know Eric is coming soon. But where the fuck is Angela. Now they’ve broken up and Shawn was told to move on, and he’s getting all close with Maya’s mom. WTF does that mean. When will I see my Angela. She better come on the show. I feel like I’m wasting my time here.

If this show fucks up my ship I am done. I knew I shouldn’t have watched this show.

Shit I miss the most

Pretending to be asleep at night and hearing you say “I love you beautiful” only for you to start snoring five minutes later.

Catching you looking at me while I’m doing something.

Cooking for you.

Playing pool and listening to 80’s music. You calling me weird because I sing into the pool stick and dance around the table.

When I read at night and you play the video game only for you to say “hang on guys. I wanna love in my girl for a minute. I’ll be back” and crawl into bed with me.

The way you rub my legs until you fall asleep.

When I make you a drink or do something so small and you say “you’re so damn good to me”

Your laugh when I annoy you into giving me love.

The little annoyed noise you make when I say I want kisses when I sit on your lap while you’re playing the game. I know you’re joking.

Being silent when I walk into a room and you always knowing I’m near you anyways.

Sneaking into your bed early in the mornings and you waking up to me and not being mad. Just putting your arms around me to keep me there.

Sneaking around your house at night while your mom was sleeping.

You laying your head on my stomach.

Playing with my hair whenever it was in arms reach.

Grabbing my face when you kiss me. And kissing me so hard I lost my breath. Not just once but EVERYTIME.

The heart flutters I get EVERYTIME I see your face.

The way you saying “hey baby” changes my mood instantly.

The way you talk about the future. With such promise and hope.

The look you give me when you think I’m wearing something nice.

How you never wanted to go driving around until you saw what I was wearing and then it was always “you look cute as fuck. I’m getting dressed now”

How touchy and sweet you are when you’re drunk.

How you have never raised your voice to me.

How you have never let me go to bed angry.

How we can read each others minds.

How well we work together. And apart. We know each other better than anyone else in the world.

How I know you’ll protect me no matter what.

This was supposed to be a list of what I miss but it kinda turned into a list of what I love about you. And what I love about us.