i need rest and he's not helping

imagine being out with hoseok and some other friends, and near the end of the day, hoseok gets quite close to you and starts subtly grabbing your ass, nuzzling his head into your neck to nip at your sensitive spot, and letting his hand rest high up on your thigh. after your friends are gone, and hoseok and you are home, he comes on strong and hard, pushing you into a wall and kissing you, taking over the situation. he leaves lots of marks on your neck as he gets yours and his clothes off and he doesn’t bother to bring you into the bedroom before lifting you up and entering you while you’re against the wall, telling you to moan his name loudly, telling you how tight you feel around him, how good you feel, how hard he is. he knows how to use his hips and he grinds into you, hitting just the right spot to make you cry out in pleasure. he drives both of you to your highs, and you hit them at the same time.

Makkachin will be fine!

Yuri on Ice so far has always been an extremely positive show and it will remain as such. Do you really think they would kill a dog? Do you really think they would add this drawing at the end of the episode if they were going to kill him? Cause that would be twisted!

And remember, Makkachin is very much present in the Ending, looking alive and well, and the ending shots haven’t happened yet:

It’s really upsetting that Makkachin is suffering, but I’m pretty sure this was just done as an excuse to separate Victor and Yuuri for the sake of character development (and maybe have Victor finally learn about Vicchan while back in Japan). There’s no need, narrative wise, for Makkachin to die! What would we get from that? Victor being sad and in mourning for the rest of the season, how does that help the story? He’ll be good and healthy in no time, I’m sure.

“What were you dreaming about?”

Dean had barely opened his eyes, and his brain -still foggy with sleep-, needed a moment to process Castiel’s question. Once the words started to make sense, Dean couldn’t help but snort as he had a flashback to the same question being asked by the same person all of those years ago, in a motel room much like this one.

Back then, Dean had snapped at Cas, because ‘jesus dude, that’s creepy!’ They’d come a long way.

Dean yawned, shifting to rest on his side so that he could look at Cas, who was sitting right beside him on the bed, apparently using Dean’s laptop to do some research while Dean had caught up on the sleep that Castiel didn’t need.

When their gazes met, there was the ghost of a smile around the angel’s lips. As Cas put the laptop on the nightstand, piercing blue eyes never left Dean’s for a second. Now that there was a free space, Dean lifted his head with a tired sigh to use Castiel’s lap as his new pillow.

Cas hummed appreciatively, and not much later, gentle fingers were stroking through Dean’s hair. Dean still contemplated the question as he closed his eyes and gratefully leaned into Cas’ touch. Truth be told, he didn’t really remember his dreams, most of the time. Or if he did, it were the bad kind of dreams; the ones that would ensure that he woke up screaming, terrified. He briefly shuddered at the thought.

Not this time though, Dean slowly concluded as he tried to concentrate. He merely remembered some flashes, but nothing bad. He recalled light, white and blue. Digging a little deeper, he was sure that there’d been the powerful rustling sound of wings. He vaguely remembered being enveloped by comfort, not fear.

Eyes blinking open again and resting a hand on Cas’ knee, Dean cleared his throat before answering the question with a sleep rough voice, truthfully this time.


Rogue Fan Club

The same party from Bad News Bears. This week, we simply did a filler episode one shot due to a majority of the party being unable to make it. It started out with a sparring match between my rogue, the dragonborn fighter, and the half-elf NPC that we are currently escorting. The result of this is that my rogue is pissed off the rest of the session due to losing not once, but twice, and she is a very poor loser. Later on, a merchant runs up to the party that’s awake and tells them that “monsters” have taken over his cart and he needs help defeating them.

DM: You see see the cart being ransacked by Kobolds.

NPC: …Really?

Fighter: Just Kobolds?

Rogue: (Can I roll an intimidation check?)

DM: Go for it. Roll with advantage since you’re tall and Kobolds are kinda short.

Note: My character is the second tallest in the party at 5'10"

Rogue: *rolls a 17* *glaring* Look, just…leave and don’t attack any more carts. It’s a waste of my time and won’t be satisfying to kill you.

Kobolds: *drop everything from the cart they were holding* Oh! Of course! Of course! Is there anything else we can do–

Rogue: LEAVE.

Kobolds: *run away in fear into the forest*

Bard: Well… That was easier than I thought it would be.

The merchant pays for our help, and we’re on our way back to the church we were staying at. On the way, though…

DM: [Rogue], roll a perception check.

Rogue: *rolls a 13*

DM: You hear the three Kobolds that you had scared off making loud noises in the bushes.

Rogue: ……

Bard: …[Rogue], I think your fans are following you

Rogue: *throws one of her daggers into the bushes where the Kobolds are*

Kobolds: *immediately stop making noise. One of them runs out of the bushes to return the dagger, then runs back into hiding*

Rogue: (I can’t fucking believe this. I have a fan club)

Bard: (Are they going to follow her forever now?)

DM: *laughing* That is a possibility. And you will never know

As much as I want Prince Lotor to be the most wack person in s3 I highkey want him to be the best villain???Like I want him to actually make the team just fall apart. I want him to mess with all of their fears and make them so broken they can’t fight back.

Him finding out about Pidge’s search for her family and taking every step to ensure that she knows that he won’t let her find them. Just playing with her so that she won’t be able to find them, ever. Imagine him just messing with Lance’s Bayard or his lion so that he won’t be able to help the rest of the team when they need it most, confirming his fears of not being valuable enough to be apart of Voltron.

Lotor re-colonizing planets they previously liberated like the Balmera. Just to watch them scramble to save what little they have left to protect. Hunk getting so downtrodden and exhausted because no matter how hard he’s trying, he can’t protect everyone. Prince Lotor singling Keith out by telling him he will never be the leader Shiro was. That he won’t ever be truly accepted as the leader because of what he is. Just tearing them down to the point where they can’t even fight back.

Just like, Evil Lotor my dudes

Edit:See my new post if you want more on this evil deceptive piece of space trash


Happy 30th Birthday, Kit Harington!

“Kit cares incredibly deeply about things … I think he’s so passionate that [things he can’t help] can really get to him. I think he needs me to remind him sometimes, you’re Kit Harington! A, look at you. B, look at what you can do. C, D and F and all the rest of the alphabet, look at the wonderful future that you’re gonna have. Not only the wonderful future, but the wonderful present that you’ve got. Maybe lighten up a little bit because compared to most people, mate, you are golden.” - John Bradley


My heart is hurting rigth now😭.. poor yixing this is really scary. He needs to rest and get better💜 I’ll hope he will take a few weeks off to rest up and get a lot better and get much more energy… Right now he can’t be our, EXO-L’S, healing unicorn, to heal our hearts, so we need to be strong for him and try to stay positive and most off all we need to keep showing him that he is LOVED and RESPECTED. we also need to tell him that all we want him to do is rest and get well.. will you, other EXO-LS, help me with that???😢 ZHANG YIXING FIGHTING✊💙

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rescued/escaped hostage starter sentences

“Calm down, calm down. It’s me! You’re not where you think you are, you’re safe with me at home.”
“You need to snap out of it, it’s a flashback. Nobody is going to hurt you anymore, trust me!”
“Help! I need help! Call the police, please. Help me! Don’t let him/her find me! I escaped, but he/she’s after me!”
“Listen, listen. You are going to be okay. He/she is locked away for good, alright?”
”It’s a very strange idea that someone will spend the rest of their life in prison because of what they did to me.”
”I don’t want her/him to go to prison. She/he did it because she/he loved me.”
“Can you please tell me what happened while you were… gone?”
”I never stopped thinking about you.”
”The police told me it would be best to assume you were dead, because of what might be happening to you otherwise… But I could never convince myself.”
“We kept your bedroom the way it always was… I understand if you’d want it changed, but I want you to know that we never lost hope that you’d come back home.”
“Is that– Is that really you? Oh my god! I can’t believe it’s you!”
“How do you feel after your first night home?”
“The police will need to ask you about what happened… but maybe you want to tell us first? You haven’t said a thing since we got you back!”
“We have imagined the worst things that could have happened to you. Please just tell us so we can try to move on and help you.”
“Shh, it was a nightmare. You’re in your own bedroom.”
“If you want to start living your old life, you’re going to have to start putting what happened to you behind you.”
“I can never be who I used to be! I was gone for years! And you expect me to go through some therapy and have my old life back?! That’s never going to happen!”
”Were you scared all the time? Or… or did you get used to it?”
”I’m not even sure what I’d rather hear, that you were always afraid or that you actually liked it there.”
“Nothing happened. I just ran away. I was sick of being here. I just made it up to sound interesting.”
“Will you please come out of your bedroom… I know you’re probably not comfortable with the amount of space after what you’re used to, but please try…”
“I’m here for you. I’ll keep you safe. I’m not going to lose you a second time.”
“Shh, it’s okay! It’s normal to have flashbacks, but you have to try to focus on me now.”
“You can’t go back there! Are you insane? Why do you want to?!”

Dating Remus would include...

Requested- Hey :) Could you do a ‘dating Remus would include’ please?

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  • being delighted by his cute subconscious actions
  • him giving you cute kisses on your forehead
  • secret dates at the Astronomy Tower
  • to avoid his nosy friends
  • a lot of cuddling
  • gentlest boyfriend you could ask for
  • finding out that he’s a werewolf
  • you don’t care, of course
  • “Remus, I honestly don’t care. I’ll always be there for you.”
  • “I’ll always be there for you, too, y/n.”
  • the rest of the Marauder gang accepting you after you told Remus that you would be by his side no matter what
  • you helping him with transforming each full moon
  • treating his wounds when you’re alone with him
  • ending up making out
  • becoming best friends with Lily
  • him telling you how beautiful you are everyday
  • lots of blushing moments
  • him rambling whenever he gets nervous
  • him pinching your cheek while you were pinching his
  • height difference
  • you having to struggle to kiss him because he’s so tall
  • “Ugh, why are you so tall!”
  • “Do you need me to help you get a stool?”
  • “I hate you.”
  • “Thanks.”
  • him enjoying to watch you struggle
  • then he kisses you
  • “Sorry, love.”
  • “Fine.”

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(gif is not mine)

  • Staying up late to greet Chanyeol when he comes back from the studio because you know how much he wants to see your face after work.
  • Cuddling and watching random dramas that come up on tv.
  • Him humming while petting your hair.
  • Cute selcas on his phone that he refuses to delete because he likes to look at them when he misses you.
  • “Babbbeeee”.
  • “Jagiaa”.
  • “Babbyyy”.
  • “My Love”.
  • So many pet names. Too many.
  • Warm back hugs.
  • His head resting on your shoulder or the top of your head because you’re small, compared to him.
  • “Chanie”.
  • Him pouting when he wants attention.
  • You being thrown over his shoulder when you ignore him.
  • Adorable cheesy smiles.
  • Getting used to sleeping next to his fluff ball.
  • “So… My sister needs babysitter so i kinda said yes… I hope you don’t mind helping me with a couple kids for a few hours.”
  • So much cuddling.
  • Kisses all over your face because he loves to hear your giggles when he kisses your nose, forehead, cheek and ect.
  • Watching EXO live from VIP seating.
  • Being really good friends with the rest of EXO, especially Beak.
  • Kissing Chanyeol “Good Luck” before he gets on stage.
  • Facetime calls 24/7 because he loves to see your face.
  • Long tired phone calls when he can’t facetime.
  • “I love you so much, you don’t even understand.”
  • Him making you laugh endlessly because he loves the sound of your laughter. 
  • Kissing him good bye at the airport.
  • Wiping his tears away and trying not to cry yourself while saying good bye.
  • Having to try to pry him off you and get him on the plane.
  • Matching couple rings.
  • Going public with you after a year or so of being together.
  • Him being so protective now that people know your together.
  • Being pulled closer to him when you’re walking through a big crowd.
  • Constant compliments.
  • Comforting him when he’s upset because you are one of the few people he opens up to.
  • Candid pictures of you being posted to his instagram occasionally, with cheesy captions about how much he loves you.
  • Him posting videos of you being silly or singing to show how much he loves you.
  • Singing together when you’re bored.
  • Watching disney movies together.
  • Him picking you up when you need to reach something on the top self.
  • “You’re so cute Jagi.”
  • Him carrying you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch.
  • You wearing EXO merch that say “Chanyeol.” on the back because he loves it.
  • Being friends with his older sister.
  • Sitting on his lap and occasionally kissing his lips with a small smile.
  • Wearing his shirts.
  • Him letting you put hair ties in his hair/ playing with his hair.
  • Face masks together.
  • Sweet morning texts.
  • Helping him with his music.
  • His lip bites.
  • Snapchats 24/7. (Sometimes nudies)
  • Lots of sucking him off.
  • Slight daddy kink.
  • Letting Baekhyung move in because Chanyeol uses the “He’s my bestfriend.” card.
  • Getting into useless fights with him.
  • Honestly wanting to kill him, sometimes but then just wanting cradle him in your arms. 
  • Always would want to see you smile.
  • Overall, Chanyeolie would be the cutest, most loving, and wittiest boyfriend in the world. You’d have the most fun with him tbh. Have fun.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY YEOL! (He’s my exo bias whom i love so much)

Also happy thanksgiving!


  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: maggie and carl have been through so much together. maggie was the one that warned hershel that rick and carl were coming and needed help. maggie was right by carl's side when lori was going to die. maggie protected carl when rick was going crazy and having hallucinations in the prison. carl gave maggie the music box after beth died because he thought she would like it. carl was right beside maggie letting her know he and the rest of the group were going to take glenn and that it would be ok. carl was there with open arms accepting a hug they both needed more than anything while maggie was crying in his arms. these two have been by each others sides during their most tragic moments and if they don't team up and kick negans ass together i'm going to riot.

I love love love this scene, but when I started thinking about it, I can’t help but feel like it shows so much about Sam

He runs a veteran therapy group

He knows loss and he knows pain and he knows war and sure no one knows quite what Bucky’s been through but this is as close as anyone normal can get

And sure when you think of veterans, when you think of people who have suffered and who have lost and been hurt so much, the world tells us that these people need extra special treatment, which can sometimes lead to them feeling further separated from the rest of society and make it harder for them to integrate back into the world

Bucky doesn’t want to be singled out or made to feel different or ostracised because he suffered

He wants to feel normal and he doesn’t want to feel as though everyone is treating him as a special exception and gives him everything he wants without having to do anything in return

And Sam knows this and he understands it and respects it

So when Bucky asks for something menial, Sam says no because it’s giving him the sign that he’s still normal. And that yes he went through hell but that doesn’t make him any better or worse than anyone else

Sam lets Bucky know that he doesn’t think he’s made of glass or that having been broken in the past means he’s fragile now

Sam tells Bucky no because dammit Bucky’s been managing by himself for a goddamn year now and obviously he’s been doing okay and he’s managed to bring himself back all by himself so why the fuck shouldn’t anyone treat him like they would anyone else, like any other human being


Sam x Female Reader

Summary: Sam’s going through the trials and you’re the only thing that gives him comfort. Set during season eight.  

Warning: smut, unprotected sex, angsty sex, depression (kind of), a smidge of painful sex 

Word Count: 800+

“Baby,” you murmur as Sam tugs desperately at your panties, slipping them off your legs and throwing them to the floor where they join the rest of your clothes. He hasn’t said much, just came home with a familiar sadness that seems to consume him from time to time. He pulled you into the bedroom and immediately began to disrobe, silently whipping your shirt over your head before yanking his belt out of its loops, “you okay?”

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You Okay?Part 2.

Plot: Y/n taking Justin to hospital.

Part One

“Y/n if you keep staring at me, we won’t make it to the hospital in one piece.” Justin chuckled looking at worried Y/n’s face.

Y/n completely ignored his comment. “Are you feeling okay? Do you need to puke again? I mean we have like, five minutes till we get to the hospital.” Y/n said, checking on Justin.

“Babe, I am okay, I will make it to the hospital. They will probably say it’s because of stress.”

Y/n nod her head and the rest of the ride was silent.

Minutes later they were in front of the hospital and Y/n helped Justin out of the car.

Justin stopped for a moment, taking a deep breath, waiting for stomach to decide whether he will throw up again, or not.

Once he was sure he won’t puke again, Y/n and Justin pursued into hospital. The lobby was empty, the whole hospital looked like it fell asleep.

Just as they were about to sit down, the doors of Justin’s doctor opened, and elderly man greeted them with a smile.

“C’mon in Mr. Bieber and Miss Y/L/N.” Dr.Grayson said and led them into his ordination.

There was only one chair next to doctors table, and Y/n made Justin sit down, while she stood behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders.

She could feel his shoulders were tensed, which lead to a conclusion that he was in a lot of pain, lot more that he was going to admit.

“What seems to be the problem, Mr Bieber?”

“I came home from studio early, because I had this bad headache and stomach ache. And when I came inside, I just felt dizzy, that’s when Y/n took me out, to catch some fresh air. About two hours later I threw up, and then we went to sleep, and half an hour ago it woke me up again, and I threw up again, this time almost nothing but water, since I threw everything out before.” Y/n griped his shoulders a little bit.

Doctor nodded, writing something down. “When you felt dizzy, did you feel like you’re going to pass out, or were you just feeling dizzy?”

Justin took a deep breath. “I didn’t feel like I was going to lose my conscience, no.”

Doctor nodded once again. “Could you please lay down on that bed? I would love to check you up.”

Y/n moved her hands away from his shoulder, Justin stood up and laid on the bed on the other side of the room.

Doctor placed his hands on Justin’s stomach, pressing hardly. “This hurts?”

“Little bit, yeah.” Both Y/n and the doctor could see the pain on Justin’s face.

Doctor continued to touch Justin’s stomach, asking the same question. He then listen to his heart.

“You have food poisoning and you will stay in hospital tonight, you will receive infusion, because your stomach can’t stand any kind of food due to being irritated from throwing up.”

Doctor looked in Y/n’s direction and continued. “I think you should go home and bring him his pyjamas and just the most important things, because tomorrow we will run a few tests, just to be sure it isn’t anything else, so it’s Tuesday, right? Yeah, by Thursday he should be good to go home, if everything goes alright.”

Y/n nodded and looked over at Justin. She knew he wasn’t happy with the idea of staying in hospital, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Do you want me to bring anything else besides some clothes and your bathroom stuff?”

Justin shook his head, Y/n nod and walked over to him, giving him a quick kiss before she left the room.

She quickly walked out of the hospital and drove off to their shared home. Once she was in front of the house, she rushed towards their room.

She walked into his clothes and grabbed his black backpack. She turned around to the shelf where he had his pants and she grabbed the black ones and the grey ones that had written “purpose tour” on their side.

She took one long sleeved shirt, one short sleeved and one hoodie. She put a pair of slippers in his bag, and few socks.

She was about to leave when she remembered, the underwear. She took three pairs of white Calvin’s, and one undershirt.

She walked into the bathroom and took his toothbrush and toothpaste. She took one hair brush and his favourite deodorant, and one towel. She closed the backpack and placed in on her shoulders.

She stepped into their room and looked around. His phone was on his nightstand, she grabbed it, putting it in her pocket, next to hers, looking where his earphones were.

She opened his drawers but they weren’t there, she knew she can’t go back without them. She looked around the room, but they were nowhere to be found.

She went downstairs, looking in the hallway, kitchen, and gym. Turns out they were in theirs living room, under the coffee table.

She quickly picked them up and rushed into her car, driving as fast as she was allowed, to the hospital.

Once she reached the hospital, at the counter she asked the lady, in which room did they place Justin. Soon she was escorted towards the room 108, on the second floor.

She opened the door, and she saw three beds, two on her left side, and one, Justin’s on her left side. She walked over to Justin’s, placing the backpack next to his bed, sitting down next to his bed.

Once Justin heard the movement, he opened his eyes and smiled to Y/n. “Hey” she whispered.

“Hey.” Justin whispered back.

Y/n placed Justin’s phone and earphones on the stand next to his bed.

“Do you want to change your pants, or go brush your teeth?” Y/n whispered, trying to be as quiet as she could, not wanting to wake up other patients.

Justin shook his head. He looked very tired. Y/n took his hand into hers. “Go to sleep, I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“You can go home. Get some proper rest.”

Y/n shook her head and placed a kiss on his forehead. “No, now go to sleep. You need to rest.”

“Fine, but then rather lay next to me. I don’t want you to sleep in a sitting position.” Justin said and moved to the other side of the bed.

Y/n knew there was no point in arguing, at this time of the night, so she laid next to him. Justin placed his head on Y/n’s chest listening to her heart beats, his hand still in hers.

Justin could feel his eyelids becoming heavier and heavier, and soon he was out.

Since you nicely asked, here you have a part two.

Also i want to thank everybody that takes their time and read my imagines. It means the world to me that somebody actually likes them. And even if you read them but dont like them, still thanks. 

Thank you and I love you a lot. 

r u KIDDIN me with that deleted scene like look they are such an old married couple, chirrut saying “yes yes” and waving his hand in the general direction of where he knows baze to be and meanwhile of course baze is actively doing shit that will Get Them Out Of There and could chirrut be helping? of course he could. is it more fun to stand there and troll his husband about his staunch atheism? absolutely.

and baze physically dragging chirrut out of the cell, he is not gentle but only bc he knows he doesn’t need to be?? they know e/o so well i’m? no one else around them may as well even exist the rest of the world is just static you can tell they’re each easily the most interesting thing to each other for miles around in every direction

and they’re both grinning as they escape because explosions? rogue pilots? this is the most fun they’ve had in years and also because they both know the other one thinks they’re full of shit and they’re both totally fine w/ it and it’s hilarious to them god they’re so in love ok this whole movie was basically Baze and Chirrut’s Second Honeymoon (With Probably Only Slightly More Revolution Than the First Honeymoon)

living with yoongi

- always hearing music playing from somewhere in the house and yoongi randomly tapping whatever surface he is near in the process of writing a song

- living with yoongi is like having a human pet bc he needs you to check up on him and feed him every now and then

- sliding his dinner to him and having him grab you by the arm and make you sit on his lap while he continues “your presence helps me think better” “o-okay”

- either sleeping or working in the studio and nothing in between 

- playing nba basketball video games on tv and doing cartwheels when you win which just confuses the heck out of yoongs bc how did u beat him at his own game

- sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping;; did i mention sleeping? sleeping on the couch and on the bed and on the floor and practically everywhere bc yoongs is a sloth and he needs his rest 

Miraculous Christmas Scenario 2
(which also works for their anniversary)

  • Adrien decides to give Tikki a gift
  • He asks Plagg what he can give her, “like, what does she eat?”
  • and the little snarker tells Adrien to choose his battles because he can’t possibly bake chocolate chip cookies as well as Tikki’s chosen can
  • And Adrien blinks and says “well, if it’s cookies, Tom & Sabine’s makes really good ones–”
  • “NOPE kid, think of something else.”
  • Adrien busts out the kitty eyes at his own cat kwami and goes, “Please Plagg? Help me out?”
  • It’s super effective!
  • So Plagg tells Adrien that Tikki gets cold in the winter (borrowing the whole ladybug tendencies thing by @kryallaorchid and the rest of the fandom)
  • *Lightbulb moment!* Adrien’s in the fashion industry, so maybe he can give something clothes-related AHA he can knit Tikki a little blanket pouch she can snuggle in
  • So Adrien asks Nathalie for where to buy The Best Yarn In The World™
  • Nathalie only raises an eyebrow but Adrien blurts out that he has a knitting project you know just to try it out hahaha
  • The fandom usually imagines Marinette teaching Adrien BUT
  • (and then of course he gives the little pouch thing to Ladybug and blushingly stammers that “um…I’m not very good–” but she tackles him because he’s so thoughtful and aaaaaaaah)
  • (Also: Tikki loves her little pouch)
Plus One (NSFW)

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Pairing: Lance Tucker x reader

Warnings: major smut, fingering, oral (receiving) and penetration.

Word count: 2.216

Summary: You meet Lance at a bar and have sex with him. Don’t expect anything deep or meaningful. This is sinful to the bone.

A/N: First time wrting Lance! Any and all feedback very appreciated!

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