i need pictures of spiderman

Is anyone else confused as to why Peters bedroom looks so completely different in that clip than it did in Civil War? It’s bothering me a lot more than it should be


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Rin Okumura Appreciation Week || Day Five
    ↳AU: Rin Okumura as Spiderman

Because I honestly have a weakness of the idea of Rin being Spiderman and in glasses.


Could you write another Spiderman/Peter Parker imagine where you work for the newspaper and have been assigned to get pictures if Spiderman and you’re very determined to get the perfect shot and while on the job he saves you from something? Please and thank you!!

(Hope you like it!)

Making sure the lenses were clean, I packed the cameras back into my bag. I zipped it up and grabbed the little ID card that read (Y/N) (Y/L/N): Photographer. Hanging the strap that held my camera around my neck, I looked at myself in the mirror. Right the camera and ID tag, I was ready for work. 

Deeming myself suitable for work, I left my house for the Daily Bugle. Stepping into the elevator, I leaned against the wall. Hopefully there would be something good for me to take pictures off usually I’d be taking pictures of gardens and stuff that wasn’t… Interesting. 

“(Y/N), you’re needed in the boss’ office.” I was told right away. I was hit my the smell to coffee when I walked in. Nodding, I walked into the office of my boss: J. Jonah. Jameson. Right away, I was hit by the smell of cigars. 

“Mr Jameson, you needed me?” I asked feeling nervous. Usually, people go in but they don’t leave happy. I’m not going to leave happy, am I?

“(Y/L/N), I like your pictures.” He told me. I looked up at him surprised. “I need you take pictures of Spiderman.”

“Spiderman?” I asked excitedly. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, so go and get some action shots.”

“Yes, sir.” I told him before running out the office and building. 

Now, where do I find Spiderman? I groaned and looked around. The only way to find him is if something bad was happening. Okay, I guess I just need to walk around. 

With a sigh, I bought a coffee and walked around taking sips. The weren’t any robberies or anything. Basically, I can’t find Spiderman. I groaned and dumped my empty coffee cup into a bin and checked my camera once more. It was only lunchtime. Roads and restaurants were busy with people and there wasn’t any sign of havoc. I sighed and walked down a street past people. I reached the crossing and I was alone. Once the light changed, I crossed the road. But then I was lifted off the ground. 

“Careful there.” I realised that I was being held by Spiderman. My breath was caught in my throat. 

“Spiderman.” I managed to say. 

“That’s me. You would’ve been hit by a car you know.”

“Oh. Thanks.” I told him with a shaky laugh. “You mind putting me down?”

“Of course!” He ground lowered us to the ground. 

“And I don’t suppose I could get a picture of you swinging off?” I asked holding my camera up. 

“You can’t see this, but I’m smiling.” He told me. I laughed and he shot a web. I quickly caught a picture and grinned. Holding a thumbs up, he swung off and I caught a picture. 

Laughing, I jumped up and down and cheered.