i need people to treat each other well

So, I just wrote that big thing on ‘progressive’ white America’s modern view of the chattel slavery of African Americans, and I have deiced, on behalf of all white people, we need to stop lying to each other. Teachers, tour guides, even just random people, when they get asked “Was Master X nice to his slaves” or “But most slaves were treated well, right?” Need to uniformly answer “No.” 

No owner ever treated a slave well. Not George Washington, Not Thomas Jefferson, not your potential ancestors, not the nice family you heard about on vacation last year. To own another human being is to not treat them well.

We have to stop lying to kids (and each other) and saying that there is a humane way to strip another human being of there right to self, to take a person and create a marketable commodity . 

White Americans still benefit from the legacy of slavery, and Black American’s still suffer from it. We need to stop teaching it as an ancient quirk that left few scars because everyone was more or less happy. 

It wasn’t symbiotic, it was parasitic, and we need to stop saying otherwise. 

Friends? (M)

Request- Can I request a Jungkook smut where you are not his noona (you are younger or same age, but please not a noona) and you are quite innocent and naive, plus you are a virgin, and Jk and you are best friends, but he has the biggest crush on you, ans he finally confesses to you, and he tells you how much he wanted you and thought of you, and you are all embarrassed, and blushing, and such, cuz you are super innocent, plus is you first time. 

Sorry this took so long. Thank you so much for requesting, and I hope you like it. Sorry if it sucks. 


This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

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Your day started off like any other, getting up and ready for class and going to them. Your best friend saved you a seat, Jeon Jungkook. He had been your best friend since you could remember, he was always there. You could talk to him about anything, he was the only person who saw you fro who you truly were and didn’t judge. He always encouraged you to let the world see you, as he thought you were amazing. 

Of course Jungkook didn’t tell you everything he thought about you. You thought you and Jungkook had no secrets, but you were wrong. Jungkook had a huge secret you didn’t know, he was in deeply, madly, life consuming in love with you. 

For the past two years he knew it, but hid it. Thinking you wouldn’t accept his feelings. He didn’t feel good enough for you, you were so pure and innocent. You weren’t all that experienced, well not at all. You kissed someone before, but it didn’t even consist so tongue. Jungkook thought you were the most pure being in the world, he didn’t want anyone to taint your purity. Well except for maybe him.. 

“Jungkook?” You sweet voice took Jungkook out of his daze. He looked at you and noticed people getting up and leaving. How long had he spaced out for? 

“Is it over?” He asked you with wide eyes, he had dazed out for the whole lecture. Your giigle took him back to reality. 

“Yeah, its over. Come on sleepy head, we need coffee. Namjoon’s party starts at nine and goes on til like eight am, and we have to actual stay past two this time.” You push his shoulder. You pack up you stood up and left the lecture hall with Jungkook. 

“Hey, I was tired. And is that any way to treat your elder. I don’t think so, little one.” Jungkook slings his arm around your shoulder, walking down the school hall to get a much needed energy boost. To any one passing you would like like a couple, most people did. You acted like a couple it just didn’t include, sex and the titles. You held hands all the time and cuddled and you loved it, because Jungkook was your first love. 

What a pickle you both were in, both in love with one another, but not knowing each others feelings. You never thought Jungkook would like you back. He always dated, well not dated fucked, sexy confident girls, that knew what they were doing. You did not. You wouldn’t be confessing to him, not wanting to ruin your friendship and because you were scared as shit. You were just going to ignore your feelings and stomp on them. 

You often got jealous of his flings, the way they kissed him, the way his hands were on them it broke your heart a little. You longed to just have him hold you like that, why wouldn’t he? 

The day came and went rather fast. In no time you were walking into Namjoon’s apartment, the party already in full swing. You looked around and spotted Jungkook, leaning against a counter in the kitchen. You made your way to him, but your stride was ceased when a tall blonde came into sight. She grab Jungkooks face and kissed him passionately. You turned and made your way back out of the house again. You needed air and to watch a full series of a sappy romantic K-drama to make you feel better. 

It was so cliche, all of it. Boy best friend who fucks around, girl loves him but is to scared to say anything. You didn’t want it to be cliche you wanted to not love him in that way. It wasn’t your fault he was so perfect and made you feel like a butterfly. 

You were half way through the second episode when Jungkook messaged you. You unwrapped yourself from your warm covers and opened the message. 

Jungkook- Where are you? The party isn’t the same without you :( 

You scoffed at his message. why couldn’t he just have fun with the blond girl and leave you to lay in despair in peace. You knew you would be talking to him tomorrow anyway, why did he not just enjoy himself. You didn’t like drinking anyway. 

Jungkook- Y/N? 

You had forgotten to reply to Jungkook, as you were to wrapped up in your drama to care. It was by the fourth episode there was banging at your door. You groan in annoyance, getting up to get the door. You’re startled to see Jungkook when you open the door. 

“Jungkook, why aren’t you at the party?” You asked, but Jungkook pushed passed you and entered your apartment. You close the door behind him and follow him into the living room, taking a seat beside him. 

“Why did you leave tonight?” His eyes met yours when he finished his sentence. His elbows resting on his knees. His question took you by surprise. 

“How did you know I was-” He cut you off. 

“Yoongi told me you left straight after you came in. Why did you leave?” You try to think of a believable explanation. 

“I wasn’t really feeling well, so I just came home.” You avoided his eyes, you were never a good liar. 

“That’s such bullshit. Y/N I think you’re forgetting I’ve known you my whole life, I know when you’re lying.” You can hear the annoyance in his voice, but why was he so mad? You missed one party so what, who gives a fuck. You were beginning to get annoyed as well. 

“Why do you care so much? It’s just a stupid fucking party, Namjoon has one every week. So what I missed one.” You stood up and walked across the room. Running your hands over your face in annoyance, just wanting this night to vanish. 

“Well it fucking matters to me if you’re not there. Okay, it’s not the same without you.” 

“Why would you need me? You have that blonde girl.” You spit out in anger, regretting it the moment you said it. 

“Because shes not you, no one will ever be as good as you.” Jungkook stands up taking long strides to you, you walk backwards to put distance between you, until your back is against a wall, he traps you with his arms on either side of your head. You move your head I order not to look at him, but he grabs your chin to make eye contact. 

“What I’m about to say you have to promise you won’t stop being my friend because of it, okay?” You nod, curious to know what he has to say. “I love you and not in the your my best friend way. I love you in the way I can’t get you out of my head ever, your giggle makes my day, your smile brightens my world. I love you. I want to kiss you all over all day long, I want everyone to know that I love you. I want for you to be mine and only mine. I want to love you the way you should be loved. You drive me insane and i love it. There was so many times I wanted to pin you up against a wall and make you feel so good. I love you.” 

His confession made you speechless, you just stared back into his eyes. Jeon Jungkook loves you.. 

“You love me? Don’t joke like that Jungkook, its not nice.” You scold. 

“Y/N, I’m not joking.” You huff, crossing your arms over your chest. Jungkook leans down and captures your lips with his. “Don’t be afraid, please.” He rests his forehead against yours. 

“Your telling me the truth?” 

“Yes. I know this is a lot, but just think about-” You cut his ramble off. 

“I love you too.” You don’t give him time to say anything else, you press your lips to his. You kiss for a few seconds before you pull away to giggle. 

“Why are you so fucking cute?” He groans. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into another kiss. His strong arms hoist you up and carry you to your bedroom. He placed you on the bed, you lay back and he crawls on top of you. He kisses you passionately, his tongue slipping past your lips. You moan into the kiss, the new experience is amazing. You slide your hands down and slip them under his shirt from his to take it off. He pulls away from you. 

“Are you sure you want to do this? We can stop.” His voice is laced with concern, but his eyes are filled with lust. 

“I want this. I want my first time to be with you.” You smile, pulling his shirt over his head. You sit up and take off your own. His eyes are trained on the swell of your breasts. 

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He quickly latches his lips onto your neck kissing down your neck, collarbones and chest. He reaches behind you to unclasp your bra. He throws it behind him. Jungkook kisses each breast, he gropes both of them with his large hands, pinching your nipples in between his fingers. You moan loudly, in embarrassment you smack a hand over your mouth. 

“Don’t do that. I want to hear your beautiful moans, I dreamed of the day I would get to make you mine.” His words are melting your heart, arousing you. He kisses down your stomach, until he comes to the band of your pjama shorts. He looks up at you, silently asking for permission. 

“Please Jungkook.” He was just kissing you and he had you this needy. Jungkook hooks his fingers under your shorts and panties, pulling them down until they leave you completely bare in front of him. He stares at you in awe. 

“Fuck, you’re perfect.” He spreads your legs, getting comfortable in between your legs. He kisses your pelvic area, making a shiver run up and down your body. His eyes are trained on yours the whole time. He kisses your pussy lips, starting to kitten lick your slit. This is a whole new experience to you, it feels amazing to have Jungkook eating you out. You know why your girl friends were such hoes now. 

“Jungkook t-that feels so g-good.” You stutter out. You can feel him smirking against your pussy. He pumps a finger into your core, pumping it in and out, as he continues to suck, lick and nibble on your clit. He adds another finger, pumping you for a while before hes scissoring you. It feels so good. You feel a tingling in your lower stomach, the feeling grows and grows and so its taking over your whole body. Its consuming you, your body shakes in after shock. Jungkook laps up all your juices, before coming back to your lips. You can taste your self on him, it arouses you more. You wanted him inside you. 

“You taste amazing, baby girl.” 

“Jungkook, I need more.” You never thought you would be like this, but Jungkook just brings that out in you, obviously. 

“It will hurt at first, but then I will make you feel so, so good. Okay? Don’t be scared.” He cups your cheeks, placing a soft kiss on your lips. He gets off the bed, taking off the rest of his clothes. He was so flawless, his toned body was beautiful and tan. How was he so amazing, how did you stay away for so long? 

“Are you ready sweetheart?” He asks, after he puts on the condom, he joins you back on the bed. 

“Y-Yeah.” You nod, assuring him you were ready. Sure you were scared that it would hurt, but its Kookie, he would never hurt you. He grinds his dick up and down your slit, before slowly slipping in. Your eyes sting with tears, it was painful him stretching you out. 

“Fuck you’re so tight.” Jungkook’s head goes back in pleasure, having your tight hot pussy wrapped around his member. He looks down at your pained expression, he moves strands of hair off your face. He leans down and kisses the tip of your nose. “I love you.” 

All the pain faded away soon enough after. “I-I think you can move, Jungkook.” His hips start to roll into yours, it was so pleasing, the way he filled you up. “Oh my god, this feels amazing.” That seemed to egg Jungkook on, as his hands go on either side of your head, he was rolling his hips into you faster. You hands grip onto his back, your nails digging into his soft skin, as your second orgasm approaches. You were seeing stars and couldn’t help but clench around Jungkooks dick, as you came. You chanted his name, like a mantra. 

“Fuck.” Jungkook groans into your ear. You were so tight around him, he was filling the condom up with his seed. He rests his head against your shoulder for a movement, before he pulls out. He gets off the bed, taking the condom off and putting it in the bin. He grabs a towel and cleans your cum up. You lay there exhausted from what you both just did. You felt amazing. 

“That was amazing.” You finally say, earning a chuckle from Jungkook, who gets back on the bed with you. He pulls the blanket over your naked bodies and pulls you into his embrace. 

“Your amazing.” He kisses you softly, stroking your hair. He pulls back to look you in the eye, he has a smile on his face. “So.. will you be my girlfriend?” You giggle, leaning up to kiss his cheek. 

“I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You bury your head in his chest, not wanting him to see how red your cheeks were.  Jungkook places another kiss on your head and chuckles at how adorable his girl is. 

I hope this didn’t suck to much, and that you all enjoyed it! 

I love you all, good morning/evening/night x

-Admin Abe x

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Dear Mr Zdarsky, I read what u said @ C2E2 about u writing Mary Jane like your Ex-Wife & I was not happy. I'm really hoping it was a joke, because if not, then I'm sorry, you might've just lost yrself a reader. Why, because I'm a big fan of MJ & to c her possibly treated once again poorly & OOC is 2 much, especially after her mistreatment & not to mention Black Cat's by ASM writer Dan Slott. My apologies for being blunt, it needed 2 b said, fore we've had 10yrs of it & we've had enough. Thanks.

Oh geez! Well, my only answer to that is, my ex-wife is my best friend in the entire world! I only meant that I write Peter and MJ as people who are incredibly close because of their history and will always be there for each other. Sorry for any confusion caused by me! Panels are the worst for context and off-the-cuff remarks.

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this might be a weird question but why do you ship yoonkook/sugakookie? Its my otp as well but idk id like to hear why haha

Alright anonnie! I am going to spam you with some of my favorite sugakookie moments (although I can never cover all of them). They’re one of my (and BigHit’s) top ships for a reason and I’ll show you why! THIS GOT SUPER LONG (I WENT OVERBOARD AGAIN) so I’m going to put half of his under the cut.

First of all, I really love the dynamic Sugakookie has. They complement each other really well if you look closely. They’re both incredibly hardworking, quiet when they need to be and not-so-quiet when the time is right. People like to use that whole father-son thing, but I beg to differ. Yoongi takes care of Jungkook in a way that shows he wants to protect him and cherish him. In my trash shipper mind, Yoongi is treating Jungkook like a lover he wants to care for no matter the cost and protect him from the world. He has an incredibly obvious soft spot for Jungkook and he lets the maknae get away with things the other members wouldn’t be able to get away with. All the hyungs have a massive soft spot for Jungkook, but Yoongi’s soft spot for him is different in a sense. He looks at Jungkook fondly and defends him (when the other members tease him) and spoils him (with lots of food). They’re comfortable with each other. Their moments are subtle but very meaningful. Each touch has a purpose and says a lot about their relationship. I’m going to give a few lot of moments and explain them.

Okay, this is from a recent photoshoot. Here you see that Yoongi has both hands on Jungkook’s shoulders and his head pressed again Jungkook’s. He didn’t have to do that. He could of just put one arm around Kookie’s shoulders and call it a day. But he didn’t, he leaned against Kookie and put both hands on him and it’s a sign of unconscious protection and care. I’m probably looking way too into this, but I can’t get over it. Call me trash, I am trash.

Now this…I’m not gonna talk about the obvious thing I’m thinking because I’m pretty sure you notice it too. The fact that Jungkook is pressing his body against Yoongi’s (and Yoongi is letting him without any sign of discomfort or unfamiliarity) may show that he’s done this before. It isn’t anything new for them. See how Jungkook’s hand squeezes Yoongi’s shoulder? I like to think that he may have picked up that gesture from Yoongi who loves to hold Kook by his neck.

RUN ERA WAS A BLESSING. Jungkook is so comfortable laying down on Yoongi’s thighs. He even adjusted his position. While they’re filming a behind the scenes video, Kookie doesn’t get up, he just continues laying there. 

This glorious V Live nobody should ever forget. This is a prime example of them being comfortable together. They have no qualms about skinship at all and Kookie just leans on Yoongi which implies that he trusts Yoongi a lot now imagine them cuddling. In this video, Jungkook told Yoongi to wink with him. At first Yoongi resisted, but caved and did it just to satisfy the maknae and see him smile. If that’s not being whipped I don’t know what is.

Another huge thing is Yoongi defending Jungkook. In both of these cases, the other members are teasing Jungkook. Yoongi is always the odd one out that defends Jungkook. The moment in the second gif is particularly meaningful to me. In that situation, all the members were saying that they were scared of Jungkook hitting them because he has muscles. I think Kookie looked really uncomfortable and even a bit sad. He may have a felt a bit guilty but also a bit hurt that his members think of him that way even if it’s just for show. Yoongi is very observant and he probably noticed Jungkook acting a little off too (Kookie wears his emotions on his sleeve if you take the time to notice these things) so Yoongi calls him cute to soothe him. He wants Jungkook to understand that they don’t mean he’s a bad maknae and that they still love him and think he’s adorable. Plus, that look they shared and they both smiled right after. Look at Kookie’s nose scrunch. Then Yoongi defending Jungkook’s scent preference after Jimin said he liked women’s perfumes. He doesn’t want Kookie to be called a pervert even if it’s just teasing.

This, just this.

THIS IS LEGENDARY FOR SUGAKOOKIE SHIPPERS. I couldn’t stop screaming about this for days. The thing about this is that THEY BOTH reached for each other. THEY BOTH couldn’t stop smiling. Look at the tight hold they have on each other and then Kookie proceeds to nuzzle his hyung for a bit more. Yoongi doesn’t look like he minds the affection AT ALL. Jungkook can throw himself at Yoongi without hesitation because he knows Yoongi will catch him and hug him back. 

I thought this was really cute. When Jungkook said “Hyung!” without specifying which one he was talking to, Yoongi whips his head around SO QUICKLY. It’s like he expects Jungkook to be referring to him, that he doesn’t need to specify which hyung if it’s him. Again, I may be looking too into it, but let me live. I’m trash for Sugakookie. Anyways, this is another example of the more subtle sugakookie moments.

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After reading some of the comments on my posts, one specifically caught my attention. I posted a photo saying PROMISE me suicide will NEVER be an option and it breaks my heart to see all the people commenting, "I can't." I know life is hard and mental illness can really affect the way we live and impair our vision of what happiness really is and how beautiful life can be. I posted that after someone really important to me losing their father due to these circumstances and seeing how much that impacted this person not only extremely affected me, but also made me really want to be a better person as well as treat people better. That being said, suicide is such a controversial topic but although it "technically is an option" it never should be. Things can get better and life can work out for you. Please seek help if you need it and please reach out to others if you notice someone showing signs of suicidal behaviour. I love each and everyone one of you and want you to know that there is value in life and you are important and you are significant. It breaks my heart knowing there's so many people out there suffering in silence and/or contemplating suicide. If you're looking for a sign not to kill yourself this is it. Promise me that suicide will never be an option. People do care about you and love you and you are important. Each and everyone of you has a purpose in this world, never forget that.

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Fuck em dude. I wish I had that Bernie gif but you can put that shit in the comment below. This is petty. I myself am mixed and super light right now dude to being sick and inside for a year and a half. Am I still a black woman? YES MA'AM! And so are you. We seriously need to be standing together, not picking each other apart over different shades of brown! POWER TO THE PEOPLE

What the hell kind of ask…

Um, pointing out colorism and shadeism is not divisive. Not in the slightest. Colorism exists and dark skinned people within non white ethnic groups are treated differently because of internalized European beauty standards that members of those groups hold. Colorism is poisonous and separative not discussing and attempting to dismantle. There are stats and studies which prove this as well as first hand experiences from those affected by it.

Colorism is real. Shadeism is real. Pretending it doesn’t exist or denying privilege is vile and dangerous.

To My Former Best Friend,

Did we ever think there would come a day where our phones weren’t constantly blowing up with our crazy conversations? I know I didn’t. I remember when I first met you I didn’t ever think we’d be friends, but I was so wrong. It was like you were the long lost part of my soul that I had been searching for my entire life.
God, how things have changed.
We don’t talk anymore. I don’t know how your life is going or what kind of changes you may have gone through. I don’t know how your love life is. Are you happy? I hope you’re happy, you deserve nothing less.
It may not seem like it, but I do still care. I know this is the first year I didn’t wish you a happy birthday. Not because I forgot, but because I was scared that you might say something harsh again. I guess that’s how you know we’re really not connected anymore. Just because we don’t talk doesn’t mean I don’t remember all the good times we use to have. How could I ever forget that?
I never thought we’d grow apart, but I guess we really did. We just wanted different things in life. I know that shouldn’t be a reason a friendship ends, but that is what happens when you start to grow up.
I don’t even know what to say to you if I run into you somewhere. You used to know all of my deepest darkest secrets and now I don’t even know how to say hi to you.
I didn’t get new best friends. I just grew closer to people I already loved. Sometimes, you need to have more of a common ground. They’re amazing people though, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m in good hands. I hope your new best friends treat you nicely as well. You’re smart, I know you would never let anyone treat you like sh*t, or at least I hope not.
I think what hurts most is how we promised each other when the time came, we’d be each other’s Maids of Honor. That isn’t the case anymore. It kind of sucks because we have some pretty great stories, but I guess they just won’t be told that day.
Chances are I won’t even be at the wedding let alone next to you. It’s been months since we’ve really spoken; our friendship seems as if it was a lifetime ago.
I really do hope all is well. I hope all of your dreams come true and you never know pain or heartache. Thank you for being a friend to me.

Happy Belated Birthday…

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'White supremacy', 'white racists', 'whites are so deceptive'... I feel like someone wants us to fight each other, yes. But may I remind you all that respect and tolerance is a MUTUAL THING?? You feel hated by the white and now you hate the white and I'm hurt. I'm white but I'm not a racist. I work my ass off every day to help people in need. Regardless of their colors. Please for the sake of LOVE, don't thurn 'black hate' now into 'white hate'. We have to respect each other MUTUALLY. Thanks.

It’s time to find who the fuck this anon thinks they are dealing with?.

Congrats on being a decent person to not only whites, but they colored folks as well. I’m so sorry my blog completely excluded and isn’t also for those ‘good whites’.Their rare ability to treat all humans as…humans should be applauded.Just one quick question though? 

Does it really hurt you that much to know that this blog is not for white people?Is it really that damaging to your ego that not every community is for you?

Do you know I don’t give a fuck about your feelings?

Nowhere on this blog does it promote hate of any kind. Nowhere does it mention white supremacy, deceptiveness..nor does it say anything about black hate. What I assume you did was go to my about page, see that the creator of this blog is a beautiful black person, and then assume that because I created a positivity blog for people of color like myself, that I am aggressive and hateful. My discomfort and demand to have a place where others like myself can be loved, respected, and free in a community where ‘good whites’ like yourself sit at home and send anon to hate to people wanting such a thing, cannot ever translate into hate.

Anyways, if you claim not to be racist, but get up in arms about a poc positivity blog, perhaps you’re racist. 

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i personally love the whole rey and kylo lightsaber duel, but its the Reyl0s that ruin it for me. that scene is supposed to be intense and we're supposed to realize that rey just realizes she can use the force, but instead it's treated like a love story between the two. LIKE C'MON SHES FIGHTING FOR HER FRIEND THAT JUST GOT KNOCKED OUT.!!

I fucking love that scene from an analytical stand point as well. Like the cinematography and the choreography are gorgeous and. Reylos need to stop using it as an example of their “connection” and “flourishing romance”. They’re fighting. They literally nearly kill each other. It sickens me that people think that it’s romantic



You’d been the Legal Secretary for Hood Inc. for three years, and whilst most employees quivered in fear of the CEO Calum Hood, he was nothing more than your idiot best friend to you.

Your offices were located next to each other on the top floor of the sky scraper, Calum often calling your office phone directly from his own in order to demand you have lunch with him. Both of your P.A.s were more than used to the two of you walking unannounced into the offices, only ever stopping you if there was an important meeting taking place.

You smiled at Calum’s P.A. Lacey as you pushed open the door to his office, not bothering with any greeting as you started to speak.

“Cal I need you to sign these-” Your eyes widen as you notice another man sitting in the office. “Sorry, Lacey didn’t say-”

“It’s not a meeting, just a social call.” Calum reassures you, visibly relaxing at his words. “Y/N, meet Ashton Irwin, CEO of Irwin Industries.”

The man sitting with his back to you turns, and you try not to blush as he offers you a dazzling smile. Standing up, he offers his hand to you which you shake, smiling as he squeezes your hand gently.

“So you’re the infamous Y/N.” He grins, Calum rolling his eyes behind him. “Cal’s told me loads about you.”

“Oh he has?” You smirk, cocking an eyebrow at Calum. “All good things I hope.”

“Of course.” Calum scoffs, gesturing you to take the seat beside Ashton. “Ashton and I have been friends since University, we both took over the family businesses around the same time.”

“Impressive.” You nod, sending the man in question another smile before you remember the papers in your hand. “Any way, Cal, you need to sign these.”

Ashton’s visits to Hood Inc. became more frequent after that day.

“Morning Y/N.” He grinned, presenting you with a bouquet of roses a week after your first encounter. “I thought these would brighten your office.”

“Thank you Ashton.” You blushed, ignoring the eye roll Calum did from where he stood behind Ashton. “They’re beautiful.”

“Just like you.”

Every week, without fail, Ashton arrived with a bouquet of flowers, handing them to you with a smile, much to Calum’s disgust. What Calum didn’t know however, was each bouquet also contained a note, Ashton complimenting you in each one. Sometimes thy were simple, the words “You’re beautiful” taking up the space. Others however, expressed his favourite thing about you, such as “I find it incredible how hard you work”. It wasn’t until the note asked you to dinner that you decided to write one of your own.

Grabbing the small card, you wrote your answer underneath Ashton’s own handwriting, before walking into Calum’s office where the two were discussing the newest business competition. Calum cocked an eyebrow at you as you entered but you ignored him, instead handing the card to Ashton with a smile.

“So…tonight at seven?” Ashton grins up at you, Calum groaning when you nod. “Shut up Hood.”

“I am warning you now Irwin, if this is all a plot for you to steal my Legal Secretary for your own company I will sue you for everything you have.” Calum chuckles, it being your turn to roll your eyes. “And if it isn’t, I’m warning you that if you hurt my best friend, I will beat your sorry ass to a pulp, then sue you for everything you have.”

“Noted.” Ashton chuckles, his hand finding yours and giving it a gentle squeeze. “But I don’t have plans to do either.”


The receptionist smiled at you as you entered the building, security greeting you cheerily as you stepped into the elevator. The staff at Clifford & Co. were more than used to your face, no one ever forcing you to give identification when you visited.

As the doors slid open to the top floor, you made your way along the corridor, the offices of Michael’s most important employees lining the walls on either side of you. Their P.A.s all smiled at you as you passed, some greeting you cheerily. You reached the end of corridor and paused at Jane, Michael’s own P.A.’s desk was. She quickly finished her phone call, smiling warmly at you.

“Hello Y/N dear, here for lunch with Michael?” She asked, her smile growing when you nod. “Well head right in, I think he’s on the phone but it won’t last long.”

You thank her, moving to slip through the door to his office. Michael doesn’t hear you enter, his eyes locked on his computer screen as he speaks to whomever is on the other end of the phone.

“I don’t care what he says, their figures have dropped so significantly over the past three years I’m surprised he didn’t come to us begging to be bought out.” He chuckles down the phone, eyes finally catching yours causing him to grin. “Luke mate, we both know they’re gonna go under. Just keep working on it, set up a meeting between me, you and them if we need to. Y/N’s here now though, so I’ll speak to you later. Alright mate, bye. Hey Princess.”

“Hey Hot Shot.” You grin, crossing his office as he stands from his chair, hands finding your hips and pulling you into his chest. “How’s business?”

“Booming.” He smirks, bending down to capture your lips with his. “How’s my girl?”

“Hungry.” You hint, causing Michael to chuckle. He releases you, moving to lock his computer before grabbing your hand. “Who were you and Luke talking about?”

“Just a business we’re trying to acquire. Their owner is being stubborn though, thinks he doesn’t need help.” He shrugs, pulling you out of his office, waving at Jane as the two of you leave. “It’ll work out though, Luke’ll convince him.”

“And if not, you will.” You grin, Michael smirking as you enter the elevator, pulling you in for another kiss as you giggle. “Mikey!”

“This is my business, remember? No one will say anything.” He smirks against your lips, releasing you reluctantly. “What do you fancy for lunch?”


“Anything you want.” He reminds you, making you roll your eyes. “What?”

“I’ve been your girlfriend for three years Mike, you don’t need to keep trying to win me over.” You smile. “Besides, I wouldn’t want to go somewhere that you hated.”

“But I’m treating you. I like treating you.”

“Yes but Michael people might start to think I’m only with you because you always take me out to lunch and buy me expensive gifts. Honestly, the whole point is that we see each other, I’d be happy with sandwiches in your office.”

“Well I’ll bare that in mind next time.” He smiles, lacing your fingers with his as your leaving the building. “Besides, if I hear anyone say anything about you I’ll fire them.”

“You can’t just go around firing people because they say bad things about me.”

“Yes I can. I’m the CEO.” He smirks, dropping your hand to wrap his arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his side so his lips brush your ear. “And you’re my girl. They talk shit, they’re gone. Simple.”

“I love you.” You smile, twisting your head to capture his lips in a chaste kiss, only making him smirk more. “So much.”

“I love you more.”


It wasn’t even light outside yet, and you were already at the skyscraper that was Hemmings and Sons. 

You’d been Luke’s P.A. for eight months. It hadn’t been easy, your first couple of months testing your limits as far as stress goes, both with the work load and Luke himself. It wasn’t until you’d worked for him for nearly three months that he finally began to treat you well, him claiming that he’d given you a tough time to see if you could stick it out, to check you could be trusted. Fast forward to now and you knew almost every secret of the company.

Yawning slightly, you noticed the blinds to Luke’s office were still drawn from the night before, when he’d pulled the shut to focus on some papers. You turned to enter to pull them up, the door almost directly behind your desk, a small yelp of surprise leaving your lips once you found Luke inside.

The man had always been attractive. He’d taken over his father’s business at only twenty three, and now at twenty six, was in his element as the CEO. His hair was always perfectly styled and his suits fitted flawlessly, and his eyes constantly changed in shades of blue depending on his mood.

But right now, he looked awful.

His hair was dishevelled, clearly from him running his hands through it repeatedly. His tie and suit jacket were left abandoned on his desk chair, Luke now sitting on the sofa in the corner of his office. His head snapped up at the sound of you entering, revealing his blood shot eyes. You’d seen many sides of Luke over the months you’d worked for him. You’d seen him confident, you’d seen him nervous. You’d seen him happy and you’d seen him angry and you’d even seen him cry. You’d seen him a little tipsy and you’d seen him drunk off of his face.

But you’d never seen him like this.

“Please tell me it isn’t morning.” He asks, his voice cracking.

“Please tell me you haven’t been here all night.” You countered, a groan falling from his lips as he ran his hand through his hair, leaning back against the sofa. “Luke-“

“I just lost track of time. That’s all.” He mumbles, eyes closed and head tilted back as he speaks. “I needed to sort these damn contracts out and I still fucking haven’t and now it’s morning and I’m still dressed in yesterday’s clothes and I’ve probably got twenty meetings today and-“

“Luke.” You cut him off, a sigh leaving his lips. You move to sit next to him, nudging his knee with yours. “You haven’t got any meetings today.”

“Thank god.” He breathes in relief, twisting his head to smile weakly at you. “I need to sort this though.”

“You need to sleep.” You tell him firmly. “Look, go home. If anyone asks I’ll lie and say you’ve gone for an emergency meeting out of town. Take the day off to rest, and then come back tomorrow to do this properly.”

“I can’t take a day off.” He protests. You roll your eyes, moving to grab his jacket and tie. You look at him pointedly, handing him the jacket as he stands. You wrap the tie around his neck, beginning to fix it for him. “I’m the CEO.”

“You’re exhausted.” You reply, tying the knot and securing it with the pin. “And as your P.A., no, as your friend, I’m telling you to go home.”

“You’re amazing.” He mumbles, a soft smile on his face as you look up at him, hands smoothing out his tie. You smile at each other for a moment, his hands moving to rest on your waist. “Have dinner with me?”

“Luke you’re my boss, it’s not-“

“I don’t care. Have dinner with me. Tonight.”

You can’t hide your smile as you say yes.


You met Calum when you were twenty two.

He was twenty four at the time, just taking over the family business Hood Enterprises at the time. You’d just finished University, gaining a degree in business yourself, but only because you figured it would give you decent opportunities. In actual fact, you’d had no idea what you wanted to do.

Calum changed that.

The CEO had swept you off of your feet. He would bring you flowers and presents with every fancy date, each one more extravagant than the next. And even though you liked the gifts very much, and the flowers were each more beautiful and the last, they weren’t the reason you fell for him. Because it was the smile he’d give you as he handed you the flowers, it was his laugh when you said he didn’t need to. It was the way he paid attention to the little things about you, and as time progressed, the flowers and the presents and the dates became more personalised. When you became his girlfriend the gifts only increased, and it wasn’t until you’d been together for almost six months when he’d suggested it.

“So we need a new Events Organiser.” He’d grinned at you across the dinner table. “You think you’d be up for it Angel?”

You’d never seen yourself as one to organise parties. And yet, the job was comforting. You got to spend more time with Calum, often working in his office beside him, or at home in your pyjamas. And of course you got to attend all of the events in a beautiful outfit Calum bought for you.

He’d asked you to live with him not long after.

“You spend all your time at my house anyway.” He’d pointed out as you’d gotten up to get clothes from home, ignoring his protests of I’ll buy you new clothes. “You might as well live here with me. Plus, I could drive you to work when you came in.”

“Yes Calum, but I-“

“Would it help if I told you I loved you?” He smirked when you stared at him in shock. “Come on Y/N, imagine how fun living together will be.”

“It would be pretty fun I guess.” You smiled, Calum grinning as he grabbed your hips, pulling you back into bed. “And I love you too.”

And so you spent your days moving between the mansion he called a house and the skyscraper he called an office. Calum was always one for extravagance and luxury, the earlier stage of your relationship proving that. He allowed you to live your own life, the money you earned from your job free to spend how you chose, but it didn’t deter him from buying you gift after gift, your protests falling on deaf ears.

“Calum, you know I love you, you don’t need to-“

“My treat for my girl.”

“But I-“

“Let me spoil you. I like it.”

He never took no for an answer unless it was absolutely essential. You suppose that’s why he was such a good business man, never letting an opportunity slip away. Calum was so determined to the point of stubbornness that the fact you didn’t need spoiling anymore didn’t matter to him, you were his girlfriend and he loved you and the gifts were nothing more than physical representations of that in his eyes.

So you should have expected the ring.

He’d flown the two of you to Bali, the trip nothing new in terms of Calum’s gifts. But when he got down on one knee, presenting you with the diamond encrusted band.

“Last extravagant gift. I promise. But only if you marry me.”

You knew he was lying, Calum bought you at least three things a week, but there was no way you’d ever say no. Especially not when he smiled at you the way he did.

Some Thoughts...

 I was talking with @praisemalfoy the other day about how I wish we knew what really happened in the time between the last chapter of The Deathly Hallows and the epilogue. I was thinking about it again today and, I’m actually happy that we don’t know much. I’m definitely the type of reader who wants all the facts and closed endings, but with this 19-year gap, I’m able to come up with what I would have wanted to happen. I already don’t agree with some of the things Rowling said would happen.

 I don’t believe Harry would have become an Auror, he would be so completely done with feeling the stress of possibly dying and having to keep other people safe. He would have said his goodbyes and left for a few years, maybe traveled, maybe found a cottage in the woods, he would have dealt with all of the problems and the pain, and he would have healed.

 AND THEN he would have come back and started living a normal, wizard life. Go on a few dates, see Ginny and reminisce about the feelings they had in school, and I do think they end up together. Even though they are well into their 20s, they treat their relationship like a teenage romance. Everything is a new experience, every emotion was felt to the fullest capacity, they would have gotten back what was taken from them as kids. And it would be beautiful. And eventually become the defense against the dark arts professor, because duh.

 Ron and Hermione would have broken up at least once. They all need to experience life outside of each other, outside of their past, just as people. Hermione would have, at least I believe, easily found other men and been in another relationship. It was short lived of course, she didn’t feel challenged. Ron would have hated it, Hermione was always the rock and made things make sense. So having to navigate life without her was difficult. Ginny was the one who finally got him off his butt and set him up on a date with one of her team mates. It was nice, and they went out a few times, but all they had in common was quidditch and the agreement that Victor Krum was a ruddy pumpkin head. (I also think Hermione would have explored a relationship with Krum) I just feel like all of this is necessary, it would be completely wrong and in my opinion, unrealistic, for them to get together and stay together forever.

 And lastly, the one that really puts my wand in a knot. Albus Severus Potter would either be named by Ginny, because wtf, Harry? Just because you’re the chosen one, doesn’t mean you get to name all the kids. Or he would have been named Dobby Rubeus Arthur Potter.

 All were people, and an elf, who cared genuinely about a boy who deserved none of the bad he was dealt. They all cared for Harry, sent him Christmas presents, and literally died for him. Dumbledore was going to die anyways, and Snape died because Voldemort didn’t have an eye for detail. Dobby sacrificed his life for Harry, not because he knew that Harry still “had a job to do.” But because he genuinely would rather die himself, than see Harry Potter lifeless in front of him. Also, Dobby Potter just sounds amazing. Say it out loud a few times, it’s a lot less weird than Albus Severus.  

The Mikaelsons & Hayley Marshall - Everything I Have pt.2

Prompt: thanks for writing the elijah one. :) can i ask for part two of it? about supernatural organization who wanted the impossible baby and klaus/rebekah/hayley rection when they found out about reader’s pregnancy. please?
Prompt: would you consider doing a part 2 to everything I have? Not the anon that requested it but I really liked that prompt and how you wrote it :)
Prompt: Can you do a part two for everything I have with elijah

Part 1 Part 3

Giving Elijah the time to collect himself that he so desperately desired was harder than it sounded. Coming back into his life was relatively easier; Freya was lovely and the family, despite the looming dangers of Klaus’ broken sireline, took you back in as one of their own. Hayley became a slight issue, however. You hated to come between her and Elijah, no matter how much you loved him and how much he loved you and your child. She seemed heartbroken and you felt for her, especially as she dealt with the loss of her husband. The only person that knew of your condition other than Elijah and yourself was Freya. You had gotten to know the witch over your short period back and she was your go-to girl on any supernatural issues that you thought could affect you or the baby.

You were sat in the lounge, head in the clouds as you thought about the years to come. Elijah was reading opposite as you both sat in blissful silence. You didn’t push Elijah about his feelings, giving him the time he deserved, but every night, you slept in the same bed, his arm wrapped securely around you. Your peace and quiet was disrupted by a booming voice that you could only label as the deep tone of Niklaus Mikaelson.
“Why did I have to hear of my brother’s girlfriend’s pregnancy from the leader of Elijah’s league of sires that not only broke my sireline, but killed the mother of my child’s husband?”

You and Elijah shared a look immediately, eyes wide before he turned her glance to Klaus, standing up.
“How does the Strix know of the child?” He asked, eyes trained on his brother as the rest of the Mikaelson family emerged through the doorway, towards the shouting.
“That was not the bloody point!” Klaus replied, his face angry.
“Y/N’s pregnant?” Rebekah asked, her face displaying the shock that you had felt when you first found out. You had dreaded telling Rebekah, scared that she’d be upset that two of her brother would have children when she could not.
“How the bloody hell did that happen?” Kol questioned, crossing his arms in the doorframe. Freya lurked behind him and you couldn’t help but long to see a friend’s face.

“The Strix know about the baby?” She inquired, pushing past her brother. Hayley stood in the corner of the room, completely silent.
“You knew about this?” Klaus yelled, glaring. It only took a moment before everyone starting shouting questions at you.
“How did this happen?”
“Why didn’t you tell us?”
“How long have you known?”
You were already scared enough for the life of your child as it was; hearing the news that a murderous cult was after your baby. Everyone shouting didn’t help, only succeeding to overwhelm you.
“Enough!” Elijah roared, his voice deafeningly loud, all his siblings turning to face him as silence settled.

“Y/N was cursed. Now she’s with child. She and my child are Mikaelsons and I’d appreciate it if you treated them like it instead of arguing.” He snapped. A part of you felt unbelievably happy to hear that Elijah felt like you were family and that he was sticking up for you but you couldn’t help but fear the Strix.
“Elijah’s right.” Hayley, of all people, added. You offered her a grateful smile. “I know what it’s like to be pregnant with a mystical baby. The last thing we need to do is get mad at each other when someone is after one of our own.”
“Thank you.” You whispered to the hybrid, offering a small smile.
“I’m bloody well in.” Rebekah added, smiling at you warmly before frowning at Kol.
“Alright, Rebekah, relax. Always and Forever, right?” Her brother rolled his eyes.
“I’ve always been on your side.” Freya nodded as every eye in the room turned to Klaus. He was glaring at Elijah before he clenched his jaw tightly.
“So how do we protect the child?” He asked reluctantly, a hesitant smile spreading on your face.

anonymous asked:

It seems Mob will probably quit his part time job at some point because he wants something more normal out of life. I like to imagine that Reigen will eventually offer to promote Serizawa from employee to partner, and that they'll run the agency together for years to come. I think unlike Mob, Serizawa needs to apply his powers, to feel like he's in control of it and can use it to help instead of hurting people. Reigen needs someone reliable around. Plus serirei as co-owners would be super cute.

Aaaah yes, I like this!! Mob already said something like he won’t work in the agency when he grows up so Reigen and Serizawa will probably end up working together (and since Seri is a legally hired employee I can see Reigen promoting him to business partner…I mean, Seri will handle all the real deal stuff so it’s just fair he gets 50% of profits….).
Reigen is the kind of person to suffer solitude a lot so Serizawa’s company will be really precious to him. They’d both grow super fond of each other and…well…that’s so cute and they will be dorks in love together ok.

I often think Serizawa, even if he’s older, still has to go through the psychological growth Mob had. In order to do that he needs to deal with his powers and feel he can do good with them, as you said! So yeah, Reigen will probably help him out with it. Plus I believe that after the separation arc Reigen learned some good lessons about how to treat people so he will likely be more careful not to suffocate Seri’s independence.

Mob would still visit the agency from time to time to check on them and bring them food/snacks because he’s a precious child. And he loves his dads. A lot.

(A table of contents is available and will be kept up-to-date as new posts are added to the series.)

Part 11: Building Realism

It can be tough when populating an entire world with characters to make those people all seem alive. When you call your whole cast together for a meeting and there are thirty-some-odd people who show up, it’s intimidating to make sure that each of those individuals is notable for something. Even when you are only focusing on one or two, finding ways to make them become real, well-rounded individuals who can stand on their own, who could step off the page and continue to exist, who evoke a feeling in the audience of being real, live people, it’s terrifying!

How many posts go around that focus on specific facets of people, how to respond to them, how to respect them, and how those facets are influenced by our personalities and lives? This is exactly what we’re essentially doing with our character creation: Building people, with all their nooks and crannies and bits and pieces. For our characters to be believable, they need to have all these tidbits, but balanced in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the reader.

Voice: We’re all aware of how a first-person POV for a narrative impacts the way it’s written. Snarky main character writes their story down in a snarky way, right? That’s the easy answer to portraying the voice of a character. The more persnickety details of a character’s voice is when the narrative is a third-person or external POV. The dream is to be able to write three characters in a conversation that uses no dialogue tags, and if your audience can pick out who says what, you’ve basically won the writer’s lottery. But how do we do that? How do we get that character–the meat of that character–across so the audience can easily, quickly recognize them?

The way someone talks is the obvious choice for showing a character’s voice. Obvious word choice and accent options aside, some other things that help differentiate characters include the things they choose to respond to or not to acknowledge and the things they know about and contribute to the group. Body language is another great tool. The way they choose to stand or shift their feet or bite their lip or run their hand through their hair or smirk all says something about a character, especially in context with what’s going on at the time they have that reaction. The goal of voice is to let your audience learn how a character feels about what’s going on. Those feelings, those opinions, those decisions are all a part of who your character is, and that’s what voice is for: letting your audience get to know the character by listening to them, in all the ways that manifests.

Traits: Your characters need to be more than a character sheet in order to be real. Maybe that sounds harsh, but the truth is that a list of traits is 100% unhelpful to the audience. Maybe you use a character sheet to help you put down the initial idea of the character, but when you start writing, you need to actually use those traits to form your story. When trying to prod your character into something that feels more realistic, be sure to take the character’s background into account. Their reactions to events are going to be the core of what makes them feel alive to the audience, and their reactions are going to be built from a combination of their history and their personality. Those reactions have got to be believable to the world they live in–they have to make sense. That’s how you’re going to get your characters to feel like they belong in their surroundings. Whatever their history is, whatever their background, always ask yourself how someone who has gone through those things would feel about whatever they’re facing. As soon as your characters are making decisions and reacting in ways that A) don’t fit their world, and B) don’t align with their life experiences, you end up with a character who no longer feels right or real.

Abilities: Your characters should not consist of one idea. They should not be one-dimensional cut-outs intended to represent one central theme. They should rather be a compilation of an assortment of interests and ideas and things they love. Maybe they can be boiled down to a singular idea the author was exploring, but when expanded out into their entire character, they ought to be more than that. After all, I’m much more than a soapbox for non-binary individuals. Make sure to give your characters something they’re passionate about, something they love. Everyone I’ve ever met has had at least one topic that has caused their entire face to light up. Find that for your character and utilize it! Maybe you’ve purposefully built it to be used in the plot, but maybe not. Maybe their adoration of computer hacking actually has no place in your romance novel, but it’s a facet of them, so let them own it not just have it.

Don’t forget, too, that people have know-how! They’ve picked things up from all the things they’ve done and experiences they’ve had, and they know how things work. Each person will have skills, and different skills for different people. Make sure that the skills they’ve been given not only have a logical root in their past, but also that you’re using them in a way that feels like it makes sense. You don’t want to have them be too good at too many things, but they’re definitely going to be capable of some things. To accompany that, give your character goals. Every character, even tertiary and crowd characters should have a goal of some kind. From getting through the marketplace to buy a bagel to saving the world, from getting a pet to the vet to showing a significant other how much they mean. The skills that each character has gathered have been deliberate by that individual, skills they’ve grown and cultivated in an effort achieve whatever their ultimate, end-game goal it. Everyone has something they’re after in the short-term and long-term, so take those into account.

Your character will feel much more believable and real if their decision-making is based in these wants and needs than in a general idea you (as the author) have about where you need them to be. These are people, not stereotypes, so treat them as having their own free will. I’ve often found myself with this plan in my head, something like, “[Character A] with always side with [Character B]. I need [Character A] to be there at the end, with and supporting [Character B].” But I write myself into a situation where [Character A] would never support [Character B] because of earlier events and [Character A]’s voice on certain issues. Writing them in support of each other is out-of-character, despite the plan I desperately wanted to follow. Things like this come up, and you need to be flexible enough in your plan to allow your character to be the people you created them to be. Be willing to radically change your plot to follow your characters and let them grow into well-rounded humans.

In terms of developing realism in your characters, the trick is to treat them as though they are real people. It’s as simple as that. Focus on building multiple facets to your characters, not a single idea. Take your characters off the character sheets and put them in the real world where they can experience emotions and use their abilities and speak in their own voice. Don’t force them to do things that don’t fit with their past or their world or their views just to maintain your grip and focus and aims on the story. These are people, and you are not actually a god in control of them. They need to have that flexibility to develop without you holding cardboard on either side that inhibits them going and growing where they need to. Let your characters breathe.

Next up: Character flaws!

The Heartless Soldier


Calum’s POV:

Dear Journal,

Today is the day the new recruits come in. Oh, how I can’t wait to knock them all into shape. I’ve been waiting for this day to come. To tear them apart like the war has teared me. I’m going to teach them the right way to fight in battle and the right way to walk away without thinking of themselves as murderers. I’ve been offered the job as Commissioned Officer of my own unit a few weeks ago. The boys and I have started to set up camp down here at the base. Mom said I should start writing in this book to write out my feelings since my anger gets the best of me sometimes. Anyway, boot camp starts tomorrow. That should be very amusing.

The Next Morning..

4:35 AM

After a good three mile run, I lifted weights with my buddy Michael who’s my first Lieutenant. We met when I first joined the army. I remember almost passing out when we all had to hold four long logs that each weighed a thousand pounds in the freezing cold ocean. I was about to lose it but he was the one whispering in my ear to not quit. And I didn’t. To this day, he has been my closest friend and together we moved up the scale.

“You ready to take on such a big role?” he questions me. “It’s the position I was born to become” I begin. “My father died being the leader of his unit. I’m going to carry on what he started and get the job done” I add. “That’s a great way to think, Hood. I’m proud of you” Michael smiles, patting me on the shoulder. “Thanks, man. Let’s head back now. The buses will be here quarter to seven” I inform him.

Y/N’s POV:

5:15 AM

“Y/N..Y/N” someone whispers, gently rubbing my back. “Yes?” I mumble into my pillow. “It’s time to get up and start stocking the cabinets. New supplies just arrived” Jen whispers back. “Alright, I’ll meet you in there” I respond slowly getting up. “I’ve made you a bowl of Cheerios and tossed a few pieces of fruit in a bowl for you” she smiles placing her name tag above her left breast. “You’re the best. Thank you” I reply. Jen nods and walks out of our room. After devouring the breakfast she made me, I pull out my journal and begin writing.

Dear Journal,

This is my third year starting today. I have written in you the past two ever since I started here. Being a nurse practitioner in the army isn’t easy but I love what I do. Boot camp starts today so all I have to do is restock medical supplies while the new recruits start their training. I’ve already had my boot camp which wasn’t that wonderful. I don’t really know what else to say. So, let the day begin.

I quickly shove my journal back under my bed and get up to retrieve my uniform or “scrubs” from the drier. Dark blue scrubs, white socks, and black sneakers. New watch on my left wrist and about three or four hair elastics on my right. I throw my hair up in a high ponytail and head out of my room to the medical tent.

“Good morning Sunshine! Ready to treat injured hot men?” Johnny, a good friend of mine, asks me. “Oh Johnny, you haven’t changed one bit!” I laugh pulling him in for a hug. The story with him is that once he told his parents he was gay, he was kicked out of his home. Luckily, he finished nursing school and got a job at his local hospital but knowing that his despicable parents were in town, made him move down here and join the army as a nurse practitioner just like me. 

“How are you?” I ask him. “I’m doing great. It’s time to get busy again” he laughs clapping his hands. “You looking for a soldier of your own?” I smirk grabbing a box of forceps and putting them in one of the cabinets. “Girl. you know I am always scouting about” Johnny winks making me shake my head.

Our medical staff concludes of over 100 members. Based on our medical positions, our bases are scattered around. Johnny, Jen, and I work in the ER unit along with a few other people. We all are a close bunch since we all need good chemistry to treat our patients. Our boot camp consisted of communication skills, team building, emergency awareness activities. All sorts of stuff like that. Us three know since we have been doing it for three years now. Each year brings new adventures and that is why I love my job. Being able to cure someone who has been severely injured, puts a smile on my face as well as takes all the fear off my shoulders.

6:30 AM

“One hundred yummy, hot, delicious, boys will be here soon” Johnny whispers in my ear as we both peak outside our tent looking at all the officers and lieutenants getting in formation. “Maybe you can score with one of the Commission Officers” Johnny nudges my shoulder. “Um no thank you. I’m not looking for anyone right now. I’m too busy for a relationship” I answer fixing my name badge. 

“Oh cmon! Take a bite out off that” he says pointing towards a tan man putting on his aviators. “Isn’t that Calum Hood? Or should I say Officer Hood. No, wait or is it Lieutenant Hood?” I ask. “All I know is that he took the position of Commissioned Officer. But, I think it’s okay to call him Lieutenant. Isn’t he delicious?” Johnny smirks biting his pen. “I heard he’s an asshole and I pray to God that we don’t have to treat him anytime soon” I respond rolling my eyes and turning away.   

Calum’s POV:

“Here they come boys! Fresh bait!” Michael yells making us all laugh. I smirk as I place my hands behind my back watching as the yellow buses roll by. I chew my gum slowly as I scan the windows looking at all of the new recruits. Some scared, some determined.

 Once the bus doors opened, Alex and Luke guided and lined them up in formation. I chuckle to myself as I stare at some of the boys. I mentally ask why are they here looking like that. After all the lectures were over and done with, Ashton started to read off each Commission Officers unit.

 “Last but not least, Lieutenant Hood. Logger, Smith, Ramirez, Oakfield, Porter, and Barns. You will be Lieutenant Hood’s Unit” Ashton informs them. I step ahead and give them my salute and take them to the side to chat.

“Good Evening, Boys. My name is Calum Hood but you all will refer to me as Officer Hood or Sir. I’m going to start off my saying that down here isn’t all fun and games. It’s serious business and if you cross my line, I’ll kick your ass right outta here. You want to serve your country? Then, train like you do. Push yourself because I have a voice made for yelling. You are brothers now and you will respect one another. If I have to split up a fight between two of you, you both are out. It’s plain and simple with me. You follow orders and respect me, you’re all good. If you are being a wise pain in my ass, then boy you are in trouble. Do you all understand?” I ask sternly.

They all shake their heads repeatedly like scared little boys. “I said do you ALL understand!?” I ask. “Sir yes sir!” they shout. “Good. Now off to your tents” I order as they all salute me and walk away. I turn to the side as I see Michael running my way. “Hey, Hood! How’s the squad looking?” he chuckles. “Weak” I scoff. “Cal, be real with me” he responds. “I’m serious. They look weak” I argue taking the clipboard from his hands. “I’m sure they aren’t so bad” he assures. 

“Whatever. What’s the plan for tomorrow?” I ask scanning at all the words and times on the sheet of paper. “Um, breakfast, morning run, obstacle course, lunch, shooting range, dinner, lights out by 11” Michael tells me. “Sounds good to me. I’ll see you later yeah?” I ask. “You betcha!” Michael waves.

The Next Day..

“Boot camp isn’t like elementary school, Gentlemen. It prepares you mentally, physically, and emotionally for the ten weeks you are about to embark on. We are all brothers and we need one another. If someone is puking their guts out or if someone is stuck in the mud, you tell them to keep pushing it. You are in Columbus, Georgia, Gentlemen. 10 weeks here doing basic combat training. Believe in yourself. Today is the day you become a soldier. Are you ready for that!?” I shout. “Yes Sir!” all the men shout back. “Off to your stations” I announce as they all run in different directions.

Y/N’s POV:

“Ugh, his voice! Husky and hot!” Johnny quietly says to us. “Yo, Johnny my brother. Stop hitting on all the officers and come help me put this new monitor together” Patrick, one of the surgeons, asks Johnny. “You’re lucky I don’t hit on you” he bites back as I laugh folding sheets. 

Before I knew it, the tarp like door flies open and Calum Hood himself barges over. “Pat!” he calls out completely ignoring mine and Jen’s presence. “Hey, Cal. What you need? Pat asks him. “I need a pen” he says snapping his finger once. “A pen? Uh, have mine” Pat replies taking a pen out of his pocket and giving it to him. “Thanks. I’ll catch you later” he responds walking away. “Good luck with the new ones! Pat shouts as Calum laughs putting his shades back on.

 “He barges in here and asks…for a pen” I say still thinking about what just happened. “That’s Calum Hood for ya, Y/N. Stern and eerie” he answers. “Eerie?” I ask. “Oh yeah, when that man gets mad it’s a storm” he informs me. “Well hopefully no storms come around here” I joke.

Calum’s POV:

“My own grandmother can walk faster than that! Pick it up!” I yell as my unit struggles in the timed two mile. “Cal, don’t go full throttle on them already. This is just a two mile run” Michael says to me as he jots some notes down on his clipboard. “Michael, if you’re going to be up my ass about everything I do, then you can go write poetry somewhere else” I sternly say to him keeping my eyes on the men. “Wow, Cal. That one hurt but let me tell you something. I’m your zen. I keep you calm. I’m your friend, Cal. I’m the one keeping you from blowing up a storm” Michael chuckles.

“You may keep me calm but you aren’t the permanent solution, Mikey. I appreciate everything you do for me but you aren’t my zen” I tell him. “Alright, Buddy. Whatever you say” he responds watching the men run. A few minutes later, one of the recruits comes running over looking white as a ghost. “Um, Sir. I think I’m going to thr-” he tries to say as he aims to throw up all over me. I grip the back of his neck and aim his head to the side of me as he spills out his breakfast. “Not on the new pants, Soldier. Drink some water and get back out there. Next time, don’t be a little pussy and come running over to me like I’m your mother because I’m not” I say bending over to look at him.

“Yes Sir” he says jogging slowly back to the track. As the horn goes off, signalling the run was over, all the men pour water on themselves. “What’s next, Mikey?” I inquire. “Um, we are actually doing shooting range now and obstacle course later” he replies. “Sounds dreadful. Let’s go” I report and saunter my way over to the shooting range.

“Alright, Gentleman. I am Lieutenant Hemmings and this is my range. You will be divided into your units when you shoot. Please make sure you have your ear and eye protection on. Today is just basic target training. This baby here is a 9x9 Walther P99. She’s a German semi-automatic pistol and you will start with her. After you shoot,  keep your gun pointed down range. Stay behind the barrier and when I say “fire” that means it’s ok to shoot. Do you all understand!?” Luke shouts. “Sir yes sir!” the new recruits all shout as they all form in their units.

“Ramirez, Smith, and Logger. Y’all are up first” Michael informs them. I step back and place my orange ear plugs in as well as my safety glasses. I watch as my men set up and get ready to shoot. I look for men who are fast and are able to load and reload in seconds. Skill and agility are key. 

“Ready..set…aim..fire!” Luke shouts over the megaphone. Gun shots fire as only a few hit the metal of the target. I could only hear about three or four. That isn’t good enough. “Try again and make it better!” I shout crossing my arms. “Fire!” Luke announces once more. This time only two people hit the target. “Stop!” I yell and hustle over to one of my men’s tables and pick up their gun.

“Are you all lazy or something!? Do you need your eyesight checked!? Keep one eye closed! Half of you got eyes wide open like you have seen a ghost! One eye closed and this time don’t miss!” I yell as I shoot the pistol and hit the target three times in a row. I hop over the barrier and stand right in the middle of the range as they all give me shocked looks. “Don’t fucking miss” I smirk as I place my safety glasses on again and cross my arms behind my back.

“Hood, are you-” Luke tries to say. “Not now, Hemmings. Don’t miss, Soldiers!” I say taking a deep breath. Luke steadily holds up the megaphone unsure to call it but he does. “Fire!” Luke yells. Shot after shot goes by and as once as I thought it was over, a bullet pierces right into my left bicep. “God damnit!” I yell as loud as I could as I sunk to my knees. “Ceasefire! Ceasefire!” Luke shouts as Alex, Ashton, and Michael run over to me. “Get him to the medical tent now!” Alex shouts. “You’re dead meat, Soldier!” I yell at the boy who shot me. “That’s what you get for being a cocky fucker, Cal” Michael says to me as I grip my bicep as it throbs deeply, groaning in pain. 

Y/N’s POV:

“Y/N!” I hear someone shout my name. I drop my papers onto the floor as I prepare for what’s about to enter this tent. “Yes!? What’s wrong? What happened?” I ask Michael as he helps Calum onto a bed. “Big guy on campus thinks he’s tough for standing without protection in an open range” he chuckles as he helps him onto a bed. “I was trying to prove a point. Those men are stupid!” Calum shouts. “Bullet in left bicep. Don’t know how deep” he informs me.

 “Alright, let me check it out” I say walking over and grabbing Cal’s arm. “Yeah it isn’t that deep but it will hurt trying to get it out” I tell him. I slip on latex gloves and squirt some rubbing alcohol on a piece of gauze and wipe it all over the wound. Cal hisses at the contact.

“I’m going to kick that boy’s ass when I see him” Cal hisses. “Really? What do you expect would have happened out there? You think you wouldn’t get shot?” I ask taking out a flat nose pair of pliers. “Excuse me? You don’t get to ask me such stupid questions” he fires back. “Then why did you do such a stupid thing that could have got you killed?” I ask laughing. “You’re a b-” he says but I stop. “Finish that sentence and I could leave this bullet in you to eventually kill you” I hiss as he tries to wiggle his arm free of my grasp.

 “Lieutenant Hood if you move your shoulder one more time I will literally slap you silly. This bullet could have hit your artery and you could have died out there and drowned in your own blood. Do you understand me!? So please just shut your goddamn mouth for one second and stay still so I can get this bullet out of you!” I basically yell as I enter the pliers into his wound as he yells.

“Hold him still. It’s almost out” I tell Michael and Alex as I concentrate. “And would you look at that” I say holding up a long silver bullet covered in his blood a few second later. “Would you like to keep it as a souvenir?” I ask Calum giving him a fake smile. Hitting the bullet out of my hands, he hovers above me with a scrimpy look on his face. “Do you not know who I am?” he asks looking me in the eyes. “I know exactly who you are and I am not afraid of you” I spit back. “You better keep your voice down or we will have a problem” he says to me. “Oh yeah? Well keep the tent in your pants down and get off of me before I shove this bullet back in you because then we will have a problem” I hiss and push him off me as I walk away as fast as I could.

“Whoa, what’s wrong?” Johnny asks me with concerned eyes. “Lieutenant Hood needs patching up. He’s all yours” I say handing Johnny over my gloves and the pair of pliers as I walk past him not looking back.

On Hospitals and Medicine

On the one hand, modern medicine is amazing. There’s a lot we can do that we never had the chance to before, a lot of people who would be dead but aren’t.

On the other hand, hospitals are somewhat terrible places? They’re fantastic, they do an amazing job, but they’re also noisy, sterile (in the emotional sense), it’s difficult to sleep (and what do you need most when you’re sick?), super wasteful, they can be super impersonal (by which I mean the whole five-minute-consultations, treating the patient’s condition without actually listening to the patient, assuming that if you can prevent a patient dying you have made them healthy attitude of some - by no means all - doctors). We bring people into hospital, and then we give them pneumonia or delirium, and then we have to keep them to treat that…

Health is not merely the absence of disease. Health is a state of wholeness, and I believe it goes beyond wholeness within yourself to include healthy relationships, healthy communities. Health is about a community, an ecosystem, that functions well, that does not let down any of its members, that is supportive of each other and brings strength to each other. (Health may be impossible to achieve - but we need to have a vision for what the ideal may be, otherwise we’ll settle for what we have.)

Many specialties aren’t very good at acknowledging this. Some are - GPs tend to be pretty good, and in my experience palliative care is fantastic - but they seem to be the exception. Specialists are clearly needed, but some of them have a tendency to shrug off anything not narrowly related to the condition as “not my problem” and move on, without acknowledging the fact that patients don’t come in pieces and you can’t actually separate everything out. My training is beginning to talk about holistic medicine, but a lot of students joke about it. We need more.

My vision for the future is that doctors would still specialise, but hospitals would be better connected into their communities, would be more pleasant places to be (I’m sure a lot of the beeping alerts could be tied to pagers or staff offices, not general throughout the ward), and would welcome family as much as possible. We need to work on having sterile instruments in a less wasteful plastic-overkill kind of way, and we need enough staffing that it is possible to spend time on whole-person care and to sit down with patients and just - have a chat. Welcome them. Be able to spend time with them. I would love for house calls to become more of a thing again, because keeping people at home is way better than bringing them into hospital if it’s at all possible. And I would love for our communities to be strong enough that we can support people who need it out of the health care system - for elderly people, to have a community who can share the care instead of the weight falling on one family member, for disabled people, for people who can’t live alone for whatever reason. For their community to be invested in them, and them to be invested in the community. That is my dream.


This has gone on FOR FAR TOO LONG. This stupid, immature and hurtful war between shippers and anti’s.

EVERYONE. NEEDS TO STOP. LOVE OR HATE THE SHIP. LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE. Not only are we hurting each other, we’re ruining the fandom for the people who don’t want to get involved in this shit. 

You should NEVER no matter WHAT, tell someone to kill themselves. That is, in my opinion, some of the most vile and disgusting behavior and you just don’t say that to another human being. 

I understand that people don’t like it. We all know the reasons why people wouldn’t like it and they are perfectly acceptable. But please, blmatsu shippers aren’t trying to upset anyone! I think yes, maybe we could be possibly more considerate to those who don’t enjoy the ship (for whatever reason they may have). I don’t know if everyone has added extra tags (lets say for example rape) just to make sure that if people don’t like it it doesn’t come in their feed (presuming they’ve blocked it)

Anti’s if you seriously have a problem with shippers then I beg of you just BLOCK US. Don’t go leaving hate messages in peoples inbox, don’t go stalking them, don’t REPORT THEIR BLOGS FOR HAVING ‘CP’ ON THEM WHEN THEY CLEARLY DON’T. Just leave us alone. We want to enjoy the fandom and get the most out of it just as much as you do. I don’t know about everyone else but before I saw Osomatsu-san I was having a really shitty time and I was struggling so much just to get through the day without having some form of meltdown. School was stressful, it still is in all honesty, and if there is one thing I hate it’s to have the work piled on suddenly with next to no warning. Then I found this show and I remember first seeing the fandom and thinking ‘Wow, it’s so nice here. Everyone really loves this show! We’re all just having a really good time. This is one of the first fandoms I’ve been in where everyone got along so well.’

Now it’s just fighting and immature behavior from BOTH SIDES. I’m not going to be one-sided about it. BLmatsu shippers have said things that are rather rude and inconsiderate too. I think we all need to grow up a little, try to understand each other a bit better and avoid trying to make each other mad.

I’ve been so quiet for so long, telling myself not to get involved. But at this point I’m so sick and tired of shutting up and letting people get treated in such a horrible way, and I’m sure loads of other people are too

Please. Can we end this and just get along? Love the show for everything it offers us? Lets not end the fun when it’s only just started. 

                                 Reasons I ship Star x Marco

1. Their chemistry is just WAY TOO GOOD. I was immediately sold on it at the end of episode one like “F*CK, THEY ARE AWESOME”.

2. They hug and touch each other. A LOT. I mean, sure, friends do this…but even for best friends, they are insanely close. I don’t think many teenagers in plationic relationships hold hands as much as they do.

3. Marco helps keep Star from going out of control but Star brings joy into his life. In other words, it’s a balanced relationship where both of them gives something back to the other.

4. Neither one can stand it when the other is sad and they go to ridiculous lengths to cheer each other up. I mean ridiculous.

5. ^ And it actually works. They can make each other laugh and smile even during the crappiest of times.

6. They treat each other well and are considerate of each other’s feelings. When they fight, they apologize quickly and get right back to being on fantastic terms.

7. Because Tom is a jerk….and well….evil. lol

8. The other people they crush on are not interesting. The crushes feel shallow and they don’t really go anywhere. Which I think means something.

9. They are opposite enough to balance each other out but similar enough to not fight all the time. They just click.

10. I didn’t need to see fanart or read fanfics to convince me to ship them. I merely watched the first 11 minutes of this show and said “Yes.”

11. Because they are f*cking cuter than a puppy and kitten trying to climb into the same slipper in both looks and interaction.

12. The Blood Moon Ball. Nuff said.


Can we just stop making characters into things they are not and stop assuming things about them and their intentions?

I can’t go into a single tag related to Blake, Yang or Sun without some kind of passive aggressive bullshit post attacking blacksun or bumbleby. JUST STOP ALL THIS NONSENSE!! WE ARE ALL FANS OF THE SAME SHOW!! Who cares who ends up with who? Sure, I would like Yang to be with Blake but in the end I still want what is best for Blake and her happiness so I will be happy in ANY SITUATION WHERE BLAKE IS HAPPY AND FULFILLED. Blake deserves someone in her life that will treat her the way no one in her past has ever bothered to. She deserves someone that looks out for her and cares about her well being and is willing to do anything to protect that. If thats Yang, amazing. If thats Sun, well so be it.

Everyone needs to grow up and stop pointing fingers at each other. People are always going to have their opinions but lashing out at them for it won’t make things any better either.

We all want what’s best for Blake Belladonna so lets act like it and get our heads out of the sand.

Thank you.

David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson On Reopening ‘The X-Files’ And The Possibility Of More – Awardsline
A full 23 years after making its debut, Chris Carter’s cultural phenomenon The X-Files returned to Fox this year with a limited six-episode series, reuniting David Duchovny and Gillian Anders…
By Joe Utichi

On wanting to do more:

Anderson: David and I have solidified and intensified our friendship and our working relationship since the series ended, so it really is just going back and choosing to work with somebody, and feeling like we are doing something that only the two of us have the experience of. We’re there for each other, and enjoy that in and of itself. It was something I looked forward to with this series, and something I would potentially look forward to doing again. It’s a nice thing to have in one’s life.

Duchovny: I agree with that, and it’s going to sound really pedestrian, and not at all lofty, but when I think back to the beginnings of the show, and what I thought acting was—what I thought I could do as an actor—the gift this show gave me was having to go to work. Having to work as hard as we did, every day, for 14 hours a day, over 10 months, for five years in a row. That was a gift in that I took myself to school, and taught myself how to be an actor. For both Gillian and me, it was really sink or swim at that point, and to be able to do that with great material, and talented people helping us along… it could have gone in another direction, so I’m thankful, I think, just for the hard work that it was in the beginning, and the appreciation it gave me for what I do. It didn’t kill us, anyway.

On their “chemistry”:

Anderson: I feel like the chemistry was there from the very beginning. That was the foundation of it. After so many notes asking us actors to take looks at each other—after doing that I don’t know how many billion times—you start to get the idea that this was what they were playing to. Certainly, they exacerbated that beyond what probably felt comfortable as actors at the end of every scene, but I think that helps you solidify the chemistry.

Duchovny: That word always perplexes me, because Gillian and I never worked on our chemistry. We don’t come in, in the morning, and go, “How’s the chemistry? I really need some coffee with my chemistry this morning.” It’s really a mutual respect and enjoyment of acting with one another. What exists in the writing, as well, is that these two people are true partners and they complete one another intellectually and emotionally. Chris always used to say that Mulder and Scully were one person when they were together… by which, I assume he meant they were Chris Carter. I do think that’s very romantic, when you have a man and a woman treating each other as equals. And not just as equals, but as necessary components of one another. Without the other, they fall as people, as entities, as investigators. It’s highly romantic and yet not sexual, though there’s a lot of tension.

Anderson: They have a clear depth of caring about one another, and that’s what really gets people. They care about one another’s welfare, and so even if they’re at odds in their beliefs, their caring transcends that, through all nine seasons.

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