i need our hero to be a real hero

supergirl sentence meme: episode 7-9

  • the loss of your powers is undeniably traumatic. 
  • you are now subject to pain, sickness, and death. 
  • do not be afraid. 
  • until you have fully recovered, lean on those you trust. 
  • now you get to go out in the real world and see what it’s like to be human for a day.
  • i’m off to deal with an unruly guest.
  • i can’t trust him anymore. i know he’s hiding something.
  • you never get sick. that’s the best part about you.
  • it’s not getting any more impressive.
  • i will grind your loved ones to dust.
  • just lay low and enjoy your time off.
  • you’ve got to be really careful with that.
  • a warning would’ve been nice about how much that hurts.
  • sometimes it takes a shock to realise what really matters.
  • people are scared, they’re looking for information, and it is our duty to help them.
  • i have to know i’m leaving these people with someone i trust.
  • if i didn’t have an issue with personal space, i would give you a hug.
  • i have to say, i think what you’re doing today is wonderful.
  • don’t you think that people need a more positive message right now– hope instead of fear?
  • she fools us into thinking she’ll save us and renders us incapable of saving ourselves.
  • we don’t even know if he’s still alive.
  • mind lowering that weapon?
  • i need you to do what i say when i say it, because our situation just got a whole lot worse.
  • we can’t save him.
  • i don’t think relying on him is in our best interest.
  • i couldn’t save him.
  • you did everything that you could.i was starting to make a difference – i was helping people the way that i’ve always wanted.
  • i feel so helpless.
  • no hero can save everyone. but a real hero never stops trying.
  • you being killed is not gonna help anybody.
  • that’s not going to work on me.
  • you don’t want to hurt these people.
  • after all, it is human to be selfish.
  • i believe that we are better than this.
  • let’s show the world what we’re really made of.
  • you lied to me.
  • one way or another, this ends now.
  • that was good pizza.
  • let us see if you die with more honour than your fallen friends.
  • it will take more than that to kill me.
  • now, where the hell were you?
  • they’re starting to depend on you.
  • i know that you inspired them, because you inspired me.
  • afraid of a fair fight?
  • i don’t want to fight you.
  • go home. sleep. knock her on her ass another day.
  • i am sure this is all going to blow over. 
  • what planet are you from?
  • stories like this do not blow over. they blow up.
  • it’s not like you to fail to keep a promise.
  • if you die, she dies.
  • this is war. and to win a war, sometimes the enemy has to die. 
  • can you look me in the eye and tell me that you’re prepared to kill?
  • it isn’t safe here for me anymore.
  • they all smell blood in the water.
  • god, i’m enjoying corporate espionage like - a little too much.
  • i think you stared into miles of pitch black space until everything good inside of you died.
  • you’ve gone against everything our people hold dear.
  • i can’t let you hurt anyone.
  • i am begging you. please help me.
  • you would you make a different decision if you could go back?
  • i don’t know what i’m going to do after this. i don’t know if there is anything i can do.
  • she’s the kind of girl worth risking it all for.
  • another week, another crisis averted thanks to you.
  • if you’re not who i think you are, what does it matter?
  • let me begin by saying thank you for all the help that you’ve given me.
  • you’ve gonna wish i’d died with the rest of them!
  • this attack has been traumatic for all of us.
  • you two really did bury the hatchet, didn’t you?
  • it’s going to take more than a stern voice to scare me.
  • if you help me, maybe i can help you.
  • i ordered hi to spare you because blood bonds us all.
  • oh, this is going to be ugly.
  • i don’t have an attitude problem. you have a perception problem.
  • i’m very boring and really normal.
  • there are many topics that i find appropriate for humour: english cuisine, black lipstick… but i will never make a joke about a good story.
  • i know you forget to eat when you’re stressed.
  • i knew all of the answers to your insane questions!
  • you and i both fight for truth, justice, and the american way. it just so happens that my methods are better. and more fun.
  • i am a man of honour. and i take no pleasure in what comes next.
  • stop it! you’re hurting her!
  • we are better than this!
  • i don’t want to give him a chance to hurt her.
  • i’m sorry – you want– you want to break into the facility?
  • you’re real tough, hiding behind your muscle.
  • you think insulting my ego is going to get me to spill like some bond villain?
  • the truth is, i need you now more than i ever have.
  • i don’t want you getting upset!
  • i feel like i lost everything.
  • i have nothing left. 
  • i don’t know what to do anymore.
  • even when things look the bleakest, heroes find a way.
  • today, i got so upset, i couldn’t think. 
  • i just wanted to hurt someone.
  • i was afraid of losing everything that mattered to me.
  • i still have faith that there’s good in you. 
  • i am not worth your faith.
  • you take one more step and my men will put you down.
  • i want your people to see that we’re better than him, because maybe then we’ll find a way to end this war.
  • there will be no more battles today.
  • do not mistake my compassion for weakness.
  • i’m trying to make the world a safe place for everyone.
  • you guys could’ve told me. i can keep a secret.
  • i’m afraid i can’t stay long – there’re a lot of people out there who need help.
  • i almost did something today that i would’ve regretted for the rest of my life.

I feel so abandoned. 

We had hope. We thought we had things going for ourselves. We got so close we dared to dream what if what we want most becomes real

But then we were reminded that no, a Woman cannot be President.

But we were told, no, the queers can’t live happily ever after.

But we were told no, women can’t be heroes alone.

But we were told no, the queer romance can’t be as physical as the hetero one.

But we were told no, there can be only ONE queer storyline at a time.

But we are told no, those woman are bad.

We have been trained to be happy with small victories.  We have been beaten down whenever we get to close to what we deserve

I will not settle.  It’s characters that I need to give me hope, because the real world is just too fucking much right now.  If humans aren’t going to show us respect, we will demand it. 

Let’s be each other’s heroes. Please.

Nick's Family Chapter 7

Hi there frithislord here. With chapter 7 of Nick’s Family. Hope ya’ll enjoy it. This one takes place the After Cliffside Asylum. And We will see if Judy gets any forgiveness from the family after the press conference. A thanks to @cloudyloudy for some good ideas for this chapter.


After all the missing mammals were taken out of the Cliffside Asylum to be relocated to a new facility and Judy took care of all the paperwork at the ZPD. Nick and Judy decided to walk each other home for some well deserved rest before the big press conference in the morning.
“I don’t have to be there, if you don’t want me there, Carrots.” Nick said walking next to the hero bunny cop.
“Nick, I want you to be at the conference with me.” responded Judy as she turned her head to look at the fox. “I couldn’t have done this without you.”
“I quess I’m just as nervous as you, fluff. Are you nervous by the way?” Asked the fox.
“A little bit.” the bunny answered honestly. “But as long as I got you by my side I’m sure I’ll be okay.”
That last sentence triggered a surprised look on the fox’s face as he turned to look at her.
“You…want me by you’re side?” Nick asked.
“What-uh-um… I-I mean yeah of course.” Judy nervously answered while realising the last thing she said. “By the way. What was in that gumbo of Mama Oldie’s?” Judy asked trying to change the subject.
“What do you mean, Carrots?”
“I mean I smelled the vegetables and hot sauce in that soup. But I smelled something so unfamiliar in it. What was it?”
“Well…shrimp, chicken and crawfish.”
“Yes, meat. Long ears.”
The bunny couldn’t believe that she thought a soup with meat in it would smell so good. Which almost made her feel a little sick.
“You know, one of your little nephews drew me a picture. It was a picture of me in a circle with you and your family.” Judy told Nick.
“Ahh. That’s Little Dude. So he put you in his circle of trust. Well you deserve it.”
That made Judy’s heart flutter hearing Nick say that she deserve it. Then she looked up at that fox’s handsome face giving that ‘devil may care’ smile made her heart beat a little faster. She then looked down at his butt. Just thinking how cute it was, till she realised her paw was reaching out to touch it. She quickly pulled her paw back when she snapped back to reality. Feeling really embarrassed. But luckily for her, he didn’t notice and they made it to her apartment.
“Well this is where I live. See you tomorrow, slick.” Judy said as she walk up the door and waved goodbye to Nick.
“See ya fluff.” Nick replied as he walked away, watching the rabbit go inside.
'I think I’ll go stay with my family tonight. Instead of that crappy apartment I live.’ Nick thought to himself, as he took a short cut to get there.


Judy made it to her room. Put her keys and phone on the desk as she laid down on her bed, thinking about what to say at the conference tomorrow morning. But mostly thinking about Nick. Wondering why she felt this way? 'Why does he make me feel like this? Why do I feel happy around him? Why do I feel safe with him? Why do I trust him with my life so easily? And why do I have butterflies in my tummy when I think about him?’ Her train of thought was broken do to her loud neighbors Bucky and Pronk.
Judy not knowing who is saying what and not caring. Puts a pillow over her head to drown out the noise and tries to go to sleep.

“NICKY’S BACK!!!” shouted the Francine along with the rest of the family. As Nick walked over to a near by log to sit. He went ahead and told everyone all about adventure him and Judy had at the Cliffside Asylum.
“Wow, Nicky you a hero.” cheered uncle Lewis.
“No no…carrots is the real hero. I just help her out.” replied the modest fox.
“That rabbit is no hero.” Viper hissed “She wouldn’t have gotten far with out you.”
“Come on viper don’t be like that.” Nick softly said followed by a yawn.
“Awww, is our little kit sleepy?” Nick’s step-mom asked in a sweet tone.
“Yeah, I do need to get some sleep for the press conference tomorrow with carrots.” answered the tired fox.
“You can sleep with me, Nicky” Viper replied in a seductive tone. “There’s more enough room for both of us handsome.”
Viper laid in her patch of a bed in a sexy position while giving Nick a seductive look that would make any male crazy with lust.
“That’s okay sis. I still got my old bed.” Nick said as he walked over to his old patch.
“Don’t call me sis. By the way…you want some blueberries?” Viper asked holding a small pack of blueberries with her tail. “I know there your favorite.”
“You know me so well vips.” The fox said while walking to the sexy snake.
Nick tryed to reach the blueberries but Viper put them behind her back. “No no Nicky. First get this one first.” She said as she put one blueberry in the tip of her mouth. She was the only viper born without fangs and teeth. So it was just gum. But it didn’t make her less pretty. It might strangely made her more pretty.
Nick reached his paw to get it. But Viper said “No. Use your mouth.”
“WHAT!?! Viper I’m not going t-”
Viper didn’t let the fox finish his sentence as she made lip contact. Causing Nick’s emerald eyes to shoot wide open, as he felt her forked tongue in his mouth. It was a shock to him. But to her, it was magic. She felt like she could fly. Feeling eternal happiness. Until Nick pushed her off before yelling “WHAT the Hell was that about?”
“Kissing you silly.” Viper giggled.
“Your my sister.” Nick stated. Those words broke Viper’s heart. She then back off and apologized for her actions. Which Nick forgave her. Then he walk over to his patch and went fast to sleep.
Viper went to her private spot to pout about being rejected. Just to have Mater and Mushu come over to tease her.
“Haha. Got rejected didn’t ya?” teased Mushu
“Girl done gots’ puts in da’ sister zone.” Mater also teased. “Dats even worst den da’ friend zone. Haha dats worth hanging yourself ov-”
Viper rolled her tail into a ball and punched Mater in the face slamming his head against a near by boulder. Then wrapping her tail around Mushu neck and threw him face first in the mud.
“Viper. I thinks you done clipped my favorite tooth.” A dazed Mater said before passing out.
Viper didn’t listen to what Mater said, she just cried herself to sleep.

( After the press conference incident and Judy finds out what the night howlers really are. She goes to Finnick to ask him where to to find him. Which he tells her he went to see his family. Judy still remembered wear to find them.)

Judy was relieved to have found the spot.
“Nick…Mama Oldie…Francine..Frank.. Viper..Lewis..Ted..Crush…Little Dude..Mater..Mushu?” Judy shouted hoping to get someone to answer. But no reply. She knew they were there. They were hiding from her. Which weighed heavy on her chest.
“Look everyone I know I -”
What cut Judy off was the picture that little dude drew for her laying on the ground. But it was different. She was no longer in the circle. But outside the circle where it says 'Bad, hateful, deceivers, untrustworthy.’ This broke Judy’s heart enough to make her eyes moist.
The silence was finally broken by Viper.
“You have some nerve showing your face here. How dare you return after what you did. I should kill you where you stand.” The angry snake said with undying hatred as she slithered towards the bunny.
Judy tried to catch her breath from the fear and sorrow. “Look I know what I did was wrong and I broke your trust. I know your trust is very sacred to all of you. I betrayed Nick and and all of Zootopia. I’m really really sorry.”
“Oh you don’t know what sorry is you evil bitch. They say foxes are untrustworthy. Well they never met you.” Viper hissed with venom in her voice.
Judy’s eyes started to water. Hearing such hatefulness. But Viper wasn’t finished.
“You rabbits are all the same. I mean it’s in your biology. Always thinking every mammal bigger then you is savage and bad. You rabbits are no better then cockroaches. Your kind don’t care about the ecosystem, overpopulation or any one else. You won’t stop having kids. I bet you have more then 200 siblings don’t you. How many kids do you bunnies have to have to feel like you have a fucking family, huh?”
It was every single ignorant, hateful and hurtful stereotype about bunnies she has heard all at once. Judy started to cry.
“Awww, you sad? Upset? Did I hurt your feelings?” Viper said in a mocking matter. “All I did was just state the facts it’s not like other mammals do what you rabbits do.”
Judy raised her paw gently up. Then Viper used her tail to grab a rock, raised it up in the air threating to hit the bunny’s face with it. Causing Judy to step back with a gasp. Then what flashed threw Judy’s eyes was the press conference. She saw herself talking about predator’s savage biology. Saw Nick get angry at her, her trying to justify her stupid careless actions. Then threating him with fox repellant. Judy realised that Viper was putting her in the same position that she put Nick in. Like holding a mirror up to Judy. Showing her and making her feel exactly the same way she made Nick feel. Which made Judy disgusted with herself. She hated herself more then before.
“Look I care about Nick.” Judy finally spoke “I screwed up. I never wanted to hurt Nick, it wasen’t intentionally. I never wanted to hurt anyone. It just happened that way. I don’t why I said all that stuff. Or why I pulled that fox repellant on him. I just reacted I didn’t think. I know what the penalty is for breaking a reptiles trust. If you want to kill me. I won’t stop you. I hurt Nick, I hurt all of you. But if you tell me where I can find Nick and tell him how sorry I am and do everything I can to make it up to him. And fix all the damage I caused. Just please, give me another chance to make things right. To trust me again.” Judy finally let out a loud sob. Put her paws on her face.
Judy felt something on her foot. She looked down and saw Little Dude. Smiling at her.
“I trust you Judy.” the baby turtle said. Turning Judy’s tears of sorrow to tears of joy.
“I trust you too, bunny fu fu.” Mushu said.
Uncle Lewis and Ted at the same time “We trust you.”
Frank and Francine “We trust You.”
Then Mater, Crush all the reptiles.
“I trust you sweetie.” Mama Oldie said with a loving and welcoming smile.
The bunny was so overwhelmed with joy, that she began to hug everyone. Being so greatful for gaining their trust again. Plus having their forgiveness. From everyone except Viper. Who gave her dirty looks. She slithered up to the bunny and told her that she better do everything she can to make it up to him. Judy said she will.
“You know where dat’ old abandoned factory is? He’s under the bridge sweetie.” said Mama Oldie.
“Oh thank you Mama Oldie so much.”
“Well what you waiten’ fer go git your fox and make things right.”
“Yes yes thank you thank you all. Goodbye.”
All the reptiles started cheering for the bunny.
“Go Judy!”
“YEAH GET 'ER DOOOONE” Mater shouted.


Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Next chapter will see Nick’s POV after the press conference and a little Viper back story. You guys are all awesome.

Let’s talk about a child AU. [part 1]

Mar and I have been yelling about this for years now and I am just too far in not to share. I had to cut it off because it was getting SO LONG I love this AU SO MUCH.

A Bakugou/Kirishima/Kaminari AU in which they find a baby.

[find part 2 here]


  • They find a baby one day. Well, technically Kirishima is the one to find it. Out back behind the dumpster of one of the restaurants he goes to constantly, she’s just laying in the alley in a basket crying, note pinned to her little onesie.
  • He takes it home, not really sure what else to do. ((He can’t just leave this baby??? That’s not manly – it’s not something a hero would do!))
  • The three of them have no idea what to do with this tiny human being. Denki just kind of holds her out at arms length like ???? “Why did you bring home a child???? What are we supposed to do with this????”
  • Kirishima: “We can raise it!”
  • Bakugou: “What the fuck are you thinking? How are we supposed to raise a kid?”
  • He takes the baby from Kaminari to take her somewhere else ((where, exactly? An orphanage? A hospital? Anywhere but here, really.)) and she smiles at him. Just looks right up at him and smiles and wraps her tiny fingers around one of his own and he’s gone. He’s lost. Shot straight through the heart dead goodbye he’s a ghost and no one will ever be able to have this baby besides him ever.
  • Kaminari pipes up from behind him: “She was in the garbage, right? Let’s call her Gomi 8)))”
  • Bakugou, without even looking up from the tiny angel in his arms: “You aren’t naming my fucking daughter garbage.”
  • your daughter?”
    “Well no one else is going to take care of her!”

Putting this under a read more because there is SO MUCH.

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Pulpit Hero.

I get a little nervous when a preacher only preaches his hero-stories, when he seems to be his own marketing guy saying, “This is what Jesus does, and if you do what I’m doing, you’ll make it.”

But I always lean in when the pastor tells me about his failures. When he’s really for real. That time he blew up on someone in traffic. When he lost it with his family. When he quietly refused to help a homeless guy. His sudden shopping spree. Those seasons when he stopped praying and reading the Bible because he was so jaded and burnt out. His frustrations with the church culture, not in a sneering way that points out any one person, but really grieving over our collective lack of passion. The times when he doubted himself, when he doubted God.

It doesn’t mean we imitate all of the above, and pastors are held to a high bar for a reason: but I don’t want the act. I’d love it for a pastor to rip the mic and tell us how much he’s hurting right now and how much he still trusts Jesus to get him through all this and even tell us he’s barely holding on by a thread of his beat-up faith. Hero-stories are okay, but I want to know we’re in this uphill fight together.

Then the pastor isn’t some guy “up there” as if we’re “down here,” and it makes us a little more human too, and this points to our need for Jesus and for grace. The pulpit becomes a haven instead of a tower, a manger instead of a throne. I want to meet there inside our mess-ups, where Jesus is, the real hero of this story. With Him, we’ll make it down here.
— J.S.

Let’s talk about a child AU. [part 2]

Part 2 of me and Mar’s baby AU that we’re dying over.

This child has taken over our lives and there’s really nothing we can do to stop it.

(A Bakugou/Kirishima/Kaminari AU in which they find a baby.)  

[find part 1 here]

  • Gogo is a brilliant baby.
  • Brilliant.
  • She begins walking early. Really early. Cue Gogo at 15/16 months just zipping around the house and the guys just chasing after her at all times.
    She’s laughing hysterically, they’re all terrified that she’s going to trip and faceplant.
  • ((She never does))
  • She likes to hide, too, so that doesn’t help anything. They’ll find her under the sink, in the laundry hamper, in the closet under a pie of clothes. Once they found her in the dryer and Bakugou nearly had a heart attack.
  • Bakugou is insanely proud of his genius daughter and shows her off to literally anyone who will listen. ((Denki and Eijirou are definitely just as proud, but they don’t have nearly as many pictures as Bakugou, who had to get a new phone with bigger gigs to hold all of the pictures that he has of Gogo))
  • She asks so many questions. About everything.
  • Shapes, colors, textures, animals, names… She wants to know everything about everything and when the guys have no idea what the answer is, they completely make up an answer just to satisfy her questions.
  • She’s absolutely spoiled honestly.
  • Denki comes home from hero-ing with giant teddybears or candy or toys, and they hardly have enough room
  • Whenever Uncle Deku comes to visit he always brings her candy
  • Bakugou hates it bc he doesn’t want her eating that stuff. It’s not healthy.
  • Denki and Eijirou help him sneak it in tho
  • Once she starts talking, she gives them all separate names.
  • Kirishima is “Dada” and “Daddy”
  • Kaminari is “Papa”
  • …. Bakugou is “Mama”.
    He doesn’t mind at all.

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omigodimonfire  asked:

Yo, homie. Please elaborate on your rumpelstiltslock idea. I can't quite wrap my head around it, but I'm getting curiouser and curiouser.


  1. Baby Watson gots to go somewhere. We’re working under the assumption that Mary Watson is a romantic obstacle and Baby Watson is a pawn. Baby Watson could be completely fake too, but I just think that’s too easy of a way out for the writers to take. You make a baby, you deal with the baby fallout. So something happens to Baby Watson next season, something that is a little more compelling than Uncle Sherlock the babysitter because that’s called plot. Emotional turmoil, pressure points, the constant danger that is being in the acquaintance of Sherlock Holmes? Kidnapping is the obvious choice, but we all watch the show - they’ve got to make it ‘clever’…
  2. True Name Power. They’ve already built this up so much, it’s crazy. Sherlock and John both know each other’s full names. I will happily take all the symbolism I want from that on its own, but it’s a huge trope in fairy tales as well. You need a person’s true name to curse them, every good witch knows that. Names are power. Who points out that we “don’t even know her real name,” even though it was conveniently provided to the protagonists on a flash drive that may or may not have been read by one or both of our heroes? That’s the one…
  3. Fairy Tale Villain. Moriarty already told us what part he means to play: “every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain.” Sherlock is (or is not) the hero, John is the damsel in distress, CAM is the slain dragon, Mycroft is the Queen, etc. etc. We’ve done Hansel and Gretel already. Fairy tales are Moriarty’s jam, and they laid them on thick in s2, but even continued with the themes through s3 as well. What could be more appropriate for Moriarty’s return thannn…


Imagine: Moriarty spirits freshly minted Baby Watson and Mary Watson away, with or without cooperation from bad, bad Mary herself. Did she owe Moriarty for fixing up her Mary Morstan identity? Is Moriarty just being his usual, crazy old self? Is this a powerplay by Mary? Who knows. John and Sherlock panic until they receive Moriarty’s demands: I keep your baby unless you can guess Mary Watson’s real name. 

Then it alllllll comes out - who didn’t trust Mary and peeked the drive? Sherlock? Both of them? Or is it even John’s baby? Does Mary spill the beans and sacrifice herself for John, or has Sherlock figured it out already that the baby isn’t his? Is Mary Moran? (hint: yes) There’s so many directions they could take a showdown like this!!

Moffat Appreciation Week: Favorite Theme

There is no such thing as “The Doctor.”

Throughout nuWho, we have seen many frame the Doctor as a character. Nine was the legend who ended the Time War. Ten was the god whose story Martha Jones spread across Earth. 

Moffat Who emphasizes the idea of the Doctor being a character within his own universe on an even grander scale. Eleven was Amelia Pond’s imaginary friend. He strived to be the man he thought himself as–just a madman in a box–but through his adventures conquests, his name came to mean the very opposite. He became a grand myth, the man whose name could make whole armies turn and run. The man who killed his own race. The man whose image inspired the creation of monsters, all in fear of him. He explains to Clara that the name he gave himself was one he chose as a promise–never to be cruel or cowardly–that the atrocities of the Time War were not carried out in the name of the Doctor. 

But here’s the thing. We have seen the Doctor carry out many questionable deeds, during which he never relinquished the title. In fact, some Doctors had a habit of throwing the name around in threats, reminding enemies of what the Doctor has done. This character is always incredibly multi-dimensional, and next to impossible to fully wrap one’s head around. But with these three Doctors, there was never a true sense of what the Doctor really thought of “the Doctor.” The foundation was laid and toyed with here and there, but I personally never felt the strong distinction between the Doctor as a persona, and the Time Lord behind the name. Until Twelve. 

I’m not a hero.

Well neither am I. But if we both keep pretending to be–ha ha–perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories. And may those stories never end…And remember, Doctor. I’m just as real as you are.

Very early in the Twelfth Doctor’s era, we’re introduced Robin Hood, a man who has a reputation to uphold. He’s not who everyone thinks he is–not as happy or sure of himself–but he explains to the Doctor that it doesn’t matter. What he’s known for–inspiring hope, laughing, helping those in need–that is all that matters. Because maybe the ideal of Robin Hood doesn’t really exist, but that doesn’t mean he and others can aspire to achieve that goodness. At this point, Twelve doesn’t really know who he is, or what kind of man he is. But he’s left with the message that stories can make us fly–that if we tell the right story about the best version of ourselves, our names can be something to admire.

By the end of the series, after hearing various opinions of who he is, Twelve is set free. He’s no longer held down by titles, no longer trying to adhere to a standard. His remembrance of all of his experiences combined show him that no, he’s not a good man, but he’s not a bad man, either. This time, he really is just an old Time Lord in a box. An idiot, passing through, learning. This is the most significant point in Twelve’s character development, because for the first time in literally more than 1,000 years, he is able to be himself. Not the Doctor. The Doctor is a title, not a person. He is, just as Peter Capaldi promised us when he first took on the role, 100 percent Rebel Time Lord. Someone who stole a time machine and ran away, with no aspirations to save the universe or end wars. This theme becomes even more prevalent in Series 9. 

There is no such thing as ‘The Doctor.’ I’m just a bloke in a box. Telling stories. And I didn’t come here because I’m ashamed, a bit of shame never hurt anyone. I came, because you’re sick and you asked. And because sometimes, on a good day, if I try very hard, I’m not some old Time Lord that ran away. I’m The Doctor.

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So I woke up at 5 Am in the morning. Thinking how much I love Alec.
Alec is without a doubt the most complex and layered character of the show/bookseries, and also dealing with actual problems that we, as humans or mundanes, also go through.
When we first meet Alec he is the serious one, the one that follows the law, the one that distrust new people, the one that carries all the responsibility.
He isn’t carefree like Isabelle and Jace. Not because he wasn’t born that way, but because he wasn’t raised that way. Look up characteristics of the eldest child and you can find almost all of them in Alec. If Alec ever was a dreamer, his parents would have ‘beaten’ it out of him. That is not his job. His job is not to follow his heart, but to follow logic thinking and rationalize. It’s not to take risks and hope it turns out okay, it’s to analyse the situation and then decide on the best action to take.
Everything we see of Alec in the first book is not necessarily who is, but who he was raised to be. And as someone who spend 7 years in Therapy I have learned those are two very different things.
Throughout the course of the bookseries Alec is allowed to let go of his parents ideas and demands of him and he learns and finds out who he is and wants to be. Alec gets to dream again, chase them even if they have consequences. Which for eldest children there usually are. Disapproval of Parents is mostly aimed at the eldest child who should have ‘known better’.

This is what I love about him, Not because he reminds me of myself, as I am trying to figure out who I want to be and where that difference from who my parents want to me to be. I love Alec because Alec is brave enough to become who he wants to be. Alec is courage, he is caring, loving and someone in real life I would have the uttermost respect for.
Alec faces more consequence than any other character in the book for the things he does or goes through.  
Alec is a Hero our world needs, he doesn’t have the save the world with a sword fight. He is a Hero because he stood up and said “This is who I am, This is what I am and what you think of it doesn’t matter. I am who I am.”  He is fighting a battle we all fight at some point in our lives, with ourselves and our loved ones.
And for that I love this character so, so, so much. And he deserves all the love and respect in the world. Because every person out there, knows when you make this statement, there might be something you lose, but hopefully so much more to gain, going against what is expected of you is never easy.

Alec is my Hero, Alec is the Brave one, Alec is the one who stole my heart and will have it for the rest of my life. Because a piece of Alec is inside all of us as everyone of us goes through life trying to figure out how to become happy and what that happiness means and how much you might have to sacrifice to get.   

Phil Coulson

I need to tell you why Coulson doing what he did is important to me.

Spoilers under the cut..

Phil Coulson is a civilian like all of us, a Capt. America fanboy. Dreamt of doing something for the world. To protect the people. He wasn’t a superhero, he didnt have any ‘powers’. All he had was an inspiration in the form of Captain America, a pure heart and the will to do something big.

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anonymous asked:

Hi :) Do you ever wonder if Anakin Skywalker's past as a slave made him somewhat intolerant of the very strict Jedi way? That their admonishment to abstain from personal connections was just not in agreement with him, who's a literal living offspring of the Force? That maybe the healing and maturity that comes with loving others (and being loved in return) would've been a better fate for both Anakin and the galaxy?

Oh man, anon. You don’t know what you’ve done. I have such complicated feelings on the character of Anakin Skywalker, and you’ve asked me to share them. THIS IS ON YOU. 

Okay. So. Anakin Skywalker. The character above all others who I have such a love/hate relationship with.

Here’s the thing about discussing Anakin Skywalker, at least for me. Because to me, Anakin is three characters: the character he could have been, the character he should have been, and the character he was.

I could have been most emotionally invested in the ‘could’ve been’ version of him. Written fanfic, shipped him, etc. I would have been most interested in the ‘should’ve been’ version of him. Analyzed him, made headcanons, been content as a fan with the way his story went. But ultimately, I’m just annoyed and disappointed and have very little patience for the ‘character he was’ version of him.

So in direct answer to your question: Yes, absolutely Anakin Skywalker’s past made him not only intolerable of, but innately incompatible with the Jedi ways. Trying to force him to disavow personal connections was like developing a blueprint for ‘how can we best make this end badly.’ But the thing is….that was kinda the whole point? Absolutely you can write AUs and headcanons where this is recognized and addressed early on, and Anakin and the galaxy both end up with much better fates because of it. But the story that results from that is not Star Wars. Take his character in the prequels and transplant him to another universe, start from scratch with all the same ingredients and write his hero’s journey with no predetermined end in sight? I would’ve been all over that character. His backstory, his struggles, his character conflicts all culminating in him making a choice, picking light over dark or dark over light…..sign me up, that is one of my favorite characters right there.

But that story is not Star Wars. That was never ever going to happen, because Anakin’s choice was picked before his character was even fully formed. Anakin HAS to fall to the Dark Side. His fall is what shapes the entire original trilogy and the characters of Luke, Leia and Han. You just can not have a heroic Anakin AND Star Wars, the story. They can not coexist. He was always meant to be a tragic character, a happy ending was never ever in the cards.

Which is why we’re left with ‘the Anakin that should’ve been’ and ‘the Anakin that was.’

Once you accept that Anakin’s fall is not only inevitable, but necessary in order for the Star Wars story we know and love to exist, it simply becomes a question of how well that fall was executed. And umm…it wasn’t? Executed well at all? Hence my enormous discontent with his character.

Because all those things outlined in your ask, his early years, his unwillingness (or inability) to adhere to the strict Jedi code….the foundation for his fall was written into all of that. Those things SHOULD have been the source of his character conflict. Because the Jedi order wasn’t perfect. They did fuck up with him. Thematically, they helped set in motion their own decline and eventual demise. That these beings of supposedly infinite patience and compassion lacked the basic empathy to understand that by making an exception to their own rules in admitting him to the order, they thereby could not expect him to behave just as any of the other padawans who’d been raised in the safety and comfort of the temple since early childhood would….all the groundwork was laid for Anakin to have legitimate beef with them. They were always going to clash.

But instead, the prequels chose to emphasize all the (in my opinion) wrong aspects of Anakin’s character. Instead of focusing on the moments where he was justified in disagreeing with core Jedi tenets, such as with his concerns about his mother, Lucas chose to focus on him obsessing over Padme and reacting like a whiny little brat in answer to multiple people (including her) saying he couldn’t have a relationship with her.

And that ultimately is my problem with the prequels in general. Not the CGI, not Jar Jar Binks, but just the fact that the prequels were not stories in their own rights. They were maps. Just ‘and this happened and then this happened and then this happened and that’s how we ended up at Episode 4′. There was no real attempt made to explore the actual stories of the prequel trilogy characters, they had no real character arcs. They were just hamfistedly maneuvered into the positions they needed to be in to match up with the start of the original trilogy. As such, pretty much all of the characters behaved erratically, character and plot developments that should have spanned all three movies were crammed into twenty minute increments…just…no. It was a mess.

The real tragedy of Anakin’s character is not that the entire Skywalker clan is meant to be a Greek tragedy….that’s literally the point of them. No, the real tragedy of his character is that his fall could have been this epic, powerful thing, and instead it turned into this ‘omg shut up you whiny little manchild’ temper tantrum. Anakin was a confused kid with a messed up childhood and impossible expectations heaped on him, with no support system whatsoever given that all his peers and teachers considered him flawed for seeking attachments at all, and to top it all off he literally had an evil mastermind genius whispering in his ear and turning him against everyone by using the areas they’d let Anakin down serve as proof that they were untrustworthy and even lying to him. You just can’t tell me you can’t take all that and craft a narrative in which Anakin turning to the Dark Side was not necessarily sympathetic, but at least UNDERSTANDABLE. The fact that these galactic peacekeepers took him away from his mother as a kid and yet somehow lacked the means (or interest) to ever free her from slavery at any point afterwards, and essentially just told him he needed to forget about her and not worry about what was happening to her….that alone is all you needed as a catalyst for Anakin to at some point say oh hey, you guys are full of shit. Fuck off with your infinite empathy. 

BUT. (Oh yes, there’s more).

With all that said, we move into the final portion of my discontent with Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

And that is that our culture is so fucking obsessed with tragic characters and antiheroes and flawed protagonists, and yet lacks any real sense of awareness as to WHERE TO DRAW THE FUCKING LINE. And by that I mean, sure, have your anti-heroes and let your heroes make mistakes, but you have to realize that there is a point at which characters go too far and they simply CAN NOT be redeemed.

And that’s the final problem with Anakin/Vader. They went too far. If the ultimate aim with his character was always to ‘redeem’ him by having him kill the Emperor and thereby turn back to the Light, even if it was with his dying breath….then sorry, there were certain things he did that just shouldn’t have been done. 

You simply, categorically, CAN NOT have a character do awful, truly horrific things in the name of ‘SEE HOW EVIL HE IS, SEE, LOOK’, and then expect people to give a shit when he does one thing right, as though that actually balances the scales.

The second you show a character preparing to massacre a bunch of innocent children? Fuck that guy, he gets no redemption. When he force chokes his wife, unknowingly tortures his own daughter, pulls the trigger on blowing up a whole planet of people? LOL SORRY ABOUT YOUR TRAGIC BACKSTORY DUDE BUT MY LAST FUCK WAS ON ALDERAAN, TOO BAD YOU BLEW IT UP.

And that’s why I have such complicated thoughts on Anakin Skywalker. I love the Star Wars universe and story, but Anakin’s character was fucked from day one, narratively as well as morally. Given the nature of what Lucas was trying to do with him, I’m not actually sure there was ever a way to truly pull off the balancing act of ‘terrifying villain in service to an actual Third Reich pastiche’ meets ‘father redeemed by his love for his son in spite of a couple decades dedicated to Being Pure Evil’. BUT, he could at least have done a hell of a lot better job with Anakin than what we actually got, and thus I remain eternally disappointed in his character, like seriously, shut up you whiny little manchild.

Mighty need: firefighter Thor

I’m working on my fic for IRB and if you know me and my love for tropes you know exactly why I chose the art I’m writing for.

And now I have a mighty need for firefighter Thor who is a total daddy, crashing through doors and windows to rescue kittens (in his pockets), elderly ladies (like a real gentleman) and, his fave, hot guys (mouth-to-mouth included). 

And maybe he needs a little cash on the side because, let’s be honest, being a hero doesn’t pay that well and getting paid for dropping trou for a ‘Heros of Our City’ calendar seems like a good idea. Especially when he meets Loki the photographer, who’s hot as hell and also an arrogant prick and a little accident-prone. Nothing Daddy can’t handle. 

Answers to OUAT that I better fucking get before the show is over

1. Why did A&E obviously set up swanfire in S2 and then completely change everything to fit a CS endgame in S3?

2. If CS was “planned all along” then why did they set Hook up as “villain worse than Regina or Rumplestilstkin”? To follow that up, why did they have Hook beat innocent women and threaten innocent lives and sexually harass our heroine? Is this really how a romantic hero should be set up?

3. Why did they have Neal’s entire arc about second chances, and then not give him one? To follow that up, why did they have rumple tell him he would find happiness if he obviously wasn’t?

4. Why did they have Emma admit her love and need for Neal, and then in S3 she didn’t give two shits about him? Such as flirting it up with Hook, and concerned about his safety but not the father of her child’s, the one she “loves”?

5. Why is Hook continuously shown as a cheating fraud, in contrast to Neal staying good and selfless, yet Neal is rotting in a coffin and Hook is living it up with the dream girl? Shouldn’t it be reversed?

6. Why is Neal set up as an important character, and then barely shown in S3? To follow that up, why is an irrelevant character like Hook given way more screen time than needed in S3?

7. Why did they, including MRJ, tell fans to “have hope for Swanfire” when they “planned” Neal’s death a long time ago? Pretty dick move by both if that’s true.

8. Why is Emma portrayed as a woman who wouldn’t take crap from any man in S1&2, yet in S3 she is passive to Hooks disgusting remarks to her, and even flirty and giggly towards some of them, such as the corset comment in the finale?. The Emma I know would have snapped at him for that.

9. How come even Neal’s own father, who spent centuries trying to find him, accepted his death and didn’t even bother to save him?

10. Why would Emma lust for Hook, knowing all the shit he put her, Henry, and other innocent people through?

11. Why is Bluecricket not canon yet?

12. Why is CS being pampered, despite the fact that compared to the fandom as a whole, it’s incredibly small?

13. If they were going to kill Neal off and make CS endgame, why tease Swanfire? Why make it seem like Neal was important? They still could have given Neal a happy ending, he could have had his papa and Henry, and later down the line another special someone? And if like most believe, and Neal’s death was sloppily planned to end the LT, why couldn’t they just have swanfire “break up” and move on? Emma and Neal didn’t been get to work through their baggage. Neal still could have had a happy ending, there was no need to kill him.

14. And lastly, am I honestly supposed to accept that an abusive, creepy, sniveling pirate is the romantic hero for our protagonist, and he will be loved by all and have everything he ever wanted, while the REAL hero, who was brave, selfless, pure and good, gets to rot in a coffin?

If anybody can answer these feel free because I’m so lost and confused with everything that is OUAT, now excuse me while I get tested for E.coli because I have swallowed so much shit this past season.