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Follow these people because their writing is like 10/10 and better than my lazy ass who’s not gonna post anything for the next few weeks because of finals and a vacation

@kpopmademyday -highkey I check this blog every single day because their writing is that good. They upload daily too so that’s a plus
@chipsandwaffles -creative af and like their nct stuff is 10/10. They’re the reason DoYoung has been rekting me. Eloping with Doyoung was just too cute
@squaresreact -this is one of my favorite nct blogs because all of the admins are nice af and admin Luna’s voice is kpop worthy
@exobtsimagination -one of the first blogs I followed when I got tumblr tbh. I need to catch up on some of their scenarios but my favorite was the Mafia!Chanyeol one
@shinee-texts -for the kings of kpop only quality material must be made and this person is making them
@iskpoptrash -yo she’s the real MVP tho. Congrats on 2k followers btw.
@exoterrestrial-fantasies -another one of one of the first blogs I follow and I have no regrets
@monbebeswish -for all your Monsta X needs come to them. Reason why I don’t have a Monsta X bias anymore
@moonbinny -they have one of my favorite writing styles TBH. Infliction is my favorite series
@kpopangst -if you’re looking for a good cry here you go
@galaxyscenarios -choigiwa
@lolbtsaus -YAS SLAY! have I ever mentioned how much I love AUs and bad boy!Yoongi and the street racer AUs are going to be the death of me
@picficskpopstyle -fics are so great that I get shook over them
@real-kpop-imagines -it’s true
@sexonextdoor -nsfw but content is great
@sexinthelounge -still nsfw but great blog
@seokvie -sometimes nsfw but I love this blog anyways
@vixx17andbtsimagines -I love this one a lot because I need more VIXX blogs to follow
@imaginethesedorks -I present to you a gift from god

The Library

I wrote this story in like 30 minutes off an ask from @throw-shit-at-other-shit and it’s not good. But it’s my story so I hope you enjoy

The Library

Pairing: H2OVanoss (tbh, when is it not)

Word Count: 894

Triggers: Nothing really my dudes

–an unedited piece of shit, reminder that this is fiction and i don’t force the ships on either of the dudes-

Jonathan was popular. He dated a new girl every week, and broke another heart the next day. He made every guy jealous and he knew it. He was muscular, and had all the influence in the school. Sure, he may have bullied a few guys but who didn’t right?

But right now, he needed one of those nerds. He was failing math and his mom was not the type to take kindly to the neglect of his studies. It wasn’t that he was bad at math, he just never got it. The teacher would say something and his brain wouldn’t process it.

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Mink Week Day 2:  Demons

For every Angel, there are demons that it needs to chase away. What are the demons that hide inside Mink’s mind and heart during those dark and stormy moments? What memories, thoughts or actions haunt him?

Sometimes, he still can feel it on his palm. The sensation of Aoba’s neck around his fingers, his choked voice ringing in his ears. It keep haunts him, Mink can’t help but hesitant to touch Aoba sometimes.

He keep asks himself, do I really deserve him?