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Hi!! I'm​ loving your writing you are one of the best jimon writers on tumblr!! so i was thinking if you would please do 39 with jimon and the moment jace realises that he finds simon attractive i need that *shit he is hot* moment...

Hi, Nonny! Sorry I took so long to reply. Tbh, I’ve been staring at this ask every other day and wondering if I was gonna do it or not… Truth is, like I said in a previous ask a couple of weeks ago, I’m not really in the SH fandom anymore and will most likely not be writing for Jimon any time soon.

THAT SAID, THOUGH. I do think I should a write a last one? And you asked so nice I kinda feel like an asshole for not doing it.

Btw, I assume you were talking about this prompt?

Alec was so busy checking his phone, he nearly tripped over Jace. Luckily he was able to gracefully halt to stop and avoid a disaster. His brother, he noticed with some concern, didn’t seem bothered. In fact, it looked as though Jace hadn’t even noticed him, his eyes fixed on the other side of the room.

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Roommate joked that this should break in Kouvember, where I draw and finish a Kou pic every week in November. TBH tho, who, if not me would do this?? More like sketch Kou every DAY.

I just wanted an excuse to draw Kou and a lotus, in Indian style wear because he’s my true Prince Charming. And since I have no one to appreciate him with anymore, I’ll just draw him MORE.

Colors are going to be deep purple and gold. I just need to get a gold gel pen.

I’m just here to say that I love you and your writing (again, teehee~)
Every time I read one of your long ass stories (bless your long ass stories, tbh) I need a few days to just BASK in them, appreciate them, cry about them and just go a reread them. I spend about a week just living in the after glow of your writing, love. This time I read Jumin’s To promise. It was suburb ( aren’t they all tho?). I was playing Jumin’s route again while reading it and it made the experience for both SO MUCH BETTER AHHHHHH. I’m here for this amazing author and I’ll fight anyone that even thinks to speak badly about you or your skills. In short, ily :3

Awwww @missmunchkinz you are the best! Thank you my darling! 
The mere idea of anyone sitting there and taking time to think of my work and re-reading them just amazes me beyond belief- it is insane in the best kind of way. Thank you! Thank you! 

If my writing helped to make your MM experience even richer, I am so thankful. I am very very happy! If it could give the MC and Jumin more depth in their relationship than I am ecstatic! Thank you darling for helping to brighten up my day! 

Come over here and love me, you sweet, kind munchkin you!!!

The Library

I wrote this story in like 30 minutes off an ask from @throw-shit-at-other-shit and it’s not good. But it’s my story so I hope you enjoy

The Library

Pairing: H2OVanoss (tbh, when is it not)

Word Count: 894

Triggers: Nothing really my dudes

–an unedited piece of shit, reminder that this is fiction and i don’t force the ships on either of the dudes-

Jonathan was popular. He dated a new girl every week, and broke another heart the next day. He made every guy jealous and he knew it. He was muscular, and had all the influence in the school. Sure, he may have bullied a few guys but who didn’t right?

But right now, he needed one of those nerds. He was failing math and his mom was not the type to take kindly to the neglect of his studies. It wasn’t that he was bad at math, he just never got it. The teacher would say something and his brain wouldn’t process it.

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How do you keep your grades up if you dont study on Saturday? RU not allowed to work at a job then either?

I study during the week and Sunday. That’s all there is to it. Sabbath is my day of rest. Religion is a lifestyle, so I choose to rest and unwind from the stresses of life one day out of the week. If I didnt do that, my grades wouldn’t be as good because I would literally not give myself a break from school. I burn myself out every semester and get very sick either during exam week or after its over. I need that day for my sanity.

And yeah, I can’t work during the Sabbath (if i had a job). Tbh, I do break it once in a while to get things done, if i can’t help it. Some people break it because they need to work to live. They’re are people who have gotten demoted or laid off, and had to find other jobs bc their boss decided to change their mind about them taking Sabbath off. Things happen and keeping Sabbath isn’t always easy..but we still have to try.

That’s why most SDAs choose careers where they’re saving lives or something along those lines. Things that directly help others. I can volunteer on Sabbath though. 

Klance Uber!AU

Okay so it’s late and I have Some Emotions about this AU I came up with:

- Lance is a law student and works part time as an Uber driver
- Keith is an art student
- They are both 21 in this AU
- The law school campus is near the art school campus

- Talks with most of his passengers and has regulars that he absolutely loves to talk to
- Has a 5 star average
- He is very proud of it
- Lives in a nice apartment next to campus with his roommate Hunk
- Despite looking like a playboy he is actually an extraordinary student
- And a playboy
- He can be both
- Burns the candle at both ends I mean if he isn’t working he’s studying someone give this boy a blanket and some snacks

- He is 22 and was going to become a lawyer with Lance but found his dream career working with technology and mechanics
- Used to date a girl named Shay who was a glassblower and sculptor
- Him and Lance were best friends as kids
- Like they go way back, I’m talking 3rd grade Lance’s mom started hanging out with Hunk’s moms and they used to have sleepovers and pool parties like it was lit
- Regularly attends underground art galleries because they inspire him

- Young artist, about 19 or 20
- Not the kind of artist that makes portraits of beautiful people
- I mean they do that in their spare time
- But for the most part they do robotics/found piece sculptures
- GED, genius parents, a thirst for learning like nobody’s business like this kid is freaking smart
- Don’t call them a kid unless you want a 20 pound piece of metal thrown at you
- Kind of famous in the underground art scene, not exactly famous but you know them or someone else you know has heard of them
- Keith’s roommate

- Pidge’s best friend and inspiration on a few occasions
- Gets them some scrap sometimes for their projects
- Total emo art nerd, but if you don’t love Steven Universe you’re dead to him
- Dresses like how you would expect an edgy art student to dress (read as: eclectic MCR fan mixed with various cartoon merchandise)
- Always fiddling with something or biting his nails
- “You can look at my sketchbook but first you need to claw it out of my cOLD DEAD HANDS”

-One day Keith is talked into going to a singles bar called The Garrison with Pidge after an art show of theirs for drinks because they are real chill there and serve non-alcoholic beverages and respect pronouns, just a nice place tbh
-Keith gets separated from Pidge but he has the address so he just calls an Uber
-Guess who is driving the Uber
-It’s Lance
-Somehow Keith starts going to The Garrison every week I guess because he needs to get out of the damn house and Lance is almost always his driver and Keith gets sauced one night and it’s an absolute mess
-He flirts with Lance
-He gives him his number
-Lance calls the next morning and Keith is too embarrassed to do anything so he just doesn’t call back and he walks to The Garrison
-One day Lance is hanging out at The Garrison because he wanted to check out the place and also the hot edgy art guy kept coming here so why don’t I just be a total stalker
-Keith comes in and they make eye contact
-Keith decides to talk to him and apologize but guess what Lance just wants to get coffee sometime
-this was rly gay

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Have you tried any medications to deal with your acne? I went on the pill for a while and it helped but had bad side effects for my body. Just wondering whether you've tried anything? I believe your acne is similar to mine, it's something to do with hormones rather than whether or not you wash your face. Does your face get painful sometimes too? Mine gets so bad I have to put ice on it sometimes.

Here is the acne skin story of my life:

Well hello loyal followers, as many of you know I have a bit of an acne problemmm which is always a great point of weakness for those lovely little ones who dislike me aim at to get me down, quick disclaimer it doesn’t work, I’ve heard every name in the book please just sit down and be quite thank you. I have cystic acne diagnosed by a dermatologist, it is due to my hormones, I get cysts and nodules under the skin and then white heads and black heads which seem to be everywhere like fucking pepper on my face. I digress, anyway I was on antibiotics for what two or three years, I have been on 6 different antibiotics, predominantly lymecyclines or tetracyclines, I became intolerant to them all, thank you for that my intelligent acne causing bacteria in my skin. I was then put on birth control, first Yasmin it helped a lot into how it was except it altered my moods and did not put me in a good place so bye bye Yasmin, I have been on Marvellon since, it had taken 5 months for it to show signs of improvement but has increased my scarring and increase Melasma woohoo however it did do the job of stabilizing hormones and has finally got rid of my acne for the most part. However now I have to say goodbye to birth control full stop as I’ve been diagnosed with May Thurner Syndrome which basically means I’m now prone to DVT’s (blood clots) which aren’t good so alas I’m off that, I’m hoping and praying my acne does not play up again because it gives me horrible migraines too. NOT FUN. Diet can affect your acne. IT DOES NOT AFFECT MINE. But try cutting out, lactose or gluten or strawberries, salts, fats, anything can cause it so it’s a lot of trial and error.

Skin care products I recommend:

Colbert MD cleanser: It contains:

Ginkgo Biloba Purifies skin while providing anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial benefits, Lactic Acid Provides gentle daily exfoliation, Allantoin Acts as an anti-irritant and protector while enabling healthy cell growth, Bisabolol Soothes, conditions and balances complexion.

It works, I use it day and night, it is expensive but I’d much rather pay for skin care than makeup as that my friend is what you’re stuck with for life. It lasts months.

I also use HealGel (this is the brand) Intensive, it promotes more healthy cell growth without the pigmentation that acne scars have, it also repairs scars that are under two years age and reduces their appearance. Again I’d recommend, also expensive but worth the money.

I would not recommend lush. I used their products for about 6 months and it helped initially but then the constant use made me get more nodules and pain and acne it was not worth it. Another product I’ve heard to be good is Murad, I would definitely say try that, it contains salicylic acid an active ingredient that does help with acne. I would also recommend their acne face wipes - total god send to use throughout th day to remove oil

None skincare/ drug related help:

Change towels that touch your face every other day, don’t wear makeup for at least two days in a row in a week, I tend to not wear makeup for five days when I’m at school as tbh I don’t really care anymore what those people think, there are people I am more worried about loosing from my life than those who judge me for my acne, TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP AS SOON AS YOU NO LONGER NEED TO WEAR IT, sleep on one side of your pillow for two nights, then two nights on the other side then change/wash the pillow case, sleep with your hair tied up, try not touch your face much and my number one weakness don’t pick as tempting as it is.

I hope this essay does help!!!

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What theory do you have about the new album? - , ÷ or both?

First I thought it was going to be “Divide”

But then, when he posted that gif on his website, I thought it might be a two-cd thing.. They could be called “Minus & Divide” or “
hyphen & Colon”.
And then it could be a normal album with an acoustic version with it (the acoustic version would be called Minus then, because Ed said that his idea for Minus would be a stripped back album, without any productions on it)

It’s driving me crazy tbh, but I love it. Everyone is talking about it on twitter, and that’s what he needs. He’s creating a buzz around this. This is good promo.

I also think that we will get more info this week, maybe an anouncement every day? He was wearing a mic in his first video, so there will be more info.
He might anounce the name of his album one day, and then explain it the next day. (Which keeps people talking, so again, more promo)