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OK SO I NEED TO GET THIS OUT The beginning of the stream where Anti said "... but I've been here this entire time!" Got me thinking... Were we right? Has it been Anti this whole time? Has Jack really been gone since Halloween while Anti was in his place??

I don’t want to say that we were right but…we were right lmao

It’s been Anti ever since October. He learned to pretend to the point where even the most dedicated of fans had no idea something was wrong.

And he finally decided to come out of the woodwork to tell us that

Finally, finally got Steven Yeun as Glenn’s portrait done.  It’s been since October, ugh!  D:  It wasn’t for lack of trying on my part, I assure you.  Some of these portraits have been harder to get a satisfactory likeness, and his was one of them.  There are lots of awful Glenn sketches in my recycling bin.
I don’t think I need to say what a complete and utter tragedy it was losing Glenn, and I hate that it’s time to add him to this series.

Pencil, Copic marker, Copic multiliner, Prismacolor Pencil and white gel pen on paper.  
Master post of these portraits HERE.

Last Minute Sabbats: Samhain

Hello everyone! I began this little series with Litha back in June, so it’s now time to continue my last minute sabbats series! As always, before we get started, I just want to note that not all Pagans celebrate the Sabbats, and not all witches celebrate the Sabbats either. I by no means am telling anyone that they need to celebrate the sabbats to have a full or valid practice. If you do celebrate the sabbats, however, here is some information about Samhain, including a prayer that I wrote in honor of the Sabbat:


When: October 31st

Other names: Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas

What: Samhain marks the last harvest and, for some observers, a spiritual “new year.” It is often seen as a time to honor the dead and/or the cycle of death and rebirth.

Colors: Black, red, orange, brown, purple, grey

God/desses: Hekate, The Morrighan, Persephone, Hades, Osiris, Freyja, Anubis, any death/underworld gods or “crone” goddesses

Herbs/plants: Apples, pumpkins, vegetables & fruits of the season, heather, mandrake, thistle, pomegranate, grain, allspice, wormwood, sage, clove, cinnamon

Gems/crystals/stones: Obsidian, onyx, jet, garnet, amethyst, bloodstone, smoky quartz, ruby, hematite

Ideas for celebration: Divination, spiritwork, dumb suppers, graveyard visits (be respectful!!!!), Halloween-y activities (pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating etc.), honoring ancestors or deceased relatives, honoring animals, meditation

A Samhain Prayer:

To the guardians of death, I pray– Hades, Persephone, Anubis, Freyja, and all others– please bring peace to those who have passed. On this night, ease their sufferings and allow them safe passage, that they may finally be at peace. To our ancestors and deceased loved ones, be kind and allow them gentle rest from earthly life. And finally, bring honor to the animals who have died that I may eat, for I look to their strength with respect and honor. I ask that you hold these departed souls in your caring arms and guide them to safety and rest. Thank you for your kindness, and, when my time comes, I shall go willingly to your arms and sleep in your eternal strength.

I hope you have a happy Samhain and that you found this post helpful! Look out for more last minute sabbat posts in the future :) If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask! To see the previous last minute sabbat post on Mabon, click here.


I needed a change of pace from OC October, and to take a breather in general… So here’s a little bit of fanart for SugarScript’s game, Cute Demon Crashers.

It’s a visual novel about a succubus and a few incubi who crash your house (hence the title) and stay for a few days. You can choose to have fun with any of them, none of them or all of them. Whatever you choose, the interactions are always positive. You can even opt out at almost any point of your intimate times if you’re uncomfortable. The whole point of the game is to promote safety, honesty, consent and comfort between partners. They also challenge stereotypes that people might have about certain aspects of sex.

The characters are all sweet and well thought out, on top of various other aspects of the game. The art is nice, the voices are excellent and they even included a dyslexic font.

If you have the time I’d definitely recommend giving it a play. Even if you’re not into porn games, it’s still fun and sweet and I’d totally recommend it. They took something that could have turned into just another fetish fuel game and turned it into a gem.

2016 Carat Holiday Card Exchange Project

Christmas is just around the corner again! Are you ready for the second year of the Carat Holiday Card Exchange Project? (Yes, I have changed the title because we got our fan name)! Again, the purpose of this project is to meet and get closer to another who love Seventeen too. This is also a way to make another carat happy♡ // Last year’s project was a success so I hope this year will be too!

This project is very simple! Here are the steps:

  • You will apply by filling out a form with your basic information
  • You will get randomly matched with another person
  • You will make or buy a holiday card to exchange with your partner
  • You will lastly send your card away!


  • October 1: Applications open!
  • November 12 (12AM CST): Application deadline!
  • November 12~13: Partner info sent to you!
  • November 14 - December 9: Make card!
  • December 10 (your time): Deadline to send your card!

Other information you need to know:

  • Anyone who loves Seventeen can join!
  • You can buy a pre-made card at the store or make your own card. Please be kind and make sure it is appropriate!
  • Sending a card won’t cost a lot but you can give small gifts (such as stickers, drawings, etc.) to your partner if you’d like, as long as you are willing to pay for the shipping fee.  
  • You will get your partner’s information via whichever social platform you choose from the application form. You can introduce yourself to your partner once you get their information (your partner will get yours too)!
  • Your information will only be shared with me and your partner. If you are interested and are 100% sure that you can send out a card, please fill out the form below.

Application form  |  got a question?  |  answered questions 

[ REMINDER ] the application deadline is NOVEMBER 12 @ 12AM CST .

I hope you all will have a great time joining this project! If would be great if you can help spread the word too! Thank you! ❤❤❤ 

— Paney 


Witchsona commissions for October! Full examples can be found here.

I’ll need 2-3 themes to base your design around (ex: potion/mushroom witch, or violin/lolita/chocolate witch), as well as a photo of yourself or an OC. Add $10 for a familiar

Please email me at missusruin@gmail.com.

Include your:

  • Username (so I can link back to you if posted online)
  • PP Email

Note me with any questions, thank you!

Closed now, thanks everyone!

October 27th, 2016

Wash rocked back and forth on his heels, while both teams grumbled mutinously.

“Look, get used to the idea, because the stuff I am going to teach you could save your life, your teammates lives. So quit whining and let’s start. Okay, I am going to need a volunteer -” Wash broke off, stunned, as Grif’s hand immediately went up. “Great, thanks Grif. Can you just lay down here… thanks.” Wash paused while Grif got down on the ground and made himself comfortable. “Okay, Sarge, if you found Grif laying on the ground, unresponsive, what is the first thing you do?.”

“Shotgun to the face, just to be sure.”


“Throw a party?”

“No! How can you start to decide if he needs help?”

“Anyone who knows him knows he needs help!”

“Sarge, could you just-”

Wash was interrupted by a violent sound, like a phone book being torn apart. He looked down in surprise just as Grif ripped off another monstrous snore.

“Still sure about the shotgun?” Sarge asked hopefully as Wash buried his face in his hands.



yes I know I know the hug has been reblogged at least 900000 times since October but I need to talk about Carol’s feet again. lol.

Because can we just loooooook again at how she is barely even touching the ground after he first embraces her? 

Daryl is hugging her SO TIGHT that he’s holding her on his own. He has her weight. Enough to even take a step without her help.

He was so desperate in clinging to her that he just couldn’t get her close enough. 

And he doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything or anyone else here.

so um yeah.

Daryl is totally in love with Carol whether he realizes it yet or not. :3

Diaries of a Madman ~ The Solarii

Mathias is a truly evil man. The way he speaks of violence and killing so casually…this is madness.

“13 October 1990

Over the years, there have been other survivors, but I have avoided them. And if they get in my way…I was not merciful.

But now I know I need others. In order to move forward, I must fully control this island. So I will gather a small group of loyal followers. They must understand power and the need to organize. But more importantly, they cannot hesitate to kill or use violence. It will be part of their life here. They will need structure and purpose and work. But when this island is mine, I will discover the true secret of the storms. ”

So Mission Impossible starts filming in April, Henry’s only conflict should be Comic-Con, since Netflix seems to be dumping Sand Castle online without a major press push, JL press shouldn’t start until October. Hopefully that means he has a nice big role and he gets one good stunt. I’d like more but really it’ll be a miracle if Tom Cruise allows just the one, and stunts are how you stand out in these movies, a good stunt is equivalent to a good performance. And Henry really needs to stand out here.

Pirate! Free Charms Reprint Order form

Hello~ So I’ve decided to give the new place a try and this will be the last time I reprint these charms ; u ;; thanks so much for all of the love for the pirate free boys <33 I will be printing to order, so I won’t be printing any extras for selling later so if you want one of these charms make sure to get your orders in! *U* More info and details will be in the form itself so please fill out and read the form carefully. Thank you guys so much QuQ <33 

*NOTE: the form will be open for about a week the current deadline is October 10th. No payments are due until January of next year so don’t panic xD I need to get the files into the printer by October 10th so I’m sorry if it seems rushed ;0;;


Here’s the plan... Project J2M

I’m going to be attending Asylum 16 on May 6-8th this year. Jensen is attending, Jared has just announced he is too, and, I’m assuming (hoping), Misha will be announced at a later date.

Anyway, my point is, these three men have saved my life and kept me fighting when everything went to shit. My depression and anxiety had me on bed-rest for 3 weeks in September/October 2014, and at that point I really needed all of the lift and help I could get. A lot of that help came from these three wonderful, caring, and compassionate men.

I’m telling you this because I’m sure that a lot of you feel the same.

So I’d like to give something back.

In April, I will be coming into quite a bit of money, and this will allow me to get autograph sessions with the three of them (assuming Misha attends, if not, just the two of them). At these sessions, I have always intended to give them a letter from myself, letting them know how much they’ve helped me.

But there are 5,550+ of you here, and some of you will never get the chance that I’m so grateful for this May.

I’d like to give Jensen, Jared, and Misha a binder each, filled with artwork, letters, poetry, whatever we come up with, to show them that we love them, and let them know how much everything that they do means to us.

If you’d like to take part in this, email me your letter/work at projectj2m@outlook.com, specifying who it is for, or if you want a copy in each of the binders, and I will print it out and add it to the appropriate binder(s). It doesn’t have to be a long letter, a short message will mean just as much to them as anything else, I’m sure. Message me on here if you have any questions, and reblog this post to get the word out there!

You don’t have to be following me to take part, because I know some of this fandom isn’t into reader-insert fics. The only criteria for sending anything in is a love and appreciation for j2m.

I look forward to getting this started!

- Jamie xo

*ignore this*
*it will be deleted tomorrow morning*
*writing just makes me feel better*
*its also 2 am and I can’t sleep*
*daylight savings is gonna fuck me up tomorrow*

So here’s the dealio: my best friend sucks at doing best friend things.

She sucks at hating people I hate, she kinda sucks at being there for me, she sucks at being a wing man, she sucks at supporting my work, and she sucks at remembering things.

First off (and I know it’s been a while so I need to just get the fuck over it) but last October she took my ex roommate to lunch. My ex roommate is the #1 reasons why I nearly killed myself last year. She made my life actual hell and turned all my friends against me. When all that was going on I met A (my best friend). She heard all about how my roommate treated me. I eventually explained that it really brought back my anxiety, and depression but I didn’t tell her about my thoughts of suicide. She wasn’t even friends with my ex roommate at all and decided to get to know her 6 MONTHS AFTER ALL THIS SHIT WENT DOWN.

Second I will drop everything to be with her when she needs me. I’ve even cancelled plans to go out with people to spend time with her. I’ll go over to her house at least 3 times a week and she lives 20 minutes away from me. She has yet to visit my apartment. I’ve lived here for 8 months.

Third, there’s this guy that I’ve literally been pining after since September, because he’s the most amazing person I’ve met in my whole entire life, and she’s better friends with him than I have and has never talked me up to him. Recently he got in a relationship (don’t get me wrong I am happy for him. He’s amazing and he deserves happiness after the trials he’s been through.) Knowing full and well how much I like him, she gushes about how much they (he and his new girlfriend) are the two best people she knows and they are absolutely perfect for each other.

When I found out he got a girl friend my current roommates responses were what you would expect from friends. “She ain’t even that cute” “you’re hotter” “it won’t last.” Shit like that.

I know I’m over reacting but fuck. Why isn’t she better at being a best friend?

help me move out of an abusive home

Since i just got the approval from the management company and this is actually like HAPPENING heres the TL;DR of this post

My names Jas, I’m currently living in my (abusive) childhood home in Virginia, I’m moving to Idaho to live with my bf ( @urikhi)  in October and I need a little extra financial support to get there. So I’m taking donations rn. 

my paypal is jasminepdcgomez@gmail.com 

any donations would be greatly appreciated



I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I am still here. Once school chills out a little, since Patrick has been tweeting more (finally), this blog will resume as usual. But I want to bring this in particular up.

I have faith that most of you will read with open minds. I know we’ve discussed Brendon Urie on occasion and agreed that it’s fine to stan a problematic band member as long as you can admit when they do something wrong, and then move on.

This needs to be brought up, because it is SO important to talk about mental health. Let me give you some background information on the event that took place 12 hours ago on october 18th 2015 (as to not get reciepts, days, times mixed up). Everything written here is either screenshots or direct quotes from the FOB fan. I choose to take their word for it because it’s fucked up to assume a victim of rape, mental health trauma, or otherwise are lying. Someone (who will remain anonymous because I have not received permission to speak about them publicly) tweeted Patrick apologizing that they won’t be at the WINTOUR show next year because they’ll be dead. Instead of choosing not to interfere, Patrick dm’d them more than 35 times. Like everyone else, I know his intent was good, but he failed at helping. As the two hours conversation wore on, Patrick got angier and angrier. This person accused Patrick of lying because they are at a suicidal risk and no message from a band member can change their mind. Many people might say “if I got a message, let alone 35+, from THE Patrick Stump I would be SO happy!” But guess what? This person is suicidal. No amount of messages from band members will change their mind to commit suicide if they are really that far gone. 

The problem with this is that Patrick himself used to be suicidal, and has spoken out about how he thought he’d never live past 20. It baffles me how he can, over and over, repeatedly tell people to “CHOOSE” to be happy. That is the most neurotypical thing if I ever heard it. Just a year ago he spoke out publicly in a dozen or so tweets (angrily) to a fan about self harm, saying the same thing. ‘CHOOSING’ to be happy is something he falls back on quite often. This obviously isn’t going to fix a person’s mental state. As the conversation wore on, these quotes from Patrick happened:

THIS IS GUILT TRIPPING A MENTALLY ILL PERSON. This person couldn’t pull it out of their ass if they tried. “But it doesn’t sound like Patrick!” I don’t care. The first dm screenshotted should’ve been enough to sway you. 

This being said, the person tweeting was grateful and happy about Patrick dm’ing them. They then became anxious and paranoid about Patrick hating them. Patrick made this situation worse be acting out aggressively and manipulatively but attempting to guilt them into agreeing with him about choosing to be happy in the last two quotes. He CAN’T fix everything, even if he wants to.

There are people attacking this person for tweeting publicly and saying they would’ve kept it private if it was them. It’s not you, okay? It’s their twitter, and their choice to tweet publicly. They aren’t crying for attention, they’re trying to cope.

What Patrick did was fucked up. There’s no way around it. He repeatedly does this (specifically telling people to CHOOSE happiness) over and over, and never seems to learn. I don’t have any less respect for Patrick, but this is not an issue that can just be ignored. Surely he hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be suicidal, so why is he acting so neurotypical? We can’t ignore this. We need to somehow bring this to his attention. He was trying his best to help, but he made things worse by acting out aggressively and telling a person to CHOOSE to be happy, and that is fucked up. No one is pure and perfect, not even Patrick Stump. Please don’t let this go unheard of.

Hey kids - some of you probably guessed this a while ago, but I’m officially on hiatus. I started full-time work in July after finishing my degree (whoo!) and I’m still adjusting so I’m really tired all the time, and barely have the energy to watch TV when I get home, let alone play sims lol.

I’m not leaving forever, I have a lot of unfinished CC projects that I want to get out at least! ;) But I definitely need a bit of a break to kind of adjust to this new part of my life. I’d like to be back by October.

I’ll be on Discord if you want to talk, but I won’t be logging in here to check anything so I probably won’t see any asks or messages. I hope you’re all doing well and that you don’t miss me too much!  ♥

04 | Life in a Bookshop

It was so dark today, it’s like the sun never came up. I suppose that’s what you get when you’re in Scotland in October.

I’m getting used to the rhythm of the shop. I still wake up early and have time to myself, but then I sit at the counter and look at the books and am happy to be there, too. I love being self employed as a photographer, but I also love being here and know it’s not all up to me.

Sometimes you just need to take a fucking break.

the grainest photo in existence by celeste noche


so like, I’m not sure how many of you guys are in the AH fandom and know any of those fandom artists, but one of my favs ever did a thing a long time ago called the Spooky AH AU. Now, with october coming up (in like a month) I was thinking about maybe doing the same thing for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, so I’m going to propose something

Through the month of October I would like to host the Spooky ML AU with prompts and reblogging all fics and art associated with it. The first thing I need to do though is determine what everyone is so here is the premise! Everyone is a supernatural ‘spooky’ monster or creature. All the fics and art are about their lives as all these different things! Maybe them trying to lowkey hide all this crap from normal people. The only place they get to actually be themselves is either at home with their equally monstrous families (or maybe under their bridges or whatever if they are a troll) and at school! The school for the weird and gifted. The only thing I have decided is that Nino is a werewolf, so if anyone would like to send in suggestions please do! I’ll make a real post about it when october gets closer. Get creative! Vampires, witches, warlocks, fairies, familiars, ghosts, reapers, demons, zombies, trolls, anything you can think of! I’d like there to be something for every classmate, the principal and the teachers. it can be a creature ive never heard of, just link to a web page about it or explain what it is!

I’m sorta leaning towards Marinette being a witch maybe and she has her cat familar that she brings with her every day to school. Nino hates the cat and is bothered by it even when its being nice and not sarcastic for a change but one day Marinette is practicing magic with her buddies Alya and Nino who want to see and OOPS ITS A BOY AND ITS A CUTE BOY AND OH NO HOW DO I MAKE IT GO BACK MY PARENTS ARE GOING TO KILL ME


What can I win? 5 MONTHS OF A $5 NGOZI PATREON SUBSCRIPTION! Get access to livestreams, the behind-the-scenes blog, first look at comics (maybe?) and be the first to know about important updates!

I want in! Hell yah! Here’s a bullet point list of what you need to know!

  • This is a gift to my followers so yeah, you must be following me
  • Likes and reblogs count as an entry. You can reblog as much as you want, but don’t be that guy and annoy your followers (or do be that guy i guess)
  • No giveaway blogs
  • I’ll contact the winner at 10PM PST (1AM EST) so keep your ask box/messaging open. You have 24 hours to respond before I choose a new winner
  • The winner has to be comfortable making a Patreon account and letting me in to hook up their payment settings. I should only need in once, and of course you can change the password or something afterwards.  

I wanna keep this short and sweet so that’s it! Message me with any questions you have, and GOOD LUCK!