i need october to get here


i wrote this HOW TO BE HAPPY HAPPIER guide for Design*Sponge because i had a shitty few weeks earlier this month and i needed some of my own advice to get out of it

UPDATE: an updated version of this post is now in my upcoming book THINGS ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF THEM! 13 full-color chapters of personal and no-bullshit illustrated essays like this. you can preorder it here for $10 and it comes out october 2017.


Ah, yes. Jane’s first love. I did say we’d get back to him.

Superhero AUs #9

- ‘I’m in jail for being drunk and disorderly, you just got dragged in by the local superhero and you might be a villain but damn, you’re hot’ AU 
- ‘I know you’re pissed off your face but I still can’t believe you’re brave enough to talk to me’ AU 

 - ‘I’m an art student that constantly uses it as an excuse to sketch my villains’ faces out and try to work who they are after each battle; you just nicked my sketchbook’ AU
- ‘Have you been sketching me?’ AU

- ‘I bartend at a sketchy bar that’s usually full of mooks, henchmen and low level villains. You are not a low level villain’ AU
- ‘I’ll have a scotch on the rocks, and your phone number if you’re willing. Plus your attention on the door so I can drop I few surveillance cameras. I’ll pay triple’ AU 

- 'Oh god, I just had a one night stand with a supervillain’ AU
- ‘Dear lord, I just fucked a superhero’ AU 

- 'You can’t excuse every crime you commit in the whole of October as 'being in the Halloween spirit’’ AU
- 'I find it really sweet that you think this is confined to October’ AU 

- ’Get me a cappuccino. Wait, do evil lairs have coffee machines? If not I’ll have a scotch, or a whisky. You must have one of those two, right?’ AU
- 'I have no idea who in god’s name you think you’re talking to, but you’re the kidnapee and I’m the supervillain here, so you had better shut the hell up before I…uh…dehydronate you!’ AU 

- 'I haven’t slept a full night in 35 days, please dear god stop committing crimes’ AU

- ‘I’m just a small town thief, livin’ in a lonely world. I took the midnight train going anywhere and nearly got blown up by a supervillain, what the fuck mate’ AU
- ‘I’m trying to have a battle to the death with my archnemesis, could you please stop stealing all of my gear? No, it’s not karma, it’s you, I can see you doing it. No nearly killing you isn’t an excuse either; I nearly kill a lot of people’ AU

- ‘I’m part of the police squad designated as super-incident first responders, and you’re the corresponding fire brigade chief. How are you doing, hot stuff?’ AU
- ‘You are not allowed to step in front of a downed superhero, duel a supervillain you have no hope of beating, win, arrest them, and then come back to me with a damn pun!’ AU

- ‘I get that you were one of the first superheroes, and you did a great job in WWII and throughout the Cold War, but could you please stop haunting me and telling me I’m doing my job wrong’ AU
- ‘Now you listen here son, I didn’t come back as a ghost through sheer bloody stubbornness just for some poncy new age hero to tell me to eff off, so stop crying over your bloody nachos and let’s go find my immortal arch nemesis, because I just know they deserve a good ass-whooping’ AU

After the Beep.


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: All of the in-between moments of a relationship, captured in the one-sided monologue that is voicemail. 


This has been sitting in my drafts for over a week whoops.

This isn’t the Untitled Garbage Fic that I’ve been rambling about but hopefully it will hold you over until that one is post-able.

Basically, I wanted to start getting words flowing again for the first time since we finished WYCH and that manifested in me choosing the absolute worst format for telling a narrative story. Honestly, this may or may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted like @ becca why would you think this is a good structure for a fic? 

I hope you get a kick out of me fumbling my way out of writer’s block lmao.

Also ps shout out to @fragmentofmymind​ for being great at all times and for reading through this monstrosity for me (and providing that gif), she’s super awesome and super talented and if you aren’t following her already then honestly where have you been??

Word Count: does it even matter? the format on this is weird I’m so sorry.

The number you are calling cannot be reached. Please leave your message after the beep.

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Protective/Supportive Aaron

For @bartsugsy and @sapphicsugden as requested (Includes some paraphrasing.)

•6th February 2015 Remember that one minor incident when Aaron sent Robert away to get married and rid Wylie’s of any evidence that they were ever there and continued to keep that secret even after he found out Robert pushed Katie. Which is the only reason Robert’s gorgeous ass hasn’t been rotting away in a prison cell for the last two years. But no big deal. Just Aaron saving Robert on a daily basis.
•9th February 2015 Aaron’s new mantra where Robert and Katie’s death are concerned “It’s not his fault!” 
•10th February 2015 The slap heard round the world when mama bear Chas turns feral on her cub because Aaron dares to blame Katie for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Obviously it was Katie’s fault Robert burnt down her caravan.
•11th February 2015 Go ahead and tell Chrissie I’ve been boning her husband mum and WE ARE DONE!!! 
•9th April 2015 BTW Paddy. I totally text Katie and told her to meet me at Wylie’s that day. It was all totes my fault and you shouldn’t blame Robert for anything! EVER!!!
•12th May 2015 God Robert why are you such a human disastercase getting drunk off a single pint (👀👀👀) of whiskey? Let me help you back to the pub, get you a glass of water and kindly let you sneak in a little snog.
•13th May 2015 *Clears throat* Excuse me Chrissie, I might have been one of the people who broke into your house so I know for a fact Robert’s super sorry about it. Now can you please take your sad sack of a husband back? (Even if I still kind of sort of love him and want him to be mine.)
•25th June 2015 Cain my man! I know Robert might look really good with a bruised face but you still can’t beat the hell out of him like this. Here babes. Let me help you home and pretend it has nothing to do with my ongoing struggle over how much I still love you. K…K…cool.
•21st July 2015 Geez “Dad”! My boyfriend’s a total idiot who likes to run his mouth off but stop making up lies and saying he tried to bury you in a grain pit. While you’re at it stay away from me!  
•25th September 2015 (Also 22nd October 2015) Listen dude, I really hate you but I’m still going to cry over your bleeding body while I try to stop the life from leaving you and decide if I really want you to live or die.
•18th March 2016 *Chokes on beer* LIV! It’s super inappropriate to ask someone what it’s like getting shot and we defs don’t ask to see the scar. (Side eye…especially since I still haven’t seen it yet.)
•5th April 2016 So the thing is Robert, my little sister is a bit confused right now and she recorded you saying you bribed Ryan. Now we both know that was a really ridic move on your part but you’ve been super amazing and taken care of me a lot and I really don’t want anything to happen to you for protecting me so I’ll try to do the same for you.
•10th May 2016 Hey now missy! I will tolerate a lot but I draw the line at comparing my boyfriends godlike face to that of a rodent. Show some respect. You know I missed out on some…..tea time…with him yesterday because of you.
• 6th June 2016 Okay I’ve been in jail enough times to know the rules so you need to let my guy go before I really start to lose it. And you Olivia Flaherty take a good look at everything Robert has done recently because guess what. THAT’S LOVE! ALL OF IT WAS BECAUSE HE LOVES ME!
•14 July 2016 *Staring at Robert dreamily* What’s that officer? I was busy mooning over him calling me his boyfriend. Oh yeah. He DEFINITELY bought me a super sweet expensive watch back in February.
•16 August 2016 Babe that purse doesn’t really go with your outfit AND NEITHER WILL HANDCUFFS IF YOU GET SENT DOWN FOR HELPING YOUR BROTHER. Please don’t risk your life and our future for that. I can’t lose you.
•17 August 2016 Fiiiiiiiiine……..I’ll help you take down Lachlan and the Whites (even though I dont really think it’s a good idea) but we have to be super careful or someone (namely us) could get hurt.
•31 August 2016 Lachlan: I’m gonna kill you. Aaron: Human shield activate. Robert: That was hot as hell! He is so getting laid tonight.
•17 October 2016 Hey there Lachlan! Let me show you what happens when vile little cretins such as yourself threaten my love and my life. First, you get your head shoved in this conveniently placed barrel of water. Then thrown in the boot of my car.
•08 November 2016 Diane, Robert was just trying to help Andy and do what he thought was best for your family. *mumbles under breath* Not that any of you would ever notice or appreciate the way he bends over backwards for you anyways.
• 11th November 2016 Here love. Let me rub your back and console you while you mourn your mother. Sorry your siblings couldn’t make it.
•1st December 2016 THE HE’S MINE BACK OFF LADY DEATH STARE!!! If looks could kill Rebecca would be long gone and this storyline would never have happened. (I’m counting it! Fight me!)
•5th January 2017 I’m sorry Chrissie, remind me again how it’s Robert’s fault Lachlan shot your dad? Pretty sure he picked that gun up all on his own. So stop ruining my birthday! 
•20th January 2017 Robert you really are a total flaming idiot if you don’t take this opportunity to run a mile because I’m not good for you. 
•21st February 2017 Robert Jacob Sugden you are amazing! You did everything in your power to give me the wedding of my dreams and more importantly than that you chose the pub where I was dared you to stand up and proudly announce to everyone who and what you are. 
•21st February 2017 Whoa there Diane how about we get you a drink and avoid talking about Jack. (Because he totally didn’t deserve someone as incredible as Robert. He should have loved him unconditionally and if he was here today I’d probably knock him on his ass for messing with this beautiful man’s head.) Although, babe you really should think about talking to Vic and Diane about it. It might help you to move on.
•6th April 2017 OMG babe! I’m so sorry I accidentally punched you’re perfect beautiful face. (This time I really didn’t mean it.) Here let me caress it softly and make it all better. There there now.
•12th April 2017 Listen Robert we both know you didn’t get that tummy by running on the regular. Save yourself and go home before you keel over and die. I’ll be fine. (Okay so it’s a stretch but I feel a tummy mention is just expected of me at this point.)

Ficlet Series: Secrets (Jimin X Reader)

Rated: M (smut, swearing)

Word Count: 2552

Masterpost: Ficlet Series - Secrets

Our Masterlist :)

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

You stand at the side of the massive, mirrored room watching your sister and her partner move gracefully across the floor. When the music stops you cheer loudly, clapping so hard that your palms begin to sting.

“Ugh, mom, you’re embarrassing me,” Una says, rolling her eyes theatrically as she walks towards you.

“I’m sorry,” you say with a loud sniff, holding out a towel for her. “My baby just grew up so fast.”

Una laughs and takes the towel from you, dabbing her sweat away tiredly. “You guys look amazing,” you say earnestly. “You make a good pair.”

Una’s new partner, Jimin, is on the other side of the room and she calls him over.

“It’s been a couple of months and he still seems so shy,” you murmur as he comes nearer.

“Nah, he’s okay,” Una responds. “I think it’s just when you’re around that he gets a bit weird. He must sense the way you undress him with your eyes.”

You aim a kick at Una but she slips out of reach with a light laugh.

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🖤Drug Lord E [Part 2] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Y/N has been trapped by the Dolan gang for a little bit now and she tries to escape, but she gets caught and now she has to face the wrath of the head of the gang, Ethan.

Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan

Part 1 

Ethan’s POV

I opened the bedroom door and I see her back was towards me. She had no interest in getting to know me or even talking to me. She didn’t even turn around to look at me when I walked into the room. “Are you planning on ever talking to me or just giving me the silent treatment forever?” I chuckled, but I got no response from her. I noticed she had a few ear piercing and a bar through her ear. She slightly cocked head and gave me a sideways glance, before turning back looking at her lap. She doesn’t say anything to me still. I pull out a cigarette and light it which catches her attention.

“Oh my God.” She groans which a smile appears on my lips. “That’s disgusting.” I imagine that her face is twisted into a repulsive look. I started to laugh which causes her to turn around and finally look at me. “You think this is funny? You’re honestly holding a girl captive  and you’re laughing about it? What the hell is wrong with you?” She asks with furrowed eyebrows and narrow eyes. I just smiled to myself.

“Well it got you to talk to me.” I remarked as I cocked a crooked smile. She rolled her eyes and let out a huff. She turns her face forwards and continues the silent treatment. “It’s not my fault your boyfriend lost my shit. You’re here because of him. Remember that.” I snapped back sternly.

“And I’m still here because of you.” She snaps back before she turns around and goes back to turning around.

“Do you have your phone?” I asked with a huff. She huffed with an eyeroll.

“No. Your dirty blond boy who wrestled me in here took my phone, car keys, wallet, pepper spray and a pack of gum.” She snaps at me which makes me sigh in annoyance.

“Well get comfortable here. You’re going to be here for a while.” Before I walk out of the room I stop in my tracks. “Stand up.” I ordered. She looked at me with confusion in her eyes. “Stand up. Now.” I demanded more sternly, but she still didn’t listen. I grabbed her by her arm and I yanked her off of the bed.

Originally posted by thealexernstshow

“Hey!” She screamed before I slammed her up against the wall. I noticed she had a tattoo of a yin yang symbol on her arm. I chuckled to myself before I pinned her against neck against the wall.

“Hey!” She screamed before I slammed her up against the wall. I noticed she had a tattoo of a yin yang symbol on her arm. I chuckled to myself before I made a pinned her against the wall.

“When I fucking tell you to do something you listen. Do I make myself clear?” I asked 

with my jaw clench. I could feel her trembling in my arms. I slammed her up against the door where she lets out a small yelp. My hands immediately grip her small waist and I give them a good squeeze. I then turn her around and slam her body with her face towards the door annoyed. My hands roam over her body. My fingertips graze in between her thighs as I make my way up the rest of her body. I attempt to feel for an suspicious bumps on her. My hands reach her chest area and I press my body against hers and I smile into her neck. I decided to take advantage of the situation and I squeezed her boobs hard making her gasp.

“Hey!” He pushed me back and slapped me in the face hard. “I don’t have anything! My boyfriend, my phone, my keys, everything your stupid friends have! Get the fuck off me and leave me alone!” She shouts and shoves me back hard. I clutch my fist tight and clench my jaw. 

“Yeah you’re not leaving anytime soon so you’d better start warming up to me sweetheart.” I hissed as I gripped her jaw in my grasp. I shoved her back against the wall as I search through the nightstand for anything that she may have brought with her. 

“What will you do when they come looking for me? You know Justin knows where I am. He knew I was coming over here.” She says as a small smirk appears on her face. I slammed my right arm up against the wall right next to her head as now a small smirk appeared on my face.

“Justin may be stupid, but he’s not stupid enough to come for you. He’s more worried to protect his own ass to even worry about yours. He knows what we can do and he won’t risk it. Trust me, you’re going to want to get comfortable here sweetheart.” I sneered at her. I leaned back and I stormed out of the room after not finding anything but a lighter and some condoms in the drawers. I peeked into the room one last time. “Oh don’t worry about your clothes. Angie will probably be coming over so she can bring you some clothes.” I smiled and gave a taunting wave, before I locked the door behind me as I stomped to my room in need of another cigarette.


“Yeah you’re not leaving anytime soon so you’d better start warming up to me sweetheart.” He snaps at me as he shoved me back against the wall. He stomps out of the room and I hear his footsteps disappear down the hall. I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes. I stumbled to the futon and flopped down. I reached under one of the two pillows and I grabbed a picture of Justin and I. 

We were lying on the cold grass of the late October grass. Fall was just settling in and I had my photographer friend, Maya, take a picture of Justin and I while I held a cigarette in his mouth. This was taken just a few months before we moved in together. A few months before he told me about the gang. A few months before he told me the truth about anything. I knew Justin did drugs, but a gang? I had no idea he was with a gang of the sort. Especially one ran by such a rude guy. I needed to get out of here. I knew Justin would miss me and so would my family and friends.

What did he mean when he said ‘my friend will take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry.’ Was he going to kill everyone I loved so he could keep me here as a sex slave of his? I didn’t want to wait around and find out. I shoved the picture back under my pillows as I scrambled off the bed and I looked around the room. I first tried the bedroom door and I jiggled the handle which not to my surprise, the door was locked. The leader guy had locked me in here. I look around the room and I see an air vent and I see that there is a window above where the dresser is. I decide to go try the window, because I knew nothing about air vents and I was not about to wiggle my way through dust and dead bugs just yet. I climb on top of the red lounge chair which was next to the dresser. I grab the corners opposite of me and I hoist myself on top of the wooden dresser. I look at the window which is super glued shut. I mentally kicked myself annoyed that I was in this situation. I was also becoming more and more frustrated. I knew I shouldn’t be freaking out since I knew Justin would be coming for me, but what if he was right? I mean Justin isn’t the most selfish guy, but he does look out from himself. But he told me not to come here, because he knew it would be bad news. I just needed to get out at this point.

I looked around the room thinking of any other ideas. I saw that there was a hammer in the corner of the dusty old room. I quietly jumped off the dresser and to my surprise, I landed on my feet. I scurried over and quickly snatched the hammer, only for the handle to slip and fall on the floor creating a loud thud. I knew they would come in here and see what was going on. I grabbed the hammer as quick as I could and I hopped into the bed sliding the tool under my pillows. I heard footsteps outside of the door as they shuffled back and forth. Soon they disappeared and I was back on my mission. I grabbed the photo and I shoved it back in my pocket. I climbed back on top of the wooden dresser. I looked around the window and I saw that only the bottom was glued down. I peeled what I could off, but then I just went for it. I smacked the hammer a couple times against the window and I even started to kick at the window. After a few attempts the glass cracks. I heard the glass cracking and on my last kick, my leg busted through the glass as I fell forward outside falling about 15 feet to the ground. Thankfully I fell on a soft long grass area. I stood to my feet before I looked around the area. I was in the backyard and I was surrounded by a six foot white fence. I knew what I had to do. I darted towards the fence for a running start. Just as I was about to jump, a voice boomed which caught me off guard and scared me.

“What do you think you’re doing Y/N?” He asked coldly.

Part 3

In 2011, a small selection of letters that Fred Astaire and Hermes Pan had written to Ginger Rogers over several decades were published by Roberta Olden in an exhibition entitled, The Ginger Rogers Collection. Here are some excerpts: 

January 1936  telegram from Fred to Ginger:
“Hope you have a nice vacation. Grab a few steps here and there. We will be needing them.

Early-1950 handwritten letter from Fred to Ginger:
“If you like, I’ll get a hold of the great Hermes one of these days pretty soon and we’ll all have dinner someplace.
Best love, Fred”

October 1958 handwritten letter from Fred to Ginger:
“Isn’t T.V. cute? Reminds me of a space operation or something.
Love, Fred”

May 1959 handwritten letter from Fred to Ginger:
“So long sweetie, and have a wonderful trip,
As ever, Fred”

December 1974 handwritten letter from Fred to Ginger:
“I didn’t know where you might be…
Best love, always, Fred”

December 1979 handwritten letter from Hermes Pan to Ginger:
“I loved seeing you, and you look fantastic. We will definitely get together real soon, and I’ll whip up a little spaghetti or something. I’ll call you and we’ll set a time.
I love you,

The Humble Beginnings of Printer Boy.

The year is 2005.

It’s a Wednesday, mid-October.

Connor Murphy, Jared Kleinman, and Evan Hansen are all sitting in Mrs. G’s second grade class, among roughly 25 other small human beings.

Mrs. G was one of those teachers that you either loved, or you hated. Mrs. G would never call on a raised hand, but instead the child she felt was paying the least amount of attention.

Jared Kleinman loved Mrs. G. Jared never paid attention, and Jared was not one to pass up the opportunity to make a fart joke every. Single. Time. She. Called. On. Him. She never learned.

Connor hated Mrs. G. She always made him participate when he didn’t want to, but never let him when he wanted to.

Evan Hansen tried not to hate Mrs. G, but she really made his life hard. He didn’t want to be put on the spot. He wanted to blend in, and just learn. He was always paying attention, but he just avoided eye contact when she asked questions, and never could get the answer out properly when she called on him.

The time is 11:07. Almost time for lunch.

“Time to line up for lunch!” Rang out Mrs. G’s voice.

Connor shot up out of his seat and ran to the front of the line. He was finally first. He had never been first before. This was his moment of glory.

“Connor, you know it’s Lily’s day as line leader” Mrs. G scolded the small child that was Connor Murphy.

“But Mrs. G, I was here first, so I should be line leader. The first person should be first.” Connor explained.

“Those aren’t the rules Connor, now you need to go to the back of the line”

Connor is now distressed. He was first. He should be first. Why should he be last? Even if Lily gets to be line leader, he should be second in command. He was here first.

Tears start to fall from Connor’s eyes. This can’t be happening. The one time Connor is first, he suddenly becomes last again. This can’t be fair.

Connor sulked to the back of the line. Tears still streaming down his face.

The class bully Dakota turned to him and laughed. “What a baby. It’s just a stupid line” Connor wiped his face and tried to ignore the bully.

“Let’s go class! Hands on your hips and fingers on your lips!” Mrs. G began leading the line down the hall. The class paused for a moment, to allow another class to pass down the opposite hall.

Connor felt suddenly drawn to the teachers lounge as the walked past. He wondered in, and there before him sat the most glorious thing he had ever beheld.

The teacher’s printer.

Connor, still filled with despair​, now felt suddenly rage. He stomped over to the printer and attempted to lift it off the ground. He was surprised when it lifted with ease.

He then marched the printer out of the teacher’s lounge and yelled

“Mrs. G, next time, let me be the line leader!” And threw the printer down the hall, barely missing Mrs. G’s face.

The whole class started screaming, and the very scared Evan Hansen ran for cover. Jared Kleinman could be heard screaming


Connor was proud of what he had accomplished, until he saw Mrs. G’s face and knew he was in deep trouble.

The year is 2005.

It’s a Wednesday, mid-October.

The time is 11:36.

Connor is missing lunch. Connor Murphy is sitting in the principal’s office. Accompanied only by a disbelieving Principal and a distraught Mrs. G.

“He threw a PRINTER AT ME!!” Mrs. G yelled.

“I’m just not seeing how this very small lad here could have possibly lifted such a printer, Mrs. G. It is just not possible.” Said the principal, whom I am too lazy to name.

“Then explain the broken printer in the middle of the hallway”

“I can’t. There simply is no explanation for what has happened here today.“

“You’ve got to do something about this!” Mrs. G shrieked

“No, I don’t, but you do need to calm yourself. Connor, you need to go get yourself some lunch. Here’s a pass” the principal stated as he wrote a note to the lunch attendant stating that Connor can get his lunch, and take his time eating it.

The year is 2005.

It’s a Wednesday, mid-October.

The time is 12:17.

Connor walks back into class, where everyone has already started their reading for the afternoon. Mrs. G is glaring at him.

Some kids look afraid, some look impressed.

Connor says nothing. He just takes out The Little Prince and begins reading.

To be continued…

Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of March 12-18, 2017

There’s a difference between giving sound advice and just wanting to hear yourself talk.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

You’re like a house of cards this week. Bitches will be looking to avoid you because they feel like anything they do can trigger yo ass. And let’s get to the root of the matter, dahling. Because the real T here is that you can’t be a thick-skinned ho 24/7. Sometimes, it’s okay to have that moment of vulnerability. I mean, you’re still a human being, right?

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

There is just way too much shit going on, even for a balls-to-the-wall, action-packed, gung-ho queen like yourself. And you can jump into the fray and see where that takes you, but bitch, your body can only take so much. I would apply that same determination you reserve for action into carving out a time for you to relax and recharge.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Gurl, if you’re gonna be fighting people’s criticismz with all your might, you may never learn anything. And look, queen, you don’t have to take everything these bitches say to heart. Every ho has an opinion and if I were you, I would look for trends in their advice. If there’s a recurring theme that’s coming off from what these divas are saying, I would look into that shit.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Oh, gurl. In an attempt to do too much damage control, you may be making things worse. Can’t you just let some things unfold instead of micromanaging every step of the fucking process? I think the main issue here is trust. When you try to control every single aspect of anything, it shows that you don’t trust others to do a good job. Well, bitch, you’re gonna have to, because you can’t do every damn thing.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Allegedly, you’re riding some kind of raft that’s taking you willy nilly down the stream of your watery dreamland. Since when are you a fucking PISCES? But seriously, it’s totally fine to get lost in that flowy inspiration, but at some point, yo fine ass has got to get back to reality. And if you’re not gonna do it for yourself, do it for the bitches who are heavily relying on you.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Here’s what’s up. You’re too busy getting some important bitch to like you that you’re forgetting to cater to those who already adore you. This VIP ho may never be on your side and all your efforts may go to waste. Look gurl. This so-called significant queen is not the only game in town. The more time you spend looking out for hos who believe in you, the less you’ll need that holier-than-thou poser.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Do you ever get the sense like no matter how hard you work, there’s always gonna be something that’ll trip you up? That’s called life, dahling - remember, LIFE? Here’s the thing. The fact that you expect that nothing will ever be perfect is a step in the right direction. The real measure of your strength lies in how you act when things go kablooey.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

PriOrities, dahling. This week, you’re gonna be bombarded with so much crap because of a good deed that you did the week previous. Think of it as innocently donating to an important cause online and all of a sudden, you’re part of a newsletter where the only messages making their way through your inbox say, “give me some more shit, bitch!” Look, your intentions are pure and it’s not going to make you a nasty ho if you start saying no to some of these things.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Being too involved with the details of your present may be preventing you from seeing the possibilities of your future. Gurl, you ever heard of the phrase, “think ahead?” What you’re missing here is the notion that anticipating what’s to come may actually help inform you of the actions you need to do in the now. Stepping back can really help you see your timeline in a more comprehensive light. And bitch, lighting is ERRVYTHING.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Look, queen. I get that you like to live life in an organic sort of way. But this week may force you into reassessing why this passive mode of thinking appeals to you. Could it be that maybe the reason you’re okay with just watching where the chips may fall is so you don’t have to take responsibility if things go awry? Just something to ponder while you float way in your sea of make-believe.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Bitch, you aim high. That’s what I like about chu. I really think, tho, that you can amplify that ambition with a stronger focus on the mechanics of how you’re gonna get yo ass high up there in that food chain. Look, queen. This time, determination alone will not cut it. Being careful and strategic can only increase the odds of your success.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

You are so amped up in the mental olympics that take place in your head on a daily basis that you’re forgetting how to live an authentic life. You can ponder ideas and concepts until the cows come home, but at some point, you really need to ask your heart what it truly needs. That’s just half the battle. Once you figure out how to appease your heart, you need to follow through that shit with some action. Commit, gurl!

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

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After School Special Part 3

SummaryIn an alternate universe where Jughead greases his hair more than Danny Zuko and Betty Cooper gives Sandy Olsson a run for her money at being the nicest girl in town. (No Danny Zuko and Sandy do make an appearance in this fic). Set in the early 1960s at Riverdale High. Slow burn leads to rapid fire (all the bughead smut you can imagine)

Part One     Part Two

Tags: @thejugheadshow @xobughead @de6ressive

If you want a tag please don’t hesitate to ask :) My inbox is always open (literally I love to talk and gossip about bughead)

Thank you and enjoy! 

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Heeyyyyyy! Reposting it during busier hours :w

Last year, I managed a group orders for the XY&Z charms. It went alright and fine and, if I’m not mistaken, I received news from everyone that they got their preciouses safely (public feedbacks can be seen here). I’m planning to do the same with the main Pokémon girls announced!

On the practical side: they’ll be released in September in Japan, as gachapon (randomized machines). My order means a pre-defined amount of slots, so ~no need to worry~ about getting random ones: I know how many I’ll get of each! Assuming that they will be ¥300 each (like the previous set), I should get them for around €3-€3.50 each (last time, it was €3.50), excluding shipping from me to you (which will depend on the amount of items you’re getting). I’m not asking for any payment right now, I will only ask for it when I have the little ones in hand, probably in early October. But I’d like to know if people around here, whether they’re from last order or new people ( @scribblekin, @feranelia, @chibishadowkitten, @rikirinka, @rinkaisu, @twilightminty, @dentos-wife ?), would be committed to buy for this price. Which character(s), how many, etc.?

You can comment with characters you’d like to get (and that you would be committed to buy when October comes) here, or send an ask, or use the chatbox, etc.~

I also still have some post-XY060!Serena, Eureka and Citron charms from last series, for €3.50 each! (And I can also put them on the side for ya if you want to have then sent with the new charms.)

Witchy Weddings and Handfastings 101

While there is some good free information about how to have a witchy wedding or hold a handfasting, I personally found it very scattered and unorganised when planning my own wedding. So this post hopefully condenses the info and helps some people out.

Choose your date carefully:

I’m starting with this point because I personally believe it’s one of the most important things to consider. Whilst Litha and Lughnassah are very popular festivals that a lot of pagan couples decide to choose for their big day, Ostara is also a good choice. If you don’t want to go the festival route I’d recommend using an astrological event or a date that holds special value to you ancestrally or romantically. We choose the full moon in October, which also coincided with my grandmother’s birthday. She passed through the veil several years ago, but she was my mother figure and I needed something of her to be with me during that day.

Who’s Officiating?

Here’s where things get tricky, whether we like it or not ‘marriage’ at the end of the day is a legal institution, as such it’s subject to the law. Marriage laws are different from state to state, and country to country. Before you go any further research what legal requirements you must face, these will impact your ceremony greatly. Once you’ve sufficiently swam through the garbage ocean that is the legal system it’s time to choose your officiant. Be open and honest about your intentions and expectations with this person, it’s also important that you respect this person’s personal boundaries and beliefs. We got very lucky with our wedding celebrant; I live in a conservative area so I was fully prepared to have a wedding and a separate and private handfasting ritual, but our celebrant was totally up for it. I knew she was perfect to marry us when she asked if it was ok to wear black to our ceremony.

What’s going in the ceremony?

The basic ‘witchy’ content you can bring to a ceremony is: readings, vows, hand fasting, and the besom leap/bonfire leap. There were a lot of very conservative christians present at our wedding, and whilst I live completely and unapologetically in the open with my beliefs and practice, I wasn’t about to cause spiritual chaos just for my own sake. We struck a balancing act of including ‘witchy’ themed readings, vows, and of course a handfasting. If you’re worried how people will react to the handfasting it might be an idea to have your officiant introduce it as a joke: “dearly beloved, _____ and _____ have decided they wish to make their union official by tying the knot, literally!” or a simple “____ and ____ wish to solemnify their marriage with a traditionally hand fasting along with their vows.” Vows are probably the most critical part of a ceremony and you can use your own or pre-written, the traditional Celtic vows we used go like this: 

You cannot possess me for I belong to myself
But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give
You cannon command me, for I am a free person
But I shall serve you in those ways you require
and the honeycomb will taste sweeter coming from my handI pledge to you that yours will be the name I cry aloud in the night and
the eyes into which I smile in the morning
I pledge to you the first bite of my meat and the first drink from my cup
I pledge to you my living and my dying, each equally in your care
I shall be a shield for your back and you for mine
I shall not slander you, nor you me
I shall honor you above all others, and when we quarrel we shall do so in
private and tell no strangers our grievances.

This is my wedding vow to you. This is the marriage of equals.

If you’re of the Wiccan tradition there are vows that you will make to each other during the handfasting, and this is usually presided over by the high priestess and priest. The Wiccan ceremony involves an opening and closing of the circle, an anointing, a vow making, and hand fasting. I won’t provide further details as each Wiccan tradition varies, and some are still heavily initiation based, therefore I won’t divulge information that belongs to them.

Bringing it all together:

Don’t just stop at the ceremony, bring the witchy vibes to the reception too! Bring whatever elements that resonate with you as a pagan or witch into the reception. Easiest way to do this is with your decorations and bomboniere. Our wedding and reception was hosted in a forest retreat, and the reception was heavily candle lit and I used my Visconti tarot deck as extra decoration. We also decided to honour our ancestors by setting a dumb supper at each table, it’s a complete table setting that’s not served food during the reception, this reminded us that those we’ve loved are still with us. our bonboniere was lavender fudge:

900g white chocolate

2 tins condensed milk

2 tablespoon caterer’s grade lavender

4 drops purple food colouring

combine the lavender, condensed milk, and food colouring. Melt white chocolate over low heat, combine with lavender mixture when melted. poor into trays and refrigerate until set. Serves 40.

alternatively small jars of honey, rose petal jam make great edible witchy gifts too.

our wedding photos were done by Steve Doyle

Excerpts from letters to Ginger Rogers from Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Hermes Pan, and Frank Sinatra, available for viewing at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center:

January 1936  telegram from Fred Astaire to Ginger:
“Hope you have a nice vacation. Grab a few steps here and there. We will be needing them.

Early-1950 handwritten letter from Fred Astaire to Ginger:
“If you like, I’ll get a hold of the great Hermes one of these days pretty soon and we’ll all have dinner someplace.
Best love – Fred”

October 1958 handwritten letter from Fred Astaire to Ginger:
“Isn’t T.V. cute? Reminds me of a space operation or something.
Love, Fred”

May 1959 handwritten letter from Fred Astaire to Ginger:
“So long sweetie, and have a wonderful trip,
As ever – Fred”

December 1974 handwritten letter from Fred Astaire to Ginger:
“I didn’t know where you might be…
Best love, always – Fred”

December 1979 handwritten letter from Hermes Pan to Ginger:
“I loved seeing you, and you look fantastic. We will definitely get together real soon, and I’ll whip up a little spaghetti or something. I’ll call you and we’ll set a time.
I love you,

1982 handwritten letter from Frank Sinatra to Ginger:
”Dear Dancer,
I would rather bite you!
Love and hugs,
Francis Albert”

October 1984 telegram from Cary Grant to Ginger (his nickname for her was “Bittlelum”):
“Thank you, dear Bittlelum. Yes, I smiled with happy memory.
Gratefully and affectionately,

May 1986 handwritten letter from Fred Astaire to Ginger:
“Dear Ginge,
Seems that my birthdays are always here!?!?!
Best love… from Fred”

plantboye  asked:

OK SO I NEED TO GET THIS OUT The beginning of the stream where Anti said "... but I've been here this entire time!" Got me thinking... Were we right? Has it been Anti this whole time? Has Jack really been gone since Halloween while Anti was in his place??

I don’t want to say that we were right but…we were right lmao

It’s been Anti ever since October. He learned to pretend to the point where even the most dedicated of fans had no idea something was wrong.

And he finally decided to come out of the woodwork to tell us that

anonymous asked:

You don't know what S and C would 'have had enough of'? Are you new to the fandom (serious question)? If so, maybe you didn't see all that was written about MM on tumblr. Not IG, everyone knows about that, I'm talking about shipper blogs. Tony copped some shit for a while too. And the constant prying into their private lives, all of which they said they were hurt by. They denied (several times) being in a relationship but were ignored. That's why I think they'd had enough. Why else do it?

You are right, I am new-ish here. I joined the fandom around October 2016 so I’ve missed a lot. I started out as a lurker, but asked lots of Anons and made some lovely friends that answered all my burning questions.

As for what they’ve had “enough” of? I’d be surprised if it was Tumblr commentary. I was discussing this whole fiasco with someone on Twitter yesterday. She doesn’t have Tumblr so she had NO IDEA what was being said over here. Even on Twitter, unless you’re tagged or tweeted @, you need to go looking. Celebrities get hate all the time online. Why is one faction of their fandom, on a platform they’re not on, such a bother?

If people shipping them was such a burden, why not drive the point home after the IFH? It was perfect timing. They could have changed their behavior then (and given all their castmates the memo, too). Everyone is angry/confused because there was a lot of “flip flopping” with their message between the IFH and now. Politicians get accused of “flip flopping” ALL THE TIME. That’s why PR and communications people work with them and their entire staff on talking points so there is no confusion on the message they deliver to the public.

So why didn’t they do it then? Why now? None of this shit is new–not the shipping, not the hate towards their supposed SOs. People are more angry now because the conflicting messages have gone on for a very long time and it looks like they were playing both sides. I do think there is a way to Ship respectfully, and court shippers with good humor and honesty. The majority of Shippers were respectful, but the courting was not done honestly IMO.

BTW I think the entity know as “Samzie” is fake as hell. I don’t know why it’s being done, but that relationship makes no sense. If S and C had enough of anything, I’d say it was trying to sell “Samzie” with subtlety. 

anonymous asked:

 I know I'll never get to tell Jack this so I'll tell you instead. Anti saved my life. I was in the ER for a suicide attempt, and the day I left the hospital was the day Jack uploaded the first FNAF:SL video. It was the first time I had felt excited about something in over a year. The theories, the anticipation, the glitches; it was reenergizing. My life was crumbling around me, but Anti gave me something to grasp at, to focus on, to look forward to every day. [1/2]

And Anti kept me alive long enough to get treatment. Anti re-lit some spark in me that had died long ago, and I’m a thousand percent sure I wouldn’t be alive right now if October hadn’t happened. I’ll never be able to express how thankful I am to Jack. I am honestly, truly, so thankful. [2/2]

Aw honey…This drove me to tears.

I’m so happy Anti was there when you needed something. And I’m glad you’re here, right now. Sometimes we need that one thing to ground us again, even when we feel like nothing else can.

I’m 100% sure you’re not the only one that has a sentimental bond with Anti and with what happened in October, and to be honest…I think Jack would be super happy if he knew :)

Never say never. You never know how life will pan out. I hope Jack somehow finds out what Anti did for you.

In the Mud in France - Arthur Shelby

Request: Peaky Blinders: I have an idea for a Peaky Blinders imagine. During the war, you were a nurse that had a close bond with Arthur, to the point to were he would fake some sort of illness or something like that just so he could see you and during some attack or something like that you got hurt and die in his arms, prompting the reason why he did everything like fighting and drinking and such. From: anonymous.

In the Mud in France - Arthur Shelby

-21 August 1914- 

There was always a tent set up. A small white tent that consisted of one surgeon, two nurses, and as many supplies as they could move through France with them. They were in Alsace, all the frontier. Far away from the front lines of battle. The surgeon worked as quickly as he could, sewing up men that could be saved as more came through the curtains of the tent. 

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Applying To Medical School Series- Part One: Are You Sure?

It starts early.

You’re 14 years old and your teacher tells you that you’re going to be starting the GCSE syllabus now. You still have to ask permission to go to the toilet but your future begins now. You have to start paying attention, even when everyone else is talking. You have to do your homework even if the rest of the class makes a pact not to do it and tell the teacher they forgot to assign any. You have to ask questions and study hard and do loads of practice questions to perfect your exam technique so that by the time exams roll around a year or two later, you can smash them.

August comes. You get your results.

Your results need to be great. Now this is relative, it really is. If the average GCSE grade across your year is a D and you got mostly Bs, a few As and maybe somehow scraped an A* or two, this can actually better than if everyone at your school averaged 11 A*s and you got 9 A*s and 2 As. Don’t worry whatever the case, all hope is not lost here.

Sixth Form begins. A lot of people will choose an “easy A” subject. Subjects they don’t really need to work very hard in and which aren’t particularly useful to them in the future.

You, on the other hand, need to have Chemistry. You also choose Biology and Maths. For your 4th subject, you decide on Spanish because you’d quite like to go to UCL and you’ve heard they prefer a non-scientific 4th subject. But crap. You were also thinking that with GCSEs like the ones you worked your butt off to get, maybe you’d consider Cambridge if your AS Results turn out well. And don’t Cambridge love you to have 4 sciences? Well whatever. What’s done is done. Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Spanish it’ll have to be.

Oh but this isn’t all. 

You’re volunteering in a care home, tutoring younger students, acting as a mentor, working with autistic children at a weekly club, captaining the basketball and hockey teams, raising money for the school in Senegal that your own school is affiliated with and of course, you’re going to South Korea over the summer to teach English to children.

You’re also reading New Scientist and books by Atul Gawande and other popular medical books. You don’t read The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat because medicslacks on tumblr told you that everyone and their hat has read that book and seriously if you put it on your personal statement you are just wasting characters.

And of course. Work experience. You emailed every GP in the area and they all told you they can’t take you because it might compromise patient confidentiality. So you ask that girl in class who you kind of know but don’t really talk to if she could ask her dad, the GP, if you can shadow him for a day or two. She looks confused but says sure, she’ll ask.


You shadow the GP and realise this is only primary care. One of the patients really gets to you, a patient with Multiple Sclerosis and this intrigues you. You go home and read up about the condition. You then decide to email all the neurologists about your interest at your local hospital on the off-chance one of them will let you shadow them.

A miracle! A week later, one of them replies! Oh, but there’s a lengthy official process. That takes a month or so and then FINALLY you get some hospital work experience- just one afternoon, but you get to meet patients and ask the doctors more about MS and you decide it’s all worth it.

You grit your teeth as the kids with doctor parents talk about how they just follow their mum or dad around whenever they want.

And all this while you HAVE to keep working hard at school. You pay attention in class. You go home and do your homework, you flag things you don’t quite understand to ask at school. You start making notes early and you revise so hard in the run up to exams because secretly you’re still hoping to go to Cambridge and you’ve heard you need a minimum of 90% UMS in all your papers to have a chance. It’s okay if you don’t though- you know a family friend who got ABBC and still got an offer from Manchester.

But you’re hoping.

Results day rolls round aaaaand… YOU’VE DONE IT!


Now the nightmare that is application season begins.

UKCAT booked. Okay. You’ll worry about that later.

Everyone else has until January but YOU need to get everything done by October. You panic and sit down to draft your personal statement aaaaannnndddddd…

You draw a blank.


The hell.

Do you write?

It’s okay because I AM HERE TO HELP. Personal Statement Help Post Coming Soon!

But for now, let’s just assume you somehow get through it. You draft it and you take it to your careers advisor who looks at it and then asks where you’re thinking of applying. “Cambridge, Imperial, Leicester and Hull York.” you say. You like the variety.

Your careers advisor looks baffled. “You can’t apply to those 4.” She tells you. “Your personal statement will never tick all the boxes for them all, they’re far too different and are looking for completely different things. They all teach medicine in completely different ways. On the spectrum of Traditional to PBL, you’ve really run the whole gamut.”

So you go away and you look into the courses and you decide that you’re not particularly bothered about research and you want to see patients as early as possible. You don’t really care about the city you’re in or the prestige of the university.

“Ahh that’s better.” Your careers advisor smiles as she sees you’ve scrawled across the top of your page: “Leeds, Hull York, East Anglia and Sheffield. You know, with GCSEs like yours, you should really consider Birmingham.”

You decide to see how your UKCAT goes.

Your school also registers you for the BMAT since Leeds requires it. But you’ve got the whole summer to worry about that.

Over the summer you prep for next year by reading ahead in the text books a little and making some notes. You carry on with all of the extracurriculars and volunteering you were doing. On top of this, you start doing practice questions for the UKCAT and BMAT.

After your first day of these questions, you break down. This is impossible. How does ANYBODY do this?

The next day you take a deep breath and try again.

They’re a little easier.  

A week later and you’re finally starting to get the hang of it. You’re starting to know what to look for. You’re starting to notice patterns and learn the rules. You’re starting to think the right way.

You can do this!

You sit the UKCAT in the same seat where you did your driving theory exam. You get a 750. Excellent.

School starts again.

You refine your personal statement, you fill out the rest of your UCAS form. You see your reference.

You hold your breath as your Head Teacher clicks Send on your form.

Then you wait.

You don’t have time to stop. On top of school you’re now having to go over GCSE science again for the BMAT. And practicing writing as tiny as possible so you can fit an entire essay onto a page. As well as still struggling with all those logic questions. You’ve already applied to Leeds so now you HAVE to do it. You get a 2.5 in Section 2 of one of the past papers. You wonder if you might as well just give up on Leeds now.

You sit the BMAT and are fairly sure you failed every section. Whatever.



You’ve got an interview. AAARGGGHHHHH.

Mock interview. You NEED a mock interview. You beg your careers advisor who sorts out for a local doctor to come in and interview you. They ask you about your personal statement, your work experience, they ask you about a few ethical dilemmas and some odd questions that seem to have no purpose. They also discuss some topical issues in the NHS with you. You make a joke about Jeremy Hunt.

They laugh.

A few days later, you get your BMAT results. You did SO much better than you thought. Excellent.


Another interview.

You’re on cloud nine when… UCAS Track updates again.

Your first rejection.

It feels as though someone just snapped a rubber band around your heart. Why would they reject you? What was it they didn’t like? Were you not good enough? Did you not seem dedicated enough? Why?

You swallow down the disappointment. You already have TWO interviews. You’re so lucky. There are thousands of people who don’t even get that. And you have EARNED it. You’ve been working hard for years for this.

You prepare for the interview. You ask yourself questions and change the answer every time. “Why do you want to be a doctor?”

You know they’re going to ask you this but what do you say? You have an idea! You’ll talk about a patient. The patient with MS you saw at the GP who really touched your heart. You can say you liked how the science that the doctor knew would be nothing without the way he was able to console her more personal worries and concerns and this kind of application of science to help people really convinced you that you want to do this. At least by adding in a patient you saw, your answer will be more personal.

Interview day arrives and you’re sitting nervously with a few other students. A boy in an oversized suit and a girl wearing heels so high you’re worried she’ll break her ankle on her walk to the room. A student at the university smiles and calls your name. She walks you to the door. “Are you ready?” she asks. You nod but it’s not true, your stomach is full of butterflies and you feel a bit sick.

And for a second you pause.

Are you sure?

Are you ready for the path this could lead you down? The life of a doctor. Forget that. The life of a medical student! Antisocial hours, a lifetime of having to keep requalifying and doing exams, mountains of paperwork, not really saving lives so much as helping to reduce the effect of symptoms. Putting your heart and soul into delaying the inevitable.

Is making a difference to even just one life, is making life less painful or less miserable for just one person, is keeping just one person alive so their loved ones can see them for another day, or helping even one person to die in as little pain as possible… is that enough for you?

You take a deep breath and open the door.

Two weeks later. You get an offer.


You end up getting two more offers.

August rolls around again.

You cry when you get the email from UCAS confirming your place at your Firmed University.


It was all worth it. You got into medical school.

Your parents buy you a copy of Gray’s Anatomy and this is when you realise… The work has only JUST begun. The first 18 years were nothing.

So I’ll ask you again.

Are You Sure?

Third Wheeling

A/N: this came to me in history class and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so here it is! Oh, and Jordan’s text are in quotation marks. This is cheesy, don’t read this or do because I need constant reassurance and validation

Prompt: Jordan is always busy when you and your friends have group dates, which leaves you as the odd one out.

Pairing: Jordan x reader

Tagged: @linmanuclmiranda @ruth-hamilton-delrio @shippingdestroyedmysociallife162 @icanneverbesatisfied @magic-and-timetravel @hamilsquad-writings @mythoughtsareprettylame @defenestrate-yourself-please (I took it upon myself to tag some of you who liked the post)

Masterlist | Request!

You were back in Virginia to visit your family for a week. When your two best friends heard you were back they immediately invited you to a girls’ day at the famous Virginian amusement park, Busch Gardens. You were super excited, you hadn’t had a girls’ day with them in far too long. When Anne and Christina pulled into your driveway to pick you up, you were surprised to see two men in the car.

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