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2/? eye color edits

Hawkeye’s baby blues



“People talk about super-powers. But some guys – some galsthey have something. It may not be obvious, like being able to blast energy from your fingertips. It may not even have a name. But it’s real. You’ve got that something. That girl you were with last nightthe redheadshe had it, too. Otherwise, how could she get away?”

Clint met the other man’s gaze. “Don’t play games with me, Cap. You know how.”


Shot Through the Heart

“We’re driving fast in my car
We’ve got our riot gear on but we just want to have fun
No we’re not looking for violence, no oh oh oh
Tonight we want to have fun

No one’s the same as they used to be
Much as we try to pretend
No one’s as innocent as could be
We all fall short, we all sin”

~Fast in My Car by Paramore

When I got this prompt, I went all… “OH MY GOD THANK YOU SOMEONE ACTUALLY PROMPTED KATE!” (yeah, because I told people to do so LOLOL HAHAHA!)

Thank yooooou, switchheart for the prompt aaaah!

I loved Kate’s old costume. The new one is a little… “eh” for me. 

These colors go so well with her, though. Wow. 

Hope you guys like this!

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My Alternate Titles for Captain America: The Winter Soldier
1. Chris Evans keeps getting more attractive as Marvel movies go on
2. GIVE BLACK WIDOW HER OWN DAMN MOVIE (with Hawkeye please. I need to ship this.)
3. New man crush: Bucky Barnes
4. Agent Hill is under appreciated
5. Sharon CARTER and Steve Rogers would have cute babies
6. The best casting director of all time.
7. DC should probably just give up now.
8. “I couldn’t leave my best girl”
9. Lol Falcon is just like the rest of us- fangirls
10. I miss Coulson, the original fangirl
11. “Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky”
12. I see your necklace, Natasha. Watch out, your feelings are showing.