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i know marichat window kisses are a thing but you know what else should be a thing? ladrien window kisses

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


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Why don't you believe keith could be the lgbt rep?

He could be, but we’ve gotten absolutely nothing on who his romantic interest is going to be (from interviews, which is what I base all my evidence on). The only time Keith’s romantic pursuits were brought up was in an interview with Steven Yeun, two days after season 2 dropped:

When the rest of the team finds out he’s part Galran, it kind of sours his relationship with Allura for a bit, but they are able to work through it. Talk me through that.

“I like playing this mystery of where the romance is. I don’t know where it is. It could be between anybody. That’s the natural evolution of this relationship. Even as a friendship, it has fits and turns and ups and downs. I think this is the beginning of a wonderful, wonderful storyline.”

That’s it. That’s all we’ve gotten on who Keith could fall in love with: some weird, cryptic answer that reads more like a riddle than a tease as to what’s coming. Lance, on the other hand, not only has already been confirmed to have a romantic interest, but has gotten a multitude of details on the characteristics of said romantic interest - namely, that they will be what he needs, not what he wants, and they will get him to a place opposite of where he started. These characteristics, when partnered with the fact that all the romance in this show is a slow burn, cancel out any and all female characters he’s interacted with thus far (Lauren Montgomery referred to the love interest with female pronouns, but that doesn’t mean anything; if she used gender neutral pronouns, that would instantly tell us who it would be). Keith, however, has not had any of his possible romantic interests (which only really include Lance and Allura) eliminated, because we don’t know anything about his romantic interests.

If you go through the characters one by one to see who they’ve interacted with, as a means to decipher who the rep will be, it becomes fairly obvious.

Hunk - clearly has an endgame with Shay. Pidge - younger than all of the characters, has not interacted with any girl her own age. Allura - has had strong interaction with Shay, but Shay’s endgame is with Hunk. Shiro - for a long time, I thought he would be with Matt, but since they only interacted once in the season despite being on the ship together (plus the fact that some people interpret Matt to be a teen), this doesn’t appear to be the case; too old for the other paladins. Coran - COULD have been in love with Alfor (remains to be seen). Keith - STRONG interaction with Lance, but also strong interaction with Allura, and nothing has been said in interviews to eliminate her. Lance - STRONG interaction with Keith, strong interaction with Allura, BUT the fact that his love interest will be what he needs, not what he wants, and he wants Allura, means it will not be her.

In addition, we have the official art Lauren Montgomery drew, in which Lance is holding the LGBT sign with Shiro’s hand on his shoulder.

So, what we’re looking at is a very possible love triangle, with Keith as the center. I’ve already brought this up before, but to reiterate: this would be an interesting subversion of the love triangle from past incarnations of the show, which had Allura in the center. Since all the old fans and the media are probably expecting the heteronormative love triangle, this would add a plot twist and “change things up”, which they always say they love to do.

I don’t know, obviously, if that’s going to happen; Keith and Lance could just simply end up together, without throwing Allura into the mix. But the reason I don’t include Keith with the LGBT rep options is because nothing has been said to remove Allura from his possible romantic options, while something HAS been said to remove her (and Nyma, AND Plaxum) from Lance’s. Unless the creative team has lied about the romance being slow burn, and intend to introduce a female love interest for Lance in the latter half of the show, it is illogical to say he will canonically fall for anyone but Keith.


how to be a schnee: own only white and light blue outfits ( and tiaras )

  • Art does not exist in a vacuum.
  • Fiction and literature do not exist in a vacuum.(this includes fan works)
  • Freedom of speech does not and has never meant “freedom from the consequences of that speech.” It just means you can’t be persecuted by the government for what you say.
  • Don’t say it doesn’t matter. There are tons of studies that show how our creative arts and our media directly impact our lives and our world.
  • What we create matters. What we consume matters.
  • The romanticization of toxic, harmful, terrible behaviors has a direct impact on the lives of others. Yes, that means romanticizing abuse, neglect, slavery, nonconsensual acts.
  • Don’t do it. Stop doing it. Stop ignoring it because you’re uncomfortable.
  • This is not a vague blog. This is a general post that seems to be relevant time and again. It seems like there will always be another incident and I will reblog this then because I do not always have the knives spoons. Also because someone else might want to. 
  • Stop being terrible and then getting upset when you’re called out.
  • Stop defending people who get upset for getting called out. 
  • Yes, tumblr callout culture is toxic. Yes, we need a better way, but putting our heads down and ignoring the bad stuff is not that better way.

This post is going to be a mess of jumbled thoughts but I’m feeling salty…

If you are anti-Otayuri and have ever once uttered something along the lines of “18 year olds are adults, minors (everyone 17 and younger) are children; ships between adults and minors are ALWAYS wrong,”…

…and now with the reveal that Keith is 18, you’re like “uM WELL he’s barely an adult, so it doesn’t count and Klance is okay”…

…and if you have “don’t follow me if you support adult/minor ships” on your byf pages and still ship Klance after now knowing that Keith is an 18 year old adult…

… then you are a Grade-A Hypocrite.

You can’t pick and choose when a ship is okay and when it’s not. 

Why is 18 year old Keith still a teenager, okay to be shipped with 17 year old Lance? But 18 year old Otabek is a grown-ass adult, who cannot be ship with 16 year old Yurio because it’s “pedophilia”? 

(spoiler alert: it’s not pedophilia, neither ship is, but that’s another rant for another post)

And don’t pull the “Otayuri has a bigger age gap than Klance” crap on me. I see some of y’all don’t ship LeoJi as well. Y’all may not be outright anti-LeoJi, but I’ve seen many of y’all say “it’s ‘iffy’ to me because of the age gap.” Freakin LeoJi, who are 17 and 19, who, when you look at their birthdays, have a 1 year and like 5 months age difference. Y’all say it’s iffy because Leo is a grown ass 19 year old and Guang Hong is still a literal child of 17. Okay, sure.

I also wanna call out anti-Otayuri people who ship Sara and Mila (because there are a lot of you, I see you). Sara’s 22 and Mila is 18, just keep that in mind. 

Now with the new age reveal for VLD, shippers are saying that, by your own anti logic, that Sheith is fine because Keith is 18, he’s an adult, it’s totally fine for him to date another adult like Shiro, right? And you’re turning it around saying “oh but it’s still creepy for a 25 year old to date an 18 year old because 18 year olds are still teenagers!!” 

Why is it okay to ship 18 year old Mila with a 20-something-year-old, but not okay to ship 18 year old Keith with a 20-something-year-old? Hm?

None of these ships are wrong. None of these ships are gross. None of these ships are pedophlia because none of these characters are pre-pubescent. 

You don’t like Otayuri or Sheith because the age gap make you uncomfy? Cool, that’s fine. But stop harassing shippers and calling them pedophile apologists.

I’m just pointing out your hypocrisy by using your own anti logic on ships that you do like/ship, such as Klance and Sara/Mila.  

 You don’t like certain ships (Otayuri and Sheith), so you had to make up some BS reasons to vilify the ships you hated. Then when we shippers use that exact same logic on you, you’re doing these mental gymnastics to make your ship Safe and Okay, but the Gross Ships and still Gross somehow for some reason. 

Do you antis not see your own hypocrisy? Your lack of self-awareness is astounding, I gotta say.

Don’t like your own medicine? Maybe you should think long and hard about all the times you have harassed and bullied Otayuri and Sheith/Shaladin shippers, telling them to choke or rot in hell or kill themselves, accusing them of pedophilia, etc, the list of your crap goes on and on. 

Harassed real life people. And all for what? Fictional ships? Ships from an anime and a cartoon. Get a grip, people. 

It’s time for a comeback.

“Some gringas have imitated me; they want to dress like ‘Mexicans,’ but those poor women look like cabbages, and to tell you the truth they look plain ugly”

   -Frida Kahlo, The Letters of Frida Kahlo, 1995

This quote has a lot of relevance in respect to the recent events in the fandom. Too often Whites have stolen, taken, and appropriated the identities and cultures of People of Color for their brown paper doll oc’s. They bastardize them, filling their backstories and personalities with racist tropes and stereotypes. They ignore criticism of such actions, dismiss and trivialize concerns of People of Color as drama, and attempt to victimize themselves or dismiss their actions with shitty excuses and shitty apologies.

It is because of these recent events that I have decided to bring Not your White Fave’s OC back. People of Color cannot rely on whites in the fandom to do right by us, to stand up for us; we cannot rely on them to own up to their racism and take the appropriate steps to rectify their disgusting actions.

People of Color truly need a space for themselves, away from the racism, ignorance and indifference of the mainstream white fandom.

There have been many People of Color in the fandom and in general on Tumblr that call for the creation of “our own spaces” because we are ignored, harassed, stereotyped, etc in the mainstream fandom. However, once a said space is made, those same people leave it on read so to speak. Either it is performative, or they still desire white affirmation.

I’m here to say that we do not need white affirmation. Referring back to the original Characters of Color post, “ We don’t need to ask for acceptance from anyone. We are enough, we’ve been enough and we always will be enough.”- Taraji P. Henson.

The goal of this blog is still the same, to create a safe place in response to the othering, and  exclusion of creatives of color in the white mainstream fandom. A place where people of color could share and celebrate their ocs and their work without fear of being spoken over.

A place for original characters of color made BY people of color, for any form of creative content made by people of color. A place to celebrate our races and cultures without having to censor it for a white audience. It is a place to encourage creators of color to share their work, to make oc’s that represent them, and to be surrounded by a community of people like them!

And so with that I’ll end with this:

Welcome to Not Your Yt Fave’s OC, a blog made for Creators of Color by People of Color!

hi friends ♡ this is my first follow forever ! i reached a huge goal a while ago n im kinda in disbelief but also eternally grateful ?? for those who don’t already know me; i’m angie, ur local boringbebe - even if we’ve never spoken before i hope ur doing well n having a great day.. i cherish u dearly n i’ll always be supporting u ☆ tysm for just being here w me, even though this little bloggy of mine is sort of… a Mess.. i rlly do appreciate n love u so so much :,)

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Like I know people don’t like to hear this on here, but,,, Exercise does temporarily relieve anxiety and/or depression and chronic exercise has even been known to reduce catecholamine and cortisol levels in the brain when a stressor is presented to an individual,,, Lots of research has been done specifically on exercise and anxiety and, like, aerobic exercise is best (running, walking, elliptical, etc.) whereas strength training and the like can actually increase anxiety momentarily. Meanwhile, in depression, any form of exercise helps.

I know y'all don’t like it when neurotypicals present exercise as a form of treatment but (especially w anxiety) it’s been clinically shown to work just as well as medications. Also, like, you can trust me,,,I study this ish and suffer from (diagnosed) anxiety and depression. I’ve been working out and exercising since January and I see an overt difference in my quality of life (ESPECIALLY where my anxiety is concerned).

If you don’t have time or the motivation, then fine, but all the posts I see on here about how exercise doesn’t help just aren’t,,,true. It does help. Even just walking for 20 minutes will help if you do it three-to-five days a week. (Eating well also helps. Couple exercise w smaller portions of foods and/or more veggies and fruits and you’ve got yourself a helpful anxiety and/or depression treatment!)

After tumblr forced me to leave my old account I wasnt that confident that  1000+ followers will return following me on this account D8, nor did I ever thought ill receive lots of asks to answer and messages! Even if I am in art block  i tried fighting it to thank you to my all followers here and on twitter ( i still need 3 to reach 1k but whatever) for your support. Probably without you all I wouldnt be there today!

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Everlark for number 29? Your fics are great, keep on writing!

So, um…this prompt is two years old. Yikes. But anyways, the requested dialogue phrase is “I thought you were dead,” and it will be a miracle if the Anon who sent this even remembers sending it (*crazed laughter*). Anyhow, this prompt along with a few reviews shook something loose in my head and the below 4K+ word vomit happened. Not beta’d, so forgive my mistakes, also the end feels rushed but short of completely rewriting Catching Fire this is what you get. It is a continuation of something that is a year old, which you can read on:



or FF

your choice. You’re gonna want to read that part first. And before you ask…yes there’s a third part in the works. So now I have to figure out how to post this part to the other sites when I said I wouldn’t expand it. Why do I do this to myself? I should be working on ms2sl or It’s All a Lie. Enough whining! Rated M for sexy times. Enjoy.

It takes a good two minutes for what they’re suggesting to sink into my brain. As soon as it does, I shake my head vigorously. “I’m not saying that.”

“Come on, Katniss. Your mother will know it’s a lie.” As if that would be my only real objection.

“No!” I shout at Gale but my eyes are drawn to Peeta, sitting in one of the bright chartreuse armchairs, hands clenched with his forearms resting on his thighs. There’s a strange tick in his jaw and a gaping chasm between us that I don’t know how to breach. My next words are directed at him. “This was your idea, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” he whispers. My eyes burn and bile rises in my throat as I run from the room.

“Catnip,” Gale pleads. He hasn’t called me that unless there’s a camera around since before the last Games.

“Let him talk to her and explain,” I hear Haymitch say and I know that Peeta’s following me. I run to the only place I can think of that might allow me to talk freely, so long as the wind is howling like it was last night. A cold blast of wind hits me when I reach the roof, bringing me to an abrupt halt. Peeta’s warmth crashes into my back. I didn’t think he’d be able to catch up that quickly.

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UPDATE: I found out that with my new job starting in the second week in May, I will miss the pay period and won’t be paid for the first time until the end of May.

Thats about a month with no money coming in. I had to renew my car registration which cost $60 that I don’t have. I wrote a check but I only have $15 in my account (that $15 is thanks to you lovely humans honestly). I need my car because the new job has a 30 min commute every day, and I’ll also need to drive my youth places here and there. So with that on top of already struggling to pay for gas and food like??? I’m such a mess.

I won’t be able to afford therapy in the meantime, but once I get health insurance through this new job, my therapy and meds will be covered THANK GOD.
Anything helps: cash.me/$JApr
Even a reblog. Its so hard to keep asking. But I need help. Thank you.








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