i need my boyfriend here

Alas it is done. I see so many mistakes, but I am too tired to care. I have to start getting ready for work in like 2 hours and I didn’t sleep at all because I’m afraid I’ll oversleep. Anyway here’s some long-needed skeleton dance. Enjoy. And also I am still offering commissions. 

How 2x18 should go

Lena: Kara, I need a favor.

Kara: Of course! Anything!

Lena: My ex-boyfriend is here doing a presentation, and I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.

Kara: … Oh! Okay! I can totally do that. Saving you is my thing! Because I’m Superg…ood at being your hero, right?

Lena: *kisses Kara to shut her up*

Kara: So… Does this mean we’re not pretending?

Next time get behind me (Cassian Andor x Reader)

Requested by @myriadimagines

Hope you Enjoy

“ (Y/N) GET BEHIND ME” , Cassian yelled from next to me. It was hard to hear with all the lasers firing. “ NO WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER” I screamed back, ducking as the stormtroopers start aiming for my head. “ Oww “ I hiss as the laser shot my shoulder and started bleeding badly.

Next thing I know Cassian rolls up next to me, still shooting might I add, and calls for backup. “ We are dying out here, we need back up”, Cassian said into the radio. For a while they didn’t answer and we assumed that they weren’t coming.
“ Cas we need to get out of here I don’t want for my boyfriend and I to die here “ I said to him, “ I agree Mi Amor bu–” he got cut off by me screaming.
“ UGHH “, I am in so much pain. But i was not going to tell Cassian that.

Without us realizing a stormtrooper snuck up on us and shot me in the thigh. My second wound is now bleeding profusely. Although it is the first wound that Cassian knowns about.

“ Alright that’s it, you messed with my girl “, Cas said as though he can take down all of them. Little did I know, his anger was so high he could take them down. Not even 5 minutes later, all the stormtroopers were dead and I am in Cassian’s arms running to our ship.

“ Shit Shit Shit “
“ Cas its okay, I’m okay it’s not even that bad”
“ NOT BAD, You are bleeding out and you are saying ITS NOT BAD “, by his actions i can tell he is freaking out.
“ Cas just help me wrap this up, I will be fine and when we get back to the base I’ll go to the med bay, okay? “, I try to compromise to help him calm down.
“ Yeah Yeah okay “, he replies calming down.

As he help me bandage myself, I can’t help but stare at him as he concentrates on helping me. When he is finished, I thank him.
“ I love you Mi Amor, but next time get behind me”, oh Cas way to ruin the moment.


Tbh I think of Bitty’s Puck Bunny costume a little too often

Worries - Enoch O'Connor imagine One Shot (request)

a/n: hi this is another request i absolutely love, it’s so cute and i hope it turns out well and that you guys like it :)

request: Hiii I don’t know if you take requests but if you do could you make an imagine with finlay macmillan or enoch o'connor ( you choose which one you prefer ) and like we’re dating and something happens and he’s worried or something like that ? Thanks xx

characters: finlay macmillan, reader

any important things: finlay and the reader are both finaly’s age, past the age 18; fans and paparazzi are crazy in this imagine, like they are when kim k is on the street :D; finlay and the reader are a couple in this imagine, i hope it doesn’t bother anyone :)

“have you got everything?” y/n asked as the lipstick in her hand drew the last dark red line of colour on her lips. after a few seconds of hearing no response, she called out louder, “fin?”

“yeah, yeah, everything’s fine.” her partner replied, coming towards the mirror y/n was standing before. “you look ravishing, love.” 

the girl with wavy hair looked up at finlay in the mirror and smiled. “thank you. could say so about you, too.” she said. the young man walked up to her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder, right next to her head. 

“you look so gorgeous, i want to do things to you.” he said with a slight smirk. y/n raised an eyebrow. “too bad there’s a premiere we have to get to.”

“well, now you have something to look forward to when we get back here.” she said, looking down at her phone. “the taxi is here.”

finlay groaned. “let’s go then.” he spoke, putting y/n’s coat on her shoulders before he put one on himself. 

“don’t you be sulking at the premiere. i’ll be by your side at all times.” y/n assured her boyfriend. 

“yeah, yeah.” finlay said with a careless grin on his face before the two youngsters went out of their apartment.

they got into the taxi and the driver started the route to the movie theatre. finlay placed his hand on y/n’s thigh. she looked at him with raised eyebrows. “you’ll be fine?” he asked.

“yeah, i’ll be okay.” she nodded.

“i mean, it’s your first time to go to a premiere with me, so maybe you’re nervous.”

“a bit, but who isn’t?” y/n smiled.

“right you are.” finlay smiled back and kissed y/n’s cheek. the girl’s cheeks flushed a pink shade. they were together for already more than half a year, but small things like pecks on the cheek still made her feel wonderful emotions and shyness.

“we’re here.” the taxi driver said. y/n and finlay heard screams of fans and yells coming from grown men right after and both raised their eyebrows. 

“there are fans outside?” y/n asked.

“must be.” finlay shrugged. “you ready?”

“yeah, yeah, it’s okay.” y/n nodded. “let’s go.” the girl unbuckled her seatbelt. finlay did the same and then sighed before opening his door and stepping out of the car. people outside of the car started screaming so loud, y/n hoped no one would lose their hearing. 

she was soon to be going out into the mayhem and she waited for finlay to open her door so she could get out on the street. but she felt like too much time had passed for him to go around the car. y/n furrowed her eyebrows slightly and looked out the window. there were guards pushing people back, many were almost pushed against the car y/n was in. she couldn’t spot finlay anywhere.

she looked out the car’s back window and finally him. there were guards even holding him back, far away from the car. y/n furrowed her eyebrows even harder and then decided to get out of the car herself, screw polite things done for women, her boyfriend couldn’t do that right now.

“hey, let me go, i have to get back to the taxi.” finlay said in a confused tone to the guards that were holding him. their expressions didn’t change from blank. “do you hear me? i have to get to my girlfriend, can you please let me get back?”

“sir, there are too many people here, we can’t let anyone else get through this entrance, please get yourself into the premiere building.” one of the guards said.

“where are the others, then? don’t play jokes with me right now.” finlay said, starting to grow impatient and worried. 

“sir, get yourself into the building, please, for your own safety, the others are getting in through the backdoor.”

“no! let me get to y/n! i need to get her inside with me!” finlay protested, but the guards forcefully started pushing him towards the main entrance of the building. as much as finlay tried to fight them, they were guards - built like war machines, as strong as 5 men. 

so he has to get away in some other way than fighting the guards.

“ma'am, please, get back in your car and leave this place, there are too many people here.” a guard said to y/n who had just got out of the taxi cab. 

“what? no, i-i got here with finlay, i’m supposed to be here, uhm-”

“there are too many people here, it’s dangerous for you to be here.” the guard said.

“don’t-i came here with my boyfriend, i need to get to him, let me go.” y/n said with eyebrows furrowed and frustration slowly starting to rise in her. 

“please get out of here, ma'am, i don’t want to repeat myself.” the guard replied with annoyance in his voice.

“don’t give me that tone! i need to get to finlay and i will! let me go to him!” y/n said in a raised voice. “or i will go myself. i won’t get back into the taxi and drive away. i promise you.” she pointed her finger at the guard. 

“listen, lady-” before the guard could finish what he was saying or even get to his point, a hand grabbed y/n’s wrist and yanked her away from the guard with an attitude and next thing y/n knew - she was running. the run into the huge building, across the red carpet, was too quick for y/n to see who had grabbed her wrist, but by the touch, she knew it was finlay.

once a pair of doors shut closed behind the two and screams and yells got muffled, y/n breathed out deeply. “jesus christ, what was going on out there?” she said, making sure nothing was scratched on her skin or her heels broken.

“total horrible staff work.” finlay said from before her. trying to regain his normal breathing. y/n chuckled and straightened back up to face her boyfriend. “didn’t break your expensive shoes?”

y/n rolled her eyes playfully with a smirk. “thank god, no.” she replied. finlay held out his arm for y/n to take and she gladly linked her hand around his and they started to make their way further into the building. 

“i was worried something had happened to you.” finlay stated. “the guards and the screaming fans were scaring me.”

“thanks, my darling.” the girl said. “the guard was giving me some attitude. i wouldn’t let him, of course.” she smiled.

“that’s my girl.” finlay smiled and his hand snaked down to hold y/n’s waist.

magnus knowing his precise worth will never not be my favorite thing like just imagine him studying his nails while the clave is trying to talk to him and they’re so exasperated he isn’t listening but they need him for this mission. until at last one of them abruptly names an acceptably large sum of money and finally magnus looks up to pay attention.

(and ofc alec is at the back the whole time looking faintly amused. the others look to him for help. alec shrugs. it’s not his problem if his boyfriend doesn’t like them.)

Koi Horror Story...

7:00 PM Monday evening. Store is pretty dead, I’m training a new-ish girl on deep cleans, so while I’m coaching her through the process for getting hamster pee out of that particular crevice, I notice a man walk towards the fish. I turn to my trainee and say “Get one of the toothbrushes from the filter room if you can’t get into the corner. Just make sure you throw it out since the cleaner you’re using is pretty caustic.” I walk over and I see him looking at koi.


Alarm Bells are going off in my head because it’s, you know, 19 degrees outside, and I know there’s no way this fish is going to a pond.

“Hi, do you have any questions?

“Not just yet, I need to call my boyfriend, he just sent me down here and said ‘Get an orange-y one.’”

“Okay, let me know when you’re ready to go and I’ll help you out.”


10-15 minutes go by, he’s chatting with his boyfriend on the phone, he’s telling him all the different types and colors and saying “Well, he’s about the same size, maybe a little smaller.”


“Ma’am, I have a question.”

“Sure, what can I help you with?”

“What’s the difference between the Butterfly Koi and the Assorted Koi?”

I explain to him the difference in the fins and point out the two we have in the tank.

“Well, he said ‘orange-y’ and I really like that guy. I’ll just take him, and pay my boyfriend back the extra $4.”

“Okay, so you’re aware, koi get very large and are actually pond fish. They’ll die quickly if you’re keeping them in a small tank. They need about 100 gallons a piece. Especially when they start growing.”

“Oh we have 500 gallons. And we only have one other koi.”

500 gallons?”

“Oh yeah. I should have mentioned that first.”


This awesome guy and his boyfriend are both Japanese. When they bought their house and moved in together, they wanted an awesome fish tank for the finished basement man-cave. They were both drawn to koi and fancy goldfish and wanted to do something to pay homage to their heritage and traditions. Then they did their research. Initially they were heartbroken. Looking at how messy koi were and how big they got, they thought they’d have to move on to something else. But they were determined, so they figured out what they had to do. They don’t have much of a yard so a pond was unfortunately out of the question, but the guy’s older brother is a carpenter and a commercial welder. He built them an oak and steel stand and sump housing for the huge tank. And they now have this amazing behemoth of a tank in their man-cave and they’re going to have 3 koi total. I was informed that 4 is an unlucky number and they knew that the lucky number 8 would be too many, they didn’t even want to risk overloading with 5.

And you thought this was going to be a horror story.

Godspeed, lucky koi. You’re going to some kickass parents.

Spock and Kirk are planet side when Spock realises the ledge he wants to climb is out of his reach. “I require a boost, Captain.”

“Huh? Oh, your ears are extra pointy today, Mr Spock.” There’s silence as they stare at each other, Jim trying to hide his amusement.

“The ledge, Jim.” Spock explains as patiently as he can.

“Of course, Spock,” He grins, kneeling in place to help him up.

They continue on, Spock working efficiently to find the best way up, until he once again cannot reach high enough.

“Your help, Captain.” He asks, knowing Jim will understand him. 

“Another boost?”

“Yes, please.”

“Hmm, you have a very neat haircut and it suits you.” Spock stares blankly as Jim does not even try to hide his humour this time. It would seem Jim did understand him but was purposefully doing this for his own amusement; employing the meaning of the term boost as a compliment or encouragement. “Sorry, c’mon, let me help you up.” So Jim would lift him high enough to climb over, and then Spock would reach down for him and pull him up. They continue on, skirting cliffs and jumping gaps until Jim spots the way out: on top of the biggest ledge yet. He kneels down and looks expectantly at Spock. “Would you like a boost?”

“Thank you, Captain.” He gets in position, but is startled when, as he is lifted up, Jim starts to speak.  

“How ‘bout, your ass looks really good in those pa-”

“Please cease this instant.”

  • Laurent, with 20 boys in his rooms: You are probably wondering why I gathered you all here today
  • Laurent: I just need to make my boyfriend jealous. So you can all relax and read a book or something just make sure to moan a bit while you are at it.