i need more videos of zach talking to his pets i need them

Consulting Saves Lives #7

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It takes him three hours to completely check everything and he’s not really reassured when he hitches a ride back to the main park.

Tracking Claire down isn’t difficult when you have friends in the right places. According to Zara, she took her nephews to the aviary. It’s a big place to look for people but she stands out in the middle of the tourists; her red hair and her white business suit giving her away. There’s a kid latched on her arm, enthusiastically showing her something in a booklet before pointing out to one of the dimorphodons soaring above them. Claire doesn’t quite seem to know what to do and regularly exclaims with entirely too much cheer to be sincere. There’s another kid lurking nearby, older, a teenager, busier typing on his phone than looking at the dinosaurs. Maybe Claire is right and they’re not wow enough for regular people anymore.

She looks relieved when she spots him.

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