i need more stills!!!!

tbh… when are we gonna get some new clothes ???

noah fence but im tired of the hipster stuff, i’d like more variety

more boots, cool shoes… cute shoes..

stuff that isnt just t-shirts, vests, etc

give us like. tuxedos and maid outfits, witch hats, shrine maiden clothing, kimonos, frilly outfits, pirate gear, more “armor” looking gear

what kind of gear would you guys like to see added in the future?? O:

Also my last ever Vinesauce fanart. Sorry if you followed me for that, but some comments Vinny made last stream just put a damper on my wanting to take time to make fanart. I was gonna cut back anyway, but it’s just stopping. Sorry.

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Title: The Continental
Fandom: John Wick
Pairing: John Wick/Santino D'Antonio
Rating: NC-17 (some red-shirts get shot)
Plot: Santino gets stuck at the Continental when his sister takes their father’s place at the high table. After a long time of staying at the hotel, he meets infamouse John Wick and decides to use John and his growing feelings for him to gain his freedom.


and that’s how jeremy became single in a span of seconds



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore