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Hamilton and Jefferson start sleeping together.

They don’t want people to know, it’s not like they’re DATING, nothing has changed aside from some casual sex.

They get a little more comfortable as time goes, even become sorta friendly outside of work. Hamilton starts spending the night after shenanigans, keeps some of his clothes at Jefferson’s place.

One morning, in a rush to get dressed and get to work before he loses this great idea he has, Hamilton grabs a random tie.

What he doesn’t realize, is that he’s grabbed Jefferson’s favourite tie. Although Jefferson doesn’t really mind, (or even notice as he pulls the covers over his head, mumbling to Hamilton that it’s too early for his stupid, blatantly wrong ideas), those close to Jefferson at the office notice. Madison, especially, recognizes it immediately, and after a moment of shock, he sends Jefferson a flurry of questioning texts.

Mary as female Sherlock in John’s mind

Did anyone else notice how similar John’s imaginary Mary looked to Sherlock? All she wore was clothing in men’s style and very similar to Sherlock’s. Also the way she was making deductions, the way she didn’t take any of John’s bs - this is very much like Sherlock, or at least pre-fall Sherlock. 

John has never gotten over Sherlock (not news to anyone) and Mary is literally the replacement (again, not news). She is the ‘safe’ option (still not buying the redemption arc), so John imagines her instead of confronting the real Sherlock. This poses a question - did John see an imaginary Sherlock for those two years? We have talked about how he glanced at Mary to make sure they both were seeing him, but what if John was like this also with Sherlock? 

And then he returned, not dead, and John has been trying to reconcile the Sherlock in his head with the real one ever since. And now he has Mary there, except she’s very much like a female Sherlock (and John flirts with a female Holmes, but that is another thing) and she finally disappears once they talk just a bit about their feelings.

Conclusion: Sherlock and John need to talk about their feelings.

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Silence (BTS Jungkook x Reader)

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Warning: smut, dirty talking, it’s smut so there’s sexual content wow

Words: 1159
i love writing about jungkook, it’s odd, i need to write about my namjoon more, but here, enjoy some light sin compared to my other fanfics

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after whatever wild events lead them to finally confessing their love for each other and kissing and their enemies dying they probably stay in bed for a week. they come home and its like, this whole new thing they need to adjust to, sleeping in the same bed- its not even a question but it’s still new. so there’s this moment of like, i guess this is my bed now too- and they fall asleep for like 16 hours or more, waking up and sleeping for more hours back and forth and only getting up to go to the bathroom or get water- mrs hudson likely brings them a bit of food here and there. truly after what theyve been through they deserve it. they just spend 4 days sleeping and lounging and kissing and talking. they haven’t even had sex yet- that’s a whole new leap that they want to do right- but after a few days they probably finally feel rested and also a little bit very smelly and gross, so they take their first shower together. it’s so intimate and nice and it feel amazing to be cared for like that, scrubbing each other up after all this. and then they like, emerge from their shower and hibernation feeling brand new after all has happened to them. a rebirth. a new life together.


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sleeping is for losers

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If Infinite had a Different Leader
  • Sunggyu: What the... Hey!
  • Dongwoo: Oh shit! Sorry, I overslept. Okay, so we need to be at the studio by... 1 hour ago... Oops...
  • Woohyun: Okay, so, tomorrow morning, we need to be up by 5am, yes? Wait no, Dongwoo would want more sleep, let's make it 5:30. Hair and makeup at 6, oh and I heard there's a new stylist noona who's really pretty, and then *5 hours later* and at 1pm I guess we can get lunch. I feel like Chinese food today.
  • Hoya: Okay guys, 5am get up, hair and makeup, 6:45am studio, 12pm Lunch, 1pm rehearsals, 4pm hair and makeup, 5pm full dress rehearsals, 7:30pm filming. OKAY, LETS GO! LETS GO! LETS GO!
  • Sungyeol: Yeah, the CEO told me about this, apparently it's sponsored, so we gotta do it. And yes Myungsoo, you can't wear black ones. *Sniggers while watching the others walking off with socks on their ears*
  • Myungsoo: I think we need more food... Also more time to sleep after the food. Pancakes sound nice too. We should all go get some tteokbokki after filming.
  • Sungjong: YES! I DEMAND RESPECT! YA SUNGGYU!! *Receives death glare* Sorry...

Sooooo… uhhh..

Long story short now I take classes on saturdays too… yeah what a way to fuck up my weekends, but I need to do it so I can get a nice score on the knowledge test we have this year and hopefully get into a great college…

So, tomorrow we take a simulacrum of the real test, and it’s gonna be all day.

AKA, I am heading to bed soon!

Today’s episode was AMAZING and I hope I could hype about it away more but I really need a nice sleep and wash my hair and shave my legs.

So I guess this is a nighty night!! hope y’all have sweet dreams!! hope you get hugged by a cute darling soon and get to wat ur favorite food! 

Guess who found a plot hole?

So I was rereading the chapters of Killing Stalking to avoid the pain of reading Chapter 17 spoilers–I tell myself every week I’m not going to read them and I do anyways. 

And I noticed something odd in chapter 1. Remember when Yoobum is figuring out the codes and the cops almost catch him? Remember the excuse they made as to why they were doing patrols?

Well here it is:

There were illegal trespassers in the area. 

Illegal trespassers in an abandoned neighborhood that couldn’t hear Yoobum screaming for help but somehow managed to make a report to the cops about the problems in the area. Strange, isn’t it?

Cops typically ignore places that are abandoned even if they are filled with vagabonds unless the place intends to be renovated. Yet, that hardly seems to be the case or else there would be construction. 

So this is one of the first plot holes I’ve ever catch so I’m very proud and i hope no one takes it away from me or if you, please do it kindly.

I regret staying up that late to finish the fic yesterday. Why do I always do that. Why do I always end up writing until like 3-4am wHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF

(except that I don’t really regret it. at least not enough to not do it again :’D)

isn’t it the worst to have someone oversimplify really difficult personal struggles….. i’ll be like I’m depressed n someone will be like “…well just be happy! exercise! eat right! get enough sleep!” or i’ll say that I’m so bad with money and someone will be like “spend ur time on experiences… don’t buy ur happiness” or i’ll mention I’ve really been having trouble sleeping and they’ll look at me oddly or as if something is wrong with me! what i need is comfort but i suppose i could be more vocal about that. i guess people just assume I’m asking for help or solutions from them but I’m really just hoping for someone to lend an ear or two. 

Welp, I had all intention of getting an early start today so I can get some more work done in the new place, and also so I can get to my friends chili cook off on time, but nope. Of course I had to sleep for 11 hours. I intentionally didn’t have anything to drink yesterday for the sole purpose of being able to wake up early without a problem. Like, WHY would I be in a coma. I guess my body just needed the rest. That’s annoying.