i need more practice with drawing


Thank you so much to everyone who supported me with the commissions, I have no words to express how grateful I am! ♥
The drawing tablet just arrived a while ago and I I’ve testing it out since then, I still need to adapt more to it by practicing a little more, It was somewhat uncomfortable for me to use it at first and I end up with a slight pain in the hand.
Coincidentally today is also my birthday, so this is like a really nice early present.
I’ll be uploading more digital art for now on instead of solely pixel art! ^u^
And to celebrate I’ll be accepting any suggestions to draw for this weekend, If you have one please send it to the questions box! :D

Yet again thank you so much for your help guys! 

Finally finished this Akira x Ann drawing,
I can’t wait to play Persona 5 💕

I’ve been struggling drawing Akira last night, I was so frustrated and annoyed by how awful I made him look. But after a few more attempts, I stopped because I thought it looked good but now that I look at him and stare at him, it still looks kinda off to me. Ugh. I really need to practice drawing men.

anonymous asked:

Do you like Gorillaz? ( If so you should totally draw them sometime! Only of you want to though )

Hel l yeah i love them. Definitely will draw them someday, I just need more practice to get Murdoc’s face right….


AU where Yuuri opens up a quaint little patisserie in Russia that Victor walks past all the time on his way to the ice skating rink he practices at.

I just wanted an excuse to make a chubby Yuuri AU tbh XD

There may or may not be a fanfic in the works for this~ > w >


I’d say they get along decently…they’re not extremely close or anything but they’re pals at the very least! If one were in trouble, the other would not hesitate to help them out ^_^


[Read from left to right]

This was supposed to be really cute, but it just turned really weird in the end…I had less than five hours of sleep. Honestly, I wanted to draw more Baseball player!Yoosung bc of @pwoo so blame/thank her for this mess LMAO.


My first time ever drawing Rhysand, and I’m going big cause I had to draw Feysand too at some point. This took a lot of time to make but I like it, though I need more practice in what comes to drawing hands. Hope you like it! :D