i need more pictures like this ok

A little pliroy thing before I go to bed :

  • Picture JJ having Vine (shhh Vine is not dead in YoI universe)
  • Imagine him doing stupid things with it
  • Like recording Yuri doing his split while being on his phone, and yelling him “The only thing straight about you is this split” (followed by a bored “fuck off” from Yuri)
  • Imagine him doing more planned vines like you’ll see him going to Yuri and being like “Yuri things aren’t doing good anymore we need to split” and Yuri’s like “Ok” and next shoot you see both of them doing a split
  • Picture Yuri having Vine and it’s mostly videos of cats or of JJ
  • usually doing something stupid
  • Like trying to convince the cashier from Burger King to do the “JJ style” gesture “for the vine”
  • Spoilers : it works
  • But also picture them having actually cute vines
  • Actually just picture their whole internet life
  • I’m sure Yuri loves memes but hides it because “ugh it’s so stupid” but he’ll actually laugh if he sees memes about memes being banned in Russia because he’s a meme in himself
  • I’m getting tired so i’ll stop my shitposting here instead of embarrassing me more

idk why I needed to even make a post for this but here is a small and cute feature that I noticed some while ago and it’s super cute to me ok

Jun has cute:
Small moles c:

Ok but don’t hit that exit button yet
Hear me out

If you couldn’t find any more features to find cute about Jun hERE YOU GO

ok so y'all probably don’t see it because of white-washing or something but like lOOK AT IT



in some pictures they are hella obvious but in others you have to zoom in super close and put a magnifying glass because the foundation covers it up sometimes

But in the pictures where you can’t see them, such as the one where he is doing a peace sign (which has a heart sign hidden inside the palm oHO) the moles are just burrowing in their holes lmao

Get it

No ok

Ok I had to stop myself before I went too far whoops

But take a moment to look at this beautiful man 

Please don’t sleep on him

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Of course Jun is way more than his looks, also, never forget that, his soft and sweet voice too, his abilitY TO DO ANYTHING LIKE WHAT-, his confidence, etc. etc.


Okay. I realized that I never actually spoke or even thought properly about how I see Aya-Yukako-Koichi-Rohan love square (or whatever it is…). So there are some sketches to show the whole picture.
Rohan has unhealthy interest in Koichi. Not sure if it is love or more like performances of some spoiled child, who needs attention, but let him be. Unfortunately (?) for Rohan, Koichi is straight - yeah, I guess so - and dating Yukako. Aya is just catching lulz. And slightly seduces Yukako incidentally LOL. Which is OK with the girl who admires Aya enough (as example to follow) to be ready for some useful experience, if you know what I mean… I like imagining the situation where Aya crosses the line of fun and starts liking Yukako. But Koichi and Yukako ends up dating anyway HAHA.
As a conclusion we have one sweet couple and two broken hearts. BUT WE MAY NEVER REACH THE CONCLUSION IF WE DON’T WANT TO.

Right so I had this idea for a sort of story (but I’m imaging it more like a cartoon w episodes and stuff) 

Carter is a textbook straight A student, president of like 90 different clubs, and incredibly well behaved. Posh, polite, an all around picture perfect student, with some serious anxiety issues and the need to have everything planned out 24/7, no surprises, and also, loves aliens. He has a small group of friends, first off is Tam, she’s extremely athletic and has a real tendency to focus on things and deciding what is and isn’t important. Dallen is next, he’s pretty much a stereotypical highschool goof-off who is smart, but sucks ass in class so he never tries, he drives around on his motorbike trying to look cool but everyone is well aware he’s a dork. Lastly, there’s Alile, who is one of the prettiest girls in school, and definitely the sweetest, she’s artistic if anything, but she cares a bit too much sometimes, and hyperempathy isn’t great. They’re all one big group of friends, Carter being the main focus out of them.

But here’s where things change.

One day, while just casually hanging out, the group decides to take a break from their normal “hang out” spot, and they go to a junkyard, Dallen’s idea. Tam played along due to her boredom, Alile came because she didn’t want to be left alone, and Carter was dragged along trying to beg them to stop, while complaining that this doesn’t fit his schedule. Things look well and good at first, until something crashes dead into the junkyard.

An alien ship. A literal alien ship crashes right in front of these 4 teenagers. What the fuck are they to do? Tam goes over and opens it before jumping back in fear, and then he steps out. A real life alien, standing at a 6′’3 (short for his race, actually), and with bright green hair and eyes, slightly orange skin, but otherwise very human looking. His name is Kerdean, and he comes “in total peace dudes”. 

At first scared as fuck, the group is frozen in awe, but Carter steps up, takes a deep breath, and asks him 234567 questions. Antics ensue, he proves himself to them as no threat to their safety, but he can’t go back home. He doesn’t explain why, but they chose to trust this alien. He ends up staying with Carter, who passes him off as an exchange student from Liechtenstein. Basically, it starts off pretty slice-of-life, what with him going to school and acting like he’s human, as well as developing a crush on Cater that starts to evolve into an “interspecies whatever”, but things start to escalate. 

Kerdean is an runaway prince from Moryrian, his home planet, for killing his father for his unjust treatment of less developed planets. His sister, Zendora, is the new empress of Moryian and has come to find him and bring him to justice, vengeance is her top priority, but is taking over the earth is a close second. Kerdean and the group of “Earth Teens” have to fight off Zendora with all they have, and start to gain new allies slowly, all while trying to keep this a secret.

Because of this, Carter starts to be less anxious about his schedule and so stuck up, Tam starts to wise up about what is really important, Dallen learns to care about things more, and Alile learns to be more assertive. 

Carter and Kerdean’s romance starts to become deep as things develop, it dives down into some true relationship psychology. All the kids and their personalizes will touch on some heavy stuff, like sexuality, abuse, trauma, fears, regrets, depression, and relationships. They each have their struggles that they overcome together. And the love Carter and Kerdean develop is slow, but it’s legitimate, and deep, and the pre-established love the group of friends have for one another is one filled with support and 

 it’s literally an idea I had after a calc test and i thought it sounded cool, and im writing this down at 2am, but honestly i think theres a lot that can be done with this idea and if i ever made a cartoon itd totally be this.


Carter is an anxious stick in the mud with 3 friends, Tam, Dallen, and Alile. One day a UFO crashes into a junkyard and they meet an alien who’s an exiled prince, Kerdean, and they have to disuse him as a exchange student. Starts off tame until Kerdean’s sister, Zendora, seeks revenge and to take over the earth, the teens and Kerdean have to fight her off while dealing with Normal Teen Things. And shit gets gay between Carter and Kerdean. 

Ah, so people are getting pissed about the Bode meme now.

Like, it has occurred to people that cats who are overweight are unhealthy. It’s not like taking a picture of said cat and making a meme of it will change the cat’s health over night, and literally the worst cat i’ve seen be part of it has been obvious Photoshop. 
Anything else has been “cat has been eating well, healthy sized” or “ok work the cat out a bit more”. 
The ones i’ve contributed were either shelter cats that guess what! Yes, are obese and need to lose weight but it’s not like that’s happening over night. So, we play with them, take pictures, and have fun. 

Or muscular/fluffy cats being used.

I’m all for making sure cats are healthy and not neglected, and making sure people damn sure don’t do something harmful on purpose, but yelling at people for enjoying a meme that literally came out of someone’s dream about big fluffy cats is a bit of a dick move.

listen i came out of hiding to let you all know watch dogs 2 is the best game forever and there needs to be more fanart for josh


Finally finished!
Final picture + process
Hope my friend will like it :D

My beloved oc Bird Bones in a slightly different style I guess XD; lol I really want to start a fucking manga with her and eric ><;;;;;;; ugh at least a webcomic…fuck…I really want to ;;;;;; but i can’t draw what i want and how i want and ugh its just bad lol i need more practice with paneling, drawing backgrounds, creating environments and good pacing and shit like that. PERSPECTIVE TOO, UGH ><; My main thing is im just lazy as fuck OTL I hope that having art classes in college will better prepare me for this ;v;’ 

Anyway. I like this picture. it turned out ok :’D 


#tfw your fave talks about one of your other faves #and you just die #rip me

hello hunties!!!! i’m barbs n i’m 21 in the gmt -3 timezone n i’m so happy i found this rp bc!! it!!! will!!! be lit!!! anyway there’s not much to say abt myself except tha i’m a huge harry potter nerd (i have a tattoo of it lmao) n i lov netflix n currently i’m binge watching rupaul’s drag race and it’s a masterpiece lmAO. anyway under the cut is some tea abt my boi michael.

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so today me and my bf were walking around tuesday morning to look for furniture and i just randomly got hit with the thought of andreil shopping for their new apartment (im trash im truly trash now)

  • it begins when neil realizes that their apartment looks more like a hospital room than a home
  • there are barely any cups, any plates, not enough silverware (all given as housewarming gifts from the other foxes)
  • the only decorations are pictures of the foxes given as (like before) housewarming gifts
  • and ok so i have this really really deep love (and i cant be convince otherwise) that neil suddenly realizes that he doesnt need to live on just necessity anymore?
  • he doesnt have to fit everything in one bag, doesnt have to keep rations, doesnt have to be small, be quiet, dont be noticed
  • and this is his and andrew’s home, like they have cats now, they eat at this rickety table that neil had to shove 8 folded over napkins into a leg to keep it from creaking
  • so he manages to rope andrew into going furniture hunting with him (its not that hard tbh its more on the part that andrew is bored (and neil asked excitedly and fuck him for those stars in his eyes) and just why not

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Instagram Headcannons Pt2

Ok guys I’m a mess and I like can’t stop thinking about what happens after the insta Jack posts in my last Instagram Headcannon so like have some more! (Also probably for @puckitall because she once again hasn’t told me to stop writing fic and start writing schoolwork. You’re a peach and I hope you enjoy part 2) Honestly like at some point someone needs to tell me to shut up and pretend I’m a senior in college, but until then? I’ll write.

Ok so after Jack and Bits get married Jack’s insta stays basically the same, it’s 50% Bitty and 50% everything else (but mostly hockey) that Jack feels like sharing with the world and it stays that way for a few years. It stays that way through his second cup win with the Falcs, through his trade to the Schooners (and his cup win there!), through his couple of years in Seattle and then through his trade to the Habs. 

He’s pretty active through these 6 or so years, Bitty comes with him as he’s able to cook from anywhere and his vlog on FoodNetwork isn’t really stuck on where he is, so they move around as Jack gets traded and they’re solid. There’s pictures of Washington State Ferries and the Pacific and Orcas that year Bitty took Jack whale watching for their anniversary, they’re pictures of WHL games that Jack likes to go to on weekends/week nights he’s not actually playing (he says it’s fun to watch kids with such a passion play, Bitty doesn’t question it and puts on the Silvertips or Thunderbirds or Chiefs or Americans or Winterhawks jersey as Jack sees fit, and Jack instagrams these pictures to the delight of his fans, and the WHL fans). They enjoy their time in Seattle (I JUST WANT AN NHL TEAM AND I WANT JACK TO BE ON IT) and then after 3 years in the PNW, he gets dealt to the Habs. 

During his time in Montreal his pictures get a lot more throwbackish, showing places he grew up as a kid, places he enjoys as an adult, pictures and videos of Bitty in their GIANT ASS kitchen speaking shoddy Quebecois at Jack, pictures of his parents etc etc. He enjoys Montreal too, he’s enjoyed everywhere he’s played actually. He’s not super picky, so he instagrams away. And life is okay. He’s coping well with his anxiety, he’s found ways to deal with the things that make him worry, and when push comes to shove he’s got his ray of sunshine at home to wrap him up and hold him until he can get out of his head. 

But guys we didn’t factor in the BITTLEMANN BABIES:

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line-sidemen  asked:

okay HELLO. 1. post a picture of yourself (YOU HAVE TO DO IT no excuses) 2.write at least 5 things you love about yourself 3.write 5 things you love the most about your fave sdmn or one of their friends 4. your fave drink 5. do u like when it's chilly outside? 6. recommend a few of your fave blogs bc we all need to follow more sidefam members 7. send this to your friends

1. post a picture of yourself
Congrats guys you get a pic of me later

2.write at least 5 things you love about yourself
Oh boi uhm, some of these might sound self-centered but I swear I’m not or at least try not to be
1) my hair (love hate kind of thing)
2) my sense of humor
3) my academic ability? I do well most of the time
4) I meet new people easily I guess 😂
5) I’d like to think I’m an ok friend

3.write 5 things you love the most about your fave sdmn or one of their friends
1) smol bean
2) adorable
3) can also be fine af
4) funny jokes and puns
5) very dedicated

4. your fave drink
Probably Dr. Pepper

5. do u like when it’s chilly outside?
To an extent, sometimes I like it when it’s just a little chilly but I mostly like it when it’s like spring cool

6. recommend a few of your fave blogs bc we all need to follow more sidefam members
@line-sidemen @sydneyxix @sveta-sdmn and most of the fairy squad, who can be found in my description, cause they bomb af

7. send this to your friends

Okay!! it’s that time again!…

Commission spots open! (lots of them!!)

Why am I doing this now?, you must wonder:

So like I explained on my personal blog, Im opening commissions for one particular reason; My dog. She’s developing cysts on her mammary glands (will update this with pictures of her in a bit) I need to reunite 600 to cover her surgery/medications/stay over there. From what the doc explained they will have to remove her entire mammary gland (all of it), to avoid more cysts to appear in the future.

Ok, now about the commissions:

Prices starting at $50USD.

Prices start at 50$ for anything and it can be more than one commission too BUT…here’s the first but; you can ask me to draw more than one commission for you as long as you toss in an extra, whatever you consider fair and that can help to achieve the goal (limit its 2 per person). Payment will be 100% up front to my paypal account naherrera.ilus@gmail.com, this means that I get the money first and you get the work when I finish it :).

Why Im asking for 100% payment up front? 

For the simple reason that some people has asked me to do commissions and they didnt pay me EVER! :(

I will be here, waiting for your messages 24/7 (mostly that amount of time, I have problems to sleep so Im mostly here)  ANYTHING FOR THE PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really would like to be able to pay all this without having to ask for help, but recent events (my father died and I’ve had to help out throwing all the savings I had to cover some things) left me without money.

So please, if you can’t commission me you can still help me out :), My puppy and  I will appreciate greatly if you reblog this and pass it along.



I usually find it hard seeing any old pictures of myself because I place them with my old identity, masculinity, my birth name (the old me) but in reality there is no old me I’m me. I’m growing and changing like everyone else. I now look in the eyes of my young self and see a happy little girl, who used to love drawing, dancing and playing with dolls and after years of pain if anything I wish to be more like my young self. I look and say I’m doing it for you. #transisbeautiful #3monthsonhormones

i need to share this

ok so my 11 years cousin, lets call her M, passed by with her dad and he was downstair drinking coffee and M and i were in my room. she was showing me pics of her dogs and i noticed she had larry pictures on her camera roll!!!

mostly fetus larry so i asked her about it and she tells me she is a larry shipper and she thinks they are adorable. she is also in love with drag me down. 

and then she tells me she has realized she was homophobic and ignorant all her life (her actual words) about gay people, because she had learned from ppl around her throwing gay as an isult that being gay was bad and how her teacher is agaisnt same sex marriage. (i know wtf teacher). but then she came across larry and watched videos and stuff and saw how they look at each other and thought that couldnt be a bad thing?? and then well she used to web to learn more about same sex marriage in the us and why wasnt legal here and saw interviews about well known peruvian artits who speak in pro of same sex marriage and lgbtq+ rights and couldnt understand why some ppl are against love? and how sexual orientation didnt had anything to do with being a decent human being etc, like…. larry actually made my 11 years old cousin had that convo with me 5 minutes ago.??????? hello????? and we talked about stereotypes and how hurtful can they be and how not to take everything ppl say like a fact just because they are older than her, like she wants to think and form her own opinions??????

Mitski - Catfish and the Bottlemen and 9 More New Artists You Need to Know

She Says: “I’d never screamed in the studio before doing ‘Drunk Walk Home,’ but it just felt right for the song. I remember I did an initial take of screams and they were pretty tame because I was shy, and then the recording engineer stood up and said, 'Let me try,’ and did a set of screams that were better, and I was like, 'Oh, OK fucker, watch this,’ and did the screams on the record. I’m easily coerced by competition.”

i was named one of rolling stone’s 10 New Artists You Need to Know