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beth today i accidentally hit my crush in the face with a hat and idk if he heard me say sorry and i feel bad and embarrassed

ok first of all, i need the full picture ok. why was there a hat? who’s hat was it? did you throw the hat, or were you swinging it, or playing like throw-the-hat-at-the-cutie???? also do u think it hurt them????? were they pissed? did hey laugh it off? i need details friend i want to immerse myself in this situation as though i was actually there!!!!

honestly don’t worry b i have done FAR more embarrassing things u ain’t gotta worry 💕

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[cowgirl Cynthia and Butterfly Fairy Lucina showing off their cute lil costumes]

[Maribelle decided the theme here, obviously,]

[this is here so you can see lil Morgan in that cute bat costume]



I had costumes and nonsense planned for everyone and I’ll probably draw more eventually but here is what I did work on!!

BTS reaction to them accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O

Thanks for the request! We hope you like it <3 


You’re not home enough anymore, with your america and Australia tour I feel like you’re never home” You quietly said to Jin after he had noticed something was wrong and forced a reason out of you, 

What do you expect Y/N? It’s my job, of course I’m gonna be away for long periods of time! I told you that when we first started dating!” He scoffed

I know! I just…I just didn’t expect you to be away from home that much.” You meekly spoke “I miss you a lot when you’re away

I miss you too, but I’m not sure why now, as all you do when I get home is nag!  I’m glad to be away from you now when I next go back on tour!” He shouted.

You took a step back, hurt beaming in your eyes, “I didn’t know you felt that way, I’m sorry.” You whispered

No,no, no. It’s be who should apologise, I shouldn’t have said that, I was way out of line, I love you more than you’ll ever know! I should be grateful I have someone like you to care about me.” He spoke and you nodded your head in agreement 

Listen, how about today hang out, just the two of us and take lots of pictures for you to look at when I’m next on tour so we don’t miss each other as much, ok?

Ok” you smiled “oh, and by the way, I love you too” 

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All he ever does is work on his music’ you thought to yourself, you thought he needed a break so you quickly got some food together and went over to his studio, and there he was silently bopping his head to a new track he was working on. 

  You knocked on the door and he quickly whipped his head around to face you, “Hey, Y/N what are you doing here? I’m busy” he spoke in a harsh tone 

Yeah, I know, I came here to bring you some food so you can take a break.” 

He let out a sigh “Listen, I’m not in the mood right now, just leave the food here and go.”

You shook your head and walked over to his desk putting the bag of food down waiting for him to eat, “Did you not hear me Y/N? I told you to leave! Are you deaf or something?! No, maybe your just stupid and annoying!” He shouted

You flinched at his words and left the room without saying another word. It wasn’t until you got home when you noticed you had been crying the whole way home, which would explain the sympathetic or weird looks you were getting on your way home. 

You must have been home for less than 30 minutes when you heard your front door open and close, you looked up and saw Yoongi standing there with a bouquet of your favourite flowers, “I’m so so so so sorry Y/N I didn’t mean what I said, you’re no where near stupid, you’re the most caring girlfriend ever and I’m the stupid one for saying that.” 

You smiled at his words while he wiped away your tears “I ordered some takeout for us, so get changed into your pyjamas and we can snuggle and chat all night? OK?” 

You softly giggled while nodding your head and swiftly got up to changer your clothes, excited to be spending a lot of time with Yoongi.

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Rap Monster

You had noticed that he spends 10x more time with his group than he did with you, he’s the leader so it’s his job to spend a lot of time with the other members, which you understand but that doesn’t mean you were too happy about it, you wanted as much time with Namjoon as his members got, on one of his rare occasions home, you told him you needed to talk to him and that’s how ended up in this predicament,

Listen, Joon, I, uh, I want to talk to you about something.” To say he looked worried after you said that was an understatement, “I was um, wondering, if you could, um, maybe hang out with me a bit more than you do with the boys, we haven’t spent a full day together for months, and I feel like we’re drifting apart.” 

He looked down to the floor and back up, looking at you in disgust “Y/N! What are you talking about?! I’m their leader! We’re like brothers of course I spend time with them! I also like them a hell of a lot more than I like you!” 

His words shocked you more than anyone could possibly think, your eyes full of hurt, just as a tear was about to escape you heard him sigh, “Y/N, I… I didn’t mean that, I’ve just been so stressed lately, with the comeback looming closer and closer I just thought you’d understand more that I need to be with them more than ever right now,” you were about to chime in saying you did understand but he kept on talking. “Please just remember but i love you a lot and nothing will change that and we’ll never ever drift apart ok? I’m sorry for making you feel that way, I love you so much.

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J Hope 

You and your boyfriend Hoseok were out shopping for a dress for your friends wedding. You had tried on numerous of dresses, none suiting your style or the dress code. 

You were currently in the dressing room trying on the dress you thought was perfect but when you walked out Hoseok had a less than impressed look on his face, 

That’s not the one” he blatantly said 

Really? How come? I thought this one was perfect” 

He scoffed “I don’t know if you’re joking or not, it’s obviously not the right dress” 

I’m 100% serious. Why don’t you like it?” 

It makes you look a little pudgy that’s all” he explained

Oh” was all you could say as you walked back into the dressing room, you took the dress off, letting tears silently fall down your face. 

Does he think I’m fat?’ You thought to yourself, you sat on the stool crying to yourself. 

You must have been in there a long while as you heard a faint knock at the dressing room door,

Y/N, are you ok? You’ve been in there for a while now.” You heard your boyfriend say, you quickly wiped your eyes and replied with “yeah, don’t worry, I’m fine” 

He sighed, “Y/N I can hear in your voice that you’ve been crying, please let me in” 

You quietly got up and opened the door to your worried looking boyfriend, 

Y/N! What’s wrong?! Why have you been crying? Did I say anything?” 

You nodded your head and he quickly pulled you into a hug “Is it what I said about you being pudgy?” You nodded again “Awww, Y/N I didn’t mean it, truth be told I thought you looked amazing in it, too amazing” You looked up at him with confusion, “If I looked amazing in the dress then why did you say I looked fat?” 

I didn’t want other guys to see you in that dress” he sighed “I know it’s stupid but it’s true, but now I think you should get it, you look genuinely beautiful in it and I can’t wait to show other guys how lucky I am to have such a beautiful girlfriend.

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You walked into your bedroom where you found your boyfriend standing in front of the mirror critiquing himself, 

Hey baby, what are you doing?” 

Be honest Y/N do you think I’ve gained any weight recently?” His question took you by surprise

What? No of course not!” 

What would you know?” He scoffed “You don’t know anything, do you?” His words laced with anger

His angry words took you by surprise “I guess not” you quietly said as you walked out of your bedroom into your living room to cool off before you say something you regret.

It had been a couple of hours when Jimin walked into the living room with red eyes and a sniffy nose “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lash out like that” He apologised, 

It’s ok, come here” you motioned for him to come over to where you were sitting and you quickly engulfed him into a hug, “Why do you think you’ve gained weight?” 

Because I was looking on twitter and a lot of people say I’ve gained weight and I was beginning to think they were right.” he sniffed 

You haven’t gained weight, but even if you have it’s no big deal, it’s perfectly ok to fluctuate in weight and there’s nothing wrong with it ok?”  

He softly nodded “Ok

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You entered your apartment, the one you shared with your boyfriend of 2 years, he was a godsend, most days but today was one of the days when just got on your nerves. It was eerily silent when you walked in which was really strange considering whenever you got home he’d shower you with lovely greetings. You took off your shoes and you got suspicious when you saw his shoes also by the door, so you knew he was home but where was he?  ‘Maybe he’s taking a nap you thought to yourself’.

You quietly tiptoed throughout your apartment being careful incase he was indeed asleep. You slowly opened the door to the living room when a all you felt was cold water pouring onto you “WHAT THE-TAE!!!” You screamed while he stood their laughing like there was no tomorrow. 

You should see your face Y/N it’s honestly a picture right now” He continued laughing. 

THIS ISN’T FUNNY TAE” you shouted to him. His face fell when he realised you didn’t see the funniness in his ‘prank’ 

God Y/N get a sense of humour, it was just a joke why do you always have to be a downer? God” He said to you bumping our shoulder as he left the room, you just sighed to yourself quickly finding a towel to dry yourself off, you felt a bit bad as he didn’t mean any harm by it, it really was just a harmless prank. 

You were about to open your bedroom door when it swung open revealing Taehyung “I’m sorry” you both said in unison. You both let out a little giggle, “You go first” he said, 

you nodded “I’m sorry for not finding the prank funny, I just wasn’t expecting it,that’s all” he then nodded 

I get it, I’m sorry Y/N, it was a childish prank and I wasn’t thinking at all, you probably had a stressful day at work you didn’t need this” 

You pulled him into a big hug rubbing his back “It’s ok, I forgive you” 

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You had woken up at around 3am to see that a) you had fallen asleep on your sofa and b) that your boyfriend Jungkook was still awake and was still working, you shook you hair and slowly got up to go to your actual bed but before you left your living room you spoke up to Jungkook “Hey Kook, why don’t we both go to bed now?” 

He looked up at you not realising you had awoken “I didn’t know you were awake, you go to bed, I’ll be there soon” 

Why don’t you just come now? With me.” 

I still haven’t finished what I’m doing here, don’t you listen? I can’t just get up and leave my work.” He stated “like I said, just go to bed” He spoke with an annoyed tone. 

You mumbled a slight ‘ok’ and then walked into your bedroom and fell asleep straight after your head hit the pillow. 

You were awoken the next morning by Jungkook holding a tray full of food, “here I made you this to apologise for me being grumpy last night, works just stressful is all” 

You nodded your head understandingly “I get it, but if it gets really stressful you can tell me about it ok? Instead of bottling it up and lashing out at people” 

He then nodded as a reply “I definitely will from now on, I’m so lucky to have you in my life, I love you” 

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Sincerely Three: Thigh Riding Headcannons

A/N: so hey it me , mod kali :) this is my first writing post on here aw :) i’m a straight sinner and i have a Thigh Riding Kink ™ so i figured “why not contribute” :) hope u enjoy babies !! requests r open <333 lemme know if u want these expanded into separate imagines ! also……  lets pretend all my typos r ironic :)


request something here :)




•picture this

•you’re straddling Connor’s lap making out right

•things r getting Pretty Heated and you’re getting Pretty Horny

•you’re literally BEGGING for friction at this point, you’re whimpering quietly and your body is trembling. you’re panting like crazy and your kisses are hot and wet.

•Connor is like squeezing at ur sides n pinching ur skin a lil but that’s IT. n u need more.

•so u take matters into ur own hands

•you start like grinding yourself on his leg and when the first wave of pleasure hits , you gasp causing you to open your mouth wider

•Connor INSTANTLY knows What The Fuck Is Going On

•i hc Connor dom because i Mean

•so in that moment his thought process is “do i give it to her or make her beg for it??”

•but he’s loves you and thinks ur hot as fuck so he gives it to u

•he bites ur lip and pulls at at and is smirking at you , but he doesn’t say anything

•he just shifts his leg so it’s at a higher degree and better angle so you can get urself off better

•woah degree and angle what is this my precalc class

•tugs on your hips a lot harder and is pushing you down onto his leg , helping to move ur body

•both of ur paces pick up the closer u get

•little grunts of “yeah, u like that baby?” n “does that make u feel good?” but otherwise he’s not all that vocal w this

•emphasis on my “w this” but that’s another story :)

• n.e way

• when u do cum he helps u ride out ur high

• “that’s it baby” “made u feel so good, huh?” “u love when i get u off like this, don’t u babe?”

•wow I love Connor Murphy


•rlly innocent ok

•well no

•lemme explain

•so 1 I hc Evan to be like kinda submissive but Hey That’s Just Me

• so u guys r hanging out together right like maybe in his room just enjoying each other’s company right

•n evan is chilling idk probs reading a book abt trees

•and u?

•ur tryna get dicked the fuck down

•ur super horny and tbh u don’t even know why but what u DO know is that u need to get off

•so ur like “….ev”

•and he’s like “yes love?”

•and ur kinda embarrassed bc y'all rlly haven’t done much with each other other than make out a few times right

•so ur blushing and pulling at the hem of ur shirt

•and he’s like “u know u can tell me anything!! r u okay what’s wrong what happened omgomgkkgkfkf”

•and like I can picture u just looking him in the eyes n biting ur lip n kinda whimpering n he’s like “o”

•and ur like “if ur uncomfortable we don’t have to do anything i’ll b okay”

•n he’s like “no I wanna help u………….feel…good”


•so u crawl over to where he is on the bed and u straddle his thigh and ur both so BLUSHY and EMBARRASSED

•u place his hands on ur hips n r like “follow my lead”

•he gives u a sheepish look n squeezed ur hips a little

•so u start moving right

•and a lil whimper comes out bc it feels so good like this is Just What You Needed

•and boy…….he did not know he could get that turned on

•seeing u like that? on his lap? getting urself off on his leg?

•he’s living his best life

•he starts like moving u along his leg and shifts so u can get better friction

•eventually as u get closer he wants to like be closer to u

•takes 1 hand off ur waist n brings it to ur face and cups it lightly n brings u down to meet his lips

•y'all make out very heatedly while continuing the thought riding until u cum

•cuddles afterwards :)



•yall are at home watching a movie or something

•You’re Sitting On His Lap

•ur also wearing these super thin shorts so that’s what Sparks this idea

•it started with soft movements like you turning to nuzzle into him or shifting to get more comfy

•and then it became more obvious

•jared said HOld THE FuCK UP bc u already knew it was his kink so this man was getting as hard as a rock

•but all he could do for a straight fuckin MINUTE was watch you move

•he’s like kinda shocked and also like rlly turned on u know

•his cocky ass starts bouncing his leg continuously

• but once u get really into it and are getting closer u get he just stops

•”aren’t you watching the movie babe? this is the best part!” his voice is super low and you can hear the teasing in it

•you whine at him but u keep grinding on him bc ur not playin

•as u two get more into it he grips your hips reAL tight with one hand and is helping u move

•his hands travel up ur body

•cups ur thighs first , then trail up to your stomach, then your breasts, and does the THING where his fingers circle your lips , and then slip inside

•he totally gets off on u sucking his fingers hnggggg

•pops those shits in and says “suck.”

•u do


•”just like that, ride my thigh” “are you having fun?” “rub down on me baby” “cum for me”

•he’d reach down and start rubbing you through your shorts while you rocked your hips

•both of u guys r complete n utter MESSES

•panting and groaning and whining and moaning

•GROWLING omg imagine Jared growling I’m sweating

•what the Fuck

•110% would lead to yall fucking

On Edge - Part 2 - Request

Requested by anon:  Can you make a heated sherlock imagine where he hasn’t had a case in a while but hasn’t been able to go to the drug dens or smoke because of Y/N so he takes out his frustration on her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (doesn’t have to be smut but it could be real HEATED)

And the bunch of people who asked for a sequel.

Summary: Sherlock has no cases and John forbid him to smoke. (Y/N) continues to mock him about it, without telling him where his cigarettes are, which leads Sherlock to find other ways to take out his frustration and, at the same time, showing her what it’s like to be on edge.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: Smut - edging, fingering, teasing, oral (male receiving), unprotected (wrap it up, guys), rough -, dominant!Sherlock

Word count: 2,164

A/N: Such a long time since I wrote the first part… Wow.


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| Part 1 |

“Don’t tell John, he’ll kill me if he knows I’m supporting your addiction.” Sherlock turned his cigarette on with a lighter he had on his shirts pockets.

“I feel like my addictions are changing.” He muttered.

(Y/N) shifted slowly, changing the weight of his body from one foot to the other and looked away. Sherlock noticed how bothered she was, yet she looked so sensual, standing there and looking like a stranger. A Greek goddess in a sea of British culture.

She was staring at him, expectantly. Waiting for him to stop smoking in order to pay his full attention back at her.

Sherlock bit his lip at the thought – the memory – of her flustered face buried on his pillows, squirming under his body. “Oh, screw this.” Sherlock mumbled, throwing the cigarette out of the window before pushing (Y/N) to the wall.

He kissed her as if it was the last time he would see her, making sure to put the right pressure between her legs. Feeling how his own body started to react back at her.

“Thank God John’s on holiday.” Sherlock whispered, “We are going to be very busy, my dear.”

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.:BTS as Mysme Characters:.

Sooo… I’m trash and I’m pretty sure admin Eileen is going to lecture me later but who cares :) She loves me :D (?) Please deal with me, this is the only thing I can do to forget that tomorrow I have to go to school again… *Sigh…*

And then I remembered that the first time Leen played it she told me that she felt like she was in a chatroom with Bangtan soooo, yes


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  • Okay so
  • Do I even need to explain?
  • Both of the are narcissists so yes
  • Both of them are handsome
  • And also they both can sing
  • And act (Well I know Jin hasn’t been in any drama but I think he’ll do well deal with it)
  • Probably the others won’t say anything to him tho
  • Because mom Jin would let them starve to death if they do lol
  • Imagine Jin saying the cheesy lines of Zen tho
  • “Ah, how can you be so cute? If you continue being like this, the beast is going to come out”
  • “But Jin I only said hi–”

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  • Okay I know this may be a little cliché?
  • Like yeah, they’re both the youngest of the group 
  • but hear me out
  • Imagine that instead of not having gf for being a game addict
  • He does play videogames but he isn’t as addict as Yoosung
  • he doesn’t have one because he’s scared of girls
  • oml the best
  • yes I know he had a gf before chill ppl
  • So we know this lil bunny is actually a cinnamon roll
  • And super shy with girls, so cute isn’t he?
  • but then yANDERE JUNGKOOK
  • I don’t even know what I’m saying now forgive me ppl
  • “Uhm… Who were you talking with before I called?”
  • “There have been times I had to squeeze my pillow out of jealousy… You didn’t know that, right?”
  • “Are you worrying about me? Don’t worry! I’m a man, I can… Call the police right away”
  • I’m trash help

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Jaehee/Rap Monster:

Originally posted by jinkooks

  • Y’all thought I wasn’t going to compare Jaehee with anyone?
  • Okay sooo
  • Intelligence? Check
  • Hard-working? Check
  • Mom nature? more likely Dad nature
  • Maturity? Check
  • Fan of Jin? DOUBLE CHECK
  • Ahem
  • So yes, he’s a fanboy of Jin but in a HEALTHY WAY LIKE JAEHEE
  • He doesn’t have tons of posters or his cd’s or his dvd’s nu
  • what u talking about
  • Ok, let’s say he has them
  • Yes, he’s a slave of some grumpy boy whose name I ain’t saying continue yet pleaaseee

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Originally posted by bwiseoks

  • Okay we know Yoongi is actually a dork
  • But really, imagine him taking the place of Jumin
  • When he’s working he’s a workaholic 
  • The main reason as to why he’s rich(?)
  • I need a picture of Suga with Elly, please
  • The only difference is that he can’t fight with Jin
  • His jokes are strange as well, so yes
  • Also the savages moments omg
  • “I don’t get fan letters like you do…”
  • “That’s less likely than Jin getting a girlfriend”
  • Also poor Namjoon that has to do everything he says… Whew…

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  • I kind of wanted to put V and V together lmao but they’re so different that I had to stop myself from doing so
  • Again, do I need to explain?
  • Just look at his red hair, that’s enough
  • lmao but seriously
  • They’re “strange” in the eyes of their group
  • In a good way ofc
  • They get used to it too
  • Imagine Taehyung eating Honey butter chips while hacking
  • if that ain’t something I want to see then idk what it is
  • He’s so kind deep inside like 707
  • And I’m not saying anything more because I want this to be spoiler free

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V/Jimin: (Spoilers? A bit…)

Originally posted by kths

  • So let’s see
  • These two are too beautiful for life
  • They both would let others do anything to them
  • Even more for love
  • Imagine Jimin taking pictures too
  • I cri
  • Their soft hearts are so alike so I had to put him there
  • I still can’t believe V’s end tho…

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  • Ok, so I can see everyone’s faces right now
  • “wtf why is Hobi unknown????”
  • So considering the past of the Choi’s twins
  • Saeran used to be really soft and weak in his body
  • But he was still trying to have hope in life
  • u see what I did there
  • Jokes aside, Saeran only became rude and aggressive because of the things Rika did to him
  • So yes, it’d be the same for Hobi
  • Also V-Hope amarite
  • Imagine Hobi being so hurt because of these things
  • Actually nvm don’t imagine it, it hurts lmao
  • “I’m going to corrupt you…”
  • You already did u sexy sunshine dancing machine why

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Admin Miyu (U guys can reblog and tell me how you would put them too! I’m tired, gotta go now)

Monsta X Wonho| Boyfriend AU

omg did you see the pictures of the Wonslut in Dallas?  Literally that was all it took for me to get the inspiration to write this, like goddamn I’m not even into buff guys (I prefer them tall and a little lanky tbh), but like nooooooooooo he just needs to chill ok?



  • Such a soft and loving boyfriend tbh.
  • I feel like Hoseok is very best friend boyfriendy if you know what I’m saying?
  •  like not only is he your boyfriend, but he’s also your best friend.
  • He’s such a gym hunk, he loves working out, and loves it even more when you come to the gym with him.
  • Let’s be real, the gym freaking sucks, some people just look amazing while working out, like their sweat just illuminates the whole experience *cough cough* Hoseok, but for you, a normal human being, it can be torture.
  • Hoseok always asks for you to accompany him to the gym and the only reason he actually manages to convince you to come with him sometimes is because he pulls some aegyo on you, and literally how low can he go?  How dirty can he play? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) very low very dirty
  • , but most of the time you go to the gym with him and don’t even work out, you just sit in the corner on your phone, watching your boyfriend when he does the bench press, occasionally being his motivator.
  • It makes Hoseok feel manly when you watch him work out.  He even goes so far as to push himself a little harder when you’re around.
  • Gets such a kick out of showing you his muscles.
  • “Which way’s the beach?  This way.” *Flexes biceps*
  • Sometimes when Hoseok does push ups in the living room you koala his back, and he doesn’t even seem affected by your extra weight on him!
  • Hoseok’s face is so red and puffy in the morning when he wakes up you can’t help but lean over and kiss his face all over.  When you do this he pulls you close into a bear hug and rolls over so that he’s on top of you.
  • He’ll put all of his weight on you just to be annoying or until you push him off, then you guys snooze through your alarm together.
  • He constantly seems amazed that when you wake up in the morning you look just as good as you do when you fall asleep, like how does someone so beautiful exist?  How is he the lucky man that gets to see their shining face in the morning?  To be their boyfriend?
  • LOVES taking baths with you.  He’s already a bathtime enthusiast, always coming home with bags of new bath bombs, oils, and epsom salts, why wouldn’t he want his favorite person there with him?
  • He’s not even looking for sex bathtime is just his relaxation time, and with you in there with him… all up against each other… naked… ok it may be about sex just a little bit.
  • Whenever you hang out with friends together Hoseok always has you sitting on his lap.  He practically cages you in with his arms.
  • Very protective of you, but not overly jealous, he trusts you with all his heart but not so much other men.  He might be the kind to linger around you if you go to a club or something together but it’s not that bad.
  • Like when he noticed you becoming closer friends to Minhyuk, and that his friend had started to playfully put arms around your shoulders and punch you in the arm he jumped in.  
  •   he was actually really mature about it, like he sat you down and told you that though he trusted you with all his soul, it just made him a little uneasy seeing you act so close to Minhyuk.
  • He did the same with Minhyuk, but it went a little more like this:
  •   “Mini, you know Y/N’s mine.  Stop being all touchy touchy.”
  •   “Hyung, I literally just called her dudebro and pushed her for saying the word litimous.”
  •   “Either way I respect your friendship but keep boundaries.”
  •   “Hoseok Hyung she’s literally trying to hook me up with one of her friends tonight.”
  •   “Like I said.”
  • Lots of hugs afterwards by both parties.
  • I swear though if another man went so far as to try and touch your butt or something he would roar.
  • Learn from your mistakes, NEVER EVER WATCH BAMBI WITH THIS BOY.
  • ,  poor angel cried so hard, you had to pause the movie he was sobbing so much.  His face got all red and swollen, and he wrapped himself around you in the fetal position.  He wheezed and shook for what seemed to be like an hour, and all you could do was sit there and try your best to comfort him.
  • , Somehow this never stops him from wanting to keep watching sad movies though, like the Lion King, he always wants to watch the Lion King baby boy.
  • If you bring this boy to the pool or beach, just prepare yourself to be thrown into the water, he WILL use his strength against you and drag you into the water.
  • Definitely the kind to want to draw in the sand or make a sand castle.
  • I don’t see Hoseok as someone who wants to get a pet right away, like he’s in a stable point in his life, he has a great amazing career and an even more fantastic home life with his girl.  HE’S FINANCIALLY STABLE.  But like still he doesn’t want to accept the responsibility of caring for another creature yet like omg what if he doesn’t have the time for both you and a puppy?  Like fish are enough work as is.  Also he doesn’t know if he could handle it when it dies like omg BAMBI!!! REMEMBER BAMBI?!?
  • Still definitely wants something in the future though, like a bunny or kitten
  • Very VERY good with his fingers, if you know what I mean
  • You could just be having a bad day or something, maybe you don’t even feel that we’ll, and you’re just laying on the couch wrapped in a blanket or something and he’ll just lay down with you, snuggle his face into your neck.
  • He’ll reach down innocently and unbutton your pants, Hoseok won’t bother trying to tease you when you’re like this, he’ll go right to pumping his fingers in and out of you, curling them all in the right places.
  • Even if you felt gross in the beginning, Hoseok’s fingers always seem to make you feel better, and he isn’t one to care if you were on your period or not.
  •  he’s almost always the one to start something, like he’ll just start rubbing your thighs in the middle of a movie or playfully whine until you pay attention to him.
  • Loves to bite your lip.
  • Loves it even more when you bite his.
  • Boobs >>>>> Butt, well he likes both, but your butt is kind just more playful to him lol.  Like you’ll be hanging out alone and he’ll pretend they’re bongos or something.
  • He’ll smile and giggle and get all laughy and stuff.
  • When he eats you out, GOD BLESS YOU LUCKY FOOL, he’ll reach up under your top and roughly grab at your breasts, pulling them out of your shirt.
  • Hoseok eats you out like your life depends on it, sucking hard and licking your thighs in between.  He starts pushing his fingers into you when he senses you’re close to orgasm.
  • To him it’s all about what leads up to sex that makes it so good, so he goes all out for foreplay.
  • When you go down on him, Hoseok bunches all your hair in his fist or pulls in back into a ponytail.  He’ll hold the sides of your face, your cheekbones, your jaw, guiding you down onto him.
  • He’s a little forceful tbh, like it’s not the most enjoyable if you’re not so into that kind of thing, but if he understands that you would be more willing to give him head if he was more gentle he’d compromise for you.
  • As for the main course… it’s usually fast not going to lie.
  • Hoseok goes hard on foreplay so by the time you are actually doing it you are both a little worn out and more sensitive.
  •   that’s not saying it still isn’t good!!!
  • Though Hoseok may not be so into marriage or anything, he definitely doesn’t want whatever you two have together to die.  He loves you and still wants to spend his life with you.
  • He’ll probably consider marriage more seriously if you want it really badly or if and when you get pregnant (not for a long ass time hopefully), he does know that he wants children, and he understands how difficult it can be to have a none conventional home situation, so in that case you two will already practically be married, so maybe why not just have it actually happen?
  • It all depends on circumstance though.

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New Beginnings Part 7

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 6,167

Warnings:  Swearing, Angst, Fluff, Scary Themes

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: After your grandparents pass away, you find out they leave everything to you, including a large sum of money.  Deciding to take the advice of your grandparents, you live your life to the fullest; which means moving to Boston and bumping into Chris Evans.

“Chris” you whispered as you saw him march towards you; his face a mixture of sadness and concern for you. He knelt down in front of you, taking your face in his hands.

“Sweetheart what happened? Are you ok?” he urged as his firm hands tilted your head around gently, making sure you were unharmed.  

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emoji review: octopus

needs more sleep, looks anxious. are you ok little friend? 3/5

a very pretty friend! very artistic! very symmetrical! 4/5

cursed 0/5

so cute! so realistic! looks like a droopy stuffed animal. wonderful, whimsical. 4/5

what has he seen? what has he done? i do not trust him but he deserves help 3/5

that is an alien. 5/5

dead eyes. screaming, puckered mouth. limp noodles. a nightmare the likes of which we will never be free from. 2/5

an angular boy! a beautiful boy! a wonderful boy! and he loves to pose for pictures! 5/5

high femme 10/10

a little anxious but reaching out to make a new friend. 4/5

this is what lives in your shower drain. this is what you must not let escape. 0/5

knows secrets which must never be spoken. has seen those that no longer exist. is the origin of the nightmare. loves to give hugs. 5/5

favourite pictures of your bias tag

I was tagged a long time ago by @daengerous-af Thank you for the tag I’m sorry it took so long!

I’ll tag @layseungri @ygbias @craftywhispersinternet @ishar @xxjebbiechanxx @praisethepopeseungri @todaetbh @daniellefuller  You don’t have to if you don’t want to or if you’ve already done it

anonymous asked:

just found out that daniel has thigh tattoos. im shook and in need of more detailed photos sooo i need your help 💕

Kxhxjanjd what you think I have some kind of back catalogue of daniel ricciardo’s thigh tattoos????

ok so first you got the big whopper ‘no regrets only memories’

then obv also visible here is the lady racer

then there’s one on the back of a snake and an eagle (s/o will buxton for giving me the inside scoop on that one bcos I don’t think there’s a good picture showing the full piece?? Idk)

and now he got the flower too

is that all of them??? who knows

he also got like a compass one on his ankle

oh and  my name on his ass (probably)

Word Count: 706

Triggers: None

Requested by Anonymous

“We are not keeping it.”

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(Ik I haven’t posted fanfic in a while, but, I just rewatched Rick & Morty and aaaa. I’m also tagging Jack bc I feel like he needs to see this. @therealjacksepticeye )

(The pictures are just to see a mental picture and such– also more proof)

So, here’s a bit of information.
Rick has traveled to many, /many/ different worlds, correct? Correct. Meaning, he- Rick C-137- has traveled to other dimensions and such. Clear enough? Ok, good.
Now, remember that one episode where Morty had a potion (S1; Rick Potion #9; EP6)
And, Y'know the world got all destroyed and such? Alright, so they- Rick- looked for a different dimension, where Rick didn’t give Morty the Potion, and went about their day– but they ended up exploding, therefore Rick And Morty taking ‘their’ place. The reason I explain this, is because, Rick travels to so many different dimensions, that he forgets which Dimension he’s exactly in. Don’t believe me? Take this.

lets go back to where they were dropping Jerry off at A Jerry Daycare. Now, the red circle shows what’s Jerrys dimension. Rick put now N/A, meaning he doesn’t know exactly what dimension he’s in right now (with Morty) and of course, the blue circle is what dimension Rick is from.
Got it so far??
Alright good good.
Now, remember C-137;;
As the episode goes on, towards the end, Rick and Morty go back for their Jerry.
Consulting another Rick and Morty asking if they killed anybody. That rick then responded with(something along the lines of); “We spent the whole day at Blitz and Chips!” (This tells us that those different dimension Rick And Morty just stayed at B&C.)
When they do get Jerry, another Rick and Morty ask if they have Jerry #5126, the 'Original’ Morty doesn’t have the slip, and Rick doesn’t know so he simply traded Jerrys and walked off.

Now if we go back to where Rick was filling out the paperwork and then the slip was given to Morty. You can clearly see that the slip reads “#5126”

Meaning that at the end of that episode where a Rick asked the supposed 'Original’ Rick, if he had Jerry #5126, that Rick that asked the supposed 'Original’ Rick, IS ACTUALLY RICK C-137.
So, the theory is, that, what if we really aren’t following 'Rick C-137’?
And what was Rick C-137 and Morty C-137 doing while we were watching different a Rick and Morty?

anonymous asked:

Pros and cons of dating Daniel?

MY BIAS HDWIHDOIWUD this may or may not turn out to be an essay lmao


  • his smile hiS SMILE EEE
  • his eyes will curl up whenever he smiles and its literally the most beautiful eye smile in the world i tell you 
  • whenever you say something whether its a compliment about him or something cute he’d chuckle and wow his eyesmile 
  • sexy and cute at the same time you’ve got the best of both worlds 
  • when he gazes at u intensely making u all sweaty and nervous s a v e m e
  • you supporting daniel at b-boying and dance competitions 
  • whenever he wins something in his thank you speech he’d proudly thank you and then smile real big cos he gets embarrassed but is super happy at the same time 
  • now LET ME SAY HIS SHOULDERS are as board as the pacific ocean 
  • cuddling up to him and leaning against his shoulders on the bus soooo comfy 
  • dont forget those abs guys
  • a real gentleman too and very sweet to your parents 
  • opens the door for you, pays on dates, surprises you with cat keyrings and cat plushies
  • walking ??? cats together 
  • visiting cat cafes together and staying til closing time 
  • volunteering at animal shelters together 
  • in honesty tho he’s a very caring and lovely person and will do all that he can to care for you and make sure you’re happy 
  • i feel like he would take relationships seriously and pour his all into it 
  • also very sweet and humble like hes not the type to go on blabbing about his achievements
  • puts your needs and others before his and just genuinely wants to be helpful 
  • binge watching harry pote together
  • having competitions to see who has a better british accent with ong as the judge lmao 
  • ong thirdwheeling and taking pictures for you two lovebirds 
  • omg and he would always lend you his jumpers, hoodies and plaids
  • and he loves it when you wear his clothes 
  • ok i’ll stop tho i have 2189301 more things i wanna say tbh


  • ong and woojin will probs tease u guys so much 
  • he might be a bit scary when he’s angry 
  • i honestly think he really puts others before himself so he might hide it when things get hard for him :((

other wanna one members: minhyun (x), sungwoon (x), jihoon (x)

me? obsessed with dan and phil’s fashion potential despite the fact both of them wear the same things everywhere? it’s more likely than you think

please don’t re-post without credit! thanks!