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Ok y'all with the David/Jenelle abuse nonsense. Jenelle isn't beating the hell out of her kids nor do I think David is. They're more of the leave the baby crying in her crib for hours in a piss diaper and then finally changing her when they feel like it lazy. Forget to feed kaiser lunch and throw him fruit snacks lazy. They're bad parents but you don't need to go scrutinizing pictures for random bruises to prove it

I think so too.

emoji review: octopus

needs more sleep, looks anxious. are you ok little friend? 3/5

a very pretty friend! very artistic! very symmetrical! 4/5

cursed 0/5

so cute! so realistic! looks like a droopy stuffed animal. wonderful, whimsical. 4/5

what has he seen? what has he done? i do not trust him but he deserves help 3/5

that is an alien. 5/5

dead eyes. screaming, puckered mouth. limp noodles. a nightmare the likes of which we will never be free from. 2/5

an angular boy! a beautiful boy! a wonderful boy! and he loves to pose for pictures! 5/5

high femme 10/10

a little anxious but reaching out to make a new friend. 4/5

this is what lives in your shower drain. this is what you must not let escape. 0/5

knows secrets which must never be spoken. has seen those that no longer exist. is the origin of the nightmare. loves to give hugs. 5/5

.:BTS as Mysme Characters:.

Sooo… I’m trash and I’m pretty sure admin Eileen is going to lecture me later but who cares :) She loves me :D (?) Please deal with me, this is the only thing I can do to forget that tomorrow I have to go to school again… *Sigh…*

And then I remembered that the first time Leen played it she told me that she felt like she was in a chatroom with Bangtan soooo, yes


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  • Okay so
  • Do I even need to explain?
  • Both of the are narcissists so yes
  • Both of them are handsome
  • And also they both can sing
  • And act (Well I know Jin hasn’t been in any drama but I think he’ll do well deal with it)
  • Probably the others won’t say anything to him tho
  • Because mom Jin would let them starve to death if they do lol
  • Imagine Jin saying the cheesy lines of Zen tho
  • “Ah, how can you be so cute? If you continue being like this, the beast is going to come out”
  • “But Jin I only said hi–”

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  • Okay I know this may be a little cliché?
  • Like yeah, they’re both the youngest of the group 
  • but hear me out
  • Imagine that instead of not having gf for being a game addict
  • He does play videogames but he isn’t as addict as Yoosung
  • he doesn’t have one because he’s scared of girls
  • oml the best
  • yes I know he had a gf before chill ppl
  • So we know this lil bunny is actually a cinnamon roll
  • And super shy with girls, so cute isn’t he?
  • but then yANDERE JUNGKOOK
  • I don’t even know what I’m saying now forgive me ppl
  • “Uhm… Who were you talking with before I called?”
  • “There have been times I had to squeeze my pillow out of jealousy… You didn’t know that, right?”
  • “Are you worrying about me? Don’t worry! I’m a man, I can… Call the police right away”
  • I’m trash help

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Jaehee/Rap Monster:

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  • Y’all thought I wasn’t going to compare Jaehee with anyone?
  • Okay sooo
  • Intelligence? Check
  • Hard-working? Check
  • Mom nature? more likely Dad nature
  • Maturity? Check
  • Fan of Jin? DOUBLE CHECK
  • Ahem
  • So yes, he’s a fanboy of Jin but in a HEALTHY WAY LIKE JAEHEE
  • He doesn’t have tons of posters or his cd’s or his dvd’s nu
  • what u talking about
  • Ok, let’s say he has them
  • Yes, he’s a slave of some grumpy boy whose name I ain’t saying continue yet pleaaseee

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  • Okay we know Yoongi is actually a dork
  • But really, imagine him taking the place of Jumin
  • When he’s working he’s a workaholic 
  • The main reason as to why he’s rich(?)
  • I need a picture of Suga with Elly, please
  • The only difference is that he can’t fight with Jin
  • His jokes are strange as well, so yes
  • Also the savages moments omg
  • “I don’t get fan letters like you do…”
  • “That’s less likely than Jin getting a girlfriend”
  • Also poor Namjoon that has to do everything he says… Whew…

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  • I kind of wanted to put V and V together lmao but they’re so different that I had to stop myself from doing so
  • Again, do I need to explain?
  • Just look at his red hair, that’s enough
  • lmao but seriously
  • They’re “strange” in the eyes of their group
  • In a good way ofc
  • They get used to it too
  • Imagine Taehyung eating Honey butter chips while hacking
  • if that ain’t something I want to see then idk what it is
  • He’s so kind deep inside like 707
  • And I’m not saying anything more because I want this to be spoiler free

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V/Jimin: (Spoilers? A bit…)

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  • So let’s see
  • These two are too beautiful for life
  • They both would let others do anything to them
  • Even more for love
  • Imagine Jimin taking pictures too
  • I cri
  • Their soft hearts are so alike so I had to put him there
  • I still can’t believe V’s end tho…

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  • Ok, so I can see everyone’s faces right now
  • “wtf why is Hobi unknown????”
  • So considering the past of the Choi’s twins
  • Saeran used to be really soft and weak in his body
  • But he was still trying to have hope in life
  • u see what I did there
  • Jokes aside, Saeran only became rude and aggressive because of the things Rika did to him
  • So yes, it’d be the same for Hobi
  • Also V-Hope amarite
  • Imagine Hobi being so hurt because of these things
  • Actually nvm don’t imagine it, it hurts lmao
  • “I’m going to corrupt you…”
  • You already did u sexy sunshine dancing machine why

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ok so everyone knows dnp have two books ya?? a more booky book and a photobook. WELL my friends i have a grandiose idea!! USE DAPGO (dan and phil go outside) AS A REFERENCE BOOK!! it has hundreds (probably more like somewhere between 200-300) of pictures that you could use for anatomy/pose reference !! ive only done it a few times but as someone who needs a physical book to reference from and can’t really leave his house to go to a library or anything, it’s so so so helpful!! and if you cant afford it or dont have it and can use online sources, ask a friend who does have it to send you pictures or let you borrow it!!

i am willing to send people who are interested pictures of the pages!!

On Edge - Part 2 - Request

Requested by anon:  Can you make a heated sherlock imagine where he hasn’t had a case in a while but hasn’t been able to go to the drug dens or smoke because of Y/N so he takes out his frustration on her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (doesn’t have to be smut but it could be real HEATED)

And the bunch of people who asked for a sequel.

Summary: Sherlock has no cases and John forbid him to smoke. (Y/N) continues to mock him about it, without telling him where his cigarettes are, which leads Sherlock to find other ways to take out his frustration and, at the same time, showing her what it’s like to be on edge.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: Smut - edging, fingering, teasing, oral (male receiving), unprotected (wrap it up, guys), rough -, dominant!Sherlock

Word count: 2,164

A/N: Such a long time since I wrote the first part… Wow.


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| Part 1 |

“Don’t tell John, he’ll kill me if he knows I’m supporting your addiction.” Sherlock turned his cigarette on with a lighter he had on his shirts pockets.

“I feel like my addictions are changing.” He muttered.

(Y/N) shifted slowly, changing the weight of his body from one foot to the other and looked away. Sherlock noticed how bothered she was, yet she looked so sensual, standing there and looking like a stranger. A Greek goddess in a sea of British culture.

She was staring at him, expectantly. Waiting for him to stop smoking in order to pay his full attention back at her.

Sherlock bit his lip at the thought – the memory – of her flustered face buried on his pillows, squirming under his body. “Oh, screw this.” Sherlock mumbled, throwing the cigarette out of the window before pushing (Y/N) to the wall.

He kissed her as if it was the last time he would see her, making sure to put the right pressure between her legs. Feeling how his own body started to react back at her.

“Thank God John’s on holiday.” Sherlock whispered, “We are going to be very busy, my dear.”

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What I love about the “too soon” moment:

1. Steve must usually get invited to these things, and he must come (otherwise who cares if he’s on the guest list). And wow way to make it sound like a divorce or something, Happy. Ok but that’s the obvious one

2. Even more importantly Happy and FRIDAY are both concerned about Tony’s emotional state. FRIDAY to come to Happy first and Happy to be like, “nah, that probably wouldn’t be good for him.” I’m just so glad he’s finally people looking out for him when it comes to the little things. I mean Rhodey is always there to back him up but I feel that’s more in a big picture way, less in a check-over-the-party-guest-list kind of way, and everyone needs a bit of both. Idk it’s just so nice to see Tony having friends plural who care about how he feels.


(Ik I haven’t posted fanfic in a while, but, I just rewatched Rick & Morty and aaaa. I’m also tagging Jack bc I feel like he needs to see this. @therealjacksepticeye )

(The pictures are just to see a mental picture and such– also more proof)

So, here’s a bit of information.
Rick has traveled to many, /many/ different worlds, correct? Correct. Meaning, he- Rick C-137- has traveled to other dimensions and such. Clear enough? Ok, good.
Now, remember that one episode where Morty had a potion (S1; Rick Potion #9; EP6)
And, Y'know the world got all destroyed and such? Alright, so they- Rick- looked for a different dimension, where Rick didn’t give Morty the Potion, and went about their day– but they ended up exploding, therefore Rick And Morty taking ‘their’ place. The reason I explain this, is because, Rick travels to so many different dimensions, that he forgets which Dimension he’s exactly in. Don’t believe me? Take this.

lets go back to where they were dropping Jerry off at A Jerry Daycare. Now, the red circle shows what’s Jerrys dimension. Rick put now N/A, meaning he doesn’t know exactly what dimension he’s in right now (with Morty) and of course, the blue circle is what dimension Rick is from.
Got it so far??
Alright good good.
Now, remember C-137;;
As the episode goes on, towards the end, Rick and Morty go back for their Jerry.
Consulting another Rick and Morty asking if they killed anybody. That rick then responded with(something along the lines of); “We spent the whole day at Blitz and Chips!” (This tells us that those different dimension Rick And Morty just stayed at B&C.)
When they do get Jerry, another Rick and Morty ask if they have Jerry #5126, the 'Original’ Morty doesn’t have the slip, and Rick doesn’t know so he simply traded Jerrys and walked off.

Now if we go back to where Rick was filling out the paperwork and then the slip was given to Morty. You can clearly see that the slip reads “#5126”

Meaning that at the end of that episode where a Rick asked the supposed 'Original’ Rick, if he had Jerry #5126, that Rick that asked the supposed 'Original’ Rick, IS ACTUALLY RICK C-137.
So, the theory is, that, what if we really aren’t following 'Rick C-137’?
And what was Rick C-137 and Morty C-137 doing while we were watching different a Rick and Morty?

i’m not a hater ok y'all but shawn looks terrible in this picture and by terrible i mean it as he looks TIRED. hes shawn freaking mendes so like he can still look attractive no matter what he does BUT he looks different here. maybe it’s the filter? idk but it just worries me. he needs more sleep!!

Yall have the skills to make legit trailers that Hollywood needs to jump on because one of these could be the next Best Picture!

@miselizasjane: Makes a Grounders trailer 

Me: Daaaamn this is so badass!!!

@POLARIS: Makes a Mt. Weather trailer

Me: Oh snap, I’m feelin this too :D

@AleksRin: Makes a Leksa kom Trikru trailer

Me: Ok now, yall hitting a lil too close to my heart…

@clara222: Makes a Clexa Reincarnation trailer

Me: This is completely uncalled for! I’m crying!! <3

Now my ass is gonna be up all night on youtube searching for more trailers like

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idubbbz is tr@sh and needs to be exposed!! recently he has been including nazi imagery in his videos and it’s  not okay >:( i hope that people like jk rowling will read this and make the situation popular. ok im start

Look closely at this cat he has in his recent samurai unboxing video!!!!! it has hitler on it :oo surely youtube cant support this kind of canc- horrible messages !!!!!!!!!111 i am so enrAGED he can still make videos and not be exposed already >:((( 

but wait

I have more evidence!

look at this picture of the green rat VERY closely, look into his eyes and nazi soul u will see something

do u recognise the swazstiszkzia ?? of course u do bc u may be a nazi too! this RAT man is promoting hitler and im so angery. s0 i have proved this trASH BOI is a nazi, now time to prove he is a rat in human disguise. Other than the fact he looks like an ugly rat cooked chicken ass boy, i have one more piece of evidence.

THIS PICTURE. it is well known by now that these 2 boys are gey for eachother. IDUBBZ REVEALED HIS TRU RAT IDENTITY!! its right there in coloured proof, try to prove me wrong i dar u

HE IS A TRUE RAT, also this shows he is associated with disney which must mean he is even more of a nazi bigoted homophobic racist ableist trump supporter >:(((

ok finally i have the last evidence. In filthy TRASH frank’s recent video about fighting nazi jews or some shit idubz made an appearcnce!

CAN U SEE HIM??????????? this man is worse than pewdiepie!! i am sICK of these shitty youtubers spreading hate, why cant we just promote yotuubers that educate us on the 100000000 genders that EXIST. I am absolutely outraged.

dont believe me thT this man is racist???????? in his recen video he openly dresses as a JAP which ic raci!!! nd he then proceed 2 scare the JAP 

I AM SICK OF WHITE PEOPL DOIGN THIS ITS NO OK!!!!11 this boy FRIGHTENS people like wit tarantula mongooose

anywya i think i hav explain enoughif u want me 2 expose any other youtubers pls comment and i will attack them on anything thank im sorry thsi was rushed i just needed to let out my anger.


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do you use refs? or do you use an initial ref for a char then go from there, or is it all just what you feel like putting on? i just really love how you've created depth to each character. they all have a clear style and attitude... yeah. thank you, lovely xx

Thank you! :D The answer’s under ‘read more’ because it’s long and with pictures :)
Also I need to tag @andreahmrlm here because they asked a very similar question (if I understood right), hope it’s ok :)

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Today I was downtown at the convention center. As I made my way out of the full underground parking ramp a Very Important Person cut me off. He had somewhere to go. Cross traffic be damned.

I slammed on my brakes and avoided hitting his car. Honking was pointless because he was already screeching up to the next level.

Here’s the thing. I was leaving but he was looking for a place to park. At the next level he had stopped at the sight of someone’s brake lights. Another driver appeared to be leaving a spot but it turned out she had just entered it. Oh that’s so sad for our impatient VIP. He took off but this time I was right behind him.

In his hurry he passed by an empty slot that was sort of hidden by a mini-van. Now it was time for VIP to hit the brakes. Which meant I had to stop - in front of the empty parking spot.

He put his car in reverse. Oh yeah, sure dude, when I see your reverse lights I’ll get the hell out of your way.


VIP waited for me to back up. No one was behind me. Yeah I moved… to pick up my phone. Then I started scrolling Tumblr.

I wanted to see what you guys were doing. Mallory had a graphic t-shirt post but she was wearing a sweater. That’s twice she’s broken the rules. Jenni sure does need a haircut. Jess’ mom came out of surgery OK. Marj danced in her classroom. None of the men posted anything; they must be busy working!

VIP beeped his horn. I scrolled my phone some more. It seemed like a long time but was probably just 90 seconds. The reverse lights went off and VIP left for another level to search again.

I won.

That bumper sticker in the other picture is on an early 80s Ford station wagon with fake wood grain paneling. “Hang up and drive” it says. I’m sure the owner of that Ford never has to be told that because he probably doesn’t have a phone.


I’ve been getting rude messages all morning because I share pictures without sources. So you can all relax, I’m going to stop sharing pictures. All will be right in the Tumblr world.

I’m sorry to the people who they belonged to and to those who like seeing them everyday.


I’ve also been told by more than one person that my integrity is now called into question regarding my fics. That what I’m posting could be stolen.

That’s not the fucking case. It’s complete bullshit. 

I enter challenges and write drabble requests all the time so it wouldn’t be possible. I write my own shit. Ok? Thanks.

Just wanted to clear that up for anyone else having the same thoughts.

Now I need fucking chocolate.

A little pliroy thing before I go to bed :

  • Picture JJ having Vine (shhh Vine is not dead in YoI universe)
  • Imagine him doing stupid things with it
  • Like recording Yuri doing his split while being on his phone, and yelling him “The only thing straight about you is this split” (followed by a bored “fuck off” from Yuri)
  • Imagine him doing more planned vines like you’ll see him going to Yuri and being like “Yuri things aren’t doing good anymore we need to split” and Yuri’s like “Ok” and next shoot you see both of them doing a split
  • Picture Yuri having Vine and it’s mostly videos of cats or of JJ
  • usually doing something stupid
  • Like trying to convince the cashier from Burger King to do the “JJ style” gesture “for the vine”
  • Spoilers : it works
  • But also picture them having actually cute vines
  • Actually just picture their whole internet life
  • I’m sure Yuri loves memes but hides it because “ugh it’s so stupid” but he’ll actually laugh if he sees memes about memes being banned in Russia because he’s a meme in himself
  • I’m getting tired so i’ll stop my shitposting here instead of embarrassing me more

Friendly reminder not to upload my artwork anywhere online! You can use my art as icons, page decorations or backgrounds, which is totally cool with me. But uploading other peoples art does more harm for the original artist than good. Even with credit, it’s unlikely that people will go back and find the original artist if your account is a haven for random people’s good art. They can just follow you and get everything they need, removing the original artists from the picture entirely! If you’re uploading it as a post that people can interact with [like, favourite, share] then you might wanna think twice about the artist’s wishes. Some will be ok with it, some will not. Always ask first! They’ll really appreciate it.

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Do you have any fic recs for acutal good characterisation tsukiyama? long fics?

Oh boy. Alright. 

Through his eyes is such a sweet one and also angst but it’s not an angsty thing bc of their relationship but because of the akiteru drama and it had my chest aching. I suppose I can’t say if it’s “in character” because it focuses mainly on Akiteru and his views on Kei and Yamaguchi’s relationship. But it’s good. 

The Excruciatingly Beautiful Process of Falling In Love (As Told By Tsukishima Kei Over Ten Chaotic, Wonderful Years) is A+++ Like. I read it and h u r t and yet I didn’t at the same time? I am dying. 

This series is quite good at keeping them in character, and it was very soft. Not too long, but it’s a three part series!

Glasses is another pretty short one, but they characterization is A++ and fluffy and I would 100% be both Tsukki and Yamaguchi in that situation. 

Fools of all of us is another short one, and one of those cliche “Tsukki pretends not to listen to Yamaguchi by wearing headphones” fics but it’s soft and pleasant and there’s like, 0 “shut up Yamaguchi” “Sorry Tsukki” so there’s that. 

Skinny love hurt. Pain. All I can say is that they’re in character and in pain and therefore I am in pain and. Future fic? Ow. 

Will you catch me should I fall – wow I’m rec’ing a shitdam ton of angst tonight. Fluffy ending, alright characterization, definitely liking the Tsuks characterization. 

Campfire in your chest was a ride, and I loved the dynamics between Tsukishima and Yamaguchi with the rest of the team, it all flowed really nicely, and I love this fic so m uc h. 

Written in the stars P lea s e I’m tired and this is basically giberish but I loved this and the Yamaguchi’s and 

And I have some long ones! AU/slightly ooc but I love them

Breaking Ground had me crying. Like. I loved it, I subscribed the first chapter and followed it through the whole thing and. Ah. Too many words. 

Protect me (I’m drowning) also made me cry. Soulmate au and angst and wow. Tsukki needs chill. I love. 

(but i’m only) human is pain. That- That’s all I can say. Prepare to hurt. 

Your face is the prettiest of pictures Ok but fuck characterization for a minute and admire this fuckdamn beautiful work of art. 

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I love that you're doing Sims Sterek! :D your pictures are so cute. but I'm so curious now like what are they like? what are their jobs? who else is in your sim world?? lol i'm sorry i just want to know everything now.

Oh man anon, I am spending WAY too much of my life on this game right now. It’s so addicting. But yes, alright, let me flail with you.

First, we’ve got the Hale House household, which consists of Derek, Stiles, and Paige. I created Paige mainly because I started the game and made about half a girl character before realizing I needed to make it TW!Sims, and I decided the character looked more like Paige than anyone else. But then I really liked the idea of Paige as like a childhood friend figure for Derek, and I also kind of wanted to see if Stiles and Derek would connect with a third character in the picture. (Which they did!! Immediately, with zero prompting from me.) 

(OK yes, eventual prompting. Because that’s how Sims works. But not initial prompting.)

So yeah, Hale household:

Derek Boyd
[I decided to give the sims different last names because… I don’t know why. Boyd was the third randomization that came up for Derek’s last name and I had to keep it.]

Derek’s a family-oriented, romantic, gloomy sim who’s also an amazing musician. He fell in love with his roommate, Stiles, pretty much as soon as they moved in together, and they developed a slow-burn romance over the course of a few months while he gained fame as a musician.

He’s particularly close to his big sister Laura, who lived next door to them in the city, and frequents the gym in between shifts at work. But he’s always happiest when he’s around his family.

Stiles Johnson
[Haha, get it? …I’m a dork.]

Stiles is a literal genius, which comes in handy for his career as a scientist. He’s also geeky and playful, and knows just how to get his husband out of a slump when he’s feeling down.

Paige Krasikeva
[Which is actually her real last name, but I made her first, before I decided to be cute about it.]

Paige is a writer with aspirations to become a bestselling novelist, and often writes stories inspired by her two roommates, such as Boy with the Blue Eyes, Don’t be Such a Sourwolf, SoulsickPretty Good Pair, Orange and Blue, and the surprise hit bestselling children’s book, The Adventures of Sheepgoat! 

Devon Johnson-Boyd

The angelic toddler daughter of Derek and Stiles. A quick learner and super sweet, she takes a quick liking to almost everyone she meets (although she does seem strangely put off by her “aunt” Erica…)

Devon’s adoption inspired the Hale household to move from their city apartment to the suburbs, where they built an awesome house by the river and settled in happily.

Which brings us to…

The Beta House

Erica Star
[Because “King” felt too obvious, “reyes” sounds like sunlight, and there was an option to get star tattoos on her back. *shrugs*]

Flirty but a romantic at heart, this outgoing and self-assured art critic knows how to go after what she wants. She’s quick to bond with strangers but is also tough when need be, and the handiest around the house whenever anything goes wrong. She’s also got a secret soft side which she expresses through painting, and is branching into books too because why not do it all, right?

After a few abstract flirtations around town she eventually fell into a windswept romance with her roommate…

Boyd Vernon
[Literally I just wanted everyone to call him Boyd, so I flopped the name direction.]

Boyd is a natural loner and a bookworm with “good guy” programmed into his DNA. It takes him a while to warm up to strangers and he usually relies on his wife, Erica, to handle the brunt of their social interactions. 

It’s a good thing his job as a tech genius lets him interact with clients long distance, but he has a handful of friends he’s particularly attached to, including Paige and Derek. 

[painting Erica made the day after she and Boyd got married. I can’t with them.]

Isaac Écharpe
[Because… I’m a dork. That’s the only reason.]

So I’m gonna go ahead and admit that I had no idea what to do with Isaac. Personality-wise, career-wise… with every other character something felt natural, but with him I was struggling so I ended up making him a neat, perfectionist foodie which comes in handy for his career as a chef. Isaac took an immediate dislike to Stiles (fitting), who made himself too comfortable in his apartment on their first visit, and their relationship hasn’t recovered since. He does have a lot of casual friends and gets along well enough with his two roommates, but he’s often tense and temperamental, and never really connected with any of the Hale household.

Alpha House

For a long time, Alpha house was just Laura, before I decided playing a one person household was too boring and made Cora Laura and Derek’s younger sister moved into the city. Most recently I’ve decided to combine Alpha and Beta houses together so I can keep an eye on all five of them at once, and they’re all living comfortably in the spacious apartment the Hale house vacated when they moved to the suburbs. I still think of them separately but they share space now *shrugs*

Laura Boyd

Is a confident, charismatic natural born leader. (Her aspiration is literally called “leader of the pack” because I couldn’t not.) She’s also moving up the ranks fast at the local police department, but she always takes time to look after her gloomy little brother and her younger sister, which might make trouble eventually because…

Cora Boyd

…is heading down a decidedly dark path since she moved into the city. Her naturally mischievous nature has pulled her into a life of crime as a ringleader for a number of crimes around the city, and she has a tendency toward kleptomania she’s got no qualms in indulging in. A natural tomboy and self-proclaimed “bro,” she enjoys sports and working out in her free time, and is playing the field with a pair of love interests after just a few short weeks in the city.

And ok, “official description” over with, I’m going to launch into the Extended Adventures of Cora for a minute because she’s new and might actually be my favorite character at the moment. I invented her halfway hoping she and Isaac might connect because I needed someone for Isaac to bond with, but their moods literally dropped to “bored” 30 seconds into their first conversation. But she ended up being really interesting to play anyway. I love the idea of Cora being a criminal, living one apartment-length away from Laura… and that they’re both still so genuinely close and cool with each other. I don’t know, it’s weird but I love it.

She also connected with Stiles right away  –– mischievous and playful, I should have guessed –– and they’ve developed an adorable sibling-relationship, jibing each other and generally being jerks to each other in a loving way, and he never gets annoyed by her “snark” (mischievous actions) the way other characters do.

She’s also casually dating two girls; the first one is someone she really liked at first named Jade.

but the second time they hung out Jade got weirdly pissed at her for no reason and the third time they hung out, Jade literally invited her to a bar and walked out on her six seconds later. So Cora went and met another girl, Luna (meant to be? :P) who’s sweet and romantic and Cora genuinely likes.

But… since Cora’s a criminal, she’s decided to keep seeing Jade as well… so she can pickpocket from her as payback, because she’s got kleptomaniac urges to satisfy and she’s not prone to forgive easily.

I mean… I shouldn’t love her, but she’s awesome.

So ok, these descriptions got a lot longer as I went on. I was trying to be good at first so I said nearly nothing about Sterek ;P But that’s everyone so far!


There is definitely something more than friendship brewing here, unfortunately I feel they will only dance around the idea of them getting together. But I am still very content that we got two Snowbarry kisses already! I am also grateful that we are getting a lot of validation that Caitlin has romantic feelings for Barry and all forms of Barry. Now, we just need some validation from Barry’s side that he feels the same for Caitlin, or something close to that effect. Ok, I know Barry loves Iris at this point, but Caitlin and Barry have this unique overwhelming bond that I hope we get to see more of, and please more kisses <333 I can totally picture a scene where Savitar or Future/Barry wants to hold Killer Frost’s hand or get close to her in some way, but she pushes him away saying something like, “No, we must be cold Barry or everything we worked so hard for, will be in vain.” Which is a total contradiction because she is the one who has fallen in love with him. Maybe I should start writing fanfiction ;) They are just so good together!


Hello guys, and today I’m here with a Theory, that might blow your mind. Info-chan (Yandere Simulator) has been 707 (Mystic Messenger) all. along. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof! 

1. So, i bet alots of people will think “but Seven is a boy???” well my dear friend, according to THIS picture, it seems like 707 has been crossdressing, so it IS possible for him to be info-chan.

Still don’t believe me? Dun worry, there’s alots of more!!!

2. OK BUT- just look at them! ThEY LoOK ExACtlY The SAme!!!  They both have red hair, and glasses!! Just look at them and tell me this isn’t the same person!



3. Now, if this isn’t the most obvious thing- they’re both into hacking and stuff!!! I don’t think i need to explain why I think so, I’m sure everyone who has played Yandere Sim and MM would have pointed it out… not to forget that ACCORDING TO THIS PICTURE info-chan is obsessed WITH MEMES JUST LIKE SEVEN:

(picture belongs to @ask-yanderesim , check them out, they have some really cool stuff!)

Welp, I hope you’re convinced.

Be sure to keep up with my blog, for my next Theory- GRELL SUTCLIFF IS SEVENS FATHER