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I need a story where every year MACUSA sells a calendar with high-ranked officials. It’s always for a noble cause like helping children from poor families etc. Of course Percival features in that calendar every year. He feels a little silly in front of a camera, but it’s for little children after all and those photos aren’t bad looking. Percival usually wears his suit or something more casual - he could have been asked to do worse things.

Newt learns about the calendar and buys it, curious. Inside, on the page for April, is a big, black-white of Percival sitting in front of a fireplace with his legs crossed and smoking a cigarette. Three first buttons of his shirt are unbuttoned, teasing with a glimpse of naked skin, trousers stretch over Percival’s legs highlighting muscles there. Percival is leaning a little forward, looking straight into a camera as if asking someone - his lover, Newt’s brain supplies happily - to come closer.

Immediately, Newt decides that this is his favorite photography. Percival is looking so authoritative and stylish, and Newt feels a little bit of shame for how his body is reacting to this photo.

He stills hangs the calendar in the cottage.

Now, imagine Newt asking Percival to come to the case. Newt complete forgets about the calendar but it’s the first thing Percival notices.

“Newt, you remember it’s November already, right?”

“Why are you —-” Newt’s throat gets dry when he realizes what Percival is looking at. “I forgot about changing it?”

Percival’s gaze goes from the calendar to Newt and then to the small bad standing right in front of the calendar. Newt refuses to blush even if he has hung that blasted thing in that place just so he could admire that picture every morning from the bed. He has been only admiring it with his hands above the blanket. 


Clearly amused, Percival turns to Newt.

“I can show you better photographs,” he says, cocking his head to the side, his gaze sliding all over Newt. His eyes are like smoldered lava and he nonchalantly unbuttons the first button of his shirt, a full smirk spreading over his lips. “Interested?”

Newt doesn’t remember if he has ever said “yes” so quickly before.


but at least I got you in my head, oh yeah,
at least I got you in my head, in my head…
sleepovers in my bed…

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Where's cheesecake gone?? I need more gifs/photos of you two in my life right now, your friendship makes me so happy :')

(( OOC: Cheesecake had to go back home, sadly. I think we were too busy blabbing at each other and staring at each other’s faces what to take a million photos, but I’ll try and post some of us at the Harry Potter studios at some point. ))


I can’t believe that Jikook and Taegi are both together in the same photo I mean what a blessing to have both pairings… and behind Jeongguk (having Seokjin who’s literally the number one shipper of Jikook). Busan and Daegu boyfriends together gives me life! ♡♡♡♡♡.

I need to make more headcanon’s of them. I’m so lazy.

Two out of three of my favorite ships/OTP have had this moment...

Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade  NADALIND GRIMM 5X11

Oliver Queen x Felicity Smoak  OLICITY ARROW 5X20

Now I am hoping we get a moment like this for these two…

that is not the cover of a magazine.(even though I love that we get these awesome photo shoots). I need a moment like this for Mulder x Scully MSR 


here’s Cas and Swift from Tasu again (I really need to draw all the other lackeys too).

at first this was just practice for a photo-style pic and then it developed into an illustrated headcanon in which Swift has a smartphone and one day she snaps a photo of Cas covered in fish blood, and decides to never let her live it down.

So Cas sometimes just steals Swift’s phone, mostly in oder to immortalize Swift in embarassing situations (except for the last photo, that one is courtesy of Chuck, probably)

P.S. Cas is finally showing some personality in my drawings, #nice

P.P.S. I want Swift’s T-shirt

P.P.P.S. I need more fanstuff of this book, really.


Pic 1. Thank god Roman is out of that crystal cage :’)

Pic 2. Ok let’s just stop and die bc of the way Jane is looking at Weller… TOO MUCH FEELINGS IN THAT LOOK😍

Pic 3. I am truly scared of this… Cause I feel Nas is gonna tell Jane that she sletp with Weller and then I am gonna kill her😡
Btw, that looks like Weller’s flat, doesn’t it?

Pic 4. For what I said earlier, RICH WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER

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Imagine Genji wearing Reaper's clothes. They just hang off him. There are not enough holes in the belt loops for Reaper's pants to keep them on Genji's hips. He has to hold them up with one hand. He needs to stuff the boots with every sock Reaper owns and several pairs he borrowed from Angela to get them to fit him. The edge of the coat pools at Genji's feet. "Hello, I am Edji," he says when Zenyatta and Reaper, sans much of his wardrobe, find him.

anon im mcfucking Thriving here this cured my depression

Dan Howell also known as Danisntonfire 😂❤️
Gonna love this idiot sometimes ❤️😄

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