i need more lix in my life

anonymous asked:

But only once and a clear head? Is there likely to be more?

Yes, there will be more. I write, but slowly. My deepest apologies for the slowdown, nonnie, but my real life exploded in the best of ways for my career and the worst of ways for my fannish involvement. I write, but mostly on weekends. I am trying to shift the work around, so I move one storyline forward at a time and don’t ignore things.

I have been hankering for Colepaldi recently so that’s on the list for this weekend.

“A Clear Head” nags at me. I think I need to write Lix’s point of view about a middle-aged pregnancy next. I’m a little scared of it, to be honest, because of my own experiences with pregnancy at age 40, which ended very sadly. I have to push through my own feelings about this– or better yet, use them. Writing can be very cold-blooded about making you use your own hot blood as ink on the page, if that makes any sense.

“Only Once” has a chapter in progress in Elaine’s POV and it’s not working. Needs to be J’s point of view, so I need to rewrite. Going to be full of … well, commentary on who the P of that storyline is, really.

I have also recently been re-reading the drafts of my Pride & Prejudice retelling with Malcolm as Darcy, Clara as Lizzy, Jamie as Bingley, and so on. This is a truly maddeningly enticing GIANT AMOUNT OF WORK that I think you will all love if I can manage to finish it ever.