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Someone’s in love with our soft boy Yuuri, I wonder who it is…

Small attempt of a comic from a AU of mine. It contains chubby Yuuri and many love letters from a certain Russian exchange student who didn’t pay attention in English class back in Russia and now has to suffer through the consequences of being shit at writing love letters, or English in general.

Yuuri still loves them tho.

Edit: before you ask, yes I did forget to draw his glasses like the idiot that I am : )

3.17.16+12:20pm // 17/100 days of productivity // i was asked by @yunii-ho to make a reference page out of one of the “two-toned fonts” i made here. i went ahead and named it the “taylor” font for my ref purposes (and bc i think it kinda fits!) 

song of the day: “boom clap” - lennon & maisy

“Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dishonor on your whole family!”

I’M ALIIIIIIVEEEE! (Actually this is the third project I’ve finished since the Pokemon stitch, but I can’t show those because they’re birthday presents. So you’ll have to wait til December, sorry)

Mulan is my FAVORITE Disney movie!! I love it, really, and I can never find anything related to it. So I was super excited when I saw FrigidStitch had a pattern available. I bought it the same time I bought Trinity’s Pokemon pattern.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the colors used for the two Mulan characters so I changed them. In the original pattern, Girl!Mulan was wearing the outfit she wore at the very beginning of the movie while Ping!Mulan’s colors were slightly off (they’re still slightly off but shh we’re gonna roll with it). I wanted Mulan in her matchmaker outfit because 1. She was wearing it when she sang this song and 2. She’s not comfortable in both this outfit and as soldier Ping, so I wanted to “reflect” that (ba-dum-tish, I’ll see myself out).

This was done on 18 count aida because I love me some 18 count mmm yeah. And I don’t want to talk about how much I had to rip out… Also-also, for my log, this was literally finished today, so, yay! Productivity!

BTS Reaction to: When You Call Them Daddy for the First Time (M)

Author’s Note: As I finish up a request, here’s something to keep y’all occupied.

seokjin: Jin had always been vanilla, with a few hints of dominance coming out here and there.

But one day, when he moved your legs up to his shoulders, and he was able to hit that one spot you both know you love so much, “Daddy!” was all that could escape your lips.

His powerful thrusts subsided, and he looked down at you with an indescribable emotion in his eyes.

Seokjin, I-”

Before you knew it, he pulled out, flipped your position, and had your ass pressed against his stiff erection.


He slammed into you in one stroke, silencing your calls. He didn’t even give you time to adjust, for he already set a fast pace.

“Baby girl, you know that’s not my name…”

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yoongi: Yoongi’s tongue was a gift from God, for it always made you feel so good, especially when it was pressed against your core. his tongue had you at a loss for words or, at other times, saying too much. This time happened to be the latter.

Here he was again, bringing you to your second orgasm with just his tongue. Your brain was shut off temporarily.

“I can’t take anymore, D-Daddy-”

You hands flew to your mouth quickly. Oh God, you wished Yoongi hadn’t heard your slip up. He already thought you were weird. Maybe your whine was, for it was fogged with pleasure.

But Yoongi understood you all too well, because eyes darkened with what seemed like lust. He only dipped down once more, his tongue flicking even more haphazardly against your swollen clit.

“Yes you can, baby. You’re gonna take whatever Daddy gives you.”

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hoseok: More than anything, Hoseok loved to touch. He could spend hours in your company just cuddling and admiring the curves of your body, not even hinting towards anything sexual.

There were some outfits, such as the innocent yet suggestive babydoll you were wearing right now, that had him going past these sinless limits. In this outfit, Hoseok had to nibble your ear, tweak your hardening nipples, and rub your clothed core. These gropes and fondles became too much for you to think properly.

Oh… Daddy-”

His touches stopped for a second, but in his current state, continued on shortly after.

“Yes, princess,” he murmured. “Tell daddy what you want.”

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namjoon: You didn’t know what it was about him, but Kim Namjoon screamed daddy. It was in his voice, his height, his personality, his wits, everything. As much as you wanted him to take on this role, you were always too afraid to voice your wants around him.

You had done well for so long keeping this kink to yourself, but this time, while Namjoon was pounding into you from behind, he decided to take it one step further. Namjoon, slowly but firmly, moved his right hand down your hip until it was placed right beside your ass and probed at your puckered hole with his thumb.

The pleasure on both your holes was overwhelming, making you almost collapse from your hands and knees position. You could only grip onto the sheets with your delicate hands.

“You like that, baby?” Namjoon teased, milking out your reactions.

“Yes, yes… more, Daddy-”

You stiffened at the slipup, nervous as to how he’d react. But he only bit his lip at your act of submission and slowed his actions, making you whine in desperation.

“You’re gonna have to do a lot more than that to get what you want from Daddy, baby girl…”     

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jimin:As captivating as Jimin was on stage, he was all about love making, and passion, and equal power when it came to sex with you. Jimin, however, was feeling a little different today.

For once, he wanted to take the reigns, and here you were, straddling his hips and rubbing your sopping entrance against his rock hard erection. His feisty self wasn’t giving you what you wanted today, at least not so easily. Jimin wanted you torn in two before he finally entered you.

Each bump of his dick against your throbbing clit had you gasping and moaning out in ecstasy.

“I’m t-tired of waiting, so give it to m-me, Daddy, please-”

His grip on your hips tightened, a reflex merely from surprise. For a few moments, he sat under you, pondering over your sudden outburst. Jimin didn’t want to scare you away, but he also want to hurt your feelings.

“Mmm…Daddy thinks his princess is ready…”

Jimin finally grabbed your hips and , sheathing himself in your tight, wet heat in one go. You could only cry out.


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taehyung: Of all the men you’d been with in your life, Taehyung was the most experimental. He was always looking up weird articles, asking you weird questions, and always trying weird things to get the both of you off.

So, when he asked you ride his thigh, you were intimidated but unsurprised. But good God, you didn’t know how good it would feel. The way the denim of his jeans pressed against your clit, the way his leg bounced up and down, and the way his strong thighs flexed every now and then all had you on edge but greedy for more.

Taehyung wanted more, too, for he panted as he teased you with questions.

“Do you like getting off to my thigh?”

“I need more, I need your cock, D-Daddy-”

That five-letter word must have been a key. Before you knew it, Taehyung was silently flipping you over, undressing himself, and sliding his length into you.

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jungkook: Jungkook was never too vocal during sex. Other than a few grunts, groans, and some breathy whines, he never said much. His attention was always on pummeling into you, relying on just his movements to send you over the edge.

Those dancer hips of his were more than enough because they had you moaning, shouting, and screaming every damn time. This time wasn’t any different, for you had to search in the depths of your mind to just correctly call out Jungkook’s name; God, you were so wrecked.

But this time, you called out the wrong one in your lusty daze.


And everything froze. From your embarrassment, it seemed as if everything in your bedroom was frozen in midair, including you and Jungkook. It seemed as if he had to contemplate the meaning of such a name, the sheer power behind it.

After an intake of air and a bite to his bottom lip, Jungkook could only say one thing.


But after that, he was thrusting into you even harder, not wanting to disappoint in his newly appointed role.

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I just want an bit of Ben completely losing it over Nathan Hale. Like. These guys were BEST friends. I need some best friend pining. I need flashbacks and rereading old letters and tears and things.

You’re a drug and I’m your addict. You’re so good at stringing me along. You give me enough to keep me hooked, but never enough to make me feel complete.

-I need more.


I wonder how long Tom Riddle spent anagramming his name trying to come up with something cool.

[The Slytherin common room. Tom Riddle sits in an armchair with a quill and his small diary.]

TOM RIDDLE … Hmm let’s see.





Maybe I need more letters. TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE.



LORD … VOMIT … No! I like “Lord” though … Ooh! I can take this I and this A and this M and get “I am Lord.”



VOT … MOLDER … Not working. V is cool though. V is sexy.


VOLDETROM … Kind of neat. I’ll ask the other lads what they think.

Lads canned Voldetrom. This is hopeless.

I’m all here for canon era Jamilton.

Thomas and Alexander flirting back and forth in a carriage ride to a different state

Playful teasing before a conference in the conference room

Old fashion attire. Just the whole puffy shirts and collars and long jackets and waist coats and them making out in those clothes or Thomas being careful not to rip off Alexanders new clothes that probably took like a week to make (depends)

Love letters sent across town instead of text messages

Study rooms with the thick velvet chairs and hard wooden desks and ink and quills and them kissing in the chairs or fucking on the desk


The whole way they spoke back then but just with Jamilton. The whole fake politeness that turns to playful banter to full on flirting

Thomas taking care of Alexander when he goes through PTSD

Alexander and Thomas sending Lafayette letters about the other and how much they “hate” them but then consoling about liking them in the next sentence and slowly getting letters with a progression of them falling in love

Hercules and Alexander gossiping while Hercules makes Alexander a new pair of pants that aren’t worth the price Alex is paying

Thomas breaking out of his gentlemen like air to freak out to James. Asking him advice on getting Alex to like him. Does this letter need more explanation on why I love his hair??

James just being The Friend™ that puts up with the bullshit but only because the final result is worth it

John making the ¾ day trip to New York just to give Thomas The Talk™

The Schuyler Sisters being Hamiltons like heart family and consulting with him about his attractions over cookies and tea. They put up with it because it’s a good distraction from work and he’s eating.

Angelica finally gets to give Thomas a piece of her mind about the deceleration and Thomas can’t be rude because she’s Alexander’s best friend.



Ok so I’m obsessed with their clothes and mannerisms and just the idea of Hamilton and Jefferson both calling each other good sir and AND bowing and shit and the feel of a good suit under fingers and unbuttoned a shirt that has like rounded pearls instead of buttons and long jackets and SUSPENDERS

George being very protective of Alex during debates and meetings especially from Thomas but that’s hIS BOY YOU CAN NOT TOUCH HIM AND IF I DONT LIKE WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH ABOUT HIM YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM EVER AGAIN

Ink stain smudges and trying to get them off and keeping the handkerchief they used


Lots of evening walks and the whole old PDA.

So this got a little long; whoops. I just really like the idea of Thomas and Alexander getting together in the canon era.

“He began his orchestration of events within a week of his return to Tallahassee. Carole Boone had been writing and calling almost daily. Her letters were chatty, witty, newsy, but they also had a cautious tone. Carole had been badgered by the FBI while Ted was at large, and it appears she was bothered by the Chi Omega connection. She wrote Ted that the truth, no matter how awful, should be known. Bundy’s first written reply, dated February 28, 1978, ignored Carole’s final admonition and instead railed about the FBI, calling them “Fornicators, Bastards and Imposters,” a suggestive choice of epithets. He touched Carole with a description of his pitiable cell conditions and the cockroaches with which, he claimed, he shared his food, then quoted a soul-stirring bromide from Richard Bach about triumphing over adversity. The letter closed, “I love you Boone. I need you. More than ever.”

- Excerpt from Stephen Michaud’s “The Only Living Witness”

jonghyun.948 리허설 가자
근데 하트…음향팀…사랑넘쳐아주?

But the heart … the sound team … love is very overflowing?

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there’s gotta be a nicer way to say obsessed
and a calmer way to say devoted
more casual than enamored, sweeter than consumed
but still, a way to communicate the thought that:
you lie under my neural networks like a heartbeat
& your fingerprints are on all my favorite songs
& every word is an echo of a time i was with you
(time always felt so much better when it was with you)
& when my mind wanders all roads lead back to you
the heaviness & the warmth like liquid gold, seeping into
a world above these crumpled sheets
& now i wake up alone & both forget and not-forget those nights
because remembering makes them feel both closer and further away
like movies we’d watch as children, it’s hard to see
them as happening to me, you know? how much of us
was a story i told myself?
you’re so far away and i think
that’s the scariest part of letting you go
because with you gone i’m afraid
none of it ever existed at all

your fave is problematic: Zevran Arainai
  • he doesn’t show up in Inquisition
  • like come on we see every other love interest
  • show me your lovely face
  • all we get is a mention in one letter
  • one letter
  • please i need more Zevran

deadass gonna fight the next download that takes me to a malicious website

I need more letters
to hang
these thoughts,
raw clay to
mold the features
‘round your eyes
when they punctuate
an elegant sincerity
seldom found
in the narrow places
fingers rake across
how your words steeped
in your lips
a scent of jasmine
poured out fragrantly
for hands too inept
to cup their taste
eyes of slate rimmed in
time’s melancholy
how they roused from
slumber and danced
as fireflies spreading
their golden zephyr
through the dense trees
you’ve a timeless passion
blanketed in muscled faith
and fingers sustained with
strings to strum your
Spanish heart
play one last tune
before you go