i need more lee on my dash

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!!! please do a recommendation of blogs for each member?

i’ll try 💜,, i’m sorry if i left anyone out omg, im really bad at these

Taeil: @1aeil & @taeiloves!! my two favourite taeil-centered blogs and this angel needs more love so 💜

Hansol: istg we need more hansol fans like?? don’t sleep on him please!! but @debuthansol (i love this blog so much i lowkey always go to stalk their blog because i’m hansol-deprived) & @ncttrashaf (they’re a scenario blog but one of the admins (i forgot her url ahh) stans hansol and it’s really cute), on a side note their scenarios are really good too so go check them out!

Johnny: @suhsexual (lauren we dk each other personally but i lowkey squeal everytime you reblog/like any of my posts your scenarios are so good hehe), @lovejohnnyseomuch (your url’s the cutest thing ever)

Taeyong: @grandpa-ty (even though you post more about nct as a whole, i still love you & your love for ty track hehe), @leetaeyongdeservestheworld, @cutie-lee-taeyong & @teewhytrack

Yuta: @nakamuto (even though she reblogs more about mark 👀 it’s cute aw), @iloveyu-ta (hazel ily hehe, she stans taeyong too if im not wrong so!

Kun: same for hansol y'all need to stop sleeping on him like? @stannctchinaline (chinaline in general so !), @kunxxxsol (they post about hansol too sometimes so yay)

Doyoung: i love him someone please recommend a doyoung stan blog please

Ten: @teninist (whenever i see you fangirlling over ten on my dash my heart just flutters because it’s so cute honestly??) @tenislove, @tensluckycharm

Jaehyun: @thirsty-for-jae (their blog is of high quality™ and i love seeing their posts on my dash hehe), @why-jaehyun (cody your gifs & posts are wonderful too), @yourjaehyun, *lowkey tags everyone because we all let jaehyun ruin our bias list & dash am i right*

WinWin: @vvwin (i miss you jie i hope you’re feeling better in every way possible ;-;)

Mark: where do i start there’s so many mark fans sksmns, @marksvocals (your posts are so cute kaksjz), @mxrksgf (i love your blog aw), @mochamark/@marknicorn (my idol ily lots, go check out her scenarios y'all, even though she lowkey posts about jeno too 👀), @markleesa, @markmy1st, @markleesgiggle, @sammymunchiecheerios, @scraemin, @trademarklee & @nct-marklee (y'all make my heart flutter because who doesn’t love mark akksns)

Renjun: @fairyprincerenjun, @renjunstoothgap & @renju-n

Jeno: zelia 👀👀, @jenowhat, @jenothanks (both of your love for jeno are so cute!!)

Haechan: i dont wanna see any of y'all sleeping on him anymore!! @donghyuckstudies, @donghyucks90sgf, @haecchan, @haechansgf, @haechannie, @hyuckmeup (the amount of donghyuck fans yay) & also lowkey @freakydeakytaeyonq (even though your bias is taeyong hehe ily)

Jaemin: @jaeminnana (lemme introduce to you jaemin’s soulmate!! ily vivienne), @jaeminniemouse & @mkayjaemin

Chenle: @nct-dork (if im not wrong her bias is chenle, but her scenarios are great too so go check her out), @chenleismyson

Jisung: vivienne im watching you too 👀, @jisung-ie

Scenario blogs: because im a sucker for scenarios, @nctreacting, @cutiephon-texts, @cremethorns, @chipsandwaffles, @alwaysinmyheartnct (vivienne & amy i love y'all), @stormae, @texting-nct, @ncttexts, @squaresreact *lowkey tags myself,nah kidding*

Wonderful and great blogs you should just check out and follow in general: @dreamteamnoona, @odetonct, @yutasings, @nakamotens (super high quality blog like?? 💜😭), @haenyan, @taeyounq, @smolmarkhyuck, @zeusmayo, @neotechs, @nctiful, @neocitys, @nctees, @nctales, @nctgiri, @nctuhohahyes

i hope this helped in some way!! feel free to add on to the list if you need to, my mind’s blocked rn so sorry if i left you out i still love y'all 💜

I kinda need more blogs to follow....

…cause the dash is never full enough is it? So please like/reblog if you post any of the following: 

- Monsta X
- Jay Park 
- Lee Jong Suk
- Up10tion
- History
- Boyfriend
- Got7
- Cosmic Girls
- Sistar
- Kpop in general? 

~ Like especially the bold ones cause I see none of them on my dash! 
Thank you <3 

Calling all Melody!

I just got into BtoB and I need more on my dash!

I haven’t picked a bias yet. I think I’ll let them pick me. ^^

But anyway!! If you are a BtoB blog or you post a lot about BtoB, please reblog this so I can follow you!!

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Can you recommend me a bunch of only nct blogs?? I need more nct on my dash lol 😂

sure, these are the ones that i like 

@nctaezen @pixiesicheng @1aeil @jaehyunniesdimple @markleetrashh @markleeave @iamncttrash @nctisbias @nctsmh @maximumfuckingsass @flowerprincewinwin @itshaechan @fyforeignswaggers @beaujaehyun @hey-uta @chittaporno @thirsty-for-jae @hqleetaeyong @planettaeil @jaehyuncult @cutie-lee-taeyong @yutaeilsgf

• looking for blogs to follow •


looking for blogs with kpop, kdrama content

my dash’s been overflowing with bangtan content when it’s missing out on other beautiful kpop & kdrama posts and i desperately need to see more of other fandoms on  my dash. please REBLOG this if your blog contains following fandoms and add in your tags artists you blog about (kdrama blogs include ‘kdrama’) + if you make original content (only rebloggers are fine though, i really need more of other fandoms on my dash), i’ll go through all the reblogs & check out your blog:


  • iu ✧
  • bts (still can’t help myself, i’m trash for them :^) ✧
  • vixx ✧
  • bigbang ✧
  • 2ne1
  • got7 ✧
  • blackpink ✧
  • lee hi
  • kard
  • dean ✧
  • a.c.e

for kdrama i’ll check what dramas you blog about. also apologies if you see this post on your dash more than once, i’m really in need to find some new blogs to follow

Hi carats!

Ok so I’ve recently slipped into the diamond life and I need more Seventeen on my dash! Please like/reblog this if you post or reblog anything about Seventeen and I’ll follow (and maybe you can follow back if you’d like 🙈). Thank you!

looking for new blogs to follow!

please reblog if you post any of these:

  • gmw (ships mostly lucaya, rilaya and riarkle, im a multi shipper so rucas / joshaya blogs are also welcome!)
  • teen wolf 
  • shadowhunters 
  • the 100 (ships mostly  braven, minty, bellarke and clexa)
  • arrow, the flash and legends of tomorrow
  • marvel and dc
  • disney movies / disney channel shows (including some disney latino or uk shows - Violetta, Soy Luna and the Evermoor chronicles)
  • harry potter
  • solo artist and bands (5 seconds of summer, shawn mendes, atl,  Justin Bieber, Hayley kiyoko, Ariana Grande, twenty one pilots, halsey, troye sivan, alessia cara, one direction members, fifth harmony, p!atd, fob, paramore, pvris and selena gomez)
  • the office, parks and recreation, scream, friends, pretty little liars, criminal minds, the get down, supernatural, how to get away with murder, american horror story and quantico (or any other show from here)
  • youtubers (dan and phil, josh pieters, caspar lee, mikey pierce, the maynard brothers, oli white,  joe and zoe sugg, connor franta, Kian & jc)
  • feminism, aesthetic, memes and books.

I had to unfollow multiple blogs due to them being inactive, so my dash is pretty much dead or the same posts keep popping up over and over. If i follow you, you don’t need to follow me back i just want new content on my dash.



am i ready to come back? is jieunie prepared? is she?! i don’t know, all i do is play with slime all day when nobody is paying attention ㅋㅋㅋ but on a serious note, small lee who-doesn’t-actually-like-to-feel-small jieun is here and misses this place. i say as i pick up a napkin and dramatically blow my nose…

but it’s kinda dead and i need to scout for new people. 폐가 되는 행위…