i need more interviews

crying over alex danvers because...
  • she’s a baby gay
  • she’s the best sister
  • i want her to marry me
  • why is there no action figure?!?!?!
  • or is there?!?! I need one!
  • she is in my mind every second and i want to cry
  • i watch at least one episode of supergirl everyday
  • because i miss them
  • i miss chyler and melissa together
  • i need more interviews with them
  • shipping alex and maggie forever
  • detective danvers or sanvers or what?
  • they are gay pass it on
  • shipping kara and girls forever
  • she is bi pass it on
  • bring cat back
  • i miss cat and supercat
  • WHY IS NOT MONDAY YET?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

Jeleanor Appreciation Week | Day Six: Alexandra Park and Tom Austen Appreciation Day

“We challenge each other and we play off each other just in the same way that Eleanor and Jasper play off each other and challenge each other. To be able to find someone like that and to kind of feel like you’ve met your match is pretty awesome.” – Tom Austen on working with Alexandra Park (x)


  • Almost never uses the past tense; he has his own construction for it. Seems to use “I’m” to denote instances of past tense, ie “I’m lost my gear too, you know,” to indicate something that has already happened, and then switching immediately to “I play with my all new gear” to indicate present. Which means that “But I know I’m score” or “I’m score” is Geno saying “But I knew I would score” and “I scored.” It’s Geno indicating a tense change in a really consistent way and is pretty ingenious because it means so much less conjugating; even now, when his English has gotten so good, he sticks with it, even when he DOES successfully conjugate all or part of the sentence.
  • Does in fact use “you” when he’s speaking to someone, rather than the third-person that shows up in fic all the time. I think that’s a bit of a misunderstanding. He does use names a lot, and because his sentence structure is so pared down they seem a little more noticeable, but he would say, “Sid! Look!” to ask someone to look at Sid, and he would say, “Sid, look,” to ask Sid to look at something, but he wouldn’t say “Sid look?” That comma is really important! He would say “You look?” instead.
  • Ignores articles and tenses in general (uses the I’m instead). “Exciting, long time not win.” “It’s little bit bad hands.” Goes for the simplest, most straight-forward construction possible, cutting out a lot of the difficult stuff that is not actually necessary to get his point across.
  • Favourite example of nearly everything: “Why you say I’m never backcheck?” Cuts out extraneous words, check; uses “you” rather than third-person name, check; uses “I’m” to indicate that he’s referring to past instances of being accused of supposedly failing to backcheck, even if it doesn’t map perfectly onto the way we would use tenses in the ‘proper’ English construction of the sentence.

(Text courtesy of pollyrepeat, who gave me permission to post.)

Jeff Buckley, footage from an interview ca. late 1994.


It’s true that when we were rookies, we were basically given a manual that said we should tell the fans we’d be together forever, even if it was a lie. But as more time passes, the sincerity between us has only grown. There are times when even I hate myself a little, but they’re the only ones who will love me for who I am, no matter what. Receiving that love has naturally fostered an absolute trust in them. I’ve never wanted to sacrifice myself for someone else, but they are the only people I’m willing to throw a little bit of myself away for.

anonymous asked:

when do you think we'll get s4 interviews? I need more freebatch 😩

Hopefully after the last ep tomorrow? I’m really hoping they release the TST screening panel. Maybe with the DVD release on the 24th? I don’t know. 


Geoff Ramsey & Joel Heyman Interview - RTX 2015.