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TITLE: F#*king marry me already


AUTHOR: Valarie Ravenhearst2


Imagine Loki trying to propose to you, trying to make it the most perfect occasion. But every time that it comes to the big night, something happens, like you getting sick or have to work, so it keeps getting put off because he wants it to be perfect




A gas leak. A fucking gas leak! Literally two seconds away from asking her and fucking BOOM! What the actual fuck.
Loki leaves Violet sleeping in bed, the sun still not risen. He sneaks out into the cool early morning air, starting out at a sprint down the streets.

A fucking explosion. We should be engaged right now.

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typhoidmeri  asked:

Steve/Darcy- the verse where they were sleeping in the car (my brain is not cooperating with me tonight). Or pretty much anything SD, pretty please. Enjoy your night.

I swear, I get more requests for this than anything else, and I thought I had written more but now I can’t find it, so if there was more then uh, fork in the road?

“I don’t need to sleep, I’ve been sleeping —“ Steve says a few hours after getting everyone in the silo. Natasha was right, the best place to be in desperate times is where desperate measures are taken.  He’s finally gotten everyone else settled, and Jane and Darcy helped him set up communications so that he can get information from Natasha and Maria.

Jesus, a multi-level strike against all Avengers Support and related SHIELD teams. Coordinated, HYDRA can’t be as underground as he’d like them to be, and now they are on the run from HYDRA. Again. At least they caught the strike before ….well, it was lucky that Foster’s team is mobile, HYDRA couldn’t get a fix on them. And Cho is at the main Avengers facility and safe.

Everyone else had to rely on their security. And some you win and some you don’t.

“You slept hours ago. Fitfully, in a car,” Darcy pleads but he holds firm. He can’t sleep yet. He has to hear from Natasha that…

That HYDRA’s called off the last squad that was racing towards his group of scientists last location. Steve and his team got there first, but.

“Please. I can’t sleep if you are pacing like that.” Darcy says, her voice turning soft and worried, and she looks terrible. More terrible that hours crammed into that car should have taken on her. She’d been such an anchor, even if her fear had visible the whole time.

Steve tries to smile at her, and Darcy reaches out for his hand, “Just a few minutes, okay? Help me sleep? Things will be better after that.” she asks.

And Steve thinks of that hushed and stolen kiss. How it had ended and he’d felt so warm and ready to  drive again. He signals for someone else to take his place. There’s nothing but a few cot mattresses on the floor, and he helps Darcy settle on one by Foster, while he takes the corner. Darcy lays her head against his thigh and his hand settles on her neck. It’s cold, and there’s no blankets left, so she curls into herself to stay warm.

He falls into a light sleep himself until she starts to shiver. She shakes herself awake and sits up a little.

“Hey, hey no, it’s okay,” He says and sees that there is still someone standing watch, “Come here,” and she gave him so much comfort, he can return some and he lies her down and wraps her in his arms. She goes more than willingly, turning in towards his chest and pressing her lips against his shirt fabric.

They can talk about it later.