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aizawa totally uses hello kitty bandaids and keeps some on his person at all times

they are shamelessly pink and cute and adorable and some of the Hello Kittys are dressed up as heroes (there’s All Might Kitty, Present Mic Kitty, and even the occasional Eraserhead Kitty)

i bet he also has rare Chococat bandaids that he uses for special occasions 

one day he sees Keroppi bandaids at the store and buys them b/c they reminded him of Tsuyu. no one finds out about it until he Tsuyu gets a cut one day during practice and Aizawa hands her a Keroppi bandaid. she loves it and gives him a happy, contented frog daughter smile

he, of course, pretends it was a just a spontaneous decision and that it was totally a coincidence. no one in Class 1A believes him

additionally, everyone in Class 1A has had a Hello Kitty bandaid on them at one point. even Bakugou. particularly Bakugou.

sometimes Aizawa will be lenient and give Bakugou Chococat bandaids instead, but if he’s been a particularly terrible little shit that day, Aizawa’ll find the pinkest, girliest, most adorable Hello Kitty bandaid for Bakugou to wear, and pretend like he didn’t intentionally just do that

Bakugou curses but he’s forced to wear it all day, while his classmates snicker at him

(Ochako loves the Hello Kitty bandaids. Kirishima thinks it’s super manly. Tokoyami usually sulks slightly b/c they’re too pink for him. Aoyama somehow gets his hands on glittery Hello Kitty bandaids and wears them proudly. Izuku thinks they’re cute and is kinda fond of them. 

Momo loves them and thinks they’re super adorable oh my god. Todoroki is kinda neutral to them, but enjoys the idea of Aizawa caring for them. Shouji is also kinda neutral, but thinks it’s cute that Aizawa has bandaids like that on hand. Mina and Tooru LOVE their cute bandaids and always look forward to getting them after a harsh training session. 

Ojirou doesn’t say anything, but silently thinks they’re cute and is actually fond of the pink bandaids. Kaminari and Mineta think that wearing them will attract girls (this, inevitably, fails). Jirou won’t admit it, but she thinks the bandaids are ADORABLE…. 

Kouda loves to stare at his bandaids b/c they’re just super cute and it’s a tiny little kitty and he’s just super happy and content. Satou wears his proudly (and he also probably owns a Hello Kitty apron). Iida enjoys the practicality of a teacher carrying around extra bandaids in the event that a student may get injured. Sero just thinks it’s kinda funny and wears his bandaids without complaint

basically Bakugou is the only one who’s annoyed with the super cute pink bandaids and everyone else loves them)

180916 / derivatives more like DIErivatives because calculus makes me want to fall into an abyss! and it’s only september! haha.. but yes anyways i made some review cards because i will get my grade up in that class (ง'̀-‘́)ง

a list of Little Things I love from Great Comet (Act 1 Part 1)
  • that first accordion note!!!!
  • the way Pierre says “GOing”
  • when the ensemble joins in for the first time!!
  • the doOR SLAM
  • when Marya says “old-schooool”
  • that clarinet going NUTS

  • the entire ensemble in “Pierre.” Just. All of them. All the time
  • “I used to be better I used to be better I used to be better” SLAY ME
  • the way Pierre says “hours” like. so smooth??
  • “I pity you I pity me I pity you” AHGHSFGHW
  • is the above bullet me or the ensemble at the end of “Pierre”? we just don’t know

  • that double clap Marya does
  • Natasha humming with that clarinet!!!!
  • WELL! Now we’ll Talk!
  • the ooOOOOOOLD fellow’s crotchety!
  • the way Marya says “clever girl”
  • basically everything Marya does tbh

  • I’ve aged so very muuuuuuUuuuUUUUuuUUUUUUCH
  • that slight pause right before everything dissolves during “The Private and Intimate Life of the House”
  • never go ANYwhere
  • and tiiiiiiiiiiiime moves onnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • that descending violin after Bolkonsky rejects Mary’s suitor
  • the dissolving instruments during “where are my glasses”
  • “I disgust myself” ahhh Save and Protect Mary

  • oh. oh hello.
  • iiiiiiiirrrrrrrksome iiiiiiiirrrrrrrrksome
  • “says the mean old man in his underthings” pffffft
  • the way Mary says “head to toe” GOSH 

  • the initial piano in “No One Else” like hoo boy here come the Feelings
  • “I love you I love you I love you I love you” like if u crie every time
  • that one note Natasha has on “oh” in the line “oh the moon”
  • did I say one note? I meant all of them
  • and flyyyyyyyyyyyying away
  • those strings during the second chorus!!!!!!!!
  • “maybe he’ll come today. maybe he came already. and he’s sitting in the drawing room. and I simply forgot.” WOW UM that sure is a FEELING I’m having right now

  • “Welcomeeee to the ooooooperaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” those Notes tho
  • Natasha smooth your gown NATASHA SMOOTH YOUR GOWN
  • a n d   i s   t h a t   N a t a s h a   a n d   i s   t h a t   N a t a s h a
  • the way the music INTENSIFIES the second Dolokhov appears
  • now all the Moscow ladies are MAD ABOUT HIMMMM
  • “No I am enjoying myself at home this evening!” bless Pierre 
  • began to pass into a STAAAaaAAAAaaAAAAAaaAAaaAATE
  • the entire ensemble in “The Opera” like DANG
  • that tiny pause before “and then, a rush of cold air” HERE WE GO
  • the music just. Shifting the SECOND Anatole appears
  • those funky BEATS
  • every time I look at him he’s looking at me every time I look at him he’s looking at me every time I look at himmmmmmmm

henlo i am crY ign

after the recent discovery that more than half the DDADDS dev team is queer, I suddenly find myself hoping that one of the dads is trans and you have the option to have a trans dadsona

and honestly I kinda hope Craig is the trans dad. he’s got the undercut. undercuts are trans culture.

hello <3 
this is my small contribution to @hannibalcreative‘s spacedogs summer!
this was so much fun to draw!! i really love spacedogs and i’ll definitely draw them more in the future <333