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i was just thinking about this and im wondering if i’m just coming up with this to show that klance is real but does keith stutter more around lance than anyone else???

“Captain America Fitness Challenge” um I need to know more???

  • is this like……. Standard Curriculum™ that every highschooler has to do?
  • or is peter’s phys ed teacher just That Cool that he brings in this stuff in a last ditch effort to get the kids to actually participate
  • how does it compare to the pacer test
  • what does it involve?? Does it actually have anything to do with the way cap fights
  • or, in other words, is there a frisbee involved
  • if it is based off his fighting style how many children need to get injured before the school drops the vid
  • is there one… for every avenger ??
  • or was Steve just deemed the Wholesome One
  • why is it still being used after he became an international fugitive and all that isn’t all that shit like Not A Good Example
  • and is that actually steve who filmed it or a look alike
  • I’m gonna assume it’s steve bc that makes it much funnier
  • how many of these… have been made
  • is there a whole series?
  • so
  • many
  • questions

As many of you know, monsta x just recently had their comeback and us monbebes are working really hard to get them their first win. Unfortunately there is tough competition at the moment so it’s getting a little difficult. Even though our fandom is growing, it’s still relatively small. Because of that, I would kindly like to ask for the help of the Army and Exo L fandom to help us with this comeback. We have been working really hard, but we still need more support to make it happen. I know this a pretty big favor, but it would be really nice if we could all put behind all the negativity and unite as fandom’s to help each other out and have each others backs. Please help us by voting for them on the music shows and streaming the video. (Even once is fine). Help our boys get their phones back by helping to get their very deserved first win!
Sincerely a Monbebe who just wants to see them get a win!!!

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please boost this if you can, i rlly need a dash that is more.. alive <3


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Very well done, detailed, and articulate comparison.

Personal Update Ahoy!

Hello all, it’s your friendly neighborhood Bully, here to just info-dump about my life and progress right now! 

:( The bad news: My depression took a sharp downturn (cant get out of bed, cant eat, etc), Finals are steadily approaching, my contract with Universal costuming expired so I’m technically unemployed, my renter’s lease ends in two months so I need to find new lodgings, and I’m still fighting writers block.

(Whew, isnt that fun to type out all in one place!)

:) The good news: My doctor put me on anti-depressants and referred me to a therapist which I will be seeing once a week, my heart condition is stable, and my cats are healthy.

I know I haven’t been posting as much as usual- I really wanted to participate more in Femslash Feburuary and MLM March- but the “pls update!” messages combined with all the ~fandom nonsense~ that has been rearing it’s ugly head these past few weeks have made it hard to stay active in the ML fandom. Dont get me wrong, I still want to contribute, but I’ve decided a bit of distance is necessary for my mental health. Hopefully I will become more active when season two rolls around!

That being said, I’m still going to be updating @miracusims regularly, since it is my happy, drama-free fandom space. This blog will still have the occasional shitpost or au idea thrown about. As for fics… my update schedule really depends on when I get the motivation/time to write, or when my depression clears up enough for me to do so. Right now I have the most progress done on the next tlatb chapter, but DD isn’t far behind. Sugar is… on hiatus until I re-evaluate where I want the story to go, and roommate au is more of a “write when I feel like it” story. 

Thanks for sticking by me ya’ll, it means the world <3

Kara said “what are friends for” and Lena shook her head no and said “I’ve never had friends like you before” like what the fuck kind of other confirmation do people need to know their relationship is meant to be more than platonic.

agentsokka  asked:

Not sure if you've made posts about it before (sorry if you have!), but could you elaborate more on the alphas not 'getting' each others' main flaws? I'm really curious since I haven't heard their relationships described like that before.

Sure, let me try to articulate what I mean here. 

Basically, the alphas as a group all love each other SO MUCH, which is awesome, they’re this closeknit squad and they’re all so important to each other and their relationships all make me feel enormous sprawling feelings, but the sheer AMOUNT they all love each other sort of blinds them to some of their own needs. They all want to think the very best of each other, and the occasional thoughts they have about each other that aren’t like 100% positive get immediately suppressed and marinated in guilt juice and they try not to acknowledge it and go back to focusing on the good instead. 

So they’re all kind of bottling things up about each other, right? But it doesn’t come from any malicious place, it comes from a place of wanting to be the best they can be because they care about everyone else’s opinion so much but also knowing they aren’t always their best selves – and knowing their friends aren’t always their best selves – but if THEY know their friends sometimes are shitty, that means everyone else might know that THEY are sometimes shitty, too. 

They’re all trying so hard to downplay the bad and upjump the good, which is MUCH MUCH easier to do with online relationships. 

You throw them into physical proximity and suddenly those annoyances you all tried so hard to pretend didn’t bug you that bad and never talked about because talking about unpleasant things is, well, unpleasant, start to boil over. Put that on top of the stressful circumstances that led to several relationships starting the session OFF more strained than usual, and wow. They had no fucking chance. 

I love the alphas so much – they got shit on by a lot of the fandom because their plotline was so internal and cerebral, but that is the kind of shit I LOVE. The betas were all friends, but they never felt like ONE GROUP to me. The full four way group dynamic never crystallized. We always found them interacting one on one and rarely ABOUT one another, because the betas’ conflicts were more or less external. The betas’ story up to Collide was them vs the environment, the game, doc scratch, sburb, the horrorterrors. The alphas’ story is so much about THEM. Their relationships. Them as a group. Their interpersonal issues and foibles and there’s this element of nitty gritty real HUMAN-ness to their struggles that isn’t super present with most of the betas who feel like more fantastical figures that struggle against equally fantastical antagonists. (The betas KIND OF segue into something like this post-Collide, but it’s not expounded upon as much, they’re split into different groups, and also a lot of it got retconned - Jade and John had some interesting moments on the boat but that stuff was probably the biggest victim of the retcon.)


Here’s an example of what I mean to wrap it up: 

Jane and Roxy are best friends, they love each other deeply, you can tell from their every interaction that they care tremendously about each other’s opinion of them, but. Roxy has a drinking problem. This (I think) clearly makes Jane uncomfortable sometimes, but Jane suppresses it and pushes it down because she wants to think the best of Roxy, she minimizes the issue. No one ever confronts Roxy about this very serious problem she has in any real or effective way (not just Jane, NO ONE does this) because they all want to think the best of her and oh… haha….. it’s just a little foible… just  a quirk…. it’s cool…. not a big deal …. I’m sure roxy has her life under control no big deal!!

Basically EVERY alpha relationship has something like this going on. Everyone downplays how much the AR bugs them because hey I’m sure Dirk has things under control he probably does this on purpose god Dirk you’re so silly jeez Dirk we’d really like to talk to you instead of your fucking hell robot sometimes but oh well I’m sure Dirk knows what he’s doing ho hum let’s all downplay how much this actually bothers us because we want to think the best of Dirk and can’t imagine him ever creating a situation he genuinely cannot deal with or control because well gosh he’s just so capable!

Everyone downplays how selfish Jake can be because oh well Jake is just silly he’s so nice he doesn’t MEAN to be this way I mean it’s JAKE how could Jake English ever do something as vaguely malicious as take advantage of how he KNOWS Jane never really says what she’s thinking if that thing is hard to say and use that to his advantage to give him a perfectly reasonable out on having to tell her he isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with her and then, KNOWING she actually did have a huge crush on him, constantly inundate her with his issues with his boyfriend for months thereafter. Surely Jake could never be that manipulative he’s so nice!! (NOTE: I love Jake English, specifically BECAUSE of things like this, I honestly would not like him if he were actually the way fanon paints him all the time, some weak cinnamon roll that can do no wrong.) 

etc etc etc

This is why I love the alphas! They are a group of fucked up teenagers who are all struggling so fucking bad but all need their friends to believe everything is ok, and who need to believe their friends are ok, who want so bad for each other to be happy that they sabotage themselves both individually and as a group in misguided attempts to pretend at and manufacture that happiness without actually doing the hard work of fixing the underlying issues preventing them from TRULY achieving it. 

(The one issue, as with most things in Homestuck that I have issues with, is that we are not shown the resolution to these arcs and struggles in canon, boooooooooooooooooooooo)

How ivar would react to you being on your period (this is a modern au answer I hope you don’t mind) •"your on your what??“

•being the confident boyfriend that is almost proud he gets tampons for his girlfriend, even though it’s challenging to go shopping by himself with his condition

•when a guy walks up to him and pokes fun at the fact he has to buy pads he shakes his head and grits his teeth, because you told him he needs to check his temper

•"at least I have a girlfriend to buy tampons or pads for, lonely bastard”

•also buying you chocolates and tea and other snacks.

•telling him he doesn’t need to get everything for you and that you can get it

•"you will stay on this couch and I will get what you need, there’s no need to put yourself into more pain"

•watching netflix together

•him holding your heating pad on your belly

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anonymous asked:

In "Pizza Thing" I saw Daron Nefcy put herself down as the President of the United States! I wish Nefcy (or you) had run for president! You guys would have won since you guys really stand for women's rights and you actually care about LGBT people and people of color! Please run for office someday, we need more women who truly care about other women in office! More Nefcy and Less Hillary! That's how we beat the Orange Menace!

Uh … Thank you! Thank you? 

But as for myself, dealing with strangers makes me really neurotic, so public service is probably out. And I actually supported Hilary in the 2016 election (my facebook icon is STILL that cut out “H” thing) so I’m not sure we’re on the same page on this one! 

kariachi  asked:

I've recently moved to a larger plot of land, more fitting to my team's needs, and so far most everyone seems to be very happy with it, but one of my team has me concerned. My Stunfisk, Puddle, has gotten, I guess territorial? She's claimed a large area of stream and becomes agitated if my other pokemon approach it. So far she allows my presence, but I'm worried this may be caused by stress relating to the move. Are there any potential stressors I should check for and ways to deal with them?

Running water seems to be a real trigger for undesirable behavior in Stunfisk. No one is really sure why this is, but it definitely is. See if you can get some sill water for her. Diverting/damming part of the stream or digging a small pond may be the best way to accomplish this. Calm water will calm her.

anonymous asked:

Don't you think it is kinda messed up to tell straight women that pretty much all men will abuse them? Like, if you're straight you are probably gonna want romance with a man at some point. But if they feel like well "all men are like this" aren't they more likely to settle for that abuse? Isn't it more healthy to be like "romance with me and abuse are not the same, if you want love you don't need to settle for someone who will abuse you"

i think you misread my post, my friend. all men are capable of abuse and the straight woman partner/mom/sister insistence “not MY____” is what leads to the fucking bitchass Mrs Turners of the world.

Everyone has the potential for abuse. MEN, however, especially white cis men, are operating within a system that allows them to abuse with impunity. To close your eyes to that and pretend like its some Other Men and it’s not the men you know is horrifyingly silencing for the sexual assault survivors in your community. I guarantee you that a man you care about has violated a woman’s boundaries at some point. maybe he feels bad about it and will never do it again. more likely, he didn’t see it as a violation at the time and never thought about it again.

The onus is on men. But women knowing that allows them to make smarter choices, including speaking up for survivors instead of blindly supporting their men.

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I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I guess I just needed to tell someone. I'm really into the studyblr community and would love to have my own...except I'm a terrible student. I just learned I didn't pass calculus or physics last quarter and idk what to do. I've already failed three other classes in the last two years and I don't think I can pursue any more majors in my college now. I am a failure and hate myself. How can I be more like you?

listen, you don’t have to be a good student to have a studyblr. i cannot stop saying how this is a place for motivation and help, all that should be done here is helping each other become better at what we study, but mostly becoming better people ourselves (especially keeping our health in mind!). you can do anything you set your mind to, but try to push yourself to do something productive or that moves you further towards your goals everyday.

(also, it’s almost 9pm and i just discovered i probably have an MCQ test tomorrow and i have not touched my notes since the semester started, so i really don’t think you wanna be more like me…why do y’all think i’m such a model student and i have my life together hahahaha)

anonymous asked:

Hey Dabble, not entirely certain, but I think I recall you once posting some neat little recipe or something once. Happen to still got it, or any others you wouldn't mind sharing?

It was for my own hot chocolate recipe! Copied from the original post:

Dabble’s Homemade Hot Chocolate

What you’ll need:

  • Milk
  • Marshmallows
  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • A Pinch of Salt

Here’s the easiest way to start yourself off: get all the mugs you plan on filling, and go ahead and use them to measure out exactly how much milk you’ll need! You will need 2 marshmallows and ~3 tablespoons (I use a little more, because I love chocolate) of dark chocolate chips per mug.

Get yourself a saucepan, and use some of your milk to add just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Turn the burner on to medium heat. Next, add your marshmallows, and melt them down! Then add a pinch or two of salt. A lot of people balk at that part, but when used properly, salt is not necessarily something you will taste in the final product. What salt does, especially in sweeter foods, is enhance the flavors that are already there.

Now what you’re gonna wanna do is add in your dark chocolate chips! While your standard semi-sweet chocolate chips will do in a pinch, I prefer dark chocolate for this recipe, as it provides a fuller flavor and doesn’t overly sweeten the hot chocolate beyond the marshmallows. Mix the chips in with the marshmallows and let them melt.

Now all you gotta do is slowly add all of you milk, stirring constantly! Once you get it to the desired heat, it’s ready to serve.

As for toppings, I recommend going all-out. Marshmallows, whipped cream, and for a more festive flavor, Andes Mint Chocolate shavings! I like to put in the marshmallows first, then add the whipped cream- since the marshmallows float, it keeps the whipped cream from dissolving into the hot chocolate, making it last longer!



MORE ACCURATE FATESONA GEM because Jin is becoming less and less like me by the day, I’m just gonna let him be his own character~~

I needed to give some fatesona’s hugs to welcome myself in lolol HERE! in order we have~

@lightning-summonersequel -Moire

@oreowarrior -Floran

@dryde -Tobias!!!!

@compulsivelyal -Lyall

@a-quiet-feeling -Ben

@ronyascribbles -Alfons


Tobias: Nate…

Nate: What’s the matter? Do you need a handkerchief? Because I hear you sniffing.

Tobias: I’ve just… realized how far we’ve come. Do you remember the first time we visited this square? Things were different. We were young and crazy, having fun, taking an insane amount of selfies, and realizing how we’ve always felt for each other. And now look - we’re married, we have three lovely girls and a little man. They’re so grown already, with every passing day I explore their personalities more and more, and I love it. I love seeing us in them.

Nate: Sometimes you’re so sentimental that I just can’t resist smiling. You’re so right, we’re living a pretty damn good life with our little ones.

Positive vibes only 💖💜✌

From here on out, I will be deleting any and all negative messages pertaining to Amber’s situation. I’ve answered what feels like same asks over and over again. We know the future of f(x) is uncertain. We know things don’t look too great. We know Amber is unhappy in SM. I want this blog to be a positive space. I want this blog to celebrate Amber, her talents, her music, her beautiful personality. By now you all know where I and a lot of other f(x) blogs stand on the situation. If you don’t, just go back and read the 5000 messages I’ve received over the past couple days.

As a fandom, I would love nothing more than to see us come together and support Amber, Luna, Krystal and Victoria. Now more than ever they need our support. Spreading positive messages, streaming MV’s, leaving positive comments on their sns. Let’s come together and act like a fandom should instead of arguing over who’s to blame.

I would also like to add that sending SM hate mail over twitter of Facebook or whatever other sns they use accomplishes nothing. We know they’ve mismanaged f(x) but nothing can change the past. Let’s focus on the here and now and the future.

Let’s focus on f(x).

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On the topic of hugging- I know he may not be the type, but does Mob ever get hugs from Reigen?

Oh no, oh man. I wish I could say yes but - you’re right, Reigen just seriously doesn’t seem like the type at all ;u;

I think in order for him to hug Mob, something really serious would have to happen first. Like. If Mob had. I dunno, a really very bad anxiety attack. Or someone fuckin died. Something like that. It’d be way too awkward in any other situation.

Or Mob would have to initiate it. Which wouldn’t make it any less awkward actually but then at least Reigen wouldn’t feel as if he’s being overbearing.

I mean Reigen kinda has this whole thing where he’s actually way more dependent on Mob’s and Serizawa’s company than they are on his and I’m pretty sure he’s aware of that so he needs to make it all look super casual and professional and not like they’re his only friends in the whole world so yeah