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It’s been more than a day and I’m still laughing at how the Squire pact in TOZ-X is now just a friendship bracelet while Mikleo and Sorey apparently have each other on telepathic emergency speed dial LOL.

inb4 bro gaydar jokes

  • <p> <b>Andy Lincoln:</b> *has insightful, poetic things to say about Richonne*<p/><b></b> A SIP OF WINE LATER...<p/><b>Tipsy Andy Lincoln:</b> *dirty Richonne thoughts*<p/><b>Tipsy Andy Lincoln:</b> *oh my...how rude...I really mustn't...*<p/><b></b> ANOTHER SIP OF WINE LATER...<p/><b>Unfiltered, Tipsy, Captain Andy Lincoln:</b> Hey everybody! Michonne totally licks me clean!!! *jumps up on his chair like an overexcited Tom Cruise*<p/></p>

Jeonghan is the kid that Jisoo’s mom probably told him to stay away from as a kid because he’s a bad influence.


Here’s the timelapse vid of my Fate Linegod pic :3  

kpop playlists for your mood

so like i was bored so i made a bunch of spotify playlists! here they are:

💲drug money💲 - need i say more

🎀 magical girl 🎀  - all girl groups

🐍 i hate yg entertainment 🐍  - all yg entertainment artists @ yg

💪🏿 back her up 💪🏿   - female artists with male features

👴 retro pop 👵  - songs with a retro sound to them

👑 girl crush 👑  -  all girl groups, self-explanatory

❄️ Thin Mints ❄️  - refreshing songs

☀️ Space Jams 🌛  - songs related to space

☔rainy serenades☔ - songs I listen to in the rain

mira-jadeamethyst  asked:

[flickers in] O-okay. Am better. Kinda. Sorry, my courage is currently helping keep Corr!Prince entertained, so I freak out more. Um. Need to run something past you. How would it affect you guys to be anchored to this plane of existence? Because I *really* don't want *any* of you in Nightmare Land, but I also don't wanna screw something up and you're really smart and I don't know what to do.

Don’t worry. *recalls the last time when everything went wrong and frowns, not wanting to think about that disaster anymore* We, um, we have a, um, a coping mechanism for this kind of accidents. *adjusting his tie to cover up his uncomfortable feelings*

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Is the film industry Freebatched?

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are together in the BBC Sherlock Universe. The world went batshit crazy.

They are together in The Hobbit Universe. Dragons with scarves and hobbits in jumpers broke the internet.

They are together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not in the same film - YET. But most probably will be, in Phase 3. A number of films in Phase 3, even.

Is this the film industry’s MO now? Put together the two most illegally delicious men to make the franchise even more successful? Not that these shows wouldn’t be successful without Freebatch, but hey, “Let’s Freebatch this to totally slay it!”

Yes, Freebatch is a verb now. And the entertainment industry’s business strategy. And I need more Freebatch films.

My 12X15 Opinion

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Not my favorite of the season, but it wasnt bad. I just basically think it was more build up than it needed, but I was entertained enough so it didn’t suck.

First off, I love the cameo by Lucile! Im not even a Walking Dead fan but I thought it was awesome! “Dad would get a kick out of this!” was great, I hope TWD somehow make a comment about it too LOL. I also appreciate that Sam using fancy shampoo is now canon, we all knew it, now we have proof! 

The banter between the boys was great, and I love that Mick Davies is “Frodo” on Sam’s phone hehehe. And I have to say Sam in glasses just does things to me…. really! The Hellhound looked really impressive this time, and it was pretty suspensful during the fight, but I have to say I was disappointed with the end of it. Im glad Sam, yet again, killed the MOTW but it was very anticlimactic, there was minimal hound blood, and Sam didnt even get hurt. I think they could have done more there. 

Crowley and Luci is just annoying me. Mark Pellagrino isnt as impressive as Lucifer as history has had him, hes kinda being more goofy and annoying than the other Luci’s were. And I have to say again that Im really annoyed that so much story is spent on Crowley having to be Lucifers dog and lick floors than has ever been spent on Sam’s 180 years of brutal unspeakable torture. But ok, now his vessel is actually a “prison” for him. Does this mean he will go back to wanting Sam as a vessel? Not that I want him to grief Sam anymore but some kind of legitimate closure to that ordeal would be nice.

Ok now my favorite part *picks up the microphone* I FREAKIN CALLED IT ALL YOU NON-BELIEVERS!!!! As i said all week, Dean will not pissed off at Sam for joining the Britts, and he will be an easy sell after a little grumpiness. And so it was! *mic drop* All Sam needed to do, as I said, was be honest and tell Dean why he’s doing it. Dean might grump, maybe protest a little, but Sam will convince him and they’ll do this together. When they realize the brits dont share their same ethics, ie. not all monsters have to die, and other things, the boys will fight against them. Together. I see the next episode Claire gets bitten by a vampire, and this could be where they realize their crucial differences. Maybe Sam and Dean want to cure her, and Mick and Mr Ketch think she should die (or maybe even kill her?) and then all hell breaks loose?

Now Castiel… Im thinking he’s very conflicted as to what to do with Kelly, and Im not shocked. I feel like his heavenly instict tells him he has to destroy Luci Jr but his time with the Winchesters has made him think differently, that its ones own choice, Nephilim or not, to be evil or good and ultimately, hes not going to kill the baby before he has a chance. Maybe even take Kelly and/or the baby to the Winchesters to protect him/them from the other angels, Argon and Lucifer. I think we’ve all seen by now that neither Cas nor Winchesters are in the business of killing babies, no matter who their father is. 

So this episode, on a scale of Bloodlines to Swan Song, im going to give it a 6.5. A strong one though. It was a good story but there were missed opportunities to make it an even better one even if it was just making the killing of the Hellhound more dramatic, I would have given it a 7.  

Now we suffer till March 30th :(