i need more cds in my car

The kind of cat you can’t just pick up

I blame @audiaphilios’ Patater obsession for this.


“Tater?” Jack said, hesitantly putting a hand on one huge shoulder. “Are you… okay? You’ve seemed kind of, uh, not yourself today.”

Jack could see Tater try to paste on his usual smile for about half a second before he gave up. “No, you right. I can ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“Is about Parse…”

“Oh.” Jack knew about them, of course, but he didn’t suspect it would ever not be awkward to give advice about his own ex. “That’s fine. Go ahead.”

“He is very frustrating! I do a nice thing sometimes, and it seem to make him mad. I am doing it wrong?”

“Oh, no, it’s not you. Parse is…” How could he explain this? “Wait, I heard a song at Shitty’s the other day, it might explain. Hold on.” Jack dug his phone out of his bag to google the lyrics. He knew Bitty would chirp him about finally catching up with the right century, and he wouldn’t deny it was helpful to be able to look things up at a moment’s notice. He doubted he would have noticed song lyrics as often before spending so much time with Bitty, though.

“Here, this part.” He pointed to the second half of the song.

the one person who really knows me best
says i’m like a cat
yeah the kind of cat that you just can’t pick up
and throw into your lap
no, the kind that doesn’t mind being held
only when its her idea
yeah, the kind that feels what she decides to feel
when she is good and ready to feel it

and now i am prowling through the backyard
and i am hiding under the car
i have gotten out of everything
i’ve gotten into so far
i eat when i am hungry
and i travel alone
and just outside the glow of the house
is where i feel most at home

but in the window you sometimes appear
and your music is faint in my ears 

(“virtue” by ani difranco)

Tater studied the lyrics for a minute or so in silence, occasionally visibly translating something, but then he smiled.

“Ah, he is like Kit. I understand.”

When Tater subsequently took to calling Kent “kitten” in Russian during their calls on roadies, Jack didn’t notice, because his Russian was nearly nonexistent, but Bitty overheard once via Skype and refused to explain why he started giggling. If Tater hadn’t explained it to Jack, that was his business. But Bitty might be saving the knowledge for a future chirp, if Kent seemed to really deserve it.