i need more brotp in my life

Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko the dweebs, being all BFF and hanging out together, probably discussing stuff about Republic City and how awesome and cool it’s gonna be (well, before sh*t got real of course ;XD )

Okay okay but I used to be a hardcore gruvia shipper but I literally cannot ship Gruvia anymore it’s waaayyy too much of a BROTP now like Gray and Juvia being absolute besties and Juvia teasing Gray abt his relationship (with either Lyon or Natsu of course) and Gray teasing her right back abt her relationship with Lucy and I just want BROTP things like tickle fights and water fights and snuggling down and watching movies but it’s all totally platonic and they’re always there for the other and would kick ass for each other and COME ON GUYS.

Make me choose meme: cocohook38 asked: captain swan or captain charming?

You asked me to choose between my OTP of OTPs and my BROTP of BROTPs…
Considering I’ve already drawn my OTP of OTPs yesterday, I’ve decided to draw my boys (plus, I needed more mates activities in my life).



Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Juvia/Gajeel [brotp].
Mentioned Pairings: Gajevy, Gruvia.
Dedication: d-eliade.

A/N: This was inspired by Sofia’s absolutely stunning New Year’s picture which details Gajeel’s confession to Levy. I wanted to write his conversation with Juvia prior to that because I need more of those two in my life ~ <3

;The heart is a funny thing. It knew how Juvia felt right away. All Gajeel has to do is listen to his.

Gajeel waited for Juvia to make herself comfortable on the bed. She took her sweet time stretching out both legs only to bring them up against her chest when she’d finished. Were this any other time he’d wait for her to get situated, but today he had something important to ask. Something he could ask only Juvia. He could already feel beads of sweat trickling down his temples. He couldn’t be embarrassed, not with Juvia. After all, if anybody knew how to laugh in the face of embarrassment it was her. She openly put herself in awkward positions despite her self-conscious nature for the sake of being with Gray.

He had a lot to learn.

Clearing his throat, Gajeel dropped to sit on the edge of the bed, his palms resting behind him. She lay her hand upon his immediately. Juvia had a sixth sense for these kinds of conversations. She knew he needed her support.

“It has been a while since Gajeel came to drink tea with Juvia,” she leaned forward to catch a glimpse of his face. “Is everything alright?”

His eyes settled on the empty tea cups in the middle of the room. He’d drink tea with Juvia a thousand times over if it meant ridding himself of the lump swelling in his throat. He was being choked by his emotions, emotions he didn’t understand. 

“Gajeel? You’re quiet, are you–”

“Oi, Juvia,” he interrupted, twisting his form to look back at her, “How do you know that you like that stripper?”

Juvia’s cheeks brightened at the mention of Gray. Or maybe the idea of him stripping had been the cause of her flushed countenance. Either way, Gajeel knew he’d get a direct answer.

“Juvia always wants to be with Gray-Sama. Juvia is always happy when she’s with Gray-Sama. That’s how Juvia knows that she loves Gray-Sama.”

It was such a simple answer, but the way her eyes lit up as she spoke his name gave Gajeel all the proof he needed. She loved him to the point his very name made her soul quiver with delight. He could see it in her eyes each time his name left her lips – the sun.

“Er – that’s–”

“Why does Gajeel want to know?”

That question made his heart tighten in his chest. Why did he want to know? Why now? Why not tomorrow? Why not yesterday? 

“I, uh, well–”

“Is it perhaps that Gajeel likes someone?”

She moved her legs to kneel on the bed, both hands settling over his hand now. Gajeel wanted desperately to tear it away and disappear into Fairy Hills, away from the suffocating topic. But he’d come here seeking answers. He’d come to her, he couldn’t do that to the one person who’d always listened to him.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I can’t tell. I don’t understand this love thing. I don’t get why you think Gray’s so damn special but I know something’s not right in here.”

Gajeel tapped his chest to make his point. He felt the bed shake beneath them as Juvia moved closer, both arms sliding around his shoulders in a warm embrace. She pressed herself against his back and held him tightly.

He thought about Levy holding him like this. Thought about her smile, about the warmth of her hands. He thought about how small she was, how he’d have to bend down to kiss–

“Shit,” he muttered, bringing a hand to Juvia’s arm. “I don’t know anything any more.”

Juvia held him tighter. “It’s okay. Gajeel will figure it out.”

“Yeah,” he whispered. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“The heart is a funny thing,” she whispered against his back. “It knew how Juvia felt right away. All Gajeel has to do is listen to his.”

They sat like that for some time, focused on their thoughts, until finally Gajeel knew exactly what he needed to do. He needed to figure out his feelings, it wasn’t fair to string Levy along if his heart and his mind weren’t on the same page. New Years Eve would give him the answers he needed. He’d decide for himself the true definition of liking someone. 

“Thanks, Juvia.”

Whenever the Sonic gang runs in with the Mario cast, Sonic and Bowser generally get along really well, while Mario is more fond of Eggman. Sonic and Bowser’s similar egos and penchants for havoc somehow manage to get along splendidly, and they often end up spending lots of time eating and complaining about their respective nemesis. Meanwhile, Mario and Eggman often find themselves bonding over a fondness for their exquisite facial hair and their desires to keep things in order.

Despite being on the same side of the moral compass, Sonic doesn’t like Mario much, and the same holds true for Eggman and Bowser. They generally regard their heroic/villainous counterpart as “doing it wrong”, causing no small amount of frustration when interacting with them.

You know what I really want in an upcoming episode?

A big jalec fight scene over Magnus where Jace accuses Alec over being more and more reckless by being with a downworlder and caring less and less about what the Clave thinks. And Alec to get all defensive boyfriend mode and defending Magnus and then accuses him about how much he has hurt him over the past years and more recently ever since Clary has shown up and have him finally let release all the emotions and secrets that he has bottled up.

Then after the big fight, Clary and Izzy both take turns going to each of them making sure they’re ok and trying to get them to see reason. Clary and Izzy telling Alec that he did the right thing and them goong to Jace and trying to get him to understand how his parabatai is feeling.

And then have an adorable fluff scene with Magnus comforting Alec and being all supportive boyfriend mode and telling him he did the right thing.

Does anybody else want to see this too? I don’t know this is just my opinion.

You know what I need more of.

I need more Neville and ginny bromance. I need ginny and Neville often get together and study together in the library and they talk about potions and why snaps hates Neville, and charms and “if I tried to leverage Ron in his sleep do you think he’d notice” “no ginny you can’t charm your brothers”, I need Neville helping Ginny with herbology, and I need them talking about their school experiences, and Neville saying something about its obvious Ginny’s brave after the chamber, and then one day she falls asleep while they’re studying and has a nightmare about the chamber and it’s her fourth year and that’s when he realizes that she’s still affected by it. But she swears him to secrecy because she’s worried that if word gets around people will think she’s weird and she just starting making a name for herself outside of being a weasley. And I just need Neville/Ginny being Bros because they’re both a little lonely and a little intimidated by the family name they carry around with them and everybody’s expectations for them because of their families.


Honest to god. I couldn’t love them more. 

Ice’s “Hey Peter” and Peter’s casual “What’s up?” - BROTP

“Seems like you been with us forever.” = I agree, Ice! Peter/Carisi, made it a hella fun year. Like, where has he been all my life? Or at least for 15 yrs??

That’s a good thing, right?” - OMG just stop him. I can’t take his laugh and his face and his beard and hand gestures and his graciousness and all around general awesomeness.

The way all the girls look at Peter when he talks ….*heart*eyes*

This cast is a very enthusiastic, talkative bunch. THANK YOU to Ice for specifically giving Peter a chance to talk and helping us get to know him better. 

vengesta  asked:


Why I like them: funny, smart, and great representation for woc and autistic girls
Why I don’t: ??? i don’t see a reason
Favorite episode: girl meets the real world
Favorite season: 3
Favorite line: “what the f-”
Favorite outfit: the skirt outfit in gmtrw
OTP: tbh lucadora but i love smarkle too
Brotp: zayadora
Head Canon: she and zay secretly get annoyed as fuck when the white friends complaid about something trivial so they always share this look
Unpopular opinion: she needs more screen time and development
A wish: to see her family life
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: being dumped by farkle for riley
5 words to best describe them: quirky, intelligent, fun, empathetic, dynamic
My nickname for them: izzy

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Katsuki Bakugou 1, 3, and 6? ^-^

1: sexuality headcanon

asexual! not sex repulsed, but not particularly interested in it either. bakugou katsuki has more important things in life to think about. 

i also hc him as demiromantic or just Super Gay! as much as he may wish it, katsuki is not immune to Having Feelings and he hates every minute of it. 

2: otp

n/a i would ship him with anyone if it was written well enough. that said, i do find todobaku hilarious on many levels, and bakushin as well! i also have a special place in my heart for kiribaku too, though i think it needs a lot of work before it’ll become something that can hold. 

3: brotp

pretty much everyone!! ashido mina, kaminari denki, kirishima eijirou, todoroki, deku, shinsou. EVERYONE. katsuki makes it really easy to dream up weird, bizarre, inexplicable friendships and i love it from the very depths of my being. mostly i just love everyone trodding all over katsuki’s attempts to be an aloof and antisocial loner; also katsuki pretending he doesn’t give a shit when everyone knows that he really, really does. 


  •  “Fuck you, shithead! I don’t need any of your shitty help!”
    “What he means is, ‘Thank you so much, oh angel from heaven, I would have been completely lost without you,’” Kaminari says wisely. “There’s a trick to learning Bakugou-speak, you know?”
    Katsuki lunges over his desk and attempts to throttle Kaminari. 
  • “That’s not how you do the fucking problem.” Katsuki leans over and crosses out the last three lines of work, then writes the actual work. Where the fuck would this idiot be if not for him. “Congratulations, moron, on the most creatively wrong fucking solution I have ever seen in my god damn life.” 
    “Aw, Kirishima, he does like you,” coos Mina from the side.
  • “Hey, half-and-half.” No response. “Hey, strawberry fuckhead! I’m fucking talking to you!” 
    Todoroki turns around with the fakest expression of surprise on his face. “What, me?” Todoroki says. “I’m sorry, I was just so shocked that the great Bakugou Katsuki would deign to speak to me, I thought he couldn’t possibly.” 
    “Don’t give me any of that crap! You knew perfectly well I was there–” 
    “Oh, dear,” says Todoroki, turning away, putting a hand to his cheek and glancing at the ground demurely. “As always, Bakugou, your manners leave me feeling as charmed as the main female love interest of a shoujo manga.” 
    Katsuki is about to spit out a reply to that, but then he realizes – “You read shoujo manga?” he says, and Todoroki’s face as he realizes the misstep he’s made is utterly fucking glorious. 

4: notp

i hate canon-verse bakudeku \: bc katsuki was so awful to deku during their childhood, and i’m pretty sure that’s most of the reason deku doesn’t seem to have any friends before going to yuuei. katsuki and deku’s relationship is a wreck, and not in the delightful way: in the THIS IS A WRECK way. at best it’s complicated and really unhealthy and weirdly obsessed, and at worst….. well. i dont know if it’s possible for them to form a healthy relationship based on mutual respect and trust even if they tried. 

anyways, ngl i actually hated bakudeku until i started writing my fic and then i accidentally wrote myself into shipping them LMAO 

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

he secretly likes listening to classical music and he knows A LOT about each composer – their style, their biographies, even what keys and chord progressions they favor. but he’d rather step on a bear trap than let anyone fucking know. (kirishima knows. he swiped katsuki’s music player once to see what he liked, and – “bach?” he says, laughing, “you’re listening to bach? i can’t even pronounce half these names–” and then katsuki forcefully removed the music player from kirishima’s person while yelling obscenities. “i’ll rip off your arms and force feed them to you if you ever breathe a word of this to anyone!” + “fuck you, kirishima! your taste in music is fucking stupid anyways!”) 

6: favorite line from this character


7: one way in which I relate to this character

mmmm he’s always been at the top, so going to yuuei is something of a shock to him – he’s no longer quite the biggest fish in the pond. i relate to those feelings of inadequacy, tbh. 

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

remember from the latest chapter when he was licking his lips and had his tongue out all villain-like? god, that was so fucking bad, i laughed really hard and i still hate that panel to this day 

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? 

he is the most problematic fave i have EVER SEEN