i need more brotp in my life

Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko the dweebs, being all BFF and hanging out together, probably discussing stuff about Republic City and how awesome and cool it’s gonna be (well, before sh*t got real of course ;XD )

Okay okay but I used to be a hardcore gruvia shipper but I literally cannot ship Gruvia anymore it’s waaayyy too much of a BROTP now like Gray and Juvia being absolute besties and Juvia teasing Gray abt his relationship (with either Lyon or Natsu of course) and Gray teasing her right back abt her relationship with Lucy and I just want BROTP things like tickle fights and water fights and snuggling down and watching movies but it’s all totally platonic and they’re always there for the other and would kick ass for each other and COME ON GUYS.


Whoniverse: Class - 29/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x08)

This is the traditional end to a Quill life, did you know that?  Yeah, we die and our offspring consume us.  They take our strength as their first gift, and our last legacy. But that’s not what you humans do, is it?  You give your strength every day.  You give your legacy as you live.  And that’s because you can shape it. Rather than it shaping you.  So take what you’ve been given, take it, and give it back to those who hurt you. Cos that’s what I’m going to do.

Taekook is one of my favorite bangtan ships but I’ve been having serious brotp feels lately

I mean, imagine

-Taehyung convincing a slightly tipsy Jungkook that serenading Yoongi is a good idea and offering to play the saxophone in the background because “there’s nothing sexier than a saxophone, Jungkook-ah.”

-Movie nights where they spend more time shit talking and gossiping than actually watching the movie. They never have any idea what the movie was about when the end credits start rolling.

-Taehyung poking and prodding the younger and being super annoying and clingy when all Jungkook wants is to be left alone because Taehyung knows how emotionally constipated the maknae is and he’s not afraid to point it out even if it results in him being manhandled and thrown across the room onto the sofa like a plush doll.

-Taehyung sending Jungkook pictures of guys he thinks are attractive and suitable for Jungkook and Jungkook blushing every single time he opens Tae’s messages because the elder has no sense of shame. (“Yah, Jungkook-ah, he has really big hands ;)” “Even I would wanna take jello shots off of his abs”) Mostly though, Taehyung just sends Jungkook random pictures that he takes of Yoongi, all with the caption reading “you have questionable taste but I support you anyways.” 

-Taehyung is Jungkook’s biggest cheerleader and constantly coos over how cute the younger is even though Jungkook always shoves him away and refuses to be coddled.

-Taehyung and Jungkook going to a coffee shop during their break from dance practice and Taehyung elbowing Jungkook in the ribs to get his attention as they get in line.

“Jungkook, the barsita’s totally your type; ask him for his number.”

“We’re in public, shut up!” 

“Awh, my shy little dongsaeng. Don’t worry this hyung will take care of it for you.” 

“Hyung, I swear to god …” 

“Hush, little Kookie. Taetae knows best.”

“Who the fuck refers to themselves in third person with their nickname.”



-Jungkook hates it when his hyungs worry about him and Taehyung knows this very well so instead he just sits and listens attentively to the younger, doesn’t let it show that his heart is shattering with every tremor that runs through Jungkook, tries his best to absorb all of the ache from Jungkook’s bones and throw it aside wordlessly without letting the younger see the way his heart is withering/ All of the other members aren’t so great at controlling their emotions when it comes to Jungkook, they’re more easily swayed off their feet and much more vocal about their feelings and Jungkook hates knowing that he’s the reason behind the crease in their brows and the downward quirk to their lips which is why around Taehyung - who remains outwardly apathetic even though Jungkook knows he’s anything but - the maknae feels comfortable talking about his problems.  

-Taehyung’s the one in the background always cheering Jungkook on, giving him the slight push in the right direction. When Jungkook tells him that he wants to make a cover of “Fools” but feels too self-conscious and uneasy in his own skin, Taehyung’s the one that drags him to Namjoon and forces him to sit down and talk it through.

-Taehyung’s the one Jungkook goes to in the middle of the night when the voices in his head are too loud, when the cold seeping into his skin won’t go away despite all of his efforts. He wordlessly slips into bed next to Taehyung because the elder makes Jungkook feel safe and secure, makes Jungkook feel the way he felt when his actual older brother clapped his shoulder and told him that he was so so proud of him when Jungkook came out to his family.

-Taehyung literally screams and pumps his fist into the air when Jungkook shyly tells him that he talked to Yoongi and the two of them decided to start dating

-Taehyung sitting down with Yoongi and giving him the “I respect you and love you, hyung - more than I can ever express in words - but if you make Jungkookie cry I won’t hesitate to tell Jin hyung that it was you who shrunk his favorite pink sweater in the wash” talk. 

Whenever the Sonic gang runs in with the Mario cast, Sonic and Bowser generally get along really well, while Mario is more fond of Eggman. Sonic and Bowser’s similar egos and penchants for havoc somehow manage to get along splendidly, and they often end up spending lots of time eating and complaining about their respective nemesis. Meanwhile, Mario and Eggman often find themselves bonding over a fondness for their exquisite facial hair and their desires to keep things in order.

Despite being on the same side of the moral compass, Sonic doesn’t like Mario much, and the same holds true for Eggman and Bowser. They generally regard their heroic/villainous counterpart as “doing it wrong”, causing no small amount of frustration when interacting with them.

You know what I really want in an upcoming episode?

A big jalec fight scene over Magnus where Jace accuses Alec over being more and more reckless by being with a downworlder and caring less and less about what the Clave thinks. And Alec to get all defensive boyfriend mode and defending Magnus and then accuses him about how much he has hurt him over the past years and more recently ever since Clary has shown up and have him finally let release all the emotions and secrets that he has bottled up.

Then after the big fight, Clary and Izzy both take turns going to each of them making sure they’re ok and trying to get them to see reason. Clary and Izzy telling Alec that he did the right thing and them goong to Jace and trying to get him to understand how his parabatai is feeling.

And then have an adorable fluff scene with Magnus comforting Alec and being all supportive boyfriend mode and telling him he did the right thing.

Does anybody else want to see this too? I don’t know this is just my opinion.

You know what I need more of.

I need more Neville and ginny bromance. I need ginny and Neville often get together and study together in the library and they talk about potions and why snaps hates Neville, and charms and “if I tried to leverage Ron in his sleep do you think he’d notice” “no ginny you can’t charm your brothers”, I need Neville helping Ginny with herbology, and I need them talking about their school experiences, and Neville saying something about its obvious Ginny’s brave after the chamber, and then one day she falls asleep while they’re studying and has a nightmare about the chamber and it’s her fourth year and that’s when he realizes that she’s still affected by it. But she swears him to secrecy because she’s worried that if word gets around people will think she’s weird and she just starting making a name for herself outside of being a weasley. And I just need Neville/Ginny being Bros because they’re both a little lonely and a little intimidated by the family name they carry around with them and everybody’s expectations for them because of their families.

hey guys, I know I haven’t been active, but life is getting really hard for me. I haven’t been on due to general busyness - between student teaching and real life people, I don’t have time for anything. 

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things i need in my life

rosa & jake doing more things as partners bc 1000 push ups is the most amazing thing ever !! the trust between them makes me cry !! and them doing more things && being partners is lyfe !!

rosa && jake during their academy days and helping each other through all the shit && playing out how 1000 push ups actually becomes a thing !!!!