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I’ve been thinking for a while and I felt the need to make a quick little PSA for people who participate in fandoms and idolize artists and such–

I’ve noticed over the past 2 years certain people who have others practically throwing themselves at their feet when they’re not… good people. 

I just want to say that yes, you can like someone’s work, but please try not to get caught up in the idea that being a fan of theirs or trying to appeal to them will accomplish something for you on a deeper or wider level. I guess that’s how I can word it?
If you see someone doing horrible things, treating people badly, generally having a shit attitude… and just–the stances they take on serious subjects? Just because they’re someone with followers doesn’t make them right. It doesn’t mean you have to settle and agree with them, especially if it conflicts with your morality.

Just please be cautious when participating in fandoms, because the last thing I want to see more of is bad behavior being rewarded because fans feel that they have to feel that way rather than standing up against something blatantly wrong.
Your voice does matter, even if you feel like it doesn’t.

Adding onto this–I know I’m not the best person in the entire world. I know I have my own issues and my brain works in a way that I approach things that other people think is outlandish or weird. 
I don’t want any of you here if it means that you feel like you have to be here–I want you here because you’re comfortable being here, it’s why I try my hardest to both be inclusive and considerate with the subjects I speak about on this blog.

In simple terms: I’m not an extremist SJW but I AM an SJW at heart, and stars forbid I want people to feel validated and want to treat them as equals and have them feel comfortable and safe in my space.

(Also, that feeling when you have to explain that last bit because people will just hate you for being a coughSJWcough because of the horrible stigma surrounding the shitty ones. It’s why I put extremist in there, because extremist ANYTHINGS are bad news no matter what the cause is.)



I’ve seen the hug a hundred times already from promos but now I’m just, these are my boys, these brothers are everything!


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It's Nothing and/or Stepping Up for Rowaelin, pls!

It’s Nothing was the most requested prompt, and since this lovely user specified what ship, i answered this one!

No more prompts please! I just needed a little break from my other story, but thank you all for taking the time to ask!

Btw, a little different from a SickFic, more of a HurtFic!

Pain lashed through Aelin Galathynius’s calf, and for a moment, she thought an arrow had struck her. Then she looked down.

Nothing. There was nothing wrong, asides from the black blood of the Valg covering every inch of her.


He was hurt.

Panicked, she looked around the crumbling courtyard of the little manor house. Where was Rowan?

She swore as the distraction nearly cost her an arm as a Valg swung for her. She dodged it easily and plunged Goldryn into its spine. It gave an unearthly howl of pain and then it was dead. Aelin looked around again. She must’ve just had the last one.

The twins and Aedion were checking the corpses, making sure each one was dead, and Lysandra sat with Elide and Lorcan in ghost leopard form, purring as Elide scratched her neck, but…

“Rowan!” she called.

Both Rowan and Gavriel were missing.

Aelin sheathed her sword and gave a firm tug on that glimmering bond that bound her to Rowan. There was a moment of nothing, then, Aelin, I’m fine—

Aelin swore as she saw Rowan limp up from behind Lorcan and Elide, a wound evident on his calf.

Aedion said something, but she didn’t hear it as she sprinted towards her mate.

Her injured mate.

Both panic and anger rose in her chest, but Aelin shoved them down. “What happened,” she said as she finally neared,

He was walking. He was fine just a large gash on his… leg.

A wave of nausea wrapped around Aelin’s insides at the sight. She didn’t know why. She’d seen and given much worse injuries.

Rowan didn’t even glance down, he just met her eyes briefly. “I’m fine, Aelin, one of those bastards got a little too close with a broadsword,” he looked her over. “Are you alright?”

She nodded, breathless.

Rowan scanned her again and offered her his hand, which she took without hesitation. He stopped walking and turned towards her, cupping her face with one hand. “I’m fine, Fireheart. It’s nothing.”

Aelin leaned into his touch. “It’s hard,” she admitted. Rowan nodded, “I know. It is for me too.”

Aelin still felt shaken twenty minutes later when she had finally— finally— sat down besides Rowan inside the ruins of the building. They’d come in to make sure nothing nasty had decided to stick around in the house, but after a few minutes, she had ordered Rowan to sit down and rest his leg. He hadn’t protested.

Aelin reached into the pack she’d carried in and grabbed the clean bandage and tin of antiseptic balm. He didn’t say anything when she rolled up his pant leg and began to ever so gently dab the strong-smelling balm on the gash. Rowan winced, and Aelin mumbled an apology.

“Aelin,” he said after another minute of silence.

She didn’t look up from her work, pausing only to grab the cotton bandages.

“Aelin, love, look at me.”

Tears gathered in her eyes, she didn’t know why.

Rowan leaned forward and cupped her face with his warm hands. “Aelin, I am fine. It will heal. It doesn’t hurt that bad.”

Aelin swiped at her eyes angrily. “I don’t know why I’m being so,” she unrolled the bandage, “gods-damn emotional, Rowan. It’s the mate bond, I think. I felt when you got wounded and…”

She met his pine colored eyes. “It scared me, Rowan.”

“It’s not bad to be scared, Aelin. Especially if you’re scared for the ones you love.”

Aelin sighed and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. He smiled against her, and reached to tug her forward, but Aelin pulled away.

“I’ll kiss you, Prince,” she ran a hand up his calf, “When I’m done.”

He rolled his eyes, “It really is nothing.”

She just shook her head and wrapped the bandage slowly.

Rowan rotated his foot slowly, “Thank you.”

She hummed and began crawling into his lap. When she had settled, Aelin tucked her head into the crook of his neck.

He wrapped his arms around her and began tracing invisible patterns on her back. She breathed him in, and placed a soft kiss onto his neck. “How long,” he drawled, “do you think we have until they come looking for us?”

Aelin shrugged and raised her head. “I don’t care,” she said roughly. Then she kissed him. And despite the overwhelming shit that was going on around them, Aelin felt as though she had found peace. The two of them together equated in peace.

All the cartoons I’ve seen

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Regular Show

And I need to see:

Phineas and Ferb

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Milo Murphy’s Law


dil proposes! (about time, tbh)

If I Could Fly//5//What Happens Here, Stays Here

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A/N: lol ok so I am back guys. Hope you all enjoyed this last piece and after this one I shall be posting some Hiddles soon as I have just finished writing the first part! I hope you all saw my banners for upcoming Fassbender and Evans stories, if not they can be found on my masterlist linked below. This is smut so consider yourself warned.


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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Charlie:</b> *@ a meet and greet*<p/><b>Fan:</b> *walks up with crocs on*<p/><b>Charlie:</b> *tears forming in his eyes* oh child no *handing them money* here<p/><b>Fan:</b> wha-<p/><b>Charlie:</b> *voice breaking* please, you need this more than i do<p/></p><p/></p>

autumngore  asked:

I NEED MORE from the break up post and its follow up please keep this going make it into a series Something i need it

you and four other people requested a part three, so here i am, fulfilling the wishes!! this is now an ongoing chapter fic posted on ao3 (because it felt stupid to keep continuing it through asks) - go bookmark it or something

everybody go thank @minyrrds, because if she hadn’t bugged me about a continuation, this would’ve come out next month (i know i’m an Absolute Loser okay…) anyways i hope y’all dig this!!!!

part 1 / part 2 / ao3

A life tactic Andrew has engraved on every single tombstone of his being is this: if you don’t let them, they won’t hurt you.

Every time a part of him died, the words got etched in deeper. Somehow, Andrew thought of it as a form of self-preservation, a bullet-proof way to keep existing, even though he knew he wasn’t really alive. The world seemed to function better with him in it, so Andrew, or what was left of him, stuck around.

When Neil Josten came into the picture, much like a fist breaking through a glass wall, something stirred deep inside of Andrew, seemingly rising from its deep slumber. It was an awakening Andrew didn’t prepare for. This previously dormant part of him spread all throughout his body faster than Andrew could even believe. There was enough evidence present to be sure that no one could resurrect his soul that easily. For reasons unknown, Andrew let him in, allowed Neil to give what he could and take what he needed, because things were different, but not entirely despicable. Between the wreckage they both were grew a trust neither of them were ready for. He was blissfully unaware of the fact that the longer his thing with Neil lasted, the more he grew sentient, the more human he actually became, choosing to continue with the belief that he was still his same uncaring, apathetic self.

Neil ending things submerged him into reality’s waters; it felt like every fragment of his humanity was evaporating right before his eyes, and Andrew wanted nothing more than to forget that he was ever actually alive.

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I love you, but do you love me?

Rucas Fight Part 2 

Part 1 can be found here 

Title: I love you, but do you love me?
Summary: Riley ad Lucas experience a fight,

This is the second part to the Rucas fight

“Dude quit snoring”

Lucas flickers his nose at the sound, turning around and groaning hoping that whoever was yelling at would shut up.

“Dude wake up.”

Lucas groans again, hating who ever decided to wake him up. Lucas feels like a giant elephant is dancing on his head and he is already regretting how much he drank last night. Lucas manages to roll over just in time for a pillow to slap him right in the face.

“ZAY!” he yells, quickly sitting up and looking at his friend who is laughing in the corner. Lucas rolls his eyes, but regrets it a second later when his head thumps in protest. He lies back down and wishes that the room would swallow him up so he didn’t have to deal with today, even though he knows it was self-inflicted. Just as he was about to say something Maya walked into the room carrying three glasses.

“Morning Sunshine’s, I have brought my hangover cure.”

Zay makes a face having had Maya’s hangover drink quite a few times, but none the less gulping it down in two big gulps. Maya grins as she shoves the green looking goo into Lucas’s face, who grabs it hesitantly. He looks at Zay who seems to be looking a tad green himself, he sniffs it recoiling at the smell before taking a deep breath and gulping down the sludge.

“This better work Hart” Lucas says as he coughs, and Maya just smirks before sitting down next to Zay.

“You were the one who decided to do all those shots when you came back from talking to Riley.”

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“Just once.”

Request from @runaway-theorys and anon: “Can u do a part 3 for trust?! It’s so good!!” “Pleaseeee can you do part 3 of the wake up thing and trust?” 

Part 1 

Part 2

Sammy’s POV

Day after day, I would still come back to see Y/N. All she does is sit there and watch us. She doesn’t move, she doesn’t say a word. I’m basically back to step one. But at least this step one, I know she’s awake. The guys and I try to get her to talk, or even make a facial expression, but she doesn’t budge. A couple days ago, we were in the cafe area and we overheard some nurses and the doctor talking. It literally broke all of our hearts. 

“So, what about that girl patient that woke up after taking her off the ventilator? What was that? The family was ready to have her daughter die and she stays alive?! I mean come on, that’s got to be something!” The nurse said tables away from us to everyone she was sitting with, taking a bite out of her apple. “I know right? Before she would be just lying there, unconscious, quiet. But now, she just sits there, awake, and quiet. It’s creepy!” Another nurse said. “How does her family and friends do that? Just keep coming back to nothing. Especially her boyfriend. He’s here everyday man. Doesn’t have anything better to do?” Another nurse butted in. “You don’t think it’s….” The first nurse said and the doctor walks behind their table, “I’m hoping it’s not the surge” The doctor said to them. “Not what? What’s the surge?” a nurse asked. “The surge is the last surge of energy before a terminally ill patient dies…” The doctor said, and everyone got quiet. All our heads were turned to them, as they all looked at us in shock that we heard their whole conversation. We immediately got up and went straight back to Y/N’s room, trying to get her to talk again. 

Every since then, we can’t leave her alone until we know it isn’t the surge. We’ve been scared she’ll leave us for sure this time if we don’t make sure she’s okay. It was early in the morning when I was just sitting there with Y/N, holding her hand, looking at her while she looks straight ahead. The boys walk in in a different kind of mood. “WHAT’S UP GUYS!” Swazz yells excited, the guys coming in all talkative and smiling. They brought bags with them. “What’s up man.” We brohugged each other. “What’s with the bags? And the weird energy?” I questioned. “We had an idea last night. And we wanted to give it a try. Do you mind?” Nate asked and I nodded. He walks up to the side of her bed, “What’s up lil mama.” He says before kissing her temple. No movement still. He sits on the side of her bed next to her legs, facing her. 

“Y/N, I don’t know if you remember but I’m Nathan or Nate or Skate. We met through Sam. Do you remember Sam? Your boyfriend?” He turns to point at me and I see her eyes look straight at me. He turns back to her face. “We have a lot of memories together. Like this one,” He reaches in the bag he had and took out pictures. “This is us at Nash’s house. After I taught you how to skateboard and you fall into the bushes. You ended up with a little scabs here and there but you got back up and kept trying till you succeeded.” After that, Nate just kept showing her pictures and videos and things she got him or he gave her. They each took their turn to say do their reintroduction and revisit of memories. Hayes was the last one to do it and nothing. “Thanks for trying guys.” I just sighed out. “Oh, he’s not the last one.” J said. I just look at him as he handed me a bigger bag. I looked through it and I felt my heart break a little at the memories. I walked up to the side of her bed and sat at the same spot all the guys sat at. 

“Hey Y/N. I don’t know if you remember, but I’m Samuel, or Sam, or Sammy. I’m your boyfriend.” I grabbed her hand in mines. Her eyes the only thing wandering around, moving. I took out some pictures and showed it to her, “This is the day we met. We met at a festival. I basically tackled you because of how small you are but you somehow forgave me and let me take you out on a date. See?” I showed her a picture of us at the festival and a picture of us at breakfast the next day. I went on and on and on with memories. At the end, I just looked at her, “So, do you remember? Are you, are we….” I just sighed. I got up and sat at my usual chair and pulled it a lot closer. I held her hand in mines, 

“Y/N, please..” My heart starting to break even more. “I need you here. We need you here. Please. We need to know that you are okay. Just once, we want you to say something. Just once we want you to just move at least. Please..” I started begging her, tears running down my face. “Pleeeaasseeee….” I sobbed out, my face lying on her bed, crying. It was silent for a minute as I cried, “Okay…” I heard a distant breath. I looked up at her, shocked, “Okay…” I heard her say, her head turned to me, her hand gripping onto mines.. I quickly got up and kissed her head, crying. The guys standing at the end of her bed, crying a little. “You remember us though, right?” Johnson asked her and I pull away to look at her. Her head looking at me to them back and forth. 

“I-I never forgot you guys..” She says quietly. “What? T-then why were you so quiet?” “I-I didn’t… I forgot things just not you guys… I’ve been trying to remember the day it happened.. I didn’t want to ask you guys. I wanted to remember. I just-I couldn’t…” “Wait, when did you fully recover to talking and moving?” “About 2 days ago… I wanted to say or do something i just, I couldn’t. I couldn’t-,” She started crying and I held her face in my arms, rubbing her back in comfort. “Sh it’s okay. You’re going to be okay.. I got you..” Days went by as we started seeing more life in her. Her smile kept coming back, her laughs, her jokes, her rudeness, her color, everything about her started coming back. We started getting the real Y/N back. But her refusal to want to hear about the incident gave us a little concern but we ignored it.

2 weeks later, was a whole other feeling. 

“You got everything you need Ms. Y/L/N?” The doctor asked her. “I think so.” She said. “You call me if you need anything okay? Anything feeling off, you give me a call.” She just smiles at him, “I will. Thank you again.” She hugs him. “You ready to say goodbye to this room?” I asked her, grabbing her stuff. “Yeah. Let’s try not to come back here again.” She looks back into the room for one last glance. “You got it.” I kissed her head before walking out, thanking the nurses and everyone that was there for Y/N’s leave from the hospital after everything. They slowly wheelchair her out as we all said out goodbyes to the security and front desk. Once we were out the doors, all the guys were there, smiling with flowers and balloons, “There she is.” They say to her. They open the car door for her, letting her get in slowly, closing the door behind her. And we drove back home together, after what felt like forever. 

Q&A with Scorpio pt.1. Translated by me. Dedicated for @urinamoon

Q1: Musical instrument you are good with?

Scorpio: Musical instrument? That’s easy. Oi, Hue. Lend me that.

Hue: This flute? Here you go.

Scorpio: ….oi, it’s not working. Do I need more force to it.

Hue: Please refrain from breaking it.

Q2: Your type of girl?

Scorpio: The one who’s good at peeling ‘that’.

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