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Where does Keith, lance and pidge participate in the altean!Hunk and Altean! Shiro?

Keith grew up as a Galra with the blade of marmora. Notices he ages fast (like I hc Galrans have long lifespans) Keith discovers he is half human and travels to Earth to find some answers and look into clues for Voltron. Figures out how to shift into his human form, joins the Garrison, gets kicked out (similar in the show basically).

Lance and Pidge are gonna remain human (the reason for this is because Coran is an instructor at the garrison and Allura is a senior office, what position Shiro had and got suspended/fired which was do with with her digging around into her Father’s death. So Allura is Lance’s hero, that I dig and Coran is one of their instructors, their fav one)

I’m thinkin then Altean!Shiro crashes to Earth (maybe escaping the Galra) but also a piece of Altean technology which Allura discovers and links her to the castleship. Gang saves Altean!Shiro, find out Keith’s half alien then find Blue Lion and off they go into space and find Altean!Hunk.

I did a selfish thing.

On second thought, I should have posted these individually as a photoset. You win this round, tumblr.

Dahlia has two whole expressions: neutral/aloof, and GET AWAY. Oh wait, if you look closely, there’s also mildly curious.

Aequis feet continue to elude me, but I think I’m slowly untangling that mystery.

God Of Winter- Chapter 1

God Of Winter

Chapter 1

Summery: Bucky Barnes- The God Of winter is expecting with his mortal wife… What could possibly go wrong?

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He was a busy God, Dealing with whatever he deals with in his time. God Of Winter taking care of the weather on his half, wouldn’t come home until late at night. He would be either too tired to do anything, be over hungry and spend his nights stuffing his face with anything his wife had stored for him for the day, or come home horny ready for five plus rounds. Not that his wife minded the latter, But she was getting very depressed of not seeing him home as much, sure their marriage started out as a punishment for Bucky, because he was being a dick to his parents, but now whatever hate and despair is now the warmest love and adoration. They truly fell for each other. Seeing as Bucky handled the quite part of his kingdom. 

“Bucky?” His wife complained, rubbing her eyes as her door creaked open to reveal a streak of light rushing in to hit the dark. “Is that you?” She complained, trying as she might to adjust to the light. She was fully sat now, the covered held to her chest in worry if it wasn’t her God and some servant.

“It’s me Doll, Go back to sleep.” He ushered her with his soft voice, she heard his heavy footsteps, he must have stayed put in his office for quite a long time, he had many things to take care of, Thanks to his parents for always dumping the shitty work load on his part of the kingdom. “I’ll be in bed in a second,” His tone didn’t suggest anything. She just couldn’t tell if he wanted her tonight sexually or not. Either way, she found her body unconsciously getting closer to his side of the bed, true to his words, in a matter of seconds the bed dipped and in came Bucky’s hands pulling his wife closer to his body, entangling their legs together as she found him placing his hand under her head for her to rest on. 

“How was work?” She asked, finding it hard for her eyes to find his in the dark room, Not only was it winter outside- which would only be expected- it was also very dark at night, even stars sometimes took a disappearing act. 

“I finished it faster then expected,” He breathed out, his chest feeling heavy. “So much work, I wont leave until the afternoon tomorrow.” Bucky answered, as he heard the faint disappointing tone of his wife. “We could wake up early and spend the morning together.” His tone was drifting, and so was her subconscious. With the small smile she sent in her sleep, James went to sleep feeling less heavier then when he came in his room. 

He would do anything to see her happy, his mortal wife, his other half…

“Are you on your period?” Bucky asked, seeing his wife grumbling as she came down the steps. Her bare feet emitted a pitter patter as she took the steps down, as she clung to her stomach and held the railing for her dear life. Everything was cold- from the tip of her toe nail all he way up to the brim of her head full of hair. 

“What is that suppose to mean?” Came her anxious reply, as they entered the kitchen seeing it completely naked of all servants. 

“Your back never hurts unless your on your period, I  was going to suggest we cuddle by the fireplace as you read me a book.” He was the sweeties God of them all, even Thor The God Of Thunder couldn’t hold a candle in Bucky’s way. Shaking her head, she went about to open the fridge, feeling her husband hovering behind her back.

“No, I’m not on my period.” She assured, grabbing eggs and turning around only to find her God caging her around the fridge. “But I wouldn’t mind your idea.” She smiled sweetly. slightly shoving the egg carton over his unclothed chest, hoping he would get the message to move his sorry ass. 

“I don’t like egg,” James complained, puffing out his chest to his wife. “You know that…” He complained, almost feeling offended. “Or is this your way of punishing me for not being home as often.” Bucky chuckled as he found his mortal wife breaking into a small but evident smile. “Plus you haven’t eaten eggs since we got married.” Bucky inspected, dejectedly thinking to himself something wasn’t right this one morning as she pushed him away and went to cooking. 

If that wasn’t a hint, he should have payed close attention to when she would sleep, it was uncommon for her to take naps at all, as she would get a well needed rest during the night- “The nights are longer in Winter Bucky, Your the God who created Winter.” She would complain each time Bucky would point out she sleeps only at night. - Bucky found it odd.

He came home from work very early, as he had finished all his duties and decided to take the whole day off in hopes of spending it with his love. And yet he came home to seeing servants covering her body with blankets because her body was shivering in the cold living room. He ever spoke to his servants, always letting his wife handle them, so when he suddenly voiced out his mind to the poor little servant who was placing the blanket snugly around The Gods wife, the little servant jumped a foot in the air and scattered like mice without heeding much less a glance. 

“Whats her problem,” Bucky shook his head as he looked down at his wife and crouched down to her level. Softly placing a hand over her face in hopes of waking her. He didn’t take the whole day off for nothing. “Wake up, Doll.” He would never call her what other Gods call their wives. He always refers to her in a mortal way, wanting to make sure that she knew he loved where she came from. “Wake up,” He rubbed her cheek, softly placing the strands of her long hair behind her bitty ears. 

She looked different, Not that she had changed her hair or switched up her lip gloss, She was just different. Wrinkles adored her forehead in sleep now, her cheeks seem more rosier, and she would opt to not use makeup as much as she use to wear it, her laugh lines more noticeable. Her hands always seem to be placed on her stomach, taking heed of the act, Bucky smiled to himself. “She must be on her period,” He thought once again, It has been a week since he asked her last. 

Seeing the warmest hazel eyes open up, he found him self reaching for her lips in a swell kiss. And yet she pushed him off, frowning. Either she was confused or he smelled. “You smell bad-” Yup he guessed it. But he wouldn’t blame her, he was outside for most of the morning getting things off his land. 

“I’ll take a shower,” He assured, seeing as she was gagging. “I was meaning to ask if your on your period?” He send a genuine smile her way, She had to be on her period now, its nearing the end of the month and she’s still clean. The fact of missing her period seemed quite odd, considering she has a heavy week. 

“Why would you even ask me that,” She complained, James could see the gears in her head turning, he might have annoyed her with the constant talk of her month. 

“Just didn’t want our home to be cold for you,” It was meant as a sweet gesture. She knew it was, but him constantly asking her about her body was starting to get to her, since it was her body and she was experiencing many pain around hr body she was starting to worry. 

“Please go shower.”

James was many things, but he was not an all nighter. His wife just seemed to have enough energy at her disposal, Begging for round after round.  Sideways, over, and under, even asking for weird positions. He would pound in with a strong force each passing thrust seeing as she was begging him to ravish her. 

Pulling her leg over his shoulder and wrapping her tight pussy with sensations she was yet to discover. Her hands would rub her nipples, or pulling her husbands body closer to hers. As he pushed in one final time, he saw her quite down and relax under his image. The sweat gathered over his face was getting annoying so he pulled the extra covers they had laying around on their king bed and wiped his face with it. James was simply cleaning himself, but the sudden moan that left the women’s mouth had him thinking she might be The God Of Sex. 

“Doll,” He huffed, looking over at the blinking lights of their clock, “Its three in the morning,” He set his body beside hers to rest, breathing in and out uncontrollably. “We’ve been at it since nine.” He complained, he was sure his wife wouldn’t be able to move by her self in the morning. Seeing as he took her by every angle. 

“I need more Bucky,” She cried, reaching down for her clit. He didn’t understand her, it’s not like he deprives her of love making, in fact he would at least make her cum one way or the other every morning, right before breakfast. “Please, one last time,” She complained, seeing as he pulled her hand away from her clit. 

“Fine, but this time, were doing it slow.” The God huffed. He was already worn out, He honestly didn’t think he would get tired of seeing her beg him to slap her ass or bite her thighs, but now he understood even as a God he had his limits.  Pulling her over his body, he slid into her instantly, finding her breast poking fun at his lips, he began sucking and rocking her with his hands over her round ass cheeks. 

Hearing her moan he closed his eyes and found solace in their room. “Oh God,”

“Im right here,” He assured, giving her his full love. 

He was damn tired. Hell that was an understatement. He was sure his body was dead weight at this point. His wife wouldn’t even leave his side. At first he found it out of tune when she offered to walk with him to his work, then took note of her cherry mood, her reason behind it all? “You make my stomach feel well,” 

He was growing worried for her change of mood, not that he would have her any other way, she was just changing in ways he couldn’t explain, Her eating habits were different, her constant sleeping trips became very frequent and un arranged, Her hormonal level had sky rocketed. And yet out of all of them, James still couldn’t put the pieces into place. Maybe she thought he was cheating on her and wanted to be around him more often, but she never gave him a reason to think so. 

“Could we get something to eat from the village?” She asked, turning around to see her husband shuffling his feet over the shin high snow. he nodded, not wanting to spoil the mood. His wife almost never goes outside her home to the villagers. As they would always call her out on being a human.  He just wanted her to feel welcomed and have fun. It’s not everyday he gets to spend with her while he’s on his work days. Plus she got a small glimpse of what his work is exactly, maybe she would stop complaining hes not home as often as she would like for him to be. 

“I’m having such a great day, Bucky.” His wife greeted, wanting nothing more then to enter a restaurant and order her life away. 

“Me two.” He deadpanned, tightening his crispy scarf around his raw neck. 

“You made this?” He asked, arching a brow. The dining table was  adored with many different types of foods and desserts. “Should I be worried?” He chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. His lips already watering, wanting nothing more then to sink his teeth into the food before him.  His wife was an excellent cook, the best of the kingdom. And yet she never cooked as often as her husband wished. 

“Yes, it’s for us,” She flattened her dress and offered to push his chair in, giggling once her God respectfully rejected her offer and went to push her chair in. 

“So, I have to ask,” Bucky began as he pulled a chicken leg and some rice with veggies over his plate, “Whats the occasion?” 

“You should drink some wine first-” She pointed to the glass beside his plate, and noiselessly ushered him to take a dip. “You would most likely need to be drunk…” Rubbing her hands together she watched as he skeptically took his wine glass and swirls it, before sniffing the liquid and bringing it over to his lips. His Addams apple bobing up as he drank the glass in one swing.

“Now, mind sharing this news,” 

“Bucky, Im expecting.”

He stayed silent for a good five minutes. His facial expression void and out of tune. He didn’t even move a muscle, with his eyes blown up like the plates before them. And thats exactly when everything fell into place. The newly found interest in food she absolutely use to hate, the sudden urge to make love last longer, The reasons behind her visits to his kingdom, The sudden naps she seemed to fall into. It all made sense to him now, 

“I just found out, its been a month…” She trailed, uncertain if he was even listening or not anymore. He seemed ejected from reality, She honestly didn’t know what to say, or better yet what to make out of the situation. And at the last minute, he picked up his head to stare right into her crystal eyes, with a strait face and the most serious tone, he spoke like The God he is, ruthless and emotionless…

“Are you sure?” 

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Punk ennoshita is the only ennoshita i need. Your drawings are beautiful and they really bring the charcters to life! Have a good day ~~

I’m glad you like him!! I was thinking of bringing him back but I need to learn to draw him from more than one angle lmaooo 

Dumb question: 

If I posted a pic of me in a basic Yuuri Katsuki cosplay, would you guys tell me if I pull it off or not? 

Don’t be afraid to tell me if I don’t look the part or if I need to improve on something. Whether it be makeup, body, how I part my test wig, etc. 

I’m thinking of taking cosplay more seriously is all, along with theatre people make careers out of their nerdier sides too. So I figured: why can’t I?