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Hi please PLEASE talk to me abt the socioeconomic state of japan in bnh verse I am SO interested to hear ur thoughts? I'm a poli theory major and let me tell u im a SLUT for fic that deal w the political/social repercussions of fictional happenings

sure thing! 

disclaimer: i only just graduated high school so i’m pulling all of this out of my ass one semester of macroeconomics i took in senior year. feel free to add onto or correct any of this 

edit: if anyone wants to use this for reference when writing boku no hero japan, feel free! i’d appreciate any credit, but it’s not necessary. 

what really got me thinking about the socioeconomic state of boku no hero japan was probably the difference between orudera junior high (bakugou and izuku’s school) vs. yuuei, both of which are in the same city, musutafu. orudera junior high gives off the feeling of a school that’s a bit run down; not terrible enough that it obstructs the kids’ education, but enough that you think the school probably can’t afford to keep it in good repair. 

here’s a screenshot of bakugou and izuku’s classroom:

and then here’s izuku’s desk, which has details indicating that it’s in slight disrepair: 

if you go back through the chapters and look at the setting at yuuei, it’s spic-n-span. just super clean and well-kept. it’s an entire world of difference… so already there is this huge disparity between the junior high school in izuku’s neighborhood, and yuuei, which is a 40 minute subway ride away (chapter 3).

makes sense that yuuei would be so nice and expensive if it’s the most prestigious hero academy in the country, right? but there’s more details too, like this brief exchange between bakugou & iida right at the very beginning: 

bakugou’s resentful comment about iida being an “elite” really only makes sense to me in the context of economic disparity. let’s infer that soumei junior high is better funded, better equipped, better everything in general. of course bakugou will resent iida for that, especially coming from the more ill-maintained orudera junior high. the difference in their economic status is already apparent. 

this isn’t even going into the difference between yaoyorozu’s incredibly rich status vs the rest of the class vs uraraka, who has decided to become a hero because she wants the financial security, and who also lives in an apartment by herself and skips meals to save on money. so even within the class itself there’s a huuuge difference in economic status. 

you could just think of it as the individual circumstances of the characters, but i think it’s more of a systematic problem – see, again, the difference in infrastructure quality between the different schools (the public school is not doing so great but yuuei is doing fantastic). maybe the city is poor, or maybe all of its funds go towards repairing the constant property damage from villain attacks, or maybe there’s just some areas they don’t care to maintain. either way: just by traversing different parts of the city you’ll probably see big differences in how well the neighborhoods are kept. 

and now, for a different question: if this is the golden age of peace, why are there still so many villain fights? 

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hey, any chance i could get a broke mc? Like, college student poor? And like, out of food a few days b4 the party? Cause there's this bit where you can say you didn't have $for food n jumin asks if you need help n IM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION

As a broke student who sleeps a lot and misses breakfast and then takes naps and misses dinner and is always starving 
I can relate 


  • MC didn’t want anyone to worry 
  • so when they start running low on food they don’t mention it at first 
  • but now its 4 days before the party 
  • and MC has no food. 
  • at first in the morning Yoosung asks if they ate 
  • “Not yet :)” 
  • “Okay! Make sure to get something!” 
  • then during lunch he asks again 
  • same answer 
  • and then around dinner 
  • he gets concerned 
  • he texts them instead of asking in the group conversation 
  • “Hey, MC. You are eating right?” 
  • MC explains to him that they’re broke and don’t have food 
  • He can relate to that as a broke student 
  • But he doesn’t just wanna let MC starve 
  • He knows he can’t go to the apartment 
  • He doesn’t have a lot of money himself 
  • but still he convinces MC to meet him somewhere not too far from the apartment 
  • and they meet up and he buys them cheap cafe food 
  • He then buys MC some cheap groceries 
  • mostly ramen and juice 
  • Since he’s poor too he can’t really get them anything fancy 
  • but MC really appreciates it. It’s really nice of him. 


  • He is super worried as soon as MC tells him 
  • they had casually mentioned that they were out of money and didn’t have food 
  • wtf MC how do you casually mention something like that? 
  • He just wants to run over to the apartment and feed MC 
  • but he can’t go there 
  • Like Yoosung he get’s MC to come meet him 
  • He doesn’t want them to walk far since they haven’t eaten 
  • As soon as MC shows up to their meeting spot he brings them to his home and cooks for them 
  • MC goes home later that night 
  • can’t stay the night, can’t unleash the beast 
  • But he gives MC basically all the food in his fridge 
  • “Are you sure about this? What will you eat?” 
  • “Don’t worry MC~ I’l go grocery shopping first thing in the morning” 
  • He always checks on MC now 
  • and after the party he will always get MC food if they can’t afford it 


  • She’s really worried when MC tells her they haven’t been eating
  • At first she’s also really confused about why MC hasn’t been eating 
  • But when MC explains it’s because they can’t afford it she really wants to help 
  • She can’t go to the apartment 
  • and she can’t really leave work 
  • She offers to transfer money to MC’s account so they can buy food
  • but MC insists they’d feel bad about accepting Jaehee’s money 
  • So Jaehee does talk to Jumin about this 
  • and Jumin says she can go see MC 
  • but he has to come with 
  • he has a driver pick up MC 
  • and they meet at this super fancy restaurant 
  • the food here is worth more than MC’s monthly salary holy shit 
  • MC is really happy to get so see Jaehee 
  • and Jumin 
  • damn it Jumin let them have their date 
  • Jumin does pay for the dinner tho 
  • And they gave MC a full bag of groceries and a cook book 
  • always used her free time to check on MC 


  • Jumin had asked MC if they ate 
  • “Nah, I can’t afford it” 
  • He get’s instantly worried 
  • MC needs to take care of themselves 
  • He offers to pay for lunch for MC
  • and after they agree he has them go to a location so a car can pick them up 
  • when they arrive they get probably the best lunch they have ever had 
  • after they had lunch Jumin suggests that MC stays for dinner too. 
  • and you know what after dinner they should probably stay over so they can have breakfast too 
  • and maybe stay after breakfast too, I mean they need to eat 
  • Maybe it’ best that they stay until the party so they always have enough food 
  • MC probably doesn’t mind tbh .
  • Free food 


  • [707 has entered the chatroom.]
  • “Hey! Did you eat yet, MC?~” 
  • “No, Can’t afford it T-T” 
  • [707 has left the chatroom.]
  • Okay, That was weird. 
  • MC shrugged it off at first 
  • until a bit later they they heard someone ring the doorbell
  • “…Hello?” 
  • “It’s Seven! Let me in” 
  • what.
  • but no one was allowed to come here? 
  • MC opened the door and there was Seven, out of breath with food. 
  • Like real actual food. Not chips and soda. Food.
  • “You should be more careful, MC. That could have been anyone! What if it was a kidnapper who pretended to me! You need a secret code or something” 
  • “I recognize your voice, Seven. We have talked on the phone” 
  • “What if they had just used some kind of voice changing app?” 
  • “…Okay, I’l be careful” 
  • It was so nice of him to bring food though 
  • he filled up the fridge and cooked for MC 
  • he quickly ate with them before he had get back to work. 
Melting Of The Ice Cream Girl [ pt.2 ]

PD101 / MXM’s Im Youngmin X Reader [fem ver]

part one

TW: use of vulgar language, mild violence i think… better to put these up anyway

Fluff, mild angst

bullet-point ver.
[ scenario ver. : coming soon ]

• some stuff happens that makes you go all ICE princess where is ice cream girl
• your stare could freeze Youngmin
• can Youngmin still melt you?

oMGgg guys idk what’s wrong with me i’m on a roll right now but i literally re-read part one and got super happy after that like it didn’t even feel like I wrote it okay bye

- admin L
PS: sorry but scenario ver. might take a long time :(((

• it’s pretty awkward still
• you can’t stop blushing
• Youngmin can’t stop talking to you
• and chuckling when you barely nod out a reply
• your face is like a tomato
• what is a regular heartbeat anymore?
• Youngmin’s so perfect you can’t even breathe the same air as him it isn’t possible
• but he seems happy sharing the same table as you
• as much as his sunbae + chaebol™ clique is yelling for him and Donghyun to return to them
• they stay rooted to their seats
• and somehow it makes you really happy on the inside
• but on the outside, it looks as if your glare can get hell to freeze over
• you try to get Woojin or Daewhi’s help but they’re so engrossed in conversation about something personal with Donghyun
• that Youngmin feels that he shouldn’t interfere with because he isn’t interrupting
• he’s just admiring your face and picking at his fries
• also trying to start a conversation with you
• at least he’s trying and you really appreciate it 

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Could I please have some fluffy fluff of RFA + V +saeran +vanderwood helping mc through a tough patch of self harm and depression ~ muffin (im being selfish I kinda feel like shit rn)

A/N hello muffin! The more asks you send in the more we have in common haha, I recently went through something similar myself. Never think of yourself as selfish please, you’re amazing and wonderful and you deserve the world. There are also a lot of different kinds of self-harm out there,  unfortunately, people find a lot of ways to hurt themselves, I’m going to go with cutting due to the fact it is the most well-known.  I’ll post the minor trio later today I promise -much love; mod cozy <3

WARNINGS: self-harm, depression, blood

- Yoosung got home late one day because he had to work on a group project for school
- Heard you crying in the bathroom almost immediately, honestly this boy has like, amazing ears puppy yoosung
- Found you sobbing and sitting on the floor surrounded by crumpled up blood-stained tissues
- “Mc, mc what happened? I..” he was at a loss for words honestly he knew what was going on but refused to accept it
- Stood there wide-eyed for a minute before a hiccup from you snapped him out of it
- Ran to your side so quickly and wrapped you in the biggest hug
- He’s crying too
- Picked you up and undressed you, extremely blushy the whole time ran a hot bath and helped clean you off
- Won’t talk about it until you’re ready,
- lays in bed with you rubbing circles in your back
- Will be extremely doting, makes you your meals, hugs and kisses all around, helps you take the steps you’re comfortable with,
- always has something up his sleeve to cheer you up whether it’s a walk in the city or hot chocolate and a movie

- She catches you cutting yourself one accidentally when she walked in on you in the bathroom
- Walked over and carefully removed the razors from your hands without a word
- Cleans you up, bandages, wraps, assess the damage
- Then the poor girl just collapses into you in a kind-of-hug-kind-of-leaning-on-you way
- Uncharacteristic crying and blabbering coming from jaehee
- And then you’re crying again too oh no
- Once the two of you get it all out, she makes some tea for herself and your chosen hot beverage for you
- And the two of you lay in bed and talk
- It doesn’t have to be about what happened but you talk
- About your past and present and future
- And your favorite animals
- And new recipes
- Will never force you to do something you’re uncomfortable with but will encourage you to find help in one form or another
- Always researching new techniques for you to try together

- The two of you were watching some cheesy ass romance movie zen picked out and laying on the couch
- An equally-as-cheesy montage scene with super cliché harp and piano instrumentals came on and zen took the opportunity to kiss your hand in a princely manner
- He stopped dead when your sweater was shifted so that fresh cuts were visible
- “MC, what happened here?”
- He was genuinely curious but when you spent so long trying to answer, he put it together
- “Why didn’t you..”
- He didn’t know what to say or do honestly but then you started crying
- He was soft and careful and kissed your hand once more before kissing all your tears away
- Wrapped you in a hug and put his chin on your head
- “Don’t worry mc, it’s fine, you’re fine. Please don’t do this to yourself, okay? I love you we can get through this.”
- Babbles on like this for a few minutes
- Helps you out with any steps you’re willing to take, tons of encouraging words and soft touches
- Takes you on his runs from now on, (runs are really good for this sort of thing)
- A lot more hand holding from now on

- He finds your razors in the bathroom the two of you share and puts together what’s going on
- “MC!” He rushes to find you, razors still in hand
- “Jumin, what is-“ you trail of when you see what he’s holding
- He looks angry, sounds angry, he’s demanding to know why and pacing and kicking furniture and it’s so not him
- He’s angry with himself, wished he noticed sooner, scared because he’s never been so worried about something
- But he stops when he realized you were breaking down
- Runs to you and apologizes a million and a half times, so many gentle kisses and a huge hug
- “we’ll do whatever you need princess, we’ll take as much time as you need I’m so, so sorry.”
- He’ll get you the best treatments money can buy if you consent
- Even more loving than before, takes you on every business trip with him from now on
- There’s possibly another pet in the mix??? He discovers that dogs can be used for therapy,,, just saying

- He’s noticed you’ve been acting a little down lately, a little off
- One day the two of you are trying to cook and he sees the beginning of a cut that’s scarring over
- Tries to get you to roll your sleeves up to confirm his suspicions
- “MC, you can’t have long sleeves over an open flame.”
- “Ahh, you’re getting some oil on your shirt.”
- When you refuse to roll them up, he asks you directly
- “Are you… Alright MC?’”
- You stare at him wide eyed for a minute before tearing up, it’s not often that people ask that
- “Oh MC” you both stand in the kitchen, hugging and letting the food burn
- “Please, please talk to me from now on I can help I promise, please don’t do this to yourself.” He’s crying too
- He doesn’t bring up your cutting unless you do first, but he has implemented measures to catch you before you go to that place
- Encourages you to find healthier ways to deal with emotions like drawing or watching movies, working out. He’ll join you every time.

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rilaya for the domestic ship meme?

  • so im setting this when they’re adults and live together AND ADULTS
  • Who’s more dominant
    • so like.  maya in normal life.  like.  maya takes charge and makes immediate decisions and takes actions and so on and so forth.  but like.  in bed???  100% my girl, riley -middle name redacted- matthews  
    • im sorry im going to hell arent i
  • Who’s the cuddler
    • i mean they both absolutely are, but riley is a literal koala bear.  she doesnt care that maya is like markedly smaller than her, she will curl up in her lap like a little cat.  she will wrap herself around her smol girlfriend whenever possible and preferably for hours at a time.  maya’s used to doing everything with a giant puppy wrapped around her  
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon
    • lmao riley is the little spoon and maya jetpacks CAN U IMAGINE.  she shoves her cold toes behind riley’s knees when riley’s dead asleep and then laughs like an ASSHOLE when riley wakes up shrieking bc of it
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity
    • lmao this is so fucking cheesy but anything??  like.  as long as they’re together, everything is their favorite thing.  idk but i think if they’d have to absolutely choose, maya would say just chilling out watching netflix (not netflix and chill, which is definitely a favorite of hers but this is non-sexual so whatever) and riley would say when maya’s drawing/painting and riley’s finishing up any paperwork she brought home with her and its just peaceful??  they’re doing their own things and just.  happy to be together
  • Who uses all the hot water
    • riley matthews, the jerk.  maya takes really short showers bc like she grew up in a low income household and the hot water ran out fast in the winters so she’s still sometimes caught in that mindset??  even though she and riley have more than enough to cover bills.  so it’s riley that uses up the hot water accidentally because she just lowkey starts thinking about life and her future and naming her and maya’s future babies and then suddenly it’s an hour later, the hot water is lukewarm at best, she’s late for work, and maya’s glaring at her over the coffee maker because she KNOWS it’s going to be a tepid shower she fucking KNOWS
      • anyway that’s why they shower together 99% of the time
      • you know
      • for the hot water
  • Most trivial thing they fight over
    • whose clothes are whose.  as they get older, their styles kind of get more similar??  maya’s still a little edgier and riley’s still a little preppier but the basic items get more and more similar and so once they move in together, they just merge closets (to like save on space ya know?  their apartment is tiny, its necessary) and they’re pretty good at keeping to their sides with the occasional borrowing, but sometimes (usually timed around laundry days when everythings a mess anyway) no one knows whose shirt that is and maya’s convinced it’s hers and riley’s like uh no i bought that shirt and maya’s like uh yeah for ME and then its suddenly been two hours of shouting and they’re still not sure who the shirt belongs to
  • Who does most of the cleaning
    • riley does a lot of tidying up (like daily maintenance), but maya does a lot of the heavy duty cleaning.  like.  you know the type.  scrubbing the stove and tub and getting the curtains clean and all that stuff.  she puts whatever anger she has from the last month into it and it’s lowkey theraputic.
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue
    • it kind of depends??  like, riley’s better at keeping track of the dvr and what shows are getting recorded when and what shows they need to watch on demand or something but maya’s like 1000% better at picking something on netflix.  riley just gets really distracted like oh i wanna watch this but we should wait until we have time to binge it and taking a million years to pick.  maya’s better at knowing what she wants to watch going in to it
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working
    • riley, because she feels it first.  maya was so used to the heat cutting out randomly during her childhood, her first instinct is just to put on three sweaters.  riley, poor sweet summer child that she is, is freezing and shivering and is like you dont??? feel this???? and maya, who sipping like some tropical drink is like what??  this???  its a little chilly i guess.  and so riley is the one that calls up the super like hi yes im freezing and my wife refuses to acknowledge it’s cold, pls fix the heater
  • Who leaves their stuff around
    • oh both of them.  but maya’s more likely to leave clothes around because she likes to change into pajamas as soon as she’s in the door and so she just sort of strips as she goes and riley comes home to a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom and finds a very sleepy maya, napping while half dressed and half in her pjs
  • Who remembers to buy the milk
    • usually maya.  she was sort of in charge of that sort of thing at home, so it carries over pretty well when it’s just her and riley.
    • this isn’t to say that riley doesn’t try bc she really really does. she’s just…easily distracted???  like well if we have milk we should probably get this sugary cereal and if we have breakfast, we’ll need lunch so i’m going to get lunchables and then we’ll need ice cream for root beer floats and then she comes home and finds that she’s forgotten the milk  
  • Who remembers anniversaries 
    • both of them to nearly an extreme degree
    • they have a large calender in their kitchen with like every single anniversary listed and explained.  think leslie knope w/ her anniversaries with both ben and ann but imagine if they were COMBINED
  • Who cooks normally
    • riley because half the time maya makes things that give them food poisoning and may or may not have ruined their first thanksgiving alone
  • How often do they fight
    • not very often??  i mean like.  rarely do they ever have big fights, and honestly they don’t have that many little fights either???  they’ve always been about communication and honesty, which makes it a lot easier to avoid fighting altogether
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other
    • riley does a lot of pinterest projects???  like old soda bottle mosaics and homemade wind chimes but 9/10 she abandons them halfway through bc she found a cuter project
    • maya just catches up on the walking dead and fear the walking dead tbh (riley’s got a thing against zombies)
  • Nicknames for each other
    • maya for riley: honey, sweetie, pumpkin, babe, riles, etc
    • riley for maya: peaches, love, sweetheart, babe, etc
    • # thanks canon
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner
    • whoever has cash/money on their card at the time??  before they’re living together, probably riley just bc she has a little more disposable income
    • once they move in together, they merge finances like immediately so it doesn’t really matter who pays bc it’s coming from the same account
  • Who steals the covers at night
    • maya “blanket hog” hart
    • you know how i said that riley’s the little spoon and maya the big?  it’s so she can steal the covers in the middle of the night.
    • riley wakes up at two am freezing and nudges maya awake.
      • maya, you did it again
      • i did no such thing
      • you say from inside a blanket burrito
  • What would they get each other for gifts
    • riley does really practical gifts bc she knows that’s what maya appreciates the most???  that riley’s listening when she says goddammit, my charger broke or aw shit, those were my favorite earbuds.  she likes to be taken care of in that way
    • maya does a lot of heartful and sentimental gifts bc that’s whats important to riley.  there are a lot of scrapbooks and beautifully framed prints and little trinkets from trips they’ve taken together.  she gets their bouquets from their wedding dried and pressed and gets a couple little clippings covered in resin for matching necklaces and riley cries
  • Who kissed who first
    • maya kissed riley first 
      • they were twelve and riley was worried that she hadn’t had her first kiss yet so maya was like wanna just get it out of the way and riley was like yeAh!!!!!  and was immediately too nervous so maya just gave her a peck and that was it
      • except it wasn’t because they both lay awake that night freaking out bc they really really liked it?????  that’s not supposed to happen yet right?????
        • ah, the baby bi and the baby gay.  so smol.  so scared
  • Who made the first move
    • riley!!  she gets a little tipsy at a party and just says fuck it and kisses maya for real this time and is just like so here’s the thing
  • Who remembers things
    • both of them
    • see the thing about the anniversary calender
  • Who started the relationship
    • riley!!  i talk about it a bit here but the summary is that they’re at a party and riley’s a little tipsy and just says fuck it, kisses maya, and says in one long breath that she loves her and wants to try a relationship, but she understands if she doesn’t and like???  this has been all that maya has wanted for years?????  so she just fuckin kisses her again and yeah
  • Who cusses more
    • its ridiculous; once they have kids, riley installs a swear jar in every room of the house bc maya just fuckin swears all the goddamn time, at every mild inconvenience.  
    • toaster taking longer than she wants??  goddamn piece of shit, we should fucking replace you
    • car isn’t warm when she gets in it in the morning?  what the fuck you goddamn mess turn the fuck on
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt
    • they literally panic.  so much panicking happens.  
    • they both freak out so much; sometimes if they don’t seem like they’re panicking, that’s even worse.  (for posterity, i’m going to point out that i’m discussing reactions to things more serious than paper cuts)
    • maya gets very protective and angry???  she hasn’t quite figured out the logistics yet, but she’s working on a way of shielding riley with her body bc it would be so much LESS STRESS when riley’s injured.  she just wants to curl around her???  prevent her from getting more hurt????  who the fuck let this happen to her??????  
      • she once tried to fight an EMT that got between them after a car accident that left riley with a shattered arm.  like.  bruised and with what was probably a broken wrist, maya was ready to fuckin throw down like WHO THE FUCK U THINK U R LET ME RIDE WITH MY WIFE
      • maya be nice, he’s trying to help
      • maya eventually gets to ride in the same ambulance, mainly bc she made the EMT cry
    • fun fact!!  maya doesn’t cry when she gets hurt a whole lot, which worries riley a lot.  so riley almost…makes up for it????  compensates by crying a lot for her.  but on the occasions when maya’s hurt enough that she actually cries (see: when she broke her ankle, when she fell down the stairs at work and got a concussion, when she went into labor with their first kid) riley turns into A NIGHTMARE FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS EVERYWHERE.  not like beligerent or anything but just very agressive in demanding the absolute best care for maya.  she turns into lawyer shark like her mother.  she’ll fucking fight anyone that she feels isn’t doing their job.  when maya was in labor with their kid, one nurse had the audacity to imply that the reason she was in so much pain was because what they (she and riley) were doing went against god and RILEY FUCKIN LOST IT
      • the staff at the hospital still talk about it to this goddamn day
  • Who is the dirty talker
    • maya, but that’s not for lack of effort on riley’s part????  she tries so hard but maya’s just a little better at it???
      • but like.  maya goes a little weak in the knees when riley manages to do it and do it well
      • by a little, i mean she fuckin DROPS
  • A head canon
    • they’re wine moms.  all the fuckin way.  even before having kids, once they started dating, they turned into The Moms of the group and once they moved in and got all domestic and shit, they became The Wine Moms.  they were the first of the group to settle down, first to get married, first to have kids, the whole nine yards, so you’ll always catch the rest of the squad on their couch, asking for advice while they sip their riesling