i need men's rights because


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this, to be honest. Do these women realize the irony of the fact that they wouldn’t even be ALLOWED to state their views this way had women before them not fought, starved, suffered, and died for their right to do so? That’s what feminism is, you poor, deluded fools.

If it wasn’t for feminists these women wouldn’t be allowed to vote, drive, work, or educate themselves. At all. Everything they have and enjoy in what makes up their life, every single right that these spoiled young women take for granted, their grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and great-great-grandmothers fought relentlessly for so that we wouldn’t be denied what was denied them. I’m appalled that the history of the Suffragettes and the women’s rights movement isn’t taught in schools alongside black history or the Holocaust. It should be a mandatory part of any curriculum because clearly, it’s needed.

And you may not want to “politicize your gender”, but guess what, sweetheart? That is done FOR you the second you are born whether you want it to or not. That’s kind of part of the whole problem. Someone needs to sit these women down and teach them what their parents clearly failed to teach because my God…they have no clue.

You're not a feminist if

-You hate men

-You believe they’re all rapists

-You believe men can’t experience sexism towards them

-You think it’s ok to hit men, but for them to not hit women

-You believe men’s bodies cannot be objectified by the media or women

-You believe men cannot be raped

-You don’t believe female privilege is a thing

Feminism is about equality, not men bashing. I need feminism because men deserve the same rights as women.

The label ‘feminist’ really annoys me.
It’s meant to be giving a voice to all women, but that hasn’t happened. There’s now women who take the liberty to speak on behalf of every female on the planet. Hey, how about you talk about YOU feel and shut up about how the rest of us feel.

I don’t need feminism because I have a voice of my own.

I don’t need feminism because I will be myself whether everyone else likes it or not.

I don’t need feminism because a man is allowed an opinion on body hair, looks, body types, abortions, and sexual kinks.

I don’t need feminism because women have as much rights as men, and more.

I don’t need feminism because women are treated BETTER than men.

I don’t need feminism because if a woman wants to be a stay at home mum or housewife, that’s her choice, don’t put her down for it, but if she wants to be in the army, fine!

I don’t need MODERN feminism, because it makes a mockery of all the fights that has got us the rights we have today.

I hate living in a society where a topless woman is frowned upon (other than in certain subcultures, such as nudist communities.) Why is the most raw form of our existence, our own bare skin, offensive to anyone? I understand being modest in specific settings, for example, a corner store that requires both genders to wear a shirt for service. But my fucking God, why is exposing a woman’s personal nude photos so scandalous? Why is a woman’s nip slip an uproar? Why am I expected to wear a bra to prevent my nipples from being seen through my shirt? Why is a woman automatically assumed to have daddy issues just because she takes advantage of pursuing equality? Quite frankly, if seeing someone’s breasts bothers you, you’re either insecure about your body or you’re a brainwashed sheep bred to believe nipples are the antichrist. Female breasts are a secondary sex characteristic, that means they are something that develops after puberty. To say a woman should be robbed of the right to go topless due to the relation between breasts and sexuality is the equivalent of saying a man should lose his freedom to grow facial hair (a male secondary sex characteristic.) Male nipples are just as functional in the sense of lactating, their chemical arrangement merely lacks the hormones to produce enough to breast feed. I know women who get aroused by some chiseled pectorals or a tuft of chest hair, but we aren’t so primitive that we can’t control our urges. Perhaps that is why men are granted a privilege that women are deprived of. I want everyone to understand the importance of this movement in developing equal rights between men and women. I need feminism, because female nipple censorship isn’t gender equality.

I need feminism because men think they have the right to touch me just because i am wearing a short dress. Whenever i go out to a club or a bar there is always one guy who touches my as* because he believes that wearing a short dress means “i want you to touch me without my consent” and if i complain about it I’ll get nothing but an insult as a response. i should be able to wear whatever i want without being afraid of strangers staring at me like a piece of meat. 


Finally drew Quicksilver ovo

I may get unfollowed for this opinion.

I don’t usually post things like these but I honestly do think feminism has gone a bit mad in this world.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate feminists at all. They are doing a nice job for standing up for themselves but I also wonder about men’s rights in general because men need to be treated the same as women do.

The reason I am saying this is because I admit, I do get sick and tired of it sometimes.

For example: They always say “men should never hit a woman”.

Actually, NO. That is a wrong approach.

It should be changed to “No one should ever hit ANYONE”.

Also, not to mention some men have actually been abused by women (domestic abuse etc.).

I’ll be fair, something that annoys me is that in some cases when a man has been hit by a woman and they tell their male friends about it, they have laughed at him etc. Honestly, that is NOT OKAY.

Finally, (trigger warning) rape. What many people don’t understand is that it actually doesn’t happen to only women, it also happens to men.

Hopefully you guys understand what I mean with this post. Keep doing what you guys do best and please do treat people equally.


anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the blog womenagainstfeminism? They all say some pretty ridiculous things. It's so sad to see women not know what feminism is and say things like "I don't need feminism because I don't hate men and I like being feminine" or "I don't need feminism because some of my best friends are male and I will not let them be harrased" or "I don't need feminism because I do have the same rights as men and I don't need to bitch" It's so frustrating to me...

It frustrates me too. I have said before that I respect all people. If someone doesn’t agree with feminism then I still have respect for them because that is how they feel. And I respect the right for blogs like womenagainstfeminism to exist, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t frustrate me to see feminism spoken of in such a negative and what I feel to be an incorrect light. Sadly there really isn’t anything we can do except for being good feminists and proving them wrong. Thanks for sharing, stay positive!

-The Daily Feminist

*Woman is disadvantaged in a particular situation*

MRAs: This is just because men are seen as incapable so they make women do the work and this rampant sexism needs to stop because this is the work of a feminist-influenced society.

*Man is disadvantaged in a particular situation*

MRAs: See how men are so oppressed in today’s society? This is why I need men’s rights, men are discriminated against so much because of how society favors women.

It’s funny how no matter who’s disadvantaged in a situation, the MRAs always make it about men. Gee, maybe this is why people can’t talk about women’s issues.