i need me some photoshop

I’ve been working! I mean, screaming! I mean- WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE.

Anxiety from doing A Dumb Thing today kept me from sleeping despite not getting any sleep the previous night, so I’m doing this. May as well make the nerves be productive if they’re going to ruin things as usual. Doesn’t help that I’m about to begin day 5 out of a 7 day stretch at mind-numbing day job. People are burning up my brain with nonstop chatter: I just want to be left alone to work on this so I can finally get on with things.

Only on the second eagle illustration. And as usual, I have not yet started on the ever important bird portion of it. So. Slow.


“i haven’t done any traditional art in ages!!” i said, “i want to do something really stylized!!” i said, “it’ll be fun!!” i said

and as the masking fluid was RIPPING AND IRREVERSIBLY DESTROYING MY PAPER, i remembered WHY i haven’t done any traditional art in ages: there’s no CTRL-Z function in traditional art AND AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE, MY ART SUFFERS BITTERLY FOR IT

darth maul - based on the original concept art by iain mccaig

a very experimental self-teaching thing from earlier this year, basically just ‘colouring in’ one of mccaig’s sketches for the character. trying to get the hang of my drawing tablet. mehh.


TURИ - Criminal Minds AU

under the cut you’ll find 51 small/medium gifs of joel kinnaman, although i’ll update this as often as i can. all of these gifs were made of me, but y’all can do whatever you want with them –– just don’t claim them as your own! please like or reblog if you found this helpful.

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Make Me Choose Meme: 

pestocat asked: Vicki or Susan? 


                          Your small words all piled up and gave me so much strength … ! Your messages held power … I love you

zen | hyun ryu   |   {random mysme edit}

I just wanted to finish a Zen one today for @hybridshadowz birthday since she is on zen’s route.