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Clear Skin Guide

If you’re suffering from acne and you want clear skin, just know that it’s not an overnight thing and it will take some time. It might even take up to three weeks for you to see any kind of drastic differences. You have to be true to yourself and dedicated as well. Below are some tips that I’ve combined from personal experiences as well as some tips from my dermatologist.

1. Organic products
I have been doing heaps of research and I’ve found that using organic cleansers and cosmetic products are best for your face. You don’t want your skin to get used to artificial chemicals, because it will only make it worse before it gets better. Things like ‘Proactiv’ and ‘Clean&Clear’ may only work for a small period of time. They’re not made for long-term acne. So if you’ve tried just about every product and acne solution, I suggest finding an organic cleanser that fits your skin type. You want to find a natural product to use that will help your skin do its thing for the long run rather then one that will only help it temporarily. So, investing in decent, organic products will do your skin some good.

2.  Create a routine
You want your skin to be comfortable with what you’re doing, so come up with a simple every day routine that you can follow. My personal facial routine is to wash and moisturize night and day! As well as facial masks  once a week. Create a routine that works with you. Remember: you want your skin to heal itself so conjuring up a difficult routine to follow every night isn’t the best idea. You want all the dirt and mess off your face so you have a clean, and moisturized canvas.

3. Watch what you eat!
You all probably ALWAYS here that the food you eat plays a major part in your skin and it’s 100% true. It’s proved that a plant based diet is the best remedy for your skin. But if you simply can’t commit to that, like me, try your best to eliminate the bad foods. I encourage you to eat raw, whole, real foods. Get rid of the junk and processed food, fill your body with the real stuff. That being fruits, veggies, lean meats (if you eat meat. for beef, try to get grass fed beef), etc. Watch your dairy intake! There’s so many studies that link dairy to one of the main issues with acne. There’s so many hormones in milk, cheese, things like that and it’s just disrupting your own hormones- especially for teenagers! So try your hardest to limit your dairy intake. I personally, have cut it off nearly completely and I see a tremendous difference in my skin.

4. No makeup
Don’t call me crazy ahaha but not wearing makeup can actually twist your life around- for the better. Pimples are caused by clogged pores and wearing face makeup will only clog them even more. If you NEED to wear face makeup, I suggest Smashbox’s Pore Minimizing Primer to go underneath your makeup - if you do choose to wear it. But, if you’re serious about clearing your face up, limit your face makeup use. Or, find a foundation or BB/CC cream that is natural and organic! Mascara and lip liners and things like that are completely okay- I’m saying foundations, concealer, blush, etc.

5. Exercise
I don’t think I can express to you guys enough the importance of exercising! It does so many positive things to your body, i can’t even begin to name them all to you. Try to get a regular workout in your days because the sweat helps your skin clear up and unclog pores as well in a NATURAL way! Also- please don’t exercise with makeup on your face! It’s so so bad for you and it makes everything a million times worse, I promise. In school, I was the only girl that would clean off my face before we worked out (in gym class) and everyone looked at me like I was a weirdo ahaha but I promise it’ll help you in the long run.

6. !!!!Water!!!!
I’m sure you hear this a million times a day, but it’s essential. Drinking 2-3 liters or up to a gallon a day is best for your skin. It can change it in so many ways, positively. If you forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, the best two tricks I use are either keeping a bottle of water with me always or setting an alarm on my phone every 30 minutes to remind myself to drink water. ALWAYS DRINK WATER!

Quick Little Tips
• Change your pillow case once a week
• Keep your hair and hands off your face!
• Do not pick at your pimples(it leads to scars)
• ALWAYS wash your face in the morning and at night.

Body Acne Tips:
• A healthy lifestyle is recommended as said above.
• Certain body lotions and washes and soaps tend to be irritating to the skin so if this is an issue to you, use natural and organic products or just water.
• Exfoliate. If your skin is super duper sensitive I don’t recommend exfoliating. If you are interested in exfoliating, the Vanity Planet manual exfoliator is gentle on your skin. (Face and body!)
• Limit the hot showers. The heated water dries out your skin which will then lead your skin to overproduce oil, causing acne. Stick to the cooler showers.
• Tea Tree oil is a blessing. I use it on my face and it’s changed my complexion tremendously. It’s also very natural!
• Your laundry detergent may be an issue! Laundry detergent can irritate your skin or you can have an allergic reaction to it. If that’s the case, switch to a detergent that’s free of fragrances.
•Your skin can also become irritated from your choice of shampoo/conditioner so do some research on the products you use, or just keep your hair off your body whenever washing.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me!

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Any tips on how to get your foundation and concealer to not look cakey? I have that problem some times and I'm not sure if it's lack of skill or if I'm missing something. Also any tips for a contouring noob?

*cracks knuckles* Aightsoboom 

PRIMER, PRIMER, PRIMER. Silicon based primers are everything to me. Especially if you have more pronounced pores bc if you put foundation on sans primer it’ll sit in those pores and then you’ll add more foundation to compensate for that which leads to a freshly baked cake on your face. 

Also, I see people putting on a lot of foundation and powder (in real life and online) and yes that may photograph beautifully but in person, it looks cakey. You really don’t need so much foundation for your face.

SOMETHING ELSE I SEE WHICH GRIND MY FUCKING GEARS, is people setting their face with a pressed foundation powder. Now listen if you are one of my beautifully chocolate girls then I get it, translucent powder (and even banana powder) can have you out here looking all types of crazy but there are brands that make setting powders in other shades (I’ll be happy to post some links bc honestly the powders look BOMB and I need some for my clients) but circling back to layering foundations, to do your makeup is to add layers to your skin. putting a heavy powder (or just a fuck ton of powder) on your face over your foundation is to add a layer to your skin which you may not need!

SKINCARE, SKINCARE, SKINCARE. The easiest way to a flawless and smooth foundation is to have a nice, healthy, taken care of base. A lot of times foundation will cling to dry patches on your face (if you have them) or just dead skin that you have on your face so EXFOLIATE, not every day!! At most 3 times a week depending on need, please consult with a skin care professional, I can give you the information of an online one if you would like, she gives a personalized skin care consultation to revamp a routine or help figure out how to deal with any skin problems you may have. She is amazing seriously. (and a personal friend who has skincare down to a science)

Technique!! The technique you use to apply your foundation is a big factor in how the finish will look! I think the best technique is stippling motion, either with a brush or a sponge, really pressing the product into your skin can help it melt and blend into the skin, achieving that flawless finish we all crave.

Concealer, DON’T APPLY TOO MUCH AND ONLY PUT IT ON AFTER YOUR FOUNDATION. Concealer is made for problem areas, and some of these areas are covered adequately with foundation, so put your foundation on first and then take a look, if you can still see redness or breakouts through the foundation then you can conceal them. Also for under the eye again NOT TOO MUCH putting a fuck ton of concealer on under your eye is not only harmful to the very delicate skin under your eye but it causing a lot of creasing as the day goes on. So, conceal sparingly under the eye. Also, try to avoid really heavy or chunky/creamy concealers, I love the Urban Deacy Naked Skin concealers bc they are SO lightweight. 

Contouring is a kind of personalized thing, to adequately advise on that I’d need to know your face shape and undertones.

I hope this helped!! Ask me to elaborate on anything that isn’t clear! 

Talk to me about makeup guys!!

✨hoe advice n° 1✨

Always carry a small “just in case” bag with you, containing things you’d need if you go back to their place, like…

-travel toothbrush or some gum
-birth control pills/ any medication really
-condoms!!! you can’t always count on the guy
-baby wipes for stains and to remove old makeup/ you don’t want to look like a clown
-compact makeup
-tampons or pads
-change of panties
-phone charger/ I got one of those small battery packs for when I’m out a while, it’s saved me so many times
-emergency cash

This is what I usually take, and if packed properly I usually manage to put it all into a small purse and still have room!

Hope this helps💞

Camping - JungKook Story

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Parts: One

Pairing: Jungkook x Y/N

Genre: Fluff, romance

Word count: 2.272

Synopsis: You just wanted some time alone with Jung Kook but of course the other members joined your little camping trip…

“Jungkook oppa, let’s go camping!” he finally had some time off from his busy schedule and after visiting his parents you finally had some time alone, so why not spend it together at some beautiful spot.

“Camping, really? Don’t you want to stay at a hotel?” he asked you and even though that would be more comfortable, camping was more intimate and you really wanted to connect with him as you hadn’t seen him as much as you wanted and on top of that it was summer so the weather was perfect, you just needed to find a spot without a lot of mosquitoes but as you wanted to go camping near a lake so you could swim, it was going to be difficult to find the perfect spot without those annoying creatures.

“Arraso but you will be taking the lead over this.” you nodded as he gave you a peck on your cheek. “I have to go for now but let me know when you know where to go.” he walked out of the room and you immediately started looking for perfect spots. This was going to amazing and you were already excited for the time you would spend together. Not wanting to sound rude because you loved all the members but this was some much needed time between the two of you, as you hadn’t been alone for at least six months and you just needed to have him all for yourself before his schedule got in the way again and not to mention college.

You were completely immersed in searching the internet when you felt a hand on your shoulder, it was Namjoon who was looking over your shoulder. “Are you going camping?” you nodded and tried to hide the screen but he put his hand over yours to prevent this. “Is this a trip for all of us?”

“No, just for Jungkook and me.” you quickly explained, which made a smirk appear on his face, showing his dimples. “Really? So you want some time alone with our maknae.” you know you were bright red right now because he was definitely not thinking in PG13 style. “That’s normal right, I mean he is my boyfriend after all.”

“Sure but still maybe we should just tag along.” you shook your head but he had already walked away, which annoyed you tremendously. “Ya Namjoon!” he just waved at you before disappearing through the door. This was going to suck because you were sure that the guys would join you now, so that meant no alone time with your boyfriend. This was the problem with them being so close, they always wanted to do stuff together and even though it was cute to see, times like these made it a bit annoying but what could you do, maybe you two could sneak out when the others were sleeping.

you were chilling on the couch when Jimin sat down between the two of you with a laptop in his hands. “Y/N, what do you think about this place?” he showed you a beautiful lake with mountains in the background, it really looked amazing and it was an actual campsite. “It looks amazing, what do you think oppa?” Jungkook glanced at the screen and he nodded immediately. “That looks great, let’s go there.” that’s when the decision was made.

The next week came faster than we had thought and as you all got ready to camp, you couldn’t help but laugh at the guys as they brought all sorts of stuff because they wanted to look good. They took more with them than you did and you were the girl. They even stopped when they saw you approach them with just one suitcase. You had brought two pairs of shoes, which consisted out your favorite Puma’s and slippers, you had brought three shorts and 6 shirts and underwear, you didn’t forget the swimsuit, you did bring the necessities like a toothbrush, a bit of makeup, towels and a brush but that was about it. Okay, you did bring your chargers but who didn’t take that with them.

“Is that all you’re bringing along?” Jin was stunned and he showed it, which made me chuckle. “I don’t know but we’re going camping so there really is no need to bring a lot of things along.”

“but don’t you think you need makeup to make you look good?” Jimin was joining the conversation but you just rolled your eyes. “Who do you want to impress? I mean I’ve seen you guys without makeup so many times that I really do not care because without makeup you look even better, so again who do you want to impress?” They knew you had a point because next thing you know they ran back inside with their bags and they didn’t come out for twenty minutes only to return with one bag less. “Let’s go!” you were the one driving this camper because even though Jin had a driver’s license it was just safer to let me drive, especially in something as big as this thing. You could tell the guys were still worn out from all the activities because after an hour it became really quiet and they just all fell asleep, which was the cutest thing ever, that is until Namjoon started to snore, you eventually put in earbuds, so you didn’t have to hear Namjoon’s snoring and this is how you spend the entire way there.

“We’re here, wake up guys!” you had parked the camper at the reserved spot, which was near water and there were even logs for a campfire not too far from our sleeping spot, which would be awesome.

“What, how did we come here so fast?” they were mumbling sleepily and as they got out of the camper, they immediately ran towards the nearest restroom, which gave you time to start setting up your tent because even though you had seen them without shirts, you knew they would feel uncomfortable if you stayed with them and you really didn’t mind sleeping in a tent. “What are you doing?” Jungkook lifted you up and carried you into the camper, which made you giggle. “Yah, put me down!” which he did but before he stood up straight he quickly gave me a kiss before the other guys would barge in.

“I need to put up my tent.” You were getting up when he stopped you. “Why aren’t you sleeping here, don’t you want to sleep here?” you shook your head and wondered why he would even think something like that, you loved to fall asleep with Jungkook but not when there were others watching and again you didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. “Ani, I’m sleeping in a tent, which is fine before you start to worry, I mean I really can’t take Namjoon’s snoring.” Namjoon just stepped into the camper and chuckled at your comment. “I’m not that bad.” which made the others laugh out loud. “You’re kidding right?” Jimin entered as well together with Hoseok. “But we can’t let you sleep outside.”

“Yah, this is my decision, so stop this and just start on dinner.” you walked out and fixed the rest of your tent when Jungkook started to help. We worked in comfortable silence and as we were done, he excused himself to go help with dinner, leaving you to fix the airbed and the blankets. You hang up party lights and as soon as you had finished everything, you let yourself fall in your cozy little space when Taehyung suddenly let himself fall next to you. “This looks amazing, I want to sleep in a tent as well.” you couldn’t help but laugh because this was typical Taehyung. “Well then you should’ve brought a tent.” you ruffled his hair and got out, the night was still young and the scent of food finally reached your nose, you decided to follow the trace only to see Jin and Yoongi fussing over who could taste the meat first and as they didn’t pay attention, you decided you would go first.

“Yah, this tastes amazing!” they both turned to see you with a piece of meat between your chopsticks. “Yah, we were going to taste it first.” you shrugged and continued to eat as they tried to take it from you the others guys snatched meat from the BBQ. “You should’ve paid attention then.” you stuck out your tongue and it earned a chuckle from both of them because nobody could resist you when you threw in some aegyo, which was funny as hell.

“JK, take care of your girlfriend will you!”

“Why, you invited yourself along so it’s your own fault.” Jungkook put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you into a quick hug. “Let’s eat!” Hoseok and Jimin brought out ramen and rice and from that moment everyone was quietly enjoying the food and without really noticing it we saw that the sun was going under and with a lake, you just have to watch it and that’s exactly what you all did.

“I’ve got to grab my camera.” You ran into the camper and when you returned they were lined up, like a real family or really good friends, it was amazing to see how close they actually were so you couldn’t resist it as you took a few pictures and with the setting sun, it looked awesome, to be honest and as you were shooting them, Jungkook suddenly turned around which also made a really beautiful shot, he smiled and stretched out his hand for you to grab and as you joined them, you felt at peace because from the beginning they alway made sure to treat you warmly but even though you loved the guys, you still wanted some time alone with Jungkook.

A few hours later the guys finally went to bed and you followed their example the only difference was that you were going to your tent. It didn’t take long to fall asleep and you didn’t even wake up when someone opened the tent and laid down next to you, it was only from the moment he gently kissed you, that you woke up, only to lock eyes with Jungkook. He gently caressed your face and even traced your lips, making your heart pound in your chest, you were glad that you put up your tent out of sight for the other members because this would be embarrassing if they found out what their Maknae could do. “Finally some time alone,” he mumbled against your neck, which sends shivers down to your spine, he knew exactly what he was doing and he knew your sensitive spots, which he loved to kiss when you were alone.

“I missed you,” you whispered against his lips the minute he touched yours again, you never went too far but as his hand moved up your legs, you knew that tonight was the night that everything would change. He did hesitate when he touched your inner thigh but you could only moan softly, which he saw as approval. The only sounds you could hear were animal sounds from outside and your breath hitching, as he moved you to higher spirits it never felt wrong, it felt like you were made for each other.

The next morning you woke up because you heard the members calling for Jungkook and you couldn’t help but praise them for not opening the tent because they knew damn well where Jungkook was. Jungkook was peacefully sleeping whilst holding you against his chest and it would be cruel to wake him but as the guys were getting more anxious you didn’t really have a choice, so to end this sweet blissful state you were in, you had to wake him up. “Oppa, you have to wake up.” you turned around and kissed his nose, which made him hug you even tighter which was the most adorable thing ever. “I don’t want to,” he mumbled against your hair and you had to giggle because this was a completely different guy from last night. You had found out that he loved to be in control but that he was passionate. “The guys are looking for you and I am in no state for them to come barging in.” he opened his eyes and smiled cheekily at me but he did get up and started to put his clothes back on before he left he kissed you on your cheek.

The guys never said anything and the week went by without any trouble, we swam, chilled and played games. When the last night came around you all decided to go out exploring the area, just to see if there was a spot where we could see the stars, when you suddenly found an open field full of night flowers, it was beautiful, the stars were also visible and as the guys all fell down to see the stars, you couldn’t help but admire them, they looked so at peace. It was a good thing that they came along and you couldn’t help but take the last picture when Taehyung suddenly shouted “Look! Fireflies!”

We all looked and were in awe when all of a sudden we were surrounded by them, it was the most beautiful sight ever and Yoongi quickly took your camera along with the tripod and set the self-timer. He quickly returned after telling us to act as if there wasn’t a camera. Jungkook back hugged you whilst surrounded by fireflies, if the other guys weren’t here, it would be so romantic but now you just enjoyed being together with family because that’s what they were to you, a true family.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I constantly have "feminine" thoughts and desires but was born male. I don't identify with just about anything male or masculine, but just enough to be comfortable with being called male pronouns and such. I'd say my time is spent 65% neither m/f specifically, 25% female, and 10% male. I imagine my perfect self with a relatively neutral, maybe a bit more masculine body dressing androgynously with earrings and light make up. Maybe I'm a demiguy? I'd love to have some input! I'm super lost!

Hello!!! Mod ember here!!!

Demiguy, perhaps perhaps!!! That also sounds like a nicely balanced neutrois, or genderqueer in general! There are so many options out there for you and I am rooting for you 100%. I’m so glad you’re not uncomfortable with male pronouns and all that, it is a hell upon earth and a blessing to be able to be comfortable and still exist as yourself. At the same time. Both a blessing and a hell, i just realized how that sentence was worded. Lmfao. But my lovely anon, you could rock some earings and light makeup regardless of your gender identity. Rock. It. 

Trans Positivity

Ok guys, I would like to clear up a bit of things about being trans. Just because you are trans, does not mean you need to fit stereotypes!

You are still a trans woman even if…
•you don’t wear makeup
•you like sports
•you don’t pass as female
•you dress like a tomboy
•you like girls
•you have short hair
•you are not on hormones
•you don’t want SRS

You are still a trans man even if…
•you love makeup
•you have long hair
•you are an artist
•you don’t like sports
•you don’t bind
•you like boys
•you don’t pass as male
•you are not on hormones
•you don’t want SRS

You are still genderfluid/androgynous/demi/etc even if…
•you are ok with any pronouns
•You dress more masculine/feminine
•you are on hormones
•you have top surgery

You are not trans if…
•you identify as the same gender that matches your birth gender
•you don’t identify as trans

“She didn’t even ask, she just sat down and started doing her makeup.” said this confused gentleman later, from his desk at the headquarters of Nice Guy Ltd. “It’s as if my opinion, as a total stranger who just happened to be on the same bus at the same time, wasn’t important.”

Rajigaze Nov 11

(Unexpected mail)

[this guy is a dude btw]

Kai: “A salary man told a girl that she shouldn’t be doing her makeup on the train, and the girl got mad at him. I understand that mornings are busy and girls might not have time to do their makeup, but I feel like it’s the same as if a guy was shaving on the train. Would you guys be okay with women, or your own girlfriend, doing her makeup on the train?” 

Kai: This has actually become an issue recently. I saw this on the news, there was a poster…or a commercial maybe…something to the effect of like, “it’s bad manners, it’s indecent.” 

Aoi: Ahhh.

Kai: And while there are some people who agree, some people are like, why are you focusing on women doing their makeup? Aren’t there worse things people are doing? 

Aoi: Well, yeah…

Kai: But that being said…I don’t like it. Whether it’s my own girlfriend or not, women doing their makeup [in public]…on a train no less…what do you think?

Aoi: If you need to be wearing makeup that bad, why didn’t you do it at home? 

Kai: Right!? I don’t get it. 

Aoi: Yeah…

Kai: And I get the comparison to guys shaving but…we don’t even do that in the dressing room. (laughs) We consider it something you don’t do in front of other people. 

Aoi: Yeah…but like, if you’ve already left the house with light makeup or no makeup, isn’t it fine as it is? 

Kai: Yeah, just leave it like that! Yeah…but I think it’s like only certain people – like friends, or their boyfriend, that they wouldn’t want to see them [without makeup]. I don’t get it…..

Aoi: Do it at home then. Especially on the train, like…you can’t see very well, right? What if you put too much powder on your face?

Kai: (laughs) Yeah, or you could fuck up your lipstick.

Aoi: Yeah, just wake up 30 minutes earlier and do it at home. 

(both make weird grunting male noises) 

Kai: Well, it’s the same as how there are certain manners to respect at lives. It’s not just how you feel about it, but the others around you too. You have to consider that. 

Aoi: Yes.

Kai: We take care of all that stuff before showing up to lives…but yeah, this girl on the train who was scolded by the salaryman…I don’t get why she got mad but (laughs) I could understand if she was embarrassed. 

Aoi: Well, you shouldn’t have to be told. You should just know [not to do it]. 

Kai: Well, I don’t take the train, so I don’t know. (laughs)  

One day I hope that like clothes and makeup and other things stop being totally gendered and made so weird if a guy wants to wear them so that like one day if a boy wants to go to school wearing a skirt he doesn’t need to be afraid of being made fun of cause it’s not right. Clothes should not have genders they are just clothes


Ok so Im gonna tell a story.

These pics are from a night like a year and a half ago. My bf at the time was from Boston and we lived in NYC. We had been dating a few months and he wanted me to meet his parents. SO we made the drive from NYC to Boston and we stayed at a hotel.

We were going to meet his parents at a really nice place in Boston for dinner. We stayed at this really nice place on Boylston St? I think thats what its called. 

So ANY WAYS, we had reservations at a place at 7pm and my bf had a rental we drove to Boston. He said it would take 30 minutes to get to the restruant. L’espalier I think it’s called.

So I spent like almost 2 hours doing my makeup, straightening my hair (its long). I wore a little black dress and heels, a classic look. I had neevr met his parents so I was nervous AF. 

So my bf is all we have to go so we get in the car. Seriously not like even a minute later he unzips his pants. He tells me about how he never had road head before. Like where he gets a bj when driving. And how he really wants it. At first I was like idk. I mean I spent a lot of effort to look good to meet his parents. We were going to a show after to see a DJ and I said why dont I do it then? He just put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down. At first I was suprised. I wasnt mad just like huh? But then I did what he wanted. 

If you never gave a bj in a car before its wayyyyyy harder than it should be. My seatbelt was it the way so I took it off then it was dinging so I got out of the seat kinda because thats anoying. Then like all the car stuff is in the way like the gear nob all that. But I made it work. 

So my bf starts like counting out how far away we are from the retraunt. Like You have 25 minutes Sara. 

20 minutes til we are there

15 minutes Sara.

My hair is really long so this whole time he has like all my hair like in a pony to keep it out of the way but hes like mostly letting me do what I do but sometimes like making my head move like to his pace. 

So we are like around 10 minutes away and he tells me he’s close. THEN tells me     Make sure you dont get any on my pants

Yeah duh. 

So around then I can feel him pushing me head down more. Like all the way down on him like hes trying to shove his dick through my head. lol

He came. Now if your reading this you probably no I am a pretty oral girl. Like it turns me on. I dont like the taste of cum though. I dont hate it but it can be kinda gross. Its still hot dont get me wrong. Maybe its hot because I dont like it and Im pretty submissive so its like I no Im doing it for the man not for me.

So he cums and idk if its just that this was sooo hot to him or because we didnt fool around for a couple days before, but like seriously I dont no if I ever ad a guy cum that much ever. 

So I started like swallowing right away. I didnt want to stain his clothes right before dinner with his parents. I dont gag like I dont have a gag reflex. True story like I never had one. When I was little I almost died a couple times because I would swallow food I never even chewed and I could swallow it easy but it would sometimes still get stuck in my throat and I couldnt breath. 

Thats how I felt. Like I was drowning. For real. 

So Im doing everyting to not get any of his cum on his pants and all a sudden he says Ok doll were here. Fix your makeup and hair.

Im all wait what? WTF? 

I sit up and the first thing I see is the VALET PARKING GUY STARING AT ME! No shit. I can feel some of my bfs cum is on my bottom lip!

Like 25 feet away is his dad, standing outside the door to the restraunt. My bf looks at me and said Sara fix your makeup. I need you to look perfect. The way he was staring at me was intense. Like at first before he said anything I was embarassed and pissed off. Then with him looking at me like that idk. I was still embarrased but like part of me was just like idk foggy? I actually said Im sorry! I apologized for not looking perfect after that! 

So I wiped my lips, fixed my lipstick, smoothed my hair out and asked him how I looked. 

I dont no if his dad saw me sit up off his sons lap. The valet def did. I think his dad saw it because he was like nice to meet you sara. want a mint?

After dinner we went back to the hotel before the show. Turned out the hotel was literly just like 2 blocks away from were we ate. My bf drove us around the block for a BJ. 

Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen ((Part 4))

Word Count – 2,285

Pairing – Divorced! Jensen x Reader



- 1 year later –

Today was the day you and Jensen were going to announce your relationship to the fans at Vancon today. You have never been so nervous in your life. Jensen was nervous too but he knew his viewers would never do anything to upset him or the guys, ever.

It was Friday morning and you and Jensen were packing, getting ready to leave for the week. JJ was with Danneel while you guys would be away, giving you both comfort knowing she’s in good hands and taken care of. You packed your clothes, makeup, hair curler and straightener, body wash and shampoo, toothpaste and tooth brush and a few books to read along with your phone charger and laptop. Jensen packed his clothes, shower things, toothbrush and laptop.

“You look beautiful the way you are, babygirl. You don’t need all that makeup and hair done.” he said standing behind you in the mirror with his arms around your waist while you did your hair.

“I look better with all this though.”

“Beautiful either way, even when you’re sick you’re still the most beautiful girl in the world to me.” You kissed his cheek, making him grin.

“You ready for tonight?”

“I’m nervous, but yes. I just can’t believe we were able to hide it for so long.”

“I know it’s been killin’ me. I can’t wait to show you off to the world and show them how much I love you, even though words can’t describe.”

You finished your hair and kissed him, hugging him after. He squeezed tight and kissed the top of your head, making you smile even more than before.


The airport trip was quiet, thank god. There wasn’t many paparazzi’s and only a few fans wanting a picture together. Eventually you, Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark finally got on a plane, on your way to Vancon and sadly you weren’t a huge fan of airplanes, let alone heights.

“Babe, you okay? You’re shaking like a leaf.” Jensen said sitting next to you, looking at you with worry.

“Let’s just say heights aren’t my friend.” You said while trying to steady your hand and bouncing leg.

Jensen put his hand on your lap and gave you a warm smile.

“Think about JJ, think about us. Just picture us at a beach. A warm, summer day of just the sounds of waves crashing and seagulls yelling in the air.” You cut him off

“I hate seagulls. One stole my ice cream when I was 3.” Jensen sighed, smirking to himself and shaking his head.

“The smell of the salt water filling the air while the warm sand is in between your toes. JJ laughing and building sand castles with you and me. Cuddling on the towel while she plays in the sand. Think about “Cant Help Falling In Love With You” and our first kiss, id sing it for ya now if I could but there’s to many people around and well, I’m shy.”

You closed your eyes and listened to him hum it softly to himself, melting your heart and making all your fear go away at the sound and vision of the beach. You could also hear the sounds of Jared, Misha and Mark making jokes like the 10 year olds they are and giggling with each other about them, warming your heart even more.

“I love you, I love you so much Jense.” You said sleepily, laying your head on his shoulder as he leaned his head on top of yours.

“I love you too baby girl, I really do.”


You finally arrived to the hotel. You and Jensen got a room while the other guys got their own rooms, which you and Jensen didn’t mind of course. You both laid your bags on the floor and plopped on the hotel bed.

“You know what we should do? Jump on the beds, or or! Build a fort!” You said, jumping on the bed.

“How old are you, 12?” Jensen laughed

“On a scale of one to ten I am.” You smirked sarcastically while Jensen threw his hands in the air in defense

“You got me there, babe. Come on we gotta get ready for dinner”

You sighed and hopped off the bed, changing into nicer clothes while Jensen did too.

“You owe me a pillow fight when we come back, deal Ackles?”

“Deal, Y/L/N.”

You walked into the fancy restaurant arm in arm, smiling at each other the whole time while Jared, Mark and Misha kept making “lovey dovey” jokes. You got a 5 person table and sat together. You all ordered your food and drinks then continued talking about everything and anything.

“So y/n, you excited to see the fans again? Been awhile since you’ve been to a convention.” Misha asked, taking a bite of his food.

“I’m a little nervous, but other than that I’m really excited. I missed it so much and I especially missed spending it with you guys.” Everyone at the table awe’d, making you red.

“We’re glad to have ya come with us y/n.” Jared said with a smile.

“Hows West and Maison doing, Misha?’ you asked, thinking about how terribly you missed them. You haven’t seen them since they were tiny babies.

“Growing like a weed. By the time they’re 10 they’re gonna be carrying me on their backs.”

“That’s how I feel with my son sometimes” Mark laughed.

“How is he?”

“Good, lady’s man just like his papa” He joked, making Jared, Jensen and Misha almost choke on their food from laughter.

“Are ya nervous to tell everyone about you guys? I was when I told everyone about me and Gen.”

“We’re a little nervous, but I trust everyone so I hope it’ll be okay.” Jensen said holding your hand after.

You all finished your food and headed back to the hotel, getting some rest for tomorrow. When you arrived back you and Jensen had that pillow fight he promised, you lost.

“Damn it Jense, why are you so strong?” You laughed, laying your head on his chest.

“I’m not sure, I mean would ya look at these pecks!” He said pulling up his arms and kissing his muscles.

You shook your head and turned your back to fall asleep, feeling his arms wrap around your waist tightly after and his head nuzzle into your neck. You interlocked your fingers with his and kissed his hand.

“Goodnight babe, I love you.”

“I love you too” he said half awake.




The next morning was very anxious feeling. You kept thinking of everything that could go right, but also everything that could go wrong. What if they don’t like you and never did? What if some girls get jealous? What if he decides he doesn’t want to? All these thoughts leaving you crazy and upset.

“You’re quiet today, somethin’ on your mind sweetheart?” He said, resting his chin on your bare shoulder after you got out of the shower.

“What if they don’t like me, Jense? What if they hate the idea of us being together?”

“You’re talking non sense babe, they’ll love you, they’ll love us. I love you! I love us!’

“I know, I love you and us too. Just anxiety gettin’ to me I guess.”

“Don’t stress it babe, we got this.” He kissed your shoulder.

You blow dried your hair and curled it, put on your makeup and wore your favorite flannel shirt along with black skinny jeans. Once you finally came out of the bathroom your boyfriend looked at you like it was the first time he ever saw you.

“Beautiful, so damn beautiful…my girl.” He said before kissing you, making you blush and feel happy about yourself.

“You look good too, handsome.” You said with a nudge, making him blush as well.

You walked out of your room to find the rest of the guys dressed up and ready to go.

“You both look great” Mark said, giving Jensen a pat on the back.

“Is everyone ready?” Jared asked, everyone nodded.

By the time you all got there everyone was already in the big crowded room waiting. Once you saw everyone your heart started to pound harder and harder, and your hands began to shake and your knees felt weak.

“We got this. Think about the beach, darlin’.” Jensen said softly to you, kissing you after and giving you a hug.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Those were the last words you said to him before he walked out on stage with the guys. You sat over where nobody could see on the stage to the side, watching them and smiling away at how dorky and welcoming they were being.

Everyone was asking questions and cracking jokes as the usual when you heard a question that caught your full attention.

“Will we ever see y/n again?” A random fan asked them.

They all froze, especially Jensen. They didn’t know what to say or do knowing it wasn’t time for the announcement yet. Jensen looked over at Jared then at you from across the stage with a weird, worried look.

“Well boys?” one of the managers said.

“Um well –“ Jared was about to say until Jensen cut him off.

“Yes! I actually wanted to talk to ya’ll about that. As you know the actors on Supernatural always stay close even after some of them aren’t on the show. Well we of course are still very close with y/n but one of the actors are VERY close with her if ya know what I mean.” Misha said to the fans while they all gasped.

“Will the lucky man raise his hand!”

Everyone looked at each other like they didn’t know while the fans were chanting “do it, do it, do it!” after about 10 seconds Jensen finally slowly raised his hand with a dorky smile. Everyone was screaming and cheering while Jensen laughed hard, bending his back as he usually does and wiping the tears away from his eyes from laughing.

“WHERE IS SHE!” Someone screamed in the crowd. Jared jogged over and grabbed your hand, pulling you with him while everyone was still screaming, screaming even louder when they saw you.

Jared pushed you over to Jensen, making you bump into his chest but he caught you with his arms before you could pull away, making everyone awe’.

“KISS, KISS, KISS” they chanted, making you and Jensen blush. “Fuck it” Jensen said under his breath, placing his hand on your cheek and kissing you roughly while everyone yelled and Misha and Jared jumped up and down happily.

“Hi, my name is Shannon and I’d just like to ask HOW DID ALL OF THIS HAPPEN? Also, congrats!” She said into the mic.

“Uh, I don’t know we kind of were just hanging out one day while JJ was with Danneel and I kind of just couldn’t hold It in anymore.”

‘Come on man, give us the full details!” Jared yelled from the back.

“We were dancing to Elvis then Cant Help Falling In Love With You came on and I just took the moment and kissed her.” Jensen said, wrapping his arm around your shoulder proudly. The crowd filled with awe’s again.

“Hi, my name’s Sean and I’d like to know what your OTP name would be?”

Everyone looked at each other with confusion other than you, understanding what he meant.

“Sorry, these guys are apparently getting old and don’t know what OTP means but I do. Um, I guess it’d be (whatever you think yours and Jensen’s ship name would be)”

“Well, I ship it!” He said happily.

The night went on and on and on with questions about you and Jensen, not that you minded of course. You and Jensen were very happy everyone was so accepting and nice and not a rude thing was said that night.

“Last question” The manager said.

“My name is Kelly and I know this is weird but have you guys had sex yet?” You and Jensen looked at each other with wide eyes while everyone yelled “OOOOOOO” even Jared, Mark and Misha.

You were standing a few feet away from Jensen so couldn’t ask what to say. He looked over at you with a grin and shot you a wink, making the boys scream louder.

“N-no.. we have not.” You laughed nervously.

“Not yet!” Misha said while you slapped him playfully on the arm.


After 4 hours you all arrived back to the hotel. Everyone was sleepy and sore from standing the whole time and throats hurt from talking a lot but it was fun and worth it all. You all said goodnight and went to your rooms.

“My fucking feet are sore, can’t even imagine how swollen they’re going to be when I’m pregnant I can’t even stand for a few hours and they get swollen to hell.” You grumbled, taking off your sneakers while Jensen took off his boots.

After you laid back on the bed Jensen sat at the end of the bed. Before you could ask what he was doing he started rubbing your feet with his big hands, making you moan in comfort and lean your head back against your pillow.

“God, you’re an angel.” You chuckled while he smirked and kept on massaging.

“I so owe you.”

“Sex would be a cool gift, or pizza.” He winked again, making you feel warm and excited inside.

“Maybe both?”

“You have NO idea how much I love you.”


reabaysmith said:

Hey! Could you do one where dean or Sam (you pick) and reader get body switched as a prank or something and reader is on her period and it freaks him out and hilarity ensues?

I love body swaps yay! Since I already did a Sam body swap I’ll make this one with Dean. Enjoy!

This came out longer than I thought it would. I got carried away, hope this came out how you wanted!

*Y/H/C = your hair color* 


Shit! Today was supposed to be pain-free. You were only supposed to get your period in a couple days, but mother nature rang early. Rolling your eyes at your now ruined pants, you went to put on a pad and then eat something to be able to take some painkillers for the cramps that are kicking in. 

As you made your way down into the bunker’s kitchen to grab some waffles, Dean was already making his famous burgers. 

“Want one?” He asked, watching you struggle to open the waffle box. 

You huffed in anger until you shoved the box back in the freezer and took a burger from Dean. Normally you’d try to hide the mood swings, but today was not that day. 

“Alright, don’t thank me or anything” Dean said, flipping a new burger for himself. 

“Sorry” you said, “this is really good, thanks.” And you sat down with a cup of orange juice and two tylenols. 

Dean sat down next to you, biting into his burger. With a full mouth he said “Oh and don’t forget the witch hunt. Eat quickly we have to run.” 

Annoyed you threw your head back groaning, then washed down the tylenol as you stomped into your room to change. Quickly you put on a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, an old black henley with a grey plaid shirt on top, then slipped into your hunting boots. 

Walking back to meet Dean in the library you asked, “Where’s Sam? Isn’t he coming?”

Dean grabbed the paper with the witch-killing spell, and answered “He’s out with Castiel looking for god-knows-what” then opening the door continued, “The drive isn’t far, just be prepared, she’s strong.” and with that we were off. 


Once we rolled into a nice development, Dean pointed to a large red-brick house “That’s the one. Let’s do some witch huntin”, and began walking up the driveway.

“Why are we killing her again?” you asked, wondering what her crime was.

“She killed her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend” he put it simply, as he lock picked the door. 

Readying yourself with Deans gun for protection, you quietly walked into the house, Dean always one step ahead of you. As if from thin air, the witch came up behind you. You spun around ready to stab the bitch when Dean began reciting the spell. 

While in pain, the witch used her last breaths on reciting something inaudible. 

Once she was done for Dean exhaled while nodding his head in relief. 

“Easier than I thought it would be” you said and began towards the car. 


Once you both got to the bunker you slumped down on the couch “I’m going to sleep Dean, I’m exhausted.” you said, rolling onto your side.

“It’s only three” Dean said, you could hear the confusion dripping from his voice. 

“Just like you say Dean, screw consciousness!” and with that you fell asleep. 

In the next hour, Dean also decided to nap due to the past few tiring hunts. 

A couple hours later you woke up rubbing your eyes, and you looked around realizing you weren’t on the couch anymore, rather on Deans bed. Jumping up, you realized that you were a bit taller, and bigger. Quickly you put your hands to your face and ran to the closest mirror. Your eyes bulging, you realized you were in Dean’s body. Quickly you ran to the couch were you originally fell asleep, only to have your body bump into yourself at an equally high speed. 

“I’m you!” you both yelled, pointing at each other. Then Dean bent over, “she hurt us too! I guess switching our BODIES wasn’t enough!” he said, groaning. 

Once you realized he was in pain from period cramps you, well Dean’s body, began laughing. 

“What?” you heard your voice ask.

“Those are period cramps!” 

Dean opened your eyes wide, and stared in fear. 

“Don’t worry! Just change your pad and take some Tylenol!” you said, leading him to your room to grab some pads.

“No way in hell am I wearing that!” Dean said, pointing to the pad like it was an alien artifact.

“You have to! Otherwise the blood pouring out of you will leave a trail!” You said, trying to disgust him into wearing the pad, although it was the hundred percent truth. 

“I don’t even know how.” he said, crossing your arms. 

After a couple minutes of fighting, he finally got the hand of it. “See? Just flip the wings over and stick them!” you said, handing him another pad, since he ruined the last one by sticking it on backwards, and bending the wings back onto the pad itself. 

While Dean fussed around, you looked in the mirror, and lifted up Dean’s shirt. “Nice” you said, checking out Dean’s body.

“Hey! If you do that I’ll do it too!” he said, acting like a child. 

You put down Dean’s shirt, having some decency left in you. With Dean closing his eyes, he struggled putting on the underwear, but eventually got it. 

He scrunched your nose, and began moving your legs around wildly.

“What. Are. You. Doing?” you asked, treating him like a child.

“This is uncomfortable! I’m a giant baby!” he said, and you noticed when he spoke, he lowered your voice a notch. 

“Being a girl is tough, although it has its perks.” you said, playing with Dean’s hair, thinking about getting a haircut once you switched bodies back. 

Dean looked in the mirror, still just wearing panties and the henley. He smirked, curling your lips up. 

Rolling Dean’s eyes, you threw him a pair of sweats and a tank top to change into. 

An hour later, Sam returned to the bunker. You and Dean decided not to tell him, or anyone, incase that would lengthen the time until you changed back. After greeting Sam and having a chat about the day, you and Dean slumped down on the couch, watching your usual late night movie. Forgetting about the body swap Dean sat on the couch, and you cross-legged on the recliner. Normally it was the opposite, and Sam eyed you both suspiciously. 

Realizing what Dean must’ve looked like in that position, you quickly sprawled out on the recliner, trying to get in a Dean-like position. 

Thirty minutes into the movie Sam passed out from fatigue, and you saw yourself look at you with alarm. 

“What?” you whispered. 

Dean looked at Sam to make sure he’s asleep, “I feel like I’m peeing myself! What’s going on? Is this normal?” he asked, more than confused. Smiling you answered “That’s blood pouring out from your vagina” then smirked with satisfaction. He finally feels the pain he tells me to ‘get over’. 

“My head hurts” he said complaining, “and all I want is pretzels and chocolate!” 

Walking over to sit by him you said, “well head pain is normal for me, and that’s called a craving” and you watched him process it all. 

Feeling bad you said, “OK, lay down on your stomach.”

“What?” he asked, squinting your eyes. 

“Just do it!” Dean’s voice came out harsher than you wanted it to, his voice was deep and yours wasn’t. This’ll take some getting used to.

“What the hell will you do?” he asked, although he did as you said. 

You began massaging the pressure points on your lower back. A deep sigh from Dean told you that he was feeling some pain relief. 

After some time, you got him chocolate, and he ate it very quickly. 

“Better?” you asked handing him some water. 

“Much. Thank you Y/N” he said, “I will never doubt you again, I mean it must be really hard hunting like this.” 

Nodding you said “it is, but what choice do I have?”

Dean curled your lips up a bit in a sympathy smile. 

After you finished the movie you yawned saying “Time for bed?” while blinking the tiredness out of your eyes. You realized just how tired Dean always was by the way his body begged for sleep. 

“Yeah I’m tired” he said. 

“Come on, I’ll show you where my pajamas are.” and you walked him to your room. 

First you braided you hair so it wouldn’t strangle Dean in his sleep. Then while you searched through your dresser for pajamas you saw Dean staring intensely at your face in the mirror, and you smiled. Although you could never get used to seeing Dean’s hands instead of yours whenever you looked down. You pulled out a pair of loose pajama shorts, and a warm pullover, then threw it at Dean, along with an overnight pad -  - to his dismay. Once he was changed you helped him wipe off the days makeup, “Why do you wear all this on your face?” he asked wiping off some blush. 

“I don’t know, makes me feel better I guess…” you trailed off. 

He scrunched your eyebrows “Y/N you’re already pretty, there’s no need for this”. With that he made you blush, making Dean’s mouth smile unintentionally. 

Once he tossed out the makeup wipe, he did a three-sixty in your mirror. 

“It’s weird being a girl. For one thing, you have so much to do before you sleep. Two you have guys constantly flirting with you, like Sam!” he said, emphasizing Sam while raising your eyebrows. “Three, you got these!” he said, then placed your hands on your boobs. 

“Dean!” you yelled. 

He made your face seem just like his, putting on his cocky smirk and crinkling his eyes.

“Anyways where are your pajamas?” you asked Dean. He walked you to his room and gave you a pair of boxers. 

“Thats it?” you asked, “You don’t get cold?”

“Nah” he shrugged. Quickly you changed without looking down. 

“Well goodnight!” he said and left the room quickly. Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll change back. With that though you slumped on Dean’s bed, landing heavy due to his muscular and tall body. 


As you woke up, you expected to be back in your bed, but no such luck. Exhaling deeply, you got up to brush your teeth. Within a couple minutes Dean was by your side freaking out. “There’s blood all over your sheets! I’m sorry I got annoyed with the diaper and just put on one of the small ones you gave me earlier!” 

“DEAN!” you yelled, still having toothpaste in your mouth. Spitting it out you brought Dean back to your room and gave him a change of clothes. “Put on these jeans and shirt” you said, handing him skinny jeans and a v-neck. After changing he came out, bra-less and shirtless.

“Uh? Dean? Forgetting something?” you asked.

“No! This bra is broken!” he exclaimed, throwing the bra to you. “Turn around” I said, and easily hooked the bra onto my body. 

Then you handed him the t-shirt as he huffed in annoyance. “These jeans are tight too!” he exclaimed.

“They make my butt look good, now put on the shirt.” 


By the time you got him to the kitchen to eat breakfast Sam had a case prepared. 

“Eat a quick breakfast guys, I found the demon that’s been screwing about town.” Sam said, still looking at his laptop, “He’s hiding under cover as a waiter in the restaurant some miles down from here.” 

Today isn’t a good day to hunt, you thought. Having to deal with a cranky Dean was not in your weeks plans. Although…this may be fun to watch. And you smirked to yourself. 

Dean handed you a huge omelet with toast, and you handed Dean a bagel and butter. He scrunched your nose at it, “butter? really?” he asked.

“I like it!” you said, and sat down. 


After breakfast you gathered Dean’s hunting gear, finally happy you got his gun, while he fumbled trying to get a good hold on your knife. By habit you slid into the backseat of the Impala, earning a weird glance from Sam. 

Trying to save Dean, and yourself you said “Uh, Y/N really wanted to drive today” and closed the door. 

Sam just shrugged and sat down. You watched as Dean walked over to sit down at the drivers seat, and turned on the music just as Dean would. 

You cleared your throat, knowing that when you drive the music is much lower. Quickly he corrected himself, and drove off. 

Once you all got to the restaurant, Sam found a table in the corner so he’d be able to get to the demon. The waiter, to our crappy luck didn’t turn out to be the demon. Although he was fond of Dean (my body). 

“Hey darlin’ what can I get a pretty lady like yourself?” he said, leaning in towards a disgruntled Dean. 

“Some fries and a burger” he said, putting on a girly voice. 

“Same” I said, acting as concise as Dean would. Sam ordered his salad as usual and we sat waiting. 

“I need the bathroom” your voice announced, “be right back”. 

You watched Dean slide out and go towards the mens bathroom, so you quickly got up announcing a quick “me too!”. Grabbing your body by the shoulders you spun Dean in the other direction, towards the women’s. You could see many women’s eyes on you, but you just looked away. Knowing Dean was attractive you half expected this. You caught a glimpse of Y/H/C walking towards the table, until Dean was stopped by a man who tried flirting. Bits and pieces of the conversation were audible. 

“How’d you like to come home with me?” the man asked Dean.

“No thank you! I already said no!” Dean said, ripping away from the man, who kept following.

You stepped up and grabbed your  own hand, which felt quite weird, and the man backed off thinking you were Dean’s boyfriend. 

“Ugh! What a douche!” Dean announced when he sat back down. 

Before you got the chance to respond, a blood curdling scream emerged from the other side. Quick on your feet you pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the diner, and everyone but the demon and his hostage ran out. Right away Sam neared the demon, while you worked on finding the hostage. Meanwhile Dean was holding your knife, following Sam. Once you found the girl, she was tied up and you cut the ropes off her bloodied hands. Running to the kitchen you grabbed a wet washcloth and wiped her down. She embraced you, well Dean’s body, in attempt for comfort. 

“You’re Ok” you continued whispering. “I’m going to find my friends who are going to kill the evil bastard alright?” you said, trying your best to sound like Dean when he comforts people. 

She nodded, and sat down on a bar stool.

By the time you got to Sam and yourself - well Dean, the demon was dead and Sam was wiping blood off his knife and onto his jacket. 

“I got the hostage, you’d better call the cops” you said, and Sam nodded. 

Quickly, the three of you got into the car and drove back to the bunker.


Sam went back on his laptop, and Dean followed you to the bedrooms. 

“Do men always stare at you?” he asked out of the quiet. 

“Yes. You learn to fend them off, but sadly it doesn’t work half the time” 

“You’re never leaving the bunker again that man was ridiculous! And creepy for that matter!” he said, getting worked up on protecting me as usual. 

You smiled, “Don’t worry, I have you boys right?” you said. 

“Anyways, we need to get back in our own bodies!” he said, opening the door to your room. 

“I know!” you responded, tired of being inside Dean’s body. 

“How though? We’ve tried sleeping it off, waiting, what else can we do?” he asked, slumping down on your bed, “I can’t take bleeding anymore, I admit it. You are stronger than me in some ways, this included!” and he rolled over on his side and into fetal position. 

“Thank you Dean” you said, satisfied with his realization. 

“Well?” he asked, mouth muffled by the blanket he stuck your face in.

“Well what?” 

“How do we switch back?” he asked, rolling over to face you. 

Suddenly you felt a tingling feeling go up your spine, and then you were laying on your bed.

“How?” Dean asked, wiggling his fingers seeing as he was back to normal.

“I think that we switched back once we understood each other” you said, curling up again due to the pain. 

“Cramps?” Dean asked nearing the bed.

“Sadly” you said, trying to lay on your stomach. Next thing you know Dean is massaging your back where you did yesterday. 

“Thank you!” you said, happy that the pain was relieved a bit. 

“Tell me if you need something alright Y/N?” he said, getting up. 

“Will do Dean.” and with that you fell asleep, feeling the exhaustion of the day. Dean picked you up, placed you under the covers, and gently tucked you in. 


Makeup Glamours!! 🔮🎀🌛🌝🌜🎀🔮

I’ve been getting really into makeup lately and trying with it and all, and I see all these posts about enchanting your makeup and I really wanna try it out. 😊

Problem is, I have no idea how! 🙁

So I need some help from you guys! Do any of you enchant your makeup or paint sigils with concealer or anything??? Teach me your ways please!! I’ll love you forever lol 😚

hey guys i just wanted to say that if you ever have questions or need advice on something, i like to consider myself pretty well-versed on these things

  • dog breeds and dog care
  • digital and traditional art
  • makeup and makeup resources
  • working in food service lol

anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, how would 2p Germany,2p Italy, 2p America, 2p England, 2p Canada feel about a fem s/o that's a part-time drag king that performs at nightclubs. If you don't know what a drag king is, it's like a drag queen except it's a chic dressing like a man. I do the same thing and was wondering how these guys would feel about it. Also, I fucking love your blog. <3

2p Germany: Would come to see them all the time, asking them to show them how they do their makeup and what kind of performances they do. Honestly, he’d love all of it and would bee so interested in their line of work.

2p Italy: He’d be perfectly fine with it, but if anyone says anything bad about her, they’re totally dead. He’d buy them all the clothes and makeup they needed and overall just wouldn’t have a problem with it at all.

2p America: He’d be cool with it. He’d let them borrow his clothes and get them binders and all that. He’d even want them to make him a drag queen because that’s how supportive he is and would post it all over Instagram and snapchat. He’d be proud of her doing what they love without care or shame.

2p England: He’d be fangirling so hard wanting to know everything that goes on and how they feel every time they get on stage, how long it takes to do their makeup and would kill their ears off with questions.

2p Canada: Still love ya. He’d be cool as ice with a thumbs up. Would be supportive and always there by their side. Matthieu would just be overwhelmed by the amount of preparation it takes to do everything, but wouldn’t complain because that’s who they were.

I feel like I totally bullshitted on this so I’m sorry, but thank you for the compliment and keep doing what you do!~

Girlfriend does my makeup

Reader X Harry
Description: Harry has to let y/n do his makeup for his channel!
Warnings: Some swearing
Requested?: Yes

Harry was behind the camera fixing the settings whilst you sat on the end of his bed getting things ready. Eventually he pressed record and perched himself down beside you, recording the intro
“Hey guys! In my last video I said that if you guys got it to 100k likes that we’d film a girlfriend does my makeup, needless to say… You smashed it” he says, you can tell he’s really not looking forward to it at all.
“I’ve got all we need in here” you state, showing quite a large makeup bag to the camera.
“so let’s get started” you continue. Remembering one last minute thing, you get up off the bed to turn the view finder around and sit back down.
“So I’m not even allowed to look at myself?!”
“Nope, you’ll have to wait” you grin devilishly at him
“Oh for gods sake” he whines

You pull your foundation and beauty blender out of the bag and squeeze two pumps onto your wrist.
“That’s going on my face?!” Harry looked genuinely afraid which made you chuckle.
“Yes, Harry the foundation is going on your face” you remark in a mocking tone, rolling your eyes.
“I’m just going to dab this on his face”
Staring at you for a few seconds Harry dabs, causing both of you to giggle like children for a few minutes.
You begin applying it on his face and he starts to squirm
“Harry! Stay still!” You scold him.
“I can’t help it, it’s cold as shit!” He complains.
Harry squishes up his face even more when you go to his eye area with concealer. You can never stay even a little pissed off at him for long, he’s just too cute. Next you take out your eyeshadow palette, sticking with neutral colours but making it look quite dramatic.
You giggle as Harry squirms again, this time at the brush on his eyelids. Now for black liquid liner, you do quite a thin line on each eye. Nothing too fancy.
“Moving on to mascara, this should be fun” you say sarcastically.
You pull the wand from the container, gently approaching his eye
“Woah woah, where are you going with that?” He holds your hand with the wand in it.
“Your eyelashes, you’re such a baby”
He soon lets go and you Lean forward, approaching his eye again. You can’t help but stop and throw your head back with laughter when he starts making weird faces because of something being so close to his eyes.
“Harry, we’re going to be here forever if you don’t let me do this” you say in between laughing.
He does as you say, you apply the mascara whilst sniggering every now and then at Harry’s expressions.
“Harry has quite a good brow shape so we’re just gonna fill that in a little”
You start to fill them in when Harry says
“This is how you get brows on fleek guys, take notes”
You cringe at what just came out of his mouth, covering your eyes.
“For fucks sake Harry” I swear through my hands.
As he realises what he just said he bursts out laughing and you’re left in a giggling heap on the floor, this is why I love him.
After picking yourselves back up you resume the video.
“Okay so we’re going to contour now”
You instruct Harry to suck in his cheeks and guide the brush along the hollows of them, bringing it up onto his temples.
“Now for some bomb ass highlight” you announce
“DAMN, SLAYYY HARRY” you yell while applying a generous amount on his cheekbones.
“Lastly, I’m going to apply some lipstick”
You pick out a dark red colour from your bag and turn to face Harry again.
“Relax your lips, Harry. I can’t do it when your pouting like a fucking fish”
He laughs at your comment, relaxing his lips so that you can apply it.
“My work is done!” You exclaim as you begin filming the outro.
Harry leans forward to kiss you and you kiss him back. You giggle when you pull away and see his lipstick is smudged from the kiss. Whoops.
You head into the bathroom of your flat and grab your mirror. Handing it to Harry he stares in shock at his reflection
“Oh my god, Y/N. Why did I agree to this”
He pauses but after inspecting it further soon continues talking.
“You have to admit I look DAMN GOOD though guys”
“Give the video a like if you enjoyed, leave a comment saying how you think Y/N did and thanks for watching!” you wave goodbye at the camera whilst Harry blows a kiss
“I love you, you goof” you shake your head at him, grinning from ear to ear.
“Love you too” he grins along with you. Although It’s hard to take him seriously with makeup on his face you manage not to laugh.
I didn’t really want to post this. I got upset because I was disappointed in myself at how shit it was. But Montana said I should post it and after all it was an anon request so here goes 😖


all aboard the bear train to mogarville

destigmatize “extreme makeup”

i don’t care whether you do a simple slick of eyeliner, a sultry smoky eye, some weird new blush thing, or are legitimately trying to look like the next reincarnation of ziggy stardust

makeup is makeup

girls, guys, and everyone in between all have faces and skin and stuff and that’s all you need to wear it

wear how much or how little you want

and just




Part 9

See the other parts FIRST: CLICK HERE

//Last part in the series:P Are you sad?….too bad……..are you still there?

My phone immediately began to blow up with texts, mostly stupid ones sent to make me smile. This time, they did. All of them made me eventually fall asleep with my phone gripped tightly in my hand and a dumb smile stuck on my face.

Present day:

Your POV

Sophia slowly helped me pull my shirt over my head. “Are you sure about this?”

“Sure about what?” I asked, as if I had no idea what she was talking about. She rolled her eyes, “About seeing him?”

“I’m a big kid now mom.” I tried to joke, but my friend never cracked a smile. She’s been uptight all morning, constantly asking me if I wanted to confront Harry or if I thought it was the “best thing to do right now.” She was stuck on trying to convince me to talk to him in about a week or so. Niall was still completely lost on what had happened. No one had clued the Irish cutie in on Harry yet, so as far as he knew, Harry and I were still on good terms.

“I just don’t know. I don’t trust him.” Sophia frowned, sitting me back in my wheelchair.

“Sophia, I know he’s made some mistakes in the past…but…I think what I saw was a misunderstanding. I watched her mouth drop down as she furiously shook her head. “No way! Y/N, please! Listen to me! This wasn’t a misunderstanding. If anything it was a sign to drop his nasty ass.” She turned her nose up in disgust as if Harry was some type of serial killer. “How many times does he have to cheat on you for you to realize that he’s not good for y—“

“In case, you haven’t noticed,” I cut her off, “I’m a sane young lady, who is perfectly capable of making a decision. Yes, he cheated on me. Yeah, he might have cheated on me for a second time. And if it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be in this wheelchair right now…” I whimpered as a tear rolled down my cheek. “But I love him. I need him in my life. I miss having him around and having his hands on me. Imagine your life without Niall…maybe then you’d understand.” She looked down at her feet as I continued, “And to make it worse, imagine yourself in a wheelchair, constantly feeling like some kind of creature because of the way all of these shallow people look at you…and then imagine Niall not being there to help you through it.”

“You have me to help you through it.” Sophia whispered softly.

 “There’s a difference between a friend and a boyfriend.” I laughed, “Yeah I love you and all, but I kinda rather cuddle up with Harry.”

She let out a small laugh, sitting down on the bed so that she could face me. “So that’s why you are going? To take him back?”

“No! If he cheated on me…” I hesitated, letting out a small sigh, “it’ll…it’ll be done between us. But I just want to hear his side of the story.” I said looking up into her eyes, noticing the small tears forming inside them.

 We didn’t speak about Harry again.

Breakfast was quiet, if not silent. Niall was constantly looking from me to Sophia, Sophia was looking down at her maple syrup smothered pancakes, and I constantly looking at the clock, eager to leave and never, ever, come back. As soon as the clock read: 10:30, Sophia hopped out of her chair and I began rolling my chair away from the table.

“Whaaa? Where are you guys going?” Niall asked in shock. “Nunya Nialler.” Sophia stuck her tongue out, sliding her arm through the sleeve of her jacket. “Come onnnn. I wanna goo!” he whined, “We’ll back soon love.” Sophia smirked, adjusting her jacket on her body as she leaned in to give her boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek. He frowned. She rolled her eyes and kissed him on his lips, making him grin like an idiot. “Ewwwww! They kissed! They kissed! They totally kissed!” I pointed. “Don’t be jelly.”Niall chuckled turning back towards his pancakes.

Honestly, I kinda was.

Within about 10 minutes, Sophia had packed my wheelchair in the trunk, helped me get in my seat, and began driving to the city’s park. I looked out the window the entire drive, feeling her eyes glaring at the back of my head. I wasn’t interested in hearing her ask me if I was absolutely sure. My mind was 100% made up. I was ready to see him

But what if I broke down and cried or something? Or what if I just completely cussed him out? Or what if Sophia killed him? We’d have to move to another state, or maybe another country. We’d have to get new identities and start over fresh. How would I explain to mom that I was an accomplice? Would Niall come looking for us? How would the rest of 1D take the news? Would anyone suspect Sop—



I guess I’m not as prepared or brave as I thought I was. Maybe this is a bad idea. Maybe seeing him wasn’t the best thing to do right now.

No, I have to be strong.

“We’re here.” I heard a soft voice announce as the car came to a sudden stop. She quickly got out of the car, moving towards the trunk. I looked around the park, trying to find Harry. Finally, a noticed him, alone, his head in his hands as he sat on one of the park’s benches. I opened the car door, slowly sliding into the wheelchair. “I got it from here.” I told her. “Shut the hell up. I’m taking you whether you like it or not.” “Mommmm.” “I will turn this wheelchair around right now.” “Okay fine! Whatever. Just drop me off and go.” “You act like I want to hear his pathetic lies.” She raised an eyebrow, rolling me towards the bench. We slowly approached where he was sitting, “Harold?” I called softly. He lifted up his head and both me and Sophia jumped. He looked awful. Pale skin, red eyes, wet face. Now that I could see his hair better, I noticed that it looked as if it hadn’t been touched all night. “Damn Styles, it was just one night.” I smirked. “It felt like a year.” He whispered in a groggy, rough tone. Sophia smacked her lips in this disgust, “Let out a scream if you need me.” “Hello Sophia.” Harry said, watching her walk away without acknowledging him. He sighed, “She’s mad, huh?” “She’s not the only one.” I told him without breaking eye contact.

He looked at me, scooting closer to my wheelchair so that he could put his hands on my thighs. “I made a lot of mistakes these past few weeks.” He admitted, “But I guess you already know that. But I—“

“Cut the shit Harry. Did you cheat on me or not?”

He stared at me for a second, “No.” he simply stated.

“How can I believe you?” I asked, praying that he had some evidence or something to prove his innocence. He just sighed, “I don’t know. I asked her to come over because she had been calling and texting me a lot recently. I guess because she saw us in the papers…you know, how you were staying with me and everything?” I nodded. We had tried so hard to keep our situation away from the press, but they ended up finding out anyways. “She was pissed because she thought that me and her were…I don’t know..a thing I guess. I needed to talk to her so I could make things right.”

“And you mean to tell me that you couldn’t have done that over the phone?” I questioned.

He shook his head, “She wouldn’t have listened to me. She would’ve just hung up and called an hour later like nothing happened.”

“You seem to know her pretty well.” I muttered, hoping he’d heard it.

His sigh let me know that he did, “I do. She is a makeup artist for us. One day, she was helping me take off her makeup, when he phone was ringing. She was cussing out this guy on the other end, and when she hung up she told me it was her boyfriend. She told me how he never listened to her and how he constantly made her feel like she was nothing…and…I don’t know, we just got closer that day. We stayed in touch. Then, we went to a party…she got drunk…she got me drunk…one thing led to another…” he trailed off.

“But that still doesn’t explain how I walked in on you kissing her.”

Harry quickly looked up at me, “Honestly! Y/N, she kissed me! She heard the door open up and pushed herself on to me.”

“You really expect me to believe that?” I raised my eyebrow.

Harry stumbled for words trying to think of a way to get me to trust what he was saying, “Y/N, I would never lie to you. I’ve hurt you too much for that. She was having a hard time realize that I loved you and only you.” He said kissing my hands, “She just wanted to break us apart. She told me so herself!  She said she was willing to do any and everything to split us up.” He said pulling his hands up to my face, “Please baby, you’ve got to believe me on that!”

I sighed, “But you still think I cuss too much and that I’m clingy.”

He shifted uncomfortably on the bench. “That was the alcohol talking.”

“See! You’re lying again! If you have a problem with me just say it!”

“No! I’m not! I was still drunk. Yeah, I hate when you cuss, but I hate when anyone cusses. But I miss your clingy ways…I miss them badly…”

I let out a rough sigh as he pressed his lips against mine, “Be mine baby? I need you back in my life. That girl is out of my life. I blocked her number and she transferred to some other band. You can take as long as you need to think. You take days, months, years…I don’t care. Just let me know I have a chance with you.” He begged running his arms up and down mine, his eyes only inches away from mine. “Just let me care for you again.”

I looked him over. He seemed sincere. Tears were forming in the cracks of his eyes and he looked as if he was ready to break down any second. I gave him a small frown, “Let’s just try being friends first…and maybe we can build our relationship back up again…maybe we can make this work…maybe…” I told him. His eyes widened and he kissed me on the lips again. “HARRY!” “Oh sorry! Friends!” he grinned excitedly enveloping me in a tight hug.


“And that’s the story behind the wheelchair…I guess. Well that’s the short story anyways.” I muttered washing the rest of the dishes.

“The short story?!” Darcy raised an eyebrow in astonishment.

Darcy, you and Harry’s 13 year old daughter, had been snooping around in the basement, trying to find some old things from when you and Harry were young, when she had come across the old wheelchair, sending you back a little more than 15 year ago.

“Yes, the short story. Would you like to hear the loonnnggg story?” I smirked as she quickly shook her head. “I rather do my homework.” She said, making me laugh as I finished rinsing the last dish. She stood up from the table, but stopped in her tracks. “Mommy, what happened after that day at the park?”

“Well, we..”

“In short mommy.”

“In short mommy.” I mocked her, drying off my hands, “We tried being friends for about a couple of weeks. It didn’t work.”

“Why not?” she frowned.

“Well, even though we were ‘friends’ your father was always trying to kiss me.” I said as a code word for “tried to fuck me senseless.” “I eventually gave in. And after enough kisses and spending times with each other and him helping me get out of my wheelchair and back on my feet, we realized we were still in love. He asked me to marry him. But…I said no.”

Darcy’s mouth dropped open, “You said no?!”

I laughed, “I sure did.”


“Because your mother likes to be mean to me.” Harry, who had been listening intently, opened the door and sat down beside his giggling daughter. I stuck my tongue out at him, “Nooo, I didn’t want to rush into things. Sometimes it’s better to take things slow Darcy.”

“So it’s better to be patient?” Darcy asked.

“Exactly. Maybe you could teach your father a thing or two.” I smirked leaning against the table.

“Finish the story mommy!” Harry said in a squeaky, girl voice.

I rolled my eyes, “In about a year, we got married.”

“Was Auntie Sophia happy?” Darcy asked.

I laughed, “Well, let’s just say that it took a while for her to get used to it.”

“That’s an understatement.” Harry muttered. I kicked him under the table, “But she was happy when she heard the news that you were going to be born. She couldn’t wait to see you.”

“Really?” Darcy looked up at me.

“Really.” I smiled, kissing her on the forehead, feeling a kick in my stomach.

“She’s kicking again?” Harry asked.

“Yeah…”I sighed rubbing my belly. Two more months and I’d be pushing again. The baby had the tendency to kick with enough force to tire you out. Harry immediately began kissing your belly, and as your baby calmed down, you realized that the choice you made 15+ years ago was the best choice that you’d ever made in your life.