i need like validity and shit


  • It’s only the 16th day of this year and depression sneaked in like a motherfucker. I ain’t gonna let it stop me. I got this. It is well.
  • A rant is needed sometimes. All that extra weight is finally lifted.
  • I don’t promote trash.
  • I may not look it, but when it comes to certain things. My points are valid.
  • This year in 2018, I told myself that I’m not about to give people advice cause i have my healing to do.
  • This shit is so hard and every time i try it’s getting worse.
  • People need to take accountability for their actions. This is specifically for black parents.
  • The older i am , the more i hate small talk.
  • I’m also learning when a conversation is dragging. This is why i don’t talk to a lot of people anymore. I’m already awkward. Don’t do me like that.
  • I was almost caught with the petty bug yesterday .Thank God I changed.

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shawn high key needs validation but he all he wants is a low-key tight hug and some one to tell him to calm down and that every thing would be okay

I FUCKING AGREE!! He’s lucky to have his family and friends for that! Im so glad he still has his friends from childhood that shit is hard to come by and also his management and music team? They’re aren’t really doing a great job with the direction they want shawn to go but THE LOVE IS THERE. They look out for shawn like they’re his own kid and it just warms me ❤️

  • Me: ewww fanfiction is grossss it's so disrespectful to write about real people like that
  • Also me: yass👌💯 hit me up👆👀 with that gay shit™💩👏 I haven't slept😴😴💤 in 3️⃣ days pls🙏just validate💯 my ship⚓️⛴ fuck🖕😾 my responsibilities👀😒 I just need this angsty shit😈🗣👊 about my favs💕😫

happy 18th birthday, noora amalie sætre ♡ april 6th, 1999

“what an awesome guy you are. i just can’t help but wonder what happened to you that gave you such a big inferiority complex, that shitting on a young, innocent freshman’s emotions makes you feel big and cool. never got any validation as a kid? didn’t mommy ever compliment your drawings? or was it daddy, who never showed up to your graduations? you didn’t have hair on your dick in seventh grade and got picked on for it? whatever it was, you need to get over it and start acting like a human being. stop walking around like a fucking cliché.” 

color whomst?


a pathetic excuse to stare at that picture for 2 hours

an idea

angus goes back to detective-ing after the Bureau of Balance Fiasco™ and he asks taako, his good pal and friend, to help him out on a murder case

so taako, thinking he’s the smartest dude alive, invites his boyfriend, literal death incarnate, along for the ride. they can sherlock shit up together, get krav out of the office, what the fuck could go wrong?

except he totally lies to angus about how he knows kravitz. some “we met in collage” or “in that one urinal in lankhmar, right?” bs, and kravitz just plays along because he knows taako’s weird about privacy.

just, like, awkward gays trying to be secretive about holding hands 5 feet behind angus as he Investigates Shit and thinking the fancy boy is none the wiser, like angus was born yesterday and isn’t the worlds greatest detective. he’s nice about it and plays along, though, and they sherlock the HELL out of the fucking town, and it’s cute and great and the best wizard-reaper-little boy cop show ever made

“We all have the galaxy in our hearts. But there are some people who never find that out until they die. I wish you would find your own galaxy.” - Namjoon

I know there have been posts on this before but it simply boggles my mind, as someone who has been involved in fandom for over a decade, this new trend of needing your ships to be canon and then just…….giving up on them when they’re not?

Like that’s never been the point of shipping. It was never about “I ship these two because I think they’ll be canon” it was just a dynamic, or a desire, or whatever. You didn’t need it to be approved by the creator(s) to be validated. And this new trend of “canon blew holes in my ship so I can’t ship them anymore” or three pages of bullet points analysing this One Look the characters had and how that Proves they’re Canon is mind boggling to me.

Like, do you think my 13 year old ass ever thought Draco and Ginny were gonna be a thing? No! Why would I? But that never stopped me!

I see this mostly in the Voltron fandom, like ppl crying out that Shatt is dead or Klance is dead or Sheith is dead and like, y'all…..they were never alive. That’s what fandom IS. You don’t need a thesis on why you ship two (or three or whatever) people. You don’t need justification or validation. And you can multiship!! Where did multishipping go??

The whole point of fandom is that it’s not canon. Don’t let canon influence who you ship. It never used to.

and also in all honesty it was easier to watch adele win over taylor winning over beyonce bc at least adele was like “hey bey thank you for what you do for the black community and for women in general and for music” like she took most of her time up there to be like listen your work is not ignored and it is not under appreciated the way you change the game inspires and empowers so many and taylor was just like “when people tell you no or try to take you down @ kanye you just keep going” like idk what hardships she met other than the normal ones in the music industry but gd give respect to adele for acknowledging the work and impact beyonce has on the music industry (and the world i mean) 

I was talking about it on my twitter the other night but the reply on this post helps put into perspective of the point I was trying to get at, so i’m going to reiterate it here now that I have a clearer understanding of what i was trying to say:

I know a lot of SP fans have been anticipating when we get to see stuff like Craig and Tweek kiss or have more expressions of physical affection for each other to validate to the audience their love for each other, and don’t get me wrong, while I’d be more than thrilled to see that in canon too, I was thinking about the fact that I personally don’t feel a need to see it nor do I expect it?
I’m not watching South Park episodes banking on “when are they going to have an episode where Craig and Tweek kiss” and I don’t really get torn up when I see them not sitting next to each other in the background of new episodes and so forth, and think there’s a couple of reasons for that. 

One being I feel like it doesn’t really match up with the storytelling style of the show. The way South Park tends to portray relationships between the kids was never really built on seeing tons of physical puppy love affection from them unless there is a specific reason to (In the case with Heidi and Cartman it was to contrast how out of character that feels for him, and that relationship went to shit pretty fast anyways), and honestly, the show has already given us way more than I would have ever dreamed possible for a ship like Creek to get. I mean, they get a whole episode about learning how to communicate and a huge focus in the new game. 

Then the other reason is because Craig and Tweek’s relationship is written so explicitly in showing that they are together, you don’t really, need to see that to validate the fact that they love and care about each other? I think a lot of fans are waiting for them to have some magical kiss or whatever to prove they are in love, but what’s interesting about the show is like the comment in the post I linked above stated, Matt and Trey did completely skip the puppy love part of a relationship in writing Craig and Tweek and jump right into the parts that really show how much you love someone in the more subtle but powerful ways. Not only that but it seems that they use idea of people wanting to see the two be affectionate as the specific thing they parody, via the yaoi art, etc. which matches up because most of the fans create their own content to indulge in that aspect of their relationship. 

Due to that I feel like a lot of that side of their relationship is going to be kept framed in that yaoi art parody context. HOWEVER, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because if you are someone who isn’t familiar with this aspect of a relationship, it might go over one’s head, but the way Craig and Tweek’s relationship is written is with a huge focus on healthy communication and learning to work through problems and just being there for each other and supporting each other. This is all the stuff that comes into a relationship that will literally make or break it once you get past all the initial hand holding and kissing and cuddling fun part of it. It’s the part that requires all the actual work and really says how much do you care about this person and whether or not you are compatible in a healthy way. People are individuals and there will always be times where you will argue or fight with someone no matter how much you love them, and what matters is how those issues are handled.

The fact that this is the part of the relationship between Craig and Tweek that is focused on, especially from the standpoint of them actually working through their differences and wanting to be together says 1000x more about how much they really love each other than any on-screen kiss will. You don’t need to see them physically show how much they love each other because it’s literally all right there in how they interact with each other by creating a solid foundation that will allow them to stay together as a couple in the long run.

I find it super interesting that this is what the focus became for their canon relationship because not only is it just validating how GOOD of a relationship Craig and Tweek have, it’s also saying that people will always argue and have disagreements no matter what and this is what a real relationship takes, this is how two people learn to work through their differences to be together in a healthy way. It’s teaching a beautifully mature lesson about loving someone else (intentional or not, I’m at a loss) and it is a million times more validating in why I find Craig and Tweek’s relationship so satisfying as is and just a WONDERFUL portrayal of relationships on a bigger scale, not just in giving LGBT representation. 

Not to compare to SU, but I find Craig and Tweek’s relationship to be more powerful for relationship representation as a whole than say even Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship because even though they DO have on-screen kissing and cuddling, you don’t really get to see the characters exist outside of each other or work through relationship issues in a way that really shows who they are as individuals and what it is that builds their love for each other because they weren’t written to exist outside of each other. Ruby and Sapphire were written to be a relationship and in a way that flattens them as characters and makes it hard to see them beyond that. Meanwhile, Craig and Tweek were already solidly defined characters on their own so you know that they could easily break up and go off on their own narrative-wise because that’s how they were before, so the fact that they do work through their issues and stay together is so much more powerful and teaches so much more. 

The TLDR point: Craig and Tweek have such a wonderfully written relationship that you don’t really need to see puppy love or kissing from them to prove what is obviously already there, and that’s why I’m perfectly content just indulging in that part of their relationship in fandom instead of seeing it in canon because canon already gave us the most important and best part of a good relationship.  

this is another post about how much I love pansexual and panromantic people. because I really do. y’all are so strong and wonderful.

like, y’all get shit from straight people, gay people, and bi people and excluded from most queer or “lgbt+” things and often only have your fellow pans to turn to for support and community and acceptance.

and like, that isn’t fair. y’all deserve so much better from those who preach love and acceptance and are supposed to be a family.

y’all are a valid, important part of the queer community. no amount of willful ignorance and erasure will change that. the community needs to start listening to y’all and making room for y’all at the table. period.

Re: that article about the white woman writing a story involving an Iranian character, passing it to Iranian and Muslim friends to give feedback, sending to further reviewers for sensitivity and problematic-ness checks, only to have it dismissed and raged upon as another white savior, commodified POC suffering tale anyway:

I’m increasingly apprehensive to the growing hostility liberals and leftists have towards both freedom of speech and artistic expression that doesn’t toe a certain line. That “freedom of speech” has grabbed more reactionary, libertarian connotations, making it an easier subject to riot against is even worse, even scarier.

I don’t know how to express my fears because I notice that too often it’s automatically lumped into some other shit - you just want to be racist and not get called on it, you want to normalize abusive behaviors, you support pedophilia - there’s a lot of valid criticism regarding the creep against free speech that I see immediately written off like that and I hate it. I really hate it. I want to vocalize that I hate it more, I want to openly say that I think we need to stop assuming bad intentions and stop using “protecting ____ group” as an excuse to silence people but I’m also scared of being accused of “just wanting to normalize something evil.” What happened to the American Heart author is becoming common and people don’t see anything wrong with that

I think more and more people are viewing callout culture as a bad thing, but I fewer people are willing to recognize when they’re an active part of the mob

Everybody out here yelling abt “but what does Keith do for LANCE though” in regards to Lance being Keith’s stability, etc as if this relationship is emotionally one-sided like




He genuinely cares about what Lance has to say!! When Lance has a concern, Keith LISTENS!! When Lance has a plan, or advice, KEITH LISTENS!!!!! He treats Lance like an equal, even when they’re butting heads with each other. He actively seeks out Lance for support and even when Lance is dead ass like “You did something fucking stupid, buddy, we need to fix this” Keith is like “shit you’re right”

Y'all know how bad Lance needs somebody that validates him I mean it’s a small thing and Keith is Not Great at it but Thats…. wtf Lance NEEDS. That’s what Keith does for Lance.

so anyway mikael is nonbinary

  • and the balloon squad has known for a bit now. 
  • mikael was terrified when they first asked the squad to use they/them pronouns. they had a whole powerpoint ready on gender and social constructs and the grammatical validity of they/them used in the singular.
  • but in the end they didn’t need it. as soon as they said “nonbinary” the squad, after staring at them for three interminable seconds, broke into loud chatter
  • “no no bro it’s like how you feel inside or some shit” “yeah like Jorunn at school!” “what ‘bout Jorunn?” “sh-they like asked the teachers to call h-them they and shit” “oh yeah i remember!” “that was badass, man!” “yeah i heard they just straight up walked to every teacher they had in bakka and even the principal!” “no i heard they just asked their dad to write a letter or some shit” “yeah well…” “yeah can you imagine doing that, man?” “naaaah! i can’t even look at the teachers in the face i’m so fucking stressed all the time”
  • and that was kind of it? the conversation quickly sidetracked to the euro 2016 and what were norway’s chances to make it to the finals and mikael joined in without even realising
  • the weight in their stomach lifted and they could breathe again and that was the end of it.
  • one day, a few months after their coming out, mikael walks in the bakkoushs’ flat with their nails painted a deep shade of russet
  • they figured that a lot of rock’n’roll-type guys wear black nail polish and no one cares
  • and they like warm shades of brown. plus they kind of look black. from a distance.
  • the minute they walk in though, elias grabs their hand and sticks it so close to his face that mikael can feel their friend’s breath against their fingers
  • mikael feels the familiar twinge of anxiety in their guts and prays for a swift and merciful death
  • but elias releases mikael’s hand and asks “can you do mine?”
  • two hours later, sana bursts into elias’ room because she could smell a sickeningly potent chemical scent and she thought the squad had finally managed to create mustard gas by mistake and kill themselves
  • she stares at the mess of cotton swabs drenched in acetone, the floor stained in a rainbow of nail polishes, the entire balloon squad bent over each other’s hands, sitting on the floor, tongues sticking out with the effort, looking like three years old asked to try and colour inside the lines for once
  • “are those my nail polishes, elias?”
  • “faaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeennn” the squad cowers, nudging elias towards his sister, and mikael pales. they feel responsible.
  • sana pinches the space between her eyebrows and takes a deep breath in
  • “hand me the goods, elias” she says, waving the squad out of her way.
  • when she sits on her brother’s bed, it turns into a makeshift throne and the squad approaches her and offers her their hands for inspection
  • except for mikael who starts trying to clean the floor of the mess the squad made without damaging their painted fingernails
  • and they can’t contain the smile that pulls on their cheeks so hard it hurts
  • but in a good way.

So my friend at church went to seminary with Shaun King and told me he dropped out after one semester because he thought he was the shit and didn’t think he needed schooling to open his own proper church. He opened a church, it flopped, money disappeared. He’s started organizations, they flop, donation money disappears. She said he stopped making GoFundMe’s because they constantly called him on his shit (which we’ve seen other activists like DeRay and Netta do) and that he’s untrustworthy. She hates him because he does pain porn and spreads Black death, pain, and suffering without trigger warnings and with very little motivation outside of making sure he’s front and center in these discussions and I feel VALIDATED.

I KNEW IT. That’s why his ass got me blocked.