i need like validity and shit

Just because Melissa and Chris are dating that doesn’t mean she likes the fictional character of Mon-el or supports that fictional relationship.

Melissa Benoist, unlike the majority of most fandoms, has the ability to separate actors from roles. I’m sure Chris Wood was not a slaveowner in his time. He also is probably not spoiled, entitled, toxic, abusive, misogynistic, needy and in constant need of Melissa’s validation. 

Chris Wood =/= Mon-hell

Melissa =/= Kara

Melissa/Chris =/= ..whatever the fuck y’ll call that shit.

Your unhealthy fictional otp gets no bonus points or validation for what people do in real life.


But seriously it’s perfectly acceptable among the “exclusionist” crowd to post negativity in positivity tags to collectively punish aces and aros. This tells you all you need to know.

They hate us, they don’t treat us like people. They will tell everyone a dozen times they totally think aces and aros are “valid” to make themselves look good/non-horrible, but in 99% of cases their actions could not make it more obvious their hatred for the ace and aro communities runs deep and that they think this hatred justifies anything thrown at us

Ace and aro people are valid

With the sudden resurgence of ace and aro related discourse (i.e. People being absolute jackasses about others) I feel the need to clarify a few things, at least from my perspective.

Asexual people are valid, and are people who should be a part of the queer community. Full stop.

Aromantic people are valid, and people who should be a part of the queer community. Full stop.

I have no idea why I see so many people, people who you would think would know better than to be going around saying things like “ace people are just faking it for attention” or “being ace is homophobic!” And other variations of exclusion.

Do people not remember some of the shit that the queer community has been though in the past? I’ve seen the same questions repeated to both people who are ace and people who are gay or lesbian so many times.

“What if you want children?”
“You’ll get over it”
“You just haven’t met the right person yet”
“How are you not attracted to (x)?”

There are more. But the end result.
Why would you exclude people who have so many similar experiences?
What do you even gain from it?

Are you so desperate to cement your recent inclusion into mainstream support that you’ve lost where you came from?

I don’t know.

But I do know this.

Ace people are valid.

Aro people are valid.

And you are not going to convince me otherwise.

The one thing I hate about hypersexuality for me is

Ok. Logically, I know that love =/= sex or being seen as sexually attractive or whatever, and that there can be love and relationships in general without sex, that sort of thing. I can acknowledge that and even respect that for others tbfh.


Unfortunately, in my case, my hypersexuality fucking makes it to where I HAVE to be seen as sexually attractive and desirable and so much more to my partner, I have to have that sexual validation and attention from my s/o and shit in order to feel like I have a sense of worth and feel loved and shit in general, and sex and all that other shit is something that is vital to me as well in feeling like I’m needed or wanted because of my own self belief that I’m only good for that and nothing more.

And if I don’t get that, I basically break down. I wind up feeling unloved, unwanted, worthless, hated, etc etc. And I know that I shouldn’t be like that over something like sex and being sexually desirable, but it doesn’t change the fact that if a partner were to not see me as sexually attractive in that way or want sexual stuff with me (or worse, see other things as sexually attractive but not me, thus making me feel like I’d have to fucking compete with whatever it is they find desirable and possibly never winning), it’d fucking hurt like hell for me.

And honestly? I hate being like this, tbh. I hate it so much. It makes me feel gross and disgusting and shit but I literally can’t help it because that’s just the mentality my hypersexuality gives me and shit…

all jokes aside i still cant believe a self identified het ace was saying ‘i hate gays’ ‘i don’t trust gays’ and multiple people were ‘uwu you. are. valid! so brave for criticising the gay community’ 

i wish i could say ppl would stop acting like this kind of textbook homophobia is just ‘discourse’ or some petty argument on tumblr.com. all it is is an excuse to be a bigot. if you’re going to put a self identified cishet ace saying they hate gays above literal lgbt people and lgbt aro/ace ppl saying they feel fucking unsafe with cishets in the community (and i wonder why… its a mystery really) … do i even need to say you’re a fucking homophobe. 

this kind of shit is the exact fucking reason why cishets make our spaces unsafe. god

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I'm filled with emotions as well from Nightwing and Super Sons today. Like, CAN MY SON JUST GET SOME HUGS?! HE JUST REALLY NEEDS THAT, OKAY?!

That boy just needs some TLC and some validation. Maybe, Dick, if you straight up told him to his face how much you fucking love him he wouldn’t act this way. But even though you’re a twat whistle he still wants nothing more than to protect you in every way he can, even if that means fighting you! The only reason he got thrown in a coffin and had to get out with his face was because he was distracted trying to protect you!! Just love him please, Dick, that’s all he wants in his whole life.

And kind of opposite - you can tell Jon wants to be Damian’s friend, but Damian’s just a little asshole and no way he’s gonna reward that. But you can tell some of the things Jon says back affects the sassy infant 13 yo. (And you can also tell Jon’s the teeniest bit hurt that he wasn’t invited to the teen titans aww jonno baby)

SOMEONE JUST VALIDATE HIS FEELINGS PLEASE and love him and tell him he doesn’t have to pretend to be so tough all the time. 

just felt like i should say this, in case someone needs to hear it.

last night questioning everything, almost committing suicide, waking up too early for the longest work shift of my life, feeling like absolute shit, (plus an impending tornado threat)… i’m not half through my day and several things have happened to make living absolutely worth it. so. if you’re wondering, if you’re thinking too much and standing on the edge… don’t do it. you don’t know what’s coming. you ARE so incredibly valid, you’re real and all things lovely. you’re made up of potential. your current situation, this current moment, this current you, your current mindset… is not the final destination. we have growing left to do. becoming. what you feel is valid, what you think is valid, but it’s not the end. you’re going to be so surprised when you find out what good things are coming for you. there will be moments that make your heart feel too big for your chest. where your throat almost wants to close and you want to cry and you’re shaking, but it’s not because of overwhelming panic or anxiety or sadness. it’s because you’re so frickin happy. and loved. and appreciated. and real. and i promise you it’ll come. so don’t be gone. don’t leave me here. don’t hurt the person you’re going to become, the person who will make such a difference in current and future relationships. this world needs every seed of hope it can get. and it lives in you. so stay alive. be safe. stick with me now.

100% honest here but i love seeing entire blogs dedicated to telling me that something about myself isn’t valid because like hi, here i am. existing. and you’re so mad. you’re so fucking mad that you run an entire blog, dedicated to how mad you are about my existing, and you devote several hours to it a day… and i’m here, sipping a rum & coke and still existing… how’s my ass taste


what an awesome guy you are. i just can’t help wonder what happened to you that gave you such a big inferiority complex, that shitting on a young, innocent freshman’s emotions makes you feel big and cool. never got any validation as a kid? didn’t mommy ever compliment your drawings? or was it daddy, who never showed up to your graduations? you didn’t have hair on your dick in seventh grade and got picked on for it? whatever it was, you need to get over it and start acting like a human being. stop walking around like a fucking cliché.

I’m a boring straight dude but my wife is queer. The problem with my wife being queer is that too many other queer people don’t believe her unless she’s super visibly queer to them. She’s not, obviously, because she’s married to me. So I gave her permission to disclose my medical history whenever she felt comfortable/the need to do so/whatever at her discretion because I understand the importance of validation, but like…how fucking shitty do you have to be to self identify as queer and all the rhetoric that usually comes from that crowd and then turn around and dismiss people like my wife unless you know I’m not cis? “Trans men are men uwu” as long as you know they’re trans, right? Yall need to work on that shit.

Can we like…destroy the idea that you need some super-duper extra special grand reason for living. Like sometimes that happens, and that’s great!! But sometimes the reasoning is so small.  You can be on the edge and then remember that a new episode of your favorite show comes out next week that you just have to watch, and it’s just as valid as something like “my little brother would be lost without me” or something similar.

At the beginning of high school I was going through Some Shit, and one thing that that really helped me out was Smosh.  Like the fucking YouTube channel (now turned mega cooperation or something, I haven’t watched them in forever).  But for awhile it was their videos that kept me going, since it was stupid humor that kept my mind of things.  Sometimes I feel embarrassed about it but you know what, fuck it.  Any reason for living is a good reason.  Self care can be messy and jagged and gross, so if the smallest thing keeps you going, like a movie that’s coming out soon or your fave band is about to drop an album or fuck, if you’re waiting for a fanfic update, anything, it 100% perfectly valid and I’m proud of you.

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Why are anons literally bitching about asexuals?? They are literally not harming you in any way??? They just don't wanna fuck. That's fine, we're overpopulated anyways. Sex is an option, not a priority. If it matters that much to you, then how about you just have sex every day then? Asexuality is valid, and people bitching against it need to shut the fuck up, and take a seat, and think about why some people wouldn't want sex.

Lol to be honest.

Some people just have other things to do.

Like i even dont have time for this shit,

Due to art and writing and STUDIES 

Some people take a long time to open to that kind of commitment.

Or just really have no interest in it at all.

Last i checked the world is about to explode full of people and JEE I WONDER WHY people are suggesting other planets and living off air,


Just shut it and get laid, No need to make a hassle.

i decided i’m gonna sign off all my relatablé-sounding posts with unpopular opinions or ridiculous shit or at least very specific things so they won’t blow up

benedict cumberbatch (cbe) is valid and handsome and i would die for him also i’m late why am i still sitting here i gotta get ready and leave for uni cause me and réka are about to study for the class we are both in but idk how good of an idea that is considering how we both need help cause neither of us like or naturally excel at this kinda thing (to put it mildly), anyway wish us luck