i need leave the house for once but nah

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did the crew know ray b4 ryan or did ryan's dabbling in necromancy bring him about?

Ray: Nah, Geoff found me before Ryan joined the crew full-time. I was haunting an apartment they decided to use as a safe house once, and I kept them company for the three days they were there since they weren’t the usual band of humans. I decided to follow them when they needed to leave ‘cause I didn’t want to stay in that stupid place for the rest of eternity, and here I am today.

Ray: I, uh, don’t really remember? It was probably pretty ugly and violent to say the least, as I was involved with a lot of bad gang work when I was still alive. My body was missing when I woke up dead, so I couldn’t really piece together what happened from the crime scene. Sucks for me, I guess.

Ray: Don’t hate me for this, but I really don’t know? I can’t remember how I died so I don’t remember what I was doing beforehand. It could have had something to do with the job I was on, maybe I wanted to call someone before I kicked the bucket – I don’t know. I’m not too pressed about it though, I don’t really want to move on anyway. What’d the crew do without me? The other Lads would probably be a bunch of ghosts too by now.

Ryan: Oh believe me, I’d have tried already if he let me, but there’s just one little problem: we have no clue where his body is. His soul needs to go somewhere if I perform the ritual, and I can’t just use some random body I find in the morgue. Even if Ray’s soul actually attached to the thing, it wouldn’t be any better than him just possessing someone.

Ray: Which I can’t do properly, so it would be kinda cool for like ten minutes and then I’d be stuck in that body forever, so I’d rather not. Hooray for being me.